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scam noun \skæm\Your IP is:
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket (Oxford English Dictionary)
arnaque (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • fraude, burla (PT) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)
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Last update: Tuesday, February 13, 2024 - 15:59 UTC

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Yes, banks are some of the favorite "tools" used by scammers.
And also Western Union.
A "Groupe Attijariwafa Bank" is publicizing a Recruitment Notice titled "Recrute traducteurs professionnels freelance : du français vers l’anglais" (other language combinations also used) or "recherche traducteur" As in all scams, the "terms" always look very "advantageous": 105 pages / 68270 words / delivery in 5 months, for which scammers have a budget for €14000 or €9200.

NOTE: The wording of the notice used by the "Attijariwafa Bank" scam is a copy of a genuine "Avis de Recrutement" issued by the "Banque Ouest Africaine de Développement" / .

Suckers taking the bait will have to send some money (360, 600 euros, whatever) to a Mr. "N’Dri Diecket" / Address: II Plateaux 01 BP 2549 Abidjan 01 (belonging to CENTIF / Cellule Nationale de Traitement des Informations Financières). Their mumbo-jumbo to make the whole thing look legit goes on for some 2300 words of pure crap.

A "Myriam Warner" will even send the unwary suckers a legit-looking contract (in DOC format!), containing these headings:

Adresse: Zone 3 – Almadies – BP 144 – Dakar
BANK: Groupe Attijariwafa bank
Numero de compte: SN35201370100383 5100010 2042 (FAKE, OF COURSE)
SN DKR 2010 B 7408 (FAKE, OF COURSE)
NINEA 2511780 2 B 2 (FAKE, OF COURSE)

The same "Myriam Warner" is also active trying to lure translators into the translation of her literary works. "She" will pay €7500 for the same 105 pages...

Another email subject used by Aminata Dramane is: "Translation project: Religion and social life of the Berbers in antiquity" and the bank for the "contract" is:

BANK: (BIM s.a.) Groupe Attijariwafa bank , Boulevard de l’Indépendance, BP 15 Bamako, Mali / Numero de compte: 5500010 2042

Disastrously, some reputed organizations have fallen for this scam w/ unimaginable results for their members:
APT – Associação Portuguesa de Tradutores (published the "bank offer" on their Facebook on 20JUN2016, after info sent by their President!!!). And, after being alerted for a very possible fraud, APT dauntlessly went on: "Este banco existe desde 2011, é um banco marroquino e a sua sede é em Casablanca. A sucursal que está a recrutar é a de Paris." (This bank exists since 2011, it's a Moroccan bank, headquartered in Casablanca. The office responsible for the recruitment is based in Paris). Seriously, APT?
Alumni, Université Mons (Belgium) (made a PDF of the offer and published it on the University website!!!)

Come on, APT and Alumni UMons, DO YOU TRULY BELIEVE that any genuine offer from a bank would come from Outlook, and other free email addresses?

A translator from the US writes on ProZ: "I have signed a contract to do a translation for an author in Senegal through a university. (...) and am confident the offer is legit (...) Client has deposited funds in her bank, and I've received a confirmation of that from the Banque Centrale des Etats de l’AFRIQUE de l’OUEST, Groupe Attijariwafa" Then, she even says: "They're asking for a security deposit to be sent to their fund manager in Ivory Coast, via Money Gram, to protect them against fraudulent transactions/money laundering from Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations." Boko Haram? Security deposit? Fund manager in Ivory Coast? And, lady, the BCEAO is a central bank serving eight west African countries and has NOTHING to do w/ the Groupe Attijariwafa! Still confident the offer is legit?

A translator from Peru: "a mi también me escribieron, investigué, todo bien (...) me pidieron una gran cantidad de dinero lo cual lo deposité en Money Gram a nombre del Sr. N'Dri Diecket" TODO BIEN?

A translator from Spain: "yo también he caído y me han estafado 600 euros aproximádamente (...) Me cegué por el trabajo, necesitaba tanto que me saliera que me cegué. Lo he denunciado a la Guardia Civil en España" So, you filed a complaint at the Guardia Civil? Congratulations.

A translator from the US: "I have received the translation file and vetted the author, and am confident the offer is legit." You are confident? Seriously?

Where do these people live? Wonderland?

Aminata Dramane Traoré Passport (stolen, if scan belongs to a genuine document)
Aminata email
Bank Transfer Instructions
Bank Order
Bank Transfer Order

Ahmed Douf / / (used in other numerous online/dating scams)
Aminata Dramane / Aminata Traoré Dramane / Dramane Traoré / Aminata Dramane Traoré (name of a Malian author, politician, and political activist !!!) / / / / / / / / / / / /
Aminata Sow Fall /
Bernadette Guilloux / /
Bernadette Sanou Dao
Compagnie Bancaire de l’Afrique Occidentale /
Evelin Bemba Saolon / Jeannot Bemba Saolona / /
Fatou Niang
Groupe Attijariwafa Bank / /
Ilboudo Monique / /
Idrissa Diop /
Monsieur le Directeur des Ressources Humaines (DRH) / 6 Rue Chauchat 75009 Paris / SIREN: 485 031 181 / SIRET (siège): 48503118100244 (NOTE: this data is REAL and is included here to be indexed by search engines)
Myriame Warner Vieyra / Myriam Warner-Vieyra / Myriam Vieyra / Myriame Vieyra / / / / Uses this fantasy signature in fake contract / NOTE: The real Myriam Warner-Vieyra is a Guadeloupean-born writer, now living in Senegal.
Nigel Foster /

NOTE 0 Short notes on ghosts & scammers to supplement their basic info in our Directory.

This Note has been updated: 24 Sep 2023 14:34 UTC

NOTE 01 CV circulated by Egyptian and Gaza scammers, ALL with very similar email bodies, FAKE translation samples (copied from online sources) and with hilarious crap, like:

after a successful x years of translation, spent it in translation and working with many clients
clients have raved about my proficiency
I am honored to enlighten you with my great passion
I have built a brilliant reputation for myself due to my accurate masterpieces and perfect projects I have done
my services are boundless
I have the pleasure to edify you with my incredible energy
strengthening our business through the effective and dynamic cooperation in this area

or (our favorite):
Ensuring seamless style, context, and overall meaning in the target language for all translated materials while applying proper language parameters such as grammar, syntax, semantics, and appropriate terminology

Also, most of these clowns include "translation samples" copied from Translators Avenue / .


Abdallah Elsheikh / Abdallah El Sheikh /
Ahmed Alabadla /
Ahmed El-ghazali /
Ahmed Gehad Zidan /
Alaa Adam / AlaaEddin Al Zatma / Alaaeddin Alzatma /
Anton Geiger /
Aya Mghari /
Baker Albreem /
Bing Mam /
Eman Zaki /
Enas Aljafari /
Enas Salem / Enas Abusalem /
Fadwa Altawel /
Farah Abu Msallam /
Fatima Mustafa /
Hanan Shat / Hanan Jamil /
Haneen Tayah /
Huda Abo Alresh / Huda Mahmoud /
Ibrahim Sami
Islam Shaban / Eslam Shaban /
Julia Verner / !!!
Karam Mohammed /
Kawther Abu Ghali /
Khalil Howeidi / Khalil Abu Howeidi /
Lama Mustafa / Lama Aljabour / /
Mohammad Al-Halabi /
Mohammed Alihasan /
Mohammed Dawoud /
Mohammed Madi / Mohammed Abu Madi /
Muhammad Hassan / Muhammad W. Hassan /
Nael Alshibrawi /
Natalia Aleynikova / /
Nisreen Alramlawi /
Omar Eniem /
Paula Basso /
Raed Saleh /
Samah Abed / Samah Fayad / Hope Smile (Facebook) /
Soha Osama /
Steffen Garber / /
Vincent Cogny / /
Walaa Seyam /
Yosof Sokker /
Yosra Al Bayeed /
Yusra Ajour /

NOTE 01a In their stupid frenzy of creating fake CVs and sending them to unwary prospective clients, scammers frequently resort to using "templates" to write their emails, including hilarious crap, like:

I am convinced that my background, work, experience and qualifications all combined make me suitably qualified for being a member in your respected team of translators.

Please refer to the accompanying CV for more detailed information regarding my abilities and skill sets.

If this brief account of my competencies intrigues you enough to give me chance of working with your company, I would be very delighted to start working with your company soon.

Amy Wiman /
Anna Ivanov /
Anne Frank / Anne Franck /
Jessica Feeney /
Lara Larsson /
Lena Wiman / Lena Wimanv /
Lieve Elena /
Marianne Jensen /
Merna Jenifer /
Naoko Ihori /
Natalia Narins /
Petra Fredrikson /
Petra Fredrikson /
Phil Johnes /
Sarah Barsen /
Sebastian Torres /
Silvia Loncar /
Tina de Groot /
Victoria Marr /
Vika Babin /
Zelma Alter /

NOTE 1 Scammer "Franck Gilles" posts his fake CV at and on ProZ (Franck Giles). Franck was a "Hostess (!!!) at the castle of Nogent-le-Rotrou" / CV author: "Claudine". The same CV has also been scammed as "Karcsi Ling" / on (address: 5, allée des Iles Marquises, 32100 Pessac, France, belonging to translator Monique Hamon) and as "Varan Geo" / (author: "Gevara"). "Karcsi" also keeps a profile in LInkedIn. On July 2015, Franck's CV emerged again under the name of Albert Vigier / / Scam by (Author): "saniora" / "besan" and later as Hannah Francis / / Scam by (Author): "acco" / Franck, Hannah & Albert Vigier "share" the same address: 105 Avenue de la Bourdonnais, 75007 Paris, FRANCE !!!

NOTE 2 Scammer Charles Azzopardi (quite a common name in Malta) publishes a LinkedIn profile from the UK and a ProZ profile from Malta, and, in both profiles, scammer uses the photo of Luke Macfarlane, a Canadian actor and musician.

Other known aliases: Adam / Adam Matthews / Adam de Pascal / Azzbroker / Crystal Sample / Frank Dacourt / John Brown / John Sutton / Paul Jones / Stephe(a)n Jones (and counting...)

Operates behind these façades: AZZ Translations Language Services, aka Translation Agency Europe (on Elance, they are located in Malta, and on LinkedIn, they are located in London, UK...) and Tecco Translations (now closed); also uses Mathieu Blanc as ghost identity for his scam. Copy used in AZZ Translations website has been plagiarized from TRAVOD International, Toptranslation GmbH, and other sources. GOOD NEWS: IS NOW closed (OCT2014)!

On this profile, Mathieu's address and phone number belong to The Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre (meanwhile, address has been removed, and, on 16JUL2013, the profile itself has been removed).

Also uses these email addresses:

This scammer is also on Twitter:
@AZZTranslations (on 22DEC2012, Charles announced the "hiring" of his ghost, Adam Matthews)

On one of his Elance profiles, Charles Azzopardi also uses the photo of Canadian artist Luke Macfarlane...
When confronted with this, scammer claimed that he had to protect himself from ID theft...
Scammer's phone number (Vodafone Malta): +35699465492
14OCT2014: According to a report sent to TSD by an Italian translator, "the Tribunal of Milan is already conducting an inquiry from my complaint".

NOTE 3 A monitor email address is a consolidating address to which all other addresses used by the scammers are linked, i.e., an address used by scammers to monitor all their email addresses: / Used by scammer Abeer Hams / Used by scammer Arwa Shaban / Used by Basel Khayat / christine b / Used by "Joao Pedro Bourbon" / Used by "Andreas Axel" / Used by "Carlos Gustavo" / monitor freelanc / Used by: "Elena Gelbert" & "Paula Abdol" / Used by scammer Yusuf Nasir / Used by scammer Yusuf Nasir / Used by "Antonietta Di Gianni" / Used by scammer Laila Mohammed aka Leila Mohamed / used for Alexandra Frederick / Alexandra Frederik Albert / Used by scammer Laila Mohammed aka Leila Mohamed / Used by: Speech Global / Used by "Andrew Alix" / Used by "Powerful Translations" / Used by "Ailne Barend" / Used by: PTS Company / Used by "Putra Yuda" / Translation Service / Used by "Thomas Keresturi" / Used by Ahmed Saleem Alqrinawi & Language Power / Used by Wordsvoice

NOTE 4 Fake profile(s) published online by Pakistani Khan Jee. ALL CVs posted on his blog are FAKE! This clown calls himself "affiliate of amazon", keeps these email accounts: /, a Skype profile: lalakhanjee (clothing business!!!), a phone: +923218006702, an alias: Wazir Khan (or is this his real name?), and a Twitter account: @thinkhired1. His address is at: HNo.10-9/3427-H, Arbab Ghulam Ali Road Killi, Deba Quetta Balochistan PAKISTAN-87300. Some of these fake CVs are also used by the Palestinian scamming ring Note 6. His response: "i created this blog for real jobseekers to post resumes, now how i can authenticate the reality of the resume? I am talking you with a very soft mouth, and you cannot understand this tongue so i think i will have to use my tight tongue." Recently (JAN2015), this clown is complaining online about being scammed by another scammer who didn't get him a job contract in Canada, as promised! And, his clothes business is going well: "We are selling all kind of cloths, ladies and Gents cloths. You can find on our shop shalwar kameez, shalwar kurta, pent shirts and every kind of Ladies verities available on very reasonable rates. This is my family business and i have excellent experience in cloth selling and in purchasing". It's amazing the crap translators have to put up with...

NOTE 5 MuchDo, Abeer MuchDo / MuchDo Translation Agency Abeer Hams / Abeer Alhamss / Abeer Alhasani / Abeer Nafez / Abeer Nafez Al Hams / abeer ss (LinkedIn) / Ph: +97282150658 / +972599855162 / +970599855162) / See one the profiles they send to trick clients. All copy and images have been stolen from real companies / Try to lure clients with representations like this or like this! Documents from this gang show "labtop" as author / last saved. Registration & administration data for

Registrant Name: master coromem
Registrant Street: 147 betlehm
Registrant City: betlehm
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 9723
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Phone: +972540154000
Registrant Email:

Email body is copied from Anglo Premier Translations (Spain), Nvisage Translation (India), Sri Sai (India), Babylon for Translation & Training (Egypt) & other sources. Documents from this gang show "labtop" as author / last saved.

The MuchDo gang in located in Gaza / In Translators Directory, they claim to be located in Israel / In their website, they have no address or phone, but they "decorate" the page with a map from Brooklyn, NY!!!. They also claim crap like this: "Our hubs across three continents allow us to operate 24/7". Hubs? Continents? They also include "testimonials" from ghosts like "Silvia Cipriani" (name used by Translation Secrets) and "Goncalo Alvarez Peixoto" (name found on a Portuguese University website). With scammers, anything goes...

On September 2017, these scammers started using to ciculate a unsigned email with this copy "At our Translation Agency We are a talented team of translators with native professionals, versed in many languages spoken worldwide", i.e., exactly the same crap they have on their website...

Abeer Hams, aka Abeer Hamss, Abeer Hums, Abeer Saleh / Abeer Alhasani / Abeer SS (Profile in LinkedIn):
Twitter: @3abeers
Skype ID: abeersaleh19 (MuchDo Translations "Abeer")
Abeer Saleh (appears to be an alias for Abeer Hams / Hamss / Hums. Ph: +970599774132 / Skype ID: abeersalleh19 / Twitter: @3abeers. Uses these aliases: Abeer Hamss (Facebook), abeer ss (LinkedIn). Mainly associated w/ Muchdo. Scammer and non-payer!
Abeer Majed, aka Ahmed Hamid (Al-Huda Center for Language) / Abeer Majed / / Ph: 0597243974 (NO OPERATOR CODE) / Skype: abeer.majed91
Abeer Nafez / .
Kamel Abu Salama / Kamel Salama / Partner of Imad Almaghary, and "manager" of the Gaza branch of Languagemet (apparently closed in the end of 2012, or early 2013). Kamel is associated w/ MuchDo and a scammers' banker.

NOTE 6 Wide and active Palestinian scamming network: Al-Huda Center for Language. EXISTING LANGUAGE SCHOOL SERVING AS A FAÇADE FOR THIS SCAMMING RING. According to reliable information from scamming operators gone rogue, they have no official corporate license.

Languagemet / Language Met / Language Met Center / Languagemet Company / Language Met.Com. / LanguageMet CO. / Languagemet Translations / Language Met Company for Translation and Transcription Services / Languagemet Center for Translation /
Use this FAKE address: 930 Woodland Dr, Glenview, IL 60025 / BANNED FROM PROZ

Registration data for domain languagemet:
Admin Name: yousif yousif
Admin Organization:
Admin Street: rafah
Admin City: rafah
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 972
Admin Country: Palestinian Territories
Admin Ph: +972595941602
Admin Email:

Registration data for Translation Secrets /
Admin Name: yousif yousif
Admin Street: rafah
Admin City: rafah
Admin State/Province:
Admin Postal Code: 972
Admin Country: Palestinian Territories
Admin Phone: +972595941602
Admin Email:

Translation Success Group (no website, just a façade name) (CLOSED) (CLOSED)
Super Translation World, fantasy name used by Imad (Ahmed) Almassri. Associated w/ Translation Secrets. / Domain registered on 26FEB2008 by Imad Almaghary / Website is not active / domain used to send emails: (CLOSED)
Quick Translation. Just another façade! The email was also used by ghost "Roman Brenan".
All Languages / Experts Of Linguists Agency / Expert of Translations, Stephani ??? (no website, just a façade, Skype: Ch.Trans (in Hiafa, Israel???) See Note 110 / Werans for Translation Company / The Werans SMTP server – – is used for most mail sent out by Translation Secrets (and about other 6 domains). / Ph: +20116929322 (domain created by Languagemet / Robert Morison / / on 02NOV2013, phone is, of course, fake: +7.78451241). No website. Used for mailings. / Translationdirectory Co (domain created by Languagemet / Robert Morison / on 02NOV2013, phone is, of course, FAKE: +1.0077844512). Contact on website: Loai Mahmoud / +972599687281
Shaymus Translation Services / (See Note 58). SITE DISABLED (23AUG2014)

Phone number listed on the website (+972598855968, mobile number, Jawwal network, Palestine) is the same listed on emails from Translation Secrets and yet another "translation company" named Trgim.LTD / or Huda Education Center (Elhoda Languages and Computer Centre / Ph: +972599851211), as the contact for a Mr. Imad Almaghary / (SEE OTHER ALIASES BELOW), who is also the registrant for the website. This phone number is also used by the scamming factory "Translation Secrets".

Imad Almaghary is THE FOUNDER of Languagemet and Translation Secrets, two of the most active scamming joints in the translation world. Claims to be a member of the Arab Professional Translators Society...

In an article called "Translation Problems Amongst Arab Translators" (2002), Imad wrote some meaningless and profound crap as "Translation problems amongst Arab translators may above all and more than anything else widen, enlarge, expand and enhance not only mankind knowledge but also awareness that can potentially trigger a wide range of factual points on this topic"!!!

Or this piece of total nonsense, mumbo-jumbo from (now offline)...

On 11APR2015, Imad, the scammer behind Languagemet and Translation Secrets, went on selling more crap:
New E-Book: "Getting Work through Translation Secrets and Strategies" / This crap is advertised with more crap, like this: This e-book includes 8978 words, 389 paragraphs and 1325 lines. This is absolutely helpful for those who work in the translation market... It remains to be seen that translators spend a long time applying for jobs...

Or this brilliant crap named Challenger Business: One-Off Business Strategies Revealing Powerful Mindset of Earning Money and Building Business Empire (Profitable Business): It has an awful lot of images for further clarification and information. No shit?

My name is Mr. Imad Almaghary. I am male, married and have kids. I was born in Libya in 1977. I live in Palestine. I have been working in translation and management field for 15 years. I have been doing study and research on this business for a long time with a very good experience which I would be more than happy to share with you. There are other two e-books that will be ready soon. They are: "Time-saving Methods of Finding Excellent Employees and Partners", Secrets and powerful mindset strategies revealed! And "Successful Business Concepts on the Internet", Secrets Revealed! Increase your online income!!!
This e-book costs 34.89 USD. I accept different payment options including Paypal and Moneybookers.

From someone who once wrote (in the 2002 article) another hilarious piece of crap: "...take into account the following expression, the United States secretary of States, this expression will be dealt with semantically wrong because it means prime minister but in the American English they say the United States secretary of States."

On 2010, Imad changed his career and was looking for shoes "less than 2 Dollars for pair of Shoe"...

On his LinkedIn profil, he writes: "Full trust and 100 % honesty, credibility and impartiality are my real asset and investment." This is a joke, right, Imad?

Imad Almaghary uses several aliases, or variations, of his name:
Ahmed Al Mughari / / Keeps a Facebook with this name: CrOuChzZzZ (El Nuevo Conquistador)
Emad Ale
Emad Al-Mughary
Emad Almghari /
Imad Ali Almaghary /
Imad Ali Al-Maghari
Imad Ali El-Mghary
Imad Almaghary / / / /
Imad Almgari
Imad Al-Mughary
Imad El-Mughari
Imad Mghari
Mr. Imad

Imad Almghari is the registrant of these domains: / +63.597244315 (Philippines???) / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / (see Note 79) / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +63.597244315 (Philippines???) / / +972599851444 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / / +972599851211 / /

In Zoominfo, Imad presents himself as "Supervisor, Founder and Member of the Board of Governors" of Languagemet. In LinkedIn, Imad is "Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant / Translation Secrets" and writes crap like this: "Is it possible to make a one million USD starting from zero? Please let us know what you think".

In some forums, the email is associated to the "Huda Translation Center in Saudi Arabia". And, yes, Imad is also associated w/ the infamous (said to operate from Cairo, Egypt).

In this LinkedIn page Trainer – The Islamic University Of Gaza, Imad claims this: "Full trust and 100 % honesty, credibility and impartiality are my real asset and investment". Trust and honesty??? And, he goes on with crap like this: "I run now lots of companies. I wrote many business books. Feel free to ask for any question. I can provide you with consultation".

Languagemet also uses this Skype number: (661) 748-0240. See also Note 79.

Imad's location data and phone numbers:
Albahar St (Al Bahar), Rafah Province, Gaza Strip, Palestine (same address used for Mondo Translations See Note 83)
Ph: +970598855968 (used also for Translation Secrets)
In Translation Directory and GlobTra, scammer Imad Almaghary lives in Seena, Egypt / Ph: 0020108472936
Ph: +972599851211 ( registration data)
Ph: 0597601658 (in "Eman Tabasy" CV, as reference)
Ph: +970599851211 / (email from 17APR2017)

And what does Imad think about our Directory? This: "There are reliable translators whom I know and fully trust 100 %. They are listed in scammer website because that website is politically motivated to put pressure on successful Arabic business. (...) Those colleagues are from Egypt and could not remove their emails from there. I trust them more than I trust myself.." (LinkedIn). Coming from you, Imad, that's a praise.

On 16APR2017 (LinkedIn), Imad, calling himself "Senior Project Manager and Business Consultant" asks these "senior" questions: "What is the normal price in the market for English Arabic translation?" or "What are the common prices for English Arabic and English Chinese?" You don't know, "Business Consultant"? Two months before, our "senior" scammer had announced: "I can accept English Arabic jobs of 0.04 USD. This price is valid until 01/04/2017. Quality guaranteed." and had another very "senior" question: "How can I contact or deal with end clients in the translation industry?" Someone responded : "Have officially Registered agency, etc." What did our "senior" bullshiter respond? This: "Official registration is important. Yes. Well, where to find them? What is the way to contact them?" Not bad for a "Business Consultant"...

Yes, this lunatic also sells e-books...

And, because his scamming business may not going very well, he's now offering his new business: "15 % discount for all of your electricity, power and transportation fines." Whatever that means...

Imad Almaghary HAS BEEN banned from ProZ and Translators Café
In their scamming frenzy, the Languagemet gang shows no scruples in the shameless use of another company corporate data.

On the "About us" page on (same phone number as's, +972598855968), they claim that "We are not worried about money because anyway it comes"... Some correspondence from is signed under the name of Hanaa Kudaih (same name as a PM from another fishy Palestinian website: ) said to be based in Abu Dhabi, in which the pages "Language Quality Services" and "Our Translators" have been shamelessly copied from the Moravia Worldwide website. Turjoman phone (+971508140543) and Skype ID: are, of course, from Gaza, Palestine. They operate a GTalk account from . The Skype address given on resolves to someone based on Rafah, Gaza. Not surprisingly, a Wael Yousef (associated w/ Gentle Translations Group) also sends mail from turjoman.\

Abdalrahim Al Rantisi, aka Eng. Rantisi Muhammad El-Rantisi / Mohammed Alrantesy / Mohammed Alrantisi or Mohammed Alrantesi (names on Translators Café) / Associated w/ Translation Secrets. Brother of "Mhmd (Mohamed) Rantisi"
/ / 245 Awda street, Rafah / Ph: +972595576770 / Brother of Abdalrahim Al Rantisi (Translation Secrets) / Facebook profile
Abed Raheem / Reham Abu Ghali / Reham A. Ghali / Rere Ghali / Ghali Reham / Phone +970592124547 / Translation Secrets
Skype: / rereghali (Rere Ghali / Ashdod, Israel !!!) / rereghali / Twitter: @Reham83444742 (rere ghali)
Uses the ID "reham Abu Ghali" on Translators Café and "Rose in April" (in Arabic) in Facebook (CLOSED), now uses "Rere Ghali". In Reham lives in Tel Aviv! In LinkedIn, she's from Palestine. Reham is married to Mohammed Abu Khamees Jabr aka Mohammed Abu Khamees.

CV properties show: Author: abumohammed / Last saved: besan.
On a recent DOC document received from Reham A. Ghali, the properties are clear: Author: besan / Last saved by: besan. ("Speed trans" on G+ profile)

Other FAKE IDs used:
Love Rose / Julia /
Jelard Stahen / Gevara Loo /

On 25JUL215, Reham published this on her LInkedIn: "It's just a clarification that some one stole my CV and used my nname in his / her contact with translators and refused to pay them!! Please notice that I don't know who is that and Why they do this." SO SWEET!
But, you work with scammers! Response: "Dear, I worked as a project manager with them [i.e., Translation Secrets & 24Translate], but I left them after recognizing the truth about their work and found them on black list!!". DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES WE'VE HEARD THIS FROM SCAMMERS?
Abeer Alhamss. Languagemet.
Abidulsalam Abidullah Abed Tabasi / / Ph: +972559626710 / Skype ID: aaatwat / address: Omar Ben Al-Khatab St. Rafah. Gaza Strip. Palestine. / Same CV reported to belong to a "Wael".
Abu Mohammed (name appears in Doc Properties in scammed CVs)
Afnan Ali / Afnan Ali Re / / (Key Translation !!!) / Ph: +970592512131 / Scammer behind "Peter Jain" / Uses / as PayPal IDs / Most probably, an alias for "Afnan Alkedra".
Afnan Alkedra / Afnan AL Kedra / / / (All Languages Translation) / (PayPal used by "Linda Robin" and "Marie Jourdan") / (PayPal used by "Annika Falk" and Mohammed Alkurd from / Ph: +970598831439 / Associated w/ Translation Secrets and Gentle Translations. Skype: smilyafnan (Smily AFnan) (claimed to be located in Sweden, Skype is decorated with an image from the Arizona desert, but now is located in Israel and decoration is a flower...). Same Skype ID is also used by "Linda Robin". Keeps a profile (empty) in Translators Café and in LinkedIn (Gentle Translations). Scammer behind:
Annika Falk / / CV is a copy of CV from Linda Robin
Elisabeth Pragar / Elisabeth Prager / / / FAKE profiles in ProZ and Translation Directory /
Elisabeth Thomas / / / / FAKE profile in ProZ
Jermy Devlin /
Linda Robin / / / FAKE profile in
Marie Jourdan / /
and others...
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa, aka "Stephani of Experts of Linguists": / See Note 110
Ahmed Abo Khaled.
Ahmed Bassam. Associated w/ Languagemet.
Ahmed Adnan / Ahmed Hmdan / Eng.Ahmed / / / / Ph: 0597596568 / Skype: ahmed.adnan531. This scammer keeps profiles on ProZ (ahmedadnan531) with 127 years of experience!!! & Translators Café. Claims to provide "Certified Translation English-Arabic" & to be a member of the Arab Professional Translators Society, but all queries to their membership database returned NO results. On LinkedIn, he's Team Leader at a phantasmagorical 'The Palestinian Center for Translation Services'. He is none other than Ahmed Omar / Ahmed Omar Alkhair / Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair (al-Khair) from Mondo Translations. See Note 83. Scammer behind "Teresita Sanchez".
Ahmed Issa (Languagemet). LinkedIn profile.
Ahmed Kamal (Translation Secrets) / / Ph: +972598148476, Skype: ahmed.kamel5263. Uses the ID "translation services" on Translators Café.
Ahmed Mahmoud / Ahmad Mahmoud / Mahmoud Ahmed (in LinkedIn, he is "JONIOR at Al-Huda Center for Language" and "project manager providing services an many fields in different languages") / Ahmed Maged / Ahmad AlZaki / Impersonates a PM from High Quality Translations (legitimate company) with / "High Quality Translation". Twitter: a7mad Z / @ahmed_naser1990 / Screen names used: a7madz / Also associated w/ bigtranswork / (Note 76)
Ahmed Naser Zurub / Ahmed Naser / / Ph: +972598148476.
Ahmed Younis / Ahmed Ismael Younis (The Ghost) / / / / Skype: ahmed.younis23 / Ph: +97082151315 / Ph: +972598196358 / Languagemet. Facebook profile.
Alaa Firwana, aka Firwana Alaa in G+ profile. Associated w/ Translation Secrets. LinkedIn profile.
Alaa Mahmoud /
Alaa Othman. Associated w/ Translation Secrets. LInkedIn profile.
Ali Fares. Associated w/ Languagemet.
Ali Zaher / / . Scammer behind "Anca Renou", "Birgit Collins" and "Francis Cravidao".
Amena A. Abuamra, aka Amena Abo Amra, Amena Amra, Amna. Scammer from Languagemet / Ph: +970599011675, Gtalk: languagemet21
Amna / Amna Amra / alias: Lucie Translator / / / Skype: gamony3000 (resolves to a fake "Golden Translation", Italy)
Anees El Hamss, Author: "a", Company: "islam", Last saved: "a", +972599411382 (same phone as Wasseem (J.) Maghari). She is responsible for scamming the CV from Mien Hien Luu (Vietnam).
Arwa Shaban / Another scammer wearing various hats: Languagemet and Independent PM / Calls herself "PC4IT Translation" (See Note 88) / Ph: +970592423624 / Skype: Arwa.shaban2 / Emails used:
Arwa's emails are copied from another scammer: TranslineCo Ukraine / Ekaterina Voronina
Asef Alhanafi / Asef Al-hanafi /
Asma'a Hamed (Languagemet): Facebook profile.
Ashref Hesham (Languagemet).
Aya Abu Asaker, aka Eman Abu Asaker, Emy Abu Asaker / / / Gentle Translations.
Basel Al Khayat, aka Basel Khayat, B. Khayat, B. Kh, Baseel Deeb is a scammer associated with the infamous Translation Secrets. Basel also uses the fake ID: Oziel Ogluo / / (Aroma for Translation).
Basel Nahal / Basel Alnahal) / Basel M Nahal / phone +972599498987. On LinkedIn, he is from Israel!!! On Facebook, he's from Rafah, Gaza! On Translation Directory is a "Native Speaker of Japanese"!!! He's married to another scammer: Ola Dawood. Emails used: / / Carla Jackaline (impersonation of a non-existent PM from A2Z Global, USA) (PayPal ID) / / Carmo Mariana (impersonation of non-existent PM from A2Z Global, USA) (impersonation of an Israeli translator, Ronen Eliav) (impersonation of a non-existent PM (Ronen Eliav) from A2Z Global, USA) / Translation Services (also usd by Carla Jackaline) (generic email address)
Basma Basheer / /
Best Translation / Best Translations / 24bestonlinework Translation / / / (also used by "Translation Orbit") / Scamming operation run by Hamada Qudaih / Hamada Ism (name on Translation Directory) / Ph: 00790592639440 (number on email, FAKE), +970592639440 / Skype: hamada_qu
Dalal Nada, aka Dala Nada aka Dalal Abu Nada / Dalal Imad Abu Nada / Abo Dalal / / . Ph: 970592135800 (used by Talla Sami (Note77) / Poses as a translator and as a PM from Languagemet. On TRADUguide, she claims to speak Arabic and live in China! / Also related with ULTD Trans / (Note 77)
Doaa Ekrem / Doa’a Ekrem / After circulating a FAKE CV, Doaa is now a "project manager"...

Skype: Doaa.ekrem7 (Fake photo and located in Italy!!!) / In her profile in Translators Café, Doaa lives in Gaza, Israel!!!
Doaa Jomaa / / / (scammer from Languagemet)
Doaa Mohammed, aka Dooa Aljmal, aka Doaa Kame, aka Doaa Mohammed Kamel Aljmal / / / / Skype: doaa.aljmal (located in Israel!!!)
Doaa Saleh. Associated w/ Languagemet & Translation Secrets.
Dua Ibrahim Abusabla, aka Dua Abosabla, Dua Abusala, Dua Ibrahim: scammer from Turjoman, Ph: +972599952984, Skype accounts:, Two Words Trans Dua (dua_ghad). Also uses email: / / .
Duaa Qaddi / Trjman Ltd / Trjman Translation / Trjman Company
Eeman.S .Ghaly (on a LinkedIn profile, is a senior translator for Werans (website owned by Imad Almaghary).
Eman Ata, Iman Ata. Languagemet.
Eman Tabasy / Eman Amin Tabasy / / / / / Ph: 082150858 / Ph: 0595839660 / CV last saved by: almajd cd / Translation Secrets & TRGIM Company
Emy Mohemmed.
Eng. Mohammed Almassri, or Mohammed Al Masri ("Project manager of freelance jobs"), Translators Success Group / Translation Secrets / / Skype accounts: mohmasri1 / a2zlanguage / mohammedalmassritrans (fake location: USA).
Evelyn Salt (FAKE NAME) / / ghost created by Languagemet. On "her" G+ profile / "she" uses the photo of Turkish actress Beren Saat. This scammer also uses the alias Ram San / . On a CV stolen from Loay Al-Dakhlallah (Canada), she claims to live in Dubai, UAE / Ph: +97105034886706 / See Note 135
Fadi Saleh / / Gaza scammer behind ghost "Ana Christina"
Fatma Rantisi (see Note 58).
Fatma Slum. Wears two hats: Languagemet and Translation Secrets.
Feryal Alnahhal / / Gentle Translations Group
Fidaa Abuoun /
Ghassan Sheikheleed / / Ph: +972599423089 / Skype: ghassan.trans (in Israel, of course...)
Hala Al-Qaddi.
Hala Ismail / (ZoomInfo profile now deleted, 21FEB2014)
Haley Gafar / Haley Haley / / / / / / Ph: 0599263641 / 0598279480
Hanaa Kudaih / Wears several hats: Languagemet, Translation Secrets, Purity Translations, / Ph: +970592118895.
Hanaa Shammala / .
Hanady Abed / Hanade Hamdan / hksgroup2015@gmail com (HKS Group) / +972592770435 / Translation Secrets
Haneen (Ahmed) Yousef, aka Haneen Said.
Haneen Said / Saidd (alias for Haneen Yousef) / /, Ph: +970599175721 (ALSO USED BY Hanaa Al Henawy from Linguistsite, Note 79), Skype: project.maneger1 (location: first in the USA, then in Palestine, now in Japan!!!). Claims to belong to a ghost "World Wide Translation Services".
Hani El-Maghary, aka Hani Al Maghary, Hane Meghary / / Ph: +972595823465
Hani Mohammed (Languagemet): phone +972598841959 / Skype (claiming they are located in Cairo, Egypt; on their profile (copied from "Abu-Ghazaleh International Translation", a company based in Jordan), their address is a "Central Building" in Gaza...) / On JUL 2018, Hani started sending emails as Ameer Mohammed / Jerusalem Translation Team / Jerusalem Translation Ltd / / Ph: 00972-598841959 / Address: F134, al bahar st.- Rafah - Palestine / Claims to exist since 2012, but ProZ profile (2464619) is from Nov 2017... / Scammer behind Martina Kyselova / /
Heba Adel (uses two hats: Languagemet and Translation Secrets).
Heba Deeb, aka Heba Qudaih, Heba Deeb Salman Qudaih. Associated w/ Gentle Translations & Translation Secrets
Heba Rafat, aka Heba Farhat / / / Skype: heba.rafat98. Associated w/ Languagemet. Heba Farhat keeps a page on LinkedIn.
Heba Qudaih: Translation Secrets / Scammers' payment recipient / See invoice / See payment instructions:
PayPal IDs used: / /
Account Holder's Name: Heba Deeb Salman Qudaih
Account No.: 1057904
Bank Name: Bank of Palestine P.L.C
Bank Address: Khanyounis – Gaza – Palestine
Branch name: KHANYOUNIS
Swift Code: PALSPS22 (VALID)
Country: Palestine?
IBAN NO. ( EUR currency): PS48PALS045210579040333000000 (VALID)
My business address: Abasan, Al Ehsan street.
Hema Basel / / Translation Secrets
Hosam Almadhoun, aka Noorseen Almadhoun or Eng Hosam Elmadhoun / / Ph: +972599691767. Owner of domain . See also Note 10 below.
Husam Hasanein. Associated w/ Languagemet.
Ibrahim Ibrahim / /
Ihsan Salman, aka Ihsan Senjer / / Twitter: @PalGaze_1992 / Associated w/ Gentle Translations / Scammer behind "Chioy Honda" / Keeps profiles in Translators Café (Ihsan Salman) and Elance (Ihsan Senjer).
Mr. Imad / / Ph: +970598855968 (number also used by other scammers) / Skype:
Iman Salah
Islam Abeed Dahleez, aka Islam Dahleez & Islam A Dahleez (married to Mona Bassam): translator impersonator and scammer from Languagemet: / / / / / Ph: +972595880689 / +970595880689 (phone used in Languagemet website for Imad Ali) +972598855968 / Skype: iabedsalam1 (calls himself a "Professional Development Planner!!!), Islam A Dahleez & Islam Abed (Abood) (Facebook), @iabedsalam (Twitter), iabedsalam (Google Talk), iabedsalam1 (Skype), idahleez (Yahoo! Messenger). Islam Abd (probably, an alias for Islam Abeed Dahleez).

Islam Dahleez is now the owner of another "company": Much better translation company /
Address: Alwihda street, Gaza / Ph: +972597848672 / Website is copied from: Gabbani Translations (Saudi Arabia), Somya Translators (India), Ideal Lingua Translations (India) and even from an official website of Canada, and they shamelessly write in their website: "Translators, terminologists and interpreters specialize in two languages, such as French and English, the official languages of Canada."

Mhamd Abdelfatah (fake name?) / /
Jay Guohuan / / / Associated w/ Languagemet.
Jelan ?
Jonathan Bisan / Bisan Jonathan (FAKE NAMES) / / Skype: bisan.jonathan (Gaza)
Jennifer Tom, aka Jennifertomas (FAKE NAME). Associated w/ Languagemet.
Khafaja Raeda / Raeda Khafaja / "Khafajalinguist Raeda translator, EN teacher at Al-Huda Center for Language"
Khaled Mohammed / / / .
Khalil Khateeb, aka Khalil Khatib / Khalil El-Khatib / Khalil Elkhatib / / / / mobile +970599713439 (also used by "Asef Han" from (Note 59) / Skype: khlo90 / Twitter: @khlo90 / In his LinkedIn profile (removed) he called himself a "Projects Manager", i.e. a scammer... Khalil is married to Lola Khali, now Dalal Nada ("her" Facebook is decorated with the husband's photo and she states to be a "Project Manager at Languagemet Company", later "beIN Translation Services".
Now, on October 2017, Khalil created a new persona: Omar Eniem / / +9720598879079 / @OmarEniem / Skype: Oman Eniem / omar88790790 / f57177568f7ea1c3 / His email starts with a known piece of crap used by scammers: "I am honored to enlighten you with my great passion for being in your service 24 hours a day, carrying out all your translation projects from A to Z and strengthening our business through the effective and dynamic cooperation in this field." Oman's email is a blunt copy of an online presentation of Abdallah Elsheikh (another well-known scammer, see Note 20) on UpWork.
Khaleel Lateefa (Translation Secrets). In his LinkedIn profile, his "translation agency" is in the USA...
Lene Menz (a Mr. with a female name(!), based in Dubai in Translation Directory...), associated w/ "Purity Translations".
Lina Ryad, aka Lina Reyad: scammers always have trouble writing their own names / / / .
Lilian Sam (what a nice Palestinian name...) / Translation Projects (name used on emails) Associated with Translation Secrets / / / / / (PayPal ID also used by WordsBreath) / Skype: lilian.sam20 (Gaza) / "Our linguistic services are well characterized and known for quality standards" OUR? Who's "OUR"? "Lilian" is most probably Heba Qudaih / Heba Qudiah / / References given: Emad Almagari / Nareen Alnahal (Translation Orbit) ENOUGH SAID: scammers referring scammers...
Lisa Madi / / / Associated w/ Translation Secrets & a non-existent LanguaSpirit or Languspirit / Ph: +970595376242 / Skype: lisamadi93 / "I working as a project manager. I have many experience in this field." Yes, we can see that...
Lola Khalil. Associated w/ Languagemet. Married to Khatib Khalil. Keeps a profile in Facebook.
Luai Samir, Luoai Samir Mahm. Languagemet & Smart Translation Services.
Lubna (Ahmed / Khaled ?). Associated w/ Translation Secrets. Says they're located in Israel...
Maha Issa, aka Mohammad Eissa, Mohammed A. Eissa, Madhat Eissa, Maha Mohammed Issa, MohdEissa / Phone +970595653699 / Skype: mohd.aa.eissa / "MEissa" in documents. Associated w/ Languagemet. Scammer behind "Frank Cimino".
Mahmoud Abed aka Mahmoud F. / Scren name: @hsubzero / Translation Secrets
Mamdouh Gali, aka Mamdouh Hassan, Doha Gali / / / / / / / / / Ph: +972598690617 / +972599172219 . Keeps a Facebook profile. In another Facebook profile, Mamdouh is a journalist. His "translator" CV shows "alawael" and "Dreams" (Gentle Translations gang) and "I have worked with so many clients (...) and the results were impressive." Impressive, indeed!
Manal Abu Jarad / Manal A. Jarad / Manal Jamal / Manal Jammal / Manal Jamal / Manal Jemmy / / / / / / Skype: Professional-1st (Resolves to "Manal Jamal", Translation Senses) / Ph: +970598823891 / Skype: manal9781 (resolves to "Manal Jamal") / Associated with Languagemet and 24Translate / CV shows Author/Last saved: besan-it. On her profile on Translators Café she writes "A flowery Reputation in The field of Translation and Language Services" REALLY?
Mansour / Ahmad Mansour / EngMansour / / Screen names: HaLiMoOoOoO / manss_i / Associated w/ Translation Secrets
Meenu Ahuja / Meena Rani / / Circulates a CV from Tilak Raj (IN) aka tilak raj ahuja / toney ahuja / /
"Actually Mr. Tilak raj is my husband, have i no right to work with him?"
1. Yes, you have every right of working with your husband. 2. Both of you use the SAME CV, making it clear that one of you is impersonating the other, and therefore misrepresenting yourselves. 3. Why do you also misrepresent yourself with a photo from Pakistani actress Sara Chaudhary?
Mhmd (Mohamed) Rantisi, aka Mohammed Rafet Rantisi. Address: 5 Bahar Street (Al Bahar), Rafah, Gaza / Ph: +972598835059 / +970598835059 / Skype: Moraf88 / Keeps profile on ProZ: 1880404 / On his Facebook profile (NOW CLOSED), he's associated w/ a "Targem Center for International Translation" / / Brother of "Abdalrahim Al Rantisi".
Mohammed Abu-Shaban / Mohammed AbuShaban / Mohammed M. Abu-Shaban / Moh Shaban (ProZ) / / / / / Ph: +972599688567 / +97282866690. See also Note 68
Mohammed Almassri / / / / / / . This scammer calls TranslateMee the "next translation agency". He is the same Imad (Ahmed) Almassri from a fantasy agency "Super Translation World" or Eng. Mohammed Almassri, or Mohammed Al Masri from another ghost called "Translators Success Group", or "Mohammed Almassri" from Translation Secrets.
Mohamed Ahmed / / Ph: 0599951263 / Translation Secrets
Mohamed Ashour.
Mohammed Alshiqaqi / Mohammed N. Alshiqaqi / / +972598382044
Mohammed Eissa, aka Mohammed A. Eissa / / / / / Associated w/ Languagemet / Behind the scamming of several CVs (Author: MEissa).
Mohammed Hussein / . Associated w/ Languagemet.
Mohammed Mahmoud / Mahmoud Mohammed / Mahmud / !!!/ Skype: mohammed1111147. A GHOST CREATED BY Languagemet, also acting as their PM. So far, he is a "Bachelor of Commerce" or an "architec" (with 21 major projects done in 4 years!!!).
Mohammed Rantisi / Mohammed Alrantesy (name on Translators Café) / Rantisi88 (ProZ). Associated w/ Translation Secrets
Mohammed Yousef / .
Mohd Nafez / .
Moneer Barazi / Moneer Mohammad Ali Barazi / / (sells diet stuff) / Ph: +96170904618 / Skype: moneerbarazi / Based in Lebanon or Syria / Associated w/ Translation Secrets
Murad Zedan / Murad Ibrahem / Murad Ibrahem / Murad Ibrahim Zedan / Murat Zedan / Twitter: @Murad_Ibrahem / Associated w/ Languagemet.
Mustafa Attar / / / / +972598779579 / Keeps a profile in Facebook. Friends with Suzan Abu Mudallalah
Nareen Alnahal / Nareen Nahal / Nareen El-Nahal / Nareen El Nahal / Narine Al Nahal / Nareen Hamed Abd El-Kareem El Nahal / Nareen Hamed Kareem Alnahal
Twitter: @eng_nareen / NareenElNahal / ID No.: 800425068 / Ph: +970597703112 / +97282135613 / CV file title is: Salma Mohammed Suliman Shaat. Associated w/ Translation Secrets (LinkedIn) and with a FAKE company called Orbit Translations (see this Note above under "Asmaa Tabasi"). Here, Nareen claims "We are proud to be working with more than 200 translators".

"Referees" provided on CV:
Anwar Awida / / +972598870074
Essam K. Al-akkad / / +972599994002
Imad Al-mghari / Imad Almaghary / (MODIFIED EMAIL ADDRESS TO RENDER IT UNUSABLE) / +97259885968
Majed Tabash / / +972595941617
Naser Ali / / Twitter: @languagemet55 / Scammer associated with many scamming websites: (Note 81-4) (Note 81-5) (Note 81-1) (Note 81) (Note 81-7) / / / (Note 81-3) (Note 81-2)
Nebal Ibrahim aka Ibrahim Nebal / Nebal Projects
Ph: +972592455469. Nebal is a ghost created by Translation Secrets, posing as "translation project manager": "I offer high time management abilities" and "I am a great negotiator and can always save the company budget"... "She" or "he" has also been around as "translator", using / / Skype: nebal.ibrahim & nebal.ibrahim1. In JAN1015, Nebal opened profiles in LinkedIn (Trjman Translatio) and Facebook (Trjman.Translation) / – where s/he asks translators to send "her" their CV... A Sarah S. (another ghost created by this scammer) provides the endorsements... "She" also operates an (empty) website – – created by none other than Imad Almaghary (Languagemet / Translation Secrets). Emails sent to / Translation Projects are answered automatically by a "Amna / Trjman Manager" / +970592455469 (same number as Nebal's) / Skype: trjman2015 / Twitter: @trjmantranslate
Nehal Mahmoud / Nihal Mahmoud / Nihal Yousef / Associated w/ Languagegmet and Wordsvoice / Ph: +96267779480735 (FAKE) / new.life443 / Scammer behind "Iliona Qejvanaj", "Erin Littlefield" & "Endre Gabor / Endre Karczag" / Docs made by this scammer show Nehal & Neno_Hp in their File > Properties. Email subject is this nice piece of crap: Decorative words can not express fact, work only can show the truth (New Life !!!)
This scammer keeps a profile in Translators Café (Nehal mahmoud) with a FAKE CV stolen from a Jordanian translator, claiming to live in UAE, but with an Israeli phone: +972505992354 !!!
Nihad Ahmad / / / / / / / / Skype: nihad.ahmad50 . Keeps a profile in Facebook. See also Note 151.
Noor Salama.
Ola Dawood / / . Married to Basel Nahal.
Omar Hammad / Omar Khamis Omar Abu Hammad. Associated w/ Translation Secrets.
Omer Mohammed / / Ph: +972592637231 (phone also used by Translation Space / Note 81-6).
Omar Naser
Yosuf O. Nser / /
Yousif Omer
Yousif Omer Nasser
Yusuf Nasir / Y?u?suf Nas?r??? (nice: a Palestinian with Turkish characters in the name...) / Yosuf O.Nsee / Yusuf O. Nasir
Claims to be a "Freelance Project Coordinator" from Istanbul, Turkey / Cel.: +905059949717 (FAKE) / Skype accounts tell the real story: yosufnser (Yosuf O.Nsee, Gaza) & yosufnser (Yousif O. Nasser, PM, Languagemet, Gaza) / Facebook: YousifNasser0
Author (in docs): sultan
Rana Awaad / (associated w/, domain created by Languagemet on 02NOV2013, now closed)
Reaam Jamil. Associated w/ Languagemet. Probably an alias of Reem Jamaal (Gentle Translations).
Reda Radwan. Associated w/ Translation Secrets. LinkedIn profile.
Reham Elzomara (Rehan Mohammed Elzomara). Ph: +970597061030.
Reham Kedra / Reham Alkedra / / /
Riham Rafat, aka Riham Rafaat, Reham Rafat, Reham Harb, Riham Salama (see also Note 57) (real name appears to be Reham Raafat Mostafa). Skype: project.manager88 / Ph: +972599565616. Associated w/ Languagemet and Translation Secrets.
Riham Salama, aka Reham Salama, Riham Mustafa, Riham Rafat / Ph: 00972599565616. Associated w/ Languagemet annd Gotranslang (Note 57) (Skype address (project.manager88) resolves to Riham Rafat. In a recent CV circulated by this scammer, she says: "I consider translation to be a hobby rather than a job and I take pride in my work." This sentence has just been copied from the Net... Of course: her real job is stealing translators' CVs. Riham Salama is another aliases: Salah Abed / Salah A. (Translation Secrets).
Fake CVs from this scammers show: Author: Rafat / Last saved by: TOSHIBA
Safa ? / /
Sahar Salam.
Salah Khafaja / / / Translation Secrets / ProZ: SKH Language Services !!!
Salih Qady / Saleh ElQadi / . Scammer also associated w/ Arcadia Languages (Note 51)
Sam Smith / Translation 765 / / / / Associated w/ Translation Secrets / Skype: sam.simth28 (Gaza) SIMTH??? / "We have an innovative translation process" REALLY? / "Sam" is another alias for "Lilian Sam"
Samah Ahmed / /
Samah Al-Qrenawi (Translation Secrets) / Ph: +972597255447.
Samah Oo. Associated w/ Translation Secrets.
Sara Afifi, aka Sarrah Al-Afifi. Associated w/ Languagemet. In her LInkedIn profile, she lives in New York, NY (US)...
Shareef (on his Skype profile, Eng.shareef2006, he lives in Los Angeles, USA...). Associated w/ Translation Secrets.
Smart Language / / Ghost ID created by the Languagemet gang.
Email address used by scammers to circulate fake CVs from:
Martin Bissell / / / (PayPal)
Richard Walter /
Samudra R. Jayasena
Thomas Bolton / FAKE CV sent w/ attachments: "Flynn O’Driscoll – Business Lawyers", "Alberto Antognetti"
Yuling Lin /
Sozy Salman (Salmian), Salman Female (G+) / /Skype: translation.world10 (translation company).
Suzan Abu Mudallalah / Skype: suzan.abumudallalah. Associated w/ Languagemet. Keeps a profile in Facebook. Friends with Mustafa Attar.
Tahani Hassan / Tahani Trs / /
Tamer F Fayad / Tamer Abu Yazan / Scammer behind fake CVs, e.g., Therese Plmkvist.
Tina Vigh / / (typical scammers' email address) / CV uses the address from a Danish translator and other data from another / Keeps a FAKE profile on Translators Café with a very nice phone number: 149965478921 !!! Also keeps a fake profile on Translation Directory.
Wael Yousef (short for Wael Yousef Shehata Abdullah). Associated w/ Gentle Translations. In his TC profile, he lives "somewhere" in Cairo, has a "somewhat" phone number: 0114460994 and translates 153 subjects from Acting to Zoology! His website – – shows more info! In his LinkedIn profile, he lives in Gaza!
Wael Younis.
Walaa Mahmoud aka Walaa Russ / Walaa M.F. Abualroo / / Ph: +972599620836 / It can also be Ahmed Alqrinawi, whose Skype account is walaa.mahmoud86 (UK !!!)
Walid Issa / (Emy Abu Asaker, see "Aya Abu Asaker" above) / / / Scammer behind these fake IDs: "Fabio Perna" / Nathan Vymyslecky. "Fabio" calls Walid his "sponsor" and requests payments to this bank account in the UK:

Walid Issa
IBAN: GB85MIDL40210281491040 (valid IBAN)
Bank account: 81491040
Sort Code: 40-21-02

See also Walid Issa on Note 0
Wasseem (J.) Maghari (phone +972599411382) / Facebook profile. Same phone as Anees El Hamss. On his Facebook, he claims to be a "Personal Trainer at Project Manager, LanguageMet CO" !!! He's married to Weaam N. Maghari.
Yasser Shaat / Yassir Shaat / Yasser Adnan / / Ph: +972597072083 / Skype: Yasser Shaat (nur.yasser1). Associated w/ Languagemet. Scammer behind the scamming of "Michael Budal" and "Karla Madsen".
The following are the names and email addresses used by these scammers when asked to provide references for the ghosts they create with stolen CVs:

Imad Almaghary / (notice the "tt"?)
Naeema Joneedy /
Yousef Alhajyousef /
Ahmad Aboelkhaire /

These scammers frequently hide Palestine as their location: in this post, they hijacked an IP address ( from Italy, and Sara(h) Afifi (Languagemet) is from New York, from Palestine or from Israel (but with an IP from Palestine).

See what Languagemet does to hijack CVs and hide their identity and location.

See also Note 21, Note 36, and Note 42 below.

NOTE 7 Translation Orbit / TranslationOrbit / Orbit Company / (SITE CLOSED) / / / Another FAKE company set up by the infamous scammer Imad Almaghary (Languagemet & Translation Secrets) / In Facebook, this gang calls itself "Online Coordination" / Taha Hussien st Gaza / Ph: +970592769967 / +970597244315 / Twitter: @onlinecoodinat / BANNED FROM PROZ

Registrant Name: MR. IMAD ALMGARI
Registrant Street: Gaza.Rafah
Registrant Street: RAFAH (???)
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Rafah
Registrant Postal Code: 970
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Ph: +63.597244315 (Philippines???, hiding a Gaza number +970597244315)
Registrant Email:

Asmaa Tabasi
Azza Sahmoud / / / / Ph: +970599493324 / Skype: malak_alrouh2 (also Memy_y...) / Twitter: @malakalrouh2 (Malak Al Rouh)
Basel Ashour / / / Skype: Baselashour2014 / Ph: +972598880103 / Also keeps a profile in Translators Café named "Translation Market"
Hamada Qudaih / Hamada ism / (also used by "Best Translation") / Ph: +97082071701 / Skype: hamada_qu / Associated with Basel Ashour, Heba Qudaih, Nareen Alnahal
Nareen Nahal / /
Nawras Afifi / / Skype: nawras.afifi / Also associated w/ Translation Secrets
Saleh Orouq / Saleh M. Orouq / / Ph: +972597228262 / Twitter: @Translator_Gaza / FB: @translatorsaleh / On TC, lives in Israel !!!

NOTE 8 Purity Translations / Purity Trans / Purity Tran / / (on Facebook, phWweb is owned by / 97259341499) from Rafah, Gaza! Another Palestinian scamming operation disguised as a "company". Website copy is a joke: "We are a capable, driven and ambitious language solutions provider, one of the fastest growing in Latvia" Latvia? Some of their emails show "Sparkasse Germany, Bremen 29050101" or "Brühl 34, 31134 Hildesheim, Germany". And their staff is called Dennis Pastermaja / Senior Designer with this job description: "Lorem ipsum dolor slo onsec nelioro". With scammers, anything goes!

Claudia Jacob (FAKE NAME) / / 07683371396
Hanaa Kudaih / / Wears several hats: Languagemet, Translation Secrets, Purity Translations,
Julia Robin (FAKE NAME) / / / / 07683371396
Lene Menz (a Mr. with a female name(!), based in Dubai in Translation Directory...)
Mohd Saidi / Herr Saidi /
Purity Translations /
Ron Henry (FAKE NAME) / Herr Saidi / / / / 07683371396
Yasser Jamal / (creator of their website, including their fake address)

NOTE 9 Another example of the methods used by the Gaza scammers: get one CV, include some "unique" details to make it look legit, while keeping a large number of other common details in all other CVs, which become telltales of their fakeness. Some examples:
Amira ElAlami /
Asmaa Thabet /
Aya Mghari /
Huda Abo Alresh /
Khalil Howeidi /
Klaus Floriano /
Lama Aljabour /
Mai Abu Bakr /
Mohammed Dawoud /
Najwa Khaled /
Omar Eniem /
Peter Kosmalska /
Sandy Rabel /
Tania Sbrissa /
Walaa Seyam /

NOTE 10 Registrant of . On this website, contents of page "Clients" have been copied verbatim from the page "Testimonials" from . Or, is it vice-versa? One of the "satisfied" customers is called "John Doe"... Hosam Almadhoun's email appears also on the registration record of another website ( ), this time under another name: Hus Madhun (Haifa, Israel, phone +97259857718: fake number, Jawwal network, Palestine, 1 digit is missing).

Registrant Name: Shekh Radwan ("Shekh Radwan" is NOT a name, is an area in Gaza)
Registrant Organization: hosam almadhoun, aka Eng Hosam Elmadhoun
Registrant Street: Gaza, Gaza 972 (This is NOT a street)
Registrant Postal Code: L (!!!)
Registrant Ph: +1.00972599691767 (Funny number! Right format is: +972599691767)
Registrant Email:

Website copy has been plagiarized from TransPerfect (US) and other sources.

NOTE 11 GlobalLinguals Translation Company / Global Linguals / GlobalLinguals / (domain created in May 2014) / Pakistani company fooling clients and translators with a pile of lies and misrepresentations:

Addresses and phones:
G-9/4 INDUST/TRADING, I & T Center. Islamabad, Pakistan. islamabad-44000 Pakistan (website)
house # 118, street # 63, G-7/2-4 Islamabad, Pakistan Islamabad, Islamabad Pakistan (ProZ and Translators Cafe)
+923465221300 (also used by a "Dolphin Snooker Club" in Islamabad)
Twitter: @GlobalLinguals

Lists 465 (!) languages (ProZ profile) and claim to be certified by: ASTM F2089-01 / EN 15038 / ISO 9001 / Notary Approved / SDL Certified with no proof of issuing entity or date of certification!

Other hilarious claims on website/portals:
Fast-track approach in multilingual translation services (LOL)
We can give you the best translation service because of the extent of our reserve languages (reserve languages?)
We trained the most excellent translators to get through with language barriers (really?)
Translators available in every region of the world (of course)
100% Human Translation Done By Certified Native Speakers! (NO Exception) (no certification is required when translators apply, only using the target language for 3 years and some experience of working as a translator)
Majority now opt for translations services for efficiency (really?)
And, about interpreters? Being an interpreter does not require anything else apart from a clear and deep understanding of two or more languages (of course)
We never stop working, not even on weekends (of course)
Adervising (lack of sleep, guys?), and
GlobalLinguals is the best! and A Vow of Professionalism (wow!)

About their "translators", let's have a peek at their website (Quality Control page):
William Hogg (FAKE NAME, EN-FR, Mechanical Engineering, Translator in the french company). Photo copied from here.
Juan Pedro (FAKE NAME, EN-ES, Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, interpreter in the textile US company Inc, Industrial Engineering in the Western Campus of Francisco Gavidia University, El Salvador, NO AEROSPACE?). Photo copied from here.
Schelling A. (FAKE NAME, My name is Adela, DE-EN, Diploma in LAW, studied at the College of Letters and after graduation i obtained a diploma of languages, no LAW?). Photo copied from here.

Memberships (FAKE):
AICE, Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencia de España / AIIC, International Association of Conference Interpreters

Farwa Gilani / (PayPal. NOTE: PayPal is NOT available in Pakistan)
Global Linguals / /
Muhammad Ishaq / Saqi Shah / Izhaq Shah / / Skype: Saaaqi2 (Muhammad Ishaq)

NOTE 12 Besides "Brigitte Noppenberger", large chunks of the victim's CV were also embedded on a CV from a "Lora Brennenstuhl" posted (as of April 19, 2013) (with no email address) on an Indian website.

NOTE 13 "Monica Pereira" / is a ghost created by Palestinian scammers (fake CV stolen from a Brazilian and a Portuguese translator, shows "Ibrahim" as author). A Korean outfit called Glory Korea Translation / / took "Monica" CV (in fact, a Portuguese translator) and made her their Manager (but without any name...). This is the work "Monica" provides.

NOTE 14 A scam factory operating under the name Languages Mediators Company / Languages Mediators Co. / Languages Mediators Inc / Langs Mediators Inc / (their website ) was registered in Egypt, although the scammers claim they are based in Istanbul, Turkey. WEBSITE IS NOW CLOSED (07JAN2014). Website is also CLOSED.

Download their presentation PDF and see some email addresses they use (among others).

Scammers behind these ghosts, at least: Adrina Benito / Jean Tanner / Kazuyuki Yamazaki / Kelly Pinet / Lisa Hardie / Lisa Mercy / Marian Potter / Oliver Wallace / Sandra Wilson / Sara Lenz / Yijing Huang

Renan Yesilbas / / / / See scam
Sarah Erez / /

NOTE 15 Gentle Translations Group / , another scam factory based in Palestine.

They claim to be based at:
72 Abassan, Khanyounis, Gaza / +972592167302
33 Main St., Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine (same address used by Mondo Translations See Note 83) / +972592581826 (also used by ghost "Nara Jones" in Translators Café profile, now closed)

Domains and redirect to .
Mail is also sent from (website is empty, 24AUG2013).
Mail sent from this server comes from IP

Ahmed Al Mughari, aka Ahmed Omar, one of the scammers more exposed on social networks: he keeps a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a Google+ profile, and a Goodreads profile, all with the same picture (very rare among these scammers). However, on his scamming emails, the Skype address given "crouch.j.crouch" resolves to nothing...
Ahmed Omar / Ahmed Omar / Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair (al-Khair) / Abu Elkhair (CEO and Founder) / / / Ph: +972599573933 / Twitter: realahmed8 / Skype: eng.ahmedomar. He is also associated w/ "Al-Huda Center for Languages", the umbrella organization for the Languagemet / Translation Secrets / MuchDo / Gentle Translations scamming ring, Mondo Translations (See Note 83) and a phantasmagoric "The Palestinian Center for Translation Services". Uses the Slype ID "Trans Services". Address: 143 Albahar St.- Barqqa, Rafah, Gaza Strip. His profile on Translators Café (Ahmed Omar) was deleted.
Anas Foad / (also associated with 24Translate)
Fabio Marino (fake identity created by this gang).
Flora Ktofiak (Fake ID created by this gang).
Golden Eagle (!)
Ibrahim Qeshta / / / Ph: +972599422973 / Skype: ibrahim.trans (2 profiles, one in Palestine and one in Togo (!!!) / ibrahimq1987 (Cairo, Palestine???) / ibrahim.qeshta). Also related to Arcadia Languages (see Note 51) the email address of a ghost called "Alaa Davied" / resolves to . Keeps a ProZ profile: 2643158
Khaled (Khaled Samhadana or Samhadana)
Leonard Selter (Recruitment Manager) (some messages are signed by Wael AND Leonard). Ghost ID used by Wael M. Yousef.
Nara Jones (REALLY?) / IP:
Sahar Al-Shaer / /
Soher Juber, Suher /
Wael M. Yousef (CEO) / – Wael Yousef also sends mails from / Ph: 0114460994 / Keeps a profile on Translators Café as Wael Yousef, claiming to live in Egypt / On LinkedIn, he's from Palestine.
Nara posts job offers stating she is from Israel: message shows her IP ( / Beit Hanina, Palestinian Territory).
Ibrahim does the same trick: his IP ( places him in Ramallah (Palestine).

NOTE 16 When asked about professional references, this is what these fake translators responded... PayPal ID used by "Carlene Wirobski" (probably common to others): on her invoice...

NOTE 17 Scammer stole the CV from Monica Marino (UK) and the address from Rosanna Cimino (IT)

NOTE 18 Scammer Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi is a ghost with many faces based in Jordan. See also Note 69.

Agatha Colten /
Agatha Wear (IP address:, Jordan)
Alham Abdulrahman, aka Elham Shohda Nemer Abdulrahman / / / Ph: +96278874745 BANNED FROM ProZ
Amanda Archer
Anika Fikse / / Payments from this "Anika" are made by Ibrahim Salah Alblwy (from Jordan). This scammer keeps a profile in LinkedIn with more than 500 connections...
Ibrahim Alblewi / (ALSO PayPal ID)
Ibrahim Blewi / / PayPal ID used for Martin Harris
Ivan Li / /
Jessica Wear (BANNED FROM ProZ
Jhone Welson
Kathy Alston
Kathy Jack
Kathy Jaxton /
Kathy Meler
Laura Aiden, aka Jessica Wear
Martin Harris /
Mary Allison
Mary Calvin
Omar Albluwe /
Vlad Welson / Welson Vlad /
Yellen Byrne

Owner of (NOW CLOSED), which has been made with copy stolen from other websites. In some portals, he claims to be from Australia. He was also the owner of (NOW CLOSED).

Ibrahim Alblewi Twitter / Omar Albluwe Twitter / Omar Albluwe Twopcharts / Omar Albluwe Facebook

This gang has been banned from ProZ. Scammer keeps a ProZ profile under the name "Juliatransq". Phone number +962785466983 (mobile, Umniah network) is the same used by "Omar" for and for

"Agatha Colten" bank details: Arab Bank (Zarka, Jordan) / Beneficiary Name: Elham Shohda Nemer Abdulrahman (name also used on their invoices) / Account number: 01213497712500.
Deep forensic analysis indicates that Omar is also associated w/ another large-scale scamming operation. See Note 69.

NOTE 19 Meet one of the most ridiculous scammers around. This Romanian national, hiding behind a not-Romanian name, John Bloomen (FAKE NAME), is the owner of Militaris Translation Agency (, NOW CLOSED (15JUN2013).

Translators profiles posted on his website were fake, e.g.: "Franz Schummer" stole the face of author Tristan Kink, "Giulio Lanco" is actor Mario Lopez, and the Arab "translator" is, in fact, an American music teacher... He was looking for clients (promising to pay 20 USD for each).

Other aliases and contacts used:
Aramis / Aramis Gerard / (IP: France!!! / anonymizing service by Privax / HydeMyAss) & (proxy server) / DOC files show "Rob" as author and last saved.

Eugen Hulub / / / / (lives in Botosani, Romania) / Keeps a ProZ profile (locotenent12 / Eugen Hulub), where he presents these FAKE references:
Elena Stoian / / Gabriel Sandulescu / / Radu Andreescu /

Eugen Pigeon / / / / "COLUMB" Translation Agency (Montreal, USA, says the scammer...) / Ph: (566) 545-6645 (a PCS forwarding number) / (see also Note 40)
Eugen Predescu /
Gerard Dupin / (see his fake CV). This clown claims to be a member of a fantastic "French Translators Association (FTA)" and to live in "35 Rue Eugene Carriere 74127, Paris, France"...
Gerald Sapin / (see Eugen Pigeon) / Lives in Switzerland in UpFreelance and in Romania in Elance... Keeps a blog: (under the name "Gerard Dupin"...)

Ion / Rob Shown on DOC files as Author / Last saved by
Laura Predescu / / Ghost created by this scammer / Sells poems "Lyrical reverberations" and a list with 100,000 email addresses for $10 !!!
Laura Robertson / / Ghost created by this scammer: asks for 5 USD via PayPal to because daughter (Laura...) "has leukemia and treatment in Switzerland costs $175,000"...
Shamelessly, this despicable, degenerate scumbag includes in his email the picture of a real girl who died of cancer in 2013!
Laura Robertson / / Sells list of emails from "Real Jobs Translators"!!! / Known to use these emails:
Michael Jackson (!!!), "manager of the (ghost) translation agency VERBUM", not to be confused with an agency with the same name located in Novi Sad, Serbia
Mihai Tonescu (IP: Botosani, Romania)
Robert Frogost / / Address on fake CV belongs to the Atlanta Medical Center, USA!!! / With this ID, Eugen sells Net-copied (!) e-books ( http://militaris(.)weebly(.)com/ ) and a database of translation companies ( / On Elance, Robert is a female!
Robert Sapin /
Victor Mitran / (CV Author / Last saved by: "Rob", i.e. Robert Frogost) / In a recent email sent to us from IP: ( this clown threatens to write to "Mister President Barack Obama" about us. We hope he tells "Mr. President" that "his" FAKE CV has been stolen from a legitimate translator and that he lives in a flower shop in Paris. In this online profilr (ALL NAMES ARE FAKE), this joker lives in a hotel, also in Paris...

Address: str. Avram Iancu, bl. 333 , sc. I , ap. 12, 730000 Vaslui, Romania / Ph: +40235340779
His real name appears to be Eugen Predescu. He tells us, in his own words "I was born in 1957, in Eastern Romania, in the village Valea-Oanei, district Vaslui, province Moldavia, not far of the river Prut". In this profile (now doctored), this lunatic says that "Vaslui" is in Illinois, USA... He lives in Romania, but claims to live in Paris, France, Paris, Texas (US), and in London (UK).

A self-proclaimed author of crap like "From Ptahhotep until Garcia Marquez" (using either "John Bloomen" or "Eugen Hulub" as the "author"), and "Swedish bitters is a traditional herbal tonic", and the author of "Parapsychology Today" (see also this hilarious ad by Eugen Pigeon aka Eugen Hulub...) and "Nicolae Ceausescu – the last dictator of Europe". There is only one platform where these books can be found, and, guess what, the copyright for all of them is "Public Domain" or simply don't exist! He keeps a Twitter profile as @pajbloomen (compare with this Eugen Hulub and this other Twitter profile, in which the address and phone number belong to the Chisum Independent School District, in Paris, Texas...) and on this Facebook profile, he studied (Class of 2000!!!) on the The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Massachusetts, USA!!!

On some platforms, he used the alias "besteugen" and "eugeneu". On a Freelancer profile, this clown says he is from Vaslui, Romania, that he was born in Paris, Texas !!!, that his native language is French, and that he also speaks Italian (a "French regional language"). On his Elance profile, he claims that "I worked two years in Holland and I spoke English daily"... On 02MAY2014, Eugen circulated a message on ProZ claiming that he was an anti-communist activist in Romania and that he's now "alone and very poor"...
Recently, DEC2015, under the name "laura", this scammer created a blog called "Excellent translation" where he lists several translators (ALL FAKE). "Laura" requests contacts to !!!

Albert Selig / / / Switzerland / Name and address copied from here!!! / Phone +41-44-564 04 04 belongs to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Zurich !!! / Fake CV also posted on TRADUGuide (albertselig)
Eugen Hulub / / Romania (HERE HE IS AGAIN...)
Giovanna Baggio / / USA / Responds from IP Botosani, Romania
Julia Redfield / / USA (address on blog for this ghost is the same used by the bitcoin scammers "Aleksander Bulinski" / and "Laura Robertson" / )
Mihai Tonescu / / Romania / Mihai and Eugen Hulub (SAME PERSON) also operate a FAKE "Marriage Agency VENUS" and proposes crap like this...
Pablo Cordoba / / USA
Victor Mitran / / France (the address on CV belongs to a flower shop...)
This raging lunatic also operates a FAKE "Translation agency "Sintaxa" /
5665 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA, USA 30342 (address belongs to the Saint Joseph's Hospital of Atlanta!!!)
Email: (see "LauraRobertson" before...) / Ph: (657) 675-6785 (FAKE)

As with his defunct "Militaris Translation Agency" he posts FAKE profiles of his "translators", e.g.:
Dubois Bouchard (France): photo of Gaspard Ulliel (French model)
Durand Gagnon (France): photo of Vincent Pérez (Swiss actor)
Gerard Gauthier (France); photo of George Clooney (yes, that George...)
Helmut Schneider (Germany): photo from here
Wilhelm Schmidt (Germany): photo from here
David Evans (UK): photo from Richard Laxton (movie director)
Heinrich Schulz (Germany): photo from here
Alfred Johnson (UK): photo from Sting (yes, that Sting...)
John Wilson (UK): photo from Hugh Grant (yes, that Hugh...)
Edmund Davies (USA): photo from actor George Eades
Recently, starting on April 2016, this mentally deranged scammer devised an hilarious way of making a fast buck: pay me USD 25.00 to Paypal or I'll badmouth you online! He also adds: "Unfortunately I got ill (tuberculosis – TB – caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which affected my lungs) and I stayed hospitalized 6 months in Waverly Hills Sanatorium – 1600 Clifton Rd, MailStop E-90, Atlanta, GA 30333, U.S.A." Funny: the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was closed in 1961 and was located in Louisville, Kentucky, not Atlanta, Georgia!!! This scammer uses these ghosts to ask for the money:
Estrella Beetle / /
Giovanna Baggio
Mihai Tonescu
Pablo Cordoba
Victor Mitran
We have sent him this letter!
September 13, 2106 "Robert Frogost" emailed us from IP: (anonymous proxy): "I sell bitcoins at very good price for you". Maybe the 25.00 USD scam didn't go too well!

NOTE 20 GoldenEar / The Golden Ear for Translation Services / GE4translation / (WEBSITE CLOSED) / Ph: +972599628616 / +972082851595 / Scam factory based in Egypt, a spin-off from Languagemet & Translation Secrets in Gaza.

WEBSITE CLOSED ON 28DEC2013 / BANNED FROM Translators Café on 16JUL2013.

Goldenear also operates under the name of "Quality Makers Team for Training & Translation" (name on Facebook). Their email is – but their website is . Ph: +97082822270 (phone also used by Mohammed Z. S. Qudaih / Transula Co. for Translation Services (Note 0). On GoldenEar Facebook, Gheed writes: "Quality Makers Team – Q.M.T. Place where I represent "Golden Ear for Translation"". In some platforms, they claim to be based in Saudi Arabia.

Abdallah Ahmed Ali El Sayed El Sheikh (full name) / ALSO USES THESE NAMES:
Abdallah A El-Sheikh
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikh
Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed Ali
Abdallah Ahmed Ali El
Abdallah Ahmed Ali El Sheikh
Abdallah Ahmed Alsheikh
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikh
Abdallah Ahmed Elsheikh
Abdallah El Sheikh
Abdallah Elshiekh / Ph: +201066978183 / Skype: abdallah.translator / CV author: loly
Abdullah Ahmed Ali El Sheikh
Abdullah Elsheikh
Sayed El Sheikh / Twitter: @abdotranslator) / Ph: +201095037626 / Skype: abdallah.translator.
He keeps a ProZ profile (Abdallah El Sheikh) and a TC profile (abdallah Ahmed elsheikh), NOW REMOVED. Also associated w/ transharvest (Note 81-1) / CV author: loly

Claimed addresses:
2 El-Messaha Square, Doki, Cairo, Egypt
5 Ali Reda street, Abn Elhakam square, Helmyet elzaton (Egypt)
Nasr city-Egypt, Hae Al Asher, Nasr City 25362, Egypt

Abdallah Ahmed is the scammer behind these ghosts:
Alex Sone /
Ariana Miniussi /
Ashley Matt /
Charles d'Enno Yimata /
Eman Mahmoud, aka Eman B.Mahmoud / / Bussiness No: 33549/73 (Tax ID ???)
Ph: +201022515421
Fatma Salah /
Karen Coasta /
George Pacheco /
Liang Cheng /
Omnia Elgebaly / / +201022515421 / CV last saved by: Abdallah Ahmed
Phillip Chung /
Robin Tjust /
Translation Guide /

In a recent scam attempt to a European translation company, "Eman Mahmoud" provided 3 invoices, because the payee kept not matching his name:

Full name (PAYEE): Abdallah Ahmed Ali El Sayed El Sheikh
Ph: +20506812597
Ph: +2010905037626
Bank Name: HSBC
Branch: 10 A St Hussin Wasef – Messaha Square – Dokki – Cairo – Egypt
Account number: 035-006659-001
IBAN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Full name (PAYEE): Eman Mahmoud Battah
Ph: +201227169008
Bank Name: HSBC
Branch: 10 A St Hussin Wasef – Messaha Square – Dokki – Cairo – Egypt
Account number: 014-139125-001
Visa number (HSBC): 4588 3000 2518 2557 (VALID)

Full name (PAYEE): Eman Mahmoud Battah (female)
Mobile No: +201227169008
Bank Name: HSBC
Branch: 10 A St Hussin Wasef – Messaha Square – Dokki – Cairo – Egypt
Account number: 014-139125-001
IBAN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dua Ibrahim Abusabla, aka Dua Abusala, Dua Ibrahim: scammer also associated w/ Turjoman, Ph: +972599952984, Skype accounts:, Two Words Trans Dua (dua_ghad). Also uses email: – In their postings, they often claim to be based in Saudia Arabia (their IP is blocked/blacklisted by various reputable sources).
Gheed Abdelaziz Elhessi (female) / ALSO USES THESE NAMES:
Gheed Abdulaziz
Gheed Al-Hessi
Gheed A. El-Hissy / Twitter: @GheedAElHissy
Gheed A. H. / gheed_abdulaziz
Gheed Elhissy
Gheed A.Elhi
Mr. Abdullah
Miss. Gheed
Salma Adel
Translator Man / Heba / (SKRILL ID) / GTalk / Khaled el-Masri / Gheed Elhissy
Skype: abdallah.translator (Abdallah Ahmed) / abdallah.translator1

Most CVs stolen by these scammers show Author / Last saved with these names: "dd", "qs", "Abdallah Ahmed", "Abdallah.Ahmed" or "Salma Adel" (Word Document > File > Properties > Statistics).

On their profile on ProZ, GoldenEar claims to be a member of Norsk Oversetterforening (Norwegian Association of Literary Translators): besides the wrong URL given, what's the most logical membership for a Palestinian outfit? Literary Translation in Norway, of course... Gheed circulates a CV in which she writes such profound crap like this: "When I come about to translate a text, I think of it as a lovely villa which need to be decorated with a high ingenuity. I adore such work because I believe in my abilities of giving and creativeness and because I've been translating for a long time. Frankly speaking, I think Translation is my favorite for what I can provide and what I can gain in return. I have been waiting for such connection and chance to be close from new people of different origins, new mentalities and to let them get benefit of my creativity. Most of people told me that I have a special sense of criticizing, analyzing, and pensiveness; I used to be excellent in that since I was at the faculty of Arts. This Novel (she wrote a novel!!!) is going to be signed and delivered next week in a great party."

NOTE 21 Scam operated by Imad Ali El-Mghary or Fatima Manla, associated w/ Translation Secrets / Languagemet. Also use these emails for the scamming of Eugene Samsonov / Eugene Samsonnov CV:
eugenesamsonov@yahoo.comm (Reham A. Ghali / Rere Ghali / Ghali Reham)

They use a PayPal account: . For financial matters, they use bank accounts at "The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance" (Jordan) or at the "Palestine Islamic Bank" (PS):

Account holder: Kamel M M Salama (see this report
Acount no.: 834 4052547
Bank name: Palestine Islamic Bank
Bank adress: Gaza, Palestine

NOTE 22 Zhipung Guo, aka Bob or Zhipeng Guo. Scammer's name is Zhu Wei and holds a bank account at the "China Merchants Bank". When asked: "Dear person called Zhipung, Bob, or Zhu Wei have you stolen Zhipeng Guo identity?", the answer was, to say the least, very informative: "He is my partner, he died last year".

NOTE 23 This scammer's CV shows his address as "n°107 rue de la jaladeporte 109, 34090 Montpellier, France". That's odd: The same address appears on the CVs from fake translators "Isabelle Saviano", "Marie Klotz", "Martin Isaac" and 12 others.

NOTE 24 Aliasgar Jamali / Aliasgar Najmuddin / Sk Aliasgar Jamali / Zain Zain (Translators Cafe) / Zain Freelancer / It all started with a fake CV copied VERBATIM from DayJob: "If u copy a CV from internet as a Template then what is the problem" What, indeed!

"Freelance since 2009" (on CV), then claims: "As a beginners (!!!) in this field i copied the CV available from a job website. I just copied the text regarding skills." Responding to his buster: "I want to make a stable career in the Translation Industry. Pls forgive me for the mistake i had made." or "I wasn't aware that copying a CV can be so serious and dangerous". And yet, his website shows: "Many years of experience (!!!) as a translation service provider..."

Address of CV in Texas, USA and phone numbers (469 901 1252 / 845 284 0052) are FAKE: "I am currently located in India" !!!

In OCT 2016, Aliasgar, who has no CV of his own, calls himself "Zain Translation", became a member (associate) of ATA and even has a website, where, of course, ALL copy has been plagiarized from other sources: Reliable Translation Services (BR), Meneghini Traduzioni (IT), SMH Translations (USA).

Skype: aliasgar.jamali1976 / Ph: +918452840052

Aliasgar Jamali / (also PayPal) / Skype: aliasgar.jamali1976
Zain Translation / / /

NOTE 25 On two messages forwarded to us, this ghost wrote: "I have worked with [some emails] and they have paid me befor and I have done another project and they promise to pay me next week as we agreed when I did the project. Can you tell me more about this matter as your list worry me and I am not sure where did you collect these emails from."

After being told that this list doesn't deal with "bad or non-payers", the ghost insisted (letting his mask down): "I still dont understand your message about they are not bad or non-payment persons. Why did you cllect them and how did you get them and I AM STILL DOUBT THAT YOUR INFORMATION ARE FAKE ALSO."

Both messages were originated from IP, a known spam harvester recognized by the Project Honey Pot.

NOTE 26 Owner of HM For Translation / . Ph: +970598678625, from Gaza. Just another Palestinian scamming operator set up by the Languagemet gang: HM4Translation Services.

Wording on this website belongs to the website owned by Gentle Translations Group. On the contact page, Assan asks for your CV! They operate a almost empty website / www, , with, of course, no names, and no address, but (again) with the same wording found at the Gentle Translations Group. Info about the owner of this domain/website is null.

Recently, emails are being sent out by this "company" under the name of a Fadi Z. Saleem (in previous emails, only "Fadi" was given; phone +972592118895, also used by Hanaa Kudaih), with an email already known to be associated w/ the Languagemet/Translation Secrets ring. Another email from these scammers recently emerged: Hanaa D. S. Qudaih / / Ph: +972592118895. Look also for a scammer named "Helany Helany Ros". HM4Translation Services is a spin-off of those gangs or just another brand created to distract people from their already-burnt names: Languagemet/Translation Secrets. "Fadi" is also a frequent name shown on stolen CVs (on Document Properties).

NOTE 27 WHO'S WHO? A significant, peculiar part of this scammed CV (Translation of book-project research material for biographer (fields: History of Art, Literature, Literary and Art Criticism, Biography) is reproduced, VERBATIM, in other translator CVs belonging to:
Ajit Panda (IN) / Anuj Panda / (Anuj Lingual Services) / also involved in the scamming of a CV under the name "Steve Salomon"
Armin Manda (FR) /
Aylin Aydin (Turkey)
Badr M. Shaweesh (AE) /
Chivan Shin (CN) /
Hamlet Jack /
Jafarulla Khan (IN) /
Juma Khan Ahmadi (TR) / /
Kartvya Vaghela (IN) aka Mr Darshan aka Admakers Translation Services /
Mr. Gomzi (IN) / (CV author: "Gautam Sim")
Neha Chhabra (IN) /

NOTE 28 Scammer is a scam factory based in China impersonating the real Shiona Oldham, Business Development at Wolfestone Translation Ltd (UK).

NOTE 29 Scammer uses the name "Juanjo Martin Borras" or "Paloma" to lure translators with offers to translate books. Scam email is sent from IP, a known spam harvester and comment spammer based in Spain, as reported by the reputable Project Honey Pot. Activity by this scammer has been going on since 2006...

NOTE 30 Herich Gunawan (Liu) is a very funny scammer. He is based in Indonesia and operates behind various scamming façades:

Mothertongue Translations
Herich Gunawan (Gladden)
All these IDs have been banned from ProZ. On he is a Lithuanian to English Translator or a English to Norwegian Translator (As of 02SEP2013, both pages have been removed). On Translators Café, he works with Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), and Simplified Chinese.

He owns two active websites: / and he's active in other portals (mainly in Far East region):

Emails from (at least): (PayPal ID) (Liu Yong Fu)

Ph: +6281267491675 / +6281277729499 / Skype: herich.gunawan / Twitter: @Herichg.

On his CV, he makes some ridiculous claims: "I have 5 (five) close friends (professional native speakers of American English, British English, and Australian English) to check and correct my English translation." and (are you ready?) "My house is near several book stores as well as libraries in which I can easily get the required references for free of charge." NOTE: On his website,, he lures translators into registering their data and send him their CVs...

Sweet revenge: Herich claims that a John Stefanus Chandra, who keeps two fake profiles on Translation Directory: (Greek to Indonesian) and (English to Khmer/Cambodian), and another one on ProZ (English-Indonesian) was his "worker" and stole his idea for a website: (inactive).

On recent insulting emails addressed to us, this scammer stated (excerpts):
"I pay translators, and thus I am not scammer as you said." – This list is NOT about non-payers! It's about impersonators!
"You have to pay for that soon in hell. I believe in God. You will get what you deserve soon." – We can't wait!

NOTE 31 Interesting AND FREQUENT type of scamming: "Sarah Smith" CV (with 5 different fonts and typos like "Summery OF Qualifications") bears the street address of Stefan Belger (US), the Education details were copied verbatim from Trevor R. Chichester (US), and the "Author" of "her" CV is Alice Wolfe ( SWEET REVENGE: One unwary translation company payed the scammer by sending a check to the address shown on "her" CV, i.e., Stefan Belger...

NOTE 32 Scammer also uses the aliases Eng. Isabella Swares, EngIsabella (ID in several translator jobs platforms), and EngIsabella Swares. Claims to be associated w/ a (non-existent) "Alpha Translation Company, USA". On several emails sent to translators, "Carla Marios" presents herself as "Project Manager of Languagemet". Ph: +97255555555 (probably FAKE).

NOTE 33 Oscar Translation Services (OTS). The typical Palestinian scammer: "H. Joseph" is a ghost name created by "hani abu se3daj" (???), real name Hani Abu Saada aka Hani Abu Sada (Facebook) aka Eng Hani Abu-Saada, owner of website (IP and other two websites (both inactive): and .

Address given for domain registration is "Wheda st. Gaza, Gaza 1221, PS" and mobile used is +972599614356.
On the website, their real location (Palestine) is carefully ommited (Spain, China and Egypt), and the phone listed is +970599614356. On emails, she uses the ghost name "World Wide Translation Services"...

These scammers are behind the scamming of Wang Jing's CV. They have created the domain just for email purposes, e.g., . The registration data shows it all:
Registrant Name: hani abu se3da
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Wheda st.
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Gaza
Registrant Postal Code: 1221
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Ph: +972599614356
Registrant Email:

When challenged about her true identity, he/she responded: "My name is Hani Youseph, it different in my passport to be Hani a.Y."

"Their" German address and phone +49 (1525) 3908050 belongs to "Claudia Gumbert". When warned about this, Caudia stated: "Thanks a lot for your E-mail and your warning. I have nothing to do with this company and I am very surprised and shocked."
"Their" Mexican phone number (+527771029404) belongs to a "Patricia Novelo"

On ProZ (Oscar.T.S), they are based in Andorra (now changed to Spain).
On Translation Directory, "Hannee Joseph" is based on a PO Box in Andorra and in Egypt and has an Egyptian phone number.
On, uses the name "Hannee Josef" and lives in France (!).
On Facebook (, of course, there is no names, and no location...
On Facebook ( they mention a domain / which does not exist, and no reference is made to oscar translation. Of course, no names or contacts are given.
On LinkedIn (profile now REMOVED), Oscar Translations have their "headquarters in Spain – Andorra".
On LinkedIn (profile now REMOVED), "Haneen Yousef" (1) claims to work for a ghost called "hanenko for translation" !!!
On Translation Directory, "Haneen Yousef" lives in Cairo, Egypt!!!
On TranslatorsTown, "Haneen Yousef" lives in Israel!!! or Hanne Joseph in Spain!!! or in Israel!!!
On jobs postings in Translation Directory, Hannee claims to be from Spain, but the IP places her in Alexandria, Egypt.
On a PDF flyer (bearing the name of author "Petra Schofield" from Schofield&Partner and made by copy and paste from this company and other websites), these scammers write: "Oscar Translation s management group is located at the headquarters in Spain – Andorra, while the companies in each country are headed by a Country Manager." They keep two Twitter profiles: @OscarTranslatio and @oscartrans (Hani A.Y)

(1) The "Haneen Yousef" link to LinkedIn now resolves to another ghost called "Jatain s.alfonso (from the UK !!!), a "project manager" from another fake company: translation better for translation / BBT / Best Translation. / .
As usual, everything is fake: Twantey tower 6/2, Colchester Essex State, United Kingdom (Essex State in the UK?) & +1 551-497-4310 (New Jersey, USA ???)

Aliases used: Hannee Josef, Hanne Joeph, Hannee Joseph, Hani, Hani a.Y, Ahmed Assar, Michelle Zhang. Real name is Hani Abu Saada. Most probably, it is another ghost ID for "Haneen Yousef", a scammer associated w/ "Languagemet" and "Translation Secrets" (See Note 6). The scammer tells you how the scamming of your CV will be done: "After you send your Resume you have to fill small form (i.e., the "authorization" for the scammers to "market" your CV), in order to add your complete information to our database, so we might possible be able to establish a cooperation".

On Facebook, he owns the page "Translation Tips" where we posts crap like this: "The freelance translation business has admirably flourished in Egypt, and is the cause of many Egyptian families success that were suffering from the hard economic situation after the recent revolution and excellent quality in the market due to spending long time on the internet, that pushed translators to the experience without fear."

Hani is also the owner of another Facebook page / TranslatorTube / in which he gives "advices" against scammers, even using some of our sentences. And, this scumbag befriended a French translator on FB (Alexis Braine), only to scam his CV using his own name and this email address: .

Eng-Hani Abu Saada / Hani Abu Sada / Eng Hani AY / HaniYouseph / /
Haneen Translation /
Haneen Yousef / Hannee Joseph / Haneen Translation / / /
Hany Abd El.Hamid /
Oscar Translation / / /

NOTE 34 Fake IDs used by a scammer claiming to work from a non-existent "New Living Translation". These ghosts give an address in Northhamptonshire (UK), which belongs to the real agency "The Living Word Language Services Ltd". All genuine email from this company comes from addresses with

NOTE 35 A resourceful scammer: Works for Languagemet. Keeps two fakes "CV" on Translation Directory, in which (1) under the name of Dav Moly (resident in Haifa. Israel) claims to translate English-Japanese and (2) under his "real" name is a "Palestinian" with Japanese as "mother language". On both profiles, the phone number is the same: +972599498987 and the Skype address given on both (bmn101193) resolves to a "Yurika" in Hyogo, Japan. In short, a pack of lies...

NOTE 36 Another extension of the Translation Secrets scamming ring. They keep a profile on ProZ under the name " (Dubai, Dubayy)". They also use a misspelled email address: . They are actually located in Gaza, Palestine. On other sites, this email is associated w/ the infamous Mohammed Almassri.
On Translation Directory, this scammer is fuly identified as:
Eng. Mohammed Almassri / Project manager of freelance jobs (???) / Translators Success group
Skype: mohammedalmassritrans
Here is his "new" scamming "plan":
I have a new work plan and would like to see if you are interested. I can do marketing for your CV which means: sending your CV to many translation companies, and we share profit for this, the plan is as follows:
1. I will create a new email account for you.
2. I will modify your email in your CV as the new email account.
3. I will do marketing for your modified CV on the new email that I sent to you with the password.
4. You shouldn't change the password of this email.
5. You shall reply all messages that come on the new email account
6. When they ask about the rate/word, you shall tell them that, your rate for translation is 0.07 USD/word or at least 0.06 USD/word and for proofreading is 0.03 USD/word or at least 0.02 USD/word.
7. Then you take your percentage of 50% for translation and 50% for proofreading, and the rest is for me, fine?
8. For invoicing: I will give you an email address that connected to my PayPal account.
9. I will do marketing for you daily or as you like.
10. Payment sent to you monthly, fine?

Other names and IDs used:
Translators Success Company / Translators Success Group
205 NGI, Dubai, UAE (unverifiable) / Ph: +971529707407

NOTE 37 Another Palestinian scamming ring hiding its true identity: Owner of domain/website, Amazing Trans, Amazing Translation is Abd Ali. Address in website is given as "P.O.B. 187 Jerusalem, Israel" (i.e., the Office of the Prime-Minister of Israel), but his own address is Gaza, Palestine. IP: .

These scammers also operate under the name "PM Translator" / , claiming to be "The perfect mediator between the Translator and translation agencies". Skype ID: pmtranslation (said to be located in Israel...)

Another website belonging to this ring is "Safey Trans" (Safety Translation): The domain/website was created only on 06 NOV 2013 by a Gaza outfit (Mohammed AbuYassin, palestine for information technology). As usual, there are no names, no phone, and no address on the website and all social networks links point to a Facebook page (Mohammed AbuYassin, gaza331) belonging to Mohammed Yassin, from Gaza, Palestine / Twitter: @gaza331 (MoHaMMeD #Gaza). Messages sent to "Khaled" at are replied by Omar Issa /
And, of course, on their website they ask translators to send them their "CV and cover letter"...

Domain is now CLOSED (16JAN2014).
Domain is now CLOSED (29MAR2014)

Scammers operate phone number +970599625862 / maxpaying (Gtalk) and several email addresses.

This gang is responsible for the creation/scamming of (at least) these IDs:
Adele Serans
Adeline Adam Arnold
Adriana Aaron
Carl Galician
Charles Angelo
Cristian Candid
Eric Begone
Eric Luther Martin
Fabio Caldas
Gia Li
Jessica Eager
Jessica Grundler
Julia Zieger
Kaori Myatt Susa
Klara Kaiser
Lena Neyse
Liliana Emanuel Alvares
Malissa Zhang
Manda Santo
Mara Green
Nicolas Kmiec
Nik Wang
Weiping Lou
Yunpeng He

NAMES & EMAILS ASSOCIATED W/ THIS SCAM: (Ag Trans) (used as PayPal ID by Fadi al Akhras)

Abd Ali
Ahmed Eideen / / / On LinkedIn, he is from the USA!!!
Alex Angelo /
Benjamin Kingston
Fadi al Akhras (Al-Akhras) aka Fadi Umar aka Fadi Omar / from Palestine. Uses as a PayPal ID. Here is the scam, in his own words: "all our translators are registered in database that shape our work, of course to prevent customers – companies – from contacting with our translators directly we changes their contact information to ours with their knowledge of course." Of course... On his G+ profile, Fadi works at "Safety Translation".
Fadi Omar /, from Gaza and associated w/ Languagemet / Amazing Translation / Huda Center (see Note 6), is the scammer behind ghosts like "Jessica Eager", "Robert Tocco" and "Amable Nicolas Djoumessi" (FAKE profile in Translation Directory with Fadi's address: The CV used by both ghosts was stolen from Pierre Simplice Djoumessi from Cameroon. The fake CVs show all the hallmarks of the scam: Author: Huda Center / Last saved by: Fadi / On his G+ profile, he works at "Amizing trans".

Hosam Khalifa / Hossam Kalifa / Hosam Mohamed / / / (Michael Wang ( on Gmial) / (Hosam Moh) / Scammer behind these ghosts:
Abella Madel
Ann Ambjorn / / /
Anna Agnesa /
Carl Galician /
Charles Angelo /
Cristian Candid /
Kamila Byrne /
Nica Morotti /
Sonia Robert /

Hosam Mohammed / .
Khaled (most probably is "Khaled Samhadana or Samhadana", a known scammer associated w/ Gentle Translation). See Note 15. On LinkedIn, this scammer calls himself "Khaled Trans". Behind ghost Charles Angelo /

Marwan Louz / Marwan M. Louz / Marwan Majed Mohammed Louz / ID no. 410234421 / Translation Experts Team / Ph: +972598377683 / on LinkedIn, he's from Israel (!) / on Facebook (marwan.loo.3 / Mar Wan), he's from Gaza / On Skype (gevara_kastroo1) is fom Saona, UK!!! / On Badoo, he's from Bahia, Brazil (view photos of this scammer) / Screen names: se y man / CV last saved by: Eye-Witness

Mayada / Miada /
Mohammed Yassin
Mostafa / "Project Manager @Bayan-tech" !!! Email sent from / Impersonation of "Bayan-Tech", an Egyptian company.
Omar / / mails sent to this address are answered by Omar Issa /
Omar Issa (probably, an alias of "Mohammed Yassin"). On LInkedIn, this scammer claims to be "P.M at, Israel / Business Supplies and Equipment". Really?
Salil Jamwal (name appears on documents handled by Safety Translation)
Samer Ghali / Samer Ali / / / On LinkedIn, he was the "CEO at safety translation"; now he is a "Project Manager" and lives in Israel (anything goes to hide Palestine as their living place...) / In this email, we warns about scammers...
Sam Olivian (name used on ProZ profile
"Mediator Trans" is another scamming joint by these Palestinian scammers. They operate a Google website: (NOW DISABLED, 16APR2014). Their address is "Middle East – Israel" (anything, but Palestine!!!), and they have no phone (of course). Mr. Abdullah Khalil / Mr AbdTrans (G+ profile) / . Most probably, this scammer is the same as "Mr. Abdullah" from Amazing Translations.

NOTE 38 Translation Team / Translators Team is another Palestinian scamming operation created by the people behind Translation Secrets: "manger" (i.e., "manager") is a Ahmad Mustafa. In their website, they claim to be located in "Nakla Elmotie, Hilopolis, Cairo" (of course, with no number...). Funny: they should have written "Nakhla El Motei St., Heliopolis, Cairo"

The Egyptian phone listed on their site (+20117525007) is a mobile number belonging to a "Naeema Joneedy" (PAGE NOW DELETED) (Naomi Jone / / Naeema Joneedy / . Skype: nayoma13. Recently, Naomi contacted us to claim that she had been scammed, and that she didn't know why her phone number is listed here! Why, indeed?

Naeema Joneedy also sends mail from (another brand associated w/ this scamming ring). The domain belongs to none other than Imad Almaghary. See Note 6.

On one "profile" sent in DOC format (largely copied from a translation company profile based in the Dominican Republic, Christian Translation), scammer claims to live in a Jewish settlement (!!!) at the West Bank (Alfei Menashe, ZIP code given is fake). On another "profile" (PDF), the address given (48 King George St. / P.O.B 92 / Jerusalem 91000 / Palestine) belongs to, no less, to the World Zionist Organization (!!!), and on another profile (PDF), these clowns moved to a new address belonging to a company called "Amerigo Global": 904 Garland St, Little Rock, AR 7720, USA (last digit of ZIP code deleted). In a recent flyer the ZIP code is 77201.

These scammers operate this phone number +9720595118785 and use these email addresses:
Hamada Mohammad / / Active Translators Team (See Note 0 / Hamada Mohammad) (in some websites, scammers says he's based in Egypt) (email address used by Ahmad Mustafa in some websites) / Expert Of Linguists !!! (email address usd by Hamada Mohammad / / Note 110) / Ahmed Madi / Ahmad Mustafa / Ahmed Mustafa
Robert Martin /
Skype: (Israel !!!)
Translation Scope / (EMPTY) is another fake company set up by this gang. They keep a profile in Translators Café and Sara Fatihi's profile is "private"...

Registrant Name: Naeema Joneedy
Registrant Street: 20 Dokki St.
Registrant City: Giza
Registrant State/Province: Cairo
Registrant Postal Code: 12311
Registrant Country: Egypt
Registrant Phone: +201117525007
Registrant Email:

Contact data provided.
Kasr Al-Aini, St. P.O. Box 11516, Cairo, Egypt / Ph: +201008850785 / Skype: Translation Scope

Sara Fatihi / /
Naeema Joneedy / /

NOTE 39 Scamming façade operated by Darshan Kumar Dadlani, a referenced non-payer and user of hijacked CVs. Operates the domain (Di Vinci Solutions Translation Agency), IP

Address T 29/441 S.k colony warshia Vadodara Gujarat 390006
Ph: +919540417232 / +919737615008
Tax Pan no: APKPD2244N / Passport no: K5861208, issued 25OCT2012.

Recent information (03NOV2014) about this scammer:
Address: A3 Janta Flats, Delhi 110099, India / Ph: +919558447021 (this mobile number is also used in other scams, like fortune telling !!!!)

Bank details:
Darshan Dadlani / State Bank of India / Warshia Branch, Vadodara Gujarat
Account no: 30439478703 / NFSC Code SBIN0009161 / Code: SBININBB660

Andre Simmon /
Akash Kumar / Mr. Akash /
Christina Florence / lures translators into jobs (NOT PAID OF COURSE), claiming to be from a fake company: Linguistic Solutions pvt. Ltd. / Address: B-190, Near Mtnl exchange, Road no.1, Mahipalpur, Delhi – 110037, New Delhi, Mahipalpur 110037, India. Phone provided is also fake.
Daksh Daksh Translation /
D translation /
Darshan Dadlani / (Charlies C)
Dev Kumar / (
Evelyn Mildred /
Manpreet Soni / /
Mr. Gibbs / (DJ Gibbs)
Ms. Akansha
Patel Translations

NOTE 40 The checking of "Tina Prevost" CV revealed some interesting info: a scamming ring put together by a Romanian outfit (CLOSED), that hijacks translators CVs. They own a PayPal account: . "Tina Stewart" keeps fake profiles at Translators Cafe and Translation Directory, and "Tina Prevost" address belongs to the Alhambra Hospital Pharmacy (California, USA).

NOTE 41 A new scammer around: she (?) keeps a profile on Translators Café.com with no information (it says only "Turkey") and hides behind two websites: and (cross directing to each other, and with, of course, private registration data). Both sites were created on June 8, 2013 and both are EMPTY. She keeps posting "job offers" under the title "We are looking for linguists in all language pairs and specializations for projects".

NOTE 42 Stupid scammer! He/she didn't even bother deleting the legitimate name, address and emails from the original CV...
On a second scamming, he stole the CV from Eduardo Aníbal Bravo Placoná (Spain).

NOTE 43 False identities used by a scammer who lures translators into working on various projects to get them into an "advanced payment scam". Look also for these fake names: Isaac Hunter, Sandra Evans, Robert Donald, Jack Brown, Jane Spencer, and Dr. Dean Murray.

NOTE 44 Matthew Wells / is a ghost posing as translator. Photo on his G+ profile has been copied from this article (4th image from top). The fantasy address on his CV is:
812-0112, Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Jonan-ku, Tomooka 4 chome 11-1, Riverhouse Tomooka 202, Japan. This clown copied the CV from ANOTHER FAKE CV:

Matthew Murphy / . He keeps a CV on Translators Café, with the address:
202-A Weaz Terrace Nishihonmachi 2-3-9, Kasugai, Aichi 27023, Japan
Ph: 81 80 3829 0934 / Ph: (555) 782-4322 (FAKE NUMBER)

The same FAKE phone number appears on a SAMPLE CV available on line:
Steven J. Lorrence /
3242 South Lexis Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53208
Ph: (555) 782-4322 (FAKE NUMBER)

NOTE 45 New spin-off from the now-burned Palestinian scammers. Jasmine Adamz, aka Jasmine Welly, from Languagemet is now Jasmin Richard, Jasmin Sergany, or Jasmin Sanjrani (direct impersonation of this translator).

They operate a website: / (created on 20DEC2012, no visible registration data, and as of 17JUL2013, most of the website is empty). WEBSITE IS NOW CLOSED (31MAR2014). Their phone number is in Qatar (UAE): +9745963214. Of course, no physical address is provided, but their website operates out of Gaza, Palestine.

Other names and emails to look for:

Ahmed I. Alnahhal / Ahmed Al Nahhal / Ahmed Al-Nahhal. Scammer behing the scamming of "Isabelle Simon".
Ahmed Saleem Alqrinawi / Ahmed Alqrinawi / Ahmed Al-Qrinawi / Ahmed Al-Qirawi. In 2007, this Palestinian male studied "Accounting" at the College of Business and Economics (Qatar University). His bank account at the Qatar Islamic Bank (Doha) / Acc. No. 1094149 / Swift Code: QISBQAQAXXX is used by scammers to receive payments from their clients-victims. He's still active posting translation jobs from Qatar (?) using "Global Speech" as a trade (scamming) name. This scammer is behind the scamming of "Azul Benito". Tel. (Qatar): +97455365203 / Skype: walaa.mahmoud86

Another Qatar account being used is:
A. Alqrinawi
Qatar National Bank (Doha Corniche Road, Doha)
Account number: 0224314774001
IBAN: QA45QNBA000000000224314774001

Language Power, aka Power Language, Legal Translation Company /
Skype ID: Language.Power (location: Qatar!!!) (PayPal ID)
Shadi Mohammed / /

They also appear to be subcontractors for EQHO Communications Ltd (, a company from Thailand managed by Kamonrat Leelaruji.
Powerful Translations: another scamming factory based in Gaza. Domain has been registered by a known scammer: Abd Ali / Ahmed Abu Aziz / also related to "Amazing Translations (see Note 37). The registration data is hilarious:

Registrant Name: Powerful Trans
Registrant Organization: Powerful Trans
Registrant Street: Gz str (???)
Registrant City: Gz (???)
Registrant State/Province: NA
Registrant Postal Code: 00972 (FAKE POSTAL CODE)
Registrant Country: IL (???)
Registrant Email:

In this website, these clowns claim to "have 20 years of experience" (the website copyright is from 2014 !!!) and to "work from offices in London, New York, Munich, Melbourne and Istanbul", but, of course, no addresses or phone numbers are provided. No wonder: the copy of the "About Us" page has been copied from the website of "Language Connect". The "Translation Services" page has been copied from the website of "Quick Lingo Translation Services". They also copied texts from "ABC Translation Services" and "Diamond Translations", and tell visitors to visit their page "Translation Services Canada"... Now, they're in Canada, too? In their emails, they claim to be located in the USA, in this odd address: "Huntsville, AL 35813, USA, 19 Interpro Road, Madison, AL 35758, USA", and, of course no phone number is ever provided!

Kazem Sagar (calls himself "Country Manager and Business Development Director – USA") /
Linda Elia / (also calls herself "Country Manager and Business Development Director – USA"). Circulates jobs obtained from EPIC Translations / Mostansar Virk (EPIC Translations was banned from ProZ since 2011)
Soze Rakan
GOOD NEWS: On February 4, 2014, PowerfulTrans aka Amazing Translations, Kazem Sagar, and Abd Ali were blacklisted by Translation Directory.
ANOTHER SPINOFF FROM THESE SCAMMERS: Basic Trans Co., aka "BasicTrans (DBA Total Documentation Services, Inc.)" (wording from their website) /
Phones (mobile): +972597912008 / +970597912008 / Skype: basictrans / Gtalk: basictrans1
They keep a profile on Translators Café:

Registration data:

Touch Technology
khan, NA 00972
Ph: +1.2599625862 (FAKE NUMBER, THERE IS NO "259" AREA CODE IN THS US!). Associated w/ "Powerful Translations" and "Amazing Translations".

Copy of this website was plagiarized mainly from a US company: LanguageTran, wintranslation (testimonials copy were stolen from this company) and Trusted Translations. Some of the plagiarized copy is also present in the website of Powerful Translations (another scamming joint). These scammers claim to be located in "23 Shderot Yerushalayim, 68021 Tel Aviv – Yafo, Israel" (NO Internet footprint exists, except their claim). Being an "Israeli" company, they claim: "BasicTrans is an A+ Translation Agency as independently rated by the Better Business Bureau". Really? Of course, the link resolves to the listing of LanguageTran (Texas, USA).

Charles Paul / / / Ph: +972597912008 / Skype: basictrans / Gtalk: basictrans7
James Miller (FAKE NAME) / IP (Palestine): see job post
Mark Johnson (FAKE NAME), aka Mark SoeJohnson Translators Café / Ph: +972597912008
Pino Alonso (FAKE NAME) /

WARNING! To hide their location, these scammers use anonymizing routers (Tor): on this job post, the IP ( gives away their practice!

NOTE 46 Chinese scammer using the alias "Mark Neos" or "Eric Mo". His CV available here has been copied from several sources, including Portuguese translator "Bruno Neiva" based in the UK. This clown, without claiming to know a word of Portuguese, includes in "his" CV the translation of Portuguese literature... His phone number – +86 13724202442 – has been stolen from a Chinese LED company, Sincemark Technology Co Ltd (website not available). On this LinkedIn profile, he claims to be named "Eric Mo", the "Manager at Neosmark Languages Co., Ltd" and identifies himself with a nice picture showing his back (!!!); on his Facebook profile he was a female (and now he has no sex!)...

NOTE 47 An elaborate CV scam put together by Palestinian scammers: after creating a fake name, Xu Ying, they created emails to match ( / / ), a fake address (written right to left: China, Wuhan City, Hubei, Riverbank area Citylink cell Jiefang Road No. 2441), a fake phone number (+86-130 3718 83), a Skype account (xu.chs.trans) and even a website on free platform ( Then, they created a ProZ account (1428701) using a photo stolen from Ying Cui (ProZ 1877011). As for the CV, they stole it from Chinese Translator Ying Xiong, changing the name on the genuine ETTBL Certificate no. 211022198411020044 to... Xu Ying.

NOTE 48 Under the cover of a respectable company, "founded and managed by several experts from well-known universities in China", this Chinese translation company called Beijing HYW Translation Company (website copy) / Tianjin HuayiNet Translation Company (Copyright) includes in their website - - some interesting facts: CVs shown as belonging to "their" translators have been hijacked from real translators, and most of them are already exposed on our Directory: Abril Santo, Adolfo Mata, Anna Fernandes, Bernand Honore, Carlene Wirobski, Colette Crossfield, Eva Shaw, Flora Ktofiak, Kubus, Nadine Cobb, Paul Martini, Josiane Brisebois, Sandra Loris Angelo, Simon Dasse, AND MANY OTHERS!

Ph: +86-10-82130387 / Fax: +86-10-82130387

The same gang operated another company called Canada Mandarin Chinese Certified Translation Company / / About Us: Huayiwang is a professional Mandarin Translation company !!!

Both companies share the same addresses an phones:

Ph: 1 626 768 3096 / 450 N Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park, CA 91754 USA /

Canada / 647 624 9243 / 46 Ealing Dr, North York, Toronto, ON, M2L 2R5 /

Australia: 61 02 91885890 /

Beijing / +86-10-82115891 / / Add: Room 1507, Building 4, Sun Garden, Haidian District, Beijing / Post Code: 100098

Shanghai / 0086-21-31200158 / / Add: 10-804, 443 GuMeiLu, Minhang Qu, Shanghai / Post code: 201102

Beijing HuayiNet Chinese Translation Company
Beijing HuayiNet Company
Beijing HuayiNet Translation Co., Ltd.
Beijing HYW Translation Company
China Expert Translation Net
Guo Wuwen / Wuwen Guo /
Huayi Translation Co., Ltd
Huayiwang Translation Company Ltd.
Mandarin Proofreading Service (PayPal ID)

NOTE 49 "Meenal Menz" is a ghost created by the scammers. Apparently, his CV has been copied from a "Meenal Yvas", who keeps a profile in Translation Directory: a resident in India, translating from German to English. BUT, on the one-page CV, the "Work Experience" has been copied verbatim from the LinkedIn profile of Dhivya Ravi, a Business Analyst at Dell.

NOTE 50 Another scamming ring disguised as translation agency. Mails sent to translators read "This email helps you, O translator on the marketing company for more than 20 thousand companies and to join us send your resume to this e-mail". In their blog, one can read gems like "We are a translators have experience and high efficiency and work a valuable field of translation and we will face new translation" or "We all have professional linguistic education with degrees", or "Arabic <> Germen". Look for names like:

Mr. Abdullah ("Project Manager and This Site") /
Mr. Rafat
Yasser Abu Harb /

NOTE 51 Enter another scammer: Ahlam Zamli / / / phone (Palestine, Jawwal): +972597734466 / Skype: ahlam.zamli. Recently, this scammer is sending emails with the usual infamous request "Please send me your CV and cover letter". When requested to provide information about her affiliation he responded: "I am project manager at Arcadia Language Company and it a new company. so I am not a member at ProZ yet. can visit us at:". Of course, as usual, no address and no phone numbers are provided by the "company".

"Ahlam" claims to live in "al dahlea street , Rafah, Gaza, Israel" (!!! and, of course, never with a door number), and that she "acts as mediator between language companies...".

Domain belongs to a "Arcadia Languages And Development" (located in Rafah, Gaza, Palestine). The address (translated) is "Garage Rafah – oposite the Government clinic – Building Shuwaikh – first floor". Their website copy has been copied from "Paspartu Multilingual Translation Services" (Greece), "Multi-Languages" (UAE) and other sources...

These scammers confuse their contacts with the name of the "company", indistinctively using Arcadia Language company, arcadia language, "Arcadia. Lang." (name on G+) / Arcadia for Translation, Arcadia Languages for Translation, arcadia translations (BEWARE: There is a company with name in Buenos Aires, Argentina) , Arcadia Center for Languages and Development (Arcadia Center for Development and Languages), Arcadia Center, ACLD.

On Translators Café, scammers claim: "Welcome To Arcadia Languages for Translation is a full-service translation agency located in Netherlands". The address given is "Sarphatistraat 614 1018 AV Amsterdam, Netherlands". This address belongs to "The LanguageLab Translations", a legitimate Dutch company (SEE ALSO NOTE 75). With all the bombing pouring over them, they moved the pages of the website to another directory (/translation/), and now they are located in The Netherlands (yes, they claim to work from the same address of The LanguageLab Translations.... Their phone (on emails) links you to a black hole: 009090-256-200-361. Language Lab is aware of this gross scam... After being exposed, these scammers no longer (08MAR2014) claim to be based in the Netherlands, and now list their address in Gaza, Palestine! They've also been BANNED from Translators Café!

And, of course, they try to lure translations into signing an infamous "permission sheet", where, no official name, no address, no contacts, no phone are included (sent from a Gmail address...)

ACLD / / / Ph: +97282133032 / +972597633304 / +972597740065
Ahlam Zamli / / / Skype: ahlam.zamli
Alaa Davied (FAKE name). Alaa Davied's email, resolves to . Most probably, "Alaa" is Ibrahim Qeshta, a known scammer from Language Met, Translation Secrets, Gentle Translations.
Aya Abu Asaker / / Also associated with Gentle Translations
Donald Leo (posting jobs on TC)
Eman Abu Asaker
Fadi Mohammed, aka Fadi Mohd, reported by ProZ.
Mahmoud Basher / / Email used by Saleh Elqady
Mohammad Al-Halabi / (self-proclaimed General Manager)
Roqaya Halbi / Roqya Halabi / Roqya Akram Halabi / / / / / / Ph: 0597243771 (???) / SkypeID: roqa.halabi / Google: roOoqa halabi / "I have been trained and worked in Arcadia Languages Translation as project coordinator center for five months". Gives as reference the known Languagemet scammer: Imad Mghary /
Saleh Elqady / Salih Qady / Saleh ElQadi / / Also associated w/ Langugemet: . On his Google profile, this scammer tells us how "Arcadia Languages" works: "On behalf of Arcadia Language Company, we kindly invite you to join our elite group of skilled translators from all over the globe. In case you concerned, please kindly read the Permission Sheet attached carefully. Once you cap it off, just print out the Permission Sheet, sign it, scan it and send it back again with your CV and Cover Letter. (Note: You can use any way possible including Electronic Signature to sign the Permission Sheet)."
Tom Hamss /
Wafaa Mohammed /

NOTE 52 Another Palestinian scamming factory: 24Translate Limited / 24Translate Company / 24 Translate Agency / 24Translate GmbH (FAKE designation in / 24Translate, Inc. / / 24-Translate office (they aren't sure!!!) / / Another spin-off from the scamming ring Languagemet/Translation Secrets/Gentle Translations. Domain has been registered on 19SEP2013 by a known scammer: Mohammed Alkurd and the contact person is a Hamza Mohammed. The address given is: 7th. floor, Burj Farra, Jalal Street, Khanyounis, Palestine. NOTE: Until recently, the domain belonged to a Swiss company with a very similar name.

Domain registration:

Name: Nasser Hamza
Street: Rafah
City: Rafah
State: Gaza
Postalcode: 00970
Country: Egypt (Gaza is in Egypt?)
Telephone: 2598082826 (FAKE)

NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR 24translate Inc. ( from Canada or 24translate GmbH ( from Germany.

Their website and profile in ProZ contains copy copied from other translation companies, like 11itzulpen (Spain), Found in Translation (Spain), ASAP Translation (Hong Kong), ELLVO (India) and they claim to be members of "Zurich University of Applied Sciences – Institute of Translation and Interpreting (IUED)" (!!!).


Abeer Alrabea / (IP: Gaza, Palestine) /
Ahmed Hussein / /
Besso Saqer / Besan Saqer / Besso Besso / Strong Translation / / Skype: lucky.girl740 (Besso)
Amal ? / Soad Qeshta / /
Amani Kamal / / Profile on LinkedIn: "PM at 24translate / Mountain View, California" / Scammer behind the fake CVs from: "Alaa Hunt", "Lara Larsson", "Sarah Hansson" and "Silvia Loncar".
Anas Foad / / email is sent from address / Scammer behind "Erika Golubeva".
Angel Fujiwara /
Bara Othman / Baraa Othman / Baraa Yamen Othman / Yaman Othman (LinkedIn) / / / Skype: bara.oth
Bodor /
Dania Alabadla / / / / Skype: dania_alabadla / Scammer behind "Lena Whitty" and "Riitta Nielsen"
Doha Jawaher / / Skype: doha.jawaher
Doha Khaleel / Zuhay Khalil Mohammed Jawahar / / / 0597238073 / 0592136395 / Skype: Doha Khaleel (location: Zaeqa, Jordan) / Project Manager 24translate / A contact between translators and translation companies !!!
Dr. John (FAKE NAME) / / Email used by "Julia Antonio" and also a "reference" for "Elisabeth Richard"
Elham Abu Jarad /
Expert Translator (name of Translators Café) / Used by Doha Khaleel / Ph: 0597238073
Fareeda Salem
Faten / / Other alias used: World Talents /
Fatma Jarad, aka Fatma Abu Jarad
Fedaa M. Al-Massri (name on Facebook) / Fedaa Almassri / Best translator !!!! / /
Hadeel Alnajjar / Strong Words !!! /
Hamza Abderlazeq, aka Hamza Abdelrazeq, Hamza Abdelrazreq, Hamza Ahmed, Hamza Foad, Hamzafoad20 / Ph: +972598082806 / Skype: Hamzafoad – A very active scammer in stealing translators CVs. Hamza writes crap like this: "I am currently looking for translators on a freelance basis. and I read your profile and I admire of it and like to work with me."
Hamza Haje
Hamza Mohammed (Project Manager) / Nasser Hamza / / Scammer of CVs under the names (at least): Yuri Maro, Nick, ghost using responded: "Here is email of our poss [sic] in company you can contact him"
Haneen Salama /
Heba Agha / Heba AlAgha / HebaAlAgha / Heba Hashem Yosef Agha / Heba Hashem / / / (Strong Words) / (CV author: amar elagha) / / +972599925033 / +97220687278
Heba Msalam / / / Ph: 0597226837 / Skype: heba199243 (Heba AH)
Heba Yousef / Heba Yusif / Heba A. Yousif / / / / / / / Project Manager at Diamond Translation Services / This scammer poses as a translator from Egypt...
Hedaia Abu Shaqra, aka Hedaia .G. S. Abu Shaqra, Hedaia Abushaqra
On instagram she is from Gaza
On devianrart: "I'm from Palestine .. "Gaza city""
On LinkedIn, she lives in the Azores, Portugal
On another LinkedIn profile (Hedaia G), she's from 24translate
On Facebook, she is "Little Angel" from Gaza
On her CV, she lives in the Algarve, Portugal.
She is known to use these emails: / with this email, she created ghost "Teresa Gleim" on TC (profile REMOVED)

Hedaia Tareq / /
Hedaya Ahmed / Brilliant Translation /
Hiba Sami /
Huda (Walaa Astal)
Jussi Rourke / Jussi O'Rourke /
Lille Parker (FAKE NAME) / / . When challenged, provided / as references and as "her" PayPal address (also used by "Monica Nopri")
Lina Hamid / / / "I have worked for"
Lina Myat
Maha I. Shaath / Maha Ibraheem / Maha Ibraheem Shaath / Maha Ibraheem Shaath / Maha Shaath / Maha Shath / Ph: +972599394579 / Skype: maha.shath / maha.shath (See Note 0)

Manal Jamal Abu Jarad / Manal Abu Jarad / Manal A. Jarad / Manal Jamal / Manal Jammal / Manal Jamal / Manal Jemmy / Besan / / / / / / / / / / Scammer behind "Xiao Ruan".
Michael, Michael Silvistri. On G+, this scammer calls the outfit "Woorld Trans". SEE A REPORT ABOUT THIS SCAM.
Mohammed Alkurd / Nader Nader / / (used for Translation Secrets) / (PayPal) / Ph: 0598543885.

Mohammed Tayeh / Mohammed A. Tayeh / Mohammed Ali Tayeh / Ahmed Mohamed Tayeh / Ph: +970597360460
Facebook: Mohammed (Linux user) / Skype: moh.tay / Twitter: @tayeh94 / Screen names: Mohamed94 / Tayeh94
Emails used: / /
Scammer behind:
"Martina Walter" / / (PayPal)
Mona / Mona Hosny / /
"Monica Nopri" / / / (PayPal)
Associated with these domains: (with a FAKE address in Malaysia) / / /

Nada Nasser / Nada Farra / Nada Abdul-Nasser Qasem Al-Farra / / / / / Ph: +972597185184 / +972599313136 / Skype: nada.farra90 .

Nahed / /
Nader /
Nedaa Sameh aka Nedaa Almasri / / / Skype: nedaa.almasri / nedaa.almasri1 / nedaa.almasri2 / And USD 3500 went unpaid... / Another translator stiffed / Scammer behind "Julia Neolser".
Rajaa / Rajaa Ta /
Rasha Jamal / / +9720597697437 / On LinkedIn, she uses a fake photo (as usual...), on Translators Café, she is from Israel!!!
Rasmia ? / / / Skype: imar.akkad (closed)
Reham A. Ghali / Reham Abu Ghali / Abed Raheem / / ("Speed trans" on G+ profile) / / +972592124547. This scammer is also associated w/ Translation Secrets.
Rere Mhmed
Rowida /
Samar Abed /
Shaima /
Soad Qeshta /
Vera Kahar (ghost ID created by these scammers)
Wafaa Masri / Wafaa Elmasri / Skype: wafaa.masri4
Walaa Alastal / Walaa Saad Alastal
Yaken / Yakeen Alshaer /
Zohor Mousa / Zohour Mousa / / Skype: zohour.mousa.1996 (Zohour Mousa)

CVs scammed by these criminals show "Last saved by: Aljazeera Co".
Because their names keep being burnt, these scammers have recently created yet another domain/website: (Translation Senses Translation Agency). They claim to be located in Egypt (but, of course, no verifiable address is given). THEY ARE ALSO BANNED FROM ProZ.

Ahmad Joda (GHOST CREATED BY AHMED HUSSEIN) / Address: Adalar, Istanbul, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS) / Skype: ahmedjoda6 / Ph: +908530390349
Ahmed Hussein /
Anas Foad / / /
Ghada Sharkh /
Hamza Mohammed / / Skype: hamza.mohammad12
Hend Abo Zohri (profile on, created on 09DEC2013)
Manal Abu Jarad / / / / / / Skype accounts: Professional-1st (Translation Senses) and manal9781
Mohammad Al Kurd (Alkurd) / (see above) (also used for Translation Secrets).
Mohammad M. M. Zaky Ismail / Mohammed-sama (ProZ) / / Ph: +201278098623 / ALIAS USED: Hani Ismail / Islamic house for translation (Egypt) / +201278098623 / Skype: kitty_witty
Naseem / / Provides fake "recomndation latter" (DOC author: Hassan) for "Alain Kostova".
Nedaa Sameh / Nedaa Almasri / /
Rami El Madhoon /
Sabreen Faleet /
Walaa Alastal
Wesam Khalaf aka Wesam Kh

"Their" ProZ profile belongs to a Mohammad M. M. Zaky Ismail /
Their affiliation to 24Translate leads to a user banned from ProZ... And in their Facebook profile (full of childish quotes, stupid stuff like "Freelancing is quick money" and stolen logos from other companies), they say they're located in Rafah, Palestine...

Vera Kahar (a ghost ID created by these scammers) giving as "her" reference!
Another ID used by these scammers: 10 Freelancers Team / / Ph: +972595026245

DOC Properties of their "cover letter":
Author: rrr
Company: Ahmed-Under
Last saved by: rrr

When asked for further information, a "Amy" sent the CV from Reham A. Ghali, aka Abed Raheem: phone +970592124547 / / . This scammer is associated w/ Translation Secrets and 24 Translate.

NOTE 53 Scammer "Anna Nunez" (another Gaza scam) poses as a "special project manager" and lures translators to accept jobs, thinking they are dealing with a project manager from a respectful Canadian company from Toronto: Multi Languages Corporation. Revealing fact: Anna's PO (an impressive exercise of cutting and pasting impersonation was made by scammer “Hani Maghary”, aka Hani Meghary (see Directory) and Hani Al Maghary from none other than Languagemet. On another instance, "Anna" abusingly used 2 POs from a Dutch company, again impersonating a PM from same Canadian company. Of course, the translator, from Finland, has not been paid. On 26OCT2013, after being exposed, this scammer has disabled "her" scamming email address: . Most surely associated, under the name "Maria", with See next Note 54. (DOMAIN INACTIVE) / Skype: multi.languages / Facebook: Multi Languages, Abu Dhabi, UAE

John ? /
Multi Languages Organization / / / Ph: +972597416986
Sandra Lopez / Multi Languages Assistant Project Manager / /

NOTE 54 A large-scale corporate impersonation scheme put together by Egyptian/Palestinian scammers calling themselves "Multilanguages" ("provider of localization and translation services headquartered in Egypt"):

Their website ( shows (30OCT2013):
1. The logotype stolen from "Multi-Languages Corporation" (Toronto, Canada).
2. A page banner stolen from "Competent Translation" (Germany).
3. A fake address in Park Avenue, New York City, belonging to "Strategic Exchanges".
4. A fake phone number belonging to "TransPerfect" (i.e., same address as "Strategic Exchanges", but on a different floor).
The domain IS NOW CLOSED

Domain registration by a "Manuel Eisenbock" (FAKE NAME) /
About "Astro-Translation" see this ProZ report... Phone given for registration +1.6889288566 DOES NOT EXIST in Canada (!) and the address (with mismatching postal code) belongs to a restaurant in Vienna, Austria!

Other domains owned by this crook: (INACTIVE) (CLOSED) / Ahmed El-Masry / (EXPIRED) (CLOSED) / / NOTE: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A LEGITIMATE (EXPIRED) / Translation Pro / Adham / (EXPIRED)

Report received from a translator (09JAN2014): "On 27 December I got a message from I was asked to translate an urgent technical text (instructions). The volume was 2800 words. I translated it and delivered on 29 Dec. No reply. On Jan 2, upon my insistence, "Maria" thanked for the delivery, no details for the invoice. I sent the invoice to, it was returned. Browsing the Internet I found you and Note 54. Of course I have not got any money." We also have another report from a translator in Sweden (28MAR2014): "I have lost EUR 400."

Adham Ahmed, aka Ahmed El-Masry / / /
Anna ? /
Ahmed Mehany / /
Claudia Lang /
John Mariscal /
Kevin Baker /
Maria ? / ("Daniel Translator" on G+ profile, alias for Daniel Marisca ?)

NOTE 55 Another outfit based in Gaza, Palestine engaging in misrepresentation and scamming translators and translation companies:

1. Domain has been registered on 05 October 2013 and was mainly empty (but with"Referances" and "Langouages"). On 31OCT2013, website content has been removed and shows only a banner "COMING SOON".
2. Registration data shows no real owners. Website owners claim that company is based on Turkey (Izmir), but no physical address or phone is provided.
3. Emails sent from originate in Gaza, Palestine (IP:
4. Emails circulated show no name and no signature, and when asked for company details, communications was cut short. To hide their operation, they requested a project to be delivered "20st, Canada time".
5. A translator reports: "Great Translation contacted me, but the PM refuses to identify himself or herself"
6. After repeated requests, scammer wrote
This is our address,
address: Cobano lu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 Konak / Azmir / Turkey
My name is: hono boss.
No we do not have special phone, and we will do it near soon.
About ProZ We are in the process of establishing the account.
In other words, this scammer "works" in a bank branch of Türkiye Is Bankasi:
Çobanoglu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 KONAK / IZMIR

The same bank address appears on the details (verbatim) of the bank account used by these scammers:
I A . I . Bank Branch (???)
Code: 3408 KONAK / IZMIR Bank Branch
Address: Cobanoilu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 Konak / Izmir
Account Holder’s Name: MOHAMMED S.A. ABUSHAWISH
Account Number: 3408 3479550
IBAN: TR20 0006 4000 0023 4083 4795 50 (VALID IBAN)
The bank account owner, MOHAMMED S.A. ABUSHAWISH, seems to be a Palestinian student of Chemical Engineering at the Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.

Email addresses associated w/ "GREAT Translate", aka "Great-translate" and "GT CO for translation services": (Jean Martin). Calls himself "Director of translation projects" in emails in which the wording has been copied verbatim from the website of Orange Translations!

NOTE 56 A European company puts an ad for a Swedish > English translator on ProZ and gets a message from an Indian company – Vokian Localisation – saying they had just the right person. When asked for his/her CV (without name/contact details), Sardy sends a falsified CV stolen from a translator residing in Portugal (which doesn't even work from/into Swedish). They keep a profile on ProZ (1469045).

NOTE 57 Scammer "Aletta Morris" (fake name) hides behind a scamming "company", Gotranslang Co / Gotranslang Company for Translation Services and operates a website – – which is nothing more than a pile of lies:

1. Domain was registered on 18 May 2013 by a "Patricia Alex" / "548 naser street, Cairo" / Phone (Egypt Mobile): +201285489742.
2. Address given on the website – 82 rue Danton, 020263 Le Kremlin Bicetre, Paris is FAKE: door numbering ends in 50/51.
3. Phone number given on the website – +33(0)433651893 – is FAKE (a landline located in Southeast France...). A Parisian landline number would start by +33(0)1.
4. Social channels shown on the website are very interesting: Twitter account (alettaMorris) has been suspended and Facebook profile (aletta.morris) is empty.
5. Website copy and images have been plagiarized from Temple Translations, Lingo24, Inc., ME Localize, and other sources.

A forensic analysis to the emails used by these scammers lead to the conclusion that there are associations with the infamous Languagemet. Profile on Translation Directory was DELETED on 09MAY2015.

Aletta Morris
Reham Harb / Skype: project.manager88 (ID and phone also used by Riham Rafat from Languagemet and Translation Secrets) / Ph: +9720599565616. Keept a profile in ProZ (1853723) (REMOVED ON 08JUL2014). Reham Harb uses many other aliases: Riham Rafat, Riham Rafaat, Reham Rafat, Reham Salama, Riham Salama.

When asked for the company VAT number, "Aletta" gave FR31338382534, which belongs to "Jecy Traductions SARL", located in Nice, France... When asked for references, scammer "Marina Coria" / replied: "This is one of my references for Aletta Morris."

Aletta provides a PayPal ID for payment: – a known email belonging to Imad Ali El-Mghary, aka Imad Almaghary, a known scammer from Languagemet and Translation Secrets / Skype: project.manager88 (also used by a Languagemet scammer: Riham Rafat, aka Riham Rafaat, Reham Rafat (real name appears to be Reham Raafat Mostafa)

About payment, this scammer (claiming to reside in Paris, France) pulls the old "friend in Palestine" trick:
"I prefer Paypal, since Paypal is not available we can agree upon bank transfer but I have some problems in my account and the bank I deal with would cut much money from any transaction that is sent to me. If you agree to send money to a third party it would be appreciated much. I have a friend in Palestine who is an accountant and a translator in the same time. I called him and he agrees to help. i worked many times in this way and it is safe. (Later, "she" said: I called my colleague and he accepted to help me, now you can send me the money via MoneyGram or via Western Union to the same person in Palestine, there is no problem to do that.)"

Account holder: Kamel M M Salama (KNOWN SCAMMER. USES ) (see this report)
Account no. 834 4052547
Bank name: Palestine Islamic Bank
Bank adress: Gaza, Palestine
IBAN: PS05PIBC083440525470043100000 (FAKE IBAN)

Kamel Mahmoud Mohamed Salama aka Kamel Abu Salama
St, 173 Othman ben Afan, Rafah, Gaza, Palestine.
Ph: +972595933250

NOTE 58 Another scamming outfit from Palestine: Shaymus Translation Services / (domain created on 20AUG2013). Domain created by a Rana Awaad / ). Recently, ownership of this domain has passed to a Shaymus Oner / / +905076319951 (same phone used by Fatma Rantisi):

36440, Izmir, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS)
Ph: +90-507-631-9951 (FAKE AREA CODE)
Fax: 206-350-0499
Translators Applications:
General Inquiries:

So, who's behind this scam? Fatma Rantisi (Translators Café profile, aka Fatima Mulla (Rantisi).
Address: MIEHALESI 6212 SOK, MENEMEN, Izmir, 8824, Turkey / Ph: +905076319951
She also gives another unverifiable address: Rafah sea off Jama Ali bin Abi Talib (i.e., Gaza, Palestine).
Interesting fact: Fatma's profile on Translator's Café doesn't mention her company in Turkey...
Fatma is married to a known scammer – Mohammed Rantisi – associated w/ the infamous "Translation Secrets".

Faten A. Shokiar

Hedaia Abu Shaqra / Hedaia .G. Abu Shaqra / She uses these email addresses: (See Note 52)
In her Facebook profile, she uses a fake photo, and she is from Palestine, Texas!!! In VerbalizeIt, she is from the United States!!!
Rana Awaad /
Shaymus Oner /

NOTE 59 Another scamming outfit from Palestine: Global Translation Services / / GTS Translations / Global Translation Services / Info 24GTS (domain created on 26MAY2013). Not surprisingly, these scammers try (once again) to hide their identity/location in Turkey. WEBSITE IS NOW CLOSED (10AUG2014).

Address: Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS, NO STREET ADDRESS)

Their PDF brochure is just a modified VERBATIM copy of a brochure from "Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Translation Distribution and Publishing" (Egypt). The author is a "qalkassem" (known name in scammed CVs). The VERY SAME brochure (also by "qalkassem") is also circulated under the name of Languagemet (the mother of all Palestinian scammers).

Phone on the website: NO PHONE (OF COURSE)
Phones (on emails and PDF brochure):
+86-25-87620926 (Chinese phone number) / +90-312-419 9559 / +90-535-694 5881 (Turkcell) / +90 537 5037779 (Turkcell)

Skype: info24gts (scammers use a stolen logo)

Thomas Tolay / / / /

This "company" was given as a "reference" by scammer "Virginia chenjuan123" aka "Chenj Uanvirginia" !!!, who circulates a CV stolen from Chinese translator "Juan Chen". The scammed CV bears the hallmarks of Translation Secrets: DOC Author: noon / Last saved by: Dreams or Author or noor / Last saved by: dr.suliman abu jalal.

The domain/website registration data shows some interesting (expected information):
Registrant Name: patrich mundo (FAKE NAME)
Registrant Organization: (NONE, OF COURSE)
Registrant Street: 714 rose street (FAKE ADDRESS)
Registrant City: nablus
Registrant State/Province: Nablus
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories (WHERE ELSE?)
Registrant Ph: 595941840 (AMBIGUOUS NUMBER: NO COUNTRY CODE)
Another website (NOW CLOSED) – – with the same registration data has emerged: Arabic NG / 14 NG Co / 14ng Ltd. / 14 NG group for Linguistic Solutions, 14 NG Company for Linguistic solutions LTD. OF COURSE, NO names, NO address and NO phone numbers are provided. Most of the website copy has been plagiarized from Oxford Translation Ltd (UK), and Cosmic Global Limited (India). The index page's title is "Trust-Translation" (!). And, while claiming to have 19 years of experience (!!!) and being "registered under ISO 9001:2008" (!!!), they write gems like this: How dpes that happent? / Portugues / We accpet

Domain registration is the same as above for patrich mundo /

NOTE: These scammers are the same gang running the "Transharvest" scam (see Note 81-1) and Languagemet (see "Asef Han" below).

Skype: ng14.trans

Names associated w/ this scamming joint:
Amer Salah / / / Vendor Manager/ Spanish/Portuguese Translation Division !!!
Asef Han / / / Ph: +972599713439 (belongs to Khalil Khateeb from Languagemet) (Note 6).
Mary Jad (GHOST ID) / /
Murad Ziad. Most surely, he is "Murad Zedan" aka "Murad Ibrahim Zedan" a known scammer from Language Met (Note 6) / /

NOTE 60 Enter another rogue translation company: CristalTrans / . Registration data is protected.

In their website, "CristalTrans is an EU-based agency" located in this FAKE address in the UK:


1. Mattew Bates (or Matthew Bates, or Mattew Batesn, he seems to have problems getting his own name right!), CEO, a FAKE name, is located in Argentina IP:
2. Domain / website registered on 02 JAN 2014.
3. No phone number shown on the website...
4. Copy in has been copied VERBATIM from: Giultin Translations (Italy), Diamond Translation (US) (FAKE COMPANY, BANNED FROM ProZ), Alexa Translations (US) and other sources.

NOW, OCT2015, is a website in Japanese...

James Thorton / / Responds from a IP in Argentina (
Lea Biston / / Email signature includes a non-existent .
Mattew Bates, aka Matthew Bates, Mattew Batesn
NOTE: These scammers appear to subcontract heavily from TransPerfect (US). Reports received from several translators show a monumental non-payment scam from this outfit amounting to some dozens of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!
Diamond Translation / (SITE CLOSED – BANNED FROM ProZ) is a spin-off from CristalTrans. Of course, the domain registration data is "protected". These scammers claim to be based in Italy !!! and the US: 1974 Gandy Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 (FAKE ADDRESS AND, OF COURSE, NO PHONE NUMBERS...). Another detail: their website logo (a US company!!!) has a filename in Spanish!!!

On a Facebook page, a "Diamond Accredited Translation Agency" uses the same logo. The page shows no website, no phones and no emails... Relationship with "Diamond Accredited" is unknown!

Skype: Diamond.translation

Adrien de Miras / Adrien Demiras /
Carl Sven /
Claude Gilbert / Gilbert Claude / ProTranslation / /
Jean-Blaise Colomes /
Jessica Bruner /
Joana Smith /
Kate Pearl /
Mark Stein / (SEE IN DIRECTORY) / aka "Jean-Blaise D."
Paulina Wasilko / / IMPERSONATION of a PM with the same name from
Stacey Atkins /
Tom Orlando / / Via Lorenteggio 124, Milano, Lombardia 20146, Italy (FAKE) / Ph: 3403582111 (FAKE)
NOTE: Between CristalTrans and Diamond Translations, non-payments to several translators amount to some DOZENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!
Rachel Coleman / is a ghost created by the same scammers behind CristalTrans. "She" presents herself as "Project Coordinator" for TranslateMedia, UK, even using the real company address at Vauxhall Bridge Road, London (there is NO such person at TranslateMedia). The emails are sent from IP (also used by CristalTrans & Diamond Translations) / (Argentina) (blacklisted by several platforms). See the scam (Purchase Order)
Recently, we were informed of yet another scam by these criminals: Oliver Nolan / is another ghost impersonating a PM for Prisma International. See the scam (Purchase Order)

NOTE 61 Scammer Hector Orlin (a fake name) circulates a CV stolen from Pablo Dezubiria (Colombia).

1. When asked about more contacts, like a phone, he gives a Palestinian mobile number (Jawall network): +972599904731.
"Because I'm on a visit to the Holy Land", he said...
2. Asked about the payment method, he uses the old "friend's bank account" trick, "because I'm on travel":

Address: Kurtangle Street 50
Mytilini town-island Lesbos PC5792 (FAKE ADDRESS)
Account holder name: Kurt Angle (REALLY? THE WRESTLER, OR THE STREET NAME?)
Account type: Savings
IBAN: GR0767427090005709022158013 (FAKE IBAN)
(account nbr, if needed): 5709-022158-013

NOTE 62 Abdel-Hady Hamid Ali. Abdel seems to have a problem writing his own name:
Abdelhady Hamid (profile on ProZ)
Abdelhady Hamid (profile on Translators Café), where he claims being associated w/ (website not active)
AbdelHady Hamid (profile on Facebook)
Abdel Hady Hamid (profile on Translation Directory)
Abdel Hady Hamid (profile on LinkedIn), where he claims being associated w/ a "NewTranslation"
Abdel Hady Hamid Ali / /
Abdelhady Hamid Ali
Abdul Hady Hamid Ali Gaballah (REAL NAME)
Ali Hamid / / +20106921581 / Stolen CV from a Qatar translator

Ph: +238721650 (FAKE Cabo Verde number) / Ph: +201110563087 (Egypt) / Skype: Skype ahtranslator2010 (Localize Group) / localizegroup / / / Most of the copy on this website has been taken from

12 Al Nasr Mosque st, Al-Mansouria, Giza, Cairo 12962, Egypt

On Translators Café, this scammer praises another scammer, "Mark SoeJohnson" from Basic Trans (Note 45): "Basic Trans is so recommended". Really? For scamming CVs and impersonating translators?

Abdel's CV is an almost exact copy of Egyptian translator Tamer A. Mekhimar's CV. "This is the first time I see the CV of this Egyptian translator" said the scammer. In his exact words to someone who challenged him about his fake CV: "Thanks for your solid comment however I have a domain with a unique email and I am a certified translator not a scammer like you say. This is the first time I see this website and the CV of the Egyptian translator you mentioned. But for more security and safety, I will update both my CV and the website too. Hope I am clear now." "More security and safety"? Really?

Recently (27AUG2014) this scammer requested us to delete the scam history: "Hope you are well and have a good health. Regarding the below link (he means this), I wish if you are so nice to delete it as I don’t use it at the moment and have my own CV. I can also let Mr. I can contact Mr. Tamer himself and ask him to send you a formal email with that request if it work with you. Please let me know what shall I do to fix this matter. At the moment, this matter doesn't harm me at all as translation field depends mainly in professional quality and meeting the deadline but I don’t like to have a negative history whatever it is." You don't like "to have a negative story"? Too bad, scammer, because it is your story!

NOTE 63 Another large-scale Palestinian scamming ring:

Transhome Company / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 29 DEC 2013)
WEBSITE NOW CLOSED (09MAR2014) / NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH Transhome Translation (Egypt)

Best Translation Services (Lang-BTS) / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 18 NOV 2013) / / G-talk: langbtservices / Skype: lang-bts / Ph: + 44 20 3239 66 (FAKE NUMBER)

Help You Translations Co. / Helpyou Translation Agency / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 18 NOV 2013) / "We are Help You Translation Agency. Our agency is established for your comfort and it will be flourished by your trust, cooperation, and support" !!! / WEBSITE NOW CLOSED (09MAR2014)

These fake "companies" all share the same fake address and phone number:
146-154 St. John Street (146 on St. John Street is an autonomous address/building)
City of London EC1V 4PY (???)
Tell: + 44 20 3239 66 (???)

Copy used in these websites has been copied from websites belonging to (China), PoliLingua (US) and other sources.

Alice Richard / / /
Mais Bradford /
Nancy Whitman /

NOTE 64 "Edward Mahana" introduces himself like this: "I’m a highly accomplished translator located in the United States".

He keeps a website (created on 31DEC2013, with HIDDEN registration data) with copy plagiarized from other translators (Michael Beijer, and others) and a profile on ProZ / xxxedward mahan (where he claims to have credentials for German to English translation by Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes; AATI Directory doesn't show any member with this name). On this ProZ report, "Edward" is reported to steal sample translations from other translators and posting them as his own on his profile! ProZ profile has been deleted (11FEB2014).

Contacts (in email signature block):
162 lourmel street, Bridgeport,
CT 06706 United States (FAKE ZIP CODE)
NOTE: This same address is also used by the scammers from Lona Verbas / Professional Translator Team / See Note 69
Ph: (203) 212-8874 (landline)

On a older CV, his contacts were: 8386 Royal Oak Dr, Savannah, GA, United States / Ph: (912) 524-7932

Click to see this revealing image about "Edward"...

NOTE 65 Ferdi Dierickx / / is another ghost created by scammers. CV was stolen from someone in LinkedIn, not even related to translation! Now for the best part:

1. Scammers took the name of a Belgian cyclist, born 1962, for their fake translator!
2. Then, they moved this guy to Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he has to live in a non-existing street!!!
3. Seems life was very hard at this place, so he started working as a translator at the age of 17.
4. At the age of 19, he was "Project Assistent in Finance", then he worked in IT, all of a sudden became a paralegal, then a freelance
translator, but he is also a "professional Environmental Planner".
5. For two years, he was a "Subtitle Translator" and, during the same period, "Vice President, Capital Markets Group".
Not bad, for a guy of 32 years of age...

Thank you, F.B. (Germany) for this great forensic analysis!

NOTE 66 "Arnold Conrad" is a low-profile scammer, i.e., doesn't emerge very frequently. So far, he's known to use 2 email addresses: and . For someone claiming to live in USA, the use of Gmail addresses professionally is the first red flag one should be aware of!

The address shown on his fake CV is, of course, fake: 739 Choctaw Trail, 37405 Chattanooga (United States of America)

Reliable online sources indicate that this address belongs to a Mr. Darryl Lamont Carlton. On his CV, he claims to have worked for a company called "German to English Global Translations, LLC" with the same address as his own! Funny! This record shows the company located in Indiana, USA! This scammer also keeps a profile on "Outsource Translation". It appears to be a ghost created by the Amazing Translation gang (Samer Ghali).

NOTE 67 Alexander Bekkelund, aka Edward Alexander, Edward Alexander SillyWalks and possibly other aliases.

Uses these emails: (address also used by a "Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir"; is she Alexander?)

Alexander's profile on Translators Café was removed on 03 JAN 2012. On Translators Café, Edward Alexander claims to live in Norway: Klaus Eggesvei 47, Kolbotn, Oppland 1410, Norway, but lists this phone number from Argentina: +5492983434356. Edward signs his message on "Background" as "Alexander Bekkelund". Alexander was banned from ProZ and Edward was banned from PayPal (under the name "JSP Ltd.")

Alexander is also widely known online (just google his emails...) for engaging in the sale of psychedelic drugs, "sprits" (EthnoSpirit, Argentina) and other weird stuff, or looking for "dried poppies powdered/crushed"! Exactly the kind of guy anyone wants to handle his/her translations... Claims to be the founder of a "Knall & Fall Translations, Norway" (fantasy name, ghost company, no website). Also associated w/ a "blog company" (no physical address) called "LanguageSolvers Linguistics Services", with these people:

Alexander Bekkelund / / Skype: maggador (Edward Alexander SillyWalks, Buenos Aires, Argentina) / Ph: +543548482462 (phone number in Argentina) / Twitter: @MaggadorIX777 / Keeps a profile in Facebook: "Maggador Edward Alexander" / Public Figure!!! / Claims to have written crap like this: "Earth: A Spiritual Trap & Practical Exercises to Ascend".

NOTE 68 Bridges Institute for Languages and Development is a new scamming factory from Palestine, operating on the same old scamming principle: luring translators into signing a "Authorization and Agreement" to "market" their CVs. Under this delirious and legally insane "agreement", scammers will "edit, moderate, and amend the CV provided to match the job needs" (!!!), and translators have NO right to know what modifications scammers make to their CV and NO right to cancel the agreement!!!

See also a post on ProZ about this scam.

On 24FEB2014, they circulated an email with the usual scamming trick: "I have been checking the most popular translation concerned websites and I have passed through your CV which looked astonishing. I would like to express our interest in Bridges Institute for Languages and Development (BILD) to have you among our professional team of translators. We are a fresh company working with freelancers all over the world and we are creating a team of professionals to match market requirements." Of course, once exposed, scammers quickly repudiate every association with their own scam with the most hilarious excuses, in a ridiculous attempt to pass the buck and blame everyone but themselves.

Their website copy is plagiarized from various sources: Wikipedia, Cultural Spanish Communication, Advanced Language Translation Inc., and others. After being publicly exposed, most of their website pages are now empty (26FEB2014).

Website: (domain created on 27JAN2014). Profile on ProZ: (1879733) (registration on JAN2014). They claim to be members of an association called "International Christian Universit" (the link resolves to the website of an "International Christian University" in Japan!!!). Their profile on Translators Café has been deleted (25FEB2014).

Address: 4th floor, Al-Karmel Building, Al-Shefa'a Street, Gaza, Palestine.
Phones (Palestine Jawwal network): +972599015126 (same as Nael Khader) / +970599015126

People associated w/ this scamming operation (info available from page "Company > About Our Team" has now been removed from their website, 26FEB2014):

Mohammed Abushaban (Abu Shaban) (associated w/ Language Met) / / / /
Ahmed Dokhan: /
Heba Dawoud: /
Ismail Aboaita, aka Ismail Abo Aitah (G+): /
Momen Ashour / Mo'men Ashour: /
Shahinaz Alassouli: /
Other emails: /
The following names are not listed on their website (page "About Our Team" now deleted), but are clearly shown here.
Amjad Badah.
Mohammed Abughali: / / Skype: majesty4u_m / Twitter: @m7_abughali (now closed, 26FEB2014) / Ph: +970592532031 / ProZ profile: m7mdabughali / Profile on TC: DELETED.
Nael Khader / Nael Maher Ibrahim Khader / Nael M. Khader: / / Ph: +972599015126 / 082456342 / +601137433582 (Malaysia) / Skype: nael.khader91 / In G+ he is "Head of Bridges Institute for Languages and Development". Keeps a profile on Translators Café (Nael Khader).
On March 1, 2014, following other messages strongly denying any association with BILD (of course!), Mohammed Abughali wrote to us a very explicit message about the inner works of BILD (with whom he is not related!!!). The closing paragraph is quite interesting: "Please, remove NOTE 68, and we promise that we will never do anything hurts translators, never scam any CV, and change the website." Read our FAQ, namely paragraphs 02 and 47.

NOTE 69 Robert Wiscon (FAKE name) circulates a CV stolen from Casey Dovale (The Netherlands), deceased in October 2010. The document author is a “Mr.Omar”, aka Mohammad Omar, aka Ibrahim Blewi aka Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi from and (see Note 18). The address given is in Turkey: Büyükdere Caddesi No: 163 Zincirlikuyu Sisli 34394 Istanbul (i.e., he lives in a bank agency from the aktif bank, but the phone is from The Netherlands (+31) or Bud Abbottstraat 9, 1325 CP Almere, The Netherlands (Caseys's address). Skype ID: robertwiscon (declared location: United States). On his ProZ profile (1294133), he claims to be associated w/ BonaVerba and to be based in USA or in Turkey ( On his G+ Profile, "Robert" writes in Arabic! Need we say more?

Recently, “Robert” became "Marcus Wiscon", still using the same stolen CV. His address is now in an impossible location in Germany: “8665 Sudley Road, Suite 305/ Manassas, 42551 Velbert, (Germany)”. Funny: he ALSO lives at the UPS Store of Manassas (8665 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, USA).

The declared address of Lonaverbas is in Turkey: "Dolapdere Cad. No.310 Pinar Apt. Kat.5 Pangalti Sisli" (try looking for it on Google map!). On TranslatorsCafe, the phone number is +1 (818) 432-3939 (California, USA), and no email is provided!

Robert Wiscon / IS ON THE MAILING LIST OF TRAVOD (Note 73) and also appears on the website of LA Translation.
BonaVerba* (, now inactive) was located at a non-existent address in Turkey: “67 Sevegei Sk, Istanbul”.

Originally, the project managers were:
Caroline Wilsonn / / (see FAKE photo)
Helena Wisman / /

Messages from Caroline Wilsonn were originated from IP, i.e., Damascus, Syria. On some platforms, they give this toll-free number in the US: +1 (866) 501-4068

* Not to be confused with Bona Verba, a company based in Finland (
After unfavorable comments posted online, BonaVerba became LonaVerbas / . Most of website copy is plagiarized from “Lingo Compass” (Australia). They also use this URL: The domain has been registred by Baraa Kazzaz / / Ph: +90.5346874435. On his G+ profile, Baraa lives in Damascus, Syria, but on the website registration data, he lives in Turkey, in some street named "Immigration Center" in Bursa / Twitter: @baraakazza

The same Baraa Kazzaz owns the domain alias for (BOTH DOMAINS ARE NOT ONLINE AND ARE USED ONLY AS EMAIL SERVERS)

Recent data allow us to state that Baraa Kazzaz is an alias created by Gulser Baran. Baraa keeps a profile in Facebook: BarBoOor

Bona Verba and Lona Verbas keep profiles on ProZ !!!: 36047 / 1413019

Another alias used by Lonaverbas is "Professional Translator Team" (NOW BANNED FROM ProZ) is now using the following address: 162 Lourmel Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606, also used by scammer "Edward Mahana" / See Note 64

The declared address is in Turkey: "Dolapdere Cad. No.310 Pinar Apt. Kat.5 Pangalti Sisli".
On TranslatorsCafe, the phone number is +1 (818) 432-3939 (California, USA), and no email is provided!

People associated w/ this operation (all these PMs never show themselves in Skype or Google talk):
Baraa Kazzaz /
Helena Wisman /
Gulser Baran / / / Ph: +90.5346874435
Gulser Baran /
Caroline Wilsonn (see FAKE photo) / /
Ibrahim Blewi /
LA Translation / (also ID for "Omar") / Yes, they work with Robert Wiscon (NOW REMOVED)
Lonaverbas / / /
Marcus Wiscon /
Sonia Erkan / /
Ivan Li / is, in fact, Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi from Lonaverbas
Anika Fikse / is another fake ID created by these scammers. "Anika" keeps a profile in Linkedin as a "Professional Translator and project manager" from the Netherlands. Except for LinkedIn, "her" Internet footprint is ZERO! Reports indicate that payments from "Anika" are made by Ibrahim Salah Alblwy, aka Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi out of Jordan via Western Union (See Note 18). "She" is also reported as a non-payer of very high amounts to several translators.
Caroline Wilsonn (see FAKE photo) / is also associated w/ another scamming joint, said to be based in Beirut, Lebanon or the UK: LingoEcho ( is NOW CLOSED) and the "company" has been banned from ProZ but their profile is still active.

Names associated w/ this outfit:
Steven Lauderhil (Lebanon – Turkey) / / / / See scam
43 Hamra St, Beirut P.O. 34626 (FAKE ADDRESS)
1 Beachcroft Way, Courtauld Road, London N19 3HR
Ph: +1 (866) 935-8855 (toll-free number in the US)
Credible and documented reports sent to us, make it safe to state that Robert Wiscon, aka Marcus Wilson, aka Edward Mahana, aka John Troops, aka Anika Fikse are the same person as Caroline Wilsonn (or vice-versa) sharing Sonia Erkan's email address and that they use their fake IDs as baits to fish for projects. Example: on Elance, scammer "John Troops" gives Gulser Baran / LonaVerbas as his reference!!! It is also safe to state that all the people above are also associated w/ a "Professional Translators Team" / / (not active) / Prott. On their ProZ profile (1663897) NOW CLOSED), they claimed to be based in the USA (no address, of course) and their preferred currency is Euros! These scammers claim to be members of 51 (!!!) translation organizations. Not bad for a "company" with less than 3 employees!!!

NOTE 70 A wide and long standing scamming operation (at least since 2009) led by a Gyanendra Kumar, aka Gyan KJ, aka Gian, aka GK Jha, Prince Nishad, aka Ernst Heinz / Ph: +498978298208 / Gerhardstrasse 9, 81543 Munich, Germany, aka Rudal Kumar Roy (screen name on LinkedIn)

He is based in India, but he also claims to be located in Frankfurt, Germany. Maybe he commutes...
Company: Ziel Softtech Pvt. Ltd. / Postal Address: Indranagar ???
Phone(s): +91809880719686 / Reliance Phone(s): 32417108 / Ph: +9934129686

Emails used:
Skype: sonu_imp / Screen names: gkumar02 / GK Jha / Gyan Sonu

Account Name : Global Email Database
Bank Name : HDFC Bank Ltd.,
Account Number : 02862000006036
Bank Address : Mount Kailash Building, Ulsoor, Bangalore, India.
IBAN Number : DE96502304005602675019

Beneficiary Account Number 28591000001493
IFSC of the Beneficiary Bank HDFC0002859
Routing Number : 321171184
Indian Bank Account:
Account Name : Gyanendra Kumar
Account Number : 28591000001493
NEFT IFSC : HDFC0002859,
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Bank Address : Kasturinagar Branch, Bangalore – 560043, Karnataka, India

He keeps a group profile in ProZ: best_freelancers (under the alias Gian, Gyan)
On TRADUguide, the group is called T-Cube Translation (under the alias Gian, Gyan)
He also kept a profile on Aquarius: GK International (under the alias Ernst Heinz) (BANNED)

Later on 2009, "Ernst" moved to a very high-end, but, hélas, undefined, location in London:
Q-trans Limited (company dissolved 25 JUL 2014) / 86-B, Covent Garden / London WC2N 4LL (FAKE ADDRESS) / VAT No.: 68 VI 14861/07 (FAKE, OF COURSE)

He also operates these websites: / /

On this website, we learn more about this scammer: He runs a company in India, a web design/hosting service, which he probably also uses to run various websites such as, (OFFLINE)). One of his latest incarnations is in the former company, using the name Kelvin Marks.

Uses these ghosts to fish for jobs:
Nicole Schmidt, aka Nicole Schmid / / Bauhausstrasse 26 67069 Ludwigshafen, Germany
On her CV "Nicole" gives the same phone number as...Gyanendra, aka Heinz: +498978298208
Sabine Pearl / Sabine GP / TransWork /
Daniel Craig / / Note 141

NOTE 71 A scammer with many faces: is he Sebastian Maluf or Sebastian Mikaelsson? On "his" PDF CV, Sebastian lives in Poland, he is "Italian-Argentinean", and has Portuguese as "mother tongue"! In a Polish school, he is studying "Swedish and English philology, specialization: translation and literature"! And, out of the blue, he claims to be the "Official Translator of the Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery"! On, Sebastian lives in São Paulo, Brazil and took a "Curso de legendagem e tradução (UCLA – Los Angeles, California)". This course is absent from his PDF CV! On Translation Directory, Maluf becomes "Mikaelsson", "English-Spanish translator", and identifies himself with a photo of Finnish singer Ville Valo...

Both Maluf and Mikaelsson live in the same address and have the same phone numbers:
Ul. Okulickiego 2 M. 8, 05-101 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland / Ph: +48 22 7759823 / 48 507052142

NOTE 72 Sleazy scamming operation headed by Antoni Sokolov aka Antoni Emilov Sokolov (Bulgarian, DOB 17NOV1980), also uses "Antoni F."

Business names used: Falcon Translators & Interpreters Services Ltd (UK Company number 09735058) / Falcon Services (Google+ & YouTube) / Translators Interpreters (Facebook: translators.interpreters.9) / abusively uses logo of IAPTI (a translators association), doctored with a UK flag. / Falcon Translators & Interpreters Services Ltd Translation Agency (name in Translation Directory) / Antoni Sokolov (ProZ) / NOTE: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "Falcon Translations Ltd." A LEGITIMATE COMPANY. / Ph: +441536516417 / Cel: +447415909350 / Fax: +441536219955 / Twitter: translator66 (Falcon Translators, also with the IAPTI logo) / address: 66 High Street Kettering, NN16 8SY, Northamptonshire, UK (postal address only)

Profile on Mr. Falcon / Claims to have Diploma In Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) & Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Antoni Sokolov is also connected with London Painters Ltd (Mr. Sokolov, Painter And Decorator), West London Painting And Decorating LTD & London Correct Ltd (Wholesale Of Wine, Beer, Spirits) (all dissolved)

In Facebook, this hustler writes: "Services: Job search assistance in London, Kettering, Corby and other citys under certain conditions. Translation of documents. Accompaniment to government institutions as a translator. Application for all types of benefits (Housing Benefit, Tax credit etc.) Accounting for self-employed persons and Company Payroll. Open bank accounts. Change driving license. Request for NINO. The application for UTR. CSCS card. Car Insurance. Help when applying for loans for students. Finding good School. Tax return and many other options."

Angela Streatfield (Psychic party nights and Tarot !!!) / +447947940297
Antoni F. /
Antoni Sokolov / /
Mr. Falcon !!!
Vincent Price
Yabin Li / Ya Bin Li (TCM Doctor, Lilyherb Ltd, owns the address on 66 High Street)


NOTE 74 Another ghost company from Languagemet: Proficient Translation Services / PTS Company / . Website was registered in Gaza by Imad Almaghary (Languagemet). Scammers claim to be based in London, United Kingdom (but, of course, no address is given), later changed to NO ADDRESS at all, Ph: +44 864 0756580 (FAKE NUMBER: there is no 864 area code in the UK) / Skype: (Location: Gaza, Palestine). Lately, they claim to be based in "Zoroub building Alshargy St Rafah Province. Gaza Strip. Palestine" (ANOTHER FAKE ADDRESS). On their website, the link to their Facebook page (with no address, no contacts, no anything) is named "Masters of Translation".

Website copy and images are, of course, stolen from other websites, namely,,,, and Silk Road Translation (Russia).


Ayat Nada / / Skype: ayat.nada2 (FAKE ID. Probably, Ayat Nada, Gaza). Associated w/ Dalal Nada from Languagemet (they are probably the same person).
D AlJamal /
Doaa Saleh / Doua Saleh / Doaa Al Selawi / Doaa Saleh Al Selawi / / / / doaa.saleh230@gmailcom / / / Skype: doaa.sale7 / Scammer is also associated w/ (what else?) Languagemet / More info here.
Faten Hourani / (this scammer is also active with Wordsvoice / See Note 76)
Haneen / / /
Heba Riyad / / Skype: heba.riyad23 / heba.riyad239 / heba riyad
Israa Suliman / /
Nihad Ahmad / / / / Ph: 0598273131 / Skype: nihad.ahmad50
Sarah John / / / Skype: (Location: Palestine)

NOTE 75 Another ghost company, a spin-off created by Arcadia Translations: Speech Global / Global Speech Ltd / (without "m"). These scammers have been BANNED from Translation Directory (09OCT2014).

Website is a copy of a musician's website, Bill Smith (including audio tracks, with links leading to a black hole...), with a fake address (it belongs to the legitimate company "Language Labs" in The Netherlands), and, of course, no names, and no phones. In a word: the usual scammer's bullshit. On their emails, they claim to be based in "Sarphatistraat 614 1018 AV Amsterdam, Netherlands" (see Note 51). On the website, the location map is for Scottsdale, Arizona, USA!!! The domain has expired and the website is now off the air (JAN2015).

NOTE: Info cross-checking allows us to say that Speech Global and Wordsbreath ARE THE SAME THING. The addresses AND are the emails that Global Speech use to get jobs. Sana'a Ahmed is behind the wordsbreath12 email, but they also reply to mails using the words.rainbow one, and outsource work using Global Speech emails (with the fake names and the Dutch address). They also also associated with Words Cloud (See Note 97). They are all based in Rafah, Gaza.

Recently (FEB2016), these scammers (Samanta Rowe) are impersonating SDL with emails in Danish, inviting translators to do test translations for SDL: Mange tak for din henvendelse og din interesse i at blive freelance oversætter for SDL (Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in becoming a freelance translator for SDL).

Igor Onishko / / /
Ivan Jorge / / (also used by "Tae Lian")
Juliette Biel / /
Karen Rowe / / /
Mony Abd /
Samanta Rowe / Samanta Howe / / / / (is there a Rowe family?)
Sana Ahmed aka Dana Alaa aka Mear Dani /

NOTE 76 Another ghost company created by Languagemet and Translation Secrets: Wordsvoice / Wordsvoice Company / Words voice company / Words Voice Multilingual Solutions / Wordsvoice Studio - Media Content Localization / German Wordsvoice / WV Company / . Website copy has been plagiarized from "Ocean Translations" (Argentina) and Skrivanek / No phone, of course. Claiming to be based in Italy, they write on their website: "Argentina’s first professional language translation provider" and "Skrivanek uses all the current Cat tools" !!!

Mode of operation: scamming of CVs, after promising the marketing of translators' CVs and "strong propaganda", and, of course, "work on many projects"... The usual scammers' speech! See the scam in their own words!

Email sent by Roza Yasn: "Words voice company deals with many clients who ask for translators every day. In the company, there is a marketing department that can send your C.V to a lot of companies. After marketing your C.V, I will receive translation, proofreading, transcription, subtitling or editing projects. After your agreement on using your C.V, you will have the priority of the coming projects. And the rates will be satisfiable. If you agree on cooperating with me, please send me your C.V and I will send you the NDA paper to sign."

Email by Husam: "I am Husam Isleem. I am a project manager from Wordsvoice company for translation. Our company seeks to work with you. We have a marketing department in our company. We will Use your CV to bring projects to you. We promise you to work on many projects depending on your language pair. You have the priority for any coming project. We will set prices later, so don't worry. If you are ready to collaborate with us, please send us your CV and Cover letter."

Email by Nihal Ahmad: "We dont have VAT number and we never ask you about your VAT no."

Registration data: MARIO selwa ROSSI (FAKE NAME) / / This email has been used by scammers to circulate a CV stolen from Sun Song (Song Zhenghua) from China under the name of "Sun Song" .
MARIO SELWA ROSSI / VIALE EUROPA 114 / 00144 ROMA RM, ITALY (FAKE ADDRESS). The same Mario is also associated w/ (See below on this Note).

Alaa Elkhateeb aka Alaa Nabil (See Note 0) & LoLo Elkhateeb / Alaa Mahmoud / / / Skype: alaa.elkhateeb.2015 / Married to Husam Isleem
Alaa Mahmoud
Aya Mubarak /
Dina Mohammed / / / / "I appreciate if you can share me your updated resume and cover letter" SO THAT WE CAN SCAM IT...
Doaa Saleh / / Ðoa'a Êã & dr.suliman abu jalal (on DOC properties) / Also associated w/ other scamming joints: Translation Secrets, Proficient Translation Services See Note 74.
Elina Salama /
Faten Hourani / / (this scammer is also active with Proficient Translation Services / PTS Company / / See Note 74)
Fatma Merwan / /
Haneen Derbi /
Haneen Ismail
Hasan Kamal / / / / Associated with Languagemet
Heba / Heba Ahmed / Nihad / pts pm / (another association with Proficient Translation Services / PTS Company / / See Note 74) / Skype: heba.rafat89
Heba Rafat / / / Wordsvoice and Languagemet are one and the same...
Husam Isleem / / Married to Alaa Elkhateeb
Islam Salama / / "This is Jone from Bigtrans, a translation agency based in America"
Kristina Yuri
Mario Selwa Rossi / / Ph: +39875412014
Mohammed Salama /
Nebal Qishta /
Nehal Joseph /
Nehal M. Yousef / Nihal Yousef / Nehal Work / / / Skype: new.life443 / hasam2433
Nelson Boswell /
Nihad Ahmad / Nihad Ahmed / / / / Skype: nihad.ahmad50 . Associated w/ Languagemet and .
Roza Yasn / Roza Hassan / / Recently (DEC2014), Roza is posing as a PM for a phantasmagorical "Roza Translation Community" / / / / Skype: roza.hy (Roza Yasn) / Skype phone: +44599851274 / "I am a project manager for a group of translators called Translation Community" = I am a scammer hijacking translators' CVs! Scammer is behind ghost "Davide Giovanna" and also responsible for the scamming of Anna Guo / Financial transactions are made by Walid Issa / See Note 0 (Fabio Perna / Walid Issa). / Mario
The same MARIO selwa ROSSI (FAKE NAME) is also the registrant of another FAKE company set up by the Languagemet gang: / Bigtranswork Translation Services / big transwork company. The domain has been registered on 04FEB2014 and the website copy has been plagiarized from

The address given "24761 Still Pond Rd, Still Pond, MD 26637, USA" IS FAKE (there is a "24761 Still Pond Rd" in Texas, USA!!!)
Of course, no phone number is provided... Skype: (FAKE ACCOUNT)

Ahmad Mahmoud / /
Alara Yusuf / Alara S. Yusuf /
Angela Watson (FAKE NAME) / / / (!!!)
Arwa Soliman / Arwa Suliman / /
Asma Mahmoud /
Angelika Dehler (FAKE NAME) / /
Bigtranswork / / /
Daniel Brandt (FAKE NAME) / /
David Jory (FAKE NAME) / /
Eric Lee (FAKE NAME) / Chinese Bigtranswork /
Islam Salama / Jone /
Kristin Yuri / Yuri Kristin (FAKE NAME) / kristin.yuri@bigtranswork /
Louise Jory (FAKE NAME) / (Note 81-1) / / / / Skype: transharvest agency
Mohammed Fathi / / / /
Mosa Salama /
Nisreen Radwan / Nisreeen ELJamal / Nisreeen Radwan ELJamal / /
Nour /
Razan Isam /
Sophia Adam /

NOTE 77 One more FAKE company based in Gaza: Unlimited Translation Services / Ulimited Translations Services / UNL Translations / UNLTRASLATIONS Translations / ULTDTrans / ULTD Trans Co. / ULTDTRANSE (name used on LinkedIn) / Unltranslation / / . Domain was created on 09NOV2013 and it is owned by a "Ahmed Y. Lafi" (Gaza) / / +970599563934 / Twitter: @alafi88 / ProZ profile: 1860182 . (CLOSED, 07APR2014) / (ACTIVE, created on 09NOV2013).

On their website they claim: "Unlimited Translation Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation company based in Portland, Oregon, USA"!!! The address is, OF COURSE, missing...

Copy on their ProZ profile (1860182) has been plagiarized (as usual) from other companies: for instance, the "Industries" page of their website is a verbatim copy from the website of "Andes Translations" (San Jose, CA, USA). Also on ProZ (1860182), they claim to be certified to "ASTM F2089-01, ASTM F2575, EN 15038, ISO 9001, Notary Approved, SAE J2450, SDL Certified" and members of "Aalborg University, Asociación de Intérpretes de Conferencias de la Argentina , Associazione Nazionale Interpreti di Conferenza Professionisti, Austrian Association of Certified Court Interpreters, Centro Colombo Americano, International Association of Conference Translators, Union of Translators of Russia, University of Iowa, Department of Cinema and Comparative Literature" (REALLY?). This fake information is absent from their website!

"Unlimited Translation Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation company based in Portland, Oregon, USA (!!!) / We are one of the only translation agencies to publicise a CSR policy (where?) and actively support ethical and sustainable practices / We are ISO 9001 accredited" With scammers, anything goes!

Address on website (FAKE): Sw 6th, Beaverton, OR 97007 / Gaza office (they say): Al-Shuhada' St, Gaza Strip, Gaza, Palestine
PO issued by these scammers made by "awadallah" & signed by "Dalal Nada" / "company phone": +972592135800 (also used by Khalil Khatib, (Note 81) / Trying to evade location, they send their emails from AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) / Andrew Alix is also a ghost created by "awadallah".

On Translation Directory jobs section, they write:
ULTD Translation Company
USA !!!
IP: (Gaza, Palestinian Territory)

Like other Palestinian scammers, burnt everywhere within the translation community, these scammers post their "jobs" (gotten with fake CVs) in second-tier sites like, jobrapido, Jooble,, trovit, UpWork.

Abraham Kehl (FAKE NAME) /
Ahmed Y. Lafi / . Ahmed is also a Production Manager at Magic Lens / Magic Lens For Media Production (
Dalal Khatib / also associated with beIN Translation Services (Note 81)
Dalal Nada / / / Skype: dalal.nada / Stiffed a Korean translator in USD 1000 (JUL2016).
Halit Korban / / Ph: +970599407341 (FAKE) / On peopleperhour he's from London, UK!!! / On TD, ULTD is from the USA (with an IP from Gaza)
Ibrahim Katib / Ibrahim Khatib / Ibrahim Khalil / / / Ph: +972599407341 / +972597235727 (TC) / Skype: i_Kh91 / Twitter: @IbrahimKhatib91 / On LinkedIn & Twitter he's based in the UK!!! / Associated with Languagemet and (Note 81) / Stiffed another translation / Scammer behind
Baassou Omar /
Floriana Andre /
Jean Pierre Lessard /
Kamelia Dimitrova /
Nattasuda Mantrakul /
His "cover letter" is decorated with crap like this: I present myself through this modest letter hoping it will be taken into consideration by your high personality.
Ibrahim Khalil (now he's Khalil?) / (email used on their website)
Talla Sami / / +970592135800 (also used by Dalal Abu Nada)

NOTE 78 Translation Community / Translation Community Co. (!!!) / Translation Community Company for Translations / Translation Co / is a FAKE company based in "Portugal" (see another FAKE company based in "Portugal") created by the infamous Languagemet / Translation Secrets scamming gang based in Palstine / Gaza. They use IP = Gaza.

Domain registration data:
Registrant Name: Haidar Musabeh aka Haidar Fayez Musabeh (Ph: 0595661830 / screen names: Dr.7ydar & @bestyle / associated w/ Basel Nahal Note 78) (more info on Note 121)
Registrant Address1: Palestine
Registrant City: gaza
Registrant Phone Number: +970595831808 / +971554601093
Registrant Email: (also associated with Globallingo / Note 121)

And, why would a company purportedly based in Portugal register a domain in COLOMBIA (.co)?


Website copy has been mainly plagiarized from Zelenka Translations (Czech Republic) and Tradu24 Limited (UK) (in their "About Us" page, we can read: "Quality not only assumes a central role here at Tradu24...") and shows some hilarious typos, like “Quta Request” and “Propsas”.

Address given on website (in Lisbon, Portugal) is FAKE: Rua Sinais de Fogo, Lt. 9.12004-H, Parque das Nações 1990-605 LISBOA

Recently (MAR 2015), these scammers amended their website and claim that Lisbon is their "second branch", the "first branch" being at: Alremal tower, Omar Almokhtar St, Gaza, Gaza Strip, Palestine (ALSO A FANTASY ADDRESS). Of course, the "first branch" has no phones... Phone numbers given are also FAKE: Ph: 01914972344 (???) / Ph: 218942135 (NOT EXISTENT)

Typical email circulated by these scammers: "We are very interested in establishing a long-term collaboration with you after we see your work, our clients asks to view your CV to be able to evaluate your capacity. Therefore, we humbly request to have your permission before offering the CV to the clients. It's like we are marketing for your CV to our clients, so we can easily bring you more translation projects to work on."

AUG 2015: Japanese translator stiffed out of US$ 4,000.00 by "Rita Rosa"
APR 2015: US translator stiffed out of US $300.00 by "Rita Rosa"
JAN 2015: German translator stiffed out of US1,300.00 by "Monica Afonso"
NOV 2014: Indian translator stiffed out of US$ 1,800.00 by Basel Nahal and "Rita Rosa"

Andrea (FAKE NAME) /
Elisa Soares (FAKE NAME) /
Haidar Fayez Musabeh / /
Laura Navarro (FAKE NAME) /
Lisbeth Frade(FAKE NAME) /
Lola Acosta(FAKE NAME) /
Luis Martin (FAKE NAME) /
Marina (FAKE NAME) /
Miguel Santa(FAKE NAME) /
Monica Afonso(FAKE NAME) / /
Rita Rosa(FAKE NAME) / / Kept profiles in ProZ: Rita Rosa / xxxRita Rosa (BOTH REMOVED)
Translation Community / /
Yurika Tra / / / (!!!) / "I am in Israel for work trip and can take some jobs, my phone number is +972597101256" YES, OF COURSE.

NOTE 79 Linguist Site / Linguist Site Translation Agency / is another FAKE COMPANY put together by the Imad Almaghary gang: Languagemet, Translation Secrets, MuchDo, etc. Domain has been registered on NOV2013, and after being closed for quite some time, it has emerged again (APR2014). Registration data is as follows:

Registrant Name: imad almaghary
Registrant Street: Gaza (Street???)
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Rafah
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Ph: 972599851211
Registrant Email:

Imad Almaghary also uses these names/aliases: Ahmed Al Mughari, Emad Ale, Emad Al-Mughary, Imad Ali Almaghary, Imad Ali El-Mghary, Imad Almaghary, Imad Al-Mughary, Imad El-Mughari, Imad Mghari.

Website copy has been plagiarized mainly from and (just like the website from ) and other translation companies. Scammers claim that their address is in Japan: Minato, Tokyo, JAPAN !!! Recently (16MAY2014), Website shows NO addresses or phones.

Achilie Costa (FAKE NAME) / French Groupe / /
Ahmad Aboelkhaire / /
Akaia Suzuki, aka Suzuki Akaia (FAKE NAME) / / / / / / Skype: projects24ls / Skype: Suzuki Akaia (resolves to projects24ls) / Twitter: @akaiaw
Hanaa Al Henawy, aka Haneen Said / Saidd (alias for Haneen Yousef) / Ph: +970599175721 Associated w/ Languagemet
Imad Almaghary /
Jack Mojsiuk / /
Matthias / /
Nadia Diaz Alderete / (impersonation of Argentinian translator w/ same name)

NOTE 80 Another scamming joint: GlobalTranslation / Global Translation (Certified Translation Company) / Egy Trans. They operate a website: . Scammers FALSELY CLAIM to be "ISO 9001 Certified" and members of ATA and ALC (Association of Language Companies). Website copy has been plagiarized from several sources:, Lazar & Associates, JILT (India) and others. Twitter: @GlobalTranslat3

They claim to operate out of two offices:
Egypt: 28 Haram Street, Giza, Egypt (address belongs to a "Target General Import & Distributer")
Austria: Simmering, g 47, Vienna, Austria (FAKE ADDRESS)
Ph: +20127501271 / Same phone used also by: Arabic Lingo / Arabic Lingo Translation Services Egypt / / Plot 9004, from Street 9, Mokattam, Cairo, Egypt


Domain has been registered by a "Ahmed" (Gomaa) / / address: 388 AL Hai Al Asher, Naser City, Cairo, Egypt. Other associations with Ahamed Gomaa and address:

Translators Jobs / /

ATLV Company (on Translator Pub):
388 AL Hai Al Asher, Naser City, Cairo, Egypt
Van spijke straat 46-4 Amsterdam, Netherlands (WEBSITE CLOSED) / /
Contact: Joseph Walter

Dam-Translation (WEBSITE CLOSED) / Language for communication / Multilingual Translation and Typesetting Services
Address: Van spijke straat 46-4, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

DTP Course (on Facebook): /

NOTE 81 Another scamming joint: beIN Translation Inc. (Inc. ???) / beIN Translation Services / / (fake URL) with a known scammer as a straw man, Khalil Khatib, aka Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalil (alias: besan), involved in the scamming of translators' CVs (Note 6). Address: Horreya building, Jerusalem, West Bank, Palestine (they're actually located in Gaza). The domain shows the following registration data:

Registrant Name: Naser Ali
Registrant Street: West Bank
Registrant State/Province: Jerusalem
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Ph: +63.599713439 (PHILIPPINES ???; masked Palestinian phone used by Khalil Khateeb)
Registrant Email:

Website copy has been plagiarized from Burravoe Translation Services (UK), C-Translation (Sweden) and All Translation Services Pvt. Ltd. (India) Same copy is also used by another scamming joint (Unlimited Translation Services) See Note 77. In their "company" profile (author: besan), they shamelessly claim to be "An ISO 9001 : 2012". Documents from this joint are produced by a known scammer – besan – associated w/ Languagemet and Translation Secrets and by a awadallah . WARNING! These scammers ask translators to provide their VAT / Tax ID data. BEWARE! These will then be used to make the scamming of translators more credible!

Ibrahim Katib is the scammer behind these fake CVs:
Caroline Martin / Caroline Martine /
Marina Nosova /
Roberta Carbone / /
Samuel Atkinson /
Samy Higazy / /
Victoria Kurzynski / / /

On 01APR2020, Khalil Khatib created another scamming joint, Curio Translation / / / claims to be its COO

NOTE: These scammers frrquently email translatorswith their Authorization and Agreement Scam.
beIN / / / / / Skype: bein.trans / khlo90 / beIN Translations / Ph: +972592135800 / +972599713439 (used by Khalil Khateeb from Languagemet Note 6 and is also used by "Asef Han" from (Note 59) and also used by "Dalal Nada" / Unlimited Translation (Note 77) / . Address (FAKE): Horreya building, Jerusalem, West Bank, Palestine / As a scammer from Languagemet, Khalil uses these addresses: / .
Ahmed Mahmoud /
Doaa Nada /
Emma Smith / /
Floretta Joseph / / /
Ibrahim Katib / Ibrahim Khatib / / / associated with (Note 77)
Khalil Khatib aka Dalal Khatib / Khalil Khateeb / Khalil Khatib aka xxxDalal Khatib (profile in ProZ) / / /
Kristin Yuri / /
Lina Kamel /
Lily David / /
Rachel Manger / /

NOTE 81-1 Naser Ali is also associated w/ another typical scamming website: Transharvest Agency (SEE THE SCAM) / Transharvest Company for translation services / TransHarvest Co. / Transharvet / / Skype: transharvest / transharvest agency (NO ACCOUNT) / Twitter: @transharvest

Addresse: Almanara building, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine (Fake, this scamming gang is based in Gaza)
Domain was created 09 MAY 2014 (website claims a Copyright 2009!!!). No names and no phones are provided.
Website copy has been plagiarized from Affinity Language Services (US), Local Solutions (US), All Global Solutions (US) and other sources. They FALSELY claim to be "ATA Certified, and Better Business Bureau Certified"!

NOTE: These scammers are the same gang running the "14 NG" scam (see Note 59)

Afnan Zamel /
Ahmed Ali / / /
Anton Chris (FAKE NAME) / /
Baraa Salam /
Edward Graham (FAKE NAME) / / /
Erkan Baran (FAKE NAME) / /
Erkan Cagl(FAKE NAME) /
Fadi Saeed / / /
Jim Davout (FAKE NAME) / / /
Louise Jory (FAKE NAME) / / / / / Skype: transharvest agency
Soha Faisal /
Tom Watson (FAKE NAME) / / / /
Zaki Noor / /
NOTE: Scammers purposely misspell their email addresses, e.g.,, to render them unusable!

NOTE 81-2 Naser Ali is associated w/ another typical scamming website BASED IN GAZA : Viasay / Viasay Agency / / Domain created on 10APR2014 / Viasay is a translation and localization company based in Sweden !!! / FAKE ADDRESS: Naturstensvägen 77 713 35 Uppsala SWEDEN / No phone is provided, of course!

As usual, website copy is plagiarized from other websites, like ABC Language Solutions, Inc. (Canada), Exe Translations & Interpreting (US), Ace Translation Services (India), InfoTranstech (India), and Lionbridge (UK), leading to jokes like "Modern recording studio facilities – all voice-over recordings are made in professional studios to guarantee sound quality." What a shame they didn't include a picture of the studio...

Olga Asare / / /
Sarah Ahmad / /
Zaki Al-Attar / /

NOTE 81-3 Another scamming site registered by the same Naser Ali: BTD / BTDic Team / BTDIC Net / BTDIC For Translation Services / btdic Translations Solutions / BTDIC Translation Services / Projects Btdic / Beyond the Dictionary / BTDic / / / / / As usual, website copy is plagiarized from different sources, like Ultimate Translations (Canada), Papercheck (US) and others. Logo has been plagiarized from a Romanian portal: .

Ph: +972599768747 / +97282133747 / +970599768747 / +97082133747 / +972599953383 / 0597232147 / Skype: bt.dic
Domain was created on 09APR2014, website copyright claims to be from 2012, "since 1990" (on Translators Cafe) and claim to "one of the leading companies"... Claim to be based in Ramallah or Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine, but in fact people behind this scamming joint are based in Gaza.

In ProZ (which allows this gang to be listed on their portal: 2288362), they claim: Please note: We only use the Following emails: / / Any other email address or Similar domain does not belong to our company

Alaa Mahm / / / Keeps a profile on ProZ: 2288362
Alexandra Albert /
Alexandra Frederik / /
Alma Daimon /
Amany Ahmed / Amani Ahmed / Amani Ahmad / Associated with Languagemet / / / work as a mediator Between client & translator / Also circulates a CV stolen from an Israeli translator using / / Keeps a profile on ProZ: 2807680 claiming to live in Israel and to represent a company named WizeVision.
Amna Harb /
Asmaa M / Asmaa Muin / / / Skype: asmaa.muin
Asala Yehya / / / / Skype: asala.yehya
BTDIC / / / / / /
Doaa Khamis / / Associated w/ Languagemet
Evelyn Salt / (yes, the same ghost from Languagemet)
Lana Roze aka Marwa Khader /
Mahmoud AbuWarda / Mahmoud Abu Warda /
Naser Ali /
Nihal Khateb / Nihal Khateeb / Nihal Khatib / Probably, the same Nihal from Languagemet, using
Roba Samer /

NOTE 81-4 And, yes, yet another scamming site registered by the same Naser Ali: MagicTrans Company / Magic Translations / MagicTrans / MagicTranslate / Trans Magic / MagicTrans Company for Translation Services / / / Domain created 09 MAY 2014. As usual, copy has been plagiarized from Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. (India), Eurasia Translations, Inc. (US) and other sources. WEBSITE CLOSED (DEC 2014) NOW ACTIVE AGAIN (OCT2016).

FAKE ADDRESS: 49 Route du Grand-Breuil, 18920 St Pierre de l’Isle/France. Map on website points to Malaga, Spain!!!
NO PHONE, of course!

Typical email sent to translators: "This is Doaa Ryad, from magic-trans, we market CVs and cover letters of translators for our clients and translation companies website around the world, then we have too many projects that we must directly forward to you and you have the right to do these projects, because it comes on behalf of your CV and cooperation, If you are interested, please send me your CV, cover letter and sign the agreement attached."

Alaa Mansur / /
Amal Dawood / /
Doaa Ryad /
Enas Tariq / Leeno Trans / /
Farah Farah / Shimaa Nezar / /
Heba Suliman / / Dangerous lady (Facebook)
Manal Abdulkarim / Manal Abdulrahman / / / / /
Laila Mohammed: / / / / +972598855968. Also associated w/ Languagemet and Translation Secrets
Layal Ros (1) / / / /

(1) Layal Ros is also Laila Rosros, a scammer using and a stolen CV from an Egyptian translator. She also goes by Laila Mohammed / or Leila Mohamed / . A known scammer from Languagemet / / and from Translation Secrets /

Malak Ghassan /
Tina Rosie / / /
On 08 AUG 2018, the same scammers created another fake company: Word Target / Wordtarget Company for translation services / / Tel: 00972-592762260 (also used by Magic Trans)

Ameera Ghooli /
Amr Ayman El-Maghary
Aya Husam /
Bodor Jamal /
Dena Iyad /
Elon Jab /
Evon El Taweel /
Gadeer Jmah /
Ghader /
Ibrahim Sami /
Katharina Nouh / Katharina Nachtiall / /
Lamyaa Hamed / /
Lolo Ghali
Maher Max /
Maher Sady / Maher Yassen / / Twitter: @MaherYassen5
Mera Gol / Amera Alghoul / Ameera Ghooli? /
Nena Jon / / Project manager / Corporate Language Consultants / 00972-592762260
Nida'a Ala'a /

NOTE 81-5 Naser Ali is a very busy guy creating ghost translation "companies". This time is: Power Translations / Power Translations Center for Translation / Powertranslations group for translation services / Power translations - Team For Translation Services / Powertranslations Company for translation services / Expert Translations Services / . Domain has been created on 09MAY2014 and a Jihad Hassan is given as "Owner and CEO", with the following contacts:

Address: 126, Badr St, Gaza, Palestinian Territory / Ph: +972592281550 (same phone as "Naser Ali") / Skype: Power.translations

Domain registration data:
Registrant Name: Naser Ali
Registrant Street: West Bank
Registrant State/Province: Jerusalem
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Ph: +63.599713439 (PHILIPPINES ???; masked Palestinian phone used by Khalil Khateeb)
Registrant Email:

Website copy plagiarized from MidLocalize (Egypt), Andovar Pte Ltd (Singapore), Rebuild Babel (US), Alphabet Communications (Canada). Being a scamming joint based in Gaza, they write on its website and emails "London's Best Translation Service Agency Connects You to Experienced Professionals" ???

On their emails, they write crap like this: "So we are a trustful medium between you and the clients. But I will be grateful if you give me the permission to make some changes of small details that will never weaken your respected CV. and I promise you that the most win and the highest earns will be for you. Beside the above mentioned, you will deal with a comfortable and a punctual team of a long experience and a golden translation with you, of course. However, be sure that you are dealing with an honest company and please trust us because we give you a legal step to get good job. You will be a lucky translator as well as we, if you agree." See the whole thing in PDF.

Abeer Mohamed produces these individuals as references. They are listed here as a record of their association with scammers, who get jobs with fake CVs and then get find people like these to get their jobs done. Shame on them:
Ahmed Hassan /
Ana Maria Demmeter, in fact Ana Maria Demeter /
Miriam Theijsmeijer /
Mousa Ali /
Ömer Kökçok /

Abeer Mohamed / Abeer Moh / /
Fatma Mohammed / /
Ibtehal /
Jihad Hassan / / Ph: +972592281550 is the same used by "Naser Ali"
Kari Pertola / / / / Skype: power.translations (Palestine)
Mona Saher / /
Taqwa Soliman

NOTE 81-6 With all their band names burned, the Languagemet gang from Gaza keeps creating new names and websites:
Translation space / / Ph: +970592637231 (phone also used by Omer Mohammed from

Registrant Name: Jacob Shaham
Registrant Street: KFAR-SABA
Registrant City: KFAR SABA
Registrant State/Province: KFAR-SABA
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: IL
Registrant Phone: +9722140566
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +51.17057182 (Peru?)
Registrant Email:

As usual, unable to write two full lines in English, the copy for their website was copied from Arabic Lingo (EG), All Locatrans (EG) and others. Domain was created on 21 OCT 2016 (but claim "With more than 10 years experience") and registration data is protected.

WARNING: these scammers also try to sell a "Excel database translation companies" (for 400,00 €)

Mr. Adam / Address (FAKE): Tamin Street, Doha, Qatar
Omer Mohammed /
Zaki Al-Attar / / / / (name also related to viasay / Note 81-2)

NOTE 81-7 Another made in Gaza scamming "company": EUSpeech. Copy for their website was copied from Bacolet Translations (NL) & EN Translation (UK). The contact form was also copied: it shows some funny options, like "Cérémonie + Vin d'honneur + Cocktail" !!! Domain has been created on 20SET2017, and yet they claim "EUSpeech has provided translation services for over twelve years". Of course, no address or phone humber is provided.

Registrant Name: Naser Ali
Registrant Street: West Bank
Registrant City: West Bank
Registrant State/Province: Jerusalem
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Ph: +63.599713439 (PHILIPPINES ???; masked Palestinian phone used by Khalil Khateeb)
Registrant Email:

Maria /

NOTE 81-8 Another made in Gaza scamming "company": Translation Pal / Translation Pal Services / Translation Pal15 / Not to confused with TranslationPal LLC (Iowa City, IA, USA) / Website copy plagiarized from The Translation Gate (Egypt), SwanTranslations (Sweden) and other sources.

They use the “Authorization and Agreement” scam: «This will give you the opportunity to be a part of group work based on mutual co-operation because the translation market is full of competition. If you are interested in applying for freelance translation work, we would like to invite you to join in our team by sending your CV and cover letter.»

Domain: / created September 5, 2019
Registrant Name: Alaa Abueyada
Registrant Street: Sea street 15th floor Burj zorob
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: RFH
Registrant Postal Code: 79704
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Phone: +970.592096668
Registrant Email:

Toleen /

NOTE 82 A "resourceful scammer", selling from apparel to subtitles and translation!!! / Names used: NissanTrans Limited / NissanTrans Ltd / NissanTrans Workshop (see more aliases below).

nLanguage (Natural Language Services) / (closed)

Words Breath Ltd / is another phantasmagorical translation company made up by Palestinian scammers from Translation Secrets using a Chine identity as cover. It exists only as a name, without any Internet presence, address, or phone numbers. (CLOSED) (CLOSED) (ACTIVE, JUNE 2015) (CLOSED)

NOTE: Info cross-checking allows us to say that Global Speech, Words Rainbow and Wordsbreath ARE THE SAME THING. The key figure behind them is: Imad Ali Almaghary. The addresses AND are the emails that Global Speech use to get jobs. Sana'a Ahmed is behind the wordsbreath12 email, but they also reply to mails using the words.rainbow one, and outsource the work using Global Speech emails (with the fake names and the Dutch address). They are based in Rafah, Palestine.

Phones used: 0086-13714519204 / +8615361881653 / +8675583897951 / +8675582710163 / +8613714519204 / +13714519204
Skype: nissantrans / steve800818
Screen names used: Kratos US / Mr. Ni Nissan / Nissan / Nissanjp / nissantrans Novel Adventurer (Skype) / nissansz / nx

Domain registration data ( :
Registrant Organization: Xuejun Ni
Registrant Street: Yitian Cun, Shenzhen
Registrant City: Shenzhen
Registrant State/Province: Guangdong
Registrant Postal Code: 50000
Registrant Country: CN
Registrant Ph: +86.13714519204
Registrant Email: (see email also here)

On December 2014, these scammers circulated an email, in which the body has been copied VERBATIM from , & They even included these insane lines: "We’re one of the world’s fastest growing translation agencies. We translate more than forty million words a year between 600 language combinations for clients in over 50 countries."

Email body copied verbatim from the website of . The email address is also used to circulate a FAKE CV from "Alexandra Albert". The same CV has also been scammed as "Alexandra Frederik" / / . BOTH THESE IDs ARE ALSO ASSOCIATED WITH BTDIC (Note 81)

Profiles on ProZ: / 108225
NissanTrans / 988843

Alexandra Albert /
David Li / Liu (FAKE NAME) / / / /
David / David Ni / Steve / / (PayPal) / / Ph: +86 153 6188 1653 / Skype: steve800818 / ProZ profile: steve8000818 / 2217851
Ni Xuejun (REAL NAME) / Ni Xue Jun / / /
Nissan Jp / Nissan / nx / / (on G+, he's from New York!!!) / Twitter: @nissansz / @nissantrans / @nissanjp139
Nissan Guide / shenzhendaily /
Nissan Ni / NissanTrans Ltd. (sells apparel, rents rooms, sells translations!!!) "Fast, good, accurate is our target in help our clients make best understanding of all issues"
NissanTrans Limited / Ralf Nissan / / (account disabled even when provided as reference) / / / When asked for references, Steve Ni offers these ghosts of himself: / / / / David Hew, Hong Kong & / Kimura Taku, Japan
Park Minghan / (alias used by this scammer)
Ralf Nissan / (alias used by this scammer)
Sana'a Ahmed (see David Ni above) / Words Breath / / / / / PayPal ID, also used by "Lilian Sam" Note 0 and Bertil Ella /
Steve N / (alias used by this scammer)
Steve Ni / Ni Steve / / / / Skype: nissantrans / Ph: +8615361881653

NOTE 83 Mondo Translations / Mondotranslations / Mondo Translations, Ltd / Mondo Translations Ltd / Mondo-trans / is another creation of the infamous Palestinian scamming ring (Languagemet, Gentle Translations Group, Translation Secrets, Muchdo, etc.). They FALSELY claim to be members of the Association of Czech Translation Agencies and Atlanta Association of Interpreters and Translators and to be ISO 9001 certified!!!


Ahmad Hassouna, the owner of the Mondo Translations domain (created October 11, 2012), has the SAME PHONE NUMBER of Gentle Translations Group: +972592581826. Scammer behind this operation is a “Ahmed Omar” / Ahmed Omar Elkhair / Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair (al-Khair). He uses “Ahmed” in job posts for Gentle Translations and “Eng.Ahmed” (no space) for jobs posts for Mondo Translations. "Eng.Ahmed" is none other than Ahmed Omar (@realahmed8). Computer Engineer | MBA Student | CEO and Founder of Gentle Translations Group.

In LinkedIn, Ahmed Omar appears as Founder and CEO of yet another scamming outfit: The Palestinian Center for Translation Services !!! (just a fantasy name, no domain). His Facebook account is /realahmed8 (no photos of himself and no friends) / Twitter: realahmed8 / Eman A. (a very convenient name) is also associated with this "Center". On LinkedIn, he says: "With me, you have no worries".

They claim to have offices in Argentina and in Jordan, but, of course, only email addresses are given and the Argentinean physical address is a very "British" "33 Main Street" in Mendoza... Guess what? The "Main Office" in Gaza is also located on "33 Main Street" (just like the address from Gentle Translations: “33 Main St., Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine”...). On their ProZ profile, they're also located in Jordan, but nobody knows where...

These scammers also use other phone numbers: +972592429993 (Palestine) and a US number in Ohio (234) 234-2345 (for a FAKE New York address belonging to the Bank of New York on Wall Street!!!). On their profile in Elance, they claim to work for a phantasmagorical "Gentel Translation"!!!

This phone number is also used by a ghost called Jenni Gilbert / / on 06DEC2016, they created the domain :
Registrant Name: JENNI GILBERT
Registrant Street: USA (FAKE)
Registrant City: USA (FAKE)
Registrant State/Province: DALLAS
Registrant Postal Code: 00972 (!!!)
Registrant Country: IL (ISRAEL???)
Registrant Phone: +972.592429993 (THAT'S IT)
Registrant Phone Ext: NA

Ahmed Omar is now operating a new domain: (Ahmed Service / The Palestinian Center for Translation Services / registration data protected) where he presents himself as translator and "market research".

Use these mass-mailing services: /

Ahmed Omar / Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair (al-Khair) / Eng.Ahmed, CEO / (Moneybookers / Skrill) / / / Trans Services (PayPal ID) / Address (on Translators Café): Bahar St. – Rafah, Rafh, Gaza 00970, Palestinian Territories / 143 Albahar St. Barqqa, Rafah, Gaza Strip (address on CV) / Ph: +972599573933
Anne Carole Chantal /
Jenni Gilbert / /
Mondo Translations / / / /
Skype: mondo_translations (located in Amman!!!) / IP address in many messages:

NOTE 84 Orca Translation / Orca Translation Services / ORCA for Translation Agency / is another creation of the infamous Palestinian scamming ring (Languagemet, Gentle Translations Group, Translation Secrets, Muchdo, etc.).

As usual, this "London" company has a FAKE address, and FAKE phone numbers:

The British Museum (YES! THE BRITISH MUSEUM!)
Great Russell St, London, EC3A 5NE
Fax: +44 20 7323 8299


Method of payment: PayPal ONLY (of course). The website is full of missing pages and links and other ridiculous features: "To order a translation you first have to determine the price. To do this, you can either use the quick price calculator on the left." THERE IS NOTHING ON THE LEFT!

Skype: orcatranslation (FAKE location: London, UK).

The domain registration data leaves no doubts about who owns and operates this "London" company:
Registered on: 04 MAR 2014
Domain name:
Registrant: yafa
Registrant type: Unknown
Registrant's address: Palestine / Gaza Strip

The website DNS ( is hosted by a Palestinian company: Yafasoft.

Anna Lenkutis / / "Her" English is outstanding: "could you make translation into English?")
Ella Adam /
Erik Allaya /
Paula Cunningham / / Ghost created by these scammers

As usual, the website copy has been copied from other websites: Affinity Language Services (US), (India), Integrated Language Solutions (India) and Extrans (UK !!!).

===== NOTE 84-1 =====
Forensic analysis on the ORCA website unveiled ANOTHER FAKE COMPANY belonging to the same scammers:

Extrans / EXttrans Translation Services / Excellent Translation Services / Extrans Language Web /
Website copy has been plagiarized from LocaSoft GmbH (Germany).

Registration data:
Registrant: yafa
Registrant type: Unknown
Registrant's address: Palestine / Gaza Strip

On their website, one can read: "Extrans is determined to be your first and best choice for a professional translation services company in Florida. We are London's best translation company." Florida? London?

Ex Translation /
James Dietrich /

NOTE 85 Foreign Language Services / FLS Translations / is yet another scam and CORPORATE IMPERSONATION made by scammers from Gaza. In this case, scammers have copied VERBATIM (including address and phone numbers) a website from a legitimate company (whose domain is – WITHOUT the final S). See the scam.
They have also impersonated a person from this legitimate company: Lauren Montefusco. Emails are apparently sent from , but the sender address is

Registrant Name: Peta Host (Ahmed Abu Aziz)
Registrant Organization: PetaHost
Registrant Street: Israel -Gz str (???)
Registrant City: Gz
Registrant State/Province: N/A
Registrant Postal Code: 00972 (???)
Registrant Country: Israel (???)
Registrant Ph: +972.599625862
Registrant Email: / playerat.c@hotmail

The same gang is also responsible for these scamming websites:
Amazing Translations
Powerful Translations


NOTE 86 Another scammer: Gordon Osullivan / Gordon Translations / Gordon Translation / Claiming that "We have been in the business of Translation for a long time", this scammer registered his domain ONLY on 12 SEP 2014!!! Just in time to emerge with a job offer on Translation Directory from IP: . The same job post was REMOVED from Translators Café! On 16SEP2014, this scammer was removed from Translation Directory and also from Translators Café.

As usual, the domain registration is private! Also, as usual with scammers, the website copy has been plagiarized from . Of course, payment is by PayPal! Baited by a secret buyer, this scammer responded "I am not using a debit card or bank account at this moment. Would you be able to pay via PayPal?"

Contact information (from the website):
10685 Hazelhurst Drive, Houston, Texas 77043, USA, a warehouse (ADDRESS USED FOR DOZENS OF "COMPANIES" AND SCAMS...)
Ph: (832) 303-8749 (deep forensic analysis shows the owner of this number as a Antione (Antoine?) Lacinski, Spr 5 Access Rd, Houston, Texas).

Gordon Osullivan / (doesn't seem to be monitored)

NOTE (17DEC2014): website is NOW CLOSED.

NOTE 87 Silver-Pens for Worldwide Translation Services / is another Palestinian scamming joint.
On 20SEP2014, the website was not active. Domain registration / ownership data shows NOTHING.

On a recent email sent to translators, these scammers invite them to sign the infamous Languagemet "Authorization and Agreement Form". DOC author: MHN

Ahmed Nada / / (screen name: alking cr7 = the king CR7 = Cristiano Ronaldo???) / Skype: trans.com83
Mahmoud Nada / / / Skype: hamood141494 (nada tran).
Yousef AbuNada / / / Skype: yousef.abunada1

NOTE 88 The Palestinian Center for International Translation (PCIT) is another spin-off (or a dissension) from the infamous Languagemet. Website: . Copy plagiarized from: PSG Translations (Italy), The Word Shoppe (US) and others.

Domain registration/ownership data:
Registrant Name: NA TAMER
Registrant Organization: T4MER.NET
Registrant Street: GAZA
Registrant City: GAZA
Registrant State/Province: GAZA STRIP
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Ph: +970599422829
Registrant Email: /

Phone on website: +970599422829 (i.e., Tamer W. A. Abughali, aka Tamer AbuGhali, domain owner)
Phones on documents: +070 599 713 439 (it should be: +970599713439) / +97082132272

Address on email: Khaled Qeshta Bulding, Jawazat st., Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territories.
Address on website: Jawwajat – Hai AlJunaina Rafah , Palestine / Skype: pc4it (pc4it co).

Some documents sent by these crooks, show the following info (DOC Properties): Author: awadalla / Last saved by: Yumi or Al nour. In a recent "profile", scammers just copied and pasted text from several sources: Koala International Services, Ltd. (Hong Kong), Lingo24 Ltd. (UK), Stranslations (Spain), LingvoHouse Translation Services Ltd. (UK) AND from the fake CV of Abeer Hams (associated with the MuchDo scamming joint).

Abeer Hams / Abeer Alhamss / Abeer Nafez / Abeer Nafez Al Hams / / +97282150658 / +972599855162 / Associated with MuchDo / CV properties: labtop
Ahmed Omar / Founder & CEO (LinkedIn)
Arwa Shaban / / /
Basma Alkord / (email address also used by PCIT) / Ph: +970598798727 / same number used by Dalia Alqotaty /
Dalia (the same Dalia Alqotaty (Note 0) / / /
Eman Asaker / Eman Abu Asaker / . NOTE: emails from Eman are signed by a Wedian Fayez (probably Wedian Fayez Abu Daqqa) / Ph: +970592686217 / Also associated with Arcadia Languages (Note 51)
Hanin Abed / Hanin Abd / Haneen / Haneen / / +970598278389
Khalil Mohammed / / Ph: +970599713439 (same phone used by a known scammer from Languagemet, Khalil Khateeb, aka Khalil Khatib / / / ). Email button on email resolves to / Khalil El-Khatib (a known Languagemet scammer, see in Directory).
Sara Hanna / /

WARNING! On a "Questionnaire For Freelancers", these scammers request "The copies of the diplomas and the certificates mentioned must be submitted with that questionnaire." In other words, translators are requested to give scammers the rope in which they'll be hung!

NOTE 89 7translations Inc. / 7Translations Group / is another FAKE "company" created by Palestinian scammers. Domain was created on 09JAN2014 (ProZ profile shows "established 2010") and the registration data shows:

Registrant Name: Ahmed Alnahhal
Registrant Organization: 7translations
Registrant Street: Taha Hussein Street
Registrant City: Rafah
Registrant State/Province: Gaza Strip
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Ph: +970.0595811087
Registrant Email:

"Client testimonial" from "Jhon" !!!: "We will use you for all our translation needs!"

Website copy has been plagiarized from, and (no surprise) from Gentle Translations Group & 24Translate, other Palestinian scamming outfits. On their website, these scammers write: "Proofreading is not an inborn ability; it is an acquired skill that requires focused concentration. At 24Translate, we provide..."

Address (FAKE): Kosuyolu Caddesi No59, Istanbul, 28735 Turkey
NEW FAKE address (15MAR2015): Taha Hussein Street, Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine
Ph: +97259266439 (Palestine phone number on emails; 1 DIGIT IS MISSING) / +902163256248 (FAKE phone number on website) / +970595811087

Skype: info.7translations (address: Turkey, 15MAR2015) / BANNED FROM Proz: 7Translations but profile still active!!! (address is Gaza, map shows Turkey...). Claims to be member of ATA (FAKE) & ATG (Asociación dos Traductores Galegos) (FAKE)

BANNED from posting jobs at ProZ, but their profile remains online!!!

Ahmed Alnahhal / Ahmed I. Alnahhal / Ahmed Al Nahhal / Ahmed Al-Nahhal. Scammer behing ghost "Isabelle Simon". / and also behind another scamming outfit, Powerful Translations (Note 45) / See also the report from a Jordanian company
Arwa Shaban /
Chan Lee (FAKE NAME) / /
Seung Kim / See the scam

NOTE 90 Bridge Translation Agency / Bridge-Translation / (CLOSED / March 2015) is a FAKE COMPANY created by Ukrainian scammers. Domain was created on 13FEB2014, and its owner is, of course, unknown! Website copy (including clients' testimonials) has been plagiarized from ABC Language Solutions (Canada).

These scammers claim to be located in this FAKE ADDRESS: Åbernå 10, of. 134, 1124 Copenhagen DK
Ph: +4 (380) 856-49-80 (FAKE) / Fax: +4 (380) 856-49-81 (FAKE).


NOTE 91 LingvoPoint Translation Services / is a scamming website (domain created on 16AUG2014) with the following ownership data:

Registrant Name: Margarita Eleni [FAKE NAME?]
Registrant Organization: yerof international LTD. [FAKE COMPANY?]
Registrant Street: 33 Porter Road, P.O. Box 3169 PMB 103, Road Town, Tortola BVI [British Virgin Islands]
Registrant City: Road Town
Registrant State/Province: tortola
Registrant Postal Code: VG1110
Registrant Country: BS [BAHAMAS ?]
Registrant Ph: +357.24668800 [CYPRUS COUNTRY CODE!!!]
Registrant Email:

Also own domain (no website).

The address above belongs to a "A.J.K. CORPORATE SERVICES (BVI) LIMITED". The website showed some SEO data in Russian (NOTE: there is a domain, with (also) unknown registration data). "Margarita Eleni Voskou" appears as a shareholder of a "Dillarlane Management Limited" company, registered and operational in Cyprus / Registration No: C196639.

Phone number +357.24668800 is also related to Advanced Search Technologies Inc. (Registrant Street: 33 Porter Road P.O. Box 3169, Tortola, VG) / .

The scammers behind this monumental operation have mined online data belonging to translators listed on ProZ (and probably other platforms), modified them and posted them on their website. After the scam was exposed on ProZ on 15NOV2014, the website has been closed.

Margarita Eleni / Margarita Eleni Voskou [FAKE NAME?]
Savvas Lazarides

NOTE 92 Azzurra Bisogni, aka Bisogni Azzurra, is an Italian self-nominated "Freelance Translator and Writer", active in a career of non paying translators and misrepresentation under various affiliations with phantasmagorical translation "companies": "B.A. Tradutions" (profile in LinkedIn) and "The Time Machine Translation Agency / The Time Machine". The NDA and POs from "The Time Machine Translation Agency" conveniently show no contact details...

Profile in ProZ (Bisogni Azzurra) has been DELETED and she was BANNED from TranslatorsCafe. She also keeps profiles in Elance (mengdieaz, DELETED), LinkedIn, Facebook ( ), UpWork, and in countless other online portals.

Addresses: Via Leonardo da Vinci 75, 00145, Roma (shown on CV, belongs to a guesthouse...) / Via Roma 206, Modica, RG 97015, Italy (probably FAKE) / Ph: +393317418019 / +393466154293 / Skype: mengdieaz / Twitter: @AzzurraBisogni / Screen names: mengdieaz / BisogniAzz / She is also the owner of the domain (CLOSED APR 2015, ACTIVE AGAIN AUG 2015 as ).

VAT number (on email signatures): 01592880882 (FAKE)

Azzurra Bisogni / / / /
Gabriel Hernàndez, ghost used as the "payer" for translation jobs, then turned to:
Laura De Blanchefort / (another ghost).
Roberta Pirelli (Pirelliro, Chief Director???) / / Ghost providing referrals for Azzurra

NOTE 93 Looking for these names or emails? Full note available for interested parties.
evemacy08 / /
Sussan Tracy /
Ogbeide Atalor / Atalor Ogbeide / Ogbedeide Atalor

NOTE 94 Shimaa Aly / Shaima Aly (many other aliases, see below) is, probably, the greatest "translator" on Earth! With her CV (a copy and paste piece of work), she must be, at least, 170 years old (it's just a shame she doesn't educate us about her DOB...). She is capable to translate from eye and gynecology surgery, to oil pumps, to advanced physics, to patents in adhesive resins, and to certified financial translation. On 2003, she stated on a ProZ Powwow to be "25 years old"... Her passport (if genuine) shows her DOB as 18MAR1979.

Amira Sami / Amira Samy / Amira Andrassy /
Oliara Aly / / Ph: 00966566451503 (Saudi Arabia) / 0040373782710 (Fake "Romanian" number)
Oliara Hudzikova / ("Partner" of Shaima. They share the same CV, because "Oliara is a close colleague working with me. She might be mixed up when applying"). Mixed up? Of course...
Oliara-Shaima Aly
Shaimaa Aly / Shaima Ali /
Shaima Andrassy / / / Photo on CV with this name appears here.
Shimaa Aly / / Ph: +2018676121 (Egypt) / Profile on shimali20011 / Profile on ProZ (DELETED): Shimaa Aly
Shaima Aly Mahmoud
Shimaa Aly Abdel Majeed / / Ph: +20106379113 / 202-426-7015 (Washington D.C., USA)
Shaimaa Aly Abdel Megid Mahmoud (name on "passport")
Shaima Mahmoud
Shaima Majeed
Shimaa Aly (name on ProZ, profile DELETED)
Shimaa A. Majeed (name on ProZ)

Screen names used:
Amira (Gorozdova, Saudi Arabia) in TradeKey
Amira Sami / Malik (Germany, Bratislava), with this screen name, she is selling a property in Germany
asmaaly8 (Saudi Arabia?)
Shaima Andrassy (Czech Republic!)
shimali2001 (Egypt)

On Translators Café, Shaima is also Nora Turner (Nora A. Turner) or Nora Shimaa (NOW REMOVED) and uses these emails: / / / . On this portal, "Nora" works at "dm,fnzsdlfkdanl" and her address is at "jksdfsakfjask, Cairo, dcf,mnsdfl 11291, Egypt". Her phone is +20103674943 and Fax: +202-344-2785 (Washington D.C., USA)

On her CV on ProZ Profile, Shimaa Aly (DELETED), she is "Egyptian / South African". On some websites, Shimaa is "I am American / Egyptian citizen" (it looks so more respectable...) or an "Egyptian Slovak citizen" or yet "a citizen of Egypt and Libya". Shaima Aly is also a "Gender Program Manager, and Gender and Communications Consultant for various NGOs in Egypt and Slovakia" Really?

She keeps another ProZ profile: Shimaa A. Majeed / Shimaa Aly A.majeed / . CV on this profile shows "Shimaa Aly Abdel Majeed / mrs.shaimaa" as her name.

"Sorry for my late response as I was abroad". We understand, Shaimaa, scammers are always on the move...
"For some family reasons I am currently -for 2 months only- in "Romania, Oliarova street, Bucharest, 7661. TelePh: 0040373782710". Nice address, scammer! Where is it? We also love the FAKE phone number...
"Sorry, I have never been asked to provide ID for any company I am working with." We understand! It's the typical scammers' response when asked for any proof of their ID!
"I am originally Egyptian with EU permanent residence". Where? Any phone number to show us?
"I am based in EU zone (...) here is Austria". Now it's Austria?

About Oliara Hudzikova / Saudi Arabic native speaker / I am Saudi Arabic speaker based in Romania: In the e-mail address the name written is Oliara Hudzikova and the e-mail message is signed as Oliara Aly. "Oliara" responded: "My mom was originally Albanian and my father was Saudi where I lived most of my life. She named me after one grandmother, so my name in full is Oliara-Shaima Aly". Of course, Oliara, Shaima, Aly, whatever...

NOTE 95 Sandra Antonio (FAKE NAME) is a "Translation Project Coordinator" from a ghost "company" called "Multi Lingua". The copy used in her email has been copied verbatim from the online profile of Stranslations (UK) and job offers from Global Listings (UK). In their frenzy, these scammers write things like "Our reputation is second to none within the translation". No website, no physical address and no phone is certainly part of their "reputation"...

Recently (March 2015), this same Sandra is contacting victims with another story: she's from a Pro Trans / Multi Lingua & Pro Translation Team.

Sandra Antonio / /

NOTE 96 Who is "member ATA no. 260038"? Well, it appears to be hard to say:

"Universal Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer, SEE AN EXAMPLE)
Company Number: B35985795 (in which jurisdiction?)
Calle Buenos Aires no 3
35002 Las Palmas
Gran Canaria

Ph: +34951406815 (Spain) / Ana or Andreea /
Fax: +1-212-933-9849

On their blog, they write these lines: "Some research needs to be done into the reliability of the company before hiring them. Some web-pages are even set up as a scam." INDEED THEY ARE! Universal Translation Services appears to be the flagship of this large-scale scamming/misleading operation.

"DutchTrans is a member of ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)

"European Live Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)
Also use: ELTS

"International Live Translation Services is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)
Also use: ILTS

" is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)

"ISO Translations is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)
ISO Translations is owned by Universal Translation Services Spain

"No Borders Translations is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)

"NordicTrans is a member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)

"WAPA Translations is a member ATA no. 260038" (see homepage footer)
WAPA Translations belongs to Universal Translation Services Spain
WAPA also uses "W.A.P.A."

On LinkedIn, their address is: PO Box 130, 29793 Torrox Costa Malaga, 29793 Spain. On Facebook, their address is the same as in LinkedIn, and the phone number is +34901666486. The "address in London" is at Daws House, 33-35 Daws Lane, London NW7 4SD (a virtual office, what else?) / Ph: 020 8099 7926

"USA Translate is owned by Universal Translation Services Spain"
Websites: (no "Universal Translation Services" footer shown)
Ph: +1 813-319-2666

Video Interpreting Service
"Company Number: member ATA no. 260038" (homepage footer)

Discarding the possibility of a clerical mistake by the website coder, we ask again: Who is "member ATA no. 260038"?

Live Document Translation Agency
Domain registered by
Of course, they are "based" in 5th Avenue, New York and in "Kensington Street", London (Twitter @translate_live (London, UK !!!):
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite E54, New York, N.Y. 10001, USA (a virtual office...) / Ph: +1 646-810-8674
219 Kensington street, Kensington W8 6BD, UK (another virtual office, with a wrong address...) / Ph: +44 203-355-9197

NOTE 97 Words Cloud / Words Cloud Translation is another FAKE "Portuguese" company created by Palestinian scammers.

Website: / Domain created on 26 JAN 2015 (claim "After over 10 years in business, Words Cloud Translation, has...", and the registration data is, of course, protected. Website disabed (08FEB2016), subsequently reactivated and now (JAN2023) disabled again.

Address: Estrada Logo Deus 36 3700-899 ROMARIZ (FAKE, MADE TO LOOK LIKE A PORTUGUESE ADDRESS) / No phone, of course! However, these scammers write this to translators: "You should be able and willing to: 1) Provide a real address and a landline phone number."!!! Burnt in "Portugal", they "moved" to Gaza: Almasry tower, Alawda St., Rafah, Gaza Srip, Palestine (also fake address)

ALL copy in website plagiarized from other websites:
Chinese Services Limited (UK)
Corporate Translations (US)
Diamond Legal Translation (Dubai)
El-Hazen Languages (India)
Euroservices Traductions (Italy)
Global Quality Solutions (UK)
Language Connect (UK)
LAT Multilingual (US)
Paspartu Multilingual Translation Services (Greece)
Trusted Translations (US)

Website shows "Developed by- MhamdG" (NOW REMOVED 16MAR2015), i.e. Mohammed Al Ghoul, aka Mohammed Alghoul, Mohammed Ghoul, Mohammed A. Al Ghoul, Mohammed Maham (from Gaza)

Anita Gustavo (FAKE) / / Skype: anita.wordscloud (FAKE LOCATION: Portugal !!!)
David Morin, Michael Lunax, Sara Edward: ghost clients providing referals to Words Cloud (referals wording has been copied from other websites)
Mariana Almeida / / / Skype: mariana.wordscloud
Mohammed Alghoul / Mohammed Al Ghoul / / Twitter: @MhamdG / @MhamdG_old / IP: (Gaza) and (a known IP from UK/NL used by scammers/hackers)
Muntaha Mustafa / / / see the scammer's email to lure translators / also associated with One Touch Translation Note 102
Stefano Rosso / IP: (Italy) Fake poster of jobs online: applications are responded by Anita Gustavo!
Susana /
These scammers are also behind ghosts "Candela Caceres" & "Anabela Cruz"

NOTE 98 Word Wide Translation / World Widetranslation / Worldwide Translation Team / wwtranslation is, yet, another Palestinian scamming outfit. Domain – – created on 15FEB2015 with the following registration data:

Registrant Name: Ahmed Naser
Registrant Street: Gaza – Palestine
Registrant City: gaza
Registrant State/Province: ga
Registrant Postal Code: 00970 (???)
Registrant Country: PS
Registrant Ph: +97005980765432 (FAKE)
Registrant Email:

As usual, there is no phone on the website, and the address is the "famous" Bahar Street in Gaza: 23 Bahar Street, Gaza Strip, Palestine, also known as: Bahar, Albahar, Al Bahar, Al-Bahar, El Bahar and associated with other 6 Gaza scamming operations targeting translators. Lately, these scammers moved to "23 Bahar Street" to Dubai, UAE!!!

Website copy entirely plagiarized from other companies: Smartling (US), Connect Global (Italy), Orange Translations (US), Translationservices24 (UK), Alliance Business Solutions (US) and the well known scamming joint 24Translate (SAME pricing conditions, in which they state "The price is based on a rate per 1000 words of source text"). For USD 0.07? As for payment, they claim "We Accept these methods: PayPal / Skrill / Payza / WebMoney / PerfectMoney / Bitcoin / Western Union / Wire Transfer". REALLY?

Skype: wwtranslation (WorldWide Translation)

Ahmed Naser /

NOTE 99 Hans Rainer Biermann / Hans-Rainer Biermann / Wackenbergstr. 29, 13156 Berlin / Ph: +4903020896777 (DISCONNECTED) / CV author: ak ??? Claims to have taken "English to German & German to English (Ernst Moritz Arndt-Universität Greifswald)". In fact, his practical work (1974) was named "Untersuchung von Abwässern der Düngemittelanlage und Bilanzierung der Stickstoffverlust in den Abwässern dieser Anlage" (Investigation of the fertilizer plant effluents and accounting for the loss of nitrogen in the plant effluent). Also claims to work with Dutch to German (no Dutch-learning background is provided).

"Hans" requests payment / see other payment to be made to an Estonian company!!! Why? "The idea is that they simply help me with my accounting things and, in some cases, representing as a translator, recommending to their clients, etc., but all this gives me more free time for my work." REALLY? Either "Hans" uses the Estonian company for tax evasion in Germany, or the Estonian company A2Z Ltd. uses the profile and identity of "Hans Rainer Biermann" illegally to apply as "German native" freelancer on ProZ.

When asked again to confirm his phone number, claimed to be staying in Estonia and could not take the call. To make it even more dubious, his messages are sent from an IP Address located in Kiev, Ukraine: (blacklisted by many sites online).

Small wonder: the scammer behind this ghost "Estonian" company is Alla Kondrat aka Alla Ovod from Prilyki, Ukraine. She uses the screen name @allaovod on, where she also claims to own the domain . She is also known for writing plagiarized crap about tarot, feng shui, personal finance, marketing, English language, etc. Keeps profiles in LinkedIn and in ProZ (both under Alaa Ovod / allaovod), where she says nothing about A2Z Translations /

About "her" Estonian company: OÜ A2Z / A2Z LTD – Translation Agency / A2Z Translations / / Registration number (Estonia): 12529311 / Address (virtual office): Partisani 6-33, Narva 21007, Estonia / Ph: +4901765182078 / +4917651820786 (German phone numbers?). Valid value added tax identification number does not exist. New website doesn't show any address or phone number (AUG 2015).

Domain registration data is conveniently "protected". On, they are based in London. This company and its owner also owns (domain created 28FEB2014, website empty on MAR2015):

Registrant Name: Alisa Zingerman
Registrant Organization: OU A2Z (domain is for sale, AUG 2015)
Registrant Street: Partisani 6-33
Registrant City: Narva
Registrant State/Province: Idu-Virumaa
Registrant Postal Code: 21007
Registrant Country: Estonia
Registrant Ph: +49.176.51820786 (O2 mobile phone number in Germany?) / +37217651820786
Registrant Email:

Alisa Zingerman now gives Hebrew lessons online on . Alla Ovod and "Hans Rainer Biermann" are strong advertisers, using the exact same wording...

On this job offer, a "Maria" from A2Z L. (in Ukraine) is looking for translators for "part-time job from home": "Basically, no previous experience in translation is needed, but some experience in technical/medical/business fields is preferable." OK, we get the idea, "Maria"! Same offer can be seen here. Or this Job For-Inernatioanal-Students (in RUSSIAN). Or We are looking for a Project Manager to take care of translations projects in our agency (home based position) (in a Ukrainian portal).

Alisa Zingerman / / / / Skype: azingerman (Berlin, Germany)
Alla Kondrat aka Alla Ovod / / / / / Ph: +380662647054 / Twitter: @zvetochek
Hans Rainer Biermann / / IP: (Ukraine) / Keeps a profile in ProZ.
Maria ? /

NOTE 100 Frenchman Aymeric Mathéossian created yet another translation portal: "QIWE, outil pour traducteurs et agences de traduction. Publication de projets par les agences, proposition de devis par les traducteurs" / . The registration data is conveniently protected, but he left his name embeded in the HTML source of the website.

The domain / website was created on 22MAR2015 and, at least, on 01APR2015, it listed the fantastic number of 3620 translators!

Following several complaints from translators who have never registered in the site, the translators listing was REMOVED. On 04APR2015, the site still lists 84 translation agencies. The website shows no ownership data and no physical address and contacts. Being a French e-commerce site (site marchand), the required "Déclaration CNIL" is not shown (En cours). CNIL is the "Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés".

Aymeric Mathéossian /

NOTE 101 Nardina Alongi is a name well known among translators and synonymous with NON-PAYER. The known reports available online puts the scam into the hundreds of thousands of owed money!

More info about this scam: (by Colin McCullough)
In this piece of crap, Nardina claims (FALSELY) that Globale Kommunikation is a member of the American Translators Association:

Globale-Kommunikation Munich is, besides the mentioned certificates, a member of the ata – the American Translator Association. For this since 1959 existing Association for supporting international translation services of all occupations only the best qualified services can apply.

The same Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (Germany: USt-IdNr.) – DE280550268 – is used for ALL "companies" associated with Nardina...

Nardina and her buddies are associated with these websites:

Dein Bauernhof / / / Felix Teske
DTP Works / / / / Domain owner: Johannes Gilges / IT Solutions Johannes Gilges / (Website checked by: Dr. Straeter, lawyer)
Greenlandic Translations / / (WEBSITE IS ACTIVE)
ITM Media / / (REDIRECTS to: The Languagehouse / Felix Teske)
Globale Kommunikation / /
Linguapoly / / (WEBSITE IS ACTIVE)
Lingua-Poly / / Domain owner: Globale-Kommunikation
Anna Maria Alongi / / Domain owner: Nardina Alongi / / Ph: +4915781963449
Nardina Alongi / / (WEBSITE IS ACTIVE)
Peter Rudolph / / / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph / / Domain owner: Nardina Alongi (REDIRECTS to: The Languagehouse / Felix Teske) / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph / Dolmetscherbase / Domain owner: Globale-Kommunikation / / / Domain owner: Nardina Alongi / / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph / Astallerstrasse 20, Munich, Germany, Ph: +498972609739 / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph / Domain owner: Nardina Alongi / / / Lindenstrasse 12a, 81545 München / Claim to be ATA members (FALSE) / (REDIRECTS to:
Zahnpflegezentrum (YES, DENTAL CARE CENTER) / / Domain owners: Nardina Alongi & Peter Rudolph

Address: Terofal Strasse 103, 80689 Munich, Germany / Ph: +4908972809739 / Twitter: @gkommunikation (now: Felix Teske)
Language House: +498923516805 / Fax: +498992589460

BANNED FROM PROZ / Nardina Keeps a profile on LinkedIn.

Charlie Brown / / Skype: Charlie.brown1883
Felix Teske / / / / +498972609739 / Skype: itm-media / Ph: +498923516805 / Ph: +49015120735249
Markus Schirra / (contact given at
Nardina Alongi / / / / Skype: solalbi
Peter Rudolph /

NOTE 102 Another FAKE company, created by Palestinian scammers, also based in "Portugal": One Touch Translation / OTT / OTTranslation / OTT Zone / (domain registration data is, of course, hidden). Domain was created on 27 NOV 2014. The website copy is, as usual, plagiarized from other websites: Somya Translators Pvt Ltd (India), Vinclu (UK), Translation Central Ltd (UK), Global Quality Solutions Ltd (UK), i Translation Zone (India), Optilingua International (Switzerland) and other online sources. The entire website, including its logo (modified), has been stolen from here / OTT website was disabled (19FEB2016) and active again (12APR2016).

The address is FAKE: 677, Moo 6, Algés Lisboa, Portugal / No phone, of course. Now, they "moved" to: City Cinter. Rafah Province, Gaza Strip, Palestine or Sultas St., Rafah, Gaza Strip, Palestine. Did they also move their "Portuguese" staff, including "Anna", the CEO?

See ANOTHER FAKE company based in "Portugal".

Mr. Mahmoud Abed / Mahmoud Abed hsubzero (ProZ) /
Anna Oliveira Pereira (FAKE NAME) / Chief Executive Officer !!! / !!! /
Karen Diaz (FAKE NAME) /
Lavinia Azevedo (FAKE NAME) /
Muntaha Mustafa / / gives Tasneem Kamal as reference
Najia Mahmoud / Naija Mahmoud / Noga Mahmoud / / / / Ph: +970597243709 / Skype: ottranslation (Gaza, Israel!!!) / In TC, she's from Israel!!!/ Also associated with a "Linguist Vision Team" and a "All Translation" / Author of CV from "Attila Peters"
Rebeca Carvalho (FAKE NAME) /
Roberta (FAKE NAME) / ("Roberta", of course, is a non-payer...)
Tasneem Kamal / /

NOTE 103 Another monumental scam: Simi Agarwal (or Dr. Simi Agarwal) is the owner of a ghost "Telematic Solutions Translations" based in India with no address, no website, but, of course, a Gmail address...

Telematic Solutions Translations / Ph: +911294071529 / Ph: +919958455229 / +0300-5337956 / Skype: tele_solutions12

BANNED FROM PROZ: Simi Agarwal / Telematic Solutions Translations (previously T.M.Solutions – Languages Translation Bureau).
still active under the name "translation_exp"; Simi is also BANNED from Translators Café.

Simi is also behind another Telematic Solutions, a company operating in the IT sector (
Address: 529, Ground Floor, Mother Dairy Road, Sector 17, Faridabad (Delhi NCR), India 121002

Screen names used: sp_winner (ebay) / S Agarwal (other online portals)

On her LinkedIn profile Simi is Dental Surgeon, Doctor (Pune University) and a self-appointed "Presiding Manager of Prestigious Diamonds and Jewellery Who's Who Group on Linkedin" (yes, she also sells diamonds...), and "Simi & her family are owners of large scale Rice mills and are supplying Rice and such commodities to clients worldwide. Her father has been Adviser to Power Minister of Mauritius".Simi is also ready to sell "Raw Cashew Nut in Shell" or buying Diethyl Benzene...

The comment on this link – 1. Translator – June 19, 2009 -- is also eloquent about the association of Simi with Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd. (also in India): "I used the direct contact button on the platform – and got an answer from "

Websites operated: / (Somya Life Sciences Medical Translation)
Domain owner: Archana Singh, also owns the following domains:

To hide her own identity, Simi is now using a front:
Anne Doetschman / Telematic Solutions Translations / Phone: +1-360-927-6621
Skype: anne.doetschman / anne.doetschman19
Anne keeps a profile in LinkedIn and a personal website at

Ajoy Singh / / / / IP:
Anne Doetschman /
Archana Singh / /
Barkha Kumari /
Dipti Ranjan Jena /
Kanchan Singh /
Lonli Gogoi /
Nitesh Raj /
Nitin Rajwar /
Robert (Simi becomes Robert?) /
Saghir Ahmed / / / / / Skype: Saghir_51 / More info
Simi Agarwal / /
Svetlana B. /
Tina Mittra /

NOTE 104 Emma Carré / Emma Translations / Native French Freelancer / (also uses "Pure Translations") is a bold and resourceful scammer:

CV circulated by "Emma" was stolen from Fabien Champême (Spain), Aleksandra Sondermeijer (France), Hillary Nichole Carroll (UK), Mitsuyoshi Takeyama (Japan), Emi Wakai (Japan) & other sources.

The address on CV – 6 ancienne route impériale, 04000 Digne-les-Bain, France – belongs to a genuine translator, Jean-Luc Dumont, France (his CV as also been scammed as "Amanda Charass"). Phone on CV (FAKE): +33975180831

Emma's CV is also found on (a company known for posting FAKE CVs online) as "Chloe S. Costantino" and as..."Emma Carré". BEWARE: On the CV, the "Online Quote Form" link redirects to the quotation form of a company called "Taohai Global Solutions" (China) and the "Send an e-mail" link redirects to "mailto:" to the same Chinese company: "". Note: the same link and wording found in Emma's CV is also found here (see bottom of page)...

Claims on CV: "English: STEP 1st Grade (Charter No. 3383) Professional English Interpreter 2nd Grade" copied verbatim from Mitsuyoshi Takeyama (Japan) and "Licensed guide (English), French National Tourism Association TOEIC 950" copied and modified from Emi Wakai (Japan). Note: TOEIC is a registered trademark from the "Educational Testing Service" (USA, Japan).

Domain registration data for is, as usual, confidential. About the website:
1. Domain created on 24 JUN 2013 (some entries on the website are dated October 2009...)
2. Syntax xxx4french is typically used by Palestinian (Arabic) nationals.
3. Address: Our Company Inc., 2458 S . 124 St.Suite 47, Town City 21447 (REALLY?) / Phone: 124-457-1178 / Fax: 565-478-1445 (FAKE)
4. Copy in website has been plagiarized from Naked Translations (from Céline Graciet, UK), Laura Ball (UK), À la carte translations (UK), and other sources.
5. Website closed (JUL 2015). Fighting scammers works!

On September 2020, another fake CV emerged with the same addreess (6 ancienne route impériale - 04000 Digne-les-Bains, France, 0033 Digne-les-Bains (France)) and the same phone number 33975180831:
Matilda Lajoie /
Domain created: 12MAR2020 / Registrant data is private

And, given the similarities of the signature block used by Matilda, we have uncovered another fake CV:
Ronja Meyer / /
Domain created: 25FEB2020 / Registrant data is private
The author of ALL files on "Ronja" website is none other than: Ahmed Omar (Note 15)

NOTE: Emails from Matida & Ronja are sent via a VPN/Proxy located at (USA).

Emma Carré / Pure Translations /
Matilda Lajoie /
Ronja Meyer / /

NOTE 105 Mattias Bergström, born 15APR1978, is a known scammer and non-payer. Since, at least 2011, he is known to be associated with all these websites, which he keeps closing to evade his victims:

DEBTA International Debt Collection ( (DISABLED)
LUYOL World Forum / (DISABLED)
Viking Text (NO WEBSITE)


He now operates these domains:
CEAB, sometimes listed as 'Textservice AB' / (redirects to, domain registration hidden)
CE Systems / CE översättningsbyrå / (domain registration hidden) (Gabon !!!) (redirects to

Mattias created FAKE FRENCH TRANSLATORS AND FAKE PORTUGUESE TRANSLATORS for his "company". Translators for ALL other languages are also FAKE: random names and copied photos. We already know the forthcoming explanation: "The web designer did it and I knew nothing about it".

Addresses used (virtual offices):
Frejgatan 13, 114 79 Stockholm, Sweden / Stureplan 4c SE-114 35 Stockholm, Sweden
Fredsgatan 11 SE-212 12 Malmö, Sweden / Phone: +46702992299 (on list from Embassy Sweden (Washington)
Saturnusgatan 244 25472 Ödåkra Sweden / +46424242420 / +46424242422 (GlobTra profile)

WIESELGRENSGATAN 20 LGH 1003, 252 48 HELSINGBORG (Residence) / VAT number: SE 780415407301

Other phones: +46855110700 / +46855110701 / +467804154073 / +46700400770 / +46700199019

Keeps a profile in ProZ: CE Translation Agency / 563417 / Other screen names: gallimattias

@LuyolDotCom /
@oversattning / CE översättningsbyrå
@oversattningsby / CE översättningsbyrå

Mattias also likes to hide his face...


NOTE 106 Another monumental network of ghosts and deception. All websites below represent ghost companies belonging to the same operator:

Affordable Verbatim Transcription Services /
Best Translation Services / / In LinkedIn, they claim to have "501-1000 employees"!!! / Blog at
Cheap Transcription Services /
French Voice Over / (DOMAIN CLOSED)
MBA Essay Editing / / +1 866 821 8819
Online Proofreading / / +1 855 902 6769
Presentation Services / / +1 855 843 4761
Press Release Writers / / +1 855 843 4761 / Used to write the gang's spamming crap
Professional Legal Translation Services Online /
Review Writing / / +1 866 821 8819 / +1 855 843 4761
Spanish Translation Services /
Verbatim Transcription Services / Verbatim Academic Transcription Services /
Video Translation Services /

THEY ALL SHARE THE SAME PHONE NUMBER: (855) 884-3921 (extension number varies)

All websites use search engine spamming lingo like: Best Speak Spanish Translation Services or Don't Be Afraid To Trust Cheap Translation Services. Their online spamming also use other channels...

When asked about their location, they respond: Hello. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose our physical address.

A "Aurora Smith" keeps a profile in Google, claming to be associated with Best Translation Services. "Her" photo was stolen from a LinkedIn profile (color changed and fake glasses added...). Being a "marketing expert", "she" writes crap like this: "I enjoy the world of languages, there is such a mystery in discovering native tongue from the perspective of foreign language".

This network belongs to another "Best Translation Services" aka Ankit Bhatia.
Address: 296, Sector 9 Faridabad, Haryana 121006, India
Phones: +91 997 1779036 / +91 129 4105296 (these phone numbers are also used by Galaxy Marketing Co. & BIG Ad Global Marketing Co.). This Indian gang even uses a very funny (and FAKE) address: 611 Commerce St, Burlington, VT! There is a "611 Commerce St.", but it is located in Tennessee, not in Vermont... And, it's the address for an hotel!

Ankit keeps various profiles in Translation Directory:
English Gujarati translation services by Ankit Bhatia
Ankit Bhatia Chinese to English Translator
English German translation services by Ankit Bhatia
English Hindi translation services by Ankit Bhatia

Myself Ankit a freelance Italian Translator
(Google profile)

This gang spams press release sites with crap bulletins "located" in Jacksonville (USA), Boston (USA), Los Angeles (USA), London (UK), etc.

Alana Woods (FAKE NAME) /
Alisha John (FAKE NAME) /
Allen Naismith (FAKE NAME) /
Allen Naismith (FAKE NAME) /
Ankit Bhatia /
Aurora Smith (FAKE NAME) /
Christopher Anderson (FAKE NAME) /
Clifford Black (FAKE NAME) /
Dale West (FAKE NAME) /
Daniel Stull (FAKE NAME) /
Ella Sanders (FAKE NAME) / / Address (FAKE): 611 Commerce St, Burlington, VT
Frank Benson (FAKE NAME) /
Hailey Michelle (FAKE NAME) /
Jack Morris (FAKE NAME) /
James Sanders (FAKE NAME) / /
Jenny Stevens (FAKE NAME) /
Jimena Canavesi (FAKE NAME) /
Jimena Canavesi (FAKE NAME) /
Johens James (FAKE NAME) /
Juih Guidelli (FAKE NAME) /
Juih Guidelli (FAKE NAME) /
Julia Timpson (FAKE NAME) / / Nice photo, "Julia"...
Karolina Bakalar (FAKE NAME) /
Laddee Collier (FAKE NAME) /
Louisa Kenski (FAKE NAME) /
Merced Dos Palos (FAKE NAME) /
Penny Albritton (FAKE NAME) /
Penny Albritton (FAKE NAME) /
Ririe Fikriani (FAKE NAME) /
Sandra Lopez (FAKE NAME) /
Scarlet Tindle (FAKE NAME) /
Serina Johnson (FAKE NAME) /
Svetlana Cuss (FAKE NAME) /
Teresita Routhe (FAKE NAME) /
Zack Harwell (FAKE NAME) / / Ph: (855) 884-3921

NOTE 107 Real Translator Jobs / Real Translator Jobs Inc. / Real Translator Inc / RTJ / RT®J / / 1847641 Ontario Limited

An abnoxious and shady organization dedicated to extort money (they call it "membership fees") in exchange for "fantastic translation jobs": "There are many translators earning well over $100,000 usd a year." (website FAQ)

One opinion about this scamming operation: Real Translator Jobs Scam – Unbiased Review
And another from the No Peanuts! for Translators website.

Their website shows some very interesting information:
1. Domain registration data is HIDDEN
2. NO physical address and NO phone number

However, in their "agreement" (they call it "Management Agreement RTJ"), they include these data:
1. 1847641 Ontario Limited (aka Real Translator Inc). No records exist about this "corporation; there is, however, a genuine 1847641 ALBERTA LTD. (a Numbered Corporation incorporated 2014).
2. In the signature block, they include this absurd statement: "Guardian's signature if Translator is under 18" !!!
3. Address: 2063 Yonge Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2A2, Canada (exactly the same address for a model and talent management company called MAX Agency / ) or this FAKE address 67 Browns Ridge Rd, Ellijay GA 30540
4. Phone and fax numbers – (416) 482-5392 / Fax: (416) 482-4109 – also the same used by MAX Agency.

Some online spamming scamming websites linking to the main website: / / Ph: (877) 238-4899 / Fax: (877) 648-9548 (CLOSED)

See also Note 109 / HiPay

Amiee Bowerman ( /
Bill Tanner /
David Skinner / /
Glenn Federer /
Harris /
John / /
Kristin Stewart /
Lovisa Ellison / / (Lovisa is a prolific blogger spammer)
Mary Price/ / /
Melissa Hoover (Workforce Supervisor / Hiring Supervisor)
Mike Abbas (Workforce Supervisor)
Richard (FAKE NAME) / (a website luring people into the real scam site)
Russell Williams /
Real Translator Jobs / / / /
William James /
Yunik White (Recruiting Agent !!!) / / Ph: (416) 482-5392 / Fax: (416) 482-4109

NOTE 108 With their fake CV scam busted, scammers are now resorting to other schemes to extort money from the translation community. This time, a "Emily Phillips" contacted translators impersonating a PM from a US company (APEX Translations Inc.), offering them a very lucrative position within the company. Catch: the real company does employ a real Emily Phillips and the scammers' emails bear all signs pointing to the real company (name, address, website). The email addresses used by the scammers are, of course, from Gmail...

Those who respond, are then lured further into the scam by a "recruiter" – Ameer Nassim, James Sanskrit or Jennifer White – who attaches to the emails a pack of files – Employment Information & Employment Agreement – all looking perfectly legitimate. But victims have to act fast and send the scammers $30.00 to secure their golden position...

Translators are directed to make their "registration" at these URLs (GA domain = GABON)
Your personal link to register is :
You can login here :

The original domain is: ( / / Byet Internet Services / All websites hosted show this URL format: . The URL appears to have been disabled and showed crap like "Watch this FREE video below to learn how I am making 10 000 $ + per month translating documents and texts from my native language to English..." The same copy is found on , also hosted by ).

The ultimate URL is with these registration data:

Registrant Name: S. YOO
Registrant Street: 1541-203, 394 SANG DONG
Registrant City: BUCHEON
Registrant State/Province: KYUNGKIDDO
Registrant Postal Code: 420 030
Registrant Country: KR
Registrant Phone: 82 010 2782 1334
Registrant Email: FACIDO@GMAIL.COM

$89 payment required to view jobs displayed on

Too good to believe? Well, according to some reports on ProZ, some translators did!

Ameer Nassim / BANNED FROM ProZ
Emily Phillips / / (scammers even used the photo of the real Emily Phillips on this Gmail account...)
James Sanskrit
Jennifer White
SJ Yoo / (ID in TranslatorPub, ProZ profile removed) /

NOTE 109 Another monumental "corporate" scam targeting translators: A "Q&A Research" company is contacting translators with an "employment offer" like this:

Title: Freelance Translator. Start date: ASAP.
Contract : Indefinite, unless either party decides to terminate employment.
Salary : $81,000 USD yearly or $38 per hour.
Pay terms : Friday of Every new Week.

For that, translators just have to move fast and to pay them $20.00 (EVERY MONTH), with their credit card.

Registration data for domain (Redirected to a legitimate company in Australia with the same name. Domain is now DISABLED)
Registrant Name: Julian Hatman
Registrant Street: 778 Mossisa Sure (FAKE address)
Registrant City: Montreal
Registrant State/Province: QC
Registrant Postal Code: H0H 8K2 (FAKE: H0H is used for the Canadian Santa Claus...)
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.9059493930 ("905" is for Mississauga in the Toronto area)
Registrant Email:

Julian is already known for his "employment offers", and the photo on his G+ profile is actually from this gentleman from NC, USA

Amanda Harrison /
Julian Hatman / / Ph: (416) 885-9303
Lloyd Studders /
On 03 Jan 2016, a new scam was reported on ProZ:

Hypay / Hipay Media / HiPay – Digital Payments Experts / (WEBSITE DISABLED 04JAN2016)
HIPAY Panel / hipay mobile / (DOMAIN REGISTERED 24DEC2015) (WEBSITE ACTIVE AS OF 04JAN2016)

Registration data for these domains are the same as for (Julian Hatman), but, within a few hours, the registration data for was changed to:

Registrant Name: Emmie Cockie (FAKE NAME)
Registrant Street: 800 Avenue Road #456 (a Municipal Park...)
Registrant City: Toronto
Registrant State/Province: Ontario
Registrant Postal Code: L7N2K1
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.4168859393 (belongs to a "Sean Purcell... or to a business...)
Registrant Email: ("Esmeralda T" on Google profile)

Scammers are impersonating a genuine payment portal headquartered in France, HiPay, and offering translators a position:
"Translator Employment Offer – Hipay Media – The team and I have been impressed with your background and approach and would love to formally offer you a position as a Translator. Although we traditionally conduct interviews with our applicants prior to offering them a position within the company, your credentials have convinced us that you possess the right skill set to properly fulfill this position."

1. Translators receive an email signed by Lucia Venucci or Samuel White with a link to a "formal letter" (filename: tr_offerletter.pdf).
2. From this "formal letter", translators are lured into another PDF link (Translator Agreement), filename: translatoragreement.pdf).
3. This translator agreement (14 pages) (CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTOS) is but a copy-and-pasted pack of lies, including the names of the purported "managers" of the "company":
SAM WHITE / Co-Founder and Portal Administrator / Photo is from Robert Laing, founder of Gengo and and bio note has ben copied from Apex Translations (Winfried Schlamadinger)
ELODY OKE / Portal Manager / Photo is from a hairstyling site (8th photo from the top) and bio note has ben copied from Apex Translations (Emily Philips)!
LUCIA VENUCCI / Office / Portal Manager / Photo is from Aisha Allee, Mauritius
4. And now, fro the final stage of the scam: "You will also have to install a refundable security deposit of 30$ for us to verify your identity."THAT'S THE SCAM: you'll have to pay 30 USD to this gang!

IMPORTANT NOTE: On their Translators Agreeement, in an effort to confuse translators, ALL websites shown on the lower right corner of every page belong to their legitimate owner (a French company), EXCEPT, which was created and operated by the scammers. Funny: in this document, the addresses (page 4-5) belong to Gengo, Inc., and, hey, "Every office also holds an annual employee party in its respective city"

Info from ProZ: "Note that the page to make the payment includes a banner, a scam website that has been around for several years." (See Note 107)

The address listed on their emails – 25 Taylor Street, San Francisco – belongs to a coworking office space firm.

Lucia Venucci keeps a profile in Translators Café (NOW REMOVED) with this data:
201 W. Water Street, Suite 5, Kansas City 010001, United States (FAKE) / Ph: +913 945 3704 (belongs to a real estate company)

Emmie Cockie aka Emeralda Tobey /
Julian Hatman / / Ph: (416) 885-9303
Lucia Venucci / Human Resources Manager / / / / Lucia's signature (the same used by Samuel) is actually the signature from Tami Simon, a publisher of spiritual books!!!
Samuel White aka Sam White / Human Resources Manager / / On this page, Samuel's signature is actually the signature from Tami Simon, a publisher of spiritual books!!!

NOTE 110 Another Palestinan FAKE "company" based in "London": Linguistics Theory / Active Translation Team Translators (name used in emails) / (WEBSITE CLOSED) / (WEBSITE EMPTY) / See domain registration data:

Registrant Name: Hosam Kaleef
Registrant Organization: Linguisticstheory
Registrant Street: Rafah Gaza
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: XX
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: PW (PALAU !!!)
Registrant Phone: +972598778857
Registrant Email:

Address on website: Street 221B Baker Street, London, UK (i.e., the London address of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes !!!)
Postal Code: 120093 (FAKE postal code for the UK...)
Ph: +012 345 678 / Fax: +012 345 678 (BOTH FAKE)
Skype: linguisticstheory (NON EXISTENT)

As usual with these bogus "companies", the copy on the website has been copied from other websites: Taika Translations (USA), Übersetzungsbüro Terber & Partner (Germany), Ennovatives (India), Flamingo Translation Services (India) & other sources.

When they write their own copy, we can read stuff like this:
Are you licensed translation company and where the formal stamp?
We have a team of licensed work and samp.

Other domain used by these scammers: and

Registrant Name: Hamada Mohammad
Registrant Organization: linguisticstheorys
Registrant Street: hagana 89 tel aviv 58865 hagana 89 tel aviv 58865 (FAKE ADDRESS)
Registrant City: tel aviv
Registrant State/Province: Tel aviv / Israel
Registrant Postal Code: 0097
Registrant Country: IL
Registrant Phone: +972.972599632749 (FAKE NUMBER, SHOULD BE +972599632749)
Registrant Email:

Other domain used by these scammers: (used to send scammers' emails with fake CVs)

Hamada Mohammad / Ahmad Translation / / Ph: +9720599632749. Also uses "Ahmed Mostafa" / Translation Experts Team / / Skype: ahmed.trans (location: Israel!) / Scammer behind "Catarina Almeida"

Dolly Adam / / Skype: dolly.adam2
Erika Legotin /
Hamada Mohammad / Ahmad Translation (See Note 0) / Expert Of Linguists / Experts Of Translations / / / Active Translators Team (See Note 0 / Hamada Mohammad)
Hosam Kaleef /
Leha Mendiz /
Linguistics Theory /
Lucia Alcee /
Luciano Ketki /
Peng Wang / Peng Weng / Wang Peng / /
Rosana Shafikov / / /
Sander Morellet /
Stephani / Expert Of Linguists / / / Skype: Ch.trans (Expert Of Translation Stephani / Hiafa, Israel !!!)
Tamara Sam / / Skype: Tamara.sam4 (Denmark !!!)

NOTE 111 Another sleazy operation set up by a known translator impersonator: Kamal Ebrahim aka Kamal Abdelhafiz (see other names below). His career seems to be that of a translator impersonator and seller of SIM cards for mobile phones. Now, he started another "business": a translation bidding portal (i.e., a money-sucking scheme) under the name of "all translators of the world", based, of course on a also sleazy website, . Domain registration data:

Registrant Name: Kamal Abdelhafiz
Registrant Street: 137 sawah
Registrant City: cairo
Registrant State/Province:
Registrant Postal Code: 11231
Registrant Country: EG
Registrant Phone: +20.01116633632
Registrant Email:

Associated addresses:
19A Al Fairouz city 6 october Egypt
4 Sowalam street Ain shams Cairo Egypt (address on CV from Kamal Abdel Hafiz Mohamed)
146, place Charles de Gaulle, Poitiers, France (FAKE ADDRESS on website, there is no 146 on this "place")
46, place Charles de Gaulle, BP 377, 86009 Poitiers, France (FAKE ADDRESS on Facebook, stolen from here)

Website copy, as usual with scammers sites, has been copied from other websites: Translator HQ, (YES!) and others. This scammer also keeps Facebook profiles: Kamal Ebrahim and All-translators-of-the-world (21,801 likes on 12OCT2015). Website contents is just a copy-and-paste operation of jobs posted online.

On his advertisement email, Abdel or Kamal writes crap like this: More than 50,000 translators of the world use our website (40% of the Arab region because our offices are in Cairo / Egypt and 60% from all the world). More than 12,000 agencies from all the world put their projects on our website.

And, after 15OCT2015, this clown is offering "a special membership":
To be a Special membership please register in our website and Upgrade now to take advantage of our special prices:
3 months = 25 Euros
6 months = 40 Euros
12 months = 60 Euros

Yet, another website: Arab Youths / Translation Forever – Site of Translation and interpretation / /

ProZ profile REMOVED (abdo8813)
Translation Directory profile REMOVED kamal_abdel_hafiz / profile email:

Under the name of Kamal Dahi, he also registered the domain (EXPIRED) and also operates a blog:

NOTE: All names below belong to the same scammer
Abdel Hafez (name on emails) /
Abdel Hafiz Kamal
All Translators of the World / / Ph: +20 122 195 7510
Ana Abdo / abdo8813 /
Catherine Michael (FAKE NAME) / Marketing Manager!!! /
Kamal Abdelhafiz (name on domain registration) /
Kamal Abdel Hafiz (name on Translation Directory, Ph: +20 122 195 7510) /
Kamal Abdel Hafiz Mohamed (name on CV, online)
Kamal Abdul Hafeez (name on Facebook / kamali.dahi / "Manager at All translators of the world" / Ph: 01210667766
Kamal Dahi (now, he's Dahi...) / / / / kamaldahi1 / Owner of domain (EXPIRED) / LinkedIn: "Translator at Arabic Translation Forever"
Kamal Ebrahim (name on Facebook, Ph: +201001312076 / 01221957510) / / )
Khalid Ali / Abad Elrahman Agency / Ebad Al Rahman Association / (provides references for Kamal)
Rehab Osman / Arabic Translation Forever / (ghost used to promote the website and to provide references for Kamal)
Samir Ahmed /

NOTE 112 One more monumental scam from the same operators behind the infamous Real Translator Jobs / Real Writing Jobs scamming ring: IAPWE / International Association of Professional Writers & Editors / (created 29SEP2015; the owner of the domain uses a service to hide his identity). From their website "IAPWE Now Hiring Writers and Editors". AN ASSOCIATION IS HIRING?

Contacts provided on website / The real location is unknown:
255 Patroon Creek Blvd, Albany, NY 12206 (a residential complex) see cache of 06NOV2015; on Twitter, they're based in New York!
Now, 06JAN2016, the website says they're located here: 1732 1st Ave New York, NY 10128 (a UPS Store...)
Ph: (888) IAPWE-50 / (888) 427-9350 / Calls to this number are answered by a recorded message: "We currently have no staff to answer your call..."

On Craigslist, they claim: "We are now hiring writers and editors to work for our organization. Pay starts at $0.04 per word for writers and $.01 per word for editors." Also a sign of these scammers working in a network can be seen in this comment "I applied for an editing position awhile ago that I found from my school's job search page. I wasn't sure about it then but it didn't seem too sketchy, so I applied. I got the response yesterday from Mike Townsend saying they are full but IAPWE is hiring."

And yet, some people tend to believe anything: "Some people are always on the lookout for a scam. I’m not seeing a scam here but maybe that’s just me. I signed up, they said it’s free to look around and if you decide you want to keep accessing their job boards you can pay them one dollar per month [BY CREDIT CARD] after you’ve already looked at everything for free. Kind of a weird model but it doesn’t seem like a scam." – Good luck, sucker!

Twitter: @iapwe (on 17OCT2015: 40 following, 4,913 followers, NOT ONE TWEET) / They also operate dozens of fake Twitter accounts with fantastic names and fake photos OR ARE PAYING SOMEONE IN BANGLADESH TO REPLY TO OUR TWEETS (Note 118).

These scammers do not hesitate to use photos from real people, or just random photos, to make them (under different, fake, names, of course) their associates:

See Photo 1 ("Sandra Shoemaker" is, in fact, a librarian from Eastern University in Philadelphia, USA, and "Lindsay Malban" is, in fact, a US-based translator); after this translator complained about having her photo abusively used / same complaint here they removed it (See Photo 2 / or this tweet from the victim).

Then, on 17OCT2015, they decided to give all their ghosts NEW FACES AND PHOTOS (See Photo 3). On 03NOV2015, ALL ghosts' photos and names were gone... Of course, the explanation was: "The web designer did it and we knew nothing about it."

"We are no longer accepting new members at this time." (AUG2016). Ah, what a shame!

This gang also keeps creating ghosts with blogs to match their names in which they praise the high-paying jobs gotten through IAPWE. Here's one of them: Jason Royston / / exposed in this website. He states "I have been an entrepreneur for much of my life" (from the photo on his website – of coure, the domain registration data is private – he looks around 30, and gives us no info about his entrepreneurial accomplishments). But there's more: Jason's photo is also used by a Anthony Ollins (on LinkedIn), from a "wallstreet enterprises", which sells "designer fragrances all around the world". Final catch: Although Google caught his photo, Anthony no longer shows his photo on his LinkedIn.

Read also this very interesting article about this scam by writer Tamara Gane.

Alina Treaumont (Administrative Support) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
IAPWE / / / / / /
Amy Wilkerson / Membership Coordinator /
James McMann (Administrative Support) /
Jan Blatnowitz (Outreach Coordinator) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
Jess Silberman (Administrative Support) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
Jason Royston /
Lindsay Malban / Lindsey Malban, she's not sure! (Membership Coordinator) / / Photo from a US-based translator
Mark Goddherd (Administrative Support) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
Melissa Coleman (Membership Coordinator) / / Same name as an American author, columnist, and writer. How convenient!
Mike Townsend (Content Coodinator) / / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE / Also "Hiring Manager for IAPWE" and located in Mumbai... Associated with another scamming website – – which is just another extension for the infamous Real Translation Jobs scamming ring (See Note 107) or where would-be members must agree to a 10-day "risk-free trial," for the oh-so-negligible cost of $2.95 (credit cards only) / On this page, he's located in India PO Box 6846...
Rohit Jafferson (Tech Whiz) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
Sandra Shoemaker (Secretary) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE
Sandy Lang (Founder !!!) / / 1st FAKE PHOTO STOLEN FROM HERE / Same name as a US freelance journalist and copywriter. How convenient. In her website, the true Sandy says nothing (of course) about IAPWE.
Victoria ?

NOTE 113 Linggo Pentadbiran (i.e., Lingo Administration) is a scamming and money-sucking operation based in Malaysia operated by Xamryi Rmlanz. Names used: LinggoWorld / Ling goWorld / LINGGO @ WORLD / Bahagian Pentadbiran, i.e., Administration Division (uses a photo belonging to Indonesian singer Asmirandah Zantma)

Domains/sites operated: (BoursaCourse, a money scamming operation)

Their translation registration is very simple: "Step 1: Please make a deposit of $25" and their operation is also very clear: "We are also looking for international translator in any background to work online from home, with / without experience" And, to maximize their income, they ask you to "donate to help the orphans": "DONATE BELOW TO GET JOBS! LinggoWorld is organizing a program to sponsors orphans all over the world. Hundreds of orphans urgently need your help." Poor orphans!!!

Of course, to lure suckers, they decorate their website with fake client testimonials, with also fake photos (this is one example).

This operation is used by known Palestinian scammers to publicize their job offers, like Roza Yasn & Doaa Ekrem.

Xamryi Rmlanz / Profile on ProZ: 1799411 / Xamryi / / / (also PayPal ID) /
Roxanne Melo (FAKE NAME) / / / Some other ghosts used to post jobs online w/ : Amar Kaori Wong / Anis Sophea (Anissophea) / Aziah Saad / Evi Xydia / George Varughese / Linh Tran / Maria Ermakova / Marian Read / Marion Sales / Mikko Kast / Nayel Ali / Paola Alfonso / Samuel Sandifer / Sara Zhang / Shann Tok / Siti Amirah / Stuart Ketchell / Tarun Agrawal / Tereza Dyerova / Uliana Andriiashchuk

NOTE 114 Arnold Matta is a ghost created by Fadi Saeed, also associated with a known Palestinian scamming outfit: Transharvest Agency (See Note 81).

Arnold's CV is but a copy and partial impersonation of Ségolène-Armelle-Marie Neilson (UK) with modified name, city, and (of course) email address, phone removed, and added parts from the CVs of Tony Walters (FR) and Kathryn J. Litherland (USA).

1. Job entailed the translation of several HTML files. Needless to say, "Arnold" provided a Google translation...
2. "Arnold" sends his 1st invoice: payee requested is an unidentified PayPal address,
3. "Arnold" is requested to provide "his" VAT number: "I don’t have VAT No.". He sends a 2nd invoice...
3. Challenged again, "Arnold" states "I have moved into Canada two years ago, there is no taxes here": Invoice no. 3.
4. Our "Arnold" returns: "I was in a hospital the last two days, I was very sick but now I am better". Invoice no. 4, this time the payee is our well-known Saïd Lemonnier (See Note 0).

Of course, as a last resort, "Arnold" thinks, he comes with the usual threat scammers use when busted:
"Ok, I will share this issue with all translation sites, Proz, translation-directory and translators base, make sure if I didn't get my payment, your company will be put in black list."

Read the FULL report (PDF).

Arnold Matta / / / /
David Maslo /
Fadi Saeed / / / Twitter: @fadi2000
Saïd Lemonnier (aka Saïd Lemonier, Said Lemonnier) /

NOTE 115 Fly With Trans / Fly With Trans LTD. / Fly With Trans CO. / FAKE company, mainly used as references for other ghosts. / Domain created 27NOV2014 / Registration data is, of course, hidden, and no address or phone is provided... / In the website, they claim crap like this: "Fly With Trans is regarded one of the most effective translation company now exists" and "We provides accurate and high quality services"

DOMAIN IS NOW SHUT DOWN (24FEB2016) / As usual with scammers, copy for this website has been copied/stolen from other websites: SLTWTR | Creative Agency (USA), Executive Linguist Agency (USA), Capita Translation and Interpreting (UK), Swipe technologies pvt. ltd (India), Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd (India)

The only name in this "company" seems to be Melissa Barbosa (fake name, of course). These references are always associated with Words Cloud Translation (Note 97), One Touch Translation (Note 102) and Global Speech (Note 75). These form a scamming gang. "Melissa Barbosa" has, so far, been provided as "reference" for:

Emilia Bonar /
Rosanna Shirley /
Sarah Freimann /
Tae Lian /

Is Melissa located in Tunisia? In "her" emails, she claims to be based in Ariana Bh157,Tunisia !!!

Melissa Barbosa / / / /

NOTE 116 An elaborate corporate impersonation of a legitimate US-based company, Accent on Languages Inc. by the infamous gang/ See the impersonation notice on their website / See also notice of this scam on ProZ.

Scammers created two domains: and (domain created 11JAN2016, no data, used ONLY to send emails)
Registrant Name: Yunick White
Registrant Street: 788 Yonge Road
Registrant City: Ottawa
Registrant State/Province: Ontario
Registrant Postal Code: K1L3S4 (FAKE)
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.9056673453
Registrant Email: (domain created 12JAN2016, website copied to mimic the website of the legitimate company: except for the homepage, all other pages redirect to the pages of the legitimate site)
Registrant Name: Isabelle Massip
Registrant Street: 5 rue polo goubert (IN ALABAMA?)
Registrant City: Osef (IN ALABAMA?)
Registrant State/Province: Alabama
Registrant Postal Code: 33000 (IN ALABAMA?)
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +33.627214589 (FRANCE?)
Registrant Email: (also used in the registration of another FAKE company, see below) (impersonation of Gengo, Inc.)
Registrant Name: Florent Tagneres
Registrant Street: 12 Henri Tagneres
Registrant City: Toulouse
Registrant Postal Code: 31400
Registrant Country: FR
Registrant Phone: +33.625412398
Registrant Email:

The scam is located on this page: : translators are made to believe that they will get paid "$22.31 – $39.66 Per Hour and $0.47 – $0.71 Per Word" and that they have to move fast, until Saturday, January 16, 2016 11:59 pm EST. Of course, "Late applications will not be accepted".

Of course, those who fall for the scam will have to pay: The online payment form includes a banner, a scam website that has been around for several years. More info by ProZ.

NAMES & EMAILS ASSOCIATED W/ THIS SCAM: (email used to contact translators)
Florent Tagneres /
Isabelle Massip /
Samuel Makembe (name on G+) /
Yunick White /

NOTE 117 Another FAKE company made in Gaza: Translina Translation Services / Translina Company Ltd / Translina Co. / Translina Ltd. / International Translation Company / (domain created 09NOV2014) / NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "Translina Language Services LL", FROM ARIZONA, USA.

Registration data says it all:
Admin Name: Translina Ltd (nice name, Mohammed)
Admin Organization: Translina LTD
Admin Street: USA (NICE STREET)
Admin City: Texas (REALLY?)
Admin State/Province: Texas
Admin Postal Code: 01 (NICE ZIP CODE)
Admin Country: US
Admin Phone: +1.970599683253 (YEAP, PALESTINE: +970 599 683 253)
Admin Email: (YEAP, FROM GAZA) / Also owns domains (account suspended) (Magdy sports)

Their location is also a joke: Adam Basin St. NY City, USA (Adam Basin St. ???) (with a map of California to decorate the website...)
Garmini Building, 9th floor (nice building, where is it?). Phone? What phone?

And because with scammers anything goes, phones shown on their email signature block:
p 801.393.5300 x 120
d 801.456.8663
belong to a legitimate translation company (U.S. Translation Company), which has also been a victim of impersonation by a Stela S. Mahuika / .

As usual, the website copy has been plagiarized from other sources: Crystal Hues Ltd (India), Kruger and Associates (China), Shenzhen Lantran Translation Co. (China), Technovate Translations (Canada) and others and contains crap like this: "Translina Co. is a premier company have advantage", "covering a new worlds everyday" and "translate the languages of the famous". They also have an impressive (and FAKE) portfolio: Microsoft, Palcore Microsystems Ltd., Pfizer... And the "Meet The Team" section contains nice names like Max Mac Man, Kimg Cul & Harra Halloy with "lorem ipsum" gibberish...

"John Adam" is sending emails to "update our database" / "Sara Gomes" signs the email from "Tranlina".

Mohammed Al Akhras /
John Adam / Joun Adam (name on LinkedIn, located in North Carolina!!!) (FAKE NAMES) / /
Richard Lackey /
Sara Gomes (FAKE NAME)
Translina / /


NOTE 119 Ivan Jorge / World Translator / / / Skype: ivanjorgei (Palestine) Address on CV (FAKE): “564 Gartmoor Gdns, Wimbledon Park, London SW20 6NX”. 564 is too high a number for Gartmoor Gardens and the postal code should be SW19 6NX, not SW20 6NX.

This clown was lured into a 20,600 Euros "boobytrapped job" for the translation of 289 HTML files and a total of 357,877 words. Promised delivery in 17 days (17 days ???!! This means translating some 20,000 words per day...) And, about payment? "Can you please make the payment via PayPal as I faced some issues with my bank account now" Ah, the old problems of scammers with their bank accounts...

In this scambusting operation, the scamming and identity theft of an Italian translator and its connection to a Moroccan translation company (Linkingbridge S.A.R.L / / Domain created 02NOV2015) were also unveiled:

Admin Organization: THELINKINGBRIDGE
Admin State/Province: ANFA
Admin Postal Code: 20000
Admin Country: MA
Admin Phone: +212.212664727590

Read the FULL report (PDF), where "Ivan Jorge" impersonates another translator and gets a helping hand from some Moroccan scammers...

Of course, "Ivan" also wants to be paid at a "friend's account" (THIS ACCOUNT AT THE QATAR ISLAMIC BANK / DOHA IS ALSO USED BY OTHER PALESTINIAN SCAMMERS):
Kindly find my friend's bank account to make payment:
Way of payment: Bank transfer
Account Bank Account Information (Temporary):
Account Holder Name: Ahmed Saleem Alqrinawi
Account Number: 1094149

Ivan Jorge / World Translator!!! / / / Skype: ivanjorgei / NOTE: the address is also used by "Tae Lian", another ghost created by Palestinian scammers See Note 0
Paolo Rega / / Impersonation of an Italian translator with same name
Naima Benhnia / Naima Hani / Naima Hania / Naima Nima Benhnia / Naima-Hania / Nandy2T2S / Nima Benhnia / Info LKB (trans lator, G+) (also known as non-payer) (more complaints here)
Ph: +212614408762 / Skype: nai3mat / Connected with a nice bunch of Palestinian scammers: Omar Atia (Amazing Translation), GoldenEar Translations, Ibrahim Qeshta, Speech Global, Khaleel Lateefa (Translation Secrets), Purity Translations, Hannee Youseph
Youssef Aloui / / / / Skype: alaoui199109 / Web designer (owns 67 domains) and "President" (!!!) of Linkingbridge SARL (Morocco)

NOTE 120 Miriam West / from a ghost Silver Wings Translations / Where quality and timeline excels / BANNED FROM PROZ
FAKE ADDRESS: 42 Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON M5R 3V1, Canada (belongs to a shopping mall)

Scammer also uses "Jonathan Cruze" from a "Rockforce Translations" / Where quality and timeline excels !!!
ALSO FAKE ADDRESS: 56 Hazelton Ave., Toronto, ON M5R 3V1, Canada (wrong postal code)

Jonathan Cruze
Miriam West /

NOTE 121 Another Palestinian translation "company" where EVERYTHING IS FAKE: Global Ling Co / Globallingo Language Services / Globallingo Langauge Services !!! / / BANNED FROM ProZ

NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR Global Lingo Ltd., A LEGITIMATE UK COMPANY (Company no. 05771718)

Domain registration data:
Registrant Name: Haidar Musabeh aka Haidar Fayez Musabeh (Ph: 0595661830 / screen names: Dr.7ydar & @bestyle / associated w/ Basel Nahal Note 78)
Registrant Address1: Palestine
Registrant Address2: Gaza Strip
Registrant City: gaza
Registrant State/Province: Al-Remal
Registrant Postal Code: 0000972
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Registrant Country Code: PS
Registrant Phone Number: +970595831808
Registrant Facsimile Number: +1.5555555555 (FAKE)
Registrant Email: (also associated with Translation Community Co / Note 78 / Smart Code / / +971554601093)

Addresses on website: "First branch": LSE, Houghton Street, London, WC2A 2AE, UK (FAKE! Yes, "LSE" and the address belong to the London School of Economics and Political Science...) / "Second branch": Calle Basilea, 12, 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Spain (FAKE! Address belongs to Dirdam Language Solutions...) / Tel/Fax: +34913659097 (FAKE, belongs to an Italian restaurant in Madrid...) / Tel/Fax: +97906591334 (FAKE) / See a revealing screenshot

Website copy plagiarized from ALTA Language Services (US), Tradu24 (UK) & ZELENKA (CZ)

Adan Garza (FAKE) / / Spain (FAKE) / IP: / / (Gaza)
Diana Segura /
Lina Segu / (of course they ask for translators' CVs) / email address is disabled

NOTE 122 Another Palestinian FAKE translation "company": BH-Translation / BH Translation World / (SITE CLOSED, had no description, one page only with a contact form). Domain owner is the infamous Basel Al Khayat, aka Basel Khayat, B. Khayat, B. Kh, a scammer associated with Translation Secrets. Basel also uses the fake ID: Oziel Ogluo / and screen names baselpal / Basel-Pal. Probably a fake name, taken from Syrian actor Basel Khayat.

Domain registration data:
Registrant Name: Basel Khayat
Registrant Organization: Basel Khayat
Registrant Street: Tell aviv !!!
Registrant City: Tell aviv !!!
Registrant State/Province: NA
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: IL (FAKE)
Registrant Phone: +1.2599061747 (FAKE, MODIFIED NUMBER FROM +9720599061747)
Registrant Email:

Also owns these domains:
Aroma For Translation (empty site, displays a contact form only) / (Note 0)
BH Translations / (created 28SEP2015, CLOSED) / Registrant: Basel Al Khayat /
BH-Translation / Baha Translation / (created 27OCT2015, CLOSED)
Tranlstion Work !!! / (created 09OCT2015)

Email privacy disclamer is the same from another Palestinian scamming joint: One Touch Translation Services (Note 102)

Basel Khayat / /
Loredana Maxen (FAKE) / Chief Executive Officer / / /
Translation Work /

NOTE 123 1. Our attention was first attracted to this post on ProZ, where an "ALLIANCE of Applied Translators and Interpreters International" presents their "AATII’s Translation Contest: "We’ll soon announce one champion for each language — a prize of USD$1,000, which equals to $2 per word." Really, a prize valued at a price per word? And "What’s more, the winner will be offered an “AAA” professional rating by AATII". The text to translate is but a marketing piece for their website, and participants in the contest are urged to promote the “contest” and the "Alliance" in social media... Of course, Lixin Cheng aka Clint Cheng, the owner of this outfit, was given a "AATII Professional Rating: AAA" by himself... And more: "Honorable Mentions will enjoy (…) Free professional assessment by AATII at a market price of USD$260!" So, their “assessment” will cost you USD$260? And "the tuition fee of AATII Training Program in Vancouver which is worth USD$450" There's also a "training program"?

2. Who is this "ALLIANCE"? aatii.COM / Domain created 09APR2015 (“Founded on September 9, 2015”, on Facebook)

Registrant Name: Lixin Cheng
Registrant Organization: Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.
Registrant Street: #300-5900 No. 3 Road
Registrant City: Richmond
Registrant State/Province: British Columbia
Registrant Postal Code: V6X 3P7
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.6043702171
Registrant Email:

OK, it's just a publicity stunt for and from a Canadian translation company called "Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.". Their tweet account – @AATIICOM – makes it clear: "Our platform empowers businesses to communicate through multiple languages. We connect language freelancers with clients." So, the "ALLIANCE" is now a business "platform"? Their website sheds some more light: "At (officially e-commerce, inc.), we provide access to qualified translators and interpreters. We started this platform from a concept brewed back in 2013 with our passion for helping people find translators and interpreters of any language, from anywhere on the globe." Wow! We wonder why nobody thought of this before!

On LinkedIn, Clint Cheng "explains": " is the first global marketplace that provides access to accredited translators and interpreters". Qualified? Accredited? And claims that "With 100,000+ professionals in our database already, our goal is to be the largest platform of its kind in the world". 100,000+ accredited professionals already? Seriously? On their Facebook, we can read this original line: "Translation and interpretation services at your fingertip". Original, indeed.

See how Lixin Cheng turned an "Associate Member" card number from the STIBC into a "Licence"!!!

Address: #300-5900 No.3 Road, Richmond BC Canada V6X3P7 / Ph: + 1 604 370 2171

In a revolting case of identity theft and abuse, these scammers created a database of 20,000+ names (confirmed by a NETA member who called them up). The database also shows fabricated specialties and other professional information, and added a "rating" next to each name (1 to 3 stars, from "acceptable" to "excellent"). They also fabricated rates charged by each individual (funny: everyone is charging 8 cents a word). We are aware of the many outraged phone calls and emails made to the scammers. At 11:30 am (UTC) 15APR2016, names and false info are still posted on this "ALLIANCE" website.

See also how the defiant Lixin Cheng responded to a translator about his FRAUDULENT database.

+(778) 819-6613 / +(778) 858-7707 / +(604) 370-2171

UPDATES: Scam author announces shutting down of database / But, again, he did not!

3. Who is PTS / Princemountain Transnational Services Inc. ?

Registrant Name: Lixin Cheng
Registrant Organization: Princemountain Transnational Services Inc.
Registrant Street: #1706-7888 Saba Road
Registrant City: Richmond
Registrant Postal Code: V6Y 0A2
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Email:

Address; #300-5900 No 3 Road, Richmond BC Canada V6X 3P7 / Ph: +(604) 370-2171 (i.e., the same as the "Alliance")

On their website, Lixin claims fantastic things, such as:
1. Google, vancouver. org (the City of Vancouver), (linking to an non-existant and Canada (linking to the official website of the Government of Canada) are Our Partners;
2. "...boasting ready access to a vast pool of 100,000+ accredited translators and interpreters". "Accredited" by whom?
3. In their "About US" page in Chinese (thank you, Google Translate), "the principal of the company is [among other things] president of the International Association of Applied Translation (" and that "company under the professional translation business platform in the world, registered more than 100,000 certified translators" Again, "certified" by whom? And, is Lixin talking about his "Aliance" or his "Association"?

OK, the "Alliance", the "platform" and "PTS" (a translation company) all have the same people. See the proof.

But, wait, there's more:

4. Enter another AATII, but now with a different name: ASSOCIATION of Applied Translators and Interpreters International / aatii.ORG / Domain created 20 OCT 2014 / Who are they?

Registrant Name: Lixin Cheng
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: 5900 No.3 Rd.
Registrant City: Richmond
Registrant State/Province: BC
Registrant Postal Code: V6X3P7
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.7788587707
Registrant Email:

#300-5900 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC, V6X 3P7 / Ph: +1(604) 370 2171 (i.e., the same as the "Alliance" and PTS, the company)

Look, we now have the same people behind the "Alliance", the "platform", the company called "PTS" and now an "Association"!!!

They claim stuff like this:
"The Association of Applied Translators and Interpreters International (AATII) is an internationally recognized organization of translators and interpreters." "Recognized" by whom?
"...we maintain the highest standards of quality, credibility, and ethical code. Thus the interests of customers that require services provided by our members are protected." Poor "customers", if they believe this.
"AATII is incorporated as a not-for-profit association by the Government of Canada." On Corporations Canada, we can see that AATII (Association) was indeed incorporated on 19JAN2015 (Corporation Number 917689-6, BC) as a NFP (Not-For-Profit).

Directors: Lixin Cheng and Nein Yin Chang (Minimum: 2, Maximum: 5) However, the bylaws stipulate that "The number of Directors shall be not less than three and not more than seven".

"The standards created by AATII are accepted around the world." Again, "accepted" by whom? Like their info on "Translate Certification Courses" being only in Chinese? They also claim to have an "Accreditation Committee", also called "Membership and Accreditation Committee", with several names, including "Associate Members" of a reputed Translators Association in British Columbia, Canada. In the early hours of 20APR2016, one of its "members" published this on ProZ: "At no time did I agree to be a member of an Accreditation Committee." A few hours later, the whole "Accreditation Committee" was "sacked" and removed from the "Lixin Cheng Association" website...

According to their bylaws, their voting members ("Accredited" and "Fellows") must be "a Canadian resident" and "The board of directors may delegate the administration of certification examinations to the board of directors of Princemountain Transnational Service Inc." That’s some funny association! On TranslatorPub, this "confusion" between an "association" and a corporation is also very clear: the logo for the company is the logo for the “association". See more confusion here.

To impress the unwary visitor, they posted some logos of well-known and legitimate Translators Associations on their website with this heading: "Associations recognized by AATII"!!! [NOW REMOVED ONLINE]. Do these associations know about this "recognition" and the abusive use of their logos? As for their own logo (which is the same for the "Alliance", except for the first word) shows an interesting ALT description: "Translate.Co". Later, they dropped the "recognized" and started using "affiliated associations" and "Affiliated Society", without showing any...

Not surprisingly, 2 years after their domain registration they have no membership to show! And, there’s also no information about dues! That’s some very funny association!

UPDATE: Someone decided to get serious about this scam

Clint is also the "CEO" of another money-sucking outfit: Jooyee Network Inc. / / @jooyee_network / "Featuring crowd-sourced and funded translations by human and AI, we amass quality contents swiftly and share them at dramatically low costs among online communities distinguished by jurisdictions and languages. By charging reading fees instead of translation fees, Jooyee's business model reduces the cost to acquire the same information to less than 0.1% of regular translation price."

Lixin Cheng aka Clint Cheng aka Lixin (Clint) Cheng / /
AATII (Alliance) / /
AATII (Association) /
Princemountain Transnational Services / / /
Xu Ding aka Ding Xu / Director of Business Development at
Xu Ding aka Ding Xu / / Skype: dingxu1026 (xu ding)

NOTE 124 Gary Walsh circulates a CV copied verbatim from Iain Baxter (UK) / CV Last saved by: Luke / Claims to live in 12 Wilton Hill Court, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6QR (UK) / Ph: +44 737 767476 / Invoice requests payment to: Santander UK plc / IBAN GB26ABBY09012824238046 (VALID) / SWIFT/BIC: ABBYGB2LXXX / PayPal: (!!!)

Now for Iain Baxter / (domain belongs to a "Luke Mawbey") / dba Baxter Downs Business Language Solutions, (BANNED from ProZ and barred from receiving funds via PayPal) is a commercial language service provider founded by Iain Baxter, Richard Downs, and Luke Mawbey in August 2011 / Address: Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK (just a virtual office) / Ph: +44 845 2996076 / Mob: +44 7513 347801 or Ph: (020) 71172493 / (0845) 2991248

This gang also creates fake CVs and online profiles to bid for jobs.

Albano Basurto /
? /
Baxter Downs /
Chris Wilson / CJW Translations Ltd. / 16 Wharfedale Road Lancaster LA1 5ND (UK) /
Christos Dekatris / / / Email 100% equal to Robert Bushell / ProZ: 2420470 / chrisdk
Christopher Wright /
Gary Walsh / / PayPal:
Iain Baxter / / Luke Mawbey /
Luke Mawbey /
? /
Robert Bushell /

NOTE 125 If you see the name "Translators Association" you expect it to be a "Translators Association", right? Well, not this one: / – a online business portal – is a marketplace and workplace where thousands of language pros exchange job and term information here every day.

This fake "association" is just a commercial extension of an Indian translation company: Moraine Group /
Both domains belong to Abhishek Singh.

Abhishek Singh aka Abhishek (Vicky) Singh / / Ph: +919818227877
Moraine Group / /
Translators Association / /

NOTE 126 Ghost created by Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd (India) aka Anshintertrade / Ansh Lingua / PS Translation India / / . These scammers also operate a very active SEO spamming operation: (email used to send "Pooja" messages) / / . Suman Saran Services / is another outfit created by these scammers / BANNED FROM TRANSLATORS CAFÉ. They also operate other satellite companies: Shan Translation and Soul of Words.

Looking for the "Unsubscribe" links starting with (if you unsubscribe, scammers will know that your email account is active).

Alla Kerobyan / Allan K / / mailer used:
Anil Jain /
Anisha Jain / +91-8285755585 /
Anu Jain / / / Skype: anshintertrade
Deepshikha / +91-9990897531 /
Ekta Kumar / +91-9654330038 / / /
Eshita / +91-9990059531 /
Frieda Mbabazi / / Skype: freidaswahili (Freidas Wahili) / Ghost created by Ansh Intertrade
Gurleen Kaur / +91-9990324531 / /
Harshita Lamba / +91-9911197531 /
Jaskiran / +91-8285255525 /
Kalpna /
Kamal Sharma / +91-9654330035 /
Khushboo Jat Dhiman /
Kusum / +91-9990442531 / /
Leela Rao / +91-9886393737 /
Manisha Taneja / +91-9911166531 / /
Meenakshi / +91-9990049531 /
Mickey Jha / +91-9890964040 /
Mini Han / / / / / / Ghost created by Ansh Intertrade
Neha Kiran /
Neetu /
Nidhi / +91-9911227531 / /
Nitya /
Papri Chakravarty /
Pooja Chawla / +91-9911666531 / /
Pooja Chettri / / Ph: +919990059531 / Ghost created by Ansh Intertrade
Poonam Lamba / +91-9654330034 /
Pratima / +91-9990297531 / /
Rachna Arora / +91-8285855585 / /
Richa Jha / +91-9890445446 /
Roshni / +919990059531 / /
Shalini Srrivastava / +91-8285355535 / /
Shilpa Badhwar / +91-9990058531 / /
Shivani Saran / +91-9990397531 / /
Shriprada / +91-9990697531 /
Suman Saran Services / / / / +918285355535
Sumita Mehra / +91-8285355585 /
Surbhee Taneja / +91-9654330031 / / /
Sveta /
Svetlana Balzitova / +79608236001 / /
Swati Gupta / +91-9990497531 / / accounts@ansh
Varsha Jain /

NOTE 126-1 An Indian company known for stiffing its translators: Lingual Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. / / Cleverly, its Contacts page shows this title "Translation Company USA, Australia, Germany" No India?
Some addresses: 225 Franklin Street, 26th floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 02110 (virtual office) / Ph: (857)302-4748 & Friedrichstraße 191, Berlin, 10117 (another virtual office) / BANNED FROM TranslationDirectory, but still active on ProZ.

Non-payment issues reported (some examples): Glassdoor / Translation Directory / Translation Ethics

Aftab Khan
Ajay Singh Yadav /
Alvy Abraham
Anil Yadav /
Atul Bansal /
Bhupen Gogoi
Bhupendra Kumar
Christin Schulz /
Deepika Grover
Dipanshu Sharma / dipanshu.sharma@lingualconsultancy
Eeshan Kapoor
Harendra Sharma
Karl Hillbrick /
Mark Beasley /
Prateek Saxena
Rakesh Pradhan
Ritika Nanda /
Sakshi Rana
Sandip Ghatak /
Sarabjit Singh /
Taruna Singhal /
Tim Muff /

NOTE 127 Another Palestinian scamming operation active in confusing their victims: two different names, two crappy websites, one same address: AlOroba Street. Rafah Province. Gaza Strip. Palestine

Best Trans / BestTrans / BestTrans LTD. / / Ph: +972599682824 / Skype: hasan282010
Hasan Jamal claims to have "10 years of experience" (not bad for a twentish guy...)

Genius Translation / Translation Genius / / Ph: +972597244531 / +970597244531 / Skype: genius.trans

Genius Translation / /
Hasan Jamal / Hassan Jamal Daoudi / Lahcen Daoudi (same name as the Moroccan politician!!!) / Best Trans / / / Skype: hasan282010

NOTE 128 A European company posts a RFQ for Wolof translators. A response was received from a "Ader Global Language /" (India) with a CV from "Zahra Fatima" living in "236 West 122nd Street • Apartment 4B • New York, New York 10027" (copied from rental info available online). This CV has been stolen from a translator living in Canada, known to the job issuer company and denying any association with "Ader Global Language"!!!

Names used: Ader Global Language / Ader Languages (Facebook) / Ader Services / Ader Language Services & Business Center.

This scammer also operates a website (empty on 13JUN2016): (domain created 07MAY2016).

Registrant Name: Misba Uddin
Registrant Organization: Ader Language Services & Business Center
Registrant Street: Marathahalli Bangalore North Taluk,
Registrant City: Bangalore District
Registrant State/Province: Karnataka
Registrant Postal Code: 560037
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +919743050719
Registrant Email:

Also do business as Asma Banu / Address: No.58/59 Hulimangala Village, Bangalore 560100, India / Ph: +917829559955 / CV (Last saved by): Alies L / Well known to Google for stiffing translators, but her profile on ProZ is still there.

Ader Language Services / / / +919743050719
Asma Banu / Banu Translators / Banu Translator's / /
Misba Uddin /
Zahra Fatima /

NOTE 129 We Translate, Inc. / We Translate Inc / WeTranslateInc is a monumental network of deception and lies.
Domains: (Domain Creation Date: 05 JAN 2015) & (INACTIVE). On the website, some staff (FAKE) is said to have been hired in 2007, 2009, 2010...

Registrant Name: Rashid Awan
Registrant Organization: N/A
Registrant Street: House#3, Street#1, Rawal Town
Registrant City: Islamabad
Registrant State/Province: Federal
Registrant Postal Code: 44000
Registrant Country: PK
Registrant Phone: +92.03218567766
Registrant Email:

Rashid is also the owner of other online outfits:
SITSOL / / "We are Certified & approved Service provider for Translation..." / +923218567766 / +923088100084 / Skype : SITSOLPK
C.E.O. at We Translate Pvt, Ltd, Dubai, U.A.E (FAKE)
C.E.O. at We Translate Pvt. Ltd. Boston, USA (FAKE)
C.E.O. at We Translate Pvt. Ltd. Australia (FAKE)
and a "Translator's Lounge" in Facebook / Rashid profile in LinkedIn is signed by a "Sarah Miller"!!!

Address in Pakistan: House No. 8, Main Embassy Road, Sector G-6/4, Islamabad. Pakistan (i.e., a guest house...)
US address (FAKE, but looks so much impressive): 108 Madison Ave, Fifth Floor, New York, NY, 10017 (ZIP CODE SHOULD BE 10016...)
Phones (Islamabad, Pakistan): +92 (51) 2831329 / +92 (321) 8567766
Phone (USA): (785) 251-3681 (belongs to a US company in Chicago) / Detail: (785) is a Topeka, Kansas landline number, not bad for a NY company...

The "Top Management" of this "company" is also very impressive and very FAKE:
Kristin Forleo / Chief Sales Officer and Vice President / FAKE photo, abusively copied from here...
Eric Johnson / Senior General Manage / Fake photo, copied from the site of a German lenses manufacturer
Priyanka K. / Vice President, PR / FAKE photo copied from here...
Patricia Diaz / Project Analysis / FAKE photo, copied from here...
Sascha Hildebrandt / Project Manager / FAKE photo, copied from here...
Sarah Miller (Business Development Manager) / Signs Rashid's LinkedIn profile...

This scammer claims crappy stuff like this:
Since 2003, I was in translation business, i dealt, explored every sensitive aspect of perfect translation service (LOL)
We Translate Inc® is the world’s best language service provider (LSP) (wow)
We Translate, Inc® is the largest provider of Certified Translation in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Europe (really?)
We can provide you certified translation through ATA, GALA, NAATi, IAPTI Certified translation... (what????)
We are a Language Solutions company in coordination of Most Certified Language Solutions Providers (Translators)
We possess more than 12 years of rich translation experience (whatever)

However, the reviews look like this... or like this

Rashid Awan / / / / / / Skype: sitsolpk (Downtown IL, Chicago !!!)

NOTE 130 United Freelancers / "Formerly J.B Translation Team" (on ProZ) / United freelancers' team / unitedfreelancers is another monumental network of deception and lies. Website is just a free outfit, with no domain or registration data.

14121 NE Airport Way # 364121, Portland, Oregon 97230, USA (address on website and ProZ, i.e., a remailer address)
564 Terry François St. San Francisco, CA 94158 USA ("Main office" on website, and a known address used by scammers)
135 Avenue des Acacias Lyon 69521 France (their new "Main office"...)
Ph: +(415) 534-7676 / +(415) 802-2172 (mobile) also used by a company named LETONYX!!!

Profile on ProZ / 2119058 is named "Jean Barbelotte" / Claim to be members of an "Association of Translation Agencies" ( / website does not exist)

Ahmed !!! / Team Leader / no email?
Fatuma Abubakar / Ms. Fatuma / (uses Lahoucine's email?) /
Jean Barbelotte / Home-of-the-Azerguis ("author" of CV) / / "Chef de projet principal", Paris (on LinkedIn) / also claims to be based in Lyon, France, but with an IP address from elsewhere) / Associated with another scamming joint "All translators of the world" (see also Note 111)
Lahoucine Aze / Lahoucine Azergui / Lahou Azer / (Morocco, Ph: +212661528008) / Skype: solenzaro1 / +212681615262 / +2218073219 / Photo on Translators Café stolen from here
Peter Landweld ("the team leader") / / / "who is a real linguistic talent !!!" and "A man with rich cultural and linguistic experiences !!!" and, yet, no Internet footprint anywhere, except their website!
Samy Azer / (uses Lahoucine's email?)
Tomas !!! / Team Leader / no email?

NOTE 131 Ultimate Translation Sdn Bhd / My Ultimate Translation myultimatetranslation / Malaysia Registration No. 1104160-M is another joint of deception and lies known for not paying translators / Selangor Translations / Ph: +60327766943 / Banned from ProZ (Domain registered by Vinoth Prabhu) /

Prolific website spammer with crap copy like: "ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 certified translation Services Company. We are the only company in Malaysia to be certified for the above standards / Get Your Documents in Your Required Language by Ease / Avail Huge Discount in Your Bulk Tasks by the Supreme Translator / LingoRate reviewers are encouraged to share their sincere opinion about a certain translator (or agency) - this way we build trust in the community. Nonetheless, reviewers shouldn't misrepresent their experiences."

Twitter: @ultimate_my / Ultimate Translation

Nabilah Yusof /
Sahana Omej / / Uses fake photo, cutout from here (top right) / Writes crap like this: "Get a Document Translated Considering its Emotional Issues" or "Acquire a Pristine Work of Rendition within the Timeframe"
Samantha ?
Sherena Stanlis (Savina) / Head of Business Development / Address on TC – Level 16, 1 SENTRAL, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5 KL Sentral, 50470, Kuala Lumpur, Selengor 50470, Malaysia – is the same for Lyric Labs Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
Ultimate Translation / /
Vinoth Prabhu /

NOTE 132 Enter another sleazy website in the translation world: LingoRate / / Ownership of the domain (created 09NOV2015) is not disclosed, and the website shows no physical address or phone. Physical hosting is based in Iceland.

Here's how LingoRate present itself: "LingoRate is the best place to rate translators you’ve worked with and to get the most trustable information and reviews of translators. Check what other customers said about the translators you’re going to work with and make the most well-grounded choice possible. You can claim your profile that was created by your customers (1) and provide everyone with your contact details, picture and other details that your potential customers would like to know. This is also a great way to promote your services to translation agencies and potential customers."

(1) That's a lie: they just harvest data to create profiles as they please. Or just create FAKE profiles.

As of 31AUG2016, they claim to have:
Translators: 12,407
Translation agencies & customers: 9,463
Reviews: 16,962

Recently (June 2016) initiated a campaign like this: "Your LingoRate profile is ready to promote your services!", which means they create profiles without previous authorization and without, as they claim, the profile having been created by any "reviewer"!!!

They also announce the "Featured Translator": "The Featured Translator is set by our sophisticated reviewing system that calculates all your the reviews." Like, for instance, "Anthony Jones" (a clear "Italian" medical translator, whose "Profile has been "verified" by LingoRate" and only found in their website...) rated by ghosts "Brooke Petersen" & "Chiara Bianchi". BTW, has "Anthony" "claimed" his profile? NO! Best place to rate translators and sophisticated system, indeed.

Let's retain these words: best place, most trustable, most well-grounded choice, great way to promote, and let's see what they have in the website:

A "Tim Keller" writes on Translators Café (joined 06JUN2016): Bad review in Lingorate - should I worry? Who is "Tim Keller"? A ghost living in "Los Angeles, 123456 !!!, United States" and this phone: 9749217 !!!. "Tim" was rated by a "Andy Hagen": "Working with Tim 3 or 4 times already (...) Highly recommended!" But ONE month later: "Tim worked for us as a freelance translator a couple of times (...) both times Tim didn't meet our deadline" See? 3 or 4 times and then a couple of times! "Most trustable", indeed.

This post on TC was also amplified on Twitter (all on 12JUN2016 and all with the same useless link) by these FAKE accounts (all of them share the very same posts):
@Aingekan7 / Elizabeth Pacheco
@Atting1995 / Dennis Atting
@Nottles1981 / Grady Morgan
@Propen98 / Margaret Sheperd (male photo???)
@Utualloutulmm / Brittany Dillon
Great way to promote, indeed.

Who is rater "Andy Hagen"? A ghost who claims that "the results of the campaign were not very good. After proofreading it was clear that the reason was poor translation quality, it was really too literal." So, first they launch the campaign and only run the proofreading afterwards??? Well-grounded, indeed.

A "Lynn Driessen" writes on Translators Café: "I think all of us can use this lingorate to show the agencies how good we are." "Lynn" claims to live in Amsterdam, 1012NX, Netherlands !!! with this FAKE phone +3120764358. BTW, the profile on TC (created 13JUN2016) is empty.

A "Adele Hass" writes on Translators Café: "Do your job well, establish good relations with your customer – and assessment sites like this lingorate would not be a problem for you." Who is "Adele"? Lives in Vienna, 1001, Austria !!! and has this nice phone number: 385-112. BTW, the profile on TC (created 10JUN2016) is also empty. Most trustable, indeed.

Another ghost called "Vlad" rated a real UK company named DailyTranslate Ltd.: "Nice company to deal with, they translated my doc quickly for fair price". Only, this is a verbatim copy of a Google review issued a year ago by somebody else. Most trustable reviews, indeed.

"our customer is more than satisfied." "Rating" line used verbatim by ghosts "Sophie Klein" & "Marlisa Koenigsmann" / Yes Translations. Line "really recommend this translator" used verbatim by "Marlisa Koenigsmann" & "Dorothy Schneider".

More useful info by Rose Newell: Lingorate: the latest identity theft scam to target translators?

Stas Timchenko / Project Manager / / uses IP: (The Netherlands), anonymous proxy known for being used by spammers and scammers / LinkedIn: based in Costa Mesa, California / TC Master since 17AUG2016 (joined Thursday, June 16, 2016, and has an EMPTY profile), where he claims to be based in Iceland... Stas is most probably the owner of this website, and he's, also most probably, located in Ukraine.

NOTE 133 An unwary US client sends a into-Maltese job to a Rudena Rukita / . "Rudena" is a fake "Zulu translator", based in South Africa (UpWork profle) or in Belgium (Translators Cafe profile, REMOVED). "Rudena" photo in UpWork (profile REMOVED) has been copied from here. Not knowing a word of Maltese, Rudena creates another ghost "Alexander Demago" and outsources the job to a real Maltese translator, whose email with the translation bounces back from ... Of course, the US client never heard anything about "Alexander". Further investigation, and a kind collaboration from one of our most faithful informants, led us to other FAKE profiles created by the same scammer.

Agate Smagate / / FAKE profile in UpWork
Alexander Demago /
Jurgen Topo / / Profile on TC REMOVED
Rudena Rukita / / / Profiles on TC & UpWork REMOVED / Screen names: Dupsis
Setas Sakins / Agnis Buzeks / Emil Landmanis / / Profile on TC REMOVED

NOTE 134 Another FAKE Palestinian translation "company": Bilingual Office / Bilingual Translation Office / (NOV 2016: WEBSITE CLOSED)

Registrant Name: Ibrahim S. Al-Fayoumi
Registrant Organization: Ibrahim S. Al-Fayoumi
Registrant Street: Alnaser
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Gaza Strip
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: IL (ISRAEL ???)
Registrant Phone: +970599732463
Registrant Email:

Ph: +970599983738 / Twitter: @bilingualoffice

As usual, ALL copy in the website has been copied from other websites: Dictyon (USA), GTS (Malta), Inovatus Translations (HR), Lexcelera (FR), Moravia (CZ), RixTrans (LV), The Geo Group Corporation (USA) & others. Their "staff" is also fake:
Khalid Mohammed (Founder, CEO), no photo, of course (all photos checked on 12OCT2016)
Lilly Marke (Photographer !!!), FAKE name, photo copied from here
Mary Jones (Manager), FAKE name, photo copied from here
Wendy Martin (CEO, another one?), FAKE name, photo copied from here

Text on site goes like this: "Since 2014 Bilingual Office..." and a few lines down, "We have a decade’s worth of experience..."

Khalid Mohammed /

NOTE 135 Another FAKE Palestinian translation "company": Firstlingo / (an empty Wordpress blog) / See scam

Registrant Name: Mohammed Saidi
Registrant Organization: firstlingo
Registrant Street: sprengerstr 6
Registrant City: Hildesheim
Registrant State/Province: Niedersachsen
Registrant Postal Code: 31134
Registrant Country: DE (GERMANY ???)
Registrant Phone: +49.176830070285 (FAKE)
Registrant Email:

Fake address: 5 Khalefa, 44-48 Jumerah Road Dubai N1 7UX, UAE

Celina John / / / Ph: +971507625462 (FAKE) / Skype: dew.drop14
Ellena Henry / / / Ph: +971507625462 (FAKE) / Skype: dew.drop14
Evelyn Salt / / / / known ghost created by Palestinian scammers: (yes, the same ghost from BTDIC & Languagemet) / Skype: evelyn.salt44 / See Note 0
Mohammed Saidi /

NOTE 136 FAKE company "based" in Turkey: Hero Translation (Not to be confused with Hero Translating (Prague, CZ) / (domain created 27NOV2016, ownership is hidden). The scammer has put some effort into this scam: a website, the usual mumbo-jumbo ("Our primary service is the effective translation service. We've translated thousands of documents.") and a rate sheet (in USD), whose author is Abdullah !!!

Address: Ekinciler Mah 3 sok 40/7, Antakya-Hatay/Turkey (belongs to Yedi Dunya Ltd, a company in the "export of foods and beverages"...) (JAN2017: address removed) / Ph: +905070490166 (also belongs to Yedi Dunya Ltd and to a "7hills soap" in Facebook)

Mail sent from IP, known to be used to send spam and fake translator CVs.

Zafer Baser /

NOTE 137 FAKE company "based" in the UK: Japcon Translations / JAPCON LTD (no info at the Companies House website) / (domain registration data is hidden)

Interesting addresses:
On ProZ: 135 Elliott Street Plymouth, PL1 2PS United Kingdom (there's no 135 in this street)
On email: 45 Newhall Street Birmingham B3 3QR United Kingdom (a office building address)
No phone is provided.

Frank (really?) /

NOTE 138 One more "Palestinian" FAKE company: Perfect Translation Company /

Domain registration data (created 29OCT2016):
Registrant Name: Amjad Saif (Bangladeshi name)
Registrant Organization: Gaza
Registrant Street: Gaza
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Gaza
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: JO (Jordan?)
Registrant Phone: +962.0598987098 (Jordan?)
Registrant Email: (also used as PayPal ID for "Eva Lid Wennberg")

The website was made in Morocco by Lahbib Hbarte / hobrt pro / / / Ph: +212696170986 / +212654170506 / Scren names: lhbib95 / @oulghass / Lahbib is also behind several other domains, including the very honest .

As usual, website copy has been plagiarized from other sources: USA Translate, 11itzulpen (Spain), (also scammers).

Eva Lid Wennberg /
Rash /

NOTE 139 Going after false translators has its perks, like unveiling companies, sometimes fake, they claim to work with: Vietnam Professional Translation Group / Vantin / On Facebook, these scammers call themselves "Multilanguage Freelance Translator/Interpreter" /

Address: No.169 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Cau Giay dist., Hanoi (office building, conveniently with no floor or room information) / Ph: +84 (0) 911 426 126 / 131 Bain Street New York, Pennsylvania 01234, United States (Consulting WP) / Tel. +1 628 123 4000 (ONE of the companies using this number is an "American Cannabis Company".

The website code has been stolen from the American Cannabis Company. It is in vietnamese only, except a few pages in English, with copy copied from other websites:
Company Overview: "Consulting WP is a global consulting powerhouse". Consulting WP?
Our team grid: Western names ONLY, with copied or made up names is a VERBATIM copy of this page from the The American Small Business Chamber of Commerce website!!! ALL "staff" profiles include the very same copy: "With over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis, Brandon has the breadth", even if the profile in not Brandon's...

Tracy Ahn photo copied from here (right) & Dennis photo was copied from here

Ashley Hardy (FAKE) / VP Sales and Marketing
Brandon Copperfield (FAKE) / Founder & CEO /
Clark Roberts (FAKE) / Chief Finance Officer
Dennis / Head of Communication / / Skype: phienbiendich (VanTin Int.)
Dennis Norris (FAKE) / Chief Marketing Officer
Fernando Torres (FAKE) / Tax Consultant
Gina Kennedy (FAKE) / Administrator
Tracy Anh / Chief Account Manager / / Skype: dichthuatvantin

NOTE 140 A known email associated with a fake CV since 2014 - - recently emerged associated with another fake "company" Made in Gaza: Best Translation24 / Best Translation 24 Best Translation 24 Agency /

The address in unknown, but a map on the Contacts page points to the British Museam, London (just like another scamming joint, Orca Translation, Note 84). Phones are also absent.

Domain registration data (16AUG2016):
Registrant Name: Ahlam Akram
Registrant Street: Aljwazat
Registrant City: Rafah
Registrant State/Province: Gaza
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: IL
Registrant Phone: +972.599606968
Registrant Email:

The website code has been stolen from Ecrivus International (NL), Affinity Language Services (US), Leginda (DE), and hilarious statements like: Best Translation24 is determined to be your first and best choice for a professional translation services company in Florida. We are London’s best translation company. Shamelessly, they also claim: Most of our language professionals are accredited by the American Translators Association. With scammers, anything goes.

An Egyptian translator has this to say about these scammers: "they very bad company they do not pay after finishing your work with them"

Best Translation24 / / / / Skype: besttranslation24 (fake account)
Jean Allaya / / Orca Translation had a Erik Allaya / !!!
Robert Foltyn (FAKE) / /
Tom Adam (FAKE) /
Muhmd Zamli /

NOTE 141 Scandinavian Network / Scandinavian Net - Translation Company / Scam operated by Indian scammer Gyanendra Kumar (Note 70) and active since, at least, 2009 / Tel (FAKE): +441212868509 / Skype: scandinaviannets (location: Denmark !!! and decorated with an Indian-looking male cartoon!!!) / Address (FAKE): 84, London Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 2AQ

Most of the wording in their DOC profile has been copied from Chris Translation Service Company (Hong Kong).

ProZ has already reported doubts about this outfit.

Daniel Creig aka Daniel Craig /
Scandinavian Net / /

NOTE 142 Not the ordinary CV thieves, but an unscrupulous gang of cunning operators and notorious non-payers. Their MO: open a company, accumulate debts and happily start a new company.

In this online report, in just more than 3 years, they left a trail of unpaid bills to translators of more than GBP 11,700...
In this other online report, the unpaid bills ammount to more than GBP 7,120
Here's another report about this gang
And another one
And yet another report

Flow Languages Ltd / Company number: SC447454 / (CLOSED)
People: James Canter / Cecilia Macchione / Paul Patrick Kenny / Life: 12 Apr 2013 - 04 Feb 2015 / BANNED from ProZ
Also use !!! / 44 203 011 1983

then, it became
MC Holdings Limited, T/A Worldwide Business / Company number: SC447454 / (CLOSED)
People: James Canter / Cecilia Macchione / Victoria Nicol / Life: 12 Apr 2013 - 11 May 2017

then, it became
Strategic Translations Ltd / Company number: 10701434 / (ACTIVE)
People: Victoria Nicol / James Canter / Life: 31 Mar 2017

then, some of the gang started
My Language Connection Limited / MLC Ltd / UK company 10701434 / Incorporated 31MAR2017 (previous name: Strategic Translations Ltd) / (ACTIVE, March 2018) / Domain created 04AUG2017, registration data protected / Address: 22 Montrose Street Glasgow, United Kingdom (cowork space) / 44 330 058 0251
Victoria Nicol (owner/managing director, REAL name appearing on legal documents) / Victoria Christina (owner/managing director) claimed on Facebook, probably a fantasy name).

On TrustPilot all accolades are fake. Just read them...

while others started
We R Translations Ltd / Company number: SC562734 / (ACTIVE) /
Domain created 03FEB2017 / Registration data protected / People: Maria Jose Graves / Paul Patrick Kenny / Live: 6 April 2017
Address: 02 Marine Drive (on website) !!! / 44 131 552 7218

Other internet adventures by these people:
Cecilia Macchione / (CLOSED) / Domain registred by James Canter
James Canter is deep into creating language-related domains/websites, most of them CLOSED:

Cecilia Macchione, later became Cecilia Need / / /
Drew McClean / Worldwide Business / Strategic Translations /
James Canter / / /
Jamie Sole / Worldwide Business
Lucia Donatellis / Worldwide Business
Maria Graves / Maria Jose Graves /
Patrizia Pinna / Strategic Translation
Paul Patrick Kenny / Flow Languages / We R Translations / /
Stephanie Allardyce (Steph Allardyce on Facebook) / Worldwide Business / Strategic Translations / (keeps profile on ProZ)
Victoria Nicol / Vicki Nicol / Victoria Christina (on FB) / Strategic Translations / My Language Connection / / / Skype / Twitter: @Vic_Strategic

NOTE 143 The alarm went off on ProZ, when several translators reported having received an email from a "Steve Hall" with this fantastic announcement: "We have recently won a large project of 20.000.000 words which consists of documents on various domains, including...". The posting "company" did have a website, but with no physical address or phone number. Just a name: Trusted Spanish (contacts page with email and address have been removed). So, we went looking:

Registrant Name: Mohsen Khodadadi
Registrant Street: 708 - 35 Bales Avenue,
Registrant City: North York
Registrant State/Province: Ontario
Registrant Postal Code: M2N7L7
Registrant Country: CA
Registrant Phone: +1.9052429160
Registrant Email:

So, who is this Mohsen (b. 26MAR1994)? On Facebook, he lives in Whitby, Ontario. On LinkedIn, he's the "CEO at Trusted Language Solutions". On Twitter @MKhodadadi94 is a "Studying Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University". On TM-Town, he's called "trustedspanish" and is a "Spanish to English" translator. Not bad from a guy who, until 2012, lived in Tehran, Iran...

And, he has been busy. On (CLOSED 04SEP2017) he stated: "70 Million Words Translated and 60 Thousand Jobs Completed". But that's nothing compared to "Trusted Language Solutions": "870 Million Words Translated and 650 Thousand Jobs Completed" (from July 2017!!!). And all with a "99% Quality Rating" (whatever that means). Later, the "870 million words" were deleted, and replaced by "We have 14,000+ linguists for these languages (which ones?) and (...) we have a daily capacity of 1,000,000 words per day".

On Kickstarter, Mohsen also tried to raise CA$ 15,000 for "The Only Specialized, End-to-End Human Translation platform" with bullshit like this: "We're building the world's most awesome platform for ordering translations online—join us in our journey!" Well, the journey was curt short: he got CA$ 21.00!

Recently, also from ProZ, our Mohsen shot other "20.000.000 words" emails, this time from "Trusted Italian" and "Trusted Dutch". So we went looking some more "trusted companies":

Created 11JUL2017Created 18JUL2017Created 12AUG2017Created 27AUG2017Created 31AUG2017 (ProZ profile 2339207 REMOVED)

Hina Aziz / Managing Director, Trusted Language Solutions (LinkedIn) / Washington D.C. (!!!)
Mohsen Khodadadi / / Twitter: @MKhodadadi94 (created March 2013, no tweets...)
Steve Hall (FAKE name) / /
Translation Language Sol / / / Twitter: @trustedls (1st tweet 16AUG2017)

NOTE 144 Impersonation of translation companies and scamming of translators using the email address . The signature block of the scammers' emails contained data from the genuine company Alpha Omega Translations from Alexandria, VA, USA. Previously, the same email has been used to impersonate the company Lichi Translations Ltd from Israel.

Dimitra Hengen (REAL PM from Alpha Omega Translations) /
Reut Sheffer (REAL PM from Lichi Translations) /

NOTE 145 Wagner Consulting International aka
Wagner / / Colombia
Wagner Consulting
Wagner consulting Agency
Wagner Consulting Chongqing / /
Wagner Consulting Co. Ltd.
Wagner Consulting European Division /
Wagner Consulting Ldt /
Wagner Consulting LLC
Wagner Consulting LLC, Language Services Division
Wagner Consulting Ltd - Deutschland, Projektmanagement /
Wagner international - MENA /
WI Client / WI Communications Limited / / (names and photos on website are fake)
No 29, St. Mary Street Birkirkara, MKR4684 Malta (virtual address) / Tel: +356 3550 5458
Under the cover of an IT company, it is used to hire translators for Wagner...
A Chinese translator reports "overdue invoices for 13,000 USD from 2018"

is not the normal CV scammer, but rather a well-known spammer, bottom feeder, non-payer and operator banned from Proz. The registrant of domain is, not surprisingly, "Not Disclosed". This joint also operates other domains: (Facebook: WI Communication) / (DISABLED) / (DISABLED) / (DISABLED). And, believe it or not, they're members of GALA, ELIA and the ATA!

Adresses & phones reported:
5 Pickering Lane Springfield, IL 62712 / (217) 620-1018 / (217) 585-2703
5029 Woodland Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345
244 5th Avenue, Suite W-243, New York NY 10001 / (716) 226-6668 / 716 941 7583 / 716 941 7782 / (718) 838 9533 / (718) 618 4268 / virtual office)
244 5th Ave New York City, New York 10001 United States / (917) 302-1556 / (917) 725 3145 / Virtual office
808 Market Street, Camden, New Jersey, 08102, United States / (856) 342-8000
Industriestr. 8, Engen, 78234 Baden-Württemberg / 49.7733996661 / 49.7733996662
Legal domicile is New York City, NY 10001, USA

Wagner Consulting are the owners and operators of .

On their website, the owner signs only "Wagner President Wagner Consulting LLC". Real smart move to hide his true identity: Sascha Wagner aka Alexander Sascha Wagner aka Sascha Moreno.

And, if they tell you something about "quality" and "ISO 17000", read this: "... a statement of conformity to the requirements of the international norm issued by the translator on his own responsiblity. This is not a certification by an independent third-party"

On the website, they claim: "Headquarter: London - UK" & "Location: New York, NY". On GALA website, they claim: "Wagner Consulting is a leading, reputed and a trusted translation service company" and Better Business Bureau gives them a A+ rating (but, "with NO reviews for this business"). A Google search seems to prove otherwise:
One example.
Another example.
And yet another example.

On April 11, 2019, Mouhssine Ayouri contacted us from Morocco (IP: «You don't have the right to write my full name and information on your site and damage my reputation Erase my name immediately Ayouri Mouhssine / US Sales / (718) 8389533» Reputation, you say? What reputation?

A UK company reports "they delivered just pure Google translation work".

Showing a disgraceful mode of operation, several PMs even use our email address to offer us jobs!

Some examples of their job offers:
project of about 1265 words. Rate 30 USD
QA project of about 13000 words. Rate 30 USD
Czech to English / Word Count: 2000 words / Offered Payment: 100$
English to Portuguese (Portugal) project. Wordcount is 3000. Budget: 90 USD
We need English to Czech linguist for a Translation Request of a 700 words document for $28
CZ-EN / Budget: 0.03 USD/word
IT-EN 2800 words. Budget: 70 USD

3800 words. Deadline: Today 4PM CET. Kindly confirm accepting the task to send you the file.

Adrian David Peralta Diaz / Sales Manager / Colombia
Ahmed Saiied / Junior Project Manager /
Alexander Zakusylo /
Alexandru Nita /
Anna Bilchenko /
Aya Arafa / Aya Hammed Arafa / Project Manager / Egypt /
Ayouri Mouhssine / Mouhssine Ayouri / Morocco / US Sales / / (718) 8389533
Beatriz Colina / Beatrice Colina / Vendor Manager /
Caesar Wagner /
Carmen Argelia Aponte / Junior Project Manager
Carmen Argelia Linares aka Carmen Linares / Junior Project Manager /
Caroline Sanchez / /
Catherine Marie Wagner / Marketing Consultant / Greater New York City Area
Daniela Millan / Junior Sales Manager
Diana Ayobami
Diana Ivanchevska / Junior Project Manager / Ukraine
Edgar Valera / Vendor Manager /
Edgrace Conceicao / HR Manager / Greater New York City Area
Elena Cruz / Business Development / Costa Rica
Eugene Stupatskij / Global Sales Manager / (718) 6184268
Eva Becker / Junior Project Managerin / Freiburg Area, Germany /
Fabien Ezedine-Evrard / Sales Manager / United States
Fouad Achahbar / /
Gino Toti / Gino Martin Toti Bilanovich / Project Manager Senior / Argentina /
Gleice Correia / Head Of Human Resources / Salvador, Brazil /
Grace Conceicao / HR Manager /
Horacio Belorab / Latin America Sales Manager / Uruguay
Iryna Narozhna /
Jennifer Baena / Vendor Manager / Antioquia Area, Colombia
Jessica Silis /
Jo Ann /
Juan Pablo Henao S. / Project Manager / Greater Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kristina Zabelina / EU Sales / / / (718) 618 4268
Lena Ramirez
Lidiia Bychkovska / Human Resources Manager / Ukraine
Lizzeth Álvarez / Copywriting Division Leader / Veracruz Area, Mexico
Lucía Sayagués / QA Specialist / Uruguay
Luis Adrián Pérez / Project Manager /
María M. / Coordinator / Bogotá D.C. Area, Colombia
Maria Montes / Executive Personal Assistant and Coordinator
Mouhssine Ayouri / US Sales (actually, lives in Meknès, Morocco) / / (718) 8389533
Natalia Petrishina / Account Payable Accountant / Ukraine
Oksana Kondratyuk /
Oscar /
Oswaldo González Tatá / Project Manager / Sucre Area, Venezuela /
Qudrat Ullah / Vendor Manager Europe /
Sascha Wagner aka Alexander Sascha Wagner aka Sascha Moreno / CEO Wagner Consulting International
Souhail Drissi El Bouzaidi aka Souhail Drissi / Morocco /
Tulio Figueroa / Junior Project Manager / /
Yuliya Hdanska / Project Manager / Ukraine / /
Vladyslav Kotelnykov / /
Willy David /

NOTE 146 A network of lies and deceit Made in China with fantasy names and a maze of domains and websites. Who are the clients dealing with? A Ms. Xu, a Judy Xu or a Maggie Xu? Really?

Names used:
Quanzhou Target Language Translation Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Target Language Translation Co.Ltd.
Shanghai Translation Company / > Redirects to Target Language Translation Co. Ltd.
Shenzhen Translation Co.,Ltd
Shenzhen Transloctek Co.
Shenzhen Transloctek Co.,Ltd
Target Language (Chengdu) Translation Co., Ltd
Target Language (Guangzhou) Translation Co., Ltd
Target Language Translation Company
arget Language Translation Co., Ltd
Xia’men Butterfly House
Xiame Translation
Xiamen Butterfly House Translation / (domain CLOSED)
Xiamen Butterfly House Translation Service Co.Ltd
Xiamen Target Language Translation Service Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Translation Company / /

XIAMEN, Fujian China
Rm. 1505 of Zhongguanwei Building, No. 337 of Jiahe Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China, Xiamen City, 361009, China
Vista Rica, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Phones: 400-6600-210 / 86-592-2963957 / 86-592-2963967 / 0592-5129163

ProZ profile: 2400142 / (domain CLOSED)

TranslationDirectory profile:
Founder: Ms Xu. "She has worked in the translation industry for many years. With rich experiences and passion, she decides to open her own company". Really?

Translators Cafe profile: > Redirects to Target Language Translation Co. Ltd. (Xiame Translation | Xiamen Translation Company)

Alice Zeng / Business Manager /
Human Resources /
Judy Xu / Human Resources Manager
Maggie Xu / Sales promotion manager
Ms Xu / Founder
Nancy Yiyuf/ /
Samuel Young / / Opened Xiamen Target profile in Translators Café
Simon Du / Sales Manager / (domain CLOSED)

NOTE 147 A Linda Jane, from Huntsville, Alabama, USA, she says, acts, since at least 2015, as the "stateside" point of contact for unwary translation clients, mainly those requesting Asian languages for Christian materials. She even has a website to show (but, of course, with no address and no phone number): Teams of Translators / . The website shows very interesting characters.

Kishan Singh (from India). Photo used in the site belongs to to Gautam Adani, one of richest men in India... The scammers didn't even changed the photo filename... Linda has nice words about "Kishan": "Helping Hands for Handicapped in Rajasthan, organized by our Brother Kishan Singh". And about Napoleon Zaki, "we are support xxxx Ministry, run by our Brother Napoleon Zaki"

Linda also has a "secretary" with a very funny name: Andrewson Chris. Photo used in the site belongs to Chris Coyier, a web designer and developer living in Milwaukee. Again, the scammers didn't even changed the photo filename...

As for the payment, Linda stated to a US prospective client: "We will accept the bank wiring in Pakistan the most needed area for now to build three orphanages and 5 widows houses." A Napolean Zaki, the "Final Beneficiary", will, no doubt, build the "3 orphanages and the 5 widows houses"!

Andrewson Chris /
Linda Jane / Jane Linda / / Ph: 001456545447 !!!
Napoleon Zaki / (profile on TC is private)
Yee Sum (Chinese Director) /

NOTE 148 Tradsquare / Trad Square / Tradquare / (created in 2017, now CLOSED) / Fake company, claiming to be located in France, at Rue de l'Eglise Saint Michel 13005 Marseille / Fake phone: 33 4 91 72 33 17.

On this job post, the IP: is from Morocco. After stiffing a few translators, payment demands are answered with insulting emails

Jean Christophe / Iean cristophe Beyssac / /

NOTE 149 X-Translations (domain created 20 AUG 2018; registration data kept private). Not known for CV scamming practices, but everything in this "company" as been designed to hide their ownership, location, names and legal status. Who are their potential clients and translators dealing with?

Their luring email reads: "we used to work with in house linguists, but due to the increasing work from our clients we need to extend our linguists team and work with remote freelancer linguists". "We", who? "In house", where? To make their operation believable, they've also created a full array of profiles on social media and translators portals.

On their Facebook and website they claim "we are planning to be number 1 translation company in the next 5 years, that’s why we offer the highest quality with the lowest price". Really?

Although their documents available on the website have been carefuly sanitized, the "language" setting for the NDA (PDF) is "ar-EG" (Arabic, Egypt ?). Other sources also confirmed that "they" are located in Egypt, i.e., operating from just a website, with no traceability whatsoever. As for the names related to this operation:

1. Harry Michael (profile on ProZ: 2604824) / Sales Manager / / A fake name hiding behind a Polish background, including funny "degrees" from the Lodz University of Technology. In Translators Café, his profile is "private"...
2. Mark Eliot (another fake name) / VM Manager / / Ph: 93965461 !!!

And what about the "locations" and fake names shown on their website (no Egypt?):

3, 83-85 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown NSW 2148 (a law office !!!)
49 W Harrison St, Chicago, IL 606050 (606050? a 7-Eleven !!!)
560 Iijima, Shirakawa-mura, Ono-gun, Gifu-ken 501-5625 (???)
Calle Tahona de las Descalzas, 5, 28013 Madrid (an El Corte Inglés store !!!)
Gutleutstraße 30, 60329 Frankfurt am Main (with phone +1 928-315-1928 on Google Maps: Arizona???)
Jebel Ali Freezone,5 67 St, Dubai (!!!)
via Principe Amedeo, 16, 00185 Roma RM (a restaurant !!!)
Youngs gate 1, 0181 Oslo (coffee house? grocery store?)

X-Translations / /
Andrea Lorenzo /
Ben Finn /
David Pablo /
Harry Michael /
Khalid Farhad /
Liam James /
Mark Eliot / VM Manager /
Martin Joakim /
Pablo Harry /
Yuki Hiroki /

NOTE 150 TextTeam is a fake US company using another fake German company JKT Documents as recipient of payments to a valid bank account in Denmark! / See the fake invoice

Adresses (all in prestigious addresses or co-working offices) and phones and emails shown on websites are FAKE.

Cross-referencing some information lead to the discovery of a wide array of 30 websites (with no registration data) controlled by the same gang. All sites are absolutely equal, with ALL copy stolen from a genuine company: German Translation Unit (Spain, Germany), and include the same internal links:
Qa Of Third Party Translations / Glossarization / Style Guide Development / Other Services Available On Request

24 Hour Translation / 24trans / / 44 800 847 03763
ABC Corp. / / 49 33 74073050 / 49 33 74073080 / Gleimstraße 135 10437 Berlin GERMANY (copied online w/ random number)
AsiaLink / / 886-2-74291230 / No. 55, Zhouzi Street Neihu District Taipei City, Taiwan 114 Taiwan (copied online)
Bergen Text Company / / Chr. Michelsens gate 1 5012 Bergen Norway
Brugge Text / Martin Wouters / / Domain (created 15JAN2022) / Krakeleweg 39 8000 Brugge Belgium / +32 984 91 96 54
CPH Text / / Vesterbrogade 149 1620 Copenhagen Denmark
Elang /
French Connection / / 33-1851497370 / 33 avenue du Maine 75015 Paris France (copied online)
Geneva Language Services / / 41 22 708 888 99
Global Japan /
Haag Translation / / 31.315487082680 / Kalvermarkt 53 Haag, Zeeland 2511 The Netherlands (copied online)
Helsinki Translation / / Pasilanraitio 9 00240 Helsinki Finland
Iceland Text / Agnar Melnar / / / Kalkofnsvegur 2 101 Reykjavik Iceland / 354 901 6100
JKT Documents / / 49 55 46 55 00 11 / Tax ID/EIN P09000284583 (FAKE) / Gleimstraße 135 10437 Berlin GERMANY (copied online) / 1840 WEST, 49 STREET, Hialeah, FL 33012 (copied online) / address used in invoice
Lingo Oslo / / 47 1815 88 559 / Filipstad Brygge 1 0250 Oslo Norway (copied online)
Lingo Uppsala / / Stationsgatan 24 753 40 Uppsala Sweden / PLM Translation / / 41 (0)4492899200
Lingua Focus / Lingua Focus Ltd / / 3 Brindley Place Birmingham B1 2JB (copied online)
Porto Lingo / / 351 7653987010 / Rua de Santos Pousada 441 4000-099 Porto Portugal (copied online)
Qlingo /
Quick Translation / / 46 (0)98 711 72 244 / Klarabergsviadukten 70 SE-111 64 Stockholm Sweden (copied online, World Trade Center Stockholm)
Rome Language Center / / 39 06 7759 999 / 39 06 7759 000
Viale del Parco Mellini, 188 00136 ROMA (online ad, copied online w/ random number)
Viale Luca Gaurico 9 00143 Roma Italy (website, copied online)
Russian Word /
Scandinavian Linguistics / / 4569802413 / Havneholmen 25 1561 Copenhagen Denmark (copied online)
SPL System / / 32-2-837-726-33 / Avenue Louise 480 1050 Bruxelles Belgium Spain (copied online)
Stockholm Lingo / / 46 8446826723 / 46 (0)98 711 72 023 / 46 (0)98 711 72 044 / Klarabergsviadukten 70 Stockholm, SE-111 64 Sweden (copied online)
Tampere Translation / / Kalevantie 2 33100 Tampere Finland (copied online)
TechFlow / / 44-20396616460
TechLoc / / 130 Charlotte Street London W1T 1RL United Kingdom (copied online w/ random number)
TextTeam / / 1 646.786.3863
Word Technologies / / 41-8008355501
Wordlink Translation / / 24 Belgrave Road, Victoria, London SW1V 2BP United Kingdom (a hotel)

NAMES & EMAILS ASSOCIATED W/ THIS SCAM: / Martin Krause / Operations Manager / Rick Wooley / Operations Manager / Martin Krause / Richard Weber / Martin Wouters / Agnar Melnar

NOTE 151 Translationdirectory Co / / Another fake company w/ name plagiarizing a Translators Portal created by known Palestinian scammers:
Nihad Ahmad, associated w/ Languagemet (Note 6), PTS Compan (Note 74), Wordsvoice (Note 76)
Loai Mahmoud, associated w/ Languagemet (Note 6)

They post jobs in Translation Directory claiming to be from Israel, but IP is from Gaza.

Domain registration data:
Registrant Name: robert morison (FAKE NAME)
Registrant Street: 757 NE 72nd Ter (FAK)
Registrant City: Miami
Registrant State/Province: California (Miami is in California?)
Registrant Postal Code: 33138
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.0077844512 (REALLY?)
Registrant Email:

Nihad Ahmad /
Loai Mahmoud / / / 00 972 599 687281
Robert Morison /

NOTE 152 Meet Amer Al-Azem, aka Amer Al Azem, aka Amer M. Al Azem, aka Amer Al-Azm, aka Lana Al Azem, an obnoxious spammer and scammer from Palestine: one day he sells real estate and coconut oil and the next he sells translation courses in the Arab world. Here is some info about this clown:

His trick is to create Groups online, abusively add victims and spam them with all sorts of B/S, like "Translation Agencies", a group on Google which has been BANNED.

On his "Amer Al Azem Trade & Marketing Group" / , he claims "Amer is a man of principles and ethics" LOL
On this website, one reads "The Holding AAA Group is registered in Sao Paulo"!!!

More info about the operation of this scammer here. Another of his practices is to spam translators and translation companies, registering them as subscribers in his Google groups (we keep an extensive list of such emails, that we can send to bona fide interested parties).

On the translation side, this clown claims to be:

Amer Al Azem is the founder & ex-president of World Arab Translators Association (WATA), translator, trainer, and author of three books on Grammar and Legal Translation, and a business global marketer.

He is the Founder of Arab Trainers Union. He also contributed to the establishment of translation societies in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and Morocco. He is known worldwide.

Owns commercial, professional and media networks covering a million companies and people

Also claims to have written books like "The Translator in the First Trench" and "What is new in the Grammar of English". The only problem is that these books do not exist. Also makes another funny promise: "Professional translator diploma soon with international accreditation" and (are you ready?? "International Certificate from an American-British-French foundation"...

On January 9, 2019, Amer gladly posted on his Facebook / Amer Al Azem International / A.AlAzemTrans a message from a a clear OVERPAYMENT SCAM. When a gullible (and stupid) tanslator showed his interest "I am interested in the project which you posted", Amer, The Scumbag, responded "No agreement with the client so far".

On April 2022, Amer came up with some new crap: Nominations open to honor Missionaries to Glory for 2022: The Arab Translators Association is pleased to announce the beginning of nominations for Outstanding Knowledgeables, Translators, Linguists, Academics, Researchers, Presidents, Rectors, CEO's, Teachers, Headmasters, Educators, Principals, Scholars, Personalities, Writers, Thinkers, Activists, Creators, Journalists, and professionals in all professions and disciplines.

Operates his scams under various names:
Amer Al Azem Enterprise for Translation and Training
Amer Al Azem Enterprise Translation
Amer Al Azem for Translation and Training
Amer Al Azem Jobs Bank
Amer Al Azem Trade & Marketing Group
Amer al Azem Translation Services
Amer Al Azem's Translation Association !!!
Amer al-Azem Enterprise for Translation & Training
Amer al-Azem Enterprise for Translation,Training and Development
Amer al-Azem For Investment & Real Estate Brokerage
Amer al-Azem Foundation for Translation, Training, and Development
Arab Business and Decision Makers Network
Into-Translation Online Academy
Mashreq & Maghreb for Translation & Training
Palestinian Translators Association (i.e. a page on Facebook...) / international trade Platform To revolutionize business in the world / ALLAH/GOD IS A PARTNER, has share in Taajiron which will be distributed to the poor (LOL) / Address and phone in Morocco also used by a company called "Morconsulting", another dodgy company using fake testimonials from fake clients with photos copied online...
Vice President and Director of Training Sahar Al-Bataineh
World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists (DEFUNCT)
International Association of Translators and Linguists Arabs (WATA) (DEFUNCT)
Arab Translators Association (ArtA) / Arab Translators Association (ArtA) / ArTA International (ACTIVE APR2022)

Amer Al-Azem / / +970-592-325-656 / +970592325656 / Skype: ameralazem2013 / Into-Translation Online Academy
Lana Al Azem / /
Raghad Tarkhan /
Rana Al Azem / Rana Al-Azem /
Rania Hanania Abudayeh / / Into-Translation Online Academy

NOTE 153 AB Translations / AB Translations SRL is a fake company set up by unidentified scammers. All about this "company" is blatantly fake, and yet there are reports of translators having fallen victims for this scam. Come on, guys!

1. Domain was created on 26MAR2018. .cc (Cocos Islands) used for Iceland!
2. The website claims "founded in 2008 and headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland". Really?
3. Address Háaleitisbraut 68, 103 Reykjavík, Iceland is a restaurent or a power company...
4. Phone number (+354) 515909. Really?
5. VAT (FAKE): IS006219

This scam is an impersonation of a Romanian company called AB LANGUAGE SOLUTIONS SRL.

AB Translations / /
Dagmar Ársælsson /
Judith Salmon / (creator of ProZ profile, removed)

NOTE 154 The Translation Community keeps being plagued by shady and unscrupulous operators. An Internet domain is anonymously created, a website with plagiarized copy goes live, a profile is opened at Translator Portals using VPNs, a fake street (or no address at all) is provided together with a phone number (also fake), and a new scammer is in business. Here are some more examples:
Beltic Solutions / (NOW CLOSED, MARCH 2019) is a FAKE company and notorious non-payer. Domain was created on 18DEC2017 and registration owner is UNKNOWN. Phone is FAKE: +420749855114 (UNKNOWN) and so is the street address: Havlíckova 1227/4, 110 00 Nové Mesto, Tchéquie (!!!).

They probably use a VPN to place them in Morocco. Data collected from jobs posted on Translation Directory:
04JAN2018: Fiala Dvorák (IP:, Morocco)
10JAN2018: Fiaba (IP:, Morocco)
19DEC2017: Fiaba (IP:, Morocco)

Of course, copy in their website is just stolen: "‘Late’ is not a London Translations word." Yes, stolen from the website of "London Translations". They also claim stuff like "We have more than 30 years experience (elsewhere in the website is 13...) and our ISO 9001:2008 certification reflects our commitment to high quality translation." Really? And in June 2018, their blog entries (all with crappy copy) are dated 26 October 2018 !!!

Fiala Dvorák aka Fiala Dvorak, Kiara Dvorak, Managing Director /
Nicolas Dumay / / Tel: 0656439853 / Dakar, Senegal / DOMAIN REGISTRANT (under the name of Fiala Dvorak and fake phone number +420.756438778)
Pia Czech, Manager /
Neon Traduction / (NOT ACCESSIBLE ON 12 MAR 2019)
Domain created: 02 JUL 2018 at
Address (a coffee shop): Kasteelstraat 57, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgique, Anvers, Anvers 57200, Belgium
Phone (fake) +32 479 55 41 13
Website copy plagiarized from: Translink (Belgium), ATI Traduction (France) & Barbier Traductions (France) and Scripto Sensu (Belgium).
Ghost associated: Emilie Fuccer /
Translation Desk / translation desk co nf / / Business profile on ProZ: 130888 / / NOT to be confused with another company, same name, located in India ( (SITE CLOSED, ACCESSED 12 MAR 2019)
Domain .nf (Norfolk Island !!!) created 04 FEB 2018
Address: Street 221B Baker Street, (yes, it's Sherlock Holmes' address in London !!!) / In LinkedIn they claim to be located in "Hilton, New York" and in Translators Café, the address is "Street 221B Baker Street, New York, 10025, United States" !!!
And they claim crap like "We work with translators right here in our various offices" !!!
Ghosts associated:
Alejandra Stenton
Byron Smith
Janet Hubbard
Mohammad Albati / / Project Manager / His photo "signs" all entries in the website blog.
Smith Bela / 6 golling st, New York, 34565, United States (Fake) / 5567787898 / (PayPal ID) / Registrant of Translation Desk profile in Translators Café.
Translation Minds Ltd / Translation Minds Consulting Limited / / Business profile on ProZ: 130888 / / COMPANY DISSOLVED IN 22OCT2019
Domain created: 26 DEC 2017
No address (except a fake postal code: SW1W 0HQ) / Phone: +44 20 3239 1400 (usually not answered)
Real address: Blijnii Hutor Slobodzia 5712 Moldova
Website copy plagiarized from Translation Desk (see above)
Ghosts associated:
Anna Hesterberg / Business Development Lead / / ProZ profile: 2550619
David Stewart /
Dmitri Belan (resident in Moldova), listed as Director of Translation Minds Consulting Limited (incorporated 13 March 2019, no. 11880327) at the Companies House website
Wave Linga / Wavelinga / (NOT ACCESSIBLE ON 12 MAR 2019)
Domain created: 10 FEB 2019 at
Address (a residencial place): Elisabethkirchstraße 12, 10115 Berlin, Germany
Phones (fake): 0049 30 39145605 / 0049 30 39065612
Website copy plagiarized from: Crowd Content (Canada) / Straker Translations (New Zealand).
Ghost associated: Frey Finnemore /
Victims of this scam are already speaking out.

NOTE 155 Some scammer from Gaza (identified as nmc2016 & AL-FARIS & walaa mahmoud in docs), calling himself Top Translators circulated the following message from the address (how nice!):

Hi, I hope you very well. Do you have task right Now ? I advise you to contact with my colleagues for all approved translation requests:

Alejandra Demeaus /
Andreea Monica /
Courtney Rose /
Ela Van Ready /
Elisabetta Nicholas /
Fanny Tanja /
Hoshi Chen /
Jacki Florian /
Kami Lefebvre /
Kyung Hyun /
Lorena /
Malak Fariha /
Margarita Casey /
Olga Yuri /
Paola Hernandez /
Rema Rodriguez / /
Ruth Martin /
Snoopy Ceresuela /
Stacy Liam /
Stinic Khin /
Tina Mason /

NOTE 156 Vanda Mark (FAKE NAME) / is the typical scammer busted by "her" own stupidity:

Vanda is hastily hired by a UK company and apparently delivers her translation. From then on, she keeps insisting to get paid. However the company uses a third-party translation platform that requires a positive proof of ID, to which Vanda responds by sending a ridiculously doctored German ID Card / The original image can be found here. Asked for clarification, the scammer replies:

— I have said that by mistake. (sic)

And before, what did the scammer say about getting paid? This:

— I told you that I can not receive bank transfer and I will provide you my friend bank account to pay to him. I send you my friend bank information that but you do not pay until now. For Documents : You told me that you must provide my documents and I put my Passport and Tax paper.

Yes, the "passport" is the doctored German ID Card... And then came the old "pay my friend" trick again, because "I can not receive bank transfer". Let's see who the "friend" is:

Account Number: 2698441
Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
Bank Name: Mizuho Bank LTD.
Branch: Yokohama Ekimae Branch
Bank Address: 1-2-1 Kitaswaiwai Nishi-ku Yakohama Kanagawaa
Country: Japan

And, finally, as a true scammer, Vanda PULLS the threat trick:

— You must pay me for the job I have done for you. If I did not get my payment, I will put your name in all sites in the Internet that you have stolen my money.

And now, for the fun part. How do we know all this? Because "Vanda" in her own stupidity sent her "threat" to someone who happily forwarded to us the whole thread of messages between her and the UK company. Stupid scammer!

NOTE 157 Usako International / / (free email server) is a Turkish scamming gang hiding behind fake websites with no registration data to stiff translators with a cryptocurrency mining scam. They operate a website in which they claim: Usako international is a Turkey based company which deals many cryptocurrencies and also translation. We try at all possible best to always keep our customer comfortable with our services. We produce better services to all our clients around the world.

Address (copied online): Cankaya CD. No:14 Ankara Turkey / Tel: +908503902273

Their "team" and testimonials all use FAKE names and the photos were farmed from websites online:

Eden Raul / CEO and Founder
Attila Maggie / CFO and Head of Sales
Mattias Pacas / CTO and Lead Developer
Jake Stillwater / CMO and Head of Design
Ali Muhammed / Human resources departmental Head
Miss Shazia Rosella / Financial secretary and accountant

FAKE testimonials by (all FAKE names): Alicia Becky / Levites Patrick / Zaki Shazia

Then, after they receive the translations from their victims, they claim not being able to pay through normal channels because of "problems with Paypal in Turkey at the moment", requiring their victims to download an app called Green Pay Gobal integrator from Google Play. According to some reports, the app cost around $400.00.

The website for Green Pay Global / is just another joke: the email is (!!!), the address is 1 Website Lane, Suite 1000 Boston, MA 11111 (!!!) and the phone is +1 123 456 7890 (!!!). FAKE testimonials by (all FAKE names): Mark, , Samantha, Zoey (photos were just copied online). Trustful, indeed...


NOTE 158 Scamming group lead by Jamal Alloclouck / Jamal Akklouk / Jamal Mohammed / Jamaleddin M.F. Alakklou / Jamalleddin Alloclouck & Maram Alloclouck / Maram Alakklouk / Maram Suhail Aljidi / Maram Suhail Alaklouk / Maram Aljedi / Maram Aljidi / Maram S. Aljedi / Maram S. Al Jidi (Jamal Alloclouck's wife) & Hothyfa Alharazeen.

These scammers created a fake ID under the name David Bonn / David Boon / / / with which responded to jobs online.

Also involved in serving as project managers for a UK company (at least) and not paying translators involved in large projects.

Owners of website Lexperts Group Ltd. / / Domain created: 14 Nov 2019 (registration data is protected) / No address and no phone number, of course / In LinkedIn they announce themselves as "Investment Management", in Facebook, they call themselves "Lexperts Academy" / Claim to be based in Ankara, Turkey (using a virtual office address).


NOTE 159 Mission Translate / is the new identity of a known non-payer and bottom feeder who operated already under different names, all belonging to master scammer Hayder Al-Ani: Mission Translate / eSense BGS / Convocco LTD / ALS (UK) Ltd / ALS UK Ltd.

Domain Creation Date: 2018-04-23 / Mission Translate has been banned from posting jobs at

Info on Facebook: Convocco SCAM / FRAUD since 2015: Translation Company CONVOCCO Ltd., since 07 Feb 2015 registered as AIHIT DATA (previous names include: eSense BGS / Convocco LTD / ALS Ltd / ALS UK Ltd), started in 2012 as PLC, and went into liquidation in March 2012 (Birmingham Post - 11 May 2012). Hayder Al-Ani was also the owner of Al-Ta’i Linguistic Support, the previous incarnation of ALS and Alfayahaa Multimedia Production, both dissolved.

Other info about and reviews this scammer: / Hayder Al-Ani at eSense Translations has the ideal service for you at a price that suits your budget and also helps you in breaking down language barriers.

eSense Translations Birmingham Reviews

Aron Bagri / Head of Business Development / /
Daniel Coombe
Denise Claveria / / Philippines (IP:
Gary Holden (Senior Project Manager) /
Hayder Al-Ani / /
Hawazen Al-Ani / Hawazen Qais Daoud Al-Ani / CFO & Director
Jodie Perks
Kathryn Cozens (Accounts) /
Maria Shipush / / Emails from (Czech Republic !!!)
Mission Translate / /

NOTE 160 On November 23, 2020, a Turkish translator reported on ProZ:

"Fake company “Free Works” finds you from freelancer platforms, says that recruits translators, makes a test and give you some work, but says that it will be paid only over pay-secured again fake payment platform, Pay Secured due to restrictions in Belarus. You work for a week and earn 2500 $, however, in order to receive your payment you need to upgrade your wallet on Pay-secured and this is 100 $. If you think I can pay 100$ to take the 2500$ you are mistaken and also you provide your credit card information, which may cause you a bigger loss. When you refuse to pay this amount and ask for other payment methods, they don’t contact you again and disappear."

So, we went on looking, and we found some interesting stuff:

1. Free Works / / / (Gregory K.) / Domain created: 28JUL2020 / Phone: +375 (1773) 9-52-34 / WhatsApp: +30 21 1198 4493 (country code: Greece?) / Skype: cid.a49900a317def7ec / Address: Radoshkovichi / Tarashkevicha, bld. 18, appt. 1, Molodechno, Minskaya oblast

Website copy has been copied from various other sites, including Better Languages (UK)

They claim to have: 16800+ Completed Works / 11000+ Happy clients / 10+ Language Translated and 150+ Online Staffs !!!

People shown on the website, probably with fake names:
Aleksej Barys MBA DMS BA (Econ.) / Ceo-Founder / See this photo of Aleksej and compare it another photo of Aleksej of Pageworks below
Ksenia Aleksej / Director. Now, go see how Ksenia looks and it's caled on the "Creative Team" section of the website: yes, she's called "Beatrix Hunter"... And now, go see how "Ksenia Aleksej" looks as "Aleksej Ksenia" on Pageworks website below.
Beatriz Hunter MA, MCIL / Translation Services and Finance Director
Manir Khan / Head of Human resources
Tanja Vasquez / Marketing & QA

Scary note: see that "MBA DMS BA (Econ.)" after Aleksej? It's exactly the same from Mike Hunter, from Better Languages, from whom Barys copied the entire bio note. And another scary note: see "Beatriz Hunter MA, MCIL"? It´s exactly the same name and titles of Beatriz Hunter, from Better Languages.

2. Pageworks Co. / / / / Domain created: 03MAY2020
Address: Kropotkina Ul bld. 91/? Minskaya oblast Minsk Belarus / +375 (1773) 4-12-00

Website copy has been copied from various other sites.

People shown on website, probably with fake names:
Aleksej Barys / Chief Executive Officer
Aleksej Ksenia / Chief Financial Officer / Photo is from Akiko Kimizuka twitter account
Mikita Maria / Secretary / Fake photo, copied online
Vadim Bogdan / Client Relations Specialist / Photo is from actor Keisuke Hoashi
Darya Polina / Project Manager / Fake photo, copied online
Boris Jones / Manager / Fake photo, copied online
Aleh Jacob / Human Resources Manager Worldwide / Fake photo, copied online

3. Pay Secured / / / Domain created: 26MAY2020 / Website claims Pay Secured is owned by PaySecured inc, but no info about this company anywhere. The FAQ page contains only 2 (TWO) questions...
Address: Rockfield Trudder rd Newtown mountkennedy County Wicklow Ireland (really? try locating this address on Google Maps...) / Phone: +353 9426553 (really? the area code for Wicklow is 0404 and 094/94 is located somewhere else...)

NOTE 161 Wutsun Herb / WUTSUN HERB Laboratory / WUTSUN HERB Company Limited (UK) / (created 10NOV2020) / Website copy has been copied from Agary Pharmaceutical Limited (Nigeria) and other sources.

Address: 95 Cranleigh Road, Bournemouth, BH6 5JX (copied online, a residential house). NO PHONE IS PROVIDED.

The scam explained:
We currently have a huge project at hand, hence we are seeking for narrators from English to different languages to work with as we want our scripts to be narrated in as many languages as possible. We pay our narrators 500USD per finished hour for a script. To qualify for the offer you'd have to pass the online audition where you'd be given a 1 minute script to narrate.

Then they send the victims a Contract Letter to say they have sent all of the (extremely expensive) equipment listed in the Contract Letter and the monstrous amount of money, so then they can say the victim should send it back (for any reason they would probably think of).

NOTE: Scammer behind this scam are also probably behind another scam under the name ONE HERB / ONEHERB Laboratory /

Amanda Karabo /
Dr. Andy Scholes / Director - Research and Development
Dr. Evelyn Peters / Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)
Dr. McAlister PhD / Co-Founder/IT Consultant
Dr. Richard Johnson / Assistant Director- Research and Development
Jeanette Peterson/ Secretary
Prof. Scott J Moore / Founder & CEO
Wutsun Herb / /

NOTE 162 Master Translations / (domain registered 20JUL2017, domain not connected to any website) is a fake company and a non-payer. Address shown on their emails -- 22-26 George St, Edinburgh EH2 2PQ -- belongs to The Royal Society of Edinburgh. Phone +44 131 618 8282 is also fake. On a scamming report from 08OCT2021, a Alexander Zakusylo made a PayPal (partial) payment to a translator from / The address shown on his PayPal record is Str. Cosbuc 3, ap. 3 Chisinau 2005 Moldova, in fact, the address of a "Retro Moldova Hostel". The same Alexander is already flagged above (Note 145) as related to Wagner Consulting International.

Alexander Zakusylo / Oleksandr Zakusylo /
PayPal /

NOTE 163 BH Localization / BH Localization International, Inc. (!) / / Skype (ACTIVE): bh-localization / Address (FAKE): 115 City Road, London ECV 12PD UK / Phone (FAKE): +44 0203 555 4460 / +86 17873138964

BHL is a FAKE company set up by Chinese company CCJK Technologies Co., Ltd. (owner: Alan Wang): the BHI email is routed to and ARTLANGS is just an outfit created by CCJK.

To attract unwary suckers, BHL include this in their email block: For every hour we work, 1 GBP will be donated to help poor Children get education they can’t afford.

Look for these scrappy documents circulated by the scammers at BHL. All documents have been carefully sanitized, as to leave no traces:
1. Agreement and Availability Statement
2. BH Service Agreement: BH Localization, hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts with registered number 19261329 (FAKE) and having its registered office at 115 City Road, London ECV 12PD (FAKE).
3. Linguist ISO Agreement: In line with our ISO accreditation (ISO 9001 : 2015 and ISO 17100 : 2015) all linguists employed by BH Localization must follow ISO procedures and comply with data protection laws.
4. Template Rates Services

Fanny Peng /
Helen Arnold (Head of Client Services)
Kerry Zeng / / / /
Olivia George (Vendor Coordinator) /
TRANSLATORS: Accept their jobs. Delay delivery. Deliver nothing.
COMPANIES: Setup bogus, juicy jobs. Demand identification. Pay nothing.
AND, ABOVE ALL: Always expose their names and emails online.
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