they steal your CV
your work
and your money
together, we'll make
their lives a living hell
scam noun \skæm\Your IP is:
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket (Oxford English Dictionary)
arnaque (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • fraude, burla (PT) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)
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TRANSLATORS: Accept their jobs. Delay delivery. Deliver nothing.
COMPANIES: Setup bogus, juicy jobs. Demand identification. Pay nothing.
AND, ABOVE ALL: Always expose their names and email online.
Yes, we are watching you, scammers!
Pay attention, scammers — Our Declaration of Resolve

Do not doubt our resolve to harm, disrupt, and destroy your operation of impersonation of legitimate translators and the theft of their professional credentials. Together, the volunteers of the TRANSLATOR SCAMMERS INTELLIGENCE GROUP will do everything we can to put you out of your criminal business.

And because our Group has enthusiastic and knowledgeable people everywhere in the World (covering 19 time zones), you, scammers, will always have someone on your tail, looking over your shoulders, and reading your emails and your stolen and fake CVs. We also count on a wide network of translators and companies to send us your scamming emails and CVs, and on the many hundreds of our "special" email addresses, which are now infiltrated in your mailing lists.

You, scammers, are not welcome among the translation community, because you are but common thieves preying on it!

This is our solemn pledge, scammers:

We will expose, relentlessly, mercilessly, and ruthlessly, your true, fake or hijacked names, your affiliations to "façade" companies, your (fake) addresses, your email addresses, your phone numbers, your fake CVs and your mode of operation!

The above paragraph also applies to collaborators or supporters of scammers. Your moans and whines of "I didn't know" or "I am not a scammer" will have no sympathy among us.

We will show no tolerance for your dishonesty, trickery, chicanery, swindle, and deception!

Our rule is simple: You, scammers, make it public, we publish it here for everyone to see!

We will be both everywhere to watch you and nowhere for you to find us.

We will deny you the anonymity you seek to impersonate and harm hard-working translators and reputed and honest translation companies.

We will contact the people you contact to expose your true or scamming identities.

We will contact the victims of your impersonation and the true owners of your stolen/fake CVs.

We will contact online job posters to let them know about your practices of bidding for jobs with your stolen and fake CVs.

We will contact the legitimate owners of the documents you may commission to be translated to let them know about the criminal practices you used to get them and your abusive disrespect for any rules and sense of confidentiality.

We will report your criminal activities and identities, true or fake, to any legal authorities, domestic or international, for proper prosecution and indictment.

We will promptly denounce and expose, in the most conspicuous ways possible, any attempts you may make to bribe us.

We will spare no effort to cut off the flow of dishonest moneys into your financial accounts.

We will initiate and support all efforts to flood your email addresses with unpleasant messages and/or offers of bogus translation jobs.

We will require you to provide certified proof of your purported identity.

We will use all tools to locate and trace your email addresses and computers and will corner you and induce you to talk via Skype (with video, of course!).

If you want to stay in the darkness, we'll put you under a very bright spotlight!

You will have no rest among us!

A word to the visitors of our website

We do not claim to list in our Directory ALL fake IDs used by translator scammers. But, the information we provide in this website can be used as a reliable starting point for everyone to be able to identify the patterns used by the scammers in their impersonation of real translators. We provide the information published on our website "as is" and in good faith. We also make no warranties of any kind about the accuracy of this website content and accept no liability of any kind including but not limited to performance, fitness for any particular purpose, or any losses or damages of any kind caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the use of or inability to use the content of this website. No liability will also be accepted by the publishers of this website for the way in which visitors interpret and/or use this website's content. Note, also, that we do not provide on-demand specific information or consultancy services about the identity (true or fake) or operation (legal, illegal, allegedly illegal or otherwise) of individuals and companies operating within the translation community. We recommend all visitors to read our Frequently Asked Questions and our Privacy Policy. And, we'd also like to know why you visited our website.

My CV Was Scammed! Now What?  ➤  
Spotting Fake CVs  ➤  
Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers
Meet fake translators (i.e., real scammers)
Scammer Tamer Abualzomor (Gaza) ID CARD and PASSPORT / See NOTE 0
Scammer Lilian Sam (Translation Secrets) talks about Languagemet: "all scammers"
Meet a real scammer: Heba Kudaih (i.e., Heba Deeb Salman Qudaih)
Meet a real scammer: Ahmed Mahmoud
Meet a real scammer: Alaa Firwana
Meet a real scammer: Charles Azzopardi (Malta)
Meet a real scammer: Charles Azzopardi (Malta)
Meet a real scammer: "Eva Wouters"
Meet another real scammer: John Bloomen / Eugene Hulub / Robert Sapin / Gerad Dupin
Meet another real scammer: Wasseem J. Maghari
See an excerpt from a "real" CV sent by a scammer: "Editta Gaio"
Read a delicious story about a busted scammer: "Marianne Pasty"
View the work delivered by a scammer: "Mika Tenegashima"
View the noose tightening around a scammer's neck: Riham Salama / Languagemet
View a busted scammer: Adriana Aaron
View a busted scammer: "Nancie Leduc"
View a busted scammer: "Vera Kahar"
1. CVs are stolen
and modified with
scammer's email
2. Scammers spam "clients" with their emails & fake CVs
2A. Or respond to online job offers posing as translators (with fake CVs)
3. "Jobs" are done
w/ MT or by
lousy "translators"
4. Invoice is sent w/ PayPal email (never
the same from
the "translator")
5. If client shows any
doubts, scammers
initiate threats
6. Translators used
are paid peanuts or
not paid (because of "low quality")
7. When exposed, scammers disappear (and create another Gmail address)
The Scam Explained: They Steal your CV, your Work, and your Money
TSD Bulletin 03 / 2016: The Authorization and Agreement Scam

«In our company, we work as a group of translators, and each one of us have to search for translators to take their permission for using their CVs with world clients and talk with those client on the behalf of the translators who should have given us their CVs».

«I see nothing wrong with the "way" we do it, we ask translators to give us their CVs (or we just steal them without asking...) to start marketing for them, clients who pick it up just send us projects for translation and we then forward them to our translators (i.e., anyone working for 2 or 3 cents or we just use Google...), we get our fees out of it, that simple.» – Khaled Mohammed / Languagemet

«We make fake cv to take the projects from the compnies then we give it to professional translators. They give us high qaulity and deliver on time and we are paying for their. We are not Scammers. » – Mete Gazi (Gaza) /

Intro mail from Languagemet:
«Our company would like to ask for your permission giving us the authority to send your CV and cover letter to our clients. Please find attached a copy of the agreement. Your response is much appreciated at your earliest convenience.»
On my queries, I received this description:
«We're a group of university graduates working online as mediators between the freelancers and translation companies. We work on marketing CVs for the freelancers and then receiving projects on their behalf. Projects received on your behalf are sent back to you after removing companies' contacts. If you don't feel comfortable working with us, please inform us as soon as possible.»
Source: Blacklisted Translation Agencies

1. Sign up the attached Confidentiality Agreement (1)
2. Your updated CV and Cover Letter
(i.e., your "cover letter" will be used as their email copy)
3. A copy of your certificates and diplomas
(i.e., the scam will be more credible) (2)
4. Passport, ID or a Driving License (one of them is necessary)
(ditto) (2)
5. Your VAT number if applicable
(ditto) (2)
6. Samples of your previous work
(wow, they sound like a legitimate company, right?)
7. 2 reference emails or 2 reference letters
(which the scammers will use to make the scam look nice)

(1) The "Confidentiality Agreement" contains the following:
Our policy is to send and publish the translator CV to these clients who we deal with. Marketing translator CV to these clients will be very beneficial [to us, scammers, of course] and will lead to ongoing paid projects. We have the right to market translator CV with a cover letter to our clients. Bingo! That's the scam!
(2) You're giving the scammers the rope with which they'll hang you: when scammers get hold of this info/data, they'll impersonate YOU with YOUR OWN NAME (to match YOUR documents/data).

«BILD shall edit, moderate, and amend the CV provided to match the job needs (...) The [Translator] shall not know about the edited details in thy CV which include changing the contact details mainly (...) BILD is the only party entitled to call off this agreement

The CV Scam Explained
The CV scam explained in the scammers' own words (Hasan Kamal, Wordsvoice)
The CV scam explained in the scammers' own words (Doaa Doaa Ryad, Magic Trans)

It's very simple, indeed: scammers STEAL legitimate resumes from professional translators and change the names (SOMETIMES) and emails (ALWAYS); in some cases, they do not even bother to change the name and street address of the legitimate translator, but they do change the phone number to an IP phone with an applicable area code or use no phone at all, and the email address (you guessed, to a Gmail or Hotmail account). See the Anatomy of a Scam: "Eleonora Mazzotta / Elena Mazzotta".

In doing this, scammers spare or respect no one: from translators living in poor African countries to those living in richer European or American countries, everyone is prey to their scamming madness. And, hiding behind their "Authorization and Agreement Scam" (they also call it "Work Contract!!!) they'll make you believe thay're marketing translators' CVs, because they've been given permission to do so. THEY LIE!

Then, they go online, trying to lure bona fide, but unwary, clients with their "translation skills", or responding to online job posts with their fake CVs. Their claim to have authorization to "market" translators CVs is a hoax. And, even if unwary translators have signed their unidentified and legally null carte blanche "authorizations", scammers never tell their clients-victims that they are, in fact, dealing with impersonators.

Translators should also bear in mind that when scammers create a Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/Outlook address with THEIR name or associated with THEIR CV, they will be left with a footprint/identity in the Internet NOT CONTROLLED BY THEM.

When looking for their victims (translators or companies), scammers never provide any verifiable personal information: names are mostly false, "office" addresses of their "companies" are ALWAYS fake and emails are signed with fantasy names, one name only, or no name at all! One Palestinian scammer claims to be based in Turkey, but the address is none other than a bank's branch address, another (also Palestinian) gang claims to be based at the US Embassy in the UK and a "Maria Amaranto" lives in a municipal food market in Madrid!!

If a job lands on their desk, they most surely deliver a Google translation, send the job to the cheapest operator, which, in the end, is either not paid or just paid peanuts, or just deliver nothing or some useless crap! To appear legitimate, scammers ask translators for "test" translations, but they'll promptly accept Google translations, even with F* or S* words intentionally embedded on the final text sent to them (good move E.)!!!

Only when the clients receive the scammer's invoice they find out that they are to settle the payment to some unidentified PayPal address or to a bank account belonging to other faceless, unknown individuals living in countries unrelated to the "original" identity. And when they are asked for positive proof of their identity, they send crap like this, respond with «I am so sorry to say that, I don't share any private detailes because hakers» or initiate all sorts of threats.

if you do not send my payment which is overdue, I will give your details to an UK debt collection agency, and they will contact you by Monday. Plus I will let all my colleagues know that you are in the black list as a non-payer. (...) Pls do not believe the hackers! They are using diffrent names such as Basil, John Small, Suzuki Tanaka, Nabil, etc.. in order to deceive the gullible and the naive and get money from them by saying you won the lottery or sending business offers, or diseased African dictators money left in a Swiss bank and so on. They could be Nigerians.— Email from ghost "Tanaka Suzuki / John Small", after being asked by "his" victim to provide proof of "his" identity before payment. "Tanaka" is still waiting for USD 1387.00 (since 2012). Source: ProZ / Scams.

I will do and exert high efforts to collect my payment through collection agencies. I will send reports including proof to translation portals so that they include your company in the blacklists. I have a list of 26000 translators from TranslationDirectory and also a list of agencies so all of them will never deal with you. I will never ever give up, and I will send you daily threat and I will do many things that you can not imagine. I have so many friends in your country and they will help me for sure. — Email from ghost "Christine Nicholson", after being asked by "her" victim to provide proof of "her" identity before payment.

I will contact my lawyer and thousands of translators to ban your company.. — Email from ghost "David Linton", after being busted before payment.

You are speaking with me about many things that you didn't have the right to talk about it with me. You have the right just to talk about my translation which I do it for you and you don't have the right to discuss anything else with me. I was worked with a lot of companies and they all paid me and send to me a lot of projects because of my professional work. It seems that you will not pay me my money! If you will do that, then you are unfaithful company and I will talk about your company to thousands of translators to tell them not to deal with you and I will publish that on the internet. Hope all of that will not happen if you will be positive with me! — Email from ghost "Elena Mazzotta", after being confronted with "her" fake CV, fake address, fake phone number, fake VAT numbers (yes, two...), fake everything.

After several requests to provide a street address and tax registration in Germany, scammer "Elisabeth Thomas" responded: «I am very sorry to tell you that I am not available for your project. You can assign it to another translator». NOTE: As of 10MAY2016, "Elisabeth" keeps a paid profile in ProZ (elisabeth-trans). Claiming to have "17 years of experience", "her" ProZ was opened only in Feb 2016).

Dear Colleagues [sic] translators — My name is Sander Wilkens. Please be aware of this company [***]. They assigned me a big project on April and agreed to pay me within 35 days, now there are more than 90 days passed , nothing received yet. Please help me to clean the world from scamming (LOL). For the company — If you will not pay me my deserved money, I will send this email to every translator. — Spamming email from ghost "Sander wilkens [sic]", after being refused payment for job gotten with a fake CV.

Ghost Karla Valdemar, after being busted:
I sent the translation on time and the quality is good , please pay me.
If you will not pay , I will put your details on scammer accounts and all social media ans I will put my translation files.
I did not sleep to do it , You need to pay at least 50 %.
I will pray for you to be cursed by God.

Janice Owen / is a ghost created by scammers who responded to an online request for a translator of Latvian, highly specialized in a specific field. "Janice" attached an hilarious CV to "her" message, and when requested to submit a form in Latvian (as requested by the end client), "Janice" responded:

When someone don't wants to work with your fucking scammed organization. Then you go against him. Do you know i can expose your TC profile and can uncover you on Facebook groups also ? I hope you understand, if you didn't then you will see the worst. You bastard.

The same company also received another application (from Egypt) for the same job:

am an expert in the field of translation of this language and proofreading, and I am ready for this because I am distinguished in it and I will complete it as soon as possible

And the CV included this gem:

I am a scientific researcher and holds American and Egyptian degrees in the field of behavioral sciences and human development and I am always wide to attend scientific conferences and various conferences related to the fields of research or translation and important topics also regarding translation and also take care of translation courses between languages of them Latvian language and also I love very much every time learning a new language which made me a translator of many languages and perfect from the point of view of the rules.

Beware! Some of these scammers have their own fake profiles on translation forums under the name they use on "their" fake CVs and others even use the names of real translators.

Recently, with the noose around their necks because of their public exposure, and in a desperate attempt to launder their ghost IDs and to give them an Internet footprint, scammers are now populating the Web with blogs and social network profiles where such IDs are mentioned. Read more in our TSD INFO BULLETIN 01 / 2014

When publicly exposed, scammers disable their Gmail addresses and create new ones to scam another CV, or just the same: some CVs have been recycled with 6, 7 or 8 different email addresses. In a couple of months, the CV from a colleague in Belgium has been scammed 11 times!!! with 11 different names and 11 different emails, and one particular address in France has been used in 9 different CVs.

Scamming translators is a business.
And scammers have a Business Model.
Scammers' Business Model
My CV Was Scammed! Now What?  ➤  
Spotting Fake CVs  ➤  
Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers
Taking on the scammers
"But they paid me!"

Blatantly unaware (to put it mildly) about the way the CV scam works, a translator claims on a ProZ thread about 24Translate (one of the most active CV scammers around): "These guys paid me!!"

Or this other translator, who, after claiming to have accepted work from "Loredana Maxen", he's willing to "to try once more time with her, and let you know how shall that work out"...
Here's what we have to say to these people:

They paid you (and some other suckers) to keep their scammig business alive.

In other words, the job you did and for which you got paid, was gotten with a fake CV, stolen from somebody else, maybe even your own CV.

If you don't understand their business model yet, see the attached image.
By accepting jobs from scammers, you are just fuelling their scamming business. And, by posting comments like this, you're just fuelling them even more. Shame on you!
And, yes, we reserve the right to expose your public claims and give them the publicity they (and you) deserve. What part of "relentless", "merciless", and "ruthless" don't you understand?
Fake CVs Gallery

Below are some examples of FAKE CVs made by scammers. In their scamming frenzy, anything goes:

Scammers will ALWAYS send you their scamming emails from FREE emails accounts, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or, yes, Saudi Arabia domains (outlook.SA)! Open the email header and you'll see (in 99% of the cases) a Hotmail (or other free account) message sent from a Gmail account...

Sometimes, scammers will use one name, "Sen Omer", as the email name, but with "Omer Sen" at the signature, or pose as a "native Iranian" called "Claire Haroon" (!), a "native Portuguese" called "Danial Walsh" (!), "Carl Galician" (!), Pasco Lopez (!), or "Nina Kiran" (!), a "native Japanese" called "Miho T" (!), a "native Russian" translator called "Erica Alves" (!) or Rebecca Adam (!), a male called Susan and other fantastic claims...

Out of utter stupidity and carelessness, scammers often betray themselves: "Rosanna Shirley", a ghost created by scammers, circulates a CV stolen from a senior Italian translator, born in 1942. Therefore, "Rosanna", born 1972, "she" says, claims in "her" CV": «retired on grounds of age»...

EVERYTHING written by scammers is in English, and ALWAYS in English, even emails from a "native French translator" sent to a French translation company. Knowing they can't write anything in proper English, scammers will always ask their translators-victims for a "cover letter" when they request their CVs: the "cover letter" will then be used as the body of their emails...

ONE EXAMPLE: When asked by an Italian company why "she" didn't communicate in Italian, "Italian translator" Elena Mazzotta responded: «I talk with all my clients with English language even if they are Italian, because of a lot of reasons such that to find my emails easily when I need to search about anything, to improve my English language and a lot of things that make my works easier.»
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Asked to reply in French, "Alexia Stewer" ("French native", she said) replied that «prefers English in order to better manage the emails».

Scammers' CVs will show no phone numbers or fake and impossible phone numbers (like, +012 345 678 for the UK), phone numbers rendered unusable by an extra digit or a removed digit, or phone numbers just belonging to someone else (sometimes, even the real owners of their scammed CVs):

ONE EXAMPLE: Asked in Dutch by a Dutch company to provide "her" phone number, "Native Dutch" Kelly Arno replied: «I don’t use my phone in my work, but I have 24 hours' access to my email, please feel free to contact me any time».
ANOTHER EXAMPLE: Asked by a US company to provide a phone number for a direct contact and confirmation of idenity, "Ana Hanley", a ghost created by Palestinian scammers with a CV stolen from an Argentinian translator, responded: «Please note that I don't use my phone number in my business, you can contact me here via email, I am online 24/7»

Scammers will also tell you about their "outstanding" academic titles from 4 universities (sometimes phantasmagoric!) on 3 different continents (and all different from the one where they were "born and raised"), all in a 6-year time period! They also take MAs or PhDs in Linguistics right after graduating in Mechanical Engineering (or vice-versa) and other hilarious combinations...

ONE EXAMPLE: Deema Peter / claims to live in this fantastic UK address 60-185 Sk.rzewo Wrzosowa St., England ,.30, having a BA in Translation at New University of Lisbon in Portugal, 20 years experience, and to translate from German into English and vice versa. Moreover, I can translate from German into Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French and vice versa. What, no Portuguese?

Scammers will claim to live at addresses farmed from real estate sites, but with modified postal codes, or at hilarious places like "221B Baker Street, London", "42 Breedon Hill Road, Paris, France" (!), on a "76th floor" (!) in Lisbon, Portugal (the tallest building in Lisbon has 30 floors), at the US Embassy in London (!), at 60-185 Sk.rzewo Wrzosowa St., England (!), at Redd Road, El Paso, France (!), at the British Museum (!), at the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel (!), at a bank branch in Turkey (!), at "no. 82" of a street in Paris, France on which numbers go up only to 52, at a non-existent "Estrada Logo Deus" in Romariz (Portugal), at "13 Gordon Road Port Talbot West SA12 7HY" in (yes) China (!) and at ""Str. Hatisului 3, Bl. H11, Sector 3" (!!!) or even in a municipal food market in Madrid. Thank you, Google Maps! Sometimes, they just move into somebody's house without any notice: "Agnes Kooijman", a ghost created by Egyptian scammer Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikh lives in "Pastoor Mulkenshof 24, 6222 Maastricht, Holland", which is, in fact a Language School...

Where Scammers Live: Fake and Fantastic Addresses on Fake CVs

Posing as genuine "translators", scammers will join Facebook groups, create Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media profiles, and shamelessly display their fake profiles on all translators' portals! On their scammed CVs, they will proudly display these profiles as proof of "authenticity"!

Scammers will send you delirious POs from "freelance project managers" signed by "Anna" or "Jasmin" showing no verifiable address, no phone numbers, no anything, mailed (always!) from a Gmail or other free email address!

Posing as residents in the United States, scammers will, nonetheless, and without even batting an eye, sign W-9 forms with their fantasy names and hilarious (and fake) non-US addresses in no man's land, but, of course, showing no Social Security Number! And, posing as residents in Europe, they will happily provide stolen or fake VAT numbers...

"Italian translator" Elena Mazzotta provided this FAKE VAT number on her FAKE CV: 07097791045.
When asked about it, "she" responded:
«Actually, I don't know if the VAT number is valid or not because it is for my friend. I don't have VAT number since my income is too little to have a one. I think you will pay me via PayPal, so you don't need to VAT number.»
– Hey, the VAT number CANNOT EVEN be from "your friend", since it’s invalid/nonexistent!
«Actually I work with a several companies (Italian and others) and they didn't talk with me about VAT number. I didn't care about VAT number since my income is little and I don't have a one. I want my money, so please don't speak with me about VAT number. I was very collaborator with you, you should be collaborator with me.»
She's still waiting for "her" money!

"Danish" translator Karla Valvemar's response, when asked to provide identification:
«I lost all my identification papers ,university degrees and my family when my house was burned on New Year's Eve, so I need money to be able to extract papers from government departments.»

Some scammer stole a CV, uses it with the victim's name to bid for a job. When busted by one of our "associates", he explains that he has to "eanr for food":
«You think you are smart. Everybody has to do many many things to earn for food. And you only think negative. You will die with this negative mid.»

About their fees, they always look attractive, and, they are "always negotiable". In a word, they want you hooked! That's why some translation companies, looking to save yet another cent, get precisely that: hooked, and, sometimes, scammed! Does greed pay?

Go ahead, call the scammer on camera!

REMEMBER: Video calls are the ultimate weapon against scammers, and is a great tool to expose them: free, in web (nothing to install) and no registration needed. Just open your browser, allow the tool to use your camera and microphone and send the link to the scammer. You'll hear the most amazing excuses: "bad connection", "camera broken", "I'm driving", "no camera", "I have a sore throat", "I don't use chat for business, just email"...

Fake ATA Certification diploma by scammer "Jubreel Saka"
Fake passport produced by scammer "Camilla Virtanen"
Fake passport produced by scammer "Alis Kristoffer"
Where do you live "Maria Amaranto"? In a municipal food market in Madrid
Scammer "Ronja Meyer": website created by Gaza scammer Ahmed Omasir
Scammer "Zein Jeff": sir, I am not scammer...
Scammer "Richard Walter": of course he writes from right to left in Germany...
Scammer "Maravilla Pizarro" circulates this NDA (Baltic Translations scammed)
Fake diploma created for Bodil Bjordal by Gaza scammer Magdy Abu Al-Ula
The online profile and photo of Ann-Cecilie Karlson
The hilarious "Authorization Scam" from Ahmad Mahmoud from bigtranswork
FAKE CV from "Rose Deback"
FAKE AND HILARIOUS CV from "Sofia Madsen"
FAKE AND HILARIOUS CV from "Carolien Brand"
STUPID PALESTINIAN SCAMMERS: Scot Abel (Native Ukrainian!!!)
Anatomy of a Scam: "Eleonora Mazzotta / Elena Mazzotta"
Hey, "David Linton" can you send us your ID?
FAKE CV from "Sabine Lang" ("German" from Palestine...)
FAKE CV from "Alexey Weliam" (a male and a "mother" of two...)
FAKE CV from "Julian Piner" (a Sweden based Albanian w/ an Arabic computer...)
FAKE CVs from "Franck Gilles" and "Hannah Francis"
FAKE CV from "Catarina Almeida" (VERBATIM COPY)
FAKE CV from "Victor Mitran" aka "Eugen Hulub", living in a Paris flower shop...
STUPID BULGARIAN SCAMMERS: Angela Adelef / Sara Earons
FAKE CV from "male" "Susan Lindblom"
FAKE CV from "Maria Alexander" <> "Maria", the scientific author...
FAKE CV from "Aldin Axelsson"
STUPID SCAMMER: The amazing FAKE CV from "Jessica Thorell"
The amazing London address of a Gaza scammer's translation "company"
Nice VAT number, scammer: "Nicole Andersen"
Meet "Hao Xiang", the ATA-Certified scammer
Fake CV from "Chioy Honda". Everything is fake...
Fake CV from "Dr. Jeremie Fonnedx", yes, Fonnedx !!!
Fake CV from "Sofia Larsson" (verbatim copy)
Fake CV from "Yuto Kojima"
Anything goes: The amazing address of "Teresa Gleim"
Fake CV from "Yejun Huhng" (verbatim copy)
Nice address Christina Clark
Fake CV (verbatim copy) from Catherine Debacq
See the amazing German-Bulgarian-Russian Julia Steven
Don't be fooled by the nice layout: it's a FAKE CV (Miriam Smith)!
"FRAUD" is scammer's middle name: literally!
SCAMMERS GONE WACKO: "Cristian Candid" & "Nica Morotti"
Fake CV from "Kelly De Backer" scammed by Salah Khafaja (Translation Secrets
The CV scam explained in the scammers' own words (Hasan Kamal, Wordsvoice)
Fake CV from "Franco Mitidiero" (verbatim copy)
Website created by Palestinian scammers: Words Cloud Translation
Fake CV from "Bastian Wallin"; photo from a US musician...
Stupid scammers: the amazing CV from "Sarah Beck"
See an amazing "Japanese" CV (Aisha Nisha) Made in Gaza
See "Stefan Jacob" (Heba Kudaih) being exposed
How stupid can you be, "Jean Moore / Jeam Moore"?
See the amazing "Swedish" CV of "Suzanne Marcolin"
See the scamming / impersonation of Ali Ahmed Mohsen w/ REAL documents
See the corporate impersonation by the Languagemett gang (purchase order)
See scammer "Luciana Araujo" being busted
See how scammers impersonate an ATA-certified translator...
See how Rupert Murdoch and wife turned Thompson and translators...
The amazing fake CV of "Janna Klein"
See scammer "Andreas Reinacher" being busted
See scammer "Julia Antonio" being busted
Distinctive Translation Team: We are located in London, UK. REALLY?
See the scam: "Ola Kari"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Katie Toplin"
A legitimate passport scan used by scammers to impersonate Taichi Yamato
A "Scamming and Impersonation Agreement" disguised as "Confidentiality Agreement"
Scammers asking translators to give them the rope they'll use to hang them...
An agreement, in which ONLY one party (the scammers) has the right to cancel...
A typical scammer's "Permission, Authorization and Agreement" form
How a ghost signed the scammer's "Authorization" form (Roman Brenan)
See how scammers (Safety Translation) outsource jobs "gotten" with fake CVs
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Mario Avino" (verbatim copy)
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Jon Sewell"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Martin Keller"
See a stolen / hijacked CV and the scammer's comments: "Habdel-Hady Amid Ali"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Hector Orlin"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Vanni Manetto"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Walaa Mahmoud"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: "Claudia Palmier"
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Sandro Nelson
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Maria José Haeussler
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Xinkuan Lei
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Franz Schummer / (now closed)
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Philippe Pétain
See a stolen / hijacked CV: Tom Skold
See a stolen / hijacked ID: Charles Azzopardi
See the scam explained by a translation company (PDF)
See an email message sent by a scammer: Anita Worthy / Gentle Translations
See this scam in the scammer's own words: Translation Secrets (PDF)
See the scammer's offer to unwary clients: Abeer Hums (Hams) / MuchDo
See the scammers' lousy work: asked for Japanese, they provided Vietnamese...
See a client tricked by the Languagemet scammers
See the scammers "references": "Errki Zynski" / Translation Secrets
See the scammers "references": Mohammed Almassri / Translation Secrets
See the scammers "references": Abeer Hums / MuchoDo Translation Agency
Read an amazing report about the scamming operation
View the noose tightening around a scammer's neck: Riham Salama / Languagemet
View scammers Amy Dan, Albrain Diagne and Linda Khan scamming the same CV
View a scammer in action: Anna Nunez / Multilanguages
View a stupid scammer: Alba Felix
View a scammer's fake G+ profile: Masahiro Suzuki
Do your part: send us the scammers PayPal email
Got a suspicious "invoice" from
a scammer?
Ask for his/her ID!
Scammer busted!
Need some tools to fight the scammers?
Please use my friend name when you
transfer the payment because it is my
friend account
not my account
from ghost "Roman Brenan" created
by scammers
Pay me via Paypal
not bank transfer
since I have problem
in my bank account.
from ghost "Gabriele
Broszat" created
by scammers
I am now outside
France in a charity
translation work
in middle east
from ghost
Ahmed Al-Nahhal
behind the scam
of "Isabelle Simon"
I provided you my
friend account as
I have many issues
with the paypal
from ghost
Ahmed Al-Qirawi
behind the scam
of Azul Benito
My brother is now in
Palestine in
Bethlehem Tourism
went to visit churches,
he have a bank
from ghost
Ola Kari
Let's expose the scammers PayPal and e-payment addresses!

Some of the most important weapons in the scammers' arsenal are the emails addresses they use to collect money from their victims: PayPal or other e-payment platforms. For them, these addresses are as valuable as gold! If you received an invoice from them, you have already been scammed, but, at least, you are in possession of this important information: their PayPal email address! Send these addresses for proper public exposure! Of course, you should not pay a cent to people who base their operation on lies, deception, ID theft and hijacking translator's CVs.

Also, because PayPal is NOT supported in some countries, including Palestine, the openly use of the system by nationals of those countries may be a clear indication of violation of their own banking and tax laws. Who owns the PayPal accounts using the IDs below? Which banks are involved in these transactions? Are any taxes levied on this scamming operation? TO WHOM ARE THE SCAMMERS' VICTIMS PAYING?

PayPal does not maintain a list of countries where it does NOT provide any service, and it does NOT publicly detail why it does not service particular countries. Media speculation suggests common reasons could include insufficient regulation and security in a country's banking system, failure of a country to comply with U.S. tax law, or a U.S. trade ban affecting a country.

I want to thank you for putting up this site as I have just identified some ghost translators that we have used (their work was awful too). I am currently corresponding with one of them who is demanding payment and is refusing to send me any ID :-) They WILL NOT get any money from us. — H. (UK)

Payment dialogs with fake translators!

FAKE Polish translator "Bonar Emilia" / :

– Payment will be in US dollars or Euros to your bank account in Poland.
I accept payment via PayPal. Is it OK?
– Since you're located in Poland, we request a bank account to where payments could be made.

FAKE Belgium translator "Joeri Abraham" / :

– Payment will be in Euros to your bank account in Belgium.
We [!] can accept payment only via PayPal.
– But, living in Belgium, you cannot accept payments by bank transfer from Norway?
No. But I don't have a bank account.
– Without a bank account, how do you get your money from Paypal to pay your bills?

FAKE US-based Korean translator "Tae Lian" / :

– Do you accept payment to your bank account in the US?
– Kindly , use my friend's bank account in Qatar to make payment.
– If you are based in the USA, why payments to a bank account in Qatar?
– Because I am staying in Qatar for interpreting assignment
– So, you don't have a bank account in your own country?
– [silence]

FAKE Croatia-based translator "Sandra Kovac" / :

– How can you accept payment to your bank account in Croatia?
Name: Sandra Kovac [!!!]. I accept payment via Paypal.
– Can you send us some references, as requested?

FAKE Australia-based translator "Alexandre Caldeira" / :

– Payment will be made to your bank account in Australia.
– I prefer to be paid via PayPal, please let me know if that OK with you or not.
– We do not make payments by PayPal.
– I can't accept paid paypal nowadays [!!!] , but I can find my friend's bank account to make payment.
– "A practicing lawyer, with more than 25 years of experience" with no bank account of your own?

List of PayPal IDs (emails) used by scammers collected from their
"invoices" and payment instructions to victims!
Invoice #6522 from scammer Robert Nortega / Robert Ortega
Invoice 01 from scammer Paul Kaller
Invoice 02 from scammer Paul Kaller
Invoice 01 from scammer Alis Kristoffer
Invoice 02 from scammer Alis Kristoffer
Invoice from scammer Elsa Mdron
Invoice from scammer Fauve Desmarais
Invoice from scammer Tina Ruusunen
Invoice from scammer Harriet Collins
Invoice from scammer Adrina Benito (lured into a bogus job!)
Invoice from scammer Vladimir Beslanovich Argun
Invoice from scammer Andrea Artemio
Invoice from scammer Bodil Bjordal
Invoice from scammer Camilla Beck
Invoice from scamming gang TextTeam / JKT Documents / More info here
Invoice from ghost Andreas Axel
Invoice (1) from ghost Lara Barnett / Invoice (2)
Invoice from ghost Ryan Kaliser
See an invoice from ghost Eva Lid Wennberg
The amazing invoice saga from ghost Amelia Dariusz
The amazing invoice saga from ghost Arnold Matta
See the invoice and address from ghost David Linton
See an invoice from ghost Bob Fitzroyi
See an invoice from ghost Adelle Arthur
See an invoice from ghost Fabio Perna
See an invoice from ghost Fábio Caldas
See an invoice from ghost Maximilian Schmitt
See an invoice from ghost Charles d'Enno Yimata
See an invoice from ghost Marko Je kosta (!)
See an invoice from ghost Janna Klein (with a funny address)
See an invoice from ghost Myriam Garro (Walaa Mahmoud)
See an invoice from ghost Alexis Chabanol
See an invoice from ghost Rosy Bertrand
See an invoice from ghost Carmen Louis
See an invoice from ghost Fiorina Marino
See an invoice from ghost Ola Kari
See an invoice from ghosts Alexander Ackerman / Arthur Berg
See an invoice from ghost Maria Charlotte
The scammers' usual trick: "Please pay to my friend"
View a scammer screaming for the money: "Charles James Davis" / Languagemet
View a scammer screaming for the money: Riham Salama / Languagemet
View a scammer screaming for "at least the half": "Nancie Leduc"
View a scammer screaming for the money: "Marianne Pasty"
View an invoice sent by a ghost: Philippe Pétain / Walid Issa
View the payment instructions sent by a scammer: Martine Isaac
View the payment instructions sent by ghost Federica Fabbri
View a fake W-9 Form (USA) "signed" by a scammer impersonating a US translator
View a fake W-8 Form (USA) "signed" by ghost Gloria Fiorantino
See how they blackmail you: Bisan Jonathan / Translation Secrets
See an invoice from ghost Carlene Wirosbski
See an invoice from ghost Linda Lessner
See an invoice from ghost Heltay Mariko
See an invoice from ghost Julia Korf / Walid Issa
See an invoice from ghost impersonating Steffen Pollex
See an invoice from ghost Elshan Aleynikova
See an invoice from ghost Christine Nicholson
See an invoice from ghost Philippe Pétain / Walid Issa
See a PO issued by ghost Anna Nunez
We are not Scammers, Stop do that. Are you crazy ??? You stop every work for us.
We start a new job
by ourselves and
you destroy
Oh, yes, we do!
I used my brother
name (Ameer Mohammed)
because my name
is listed in
that website
Hani Mohammed

Who are these scammers?

Most of these scammers are con artists from Arab (namely Palestine, about 98%) or Eastern Europe and Asian countries (namely, India or China). Their Internet presence is nonexistent and their fake names (or just variations of their own names) are seldom found on any translator forums, no matter how impressive "their" CVs may look like. BUT, TAKE GOOD NOTE: SOME SCAMMERS USE THE REAL NAMES OF THEIR VICTIMS AND OPERATE FAKE PROFILES ON TRANSLATION AND SOCIAL MEDIA PORTALS.

In most cases, the emails sent from Palestinian scammers show interesting telltales in the headers, like the IP addresses used by the scammers computers, shown on this image. So far, close to 500 emails sent by Gaza scammers show these telltales.

AHMAD-PC85.114.111.43 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Hadara Technologies / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza / ISP: Paltel / Gaza
ALNajjar-PC85.114.111.92 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
baraa-PC85.114.111.92 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
kawthar-PC85.114.111.92 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
Lenovo-PC85.114.111.92 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
rnt-PC85.114.111.92 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
AHMEDJODA-PC94.26.121.238 / ISP: Hadara Technologies / Gaza
ALTHEQA-PC85.114.111.224 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
taiba--PC85.114.111.224 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
DESKTOP-P830R2685.114.111.224 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
DESKTOPO34V281188.161.145.91 / ISP: Paltel / Gaza
h-PC85.114.111.224 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
m-PC85.114.123.28 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
LAPTOP-HN1RC7DI85.114.108.240 / ISP: Fusion Services / Gaza
Scammers operate under various identities and umbrellas:

As "TRANSLATORS": They steal a reputable translator's CV. Then, they modify the name for a fantasy one and (ALWAYS) the contact details to display their own email address (the whole scam is based on the emails addresses owned by the scammer). When they keep the real name of translator-victim on their FAKE CVs, they'll also keep any links to the translator's pages on ProZ or Translators Café: «See, I'm real!» With this stratagem, they just expect you to click on their email shown on their FAKE CV... See also "The Scam Explained".


As "TRANSLATION COMPANIES", with websites showing no ownership data, addresses, phones, or any other verifiable information: Languagemet, Gentle Translations, Translation Secrets, MuchDo, Safety Translations, 24Translate Limited, Powerful Translations, etc.

In other instances, they just associate fantasy names to their Gmail addresses: Experts Of Linguists Agency, High Quality Translation, Purity Translations, Translators Success Group, Quality Makers Team for Training & Translation, Fly With Trans, Smart Language or

In yet other instances, they operate plain fake "companies" (with websites to match), based in "respectful" locations like Paris, France, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Lisbon, Portugal, or "City of London" (always in fake or impossible addresses), which are nothing but scamming outfits from Palestine, Egypt or Jordan scammers, like, e.g., 24Translate, Arcadia Languages, BasicTrans, Best Translation Services (Lang-BTS), Bona Verba (now Lona Verbas), Bridges Institute for Languages and Development (BILD), Gotranslang Co, Great Translate, Help You Translations Co, Linguistics Theory, One Touch Translation, Orca Translations, Shaymus Translation Services, Transhome, Translation Community Co., etc.

Operators from these fake companies contact translators from their Gmail addresses, and, at the time of payment, they just vanish into thin air. When translators contact the "companies" to the emails shown on their websites, the standard answer is «We never contact translators from Gmail addresses»(*) or «Ahamed (or whoever), left the company a long time ago.»...

DON'T BE FOOLED! Some translators hired by scammers claimed to have been paid for their work. Of course they have. Scammers pay (some jobs, at least), to keep their scammig business alive. However, when the job and its amount are juicy, chances are scammers will stiff their translators and keep the money all for themselves.

(*) Languagemet (the mother of all scammers) alone is known to operate 44 Gmail addresses!


As "FREELANCE PROJECT MANAGERS" or "independent project manager", "freelance mediator" or "freelance project coordinator": names are almost always fake and always untraceable, and email addresses are always from free platforms (mainly Gmail). One of such "managers" – Yusuf Nasir (associated with Languagemet) – provided a Kenyan company as reference. Their response went like this: «We haven't received any job from him yet!». Another "manager" is known scammer Imad Almaghary. Once exposed, these "PMs" just disappear to resurface later with different names and emails.


As "EMPLOYEES OF TRANSLATION COMPANIES", i.e., impersonators of real employees of legitimate translation companies using the real (or fantasy) names, addresses and links to websites from legitimate companies. With one email, scammers will pose as translators and, with another email, they will act as "project managers" for their scamming "companies". Sometimes, scammers use this cover in a pathetic attempt to hurt a translation company that has denied them payment after discovering they were dealing with an impersonator.


In SCAMMING NETWORKS: hiding behind façade companies or fake identities, they issue referrals to each other (one more example here) using their own ghost identities.

ALWAYS use Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook and other free email addresses, and ALL their communications and documents are presented in English, no matter the "native language" they claim to have (e.g., a "German" scammer will ALWAYS write his messages in English, even to a German translation company, and will respond in English to any messages in German). When asked why she didn't write Italian to an Italian company, scammer "Elena Mazzotta" replied this: «About our conversations, I talk with all my clients with English language even if they are Italian, because of a lot of reasons such that to find my emails easily when I need to search about anything, to improve my English language and a lot of things that make my works easier»!!!

Given the large numbers of email addresses used by scammers, they created what they call "monitor" addresses (See Note 3 for more info). A "monitor" email address is a consolidating address to which responses to emails sent from all their addresses are collected, i.e., an address serving to monitor all their email addresses. When they get careless, they respond to emails thru their "monitor" addresses:

When confronted with anything they said, did or wrote (and found to be false), they will promptly deny and repudiate everything with the most fantastic and ridiculous arguments, including the producing of fake documents "signed" by ghosts, the claiming that they've never seen their stolen CV before, or denying being associated with the scamming joints used as their business façades. Honor, ethics, accountability or even shame are words absent from their lexicon. Let's see Elena again: The VAT number you provided is FAKE! «Actually, I don't know if the VAT number is valid or not because it is for my friend. I work with a several companies and they didn't talk with me about VAT number. I didn't care about VAT number since my income is little and I don't have a one. I want my money, so please don't speak with me about VAT number» or this response from an Indian scammer caught with a CV copied VERBATIM from a sample CV in Dayjob: «If u copy a CV from internet as a Template then what is the problem.» What, indeed?

When requested to provide evidence of their FAKE identities, scammers promptly initiate threats. In several reports sent to us, busted scammers threaten to:
destroy your company
put you in the blacklist at all the sites
tell all translators about you
you will see the results
I will take you to hell
I want be paid, or I speak bad of you with thousand translators
I use your email for contact with translators, you will pay from this"
, and other hilarious statements! One busted scammer from Great Translate resigned himself to his fate: «I know that you will not pay me and I know that you take this wrong information from this stupid website» (i.e. our Directory).

And if you try to talk to them on camera, these are some of the excuses you'll get: "camera is broken", "I have no camera", "I don't have Skype", "I'm driving", "I have a sore throat", "I don't use Skype (or phone) for business" or (our favorites), from "Carlito Tronci": «I want to express my apologie on your request because I have a speaking problems, my vocal cords damaged due to an old accident.» or from "Liu Duan": «As for my phone and Skype, I only use them in my family affairs and I think that it's a personal option and it's my right to have a comfortable life apart of my work.»

In the case of scammers from Palestine, given their own created ill-reputation, they'll do everything to avoid being placed or even related to their own country: they'll say to be based in Israel, in Turkey, in Egypt, in the UK, in the US, in Paris, France, in The Netherlands, anywhere, but Palestine. Their ghost "companies" are based in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel (!), in the headquarters of the World Zionist Organization (!), in the offices of The Israel Philatelic Service in Tel-Aviv(!), in a bank branch in Turkey (!), in the US Embassy in the UK (!), in the Alhambra Hospital Pharmacy in California (!), in inexistent addresses in Paris, Turkey or London, in a US address with 2 simultaneous Zip codes (!), in exactly the same number (33) of a "Main Street" (yes, in English) in Gaza, Palestine and in Mendoza in Argentina (!), in a Israeli settlement in the West Bank (!), in the same address of a translation company in The Netherlands (!), or in an underground parking garage in Italy (!). Or, this hilarious "official" excuse from Deema Rayyes to claim Israel as her country: "As for my location it is true Palestine (...) I can also use alternatively both codes [sic] the Isreali and the Palestinian and such is official". We have collected all addresses and phones used by scammers.

Make no mistake about the size of this con operation: The "hundreds or thousands" (in their own words) of CVs stolen and hijacked by these scammers, together with the number of translators claiming not being paid for their jobs or companies reporting the provision of "lousy" and "abysmal" translations is simply frightening!

Scammers don't want
to market your CV.
They want to market
themselves, but with
your credentials.
Because they
have none!
Need some tools to fight the scammers?
Wait! It gets worse! Scammers offer to "market" your CV...

«In our company, we work as a group of translators, and each one of us have to search for translators to take their permission for using their CVs with world clients and talk with those client on the behalf of the translators who should have given us their CVs».

TSD Bulletin 03 / 2016: The Authorization and Agreement Scam
SCAMMERS' PROMISE: "You will reach the top of success to get many projects you hope"
A "Scamming and Impersonation Agreement" disguised as "Confidentiality Agreement"
Scammers asking translators to give them the rope they'll use to hang them...
An "agreement", which ONLY the scammers have the right to cancel...
See the scammer's "Permission, Authorization and Agreement" form scam
See a ghost signing the scammers' "Authorization" form ("Roman Brenan")
See how the scam works: Laura Caradona / Languagemet
See how the scam works: Mustafa Attar / Languagemet
See what the scammers tell you: Salem / Imad Almaghary
See what the scammers tell you: Ibrahim / Languagemet
See the scam in full words: Imad Almaghary / Languagemet
See the scam in full words: Ibrahim Qeshta / Translation Secrets
Read the scam in full words: Reda Radwan / "Irene Blatza" / Translation Secrets (PDF)
See this scam in their own words: Samah Qr / Translation Secrets (PDF)
See this scam in their own words: Samah Al-Qrenawi / Translation Secrets (PDF)
See how they try to fool you: Gust Soanish / Abeer Hams (MuchDo)
See a REAL story: Adriana Aaron
See the extent of the scam: Abeer Alhamss
See how they blackmail you: Translation Secrets

Why do these scammers ask for your permission to modify your CV? If you ask that, you're not getting it! They couldn't care less about your "permission", although some ill-advised colleagues might have fallen into their trap. They keep sending those mails, so they can claim to have somebody's permission to "market" someone's CV, in case anyone asks them about a suspicious CV. That's exactly what they replied to one our (extremely rude) messages questioning the legitimacy of one of their fake CVs: "We market hundreds or thousands of CVs and we didn't know this one was false". Got it now?

Sometime, scammers don't even bother to change the legitimate "Author" name, the real address or even the photo (some even include a photo in a CV that didn't have one...) from the CVs they steal. THEY CHANGE ONLY THE EMAIL ADDRESS. Also, the language (always English) used in their messages is normally uneducated and contains typos and grammatical errors. However, poor language alone does not mean one is a scammer, of course!

These "authorization" forms NEVER show any name, address or phone number of the recipient. At the most, they will show a non-verifiable name and an untraceable Gmail address.

TSD Bulletin 03 / 2016: The Authorization and Agreement Scam
My CV Was Scammed! Now What?  ➤  
Spotting Fake CVs  ➤  
Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers
Click to get ALL the scammers' emails
Get ALL the email addresses used by the scammers

TAKE NOTE: Scammers may also use email addresses, other than the ones listed in our Directory, e.g., AND If you receive a scammed CV from a Hotmail address, there is ALWAYS a Gmail address associated with it (because scammers hide behind Gmail accounts, which do not allow IP geolocation). Just open the FULL header of the email message to see this Gmail address.

CLICK to view ALL the emails used by these scammers.

A great tool for: (1) Checking the authenticity of an email address, and (2) to purge the scammers' email addresses from your mailing list.

CLICK to download our report (PDF):Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers

Beware! Scammers are also on Twitter
Our Twitter account @tsdirectory was deactivated: Why is Twitter Protecting Scammers?  ➤  
@_526552772585 / Power Translations
@3abeers / Abeer Hams aka Abeer Hums aka Abeer Saleh
@404works / 404Works / Aymeric Mathéossian
@a7mad / Ahmed Mahmoud
@AANaser93 / Engr. Abdullah
@abdotranslator aka Abdallah Ahmed Alsheikh (INACTIVE)
@abughalim7md / Mohammed Hossam aka Mohammed S. Abu Ghali
@afnanalkedra1 / Afnan Ahmed aka Afnan Alkedra
@ahmed_naser1990 / Ahmed Mahmoud / Ahmed Maged
@AhmedAlNahhal / Eng\Ahmed Al.Nahhal / Ahmed Alnahhal
@ahmedmughari / Ahmed Al Mughari
@akaiaw / Suzuki Akaia
@AlaaFirwana / Alaa Firwana
@alafi88 / Ahmad Y Lafi aka Ahmed Y. Lafi
@alblewii / Ibrahim Alblewi aka Omar Albluwe aka Omar Salah Ibrahim
@alettaMorris / Aletta Morris
@ATombanane / Antonio Tombanane, aka @evemacy08
@azzbroker / Charles Azzopardi
@azzbusiness / Charles Azzopardi (INACTIVE)
@azztranslations / Charles Azzopardi
@AzzurraBisogni / Azzurra Bisogni
@baraakazzaz / Baraa Kazzaz
@bdfloralde / Beverly D Floralde (Philippines)
@bessoo19893 / Walaa Bassam
@BizTranslation / BizTranslation / Best Translation Services
@blog_multi / Multi Solution Blog
@bobbielandry / Bobbie Landry
@Communic8_web / Communic8 / Aymeric Mathéossian
@CristinaLisii / Cristina Lisii (Travod)
@CrOuChZz / Ahmed Al Mughari
@dania90 / Dania Alabdla
@daniaalabadla / Dania Alabadla
@DutchTrans /
@eeugenn / Eugen Hulub
@ef758d5960e6410 / Khaled Ahmad
@eng_nareen / Nareen El-Nahal aka Nareen Alnahal
@ERolloque / Eric Rolloque / Iam_E (Philippines)
@eugenhulub / Eugen Hulub aka John Bloomen (INACTIVE)
@evemacy08 / anton marcus, aka Antonio Tombanane
@faten80eng / Faten Sharafy
@gaza331 / MoHaMMeD aka Mohammed Yassin
@GaZaNSaRaH / Sarah Sobhi
@GE4Translation / GE4Translation aka GoldenEar
@GheedAElHissy / Gheed A. El-Hissy
@gkommunikation / Felix Teske
@GlobalLinguals / Global Linguals
@GlobalTranslat3 / Global Translation
@hani_saada / Hani Abu Saada aka Hani A.Y
@Hazem2 / Hazem Hasan aka Hazem El-Zatma
@herichg / Herich Gunawan
@huntranslator / Zsolt Sesztak
@HusamLolo / Lolo Elkhateeb aka Alaa Elkhateeb
@iabedsalam / Islam Abeed Dahleez aka Islam A. A. Dahleez
@iapwe / International Association of Professional Writers &amp; Editors
@IbrahimKhatib91 / Ibrahim Khatib
@IbrahimKhatieb / Ibrahim Khatib
@islamdahleez / Islam Abed aka Islam Abed Dahleez
@IsoTranslations / Iso Translations
@jessicawilkins5 / Jessica Wilkins
@kamaldahi / Kamal Dahi
@KhairatHossin / Khairat Hossin
@khlo90 / Khalil Khatib
@KLorant / Lorant Kozma
@KrissyGully / Muntaha Mustafa
@LanguagehouseMU / Felix Teske
@languagemet55 / Naser Ali aka Languagemet gang
@languagemet81 / ameer888 aka Languagemet gang
@leakathira / Angle Forest
@LuyolDotCom /
@MaggadorIX777 / Alexander Bekkelund
@makieyer / Mark Mapute (Philippines)
@malakalrouh2 / Malak Al Rouh aka Azza Sahmoud
@MarkusSchirra / Markus Schirra
@medianer / Felix Teske
@MhamdG / Mohammed Al Ghoul
@MhamdG_old / Mohammed Al Ghoul
@mhzuhdy / Mohammed Z. Qudaih
@MoneerBarazi / Moneer Barazi
@multilanguages2 / Multi Languages
@Murad_Ibrahem / Murad Zedan
@Naelkhader / Nael Khader
@Nahida57 / Beauty tips Circle
@narfel / Nardina Alongi
@NBTranslation / No Borders Translation
@NebalIbrahim / Nebal Ibrahim
@NewTS4ever / Translation Secrets
@nissansz / NissanTrans / Steve Ni
@nissantrans / NissanTrans / Steve Ni
@NordicTrans / NordicTrans
@Ola_Dawood / Ola Dawood
@omaralbluwe / Omar Albluwe and Ibrahim Alblewi
@onlinecoodinat / Nareen Nahal (INACTIVE)
@oscartrans / Hani A.Y
@oscartranslatio / Hani A.Y (INACTIVE)
@oversattning / CE översättningsbyrå
@oversattningsby / CE översättningsbyrå
@pajbloomen / John Bloomen aka Eugen Hulub
@PalestineAdham / Adham Ashqar
@PalGaze_1992 / Ihsan Salman
@pedaltheplanet2 / Pedal The Planet
@raniahaddad9 / Rania Haddad
@realahmed8 / Ahmed Omar aka Ahmed Omar Abu Elkhair
@Reham83444742 / Rere Ghali aka Reham Abu Ghali
@salahkhafaja / Salah Khafaja
@Saleh_M_1992 / Saleh #Gaza
@SalesAgencyUK / Talented Sales UK
@SarahSobhi1 / Sarah Sobhi aka Sarah Sohbi
@ShaathMaha / Maha Shaath aka Maha Ibraheem Shaath
@somyatrans / Somya Translators
@TasneemKamal93 / Tasneem Kamal
@Tayeh94 / Mohammed Tayeh
@thinkhired1 / Wazir Khan aka Khan Jee
@TiffanyNorris45 / Tiffany Norris
@transharvest / Transharvest Agency aka Abdallah Ahmed Alsheikh
@translationpro6 / Translation Pro
@Translator_Jobs / Real Translator Jobs
@Transula / Transula
@travod / TRAVOD International
@trjmantranslate / Trjman aka Nebal Ibrahim, Languagemet
@TSonlinegroup / Imad Almaghary / Translation Secrets
@TunisianAhmed / Ahmed Tunisian
@unitysamurai / Savvas Lazarides
@UnivTranslation / UTS translations aka Universal Translation Services
@unknown__A_7 / A7mad-z (Ahmed Mahmoud / Ahmed Maged)
@UsaTranslate / USA Translate
@Vicki2016Kim / Kim Vicki
@WapaTranslation / Wapa Translations
@wasseem2007 / Wasseem / Waseem J. Maghari
@wetranslateinc / wetranslateinc / We Translate, Inc.
@wordminds / WordMinds aka TRAVOD International
@Y89Yousef / Yousef Yousef aka Yousif Yousif
@zvetochek / Alla Kondrat / Alla Ovod / A2Z Translations
Got a CV in Word format? Look at the
file properties.
They reveal more
than you think!
Does the scammer
claim be native in French? Send him a mail in French.
Scammer busted!
Need some tools to fight the scammers?
I know that you will
not pay me and I
know that you take
this wrong
information from
this stupid website
Busted scammer
from Great Translate

Spot the scam, bust the scammer

In a suspicious CV, look for these oddities: In File > Properties > Summary, look for an author name different from the name used by the scammer on his/her email. In File > Properties > Contents, look for some word in Arabic. In File > Properties > Statistics > Last saved by, look for odd names (see below). Look for other variations of these signs. Our Directory (PDF) will give you more informations.

NOTE: Scammers have no place to hide: even if their DOC/PDF files do not carry these hallmarks, there are always other ways to spot FAKE CVs. The Internet is an unforgiving environment for unscrupulous people, and our FAKE CV database and document forensic tools (including metadata extraction) will uncover data unkown even to them.

~ ~ Amani
3Pac Husam
a (LM)
Abd Elmouiz Arafat
Abdallah (EG)
Abdallah Ahmed (EG)
abdallah.ahmed (EG)
abeed (LM)
abo (TS)
abo dalal
Abo Khaled
Abo yasser (LM, TS)
abu ahmad
Abu Anas computer
Abu Assi 2013
Abu Al-Fahad (LM)
Abu Fadi
Abu Hamed
Abu Hamid
Abu Ihab
Abu jaafar
Abu Khaled
Abu Khalid
Abu Lena
Abu Mahmoud
abu samir
Abu Yaseen
Abu-Jehad (TS, MD)
abubasel (LM)
Abu Mohammed
abumohammed (TS)
acer ES1-572
Ahed Elfarra
Ahmed 2
Ahmed Alqady
Ahmed Elqedra
Ahmed Hussein
Ahmed Omar
Akram Afifi
Al Haytham Computer
al nour (GT)
alawael (GT)
ali fares
Ali Zaher (LM)
almajd cd (TS)
ALNajjar / ALNajjar-PC (IP: (RaedNahal)
alquds (PO)
al theqa
Alwaleed center
Alwaleed computer
am anas
amar agha
amar elagha
Amazing Translation
Amro al astal
Anas (LM)
Anne Franck
Apple TEch
Arwa / Arwa
arwa soliman
awadalla (PC)
awadallah (BEI)
baraa-PC (IP:
Basil Basil
basma sf
besan (LM, TS, BEI)
besan- (LM, TS, BEI)
besan-it (LM, TS, BEI)
Bisan Center
Blue sky
Boujema IZRAR
Center nostalgia
COL109-W54 (IP:
Colossus User
CR.Abo ali
dd (TS)
Ðoa'a Êã
dr.ahmed issa
Dr. Mohammed
dr.suliman abu jalal
Dream Tech
Dreams (LM/TS)
egyptian hak
Ejjy olobe
El-Agha, Riyad (LM/TS)
El-Handasa Tech
Em-Haitham (TS)
enas / Enas Essam
Eng. A7md
Eng. Magdy Abu al-Ula
Eng.Dream (LM)
Eye-Witness (AT)
Fadi / fadi
Fadi Al Derbi
Gheith Al-Kayyali (TS)
Glory to the computer
Haitham Center (TS)
Hala M
Hamada Prince
Hassan (24)
Haya Darwish
Heba (GT)
heba anas
Hebz (LM)
hp Probook
Huda Center
Ibrahim katib
Ihab Salah
Imad Almaghary
In 2013 led (LM)
inas ali
islam (LM)
islam abed
IslamShamia (emails)
Islam-Shamia (emails)
JJ / J J
Jasmine Adamz
Jean Vital
Jerusalem Center
JIT / jit
JOHN / John
Judge Ahmed
Karam Afifi
kawthar-PC (IP:
Khaled Khaled
Khali / Khalil
labtop (MD)
Lenovo (LM, TS)
M7med (BI)
madi center
MAEissa (LM)
Magdy Abu al-Ula
mahmoud91 (LM)
MaLaK / Malak
Marwan Louz
MEissa (LM)
Mickey Mouse (TS, MD)
Mohammed (TS)
Mohamed Mostafa Salama
Mohamed Sami
Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Z. Qudaih
Mr.Alaa Adam (LM, TS)
mousa (LM)
Nauseated (TS)
Nehad Akelan
Nehal / NeHaL
Neno_Hp (same as Nehal)
nh (LM, MD, TS)
nmc (TS, MD, LM)
No God except Allah !!!
Noga Mahomud
Noor Center (LM)
NoOoR 3eNey
Nostalgia Center (LM)

Nostalgic Longing
Ola (LM)
Online Dream
ordi / ORDI
PC 1
Praise for
Prefered Customer
Princess Amany
qalkassem (LM)
rami / RaMi
rasha sameer
Rob (EU)
S4meR (ST)
Salil Jamwal (ST)
silawy (GT)
soso soso
Tamer Abu
Tamer abu elzommer
tarik abed
Thoa Le
Tota (LM)
Two Men
walaa mahmoud (LM)
Waleed computer
Yan Chuan Bao
Yumi (PC)
yousef3 (LM)
yousif (LM)
yosuf (LM)
yusuf (LM)
Confirmed affiliation /
ATAmazing Translation
BEIbeIN Translation Services
BIBridges Institute
EGAbdallah Ahmed El Sheikh (Egypt)
EHScammer Eugen Hulub (Romania)
GTGentle Translations
PCPalestinian Center for International Translation
POPowerful Translations
PTPurity Translations
STSafety Translations
TSTranslation Secrets

Many scamming emails originated in Gaza are sent from (1) their own domains, (2) cheap mass mailing services or (3) spoofed domains. When in doubt about the origin of an email message, always look inside the email header, for it may contain valuable information.

Underlined names below appear in more that one list.
Druzhba Narodiv Translation Bureau, Kiev, Ukraine
NOTE: Warned about the use of their email servers to send these fake CVs.
Fake CVs are still being sent from their servers.
Used for these ghosts:
Abd Badawy Adam Maks Adrian Presto Aiko Shi Aisha Nisha Akiko Kondo Aldal Nina Alena Perjo Alice Cottage Alice Harding Alfie Jones Alina Bundy Aline Mata Alise Ilya Alison Kerns Alma Calvillie Alma Panda Alma Vik Alyd Cobus Aylin Arslan Alma Balan Alma Vik Amanda Viggo Amelia Charles Amy Andersson Amy Wiman Anabella Goddard Andrea Nay Andrew Wilson Ana Radnic Ani Ustyan Anie Slider Anita Helfred Ann VanDen Anna Betto Anna Engberg Anna Jocab (Anna Jacob) Anna Marcolin Anna Wolf Annabella Danial Anne Franck Bana Sharma Barbara Brasler Barbara James Beatrice Ginesi Belinda Yu Berna Aziz Birthe Stephens Camilla Jensenn Camilla Lars Carina Bang Hansen Carla Cava Carmen Potter Caro Sass Carolien Brand Catherine Claudia Raul Cox Catherine Jenny Cathrine Jonansson Catrine Karlsson Catrine Ken Cecilia Mastruzzo Cecilie Elvomo Ceren Soyak Chan Junho Chara Amun Christin Kasper Christina Beckmann Christina Clark Cinefil Ohashi Cinthia Pan Cynthia Coan Danhila Dan Daniella Monetta Danila Anderson Dawn Bell Deborah Nicolas Denisa Vackov Diego Ivan Donny Wang Dora Nagy Egil Mjelde Elena Duran Elena Petr Elena Tomara Elene James Elina Hansson Elisabeth Richard Elisabeth Rudolfsson Elizabeth Friel Ellen Nielsen Ellen Oftedal Ellen Robert Ellne Urban Elma Flbus Elsa Lars Elina Ylen Emi Ren Emma Furuheim Emi Takai Emmy Udo Emilia Dolezal Emily Rosso Emily White Emma Nathan Erika Runge Erin Blatz Errki Zynski Eugene Hemlons Eva Benesova Exceptional Team Fatma Jarad Fiona Martorelli Fiona Wastler Florence Marsol Gillian Fox Goran Hassan Graham Scott Griet Stenger Hana AbuSalim Hanna Eagan Hanna Sorensen Harry Tanaka Haruka Saki Heba Yousef / Heba Yusif Helen Hallstrom Helen Lindwall Helen Moore Helen Reborn Helen Pedersen Helen Wall (Helena Lindwall) Helena Moura Helene Levik Henry Yoka Hera Park Hikari Ian Wang Ida Charlotte Ida Padron Irene Jansson Iryna Natalya Isabel Anton Isabelle Walter Izumi Hiroshi Komuna Ingrid Muller Iren Onishko Irene Shelly Hiroko Zhang Iryana Egger Hitomi Sadao Iva Rajic James Coria Jan Chan Jana Benham Jana Kolev Jane Killy Jean Cantini Jean Chong Jean Oliver Jenifer Kerns Jennie Thorne Jennifer Brown Jennifer Yang Jessica Feeney Jia Tang Jinsook Kim Jonathan Lefebvre Julia He Julia Neolzer Julie Phan Junhui Chang Kana Pestana Karin Umec Katarina Rall Katiaa Kelly Kathi Gowans Katrine Dumas Kenan Yasin Kiyoko Kamanda Kristin Kely Koen Martens Kristin Berger Kristina Selin Kristine Evensen Kumi Amia Lanfen Chang Lara Grille Lara Larsson Laura Haake Laura Rossa Laure Baransk Leena Mononen Len Nettelblad (Len Nettelblad, Lena Mats Nettelblad) Lianne Brussaard Lidia Darko Lilian Tilver Lille Parker Liliane Elson Linar Christopher Linda Henno Line Rooney Lisa Aalt Lisa Burvenich Lisa Law Liza Hansen Lydia Harris Macee Meaning Madeleine Ilott Magdalena Jeffrey Mahela Gonzalez Mai Do Marcos Misha Mari Rasmussen Maria Aleax Maria Alfonso Maria Gomez Maria Maria Hirooka Iouna Maria Lindahi Maria Turner Maria Vavoula Maria William Margaret Mana Margeret Ann Margret Ann Margret Mana Margrette Morris Margarita Oll Marianne Saari Marina Manca Marlene Anzia Marlene Borges Marlene Carney Martin Philips Mary Goerge Mary Read Mary Shiner Masumi Miki Maya Aern Maya Thierry Mayumi Inoue Meri Gallagher Mete Gazi Mia Ola Mia Olsson Michiko Myatt Mike Oikawa Ming Wang Mira Max Miriam Smith Misae Junko Monica Oberth Monica Wolf Monika Nowicka Naoko Ihori Nara Endo Natalia Narins Nevala Kristiana Nick Michael Nihat Goksen Nora Leon Neveen Neto Nicole Andersen Nina Kiran Nur Cholis Nyoko Takara Nina Olsen Olga Steder Patryk Mazur Paul Kaller Paul Käller Paula Kennan Paula Suila Paulina Young Percy Gastel Peter Omark Phil Johnes Pia Niska Rachel Daniel Raita Kopankina Rajak Fukami Rakan Esin Randi Laima Raneen Bar Rebecca Adam Renda Krwan Riitta Nielsen Risa Yasuumi Rita Kremer Robin Holm Rosan Janson Rose Beills Rose Petersson Rosy Hami Roxana Ricco Sabina Olive Sabina Waszek Sabine Lang Sandra Falk Sandra Genevier Sandra Soltani Sandra Wing Sandrine Alexis Sandy Smith Sara Nardone Sara Ove Sarah Barsen Sarah Gander Sarita Robert Sarune Griniute Sean Roth Sebastian Torres Seo Young Sergey Vazhnenko Shera Arnone Shiho Kumagai Shiho Okada Silvia Loncar Silvina Grenho Silvio Picinini Smantha Trogu Sofia Geary Sofia Segar Soha Hisham Faris Sophie Hamon Sophie Pasco Soren Labeet Sue Dermes Susan Kar Susanna Gerard Suzanne Marcolin Svetla Nencheva Svetlana Nosova Sylvie Renon Tahreer Qutaty Teresa Gleim Tia Josef Tina de Groot Tina Salo Tina Zayan Tomoko Nakata Tori Hector Trinh Yamanaka Uliana Filon Ulla Bergstrom Valery Novoselov Vera Kahar Veronika Ida Victoria Alice Marr Victoria Hower Yasuko Okada Yeeun Suh Yukari Sato Yoko Ottley Yukiko Kurohara Yunpeng He Youri Ebihara-Ohashi Yuriko Minaki Yuriko Wilson AND MANY, MANY OTHERS...
In many scamming emails originated in Gaza, look for this string in the email header:
< . That's right, someone called "Hamed" uses a mass mailing system ( ) to spam half the world with fake CVs. The domain/website is owned/operated by Exar Software Research Pvt Limited, India under various names: Contact Email Marketer / Gorilla Email Marketing / GorillaContact / / Used for these ghosts:
Abella Madel Adelio Mercier Adolfo Mata Agathe Mestro Albert Milano Alexis Forestier Alexandra Rosen Alina Ilinska Alvaro Mulero Amanda Fearnley Amy Talbot Amy Williams André Louris Aneeta Hernandez Angel Nairn Angela Adelef Angela Gallo Angela Golla Angelika Menz Anna Agnesa Antonio Oliveira Aubine Begon Becourt Rocoff Bernand Honore Bettina Selzer Carlota Valdez Carole Christophe Caroline Martin Caroline Martine Caroline Martins Cathleen Smith Catherine Charles Cecilia Saraceno Celine Klotz Celine Nicolas Chloé Rafael Dumont Christian Holman Christina Zhao Clara James Claudia Laferrière Colette Crossfield Cristian Candid Cristina Joano Daniela Melo Daniela Mulero David Stock Deborah Nicolas Dina Lessa Dolores Campanella Dolores Corbo Dominique Cardoso Ebelyn Formichella Edel Walder Edwards Gilda Elia Jean Charlly Jhon Edwige Johnstone Elena Borisov Elissa De Luca Emanuela Pacifico Émile Bernard Emily Lepage Eva Wouters Fabio Sacha Floriana Romano Frank Brotz Frida Johnstone Gabo Madulnus Gabriela Pina Gina Costa Gloria Fiorantino Hannah Francis Helen Pollex Helena Pipen Janice Gessa Janna Klein Jasmin Siegfried Jean Longo Jean Mitchell Jennifer Byers Jessica Destro Jessica O'Sullivan Jim Crocker Johanna Jory John Robertson Jolene Marcus Joseph Edmon Josiane Brisebois Juan Tan Julia Aupourrain Julia Yang Julie Hamon Julie Rafalli Julien Leroy Karen Angelo Karen Smith Kate Pierrick Klaus Floriano Laila Sagar Laura Mouche Laure Martin (Laure A. Martin) Leon Fremont Lidia Saragaço Lilian Damasceno Lillian Calistro Luisa Rotunno Luna Ford (Luna Hill) Lily Symann Linda Lessner Linda Wright Luna Ford Luna Hill Maria Alexsandre Marie Klotz Marina Nosova Mario Cardoso Marina Bianco Marion Boulé Martin Reichel Martina S. Hellmuth Maya Posse Melyanne Onana Michel Golub Moira Bernard Monica Grassi Nadia Lawrence Nancy Mangel Nathan Angelo Nicola Martin Nicola Smith Niki Gouzee Nina Kaminski Nina Martin Nina Olsen Oscar Herbet Polina Ndongmo Rebecca Bray Reine Bourdot Ritha Vries Roland Pinto Rose Saviano (Rose-Marie Saviano) Rubin Paulo Sabra Gholam Samantha Villar Sandra Angelo Sarah Downing Smith Taylor Sonja Pietsch Sonya Sophia Neilson Simon Suwenoz Hang Taylor Kirk Tatyana Osyka Tobias Soerensen Vera Kahar Victor Thomeret William Jakkob Yasemin Pekmen Yi Ching Mei Ying Lee

Domains registered by known scammers Hamada Mohammad / & Hosam Kaleef / . Used for these ghosts:
Active Translation Team Cecilia Mastruzzo Dolly Adam Expert Of Linguists Gwenn Terry Luciano Ketki Nunez Caballero Firoz Peng Weng Sander Morellet / IP:
Domain created in Gaza to serve as email domain to circulate stoolen and fake CVs:
Registrant Name: Hamada Mohammad
Registrant Street: Tel Aviv
Registrant Street: Tel Aviv Street 22 (!!!)
Registrant City: Tel Aviv
Registrant State/Province: Tel Aviv
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country: IL
Registrant Phone: +972.20599632749
Registrant Email: (associated with many CV scams)
Used for these ghosts:
Adam Valima Alba Alcardo Albert Vigier Alexia Stewer Alexo Roland Aline Bretel Angel Nairn Angela Adelef Ankit Li Anna Galetich Anton Alexandrovich Zotov Anton Zotov Audrey Fletcher Bárbara Rodrigues Bilingual & Professional Translators Team Carlos Lavis Catarina Almeida Cathleen Smith Cathy Rossella Charlot Moras Chira Morot (Chira Moroto) Cloudia Holmes Cristina Girino Diana Cifuentes Daniel Abel Dany Marcoz David Valento (David Valents) Dolia Cosko (Dolia Casko) Egor Serges Elena Gordin (Eleana Gordin) Eleza Horan Elisa Wahbi Elizabeth Friel Emilie Puget Emily Elsen (Emy Elsen) Engin Gumus Eric Begone Erica Legotin Erika Legotin Eshed Maya Fabi Giashi Fiorina Marino Flora Ktofiak Franco Mitidiero Hamada Mohammad Hiroshi Homono Ivan Rukoberd Jack Maue Leran Jasmin Friez Jean Moore Jorge Hector Julia Stoppa Kare Rigo Karin Palsson Klaus Floriano Katrin Wolff Lara Hens Laura Statham Lauri Laakkonen Lee Zhang Lina Tristano Linda Odor Lisa Mota Loredana Matthew Lucia Alcee Lucian Hamana Luciano Ketki Malin Kaye Mari Jasen (Mari Jason) Marie Hanna Maria Costa (Maria Costa Cabedo) Maria Francois Maria Ruiz Maria Hanna (Marie Hanna) Marina Béringer Marina Nosova Marwan Louz Maya Masha Maya Mashn Mechael Romaro Mellisa Vitoria Monica Salvo Morten Bergvall Nataliya Sergi Natasha Gurdo Nunez Caballero Firoz Pablo Sanchez Peng Weng (Peng Wang) Pimor Ates Rafael Castro Sara Pento (Sara Penito) Rikarda Sedova Ritha Rosha Rony Alvarez Rose Deback Safa Mostafa (Safaa Mostafa) Sahin Yoser Sally Harry Sandra Tonz Sara Earons Scot Abel Sofia Saltana Sophie Victoria Susan Balin Suzan Millan (Suzan Milan) Translators Team Valerina Galih Varan George Viktoriya Avilov Vladimer Harin Yoko Ottley Yuly Penk (Yuly Penko) Yusniko Okano
The Transcription Agency, Kent, United Kingdom (GENUINE COMPANY). NOTE: Warned about the use of their email servers to send these fake CVs, responded promptly. No further CVs received from their servers ever since.
IPs used (BOGONS): . Used for these ghosts:
Abd Badawy Akino Suzuki Aldal Nina Alexa Metzger Amelie Ayon Anita Helfred Anna Engberg Aylin Arslan Beckmann Christina Camilla Jensen Carina Hansen Cecilia Mastruzzo Daniella Monetta Danila Anderson Ebru Taylan Elena Duran Elisa Wahbi Eva LidWennberg Florence Philippe Helen Wall (Helena Lindwall) Ingrid Muller Jennifer Brown Jessica Lamoureux Julia Starling Julie Phan Karin Broman Karla Adeson Katja Urban Kristine Evensen Laure Baransk Lisa Burvenich Linda Henno Lucia Simonova Maike Hovman Maria Alfonso Maria Bozell Maria Sorensen Maria Vavoula Maria William Masumi Miki Meri Gallagher Mia Olsson Miho Yamazaki Monica Wolf Natalia Narins Natalie Mrouga Neveen Neto Nicole Runge Paula Kennan Rakan Esin Sandra Genevier Sandra Soltani Sarah Barsen Shiho Fujiwara Shiho Okada Ulla Bergström
Domain created in Gaza to serve as email domain to circulate stoolen and fake CVs:
Registrant Name: Mujahed
Registrant Organization: Altahle
Registrant Address1: Alshuhada'a St, Alghosain building
Registrant Address2: Floor 4
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Gaza Strip
Registrant Postal Code: 00970
Registrant Country Code: PS
Registrant Phone Number: +970.82621304
Registrant Email:
Used for these ghosts:
Agata Cybluski Anna Galetich Audrey Fletcher Bárbara Rodrigues (Barbara Rodrigues) Carla De Veer David Vic Elias Tarazi Helena Törn Jasmin Friez Julian Piner Karin Palsson Lauri Laakkonen Liang Yuan Nóra Marton Sofia Östberg Valentina Cardaci
Turkish translation company. Used for these ghosts:
Adrian Preston (Adrian L Preston) Alena Perjo Alfie Jonas Amelie Anthony Anita Helfred Anna Jocab (Anna Jacob) Arvid Roli Belin Cansu Beatrice Ginesi Camilla Lars Caro Sass Cecilie Elvomo Diego Ivan Elias Tarazi Eva Wouters (Eva Gorrissen / Eva Holland) Hana AbuSalim Helen Jensen Helen Pedersen Irene Jansson Jean Cantini Jean Oliver Jennifer Nina Jia Tang Jinsook Kim Laura Rossa Linar Christopher Linda Herland Nerdrum Line Rooney Maria Alfonso Paula Kennan Peter Omark Rose Petersson Sandrine Alexis Soha Faris (Soha Hisham Faris) Sunnie Son Tina Davies Tina Zayan
Domain phished from Portuguese translation company. Used for these ghosts:
Tina Zayan
Commercial bulk mailing. Used for these ghosts:
Jing Tsai Leonard Koch
Translation company. NOTE: Warned about the use of their email servers to send these fake CVs. NO RESPONSE WAS RECEIVED. Fake CVs are still being sent from their servers. Used for these ghosts:
Ellen Robert Olga Tsitrin
Commercial bulk mailing. Mail is sent with the format / Used for these ghosts:
Alejandra Demeaus Äne Sild Christian Hensen Gregory Kim Marzia Caroppo Shadi Mohammed Thomas Godber Zineb Zino
Scammers-owned domain. Created 06OCT2017. Used for these ghosts:
Jasmin Fries Juliana Szczypka
Scammers-owned domain. Created 24SET2017.
Used by Shan Translation aka Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd.
Rakesh / Pratap Nagar, India / / +91.9887124578
Used for these ghosts:
Alla Kerobyan Mini Han Svetlana Balzitova
Scammers-owned domain. Created 07JUN2018.
Registrant Name: Tami Riley (FAKE)
Registrant Organization: TPCTS
Registrant Street: Albahar St. 0 (street associated with numerous Gaza scammers)
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: FL (Gaza is in Florida?)
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: US (Really?)
Registrant Phone: +1.6014537368 (FAKE)
Registrant Email:
Used for these ghosts:
Ahmed Khater (Ahmed Abu Khater) Albert Milano Amelia Flores Anna Agnesa Catherine Cattin Catherine Charles Christian Holman David Stock Edwards Jhon Elena Bragilevsky Émile Bernard Gaio Nardo Gilda Elia Gina Costa Helena Pipen Janna Klein Jessica O'Sullivan Julien Leroy Karen Angelo Leon Fremont Liu Jia Manon Fillatre Marcel Félix Mickael Bruno Nathan Angelo Nina Kaminski Sabra Gholam Sophia Neilson Tatyana Osyka William Jakkob
Scammers-owned domain. Created 25JUL2018. Registrations data protected by WhoisGuard, Inc.
Used for these ghosts:
Cloudia Holmes Carla De Veer Kayo Nozak Linda Barosen
Interspire /
Scammers-owned domain. Created 05SEP2018. Registrations data protected by
Used for these ghosts:
Marie Klotz
Scammers-owned domain. Created 23NOV2018. Registrations data protected.
Used for these ghosts:
Marie Klotz Becourt Rocoff
Scammers-owned domain. Created 23NOV2018. Registrations data protected.
Used for these ghosts:
Ebelyn Formichella
Scammers-owned mass-mailing account. Used for these ghosts:
Christina Zhao Florence Raymond Gina Costa Ricki Both Stephanie Fournier
Email marketing platform. Used for these ghosts:
Arnaud Authier
Call the scammer on Skype with video!
Ask the scammer for
a video call on Skype.
Or just a phone call...
Scammer busted!
Ask the scammer for his/her ID!
Ask the scammer for
his/her ID. Bingo!
Need some tools to
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WHAT TO DO: Be professional online. On Translation Portals, use your own name and consider using an updated photo. As for your CV, see 3. below. For your professional life, it's also a good idea to use an email address provided by your own mail server or ISP (see 7. below).

WHAT NOT TO DO: If your real name is "John Doe" and you call yourself "Amenhotep" on Translation portals and if your real name and your CV (not even a basic version) are nowhere to be found, don't be surprised if your prospective clients mistake you for a scammer circulating a fake CV. On the other hand, if your professional data (name, email, VAT number, CV, etc.) can easily be cross-checked online, any scamming of your CV or impersonation of your data will be promptly busted.

BE SMART: Of course, you may be a privacy freak all you want, but if you push it too far, that can easily work against you. Do you think everybody is going to believe that your great CV from "John Doe" really comes from that "Amenhotep" guy they saw online? How can you prove it?

NEVER accept offers to "market" your CV! Scammers don't want to "market" you! They just want to use your professional credentials (because they have NONE) to market THEMSELVES!

DO NOT publish your full CV online, and NEVER publish your professional credentials (like diplomas) online, but do not leave your prospective clients empty-handed either: publish a very BASIC PDF version of your CV: your name, email, address (city and country, ONLY), working languages and main specializations, and a note that your full CV is "available on request"!

ALL document scans (diplomas, certificates, ID documents, etc.) should be sent with protection features to avoid being abusively used by scammers, like a stamp placed over your name and photo (SEE THIS EXAMPLE). Remember: if you send scans of your documents to scammers, they will have no choice but to use YOUR OWN NAME in their impersonation (to match your documents), and the scam will also become more credible to unwary victims.

Insert an updated photo on your basic CV and ask your prospective clients to confirm each other's identity via video chat (or, at least, via mobile phone): scammers get real scared when asked to talk on the phone or camera, and they'll give you all sorts of excuses, like "bad line", "camera broken", "I'm driving", "I'm ill", "no camera", "I have a sore throat", "I don't use phone for business, just email" or (our favorite): «I want to express my apologie on your request because I have a speaking problems, my vocal cords damaged due to an old accident.». Get online with (free, in-browser tool, no registration needed) and send the other party the link to chat with you ON CAMERA!

Register your own domain. It's not as expensive as you may think, and even if you don't plan to have your own website, your domain will give you your own email server!

For all your business operations, use only emails addresses from your own email server (or, at least, from your ISP), as it's impossible for anybody else to use them. Also, be aware of email spoofing and phishing attempts sent by email and CHANGE your email password regularly.

Whether you own your email server or use an ISP or even a free email account, publish a notice (online and on your CV) with your legitimate address(es).

Lookup the email sender's IP and run a geographical search here: Or, trace the source IP address of an email based on the email headers (where did the email come from) here: Note: Emails sent from Gmail or Hotmail will ONLY trace back to their servers' IP addresses (in the USA).

My CV Was Scammed! Now What?  ➤  
TSD Bulletin 01 / 2015: Getting the facts right
Spotting Fake CVs  ➤  
Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers
Do you have a VAT number? No problem, said scammer Ola Kari
See what she did to expose scammer Charles James Davis / Languagemet
See what she did to expose her scammer: Jasmine Adamz
See what he did to expose the scammers: Vera Kahar /
See what she did to expose her scammer: Fiorina Marino
See how they blackmail you: Bisan Jonathan / Translation Secrets
See a PO issued by scammer Anna Nunez
The Counter-Scam

Confidence tricks played by these scammers exploit typical human characteristics such as greed (they'll send lots of work with my CV!), vanity (they told me I would be their "close partner"), opportunism (this job came just at the right time), credulity (really? are you kidding yourself?), irresponsibility (nothing can go wrong!), desperation (I need work), and naivety (ALWAYS). Let's not kid ourselves: We'll never see these scammers behind bars (there are exceptions though...), but we can:

Give public exposure to their FAKE identities and emails used in their scams.
Spread this exposure of scammers: Yes, you may link to this page.
Publish their emails online to be promptly harvested by spam robots...

Give the scammers no rest! Entice them with juicy, bogus jobs, accept whatever fees and terms they ask for, ask them for references and for their PayPal addresses (all valuable information to be exposed); then, cut off all communication with them!

Do your part: send us the scammers email and CV
Do Your Part!

This website is already welcoming countless visitors looking for fake "translators" and the email addresses used in various scams targeting translators: Someone from Belgium went online searching for "manda santo" translator, in Australia, someone looked for Flora Ktofiak, in the United Arab Emirates, someone looked for susanne christine walter, translator, or just Google sent them all to the right direction!

Let's fight back!Have you been scammed? Received a suspicious CV? Know of any other scammers?
Send us the details: Scammers' email AND fake CV.
Let's Fight Back: Tell Scammers to STOP!

Let's flood the scammers' mailboxes and tell them:
STOP stealing Translator's CVs and Identities.


Do something!

Send a message to the emails used by the scammers and demand them to stop their practice. Tell scammers that you – and many other people – are aware of their ongoing practice of stealing translators CVs and identities. It's OK to write your messages in any harsh / rude / uncivil / impolite / insulting terms you may see fit, because these people do not deserve any degree of politeness. They are just common thieves preying on other people's lives.

Tell the world about the scammers!
DON'T keep it silent!

If your CV or identity has been stolen or hijacked, keeping it to yourself doesn't make the scam go away! On the contrary!

So, don't just post on your blog or Facebook "They stole my CV"! Say who (the name they used, even if it is yours) and which emails were used by the scammers: see a great example here!

Remember: Scammers live off anonymity and off a zero footprint on the Internet. Once publicly exposed, their anonymity and Internet stealthiness is gone, thus giving them the publicity they hate and fear. Scream, yell, and raise hell, making their names and emails known and public. Post them everywhere you can. And, yes, you may link to this page. For better results, link to the homepage of our website: www.translator-scammers/translator-scammers-directory.htm.

My CV Was Scammed! Now What?  ➤  
Spotting Fake CVs  ➤  
Scammers, Emails, and Email Headers
Thank You • Merci • Gracias • Danke • Grazie • Obrigado

Our warmest thanks to the numerous translators who have had their CVs and identities hijacked by scammers and sent us the details of the scam and to all translation company owners and PMs from the four corners of the world who have sent us fake CVs and other precious information about the scammers operation and identities. Also, our sincere appreciation to all those who have sent us words of encouragement, or published links to our Directory or comments about its content on their blogs, websites and social media channels.

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Give the scammers the publicity they hate: YES, YOU MAY link to this page. For better results, link to the homepage of our website: www.translator-scammers/translator-scammers-directory.htm.

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