they steal your CV
your work
and your money
together, we'll make
their lives a living hell
scam noun \skæm\Your IP is:
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket (Oxford English Dictionary)
arnaque (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • fraude, burla (PT) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)
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Last update: Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 13:41 UTC

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Hey, Scammers, we're talking about you!
1. CVs are stolen
and modified with
scammer's email
2. Scammers spam "clients" with their emails & fake CVs
2A. Or respond to online job offers posing as translators (with fake CVs)
3. "Jobs" are done
w/ MT or by
lousy "translators"
4. Invoice is sent w/ PayPal email (never
the same from
the "translator")
5. If client shows any
doubts, scammers
initiate threats
6. Translators used
are paid peanuts or
not paid (because of "low quality")
7. When exposed, scammers disappear (and create another Gmail address)
Scammers never
use their emails
as PayPal IDs.
I don't have a bank account as I don't
pay taxes.
"French" scammer's excuse to have payment sent
to a Gmail PayPal ID
in Palestine...
My friends will send
me the money.
Send money to my friend via
as I am on travel.
"US" scammer's excuse to have payment sent
to a MoneyGram
account in
I don't use phone for business. Send
message in my email.
Scammer's excuse
to avoid being
caught on phone
I can't speak on
phone. I have
sore throat.
Scammer's excuse
to avoid being
caught on phone
I can't speak on
Skype. I'm driving.
30 seconds later, scammer sends
an email...
I am very ill and I
must go to hospital
for treatment. I can
not work for you.
Scammer's reply,
when asked to
verify his identity
I have this phone number, as I am
on visit to the
Holy Land.
"Colombian" scammer's excuse
for giving a Palestine mobile number as point of contact
Please use my friend name when you
transfer the payment because it is my
friend account
not my account
from ghost "Roman Brenan" created
by scammers
What are you
talking about?
Are you stooped?
Response from
"Leo Nestor"
to message
about his fake CV
In Fact I'm out of the
country and I can't
reach my bank
account .... So
Please send me the
Payment into this account he is
my friend
Response from
"Eric Begone"
to message
about his fake ID
Please indicate an account registered
in your name
You will force me to
evaluate you on proz
because you did not
pay me via PayPal
Response from
"Antti Lukkarin" to
message about
his fake ID
My brother is now in
Palestine in
Bethlehem Tourism
went to visit churches,
he have a bank
from scammer
Ola Kari
I hacking your site
and hacking
your email
I want be paid, or I speak bad of you
with thousand translators
I will use your email
for contact with translators, you will pay from this
Threats by scammer
"Elena Mazzotta"
after being busted
So sorry for my late response as i have
been dealing with
the death of my son...
from scammer
Theresa Maria Bautista

We are aware that you are not who you have represented yourself to be and we have been in contact with the real (translator). You will not be receiving compensation for the inadequate translation you provided. — Email sent by a US translation company to scammer impersonating a US translator. One week later, scammer even sent the stolen CV to the legitimate translator.

There are several Twitter profiles trying to smear you by spreading a link to a blog. It's an obvious hoax, as the blog was clearly opened just for these posts and does no feature any other content at all, and the Twitter profiles sharing this link share just news links... and they're all the same! Your site and your work was a huge help in building my career and I can't stand seeing it sullied. — E. (Italy)
Yes, we are fully aware of this libel campaign: See Note 118
Thank you so much for all of the work you have done. I'm a vendor manager and this directory has been a savior. Please keep up the great work and for fighting back. — R. (United States)
Gosh, I cannot believe these things do happen! Thank you so much to you and your team for your efficiency. — A. (UK)
Thank you so much for your invaluable work. You've probably saved millions of dollars to many unsuspecting project managers. — P. (US)
Thank you for your continuing dedication and hard work. Your efforts are highly valued and appreciated by everyone in our industry. — I. (US)
This is just to show my appreciation for your hard work!! Recently, a translation training company in Japan has gathered a lot of attentions on Twitter for their instruction that includes faking CVs. Related to that, one of the victims of CV theft cases found on this site raised her voice and directed my attention here. It was awful that I found MY name in the victim column... But I quickly learned how to cope with this thanks to the through instructions specified in the FAQ and other parts. I admire your tireless efforts and would like to express my deep gratitude for your contributions to the translators/interpreters community. Thank you very much. — M. (Japan)
Just a note of thanks! Your website saved me from a potential fraud. Jolie Dodier has submitted applications to me, and I was about to consider her for work. Then when I searched the web I found your listing. — R. (Germany)
I have used your website several times now, and I am always very greatful for the great resources you have created. Just got NOT scammed because I looked at your website and found the scammer's name on it. — Z. (Belgium)
Thank you for what you do. You've saved me so much hassle, I just wanted to reach out and express my sincere gratitude. I fell for one of the scammers in the beginnig of my career. Never again, thanks to you guys! — L. (Sweden)
Thank you for your work. Pity I have not found you earlier. Translated 20 Pages for nothing. Hier ist my scammer: Alyssa Ronnie / IP address: Contacted me via PROZ.COM website — O. (Germany)
As if we needed MORE so-called translators to push rates down! Thank you so much for doing this incredibly valuable work - whenever I see a discussion about scammers on a translation network, I mention the link, and it is surprising how many linguists haven't heard of it yet (but are always grateful!). — P. (United Kingdom)
Recently in an attempt to try and curb the hundreds of fake e-mails each month that we as an agency get, we came across your website. We started a couple of years ago and tried to report these scammers to most of the big names in online databases for the translation industry, but no one wanted to believe us. It is only this year that we’ve been seeing progress on the situation. We just want to thank you for shedding light on the situation and providing a place to go and check on the latest addresses to add to our own blacklist. — J. (South Africa)
I just received this message from a Samita Tamang / trying to defame your site. If you became the target of scammers, it means that you are doing great. I also confirm this, since when a new customer pops up, the first thing I do is to visit your site and check its background. Keep up the good work! I wonder if there is any way, like a PayPal account, through which I can financially support you. — Z. (Spain)
Yes, we are fully aware of this libel campaign: See Note 118. Thanks, but we do not accept donations.
Damn, you guys are good :) — WM (United Kingdom)
Thanks for every thing you do. We do appreciate your work and keeping us informed of translator scammers. We get 4-5 emails a day for scammers that are on your list. — BM (United States)
Your site rocks!!!!! Congrats for your help! — T. (Greece)
I found your website: you do a great job! It looks like this one is still not in your lists. I receive a couple of such mails everyday, and I'll be forwarding to you only those who are not listed yet. — L. (Austria)
Thank you so much for the warning! I usually check all the CVs I receive via translator scammers directory :-) — K. (United States)
A listed scammer ( Amna Harb / ) sent this to me. Thank God you exist! — P. (Portugal)
We cannot thank you enough for your amazing job. — P. (United Kingdom)
Hello, My Heroes! I'm afraid there's been another burst of activity around my stolen CV and faked gmail address again. The below email was forwarded to me by a very kind client in the UK, who received TWO scam emails in the same day! Thanks again for all of your help. Truly, you are amazing and doing an amazing job. — H. (Poland)
I am grateful that your website exists, I found a lot of scammers who applied for jobs at our agency listed in your Directory. I will do my best to help you identify more of them and will report any further suspicious e-mails that I receive. This one is definitely a scammer because luckily I know the translator whose CV they had sent. — M. (Canada)
As I used your webpage I want to cooperate with you so this is my cooperation. You are doing a great service to us the truly people who works in this area honestly. — M. (Italy)
You have no idea how much good your site is doing to the community. Before I hired, I checked this person [Adelle Arthur] again and again all over the net because she seemed suspicious but she wasn’t anywhere, seemed legit, yet somehow your page kept coming up but not her name. Next time that happens, I’ll know. — P. (United States)
I found out it was a scam through your website since I noticed something was off in the last e-mail, and googled the e-mail, which led me to your awesome site. The scammer also sent me a document to be translated and a contract that I have enclosed. The whole thing was fishy at first but needing money I hoped for the best. Turns out it is a scam after all. Thank you so much for doing what you do. — M. (China)
I wanted to thank you for stopping my firm from being scammed by Yuko Tanaka. He sent me a convincing looking CV and we were about to send him a job except that he requested 50% payment in advance. As this is unusual in our profession we became suspicious and googled his name. Fortunately he is mentioned in your lists and we did not commit. — A. (Belgium)
I am forwarding the latest fake email and CV, used by a scammer pretending to be me. This was forwarded to me by a regular, trusted client from a large American company, who told me "We receive a lot of mail these days that is not genuine, using cvs of linguists we know". Anyway, keep up the great work! TS, we love you! — S. (Poland)
95% of new applications we receive nowdays are from scammers, who stole identities of real translators and stealing work and ruinning their reputation. Up to last week we have been deleting all of them, nowdays we forward them to Translator Scammers Directory. We have contacted real translators and informed them that their identities have been stolen, seemed like they never heard of such things happening around them. — V. (Lithuania)
Dear TSD-team, firstly, thank you very much for your work. It is highly appreciated and very helpful. (...) Thank you again very much for your work :) and all the best. — T. (Luxembourg)
Today, we posted a job on ProZ and received many applications, once of which is shown below (apparently coming from you). However, I have the feeling the sender's emails address is not your real e-mail address ( ) nor did you really apply to this job with us with the CV that I'm sending as an attachment. — A. (The Netherlands)(email sent to the victim of the scam)
I have recently discovered your website and have checked off a lot of people who have sent me emails. I therefore appreciate the work that you have done and continue to do. — C. (United Kingdom)
Thank you for a great informative site. Apparently we have been scammed quite a few times over the past 4-5 years. — H. (United States)
Dear, I love your site and check against it everyday. It really does help me weed out scammers on daily basis. I’m forwarding a new one to add to the list: Carlito Tronci / — V. (United States)
Thanks for the enormous job you do ! This is very helpful as we've been in trouble with a few scammers! Here is a new one. — I. (France)
I came upon your website by chance when I searched for "Last Saved by Dreams", and I just wanted to say thank you for putting it all together. I've been tasked with sifting through the unbelievable number of "translator" resumes we receive, and I was working on a way that we can determine if the emails are real or fake (so, I thought I would start by checking if the resumes were even authored by the alleged sender). And voilà, your website came up in my search, and has already proven to be a great help. So your work is much appreciated, including by those of us who work on the project management side of things. — A. (United States)
I use your site at some point during the registration of every vendor we recruit in order to look out for scammers, and it is very helpful and a saviour in our industry! — G. (United Kingdom)
I just re-read your Info On Scammers page, and we're sad to see that, over the years, we have been fooled by them and have had problems with their "translations" and payment scams. No more! You are doing a great job and service. Thank you. — H. (United States)
I just would like to say thank you so much for exposing these criminals and safeguarding our profession. Very much appreciated! — L. (United Arab Emirates)
Just to let you know that I was NOT scammed because I looked at your website and found the scammer's name on it. — Z. (Belgium)
We receive almost EVERY SINGLE DAY one scammed CV (at least) – and we constantly use your website to check (BTW: many many thanks!) — A. (Italy)
Thanks to you I am not a victim of "Anita Gustavo"! Please see attached files and you will see the chats we had! — F. (Panama)
Dear Translator Scammers: Thank you for doing the work you do, your directory has been invaluable. — T. (United Kingdom)
Our company has been on the mailing list of fake CVs for the past few years, and the frequency of receiving such e-mails and fake CVs has intensified over the last year. Now, we receive around 20-30 fake CVs/e-mails with identifiable pattern every day. They have become extremely annoying, to the extent that we started deleting most translators applications. — D. (Hong Kong)
I am working for a translation agency led and founded by honest hardworking professionals. Due to some severe problems with CV scams I started to do some research and ended up finding your valuable site. — K. (Germany)
It was and is my pleasure to support you in your efforts to unmask scammers. — N. (Germany)
Marwan Louz / [also uses many other emails] asked me translate a $3750 job in 15 days. I spend all my days to complete the task. At the beginning, Marwan promised to pay 7 days after the deadline, which is August 1st. But once I submitted the file, he stopped replying to me and disappeared. — M. (Japan)
We appreciate you doing such great work!!! Keep it up and we'll contribute as we've had many scammers try with us. — World Language Communications (United States)
It is common for scammers to steal the identity of translators and spam translation companies with their "application". When the scammers get someone on the hook, they deliver something translated by Google and hope to get paid before the client notices the problem. This BRILLIANT site called is a superhero in the translation community as they dedicate their work to listing all scammers with their email address. We have developed the ability to smell these scammers from far away, but it's still annoying having to delete and report these emails. — All-In Translations (Malta)
FYI, Robin and Li Thompson, the scammers who used Rupert Murdoch's photo (which you tweeted about on October 1) are using our CV. They left the hyperlink to our email address in their fraudulent CV, and so a couple of agencies contacted us. We notified those agencies of the scam. We have also contacted the scammers, the ATA, ProZ, and Murdoch's office. Please let us know if there's else anything we can do to assist in stopping these scammers! Thanks — David A. Truncellito, Ph.D., Polyglot Language Services (United States)
Got taken for a ride by the Translators Community Company, supposedly based in Portugal, actually based in Palestine. Contact was "Rita" at email address We did a job for $300 and they never paid, and have been trying to milk us for information (documents, personal info) so they could send us a Moneygram or Western Union payment. They did not get our CVs. Alerted FBI, FTC and other anti-fraud organizations, and now we are reporting to you, too. Keep up the great work. — M. (United States)
Hi, I am an administrator at xxx University. I have forwarded a series of emails received in the past month from suspect accounts. I have in the years I have been working here, received a large number of these emails, but only recently have I become suspicious and found your website. I receive at least one email a week. The reason I was suspicious of the email in each instance was the formatting of the email. Always "on behalf of" someone else. I googled a few of the email addresses and found your website. I confirmed the voracity of your website with someone in my School for this kind of information, and thought you might like to check out these emails. I am happy to forward them to you on a regular basis if it helps keep the tide in check only a little bit. — C. (United Kingdom)
Thank you for your email. We are well aware of these scams, get them daily, even yesterday I talked to a translator (real translator) whose CV got stolen and told him to contact you, we also told him that another email is being used to scam people. We always recommend everyone to take a look at your website before awarding jobs, making sure all our colleagues are aware of it. We are very glad you guys exists and expose these scammers. Keep going! We'll send you the emails we receive from scammers. — P. (Lithuania)
Thanks a lot for your help and what you do, as well over 90% of all CVs now sent to [***] are scammers, your directory has unquestionably saved us money! — O. (United Kingdom)
Dear Scammers' Intelligence Team: Thank you for your support! Even though there is very little anyone can do about these issues, it is comforting to know that there are groups out there dedicated to issues like these, which are of great concern and plague this industry more than most others, by its nature. — C. (Italy)
I thank you on behalf of [French translation company] for the help you provide. We have been confronted to serious fraud (using the names Mark Stein or Jean-Blaise D.) in the past and your website is an amazing tool to prevent these things from happening again. I've screened the applications I received and 3 out of 5 are listed here... Long live ! — S. (France)
WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! Bless you guys for this great list! I am getting into translating and this might be very useful list... More than useful, actually — one that is a MUST! Thank you and I am dreading to ever find my CV misused on here. Best wishes and THANK YOU! — M. (United Kingdom)
Firstly, I want to thank you for running your incredibly helpful — and much needed! — website! If it wasn't for it, I probably would have not been able to conclude that this was in fact a scam: the scammer called himself "Marko Je kosta" / ; we sent 2 Portuguese-language files to proofread, and when we received the “proofread” files, there were no updates, no track changes, NOTHING! — D. (United States)
Azzurra Bisogni took advantage of my venerability and defrauded me of a lot of money. God bless you in the work you do. — M. (Canada)
I was warned today about a scam email sent in my name, with my CV (probably obtained from, as well as email text that I wrote (copied from where??). Again, THANK YOU for existing! You have made me very happy today :) :) :) — A. (United States)
Thanks to your work I've been able to detect lots of scammers contacting with us. Please find attached a CV we just received which seems really fishy. Please consider including Sabine Williams / to your Directory. — N. (Spain)
Today, by chance, I checked your page, and, to my surprise, my name was there. I wrote to one of the scammer's email addresses, offered a new proof job and asked for an updated CV. Guess what? I received MY OWN CV!!! — V. (Spain)
I was recently contacted by someone claiming to be working for a translation agency in the US. I got suspicious when his contact info said USA, while he had a generic email address from the UK... I contacted the agency, and I was right – he does not exist in this company! I did not respond to his email, but I told the agency about what happened. I also decided to contact you about this. Great site you have – I use it all the time – and have been saved from the Gaza bandits many times thanks to you! Thanks! — E. (Norway)
I've received an e-mail from someone who asked me to send him my CV for collaborations. I didn't reply because I read his name in your translator scammers directory. Thank you for your work. — M. (Italy)
Your website has been such a help to us, since we work with translators from different countries. Thank you very much for everything you do. — L. (United States)
Thank you for your website, tremendously helpful to keep track of scammers. — M. (United Kingdom)
Let me thank you for the great job you are doing. Indeed it makes us translators feel that someone is trying to do something out there. — A. (Lebanon)
We just dealt with yet another scammer that tried to scam us into translating some documents into Italian. Below are the emails sent back and forth between my colleague and the scammer. My colleague almost fell for it, until the scammer used the word "XXXX". Thanks for your great work in calling attention to this problem. D. — (United States)
As a freelance translator who work with clients only over the Internet, I do appreciate so much your effort to make and maintain the website. Without it, I cannot prove my credibility. — K. (Brazil)
Hanna Kovalev / Hanna Sweety / supposedly a English to German translator. I asked her if she could make a translation Norwegian > German and she agreed!!! — F. (Germany)
I fell for these scammers once, it will NEVER happen again, and I can now spot a fake translator at a mile's distance. Thankfully I always have another trusted translator check any new person's work, so I didn't send their abysmal Google translation to my client! Nevertheless they then threatened to destroy my reputation if i didn't pay them (for a tiny translation!) etc. etc. Thanks for your great service!! Wish I'd known about it when I was duped! P. — (Canada)
Your website is such a good tool for us in identifying scammers! From seeing so many of these emails, it becomes clearer which ones are likely to be scams, but I’d like to forward you several that I couldn’t see listed on your site, or which have an additional email address not listed, which I hope may contribute to your resource. Here’s the first. — J. (United Kingdom)
I use your site at some point during the registration of every vendor we recruit in order to look out for scammers, and it is very helpful and a saviour in our industry! — N. (United Kingdom)
Thank you so much for this website. Since scammers have started impersonating me and the company I work for, I have started checking the resumes I receive against your list. It's staggering. 80% of the email sent to my company is fraudulent. Thank you again so, so much for what you do. — L. (United States)
I must say, I really love the work you have put into the Translation Scammers Directory. It has saved me a ton of time when dealing with new translator applications. — D. (Latvia)
Please add these details – Doua Saleh / – to your list of scammers. Thank you for your existence. — K. (United Kingdom)
Thanks to you, I found out weeks ago that my CV was scammed and started to take measures. You do us a great service. Thank you. — C. (Spain)
Every time I receive a new CV I come here to check if they are scammers. In case the name is not here, but the information is iffy, I dig in a bit more to see if I can bust them. Today I received the attached résumé and cover letter from a "Bettina Selzer". Just my small contribution to such a helpful site. — G. (Canada)
Thank you for your website! I think it's utterly invaluable. — T. (United Kingdom)
I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts to create this wonderful site. Your site has really been helping me when I need to check if a client who emails me for joining them is fake or not or when I need to confirm the authenticity of my ID. — J. (Brazil)
I came across your excellent site because I was just informed by a translation agency that I have worked with for years that they had received a fake CV which they recognised as being mine but with a different name on it. — P. (United Kingdom)
Thanks for your work on this "neighborhood watch"! We have to be vigilant with these crooks! — D. (France)
You are doing such public-spirited work! I admire your dedication and expertise. — J. (United Kingdom)
I have submitted a few scammers details and continue to visit to learn from you since I assist with on-line recruiting. I value and appreciate your work. Thank you. — J. (Australia)
Congratulations to the whole team who have put this together. Fantastic work. I've now added the Directory to my 'favourites' and will be sure to use it, time and again, in order to filter out and pursue these monsters to the depths of hell. — M. (Portugal)
Just found out about your site, awesome work, I KNEW there must be something fishy about those CV emails..! @Odista (Croatia)
I knew already that my CV had been stolen, but today I had a thrill when I've found my name included in a scammer list (but for my relief, I've seen it on the green column). — F. (United Kingdom)
I use the Directory every day in my work. — M. (Poland)
I received 3 more applications today, but they are already in your Directory. Thanks for doing a great job. — Y. (United Kingdom)
I use your Directory almost every day. There are plenty of scammers trying to sell or use my services using my CV... This is just like a disease. — T. (Portugal)
I can now promptly detect the scammers' lies. Best wishes and thank you for all your hard work in this important area of protecting translators' rights and employment. — H. (United Kingdom)
Just want to say thank you for this wonderful list. I would maybe like to add that scammers many times spell their own FAKE names wrong: They start saying: My name is Mica XYZ and then they sign Micas or another one: My name is Elisse, and they sign stupid is that! Thanks again for your efforts in putting this list together. — L. (United States)
I use your website with scammed emails and resumes on a daily basis. Thanks for keeping it up to date. — B. (United States)
Sorprendente ver que de los 10 CVs que nos ha llegado hoy, 8 son falsos. Gracias a — Traducland (Spain)
Thank you for setting up this site. It has allowed my company to track down a couple of scammers before it was too late. — E. (United Kingdom)
YOU ARE THE BEST, thank you colleagues!!! Warm, warm greetings from Bolivia. — B. (Bolivia)
We used "Gabriele Broszat" ( for an English into German translation job. Final work was of very poor quality. We explained that we could not pay unless she proofed her ID and that we also had serious concerns about the quality of her work. We also mentioned at that moment that we were suspecting she was not the person she claimed she was. After this, the threatening emails started. The person claiming to be Gabriele Broszat called our office via Skype from the number 1 661 7480 240, associated with Skype. The phone caller ID mentioned — W. (United States)
Just now I found your excellent site. During the last year 3 times I was victim from different scammers. I lost a few important clients and a lot of money. — A. (Israel)
A client told me that my email was on your page. Yes, my CV was scammed by TRANSLATION SECRETS the Palestinian "agency". A couple of months later, I found my CV (edited) on an Indian agency website! Thanks for your hard work on getting these bastards. — A (Portugal)
Thank you for your great site! It has really helped us a lot! — C. (The Netherlands)
These emails are all scam. They used my resume to get translation jobs. Please be aware!
— Galit Aviv (United States)
I definitely like this page... TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS DIRECTORY is the TOOL. You guys saved me from 2 scammers (because I was about to be scammed with 2 jobs), and unfortunately noticed that 1 additional one had scammed me when I found out about this page... Thank you very much for being here to help! — M. (Guatemala)
Thanks for running this website and helping us translators avoid being scammed. G. (France)
As a member of the Board of the Japan Association of Translators, I receive a lot of CVs (mostly fake), from people who seem to think that the organization is an agency. Your website has been a valuable aid in finding the scammers. — T. (Japan)
My CV and details were abused by criminals acting within our business. Good that the fight against them has an organized basis. — H. (Germany)
Your site really is amazing – we have uncovered literally hundreds of scammers on our books. None of them have contact numbers, and they all get scared if you ask for proof of ID. Quite an eye-opener. — E. (United Kingdom)
One of my clients told me that you are publishing the email addresses and names of scammers which impersonate freelance translators. This happened to me (...) with someone calling himself Aldo Emil (, who copied my CV from and changed it to his requirements. — I. (United Kingdom)
Thank you for your fight against these scammers who are trying to ruin the translator community and the translation industry's integrity! — H. (United States)
Every time we receive a new CV, we come here to check if they are scammers. Thank you so much for putting this together and keeping it. — G. (Canada)
I am very grateful for your helpful website that is revealing the truth about scammers. — S. (United Kingdom)
We want to congratulate you on the hard work you're putting in to expose scammers. — M. (Turkey)
Good luck with this great idea to expose scammers! — M. (Spain)
You guys do a great job with your scammers website. I hope that, if more and more translators will report to you the inquiries they receive from these crooks, we can sooner or later stop them destroying our market. — K. (United States)
I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have been doing to make scammers' lives a living hell. Thanks! — A. (Portugal)
I thank you for the excellent work that you have been doing. I will continue to share any mail IDs that I think is suspicious or thought to be bogus. Three cheers to all at your team. — H. (Singapore)
Thank you for alerting us about these scammers! — C. (United States)
We have recently discovered your website, which has been a jewel in assisting with our work. — D. (Australia)
Thank you for alerting me (and lots of colleagues) to some nasty translation scamming practices and for providing some very useful information on how to throw some spanners into their works. — M. (United Kingdom)
I have recently discovered your website along with its Scammers Directory. First and foremost, let me express my gratitude as a translator for creating this useful resource for avoiding scams and cleansing our industry from such dangers as well as from those who would give translation a bad name. — T. (Germany)
I'm responsible for recruiting translators and have been bombarded with fake ones that thanks to the information you've shared I'm able to identify. — L. (United States)
We received a massive amount of spam from scammers in the last days. I will forward you what we don't see in your list. Keep up the good work! — E. (The Netherlands)
I am an Italian translator. I have just googled my e-mail address and discovered that I am on your scammers list. I was very stupid as I gave my resumé and contact details to Language Met. — E. (Italy)
When we asked the scammer for a valid VAT, we were given one from another translator! When confronting the scammer with these facts and asking for additional ID and a bank account number, we were told there was a problem with the bank account but we could have the bank account number of the brother in Palestine! — J. (Norway)
Thanks for your site. I receive tons of these impersonators' emails. — J-L. (United Kingdom)
I came across your website and found it very helpful, as our company receives fake CVs very frequently. I would like to add to your list by pointing out 2 scammers. — S. (India)
Thank you very much for this valuable directory. I've probably got scammed and I've been careless to send my CV without checking the company first. — S. (United Kingdom)
I have used your Scammers Directory as a great tool to filtering out spammed CV's that these fake "translators" send me. — C. (Belgium)
Thank you for keeping this site up and alive. It is a huge support for us. — C. (Australia)
Hi guys. I have some new fake translators for you: (...). Thanks for having the Directory. It's a great initiative! — M. (The Netherlands)
We have been using the excellent translator scammers list to help combat scammers with our spam filtering host GFI. Our process includes downloading the list, importing into our own master list to merge, and then exporting once again to import to our mail filter. — C. (United States)
Dear Scammers Directory: This one is stupid even by the standards of scammers: s/he claims to be a Russian translator and then attaches a CV from an Italian translator. — K. (United States)
One of my clients told me that someone sent them a CV very similar to mine, except for the mobile number and email addresses. One of these addresses is already listed on your Directory. Thank you very much! — M. (Portugal)
I am contacting you because I recently realised that I am being impersonated by scammers. They are using my CV and other data ripped off my proz and translatorscafe profile. The scammer's email is: . Thank you so much. The work you are doing here is invaluable for our industry and it is very much appreciated. — A. (Denmark)
I'm writing to thank you for what a marvelous job you are doing in exposing these scammers and warning people. — J. (United Kingdom)
Thank you so much for this site, it saves us PMs a lot of hassle and helps us to ensure that the real translators are being paid and valued for the work that they do! — C. (United Kingdom)
Thanks for doing a great and important job! — I. (Romania)
I found out that I am working with a scammer (Taichi Yamato / / See the ID produced by this scammer) during the process of a big project. "He" refuses to provide a phone number or even to speak on Skype! After the exposure, "he" also threatened to give me bad comments on ProZ! — T. (United Kingdom)
I've been following your work and I consult your directory whenever I receive suspicious messages from 'colleagues' applying to work with me. Good work and thank you. — J. (South Africa)
Scammers talk...
I'm not scammer .. and how you Know i stole my CV... If i wants . I can do also expose your company on social media, but your company isn't scam. That's why I don't... 2ndly i told you that its my cv and i have team of Translators who work for me. If a person have team of Translators how can you declare him as scammer. And cv are lots of on Google. If someone use those cv , they are Scammers? Change the way you working for the sake of better business. — Palestinian scammer "Chris Gayle" / .
I still dont understand your message about they are not bad or non-payment persons. Why did you cllect them and how did you get them and I AM STILL DOUBT THAT YOUR INFORMATION ARE FAKE ALSO. — Elle Daston /, scammer and spammer (from IP:, usually used by spammers).
Can we make a deal please? — Palestinian scammer "David Stock" / .
What are you talking about? Fake CV? Be careful (...) before being sure of what are you saying is true. — Jon Sewell / , scammer. We're talking about this!
You have to pay for that soon in hell. I believe in God. You will get what you deserve soon. You can think anything bad about me, but God knows the truth. — Indonesian scammer Herich Gunawan / ,
I got many offers with low prices, all of them scam me and dont pay, i can share this data with you. As i told you, i have database of agencies from translation directory, can you help me to remove the agencies that dont like to recieve job offers? — Palestinian scammer "Jenni Gilbert" / , with an obvious "Portuguese" name.
I'm honest woman and all my target is to make business, please sir don't accuse me while I didn't scam you. — Luu Mien / (fake male name used by a Palestinian scammer) / This is how this "honest woman" does business.
I decided to make a team of translators in several fields for every language that I will work with. So, before I start, please let me know if that is something that you fight or I can do it without any problems? I had been advised to call you before making any thing. The way that I will follow will be by marketing myself as a project coordinator not a translator. — Mohameed Mahmoud / (another Palestinian "project coordinator"...)
You will force me to evaluate you on proz because you did not pay me via PayPal as we agreed. — Scammer Olimjon Karimov (aka Malaysian "Antti Lukkarin" / ) — Scammers' standard procedure when exposed: threatening to badmouth their exposers online.
I am complaining of an Arab client who I did for and I haven't got my payment yet. I knew later that they aren't honest enough to work with. I got bored of contacting them and no answers. I am waiting for your reply to help me.Palestinian scammer "Camilla Jenkins" / , in a hilarious message to us.
We are not Scammers, Stop do that. Are you crazy ??????? You stop every work for us. We start a new job by ourselves and you destroy everything. Who are you ???!!!!!!! — Palestinian scammer Fawzy Eisa /, partner of Maha Issa from Languagemet, now presenting themselves as "independent project managers"
It's not secure to ask me to provide you with my ID specially, I don't use Skype in my freelance business. (...) You have 12 hours to send my money, if not, I promise you I will deeply hurt your company. — Palestinian scammer "Irene Elmerot" (USING VICTIM'S NAME) / , after being busted
In 2012 I started my work with language met and they helped and taught me how to work in the translation market by using the translator's CV's after getting there permission (Please underlined it well).. after that some of our previous team left the company and started stealing the translators cv's without permissions (which is not the company policy until I left them). — Palestinian scammer Hani Mohammed, later Ameer Mohammed, trying to pull the "nice guy" trick...
Spreading the word about the scammers!

The only way to approach the problem of an increasing amount of cases of fraud in the translation industry seems to be spreading the word about it. Make sure to talk about it, share your experience in forums and disarm the scammers by exposing their tricks. Let’s help others by calling their attention to the matter and informing them about how not to play into a scammer’s hand.
— Antonia Liebl, TRANSLIT (Beware of fake translation agency scammers)

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Anatomy of a Translation Scam (Marion Rhodes, Integrated MarCom Translations)
Avoiding CV scams as a freelance translator – Interview with Irene Elmerot (Episode 016 – Marketing Tips for Translators)
CV fraud: be aware (Clare Suttie, Atlas Translations, UK) – Translator scam alert center
Scams: are you at risk? (Charis Fisher, The Linguist, Vol/52 No/5 2013) (PDF)
Status and technology in the professionalization of translators. Market disorder and the return of hierarchy
Translation Scammers: Never Fall For Their Act Again (TranslationsInLondon)
You need a CV that works! By Marta Stelmaszak
3 Types of Translation Scams and How to Fight Them (Clint Tustison, Translation Rules)
5 conseils pour éviter les non-paiements et les escroqueries (Esprit Freelance by Charlyne Verrier, France)
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Attenzione ai falsi traduttori: come funziona il furto d'identità (by Alessandra Martelli, MTM Translations)
Avoiding Translation Scams (Niki's Int'l LTD, USA)
Bedrägeri och urkundsförfalskning (translator scams) In blog "En översättares funderingar" by Irene Elmerot
Before you hire a translator, check out this site (Dorothy Potter Snyder, USA)
Beginner’s Luck, by Liv Bliss (in SlavFile, The Slavic Languages Division, ATA, p. 24)
Betrug mit gestohlenen Übersetzerprofilen (
Betrug mit Übersetzer-Lebensläufen (Scam) (BDÜ Thüringen)
Betrüger in der Übersetzungswelt (Tetras Translations)
Beware of fake translation agency scammers (Antonia Liebl, Translit)
Beware of Fake Translators. Email Scammers Pervade Translation Industry (GTS Translation Services Blog)
Beware of Scammers / The TRANSLetter (20JUN2013) (Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia)
Business Practices / Before accepting work from a new language service company (Gaucha Translations, USA)
Busting “Ghost” Translators (Skrivanek Translation Services)
Bypass the Middleman: Deciphering the Scam Translators
Catch Them If You Can: How fake translators may be wreaking havoc with your budget and your translations (Vedia Translations)
Celeste Klein inserted a nice note on her ProZ profile
Come riconoscere un falso profilo di traduttore o “scammer” (Tiziana De Rosa, TDR, Italy)
Comment éviter les problèmes de paiement et les tentatives de fraude ? (Nelia Fahloun, France)
Vérifier la légitimité d’une entreprise, d’un client (Clément Pruvot, Langnet France)
Contacting LSPs: How NOT to be Mistaken for a Translation Scammer (MTM Linguasoft, USA)
Dear Scammer (Alina Cincan, Inbox Translation)
Estafadores en el sector de la traducción (Angel Guillén, TraducLand)
Fake Interpreters: How to Avoid Them (By Jonathan Downie in "Integrity Languages")
Fake translator applications spamming the industry (Kenax Translation Services)
Falsche Übersetzer (Dialog Translations Blog)
FAQs on Getting Started (New England Translators Association)
Fighting Translator Scams (iTi: Interpreters and Translators, Inc.)
Financial Risk Management for Translators (Translation Blog by Transpanish)
Five answers about translation scams (Ontranslation, Spain)
Fraude utilizando nome de tradutores (Tereza Stadler in "Inglês Traduzido")
Gare aux arnaques à la traduction (Gaëlle Gagné, Trëma Translations, France)
Gaza War Does Not Stop Palestinian Efforts to Scam Translators (Josephine Bacon, the algemeiner) NOTE: Contrary to what the author says, this website is published by the Translator Scammers Intelligence Group (see our FAQ).
Getting started as a translator: our tips and advice (by Nyx Whyte, Animus Translations, UK)
Google+ – Isaac Pradel Leal
Group Exposes Thousands of Fake Translator Profiles Created by Scammers (by Lance Ng, SLATOR)
Group Fights Back Against Translation Scammers (Responsive Translation, USA)
Here’s What Translator Scammers Were Up to in 2019 (by Seyma Albarino, SLATOR)
How not to fall for translation scammers (Federica Gubiani, BeTranslated)
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How to protect your translator CV from scammers? By Marta Stelmaszak
How to take down a translation industry spammer (Luke Spear, freelance translator, UK)
ID Fraud in the Translation Industry, Aleksandra Narozna (in Translation Journal, Volume 16, No. 2, April 2012)
Identity theft and stolen CV: How safe is your web presence? (Translation Service, Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand)
Identity theft in the translation business (Significant Translations, Germany)
Info ALIA / WARNING: FRAUD ALERT (AILIA Language Industry Association, Canada)
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Listas de traductores Scammers y listas negras de empresas de traducción (Micaela González, Argentina)
Listas negras en el mundo de la traducción (Alejandro in "Un lugar como cualquier otro")
Lying through their teeth, by Joseph Wojowski (USA) by Joseph Wojowski (USA) at #MATI12
Mise en ligne d'un site de signalement des arnaques à la traduction (Kontax)
Neta News Spring 2013 (New England Translators Association) (PDF)
New Translation Scammer Reporting Website Now Online (Inttranews)
One of the biggest translation industry scams affects both translators and clients (Translation Blog by Transpanish)
Prevoditelji procitajte ovaj post – KRADE IDENTITETA (Studio Nixa, Croatia)
Protect yourself from scammers (GC Translations)
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Savvy Professionals Protect Against Language Translation Services Scams (Alpha Omega Translations, USA)
Scam and Talk About It: Contest Alerts Translators to Stolen Profiles (by Marion Marking, More about this
Scam Alert (Dynamic Language Services profile on
SCAM ALERT ! Pitfalls For Unwary Translators (And How to Avoid Them) (Lian Pang, Poland)
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Translation Services - Scam Email Sent to the Fordham Community on 5/6/2014 (Fordham University)
Translator Resources (Web­sites / Blogs) (Else Gellinek, Sprachrausch Blog)
Translator Scammers Directory (Nicole Rodrigues, Brazil)
Translator Scammers Directory (in 'What would you loose if nobody would translate?' by Thomas Kis-Major)
Translator Scammers Directory paljastaa identiteettivarkaat (SKTL – Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters)
Translator Scammers Directory (Guía de ladrones de identidad de traductores) (Jorge Gamarra, Argentina)
Translators and Interpreters New Targets in Scams (Rafa Lombardino, Imani Lee)
Translators scammers: el nuevo peligro (Open Idiomes / Jean-Jacques Dubosc)
Translators Scammers Directory (Stefano KaliFire in "Glossarissimo!")
Translator-Scammers: alles nur Fälschung (Techtrans-Russia by Alexandre Nefedov, Germany)
TRANSLATORS, protect your CVs from scammers! (Amaury Lainé)
Two colleagues in the Scammer's Directory (
Un scam est un mot d'argot (slang) d'origine américaine (Forum Babel)
Vérifier la légitimité d’une entreprise, d’un client (Clément Pruvot, Langnet France)
Votre CV est votre feuille de route… Protégez-le! By Sébastien St-François in "Circuit" (OTTIAQ)
Warning: Fraud Alert in the Translation Sector (Kontax - Multi-Languages Corporation)
What is your localization pet peeve? (InsideFX, Volume VIII February 2014, page 11, ForeignExchange Translations)
You got a translator’s resume, which says he-she is an ATA member, nice
Xavier Omilanowski inserted a nice note on his PDF profile
ZaLang – South African language workers (message by Samuel Murray)
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