they steal your CV
your work
and your money
together, we'll make
their lives a living hell
scam noun \skæm\Your IP is:
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket (Oxford English Dictionary)
arnaque (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • fraude, burla (PT) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)
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GICSGhost / Fake ID Created by Scammers
Kaede Michiokaede.michio.1@gmail.comMonica Barosen (NO) & Yukari Yabuki (JP)
Kaipo Blandina Vincentkaipoblandinavincent@gmail.comRichard Alex Jenkins (BR) Scam by: Wafa'a (Gaza)
Kaisa Kiljalakaisakiljala01@gmail.comMaria Bertilsson (FR) &OS
Kaisar Shoghykaisar.shoghy@hotmail.comSubhash Kumar (IN) & Hamed Kermanshahani (IR)
Kage Hui / K Huik84hui@gmail.comJunyu Gu (CN)
Kajio Laurellekajiolaurelle@gmail.comAdamou Nchouwat (CM)
Kalden Edardkaldentrans@gmail.comRam Pratap Singh (IN)
Kalinka Petkova / Kaliet Kovakalietkova01@gmail.comAnna Petkova (BG) PM from Ltd
Kamal Abdel Hafizkamaldahi1@gmail.comHossam Sallam (EG) Note 111
Kamel Abu Salamasashheart27@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Kamel Oscarkameloscar247@gmail.comMagdalena Lutek (PL) & Magdalena Hajduk (UK)
Kamel Salamasashheart27@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Kamiko Yukimura / Komikokomiko.yukimura@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) 6th SCAMMING OF THIS CV
Kamil Chand Bansal (IN)
Kamila Byrnetrans.lang7@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) Email used by "Eric Begon"
Kamran Nadeemindustranslation.kamran@gmail.comKamran Nadeem (US)
Kana Pestanakanapestana@hotmail.comKana Tsumoto (JP) &OS Note 0
Kana Wahikanawahi74@gmail.comAya Oura (UK) ASA "Aya Oura"
Kanako Watanabekanako.watanabe99@gmail.comYasu Hosomatsu (US) ASA "Kyoko Ito"
Kang Donkangdon24@gmail.comYong Huang (CA)
Kang Du Shidu.shi.kang1985@gmail.comDu Shi Kang (CN)
Kaori Hs !!!kaorihs04@gmail.comGICS
Kaori Kawakamikaori.kawakami.lang@gmail.comKaori Kawakami (BR) ASA "Yusuke Narusawa"
Kaori Kawakamitranslation.work99@gmail.comScam by "Riham Salama"
Kaori Kawamurakaorikaw@gmail.comHans Jan Sypkens (NL)
Kaori Myattfreelancer.kaori@yahoo.comKaori Myatt (FR) See what happened / Scam notice
Kaori Myatt Susakaorisusajobs1@gmail.comKaori Myatt (FR) Scam notice
Kapko Dmitrykapkodmitry2rutrans@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Kara Ibrahem / Kara Ibahimepersian.translator1000@gmail.comKara Abdolmaleki (CA) Note 0
Kara Okadakaraokada1@hotmail.comGICS
Karan Bhat (IN)
Karcsi Lingkarcsi.ling@gmail.comMonique Hamon (FR) Note 1
Kare Rigokare.rigo@gmail.comKaren Riggio (FR)
Karel Ariankarelarian67@gmail.comRogelio Zarabozo (CU)
Karen Angelokarentrans7@gmail.comEduardo José Costa (PT) ASA "Eduardo Costa"
Karen Coastakarncoasta.translator@gmail.comJosé Ignacio Coelho Mendes Neto (BR) &OS
Karen Diazkaren@ottranslation.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102
Karen Pinheirokarenpinheiro2000@gmail.comCristina Río López (ES)
Karen Smithsmith4fr@gmail.comSusan Murray (FR)
Kari Norantakarinoranta071@gmail.comKaterina Suchánková (CZ)
Kari Pertolakari.pertola.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 81-5 Powertranslations
Karin Albrechtkarin.s.albrecht@gmail.comFredrik Bjoerklund (SE) &OS
Karin Bromankarin-broman@outlook.comIgor Savenkov (RU) &OS
Karin Coriacoria.lang@hotmail.comRené Tripp (MX)
Karin Johansenkarin.v.johansen@gmail.comErik Wallace (TH) Scam by: "Green"
Karin Karlsonkarin.karlson55@gmail.comLill Catinka Maxen (DK)
Karin Lundbergkarin.lundberg.k@hotmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) ASA "Doaa Bassam"
Karin Palsson / Karin Pålssonkarin.palsson5@gmail.comCarl Tengstrom (SE)
Karin Pareliuskarinparelius@gmail.comMario Budal (IL) / Anne C Parelius (CA)
Karin Riisekarin1riise@gmail.comGICS
Karin Umeckarin.umec08@gmail.comBirgitta Gustafsson (SE) & Ekaterina Arzhaeva (RU)
Karine Laglassekarinelaglasse@gmail.comBernard Guerra (US) & Sophie Bernard (ES)
Karla Adesonkarla0adeson0@hotmail.comMette Warloff (NO) ASA "Kristine Runde"
Karla Madsenkarla-madsen@hotmail.comHermod Nilsen (DK) & Camilla Larsen (NO)
Karla Noemikarla.hernandez4@hotmail.comKarla Noemi Hernandez (GT)
Karla Teixceira / Karla Teixeirakarlateixeira6@gmail.comGICS
Karla Valdemarkarla-valdemar@hotmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) ASA "Andrea Weber"
Karla Diedrich (FR)
Karlo Maerskarlo.maers1@gmail.comKristina Wolf (AU) & Kitty Maerz (DE)
Karolina Komorowskakarolina.sosnowiec@hotmail.comKarolina Komorowska (PL)
Karolina Wielanekkkarolina484@gmail.comDavid Hatak (CZ) & Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Kassandra Elizéekassandraelizee@hotmail.comMichael Ray Fitzgerald (US) &OS
Katarina Rallkatarina.rall@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Kate Heximerkate.heximer@hotmail.comKate Heximer (CA)
Kate Johnstone (FR)
Katerina Onopriienkokaterina.onopriienko@hotmail.comKaterina Onopriienko (UA)
Kateryna Liashchenkokateryna.lia55@gmail.comKateryna Kondratiuk (UA) Scam by "Akram Afifi"
Kath(a)rine Lopes / Lópezlkathyl8@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT)
Katherine Lorraine Ortañezkatherine.lorraine@hotmail.comKatherine Lorraine M. Ortañez (PH)
Kathi Gowans / Khathi Gowanskhathi8gowans01@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) ASA "Andrea Weber"
Kathrin Caigerkathrin.caiger@hotmail.comKathrin Caiger (UK)
Kathrin Caigerkathrin.caeger1@gmail.comKathrin Caiger (UK) Scam by "Riham Salama"
Kathryn Vasconcelloskathrynvasconcellos13@gmail.comGICS 1ST SCAMMER IN 2017
Kathy Jaxtonkathy.jaxton@gmail.comGICS Scam by Omar Salah Ibrahim Note 18
Katia Kelly / Katiaa Kellykatiaa.kelly@hotmail.comVanda Kacura (CA) &OS
Katia Moshkinkatia.mosh60@gmail.comYuliya Palval (UA)
Katie Lamagnikatielamagni@gmail.comDavide Arnold Lamagni (UK)
Katie Toplis / Katie A. Topliskatie.toplis@gmail.comPascale Dahan (US) See the scam / See fake passport
Katja Beckmannkatja.1beckmann@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS
Katja BierauKatjabierau90@gmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) ASA "Gulay Gunger"
Katja Diedrichkatja.translator2009@gmail.comKatja Diedrich (FR)
Katja Schlottkykatjaschlottky4@gmail.comTeresa Roseng (VE)
Katja Urbankatja.urban1@hotmail.comIvo Lang (UK) ASA "Barbara James"
Katrin Bergerkatrin.1berger@gmail.comPatricia Will (AU)
Katrin Wolffkatrinwolff50@gmail.comMireille-Angelique Both (NL)
Katrina Evakatrina.eva0319@gmail.comKaman Tang (HK)
Katrine Dumaskatrine-dumas@hotmail.comBente Hartmann Sørensen (AU)
Katsu Fujimotokatsufujimotofreelancer@gmail.comMiwa Kojima (CA)
Kay Toshikay.toshi@hotmail.comTanut Aekkuerkul (TH)
Kazem Sagar / Kazem Sakarkazem@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 45
Kazu Miso / Kazue Mesostanze.trans@gmail.comMina Seat (US) Scam by "saniora"
Kazuhiro Fujikikazuhiro.fujiki24@gmail.comKazuhiro Fujiki (CA)
Kazuki Yamazakik.yamazaki73@gmail.comYasuhisa Hosomatsu (US)
Kazuo Ohashikazuoohashi16@gmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) ASA "Masahiro Suzuki"
Kazuo Yoshidakazuo.yoshida.m@gmail.comFred R. Schumann (GU)
Kazuyuki Yamazakiyamazakikazuyuki36@gmail.comBrandon Wood (JP)
Keiko Yukeiko200yu@gmail.comTakashi Shirani (FR)
Kelly Arnokellytranslations694@gmail.comSandy Vandenbergen (BE)
Kelly De Backerkellydebacker1@gmail.comTristan Masschelein (BE) Scam by Salah Khafaja
Kelly Kangkelly.kang1@hotmail.comStephanie Park (KR)
Ken Toshi / Jap Trans / jap4transjap4trans@gmail.comOlga Jurczuk (UK) (address stolen) Note 0
Ken Wangkenwang483@gmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR)
Kenan Oglukenan.translation@gmail.comGICS
Kenan Yasinkenanyasin16@hotmail.comBulent Taylan (TR) &OS
Kenneth Choibeskyc@yahoo.comJason Kim (KR) &OS Scam from South Korea Note 0
Kenneth Choicyb108@naver.comJason Kim (KR) &OS Scam from South Korea
Kenneth Neilkenneth.oneil24@gmail.comKenneth Blackman (US)
Kenneth Shimizu / Ken Joseph Shimizu (AU)
Kent Berggren (TH)
Kenta Hiranokentahirano9@gmail.comHeichele Wolfgang (DE) &OS See scam Gaza scam
Kerby Rinkerbyrin3@gmail.comEve Shih (TW)
Kerstin Hessekerstinhesse99@gmail.comGabriella Bertelmann (US) & Clara Chassany (ES)
Kerstin Johansenkerstinjohansen00@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) ASA "Doaa Bassam"
Kerstin Kettemankerstin0ketteman2@gmail.comKerstin Ketteman (US)
Kerstin Mangelsdorfprofessionaltranslator.german@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE), Thomas Irwin (US) &OS
Kevin Adlerkevin.adler02@gmail.comMarkus Meuter (US)
Kevin Carrecarre4trans@gmail.comJulie Delcour (FR) & Veronique Derdos (FR) &OS
Kevin Hukevinhu002@gmail.comTerry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Kevin Marshallkevin.marshall@outlook.saNataly Yuzhakova (UA) &OS
Kevin Stewartkevin.stewart@outlook.saPaulo Roberto de Souza (BR)
Key Translationafnan.translationkey@hotmail.comaka "Afnan Ali" CV THEFT / Note 6
Khaled ?khaled@safety-translation.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Khaled ?khaled@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Khaled ?khaledtrans1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Khaled Ahmadkhaledahmd9@gmail.comAhmad Maher Sandouk (DE) & Hassan Aly Zekry (EG)
Khaled Ahmedegyptiankhaled@gmail.comHossam Sallam (EG) Note 0
Khaled"My Gift; Extra Tongue" REALLY?
Khaled Mahamoudhall.of.fame159@gmail.comAlias for Khaled Mohammed
Khaled Mareyhandcraft2dtp@gmail.comNote 0 See "Khaled Ahmed"
Khaled Mohammedkhaled.mahmoud@outlook.saCV THEFT / Note 6
Khaled Mohammedlanguagemet72@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khaled Samhdana / Samhadanakhaled.translation@gmail.comNote 15
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalilkhalil.kh31@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalilkhlo90@gmail.comMorano El-Kholy (EG) See "al_khtib"
Khalil Gabr / Khalil Jabrkhalil.jbr60@gmail.comHassan Loutfy (LB)
Khalil Khatibinfo@beintrans.comCV THEFT / Note 81
Khalil Khatib / Khatib Khalilhr.projects@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khalil Khatibtranslations@beintrans.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khalil Khatiblanguagemet32@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khalil Khatiblkh.projects@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Khalil Mohammedkhalil.mohammed.lang@hotmail.comGICS
Khan Jeethink.hired.webmaster@gmail.comOwns / uses several fake translator's CVs Note 4
Khathi Gowanskhathigowans2@gmail.comSusanne Løkke Kennan (DK)
Khitam«I am a project manager» = a scammer Note 0
Khosy Masingakhosy.masinga@hotmail.comCarmen Barrero (ES) ASA "Abel Benito"
Khrist Nayaknayak.chinese@gmail.comKhrist Das Nayak (IN)
Kiaei Takagikiaei.takagi@gmail.comAkiko Sasanuma Howard (NZ)
Kjetil Lorentzen Kirankjetilkiran0@gmail.comKjetil Lorentzen Kiran (NO)
Kiku Koizumikoizumikiku@gmail.comMiwa Kojima (CA) Scam by: "ali fares"
Kim Kwon-Sik (Edward A. Kim) (KR)
Kim Derdoskim.derdos30@gmail.comAwodibo Sunday (NG)
Kim Jokim.kimjo97@gmail.comGICS
Kim Junhokimjunho33@hotmail.comGICS
Kim Kangkim.kang@outlook.saHoon Chang (KR) & Kwang Park (US)
Kim Keratikim.kerati@gmail.comChalermpol Punjatep (TH)
Kim Kim / Kim Kinser (US)
Kim Larry / Jim 33kilarry13@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) ASA "Doaa Bassam"
Kim Smitkim.smit@outlook.comSteven Mertens (BE) & Katja van Hellemond (PT)
Kim Sookyeon / Sookyeon Kimsookyeon194@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Kim Yang / Yang Kimkim.yang11791@gmail.comZhijun Jiang (CN)
Kim Yangkimyang29@gmail.comCV sent: Natasha Bongetta ??? Scam by "besan"
Kim Ki Kim (KR) / Shui Guo Lv (CN)
Kinh Luan / Lyon Huynhkluanvi@gmail.comKinh Luan Huynh Trong (VN)
Kipyo Hanhankipyo@hotmail.comKipyo Alexander Han (US)
Kire Gjosevskagjosevska.kire@gmail.comDarko Ivanovski (MK)
Kirsi Jalkanen / Kirsi Rintakirsijalkanen1@hotmail.comKirsi Rinta (FI)
Kit Koitkoitkit9@gmail.comNote 0 "Trans Creator"
Kitty Willemskittywillems64@gmail.comDorthe Cullen (IE) ASA "Alma Calvillie"
Kiyoko Kamandakiyokokamanda@hotmail.comGICS Scam by Fadi M
Kjell Omankjell.oman@yahoo.seHugh Curtis (SE)
Klasnic Iglesias (AU) aka "Arshafin Klasnic"
Klaudia Remon / Kaludia Remonklaudiar.freelancer@gmail.comGICS ASA "Frank Ojima"
Klaus Florianoklaus.floriano@gmail.comTobias Ernst (DE) ASA "Tobias Ernst"
Ko Shibasakiko.shibasaki010@gmail.comKoh Kajiwara (AU)
Koç Alexandrakocalexandra@hotmail.comAlexandra Koç (FR) ASA "Angel Nairn"
Koen Martensgolden_transku@hotmail.comMartine Van den Bergh (BE)
Konerding Lauenaukonerding-lauenau@e-konerding.deThe old "send us your CV and cover letter" scam
Kong Dong / Kon Dong-Sunkong.dong@outlook.saSmith Park (KR)
Kong Huan Ninghuan.ning2013@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Li Shu Qinghua"
Konstantinos Kazamiaskonstantinos.kazamias@hotmail.comKonstantinos A. Kazamias (GR)
Kourosh Asadi / Kourosh Asadkouroshasadi12@gmail.comGICS
Kovalyk Dmitriykovalyk.dmitriy1@gmail.comKovalyk Dmitriy (UA)
Koyman Arthur / Robin Koymankoymanarthur@gmail.comArthur Kooyman (NL) aka " Robin Kojman"
Krist Anderbergkristanderberg002@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) ASA "Doaa Bassam"
Kristin Bergerkristinberge5r@gmail.comMonica Berntsson (SE)
Kristin Geiblekristin-geible@hotmail.comGICS
Kristin Kelykristin.kely1@outlook.comKristina Staude (DE) & Siw Shauni Hauger (US) Note 0
Kristin Schnellkristin.schnell122@gmail.comGICS
Kristin Urbankristinurban@hotmail.comCarola Giese (DE) &OS See the scam/invoice
Kristina Boriskristina.boris1@gmail.comOlga A. Trollip (ZA)
Kristina Markokristina.marko@laoret.comNote 0
Kristina Selin / Krystina Selinkristinaselin76@gmail.comHeikki Nylund (FI)
Kristine Evensenkristine.evensen@hotmail.comGICS aka "Kristine David Evensen"
Kristine Rundekristinerunde@hotmail.comMette Warloff (NO) ASA "Andrea Hoffin"
Krwhi Tepayoalkrwhi.tepayoal@gmail.comGICS / Also PayPal ID / Used by "David Linton" Note 0
Krys Williamskrys.wiilliams@gmail.comKrys Williams (UK)
Ksenia Aleynikovakseniakova12@gmail.comGalina Fazio (US) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Ksenija Kitaevakseniya.kitaieva@hotmail.comKsenija Kitaeva (UA)
Kumi Amiakumi.amia@hotmail.comYutaka Matsumoto (JP)
Kwon Jo (KR)
Kyle Lukekyle1luke@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 9th IMPERSONATION
Kyoko Itokyokoito124@gmail.comYasu Hosomatsu (US) Scam by: "ali fares"
La Fingnbettertransworld@gmail.comScam by: "dd" Fake profile on ProZ
Lada Parkerlada.parker@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: "am anas"
Laila (Leila) Mohamed / Rosroslaila.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Laila Mohamedlaila@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 81-4
Laila Mohammedlanguagemet27@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Laila Mohammedlr@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Laila Mohammedsupport@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Laila Putralailaputra2@hotmail.comGICS
Laila Rosros / Laila Mohamedlaila.rosros@hotmail.comHassan Hussein Aly Zekry (EG)
Laila Sagar / lailatrans8lailatrans8@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) ASA "Tizia Kest"
Lama Jabour / Lama Mustafalama.jabour@hotmail.comGICS
Lama Fahmitranslator.fahmi.lama@gmail.comRasha Ali Hassan (EG)
Lama Yusiflama22yusif@gmail.comZayed Ismail Mohammad Eid (SA) Scam by: NeHaL
Laminebad Jilaminebadji9@hotmail.comAmadou Lamine Badji (SN)
Lana Cracken / Lana Suzukilanascrackenc@gmail.comMichael Herrmann (DE)
Lana Rakhmonovlana.rakhmonov01@gmail.comWilliam He (CN)
Lana Roze / Marwa Khaderlana@btdic.comCV THEFT / Note 81-3
Lanfen Changlanfenchang@hotmail.comGICS
Languagemetjobs1@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Languagemetmarketing@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Languagemetmarketingway3@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Language Powerinfo@wabd4translation.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 45
Language Powerlanguage.power0@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 45 Used by: Lolittia
Language Powerlanguagepower1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 45 Also PayPal
Languages Mediators Companypm.langs.mediators@gmail.comA scam factory. Use other emails. Note 14
Languaspiritlanguaspirit@gmail.comFake "company" by "Lisa Madi" Note 6
Lara Adamsrelatedtranslations@gmail.comTypical scammers' email Note 0
Lara Barnettlara.barnet.1@gmail.comLara Barnett (UK) Scam by Great Translate
Lara Cashinlaracashin3@gmail.comRitha Wirawati (ID) & John Githinji (KE) &OS
Lara Grillelara.grille1@hotmail.comMiranda Joubioux (FR) &OS
Lara Henslara.hens@gmail.comLydia Hawkins (FR)
Lara Larssonlara_larsson@outlook.comJens Arvidsson (SE) &OS Note 0
Lara Mattalaramatta13@gmail.comGICS
Lara Perrottlaraperrott@gmail.comJorge Daniel Nolli (AR)
Lara Ulflaraulf09@gmail.comGICS
Laraa Harvatt / Lara Horvatlaraharvat@gmail.comVida Grujic (HR)
Lars Bargenlars.bargen@gmail.comMario Hendriks (NL) ASA "Arne Gerben"
Lars Smithsmithlars23@gmail.comGICS Address: a kebab house!!!
Laszlo Nagylaszlonagy76@gmail.comNote 0
Latinka Pavlovalatinka.pavlova@hotmail.comLatinka Pavlova Popova (BG)
Lau Wei Poulin (US) Scam by Hala M
Laura Andersonlaura.andrson-translate@hotmail.comAngela Arnone (IT) aka Laura Andrson
Laura Bereralauraberera.1970@gmail.comLaura Berera (FR)
Laura Briseboislauratranslation@gmail.comKévin Lestang (FR) &OS
Laura Caradonatranslate.lcm@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Laura Coelilaura.coeli_tra@yahoo.comLaura Coeli (ES)
Laura Tanegashima (US) ASA "Ash Omata"
Laura Garciatrans2spanish@gmail.comDaniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Laura Georgetalaurageorgeta016@gmail.comGeorgeta Laura Sabau (RO) CV scammed w/ photo
Laura Gonzalezenglishspanish6@gmail.comLaura Bouchard (AR)
Laura Hakkelaura-haake@hotmail.comErika Rubinstein (DE) &OS
Laura Maurolaura5mauro@gmail.comBarbara Vitellio (IT)
Laura Mouchelauramouche679@gmail.comArnaud Pate-Cazal (US)
Laura Navarrolaura@translationcommunity.coFAKE COMPANY Note 78 Banned from ProZ
Laura Rossalaurarossa00@hotmail.comEmilia Mancini (IT)
Laura Rouche / Laura Rochelaura.rouche@outlook.comAnne Francescangeli (FR)
Laura Sanchezlaura.sanchez.trans1@gmail.comLaura López Sánchez (ES)
Laura Sarricalaura.sarrica@hotmail.comLaura Sarrica (IT)
Laura Simonlau.translator@gmail.comPhilippe Valentino (FR)
Laura Stathamlaura2.trans@gmail.comIsabelle Bouchery (CL)
Laura Truncellitolauratrun337@gmail.comDavid & Laura Truncellito (US) ASA "Li Thompson"
Laura Whitelaurawhite.translator@gmail.comGwynneth George (ZW)
Laure A. Martinlaure.trans@gmail.comNote 4
Laure Baransk / Laure-Baransklaurebaransk@hotmail.comLayla de Chabot (FR) & Marie-Ange West (UK)
Laure Jacksonlaurejackson11@gmail.comLucy Kevin (ES) "Lucy Kevin" is also a FAKE translator
Laure Pierenslaure.pierens@outlook.comGICS
Laurence Sergio Lao (UK) & Catherine Johnstone (FR)
Lauri Laakkonenlauri.laakkonen28@gmail.comJelena Francic (RS) & Lauri Hanhimäki (FI)
Lavinia Azevedolavinia@ottranslation.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102
Layal Rosgerman.magictrans22@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 81-4
Lea Agbolea.agbo@gmail.comLea Agbo (FR) ASA "Emmanuel Bastin"
Lea Bistonlea.biston@cristaltrans.comScamming translation agency Note 60
Lea Stancavichlea.stancavich@workmail.comFAKE PM fm ITC Translations USA See scam / Note 0
Leandro Sousasousa.translator@gmail.comLeandro Sousa (UK)
Lee Daiki / LeeDaikilee.daiki3@gmail.comSarah Henshaw (US)
Lee Fuxiangleefuxiang0@gmail.comLiu Fuxiang (CN) & delirious modifications
Lee Seongjin (KR)
Lee Yeeleeyee47@gmail.comLee Soong Yee (MY), including photo!
Lee Zhangleezang.china@gmail.comIvy Leung (UK)
Leena Jaitleynativetranslation10@gmail.comFAKE PM from "Native Translation" (EG)
Leena Mononenleenamononen22@hotmail.comBorg Matti (FI) &OS
Leila Mohamedleila.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Leila Pesterevaleilapestereva@gmail.comMikhail Slinkin (RU) & Leila Usmanova (RU)
Leire Amuateguileireamuategui@hotmail.comLeire Berasaluce Amuategui (ES)
Len Lianglang.chin.trans@gmail.comGICS
Len Nettelbladlenamatsnettelblad123@hotmail.comGICS aka "Lena Mats Nettelblad"
Lena Johnlenajohn222@gmail.comAnita Oerlemans (NL)
Lena Neyselenatrans58@hotmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA) ASA "Julia Zieger"
Lena Singleatscalena85@gmail.comYuri Smirnov (BY) & Natallia Vaskovskaya (HU)
Lena Tolertolerlena@gmail.comGörel Bylund (SE) & Thomas Johansson (PE)
Lena Whittylena1.whitty@gmail.comGICS ASA "Riitta Nielsen" Note 52
Lena Wiman / Lena Wimanvlenawiman010@gmail.comGICS "Rates: Negatioable" !!!
Lenda Adamlenda737work@gmail.comAlessandra Armenise (UK)
Lenka Sadlonlenka.sadlon0@gmail.comDavid Hatak (CZ) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Lenka Stainsbylenkastainsby@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS ASA "Alice Cottage"
Leo Manuel Arnoldleotrans45@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Leo Nestorleotrans06@gmail.comEdvan Cardoso (BR) "Author": S4meR
Leo Wangleo.wang901@gmail.comBin Li (CN) 5th IMPERSONATION
Leo Yingleo.ying76@gmail.comSunny Fisher (US)
Leon Bernardleonlang2000@gmail.comSilvina Beatriz Oddino (AR) &OS
Leon Bernardlion.langtrans@gmail.comMaria de la Paz Caló (AR)
Leon Fremontleon.translator@gmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR)
Leonard Kochleonard.koch.78@gmail.comJeffrey Engberg (NO)
Leonard Seltertrans.apply@gmail.comGICS ID used by scammer "Wael Yousef" Note 15
Leonor Carr De Muzio (BR)
Leticia Felicianolfeliciano768@gmail.comUnidentified scammer INFO WELCOME
Lexie Pérez / Lexie Ivanovalexie.ivanova@gmail.comLexie Ivanova Escalona (VE) Scam by "Abdallah"
Leze Xang Lileze.xang@gmail.comClytze Xiang (CN) ASA "Clytze Xiang"
Li and Robin See scam ASA "Laura Truncellito"
Li Dajin / Jim Lili.dajin@hotmail.comJim Li (CN)
Li Jinsongli.jinsong.lang@hotmail.comJinsong Li (Ross Lee) (CN)
Li Ruiqingbeckypearse1@gmail.comSooncheol Cha (KR)
Li Shi Yili.yi3430@gmail.comLi Shu Yi (SG)
Li Shu Qinghuali.trans20@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN)
Li Shu Yi / Li Yili.yi.trans@gmail.comLi Shu Yi (SG)
Lia Santoliasanto17@gmail.comSilvia Gentili (AR) ASA "Maria Garrido"
Lian Cheonliancheon@hotmail.comBryan Guk Lee (CA)
Lian Harry / Harry Lianlian.harry.translator@gmail.comPaula Helena Louise Molewijk (NL)
Lian Minhaolianminhao@outlook.comPeter Field (UK)
Liang Cheng / Liang Zhang Chengliang.chinese.translator@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Liang Ziming"
Liang Yuanliang.yuan885@gmail.comJade Lee (KR) & Tracy Hou (CN)
Liang Zimingliang.ziming@hotmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Li Shu Qinghua"
Lianna Grigoryanlianna.grigoryian@hotmail.comLianna Grigoryan (AM)
Lianne Brussaardlianne-brussaard@hotmail.comKitty Donath-Brussaard (NL) ASA "Jessica Davis"
Libby Naftalilibby.naftali34@gmail.comLibby Ben-Naftali (IL)
Licinia Araujoliciniaaraujo2@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Juliana Ferreira"
Licinia Oliveiralicinia.oliveira@outlook.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Juliana Ferreira"
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Lidia Saragaçosaragacolidia@gmail.comLidia S. (PT) & Roger Kapur (BR) & Luciana Alves (BR)
Lien Hanhlien.hanh@outlook.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Liena Schmidtliena.schmidt2@gmail.comGudrun Doris Arendt (DE)
Ligia Curtisligiacurtis1@gmail.comJohnny Petersen (DK)
Lihua Jiang-Qinliuhajiang7@gmail.comLihua Jiang-Qin (US)
Lillia Germonikagermonikillia@gmail.comMalgorzata Wiklacz (PL)
Lilian Damascenoliliandamsceno@gmail.comAdriana Damasceno (BR) & Corinne McKay (US)
Lilian Hayeshayes_lilian@yahoo.comSee the scam Note 0
Lilian Hoefmanlilianhoefman2@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) & Willemien Rijsdijk (NL)
Lilian Hublilianhub00@hotmail.comMilly Marie Buchanan (UK)
Lilian Samtptta6@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Scam by Translation Secrets
Lilian Silva / Lilian Isabel Silvasilvarew@gmail.comMaria Regina Martines (PT)
Lilian Tilver / Tilver Lilianlilian.tilver2@hotmail.comGICS aka ??
Liliana Calistro / Lillianlilliancalistro@gmail.comFlavia Tafner (BR)
Liliana Cavanaughliliana.cavanaugh@gmail.comLiliana Muelier (AR)
Liliana Emanuel Alvaresliliana.alv.trans@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT) / Also "Liliana Alvares"
Liliane Elsonlilianeelson3@gmail.comChristopher Collister (FR)
Lille Parkerlille-parker@hotmail.comBjørnar Magnussen (NO) & Jonathan Zylberstein (SE)
Lille Parkerspeed.translation10@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Lillia Germoniklillia.polish1@gmail.comMalgorzata Marzena Wiklacz (PL)
Lillian Calistrol.calistro1967@yahoo.comFlávia dos Santos (BR)
Lillian Flbus / Lillian Payanlillian.flbus0@hotmail.comMarco Vieira Mesquita (PT) &OS
Lily Symannlilysymann@gmail.comNote 4 Scam by Gentle Translations
Liming Pallsliming.palls@hotmail.comLiming Pals (US)
Lina Abo Hmaidlina-abuhmaid@hotmail.comAbdelmonem Samir (EG) Scam by 24translate Note 52
Lina Ahmedtrustedtranslation0@gmail.comNote 0
Lina Hamidlinahamid150@gmail.comScam by 24translate Note 52
Lina Ryad (Lina Reyad)linareyad@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Lina Ryad (Lina Reyad)lina.ryad@outlook.saLanguagemet scammer posing as translator
Lina Kamellina@beintrans.comCV THEFT / Note 81
Lina Tristanolinatristano@gmail.comCecile Lavis (BE) & Florence Louis (FR)
Linar Christopherlinar_christopher@hotmail.comMichael Beijer (UK) ASA "Michael Beijer"
Linda Johnsen (UK) & Anne Francescangeli (FR)
Linda Costescostes.trans1@gmail.comPetrus Inghels (NL)
Linda Drangellinda.drangel1@gmail.comEmilie Couprie (FR) ASA "Emilie Olsson"
Linda Elialinda@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 45
Linda Gowardlindagoward11@gmail.comLinda Ildevert (UK)
Linda Hennolindahennoo@hotmail.comGICS
Linda Herland Nerdrumlinda.nerdrum3@gmail.comGICS
Linda Hovenlinda.hoven.trans@gmail.comJenny Scott (CY)
Linda Joelssonjoelssonlinda5@gmail.comLinda Joelsson (SE)
Linda Khanlindakhan04@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" 6 "Albrain D."
Linda Lessner / Lessenerlinda.lessner2000@gmail.comAngelika Lessner (DE) See the scammer's invoice
Linda Masonlondamason11@gmail.comUnidentified scammer Note 0 londa???
Linda Matronlindamatron@gmail.comSandra Bendig-Walbe (DE)
Linda Odorlindaodor5@gmail.comAlberto Odor (US) ASA "Luis Cahill"
Linda Potterlinda_potter1@hotmail.comLinda Lindstrom (SE) & Biswajit Mishra (IN)
Linda Robinlinda-robin@outlook.comGICS Scam by "Afnan Alkedra" / Translation Secrets
Linda Svenssonlinda11svensson@gmail.comAnna Haxen (DK)
Linda Victorialinda.victorina@gmail.comLinda Victoria Young (FR)
Linda Wrightwrightlinda779@gmail.comGICS
Line Rooneylinerooney@hotmail.comAlasdair Graham-Brown (NO)
Lineimar Martinsm.lineimar@gmail.comLineimar Pereira Martins (BR)
Lingual Consultancy Servicesinfo@lingualconsultancy.comIndian notorious non-payer Note 126-1
Linguanational Translationslinguanationaltranslatonsinc@gmail.comIMPERSONATION OF LINGUANATIONAL TRANSLATIONS
Linggo Pentadbiranlinggo2world@gmail.comMoney-sucking scam based in Malaysia
Linguistics Theoryinfo@linguisticstheory.comFAKE COMPANY See scam / Note 110
LingvoPointlingvopoint@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 91
Lipan Reberto / Roberto Lipaniroberto.lipani@hotmail.comRoberto Lipani (IT) aka "Reberto Lipani"
Lisa Aaltlisa-aalt@hotmail.comGICS
Lisa Alevs / Lisa Alveslisa_alevs@hotmail.comMitchell Hammarström (US)
Lisa Burvenichlisaburvenich5@hotmail.comCristina Heraud-Van Tol (PE) & Johan Mulder (IT)
Lisa Garrylisaa.garry@hotmail.comHiroyuki Nagao (HK) & Nikki Meyer (FR)
Lisa Lawlisa-law@hotmail.comLuca Vaccari (IT)
Lisa Luonglisa.luong.trans@gmail.comGICS Uses
Lisa Madilisamadi93@gmail.comScammer from Translation Secrets Note 6
Lisa Motalisa1mota@gmail.comCatia Cassiano (AU) & Elisabete Mota (DE)
Lisa Skinnerlisa_skinner85@hotmail.comNils Vanbellingen (CH) & Shannon Källåker (US) &OS
Lise Radellelise.radelle@gmail.comGICS Scam by: Eng.Anas
Liu Duanliu.duan.lang@gmail.comRing Jin (CN) Scam by: "nmc"
Liu Jialiu.jchinese@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Kong Huan Ning"
Liu Fuxiangfuxiangliu6@gmail.comLiu Fuxiang (CN) ASA "Lee Fuxiang"
Liu Hsianglinghsiangling.liu66@gmail.comHsiangling Liu (TW)
Liu Yong Fuliu.translations@gmail.comGICS Scam by Herich Gunawan Note 30
Liu Zhongliangliu.1.zhongliang@gmail.comGICS
Lihua Jiang-Qinliuhajiang7@gmail.comLihua Jiang-Qin (US) ASA "Chan-Juan Chun"
Liya Chernyshevliyatranslation562@gmail.comLiya Chernysheva (US)
Liz Tullyliztully@hotmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) & Svetlana Potton (US)
Liza Hansenliza-hansen@hotmail.comGICS
Liza Siraliza-sira@hotmail.comElena Markina-Harrison (US)
Lizza Rolandlizza11roland@gmail.comAnna Stewart (PL) & Matt Stewart (PL)
Loai Abu Draz / AbuDrazloai.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Loai Mahmoudlanguagemet40@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / More info
Loi Bachloibach2@gmail.comLoi Nguyen (VN)
Lois J. Trainloistrain12@gmail.comGanna Prushynska (UA)
Lola Abdaasheqaa5@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Lola Acostalola@translationcommunity.coFAKE COMPANY Note 78 Banned from ProZ
Lola Hugololaa.hugo1@gmail.comMàrika de Rasilly (FR) ASA "Jean Oliver"
Lolittiainfo@wabd4translation.comSee "Jasmin Richard" Note 45
Lolittialanguage.power0@gmail.comSee "Jasmin Richard" Note 45
Lona Somerssomer.work2000@gmail.comInna Somers (PL) ASA "Inna Somers"
Long Pthreegcoralongpthreegcora@gmail.comAlso a PayPal ID
Long Sangtianlong.sangtian@outlook.comLong Sangtian (CN)
Long Ting / Long Tenglongtengtrans@gmail.comAdsion OneStation (ProZ)
Lontsie Chantalelontsie.chantale@hotmail.comDorette Chantal Lontsie Djiala (CM)
Lora Brennenstuhllora598@gmail.comSilvia Noppenberger (DE)
Lora Jorgeloral.officialword@gmail.comSunita Gordhan Gangwani (ES)
Lora Kumar / Lora Komarolora.komaro@gmail.comOrianne Gogo (FR)
Lora Sedro / Lora 2000lora2000.translate@gmail.comCaterina Pezzuti (IT)
Lorant Kozmajobs.sirklo@gmail.comJust a clown... Note 0
Lorant Lorant / Lorant Venczellorantvenczel190@gmail.comLorant Venczel (RO)
Loredana Alfonsoloredanaalfonso9@gmail.comSvetlana Potton (US)
Loredana Askewloredana0askew@gmail.comGenilson Bianchi (BR) & Luciano J Silva (BR)
Loredana Maxenloredana@bhtranslationworld.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81
Loredana Stefanelliloredana.stefanelli1@yahoo.comLoredana Stefanelli (IT)
Lorena Herradalorena.herrada1971@gmail.comFabian Luttman (CA)
Lorena Lorenzalorenzolorena778@gmail.comGICS
Lorena Lorenzolorena.lorenzo_tra@yahoo.comGICS
Lorena Guijarro-Crouch (US) & Joan Herrero (ES)
Lorenzo Tomonilortomoni2006@gmail.comChrista Holzmann (IT)
Lose Kenylosekeny@hotmail.comStephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Lota Dowelllota0dowell0@gmail.comJonas Palmstrøm (DK)
Lotte Kroghlottekrogh55@gmail.comYetta Jensen Bogarde (DK) ASA "Alan Krogh"
Louis Bourellouis.bourel1@gmail.comEstelle Hountondji (BJ)
Louis Gerrardlouis.gerrardxxl@gmail.comScammer impersonating a translation buyer
Louise Jorylouise.jory.language@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81 / See the scam
Louise Mailfaitlouisemailfait@gmail.comASA "Emilie M. Pipen" & "Nadine Cobb" Note 6 GT
Love Rosequicktranslationm2015@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 0: Jelard Stahen
Dr. Lu Tanglu.tang.tran@gmail.comWeiping Tang (CN) ASA "Charles Angelo"
Luara Muelier / Laura / aka
Luba Kowalchukluba.kowalchuk@gmail.comOlga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Lubna (Ahmed / Khaled ?)translationsecretsf@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Lucas McCrackenfrench.translator.j@gmail.comNobuo Kameyama (JP)
Lucia Alceelucia.alcee@gmail.comMauro Cristuib-Grizzi (IT) &OS
Lucia Fioren (IT)
Lucia Simonovaluciasimonova04@gmail.comSofi Silvia (SK)
Lucia Venuccilucia.venucci@hipaymedia.comCorporate scammer Note 109
Lucian Hamana / Lucian Lucialucian212h@gmail.comBjarte Helgesen (NO) & Thilo Santl (ES)
Luciana Araujoluciana.araujo.lang@hotmail.comSara Araújo (PT) See the scam
Luciane Shanahanlucianesh4@gmail.comViviane Matowanyika (BR)
Luciano Furialucianofuria98@gmail.comLuciano Furia (IT)
Luciano Ketkiluciano.ketki@gmail.comOlga Zagorodniaia (UA) Note 110
Lucie Bovynlucie.translator@hotmail.comLucie Bovyn (US) Scam by: "Hisham"
Lucie Maruniakovaluciemaruniakova07@gmail.comLucie Maruniakova (CZ) See the scam report
Lucila Pando / Lucila Pandalucilapando123@gmail.comAzul Benito (AR) ASA "Azul Benito"
Lucja Biellucja.biel5@hotmail.comLucja Biel (PL)
Lucy Anton / Anton Lucyantonlucy53@gmail.comLucy Kondrat (UK) Note 4
Lucy Kanglucykang333@gmail.comGICS
Lucy Kevinlucykevin90@gmail.comGICS See also "Laure Jackson"
Lucy Raineriolucyrainerio@hotmail.comJuan Carlos Pons (ES)
Ludovico Akom Bellomareludovico.trans@gmail.comGiacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Luis Asbunluis.asbun@hotmail.comGICS
Luis Cahillluis.cahill20@hotmail.comAlberto Odor (US) ASA "Linda Odor"
Luis Cahillweeghel.harry@gmail.comWeegel??? Scammers going wacko...
Luis Ferrandluis.f.ferrand04@gmail.comLuís Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Andre Emilio"
Luis Ferreiraluis.translation@gmail.comLuís Ferreira (UK)
Luis Martinluis@translationcommunity.coFAKE COMPANY Note 78 Banned from ProZ
Luis Medinaluis.medinaa8@gmail.comLuis Felipe Medina Álvarez (MX)
Luisa Mercierluisa.mercier.2@gmail.comLuisa Mercier (IT)
Luisa Rotunnoluisarotunno9@gmail.comEmanuela Rotunno (IT)
Luisa Sliderluisaslider@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) See also this...
Luiz Carvalholuiz.carvalholuiz@windowslive.comMarcos Silva (BR)
Luiza Silvaluiza.language1@gmail.comCibele Bandeira (BR)
Luka Damirluka.damir.trans@gmail.comDavor Ivic (HR) Scam by: Dreams (Gaza)
Luping Zhang / LuPingluping.chs@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Luuk Hessehesse.luuk@gmail.comMaciej Andrzejczak (PL) &OS
Luna Ford / Luna Hilllunahill4fr@gmail.comVera Wilson (FR) Scam by: Ibrahim (Gaza)
Luna Gigliluna915ligli@gmail.comAntonella Fontana (IT) Scam by: NeHaL
Luna Mirandalunamiranda989@gmail.comGICS
Luoai Samir Mahm. Abu Drazloai.draz1@hotmail.comScam by: "Dreams"
Lura Brayanlura.brayan@gmail.comAlexis Davis Chabanol (FR) ASA "Alexis Chabanol"
Luu Hien Mien / Luu Mienluu.h.mien@gmail.comMien Hien Luu (VN) aka "Damien Luu"
Luuly Luvoungluuly.luvuong@yahoo.comGICS
Lux Translatelux.ranslate@gmail.comHey, scammer, you forgot the "t"...
Lydia De Jorgelydiadejorge@hotmail.comLydia De Jorge (Founder Translation Ink, US)
Lydia Harrislydia_harris1@hotmail.comGICS Uses "A dope Frame Maker" !!!
M. Melendezm.melendez.translation@gmail.comSalvador Moran (SV)
Maaria Salaberhtmaariatrans0@gmail.comChristiane Schmieger (DE)
Mac Sabinomacsabino98@gmail.comAbel Sanama (CM)
Macario Sabasmacariotrans7@gmail.comMaurice Benedid (CA) ASA "Alaine Ballige"
Macee Meaningmaceemeaning1979@hotmail.comJeff Louissaint (HT)
Machiko Okawaramachiko0okawara@gmail.comHiroshi Yamanaka (JP)
Machiko Yoshida / Youshidamachikoyoshida@outlook.comGICS
Machuca Inostrozamachucainostroza@hotmail.comZaida Machuca Inostroza (CL) Scam by 24translate
Maciej Maciejowskimaciej.maciejowski.24@gmail.comMaciej Maciejowski (PL)
Macit Tabormacittrans@gmail.comIlona Atzli (CA)
Mack Cadenmacktrans339@gmail.comMarjolaine Hellouin (FR)
Macoto Tada / Macoto Tadaajob.tada.macoto@gmail.comGICS Author: kh
Macoto Tada / Macoto Tadaamacotoo.tada@gmail.comEmail address used used by "Maria Adam" !!!
Madeleine Ilottmadeleineilott@hotmail.comGICS
Madelen Wimanmadelenwiman3@gmail.comGICS
Madhat Eissalanguagemet35@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Madina Kemenmadinatrans6@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Madona Roshanmadona.roshan@gmail.comGICS Also PayPal for "Anne Rowe"
Madrin Aldamadrinalda@live.comAna Juarez Riesgo (ES) &OS
Maeva Worstermaeva.trans@gmail.comKrystle Worster (CA)
Magdalena Jeffreymagdalena.jeffrey@hotmail.comHendrikus Jansen (AU) &OS
Magdalena Kulawikmagdalena-kulawik@hotmail.comMagdalena Kulawik (PL)
Magdalena Zielinskalingomagdalena@gmail.comMagdalena Zielinska (UK)
Maggie Alexmaggiealex85@gmail.comGICS ASA "Sara Ove"
Magna Zitamagna.zita@gmail.comLill Guevara Maxen (DK)
Maha Ibraheemmahaibraheem3@gmail.comAbdelmounim Larhrib (MA) &OS Note 0
Maha Ibraheem Shaathmaha.shath@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52 aka "Maha Shath"
Maha Issamaha.issa88@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Maha Issamaha@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Maha Issamrs.mahaissa@gmail.comNote 0 See Fawzi Issa
Maha (Mohammed) Issamaha.mohammed_issa@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Maha Mohammed Issamaha.moha24@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Last saved: "Dreams"
Mahela Gonzalezmahelagonza@hotmail.comGICS
Mahmod Ali / Mahmoud Awadmahmoodawadali@gmail.comAmir Yosry (EG) & Taher Ghanem (EG) Note 0
Mahmoud Abedinfo@ottranslation.comCV THEFT / Note 102
Mahmoud AbuWardamahmoudh@btdic.comCV THEFT / Note 81-3
Mahmoud Kullabmjk87@live.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet Also Paypal ID
Mahmoud Mohammedmahmoud.mohammed@outlook.saGICS Scam by Languagemet Note 6
Mahmoud Nadatrans.14tr@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Silver-Pens Note 87
Mai Abu-Bakr / Mai Bakrmaibakr.translator@gmail.comMai Alaa Mohamed (EG) Scam by: Abdallah Ahmed
Mai Domai_do2@hotmail.comAnh Hoang (VN) ASA "Elana Flow"
Mai Fathimai.fathi.mai2016@gmail.comGICS Scam by: besan (Gaza)
Maia Taziomaiatrans774@gmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Tizia Kest"
Maike Hovmanmaikevhovman@gmail.comJames Liu (US) &OS
Mais scamming joint Note 63
Maise Isai / Mai Seisaiseisai.mai@hotmail.comGICS Contents: Arabic word (DREAMS)
Majdalani Manalmanal.majdalani1@outlook.saManal Majdalani (LB) aka "Manal Majdalani"
Majibso Boussousm.bousso@hotmail.comMamadou Djibril Bousso (SN)
Majid Ahmedprofmajid48@gmail.comGhalib A. Masri (AE)
Makoto Matsuo / Matsuo Makotomakoto.matsuo5@gmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) ASA "Masahiro Suzuki"
Makoto Matsumoto (JP)
Malak Ghassanprojects.malak@magic-trans.netCV THEFT / Note 81-4
Malena Rocíomalena.rocio1@yahoo.comStella Gimenez Norfleet (US)
Malene Helgesenmalene_helgesen@hotmail.comCathrine Dam Petersen (ES) ASA "Alice Cottage"
Malien Marchaomalien.marchao@outlook.comGICS
Malik Imranmaliktrans33@gmail.comGICS Note 27
Malin Holmalin.hol@hotmail.comMalin Lotti Holst (SE)
Malin Kayemalinkaye@gmail.comGiacomo Palma (SE)
Malin Johnssonmalin.johnsson00@gmail.comMalin Johnsson (SE)
Malin Smithmalinsmith2050@gmail.comJan Heino (DE) & Olle Karlström (SE)
Malissa Zhang / Maliss-Zhangmalissatrans77@gmail.comDongdong Zhang (CN) Scam by Fadi al Akhras
Mamadou Boussom.bousso@hotmail.comMamadou Djibril Bousso (IT)
Mamdouh Galilanguagemet24@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 aka "Mamdouh Hassan"
Mamdouh Galimamdouh@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6 aka "Doha Gali"
Mamdouh"Mother Tongue International" REALLY?
Mamdouh Hassanmamdouh.h.ghali@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Also from Gentle Translations
Man Young Kimmanyoungkim991@gmail.comGICS
Manako Kondomanako.kondo@hotmail.comASA "Mari Suzuki"
Manako Okadaokada4translation@gmail.comKeijiroh Yama-Guchi (US)
Manal Abu Jaradprofreelancer4@yahoo.comGICS Note 6 / Languagemet
Manal Abdukarimmagic@magic-translate.netFAKE COMPANY / Note 81-4
Manal Abdulrahmanm.translation2016@gmail.comGICS Scam by: Dreams (Gaza) / Note 81-4
Manal Jamal / Manal Jammalmanal@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Manal Majdalanimanal.majdalani1@outlook.saIrina Shtogrina (UA) &OS ASA "Shtogrina Irina"
Manami Atangamanami.atanga@gmail.comYukari Gotoh (JP)
Manda Santomandatrans017@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Sena Marco Lopez"
Mandareen Cantertoptranslate2013@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Also a PayPal ID
Mandeep Singhmandeep.translations@gmail.comMandeep Singh (India)
Mandon Andrémandondre@gmail.comWorld-renowned scammer
Maneeshi Balimaneeshi.bali@outlook.saManeeshi Bali (IN)
Manfred Wahlmanfred44work@gmail.comManfred Wahl (BE)
Mange Hansenhansenmange@gmail.comAnne C Parelius (CA) ASA "Karin Parelius"
Manjiri Joglekarmanjirijoglekar3@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA "Emi Suzuki"
Manjiri Joglekarmanjiri.joglekar882@gmail.comMichaela Viken (SE) See the scam
Manjiri Uemura / Uemura Manjiriuemura.manjiri@gmail.comHarumi Sophia Uemura (US) Scam by: Abdallah Ahmed
Mano Natalmano.natal93@gmail.comJorge Pelegrina Rodríguez (ES)
Manola Veldemanolavelde@hotmail.comJoep Muijs (NL) & Muhamed Durmic (BA)
Manolo Saulmanolosaul123@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES)
Manon Fillatremanonfillatre@gmail.comEmmanuel Goldberg (BE) Note 4
Manon Pasco / Manon K. Pascomanonpasco.8@gmail.comAlvin Ngole Sone-Ngole (CM)
Manuela Farina / Manula Farinamanulafarina100@gmail.comManuela Farina (US)
Manuela Gallina / Gallina Manuelagallinamanuela@hotmail.comManuela Gallina (DE) CV stolen w/ real photo
Manuela Giuliana Xillovichmanuelaxillovich1983@gmail.comManuela Giuliana Xillovich (IT)
Manuela Xillovichmanuelaxillovich1970@gmail.comManuela Xillovich (IT)
Manula (Manuela) Farinamanula.farina@hotmail.comManuela Farina (US)
Mara Daganmara.dagon.tran@gmail.comMaría Fernández-Palacios de Porras (ES)
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Mari Note 0
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Maria Gomeztranslator.mari@hotmail.comCV signature: "Yuna Jung" !!!
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Maria Ramon / Maria Romanmaria.roman04translation@gmail.comRemy Arce (US) Scam by: "Ahmed2012"
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Maria Pereira (PT) Scam by: moh
Maria Sattapunkeeree (TH)
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Maria Marzellier de Pablo (ES)
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Maria W. Rizzommaria.w.rizzom@gmail.comSent CV from "Maria W. Rizzom"
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Maria Williammaria.william75@outlook.comAnnie Estéphan (CA) & Anita Girard-Skarstein (FR)
Maria Zynskimaria.zynski@hotmail.comGICS
Mariam Alastalmariam.astal@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mariam Attarmariam.g.attar@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / PayPal:
Mariam Brownmariambrown2012@gmail.comGICS
Marian Arce / Marina Arcelmarina.arce733@gmail.comLaura Martínez Reol (ES)
Marian Grahammarian.graham@windowslive.comIngrid Yanina Derfler (AR)
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Marian Rozan / Marian Roznanmarian.rozan@gmail.comGICS Scam by Gentle Translations
Mariana Almeidamariana554almeida@gmail.comGICS CV title: "Curriculum Vote" Note 97
Mariana COMPANY Note 97
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Marie Grismanmarie.grisman@hotmail.comMarie Devocelle (FR)
Marie Jourdan / Marie Jouradanmarie.jourdan73@gmail.comJohn Roche (BE) Note 0
Marie Klotzfr.linguist.1@gmail.comVania Klotz (ES) ASA "Juan Cho"
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Marina Cicerin / Marna Cicerinmarina.cicerin@representative.comFAKE PM from Technik-Sprachendienst Note 0
Marina Coriamarina.coria10@gmail.comXenia Z. Wong (US) Note 57
Marina Drollmarinadroll@hotmail.comCV sent belongs to a "Raul Raymond" !!!
Marina Gascon / Mariana Gascongasconmariana3@gmail.comHector Martins Ferraz (BR)
Marina Jak / Marina Jacmarina.tran9@gmail.comGICS
Marina Manca / Marina Mancemarinamanca@hotmail.comBruno Luca Paolo (IT)
Marina THEFT / based in Kyrgyzstan
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Marisa / Mauricio Fuertesag.gmca@gmail.comAgencia GMCA (FAKE COMPANY)
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Marius Letranslator.marius@gmail.comGabriel Levicky (US)
Marjorie Gouzeemarjoriee.gouzee@gmail.comMarjorie Gouzée (BE) ASA "Celine Klotz"
Mark Berelekhisberelekhism@gmail.comMark Berelekhis (US)
Mark Florintrans.supervision1@gmail.comXavier Omilanowski (KR) / See the scam
Mark German / Mark J. Germanmark.german79@gmail.comBudi Siswantoro Satari (ID)
Mark Helmuthtasks.translation@gmail.comGICS Mark is a "she" in G+
Mark Johnsoninfo@basictrans.comAlias for scammer "Pino Alonso" Note 45
Mark Kevenmark.keven85@gmail.comThomas Menz (DE)
Mark Neosgroupsmark@gmail.comBruno Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) Note 46
Mark Pennmark.japanese.translation@gmail.comRichard A. Smith (CA)
Mark Sangmarksang123@gmail.comDong Zhang (CN)
Mark Steinmark.stein@greenmail.netFake PM Green Crescent Translations (US) / Note 60
Marketing Waymarketingway2@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Marko Je kostamarkotranslation@gmail.comJúlio César Gonçalves (BR)
Marlen Neanziamarleneanzia19@gmail.comVirginia Nel (ZA)
Marlene Anzia / Rosemeilanmarleneanzia19@gmail.comVirginia Nel (ZA) &OS
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Marlene Doellinger Curtismarlene.curits@gmail.comMarlene Doellinger Curtis (US)
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Marlene Pottermarlene.potter@outlook.comAlessandra Prado (BR)
Marlo Homan / Marlos Homanmarlos.homan@gmail.comCV stolen from here ASA "Rosana Kost"
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Marta Blinov / Marta F. Blinovmartablinov@gmail.comDmytro Cherepanov (UA) & Mikhail Slinkin (RU)
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Martha Fernandezjaquelina.trans@gmail.comJaquelina Misiura Sánchez (UY) Nice email!!!
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Martin Isaac / Martine Isaacm4translation84@gmail.comAlexandre Saviano (FR) ASA "Émile Bernard" Note 0
Martin Kellerkellermartin22@gmail.comFrauke H. Rininsland-Bruno, Ph.D. (US)
Martin Konigmartin.konig4@gmail.comMartin König (CZ) See the FAKE CV
Martin Mooremartin.m.trans17@gmail.comMartin Glazer (NL) & Harry de Meijer (US) &OS
Martin Perezmartinjoperez@gmail.comFrancisco Pérez Nogué (ES)
Martin Philips / Martin Phillipsmartin.philips1@hotmail.comGICS
Martin Potteremartin_pottere@hotmail.comMarcelo da Luz (BR)
Martin Reichelreichelmartin87@gmail.comKarin Flückiger (NL) Note 4
Martin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
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Martinez Sofiasofiamartinez.sp@gmail.comRosamaria C Vitoria (US)
Marvin Sterlingmarvinsterling5@gmail.comMarvin C. Sterling, PhD (US)
Marwa Abdelhafezperfecttranslation11@gmail.comNote 0 / Scam by "Dreams" / Languagemet
Marwan Louzmarwan@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Marwan Louzmarwanloo1990@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 37
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Mary Goergemarygoerge@hotmail.comRajagopalan Sampatkumar (CH) & W. Wiechowski (PL)
Mary Gutermary.guter.1@gmail.comElli Fischer (IL)
Mary Howardmary_howard1@hotmail.comJohn J. McDonnell (UK) ASA "Carmen Rochi"
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Mary Marym.mary.m.2013@gmail.comMaryia Miller (US)
Mary Readmary-read1@hotmail.comJohn Helliwell (IT) & Heidi Juel Nederhoed (NL)
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Mary Waltermarywalter444@gmail.comCatherine Joksch (AT)
Maryia Anishchankavamaryia.anishchankava@gmail.comMaryia Anishchankava aka Maria Sometti (IT)
Marzenka Kriijcirikmarzenka.kriijcirik@gmail.comMarzenka Krejcirik (LU) Uses ""
Marzia Caroppomarziacaroppoit931@gmail.comMarzia Caroppo (IT)
Masaaki Kioshimasaakikioshi@gmail.comKenji Nojiri (JP)
Masahiro Ishiimasahiro.ishii@hotmail.comMasahiro Ishii (JP)
Masahiro Suzukimasahiro.translator@gmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) See fake G+ profile
Masaki Otajapanese1translation@gmail.comGICS Scam by: anan
Masato Nozakijapanesetranslation1@gmail.comNobuo Kameyama (JP) & Yamamoto Takuya (JP)
Massimiliano Sgaimassimilianosgai@hotmail.comMassimiliano Sgai (JP)
Master Translationmastertranslationn@gmail.comEmail address used by "Maria Dodd" Note 0
Masumi Miki / Masumi Mikitamasumi.miki@hotmail.comGICS Uses "Masumi Simon Mikita" on CV
Mateusís Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Andre Emilio"
Mathilde Ponthieux / Mathildiemathildi.translator29@gmail.comMathilde Ponthieux (FR)
Mathieu Blancmathieubrussels77@gmail.comFake ID used by Charles Azzopardi Note 2
Mattew Bates / Batesninfo@cristaltrans.comScamming translation agency Note 60
Matthew Orrtranspmorr@gmail.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Matthew Capelle / Capelleahmatthewcapelleah@yahoo.comMatthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Matthew Murphymtmurphy6419@gmail.comGICS Note 44
Matthew Wellswellsmatth@gmail.comGICS Note 44
Matthias ?translator.linguistsite@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet Note 79
Matthias Friedrichmatthias1translator@gmail.comMichael Mangelsdorf (DE) & Monika Robert (FR)
Mattias Bergströmmb@ce.seSwedish scammer Note 105
Mauro Maglionemauro.maglione.train@gmail.comMauro Maglione (TN)
Maxim Komarovmaximkomarov6@gmail.comMarina Sichinava (GE)
Maximilian Kohlermaximiliankohler3@gmail.comChristian Heilwagen (DE) &OS
Maximilian Schmittmaximilian.schmitt@outlook.saAndrea Christina Kaluzny (US) See invoice
Maximo Munozmaximo_translator@hotmail.comMáximo Wilhelm Muñoz (GT)
Maya Aernmaya_aern@hotmail.comGICS Address on CV: Central Library, Liverpool!!!
Maya Aounmmmayaaoun@hotmail.comKaspars Melkis (UK) ASA "Marcel Borgersen" Note 0
Maya Karramayakarra2@gmail.comASA "Bianca Cyrille"
Maya Mashn / Maya Mashamayamashn@gmail.comMichael Khvastukhin (UA) & Sergey Zubtsov (RU)
Maya Posse / Maya A. Possemaya4translations@gmail.comDavid John Cahill (ES) & Rebecca Hendry (UK)
Maya Rigomayarigo1@gmail.comGeneviève Karlsson (FR) &OS
Maya Thierrymayathierry@hotmail.comThierry Niderman (FR)
Mayada Alajramiprotrans200@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Mayara Saldivarmayara.saldivar11@gmail.comMegan Buchanan (US) &OS
Mayumi Blairblair.2143@gmail.comMayumi Blair (US) ASA "Yoshiaki Mayumi"
Mayumi Inouemayumi-inoue@hotmail.comMayumi Inoue (JP)
Mayumi Kataoka (JP)
Mayumi Sasa / Mayumi Sosprofessionalism.mayumi@gmail.comGICS ASA "Janin Nobuyuki"
Mear Dani / Dana Alaagolden.translator1@gmail.comLoay Al-Dakhlallah (AE) Note 0 See "Dana Alaa"
Mechael Romaromechael.romaro@gmail.comAndrei Besedin (UA) & Anna Kasharina (RU)
Mee-Yon Kim / Mee Lian (US)
Meenal Menzmeenal.menz111t@gmail.comASA "Meenal Vyas" (fake profile on TC) Note 49
Meenal Vyasmeenalvyas26@gmail.comImpersonator or a real "Dhivya Ravi" (IN) Note 49
Meenu Ahuja / Meena Ranimeenuahuja13@gmail.comHusband & wife, same CV? Note 0
Mehdi Elkhalfimehdi.elkhalfi.translations@gmail.comScammer from Morocco ? See "Paypal"
Mehdy Amirmehdyamir6@gmail.comNizamuddin Bakhtani (MY)
Mehmet Yildis / Mehmet Yeldizturkish.mehmet.yildiz1@gmail.comÖmer Kartal (AT) Note 0 aka "Mehmet Yildiz"
Mei Xi-Wangmeitrans90@gmail.comEileen Huang (Huang, Xin) (AU)
Mela Normanmela.translator481@gmail.comAlessandra Golino (IT) Note 0 / Adrina Benito
Melda Dogrumelda12dogru02@gmail.comGICS / Address on CV: bank branch in Ankara, Turkey
Melike Uzunmelike.uzun1989@gmail.comMelike Uzun (TR)
Melina Marzullo / Melina Jaimesmelina.marzullo@gmail.comMelina María Jaimes (AR)
Melissa Barbosamelissa.fwtrans@gmail.comFAKE company "Fly With Trans CO." Note 115
Melissa Cepedatranslator.melissa@gmail.comMelissa Ramirez Cepeda (MX)
Mellisa Vitoriamellisa1vitoria@gmail.comRosaMaria Vitoria (US)
Melyanne Onanamelyanne73@gmail.comMireille Wafeng Kountchou (CM) & Monika Robert (FR)
Mera Silvamerabrazil@gmail.comPaul William Dixon (BR)
Mercau Guillerminamercau.guillermina@outlook.comMaria Guillermina Mercau (AR)
Merete Laimamerete.laima1@gmail.comTina Hågensen (UK) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Meri Matti Gallaghertranslator.meri@hotmail.comGICS aka "Meri Gallagher" & "Meri Matti"
Mervi Ollusmervi.ollus@gmail.comBirgitta Huippula (DE)
Mete Gazi / Cashinmete1gazi24@gmail.comMete Kumru (TR)
Mette McLean (ES)
Mhmed / Mohammed Alkurdalkurd09@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Mia Olamiaola22@gmail.comGICS "Translation 380 books for History field" !!!
Mia Olssonmia_olsson1@hotmail.comPetter Björk (FI) &OS CV w/ FAKE photo
Miada Transmiada@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Mich Engel / Michael Engelmich.engel.tran22@gmail.comDavida Kemp (IL)
Michael Alexeievamichaelalexeieva@gmail.comGICS
Michael Armisteadarmist.mich@gmail.comPierre Beguin (MX) ASA "Adele Armistead" ???
Michael Beckerbecker3e4@gmail.comMichael Becker (DE)
Michael Beijermichael.beijer24@gmail.comMichael Beijer (UK) ASA "Linar Christopher" Note 64
Michael Blekhmanmichael.blekh@gmail.comMichael S. Blekhman, PhD (CA)
Michael Ramon Bosch (UK)
Michael Budalcreativetranslation2@gmail.comMario Budal (IL) ASA "Karin Parelius"
Michael Danmichaelfreelancercn@gmail.comMichael Romilin (CN)
Michael Engel / Mich Engelmich.engel.tran22@gmail.comDavida (Davy) Kemp (IL)
Michael Herrman / Herrmannmichael.herrman.33@gmail.comMichael Herrman (DE) ASA "Ivana Wagner"
Michael Khvastukhinmichael.khvastukhin@hotmail.comMichael Khvastukhin (UA) CV scammed w/ real photo
Michael Mirandatranslation.dector@gmail.comMichael D. Powers (US) ASA "Ramira Gimenez"
Michael Robeert / Michael Robertmichaelrobeert@hotmail.comMichael Robert Chirichigno (ES)
Michael Russellseditword@marvinsjay.comScammer impersonating a translation buyer
Michael Silvistrimichaelsilvistri@hotmail.comIlde Grimaldi (IT) ASA "James Coria"
Michael Tranhamlettrans@gmail.comTroy Fowler (US) Email also used by "Hamlet Jack"
Michael"Michael Wooff" (UK) FAKE CV
Michaela Sommermichaela.sommer63@yahoo.comMichaela Sommer (DE)
Michaela Vikenmichaelaviken30@gmail.comMichaela Viken (SE) ASA "Manjiri Joglekar"
Michal Kleinkl.michal.heberw@gmail.comDaniela Repolo (IL)
Michal Wooff / Michael Wooffmichale.wooff@btinternet.comScammer reported here
Michel Brosiusmichelbrosius72@outlook.comClara Chassany (ES) & Gabriella Bertelmann (US)
Michel Golubgolub2pt@gmail.comArnold T. (CA) ASA "Aubine Begon"
Michelle Zhangmichelle.en2cn@gmail.comNote 0 (see Luping Zhang) See fake photo
Michiele Andersonmichieleanderson54@gmail.comGICS aka "Michieleanderson Anderson"
Michiko Myattmichikomyatt@hotmail.comAkiko Momose (HK)
Michiko Watanabemichikowatanabe2@gmail.comMichiko Watanabe (ES) ASA "Anthony Kehoe"
Michio Yamadamichioyamada2@gmail.comHiroshi Yamanaka (JP)
Michiyo Oosterwjikmichiyogerman200@gmail.comMichiyo Oosterwjik (JP) Note 0
Mickael Brunommickaell1980@gmail.comDiane Carole Dessiji (CM) ASA "Josiane Brisebois"
Midei Emorimidei.emori.197@gmail.comKayo Okamoto (AU) Scam by: ali zaher
Midori Shigerumidoriishigeru@gmail.comGICS
Miguel dos Santosmiguelwork12@gmail.comMiguel Fonseca (PT)
Miguel Falquez-Certainmiquelcertain@gmail.comMiguel Falquez-Certain (US) / Miquel ???
Miguel Fuentemiguelfuente84.1@gmail.comJuan Salanova Arnal (ES) & João Vasconcelos (PT)
Miguel Mendozamiguel.mendoza.d12@gmail.comGICS 1ST SCAMMER OF 2016
Mihad Alinormihadalinor@gmail.comHedvig Nettelblad (SE) & Gregorio Melean (US)
Mihai Tonescumihai.tonescu@aim.comScam by "Eugen Hulub" Note 19
Miho Tmihott7@gmail.comGICS Scam made in Gaza
Miho Yamazakimihoyamazaki@hotmail.comYasuji Nojima (JP) & Benjamin Wood (JP)
Miho Chiba (US) &OS
Mika Heyermika.heyer@hotmail.comTaka York (US)
Mika Sagermika.expert19@gmail.comTanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA "Tanguy Przybylski"
Mika Tanegashimamikatanegashima51@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) Note 0 ASA "Yuko Shima"
Mike Oikawamike516oikawa@hotmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Mikhail Abramkinmikhailabramkin.translation@gmail.comMikhail Abramkin (RU)
Mikhail Khazinmikhail.khazin@hotmail.comMikhail Khazin (RU) &OS
Milada Hansovamiladahansova7@gmail.comLenka Mandryszová (CZ)
Milla Gustafmillagustaf@yahoo.comAnna Mäkiranta (FI)
Milton of CEO of
Mily Crossmily.c.t.477@gmail.comLiubov Kovalenko (MT) ASA "Elena Borisov" Note 0
Mina Javensminajavens@gmail.comValentina Borisova Rasheva-Javens (BG)
Mina Sjobergminasjoberg2@gmail.comTakuma Nakamura (JP)
Ming Wang / Wang Mingming.wang11@hotmail.comAndrew Wang (CN) / Ming keeps a profile in LInkedIn
Ming Zhaoming.zhao.lingo@hotmail.comMing Zhao (CN)
Minh Hoa Hiephoahiepminh@gmail.comTho Dinh (VN)
Minh Hoanghoang.m315@gmail.comHoang Tu Minh (VN)
Mini Gargmini.garg.tra@gmail.comMini Garg (IN)
Mini Hanburmeseexpert@gmail.comScam by Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd (India) Note 126
Mio Ohnomioohno1@outlook.comGICS
Mira Maxmiramax1@outlook.comGICS
Mireille Cardosomireillecardose@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Mireille Lavoiemireillefrench@hotmail.comMireille Lavoie (CA)
Miriam Levylevymiriam51@gmail.comDebbie Gelbard (IL)
Miriam Smithmiriam_smith@hotmail.comHannu Jaatinen (FI) & Jenni Salmi (US) Nice FAKE CV
Miriam Westmiriamwest84@gmail.comFAKE Silver Wings Translations Note 120
Mirna Salgueiromirna.salgueiro@gmail.comHeloísa Benetton Costa (BR) Scam notice
Mirna Wrightmirnawright2@gmail.comGICS
Misae Junkomisae-junko12@outlook.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS
Mithat Akalinmithat.lingo.33@gmail.comMithat Akalin (TR)
Mitsuyo Morikawamitsuyo.morikawa.88@hotmail.comMitsuyo Morikawa (NZ)
Miura Orikasamiuraorikasa@gmail.comFumiko Uno (US)
Miyuki Inouem-i-inoue@hotmail.comMiyuki Inoue (AR)
Mo Yaoyaomo461@gmail.comAlix Chace (US)
Mo'amar Fathi / Moamar Fathimoamar.fathi@gmail.comA. Omar Osman (IT) & Mpasua Msonobari (KE)
Mohamed Ahmedabohmeed11@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohamed Tayehmohamed.kt@hotmail.comEllen Nielsen (SE)
Mohamed Tayehsmart4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Also PayPal ID / Also
Mohammad AlKhaireng.moha104@gmail.comGICS Note 4
Mohammad Al Kurdalkurd@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Mohammad Hluchanmohammad.trans@hotmail.comMohammad Hluchan (US)
Mohammad Mohammadarabicservice.translation@gmail.comMohammad Mahmoud Abdul Gawwad (EG)
Mohammad Yousefmohd.yousef@outlook.comGICS DOC properties: besan & nmc
Mohammed Abu-Shabanoutloudseal@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Mohammed Ahmed Alimali2translalte@gmail.comMohammed Ahmed Ali (EG) Scam: Abdallah Ahmed
Mohammed Al Akhrasmd.alakhras@gmail.comFake company TRANSLINA Note 117
Mohammed Alkurdalkurd87@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammed Alshiqaqialshiqaqi@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohammed A. Eissaproject@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohammed A. Eissamodh.eissa@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohammed Abushabanmohammed.bildp@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 68
Mohammed (Ahmed) Alim.certifiedtranslator@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Mohammed Eissamohd.eissa@outlook.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Mohammed Eissamoha.ae1981@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Mohammed Ahmed Alimali2translalte@gmail.comMohammed Ali Sheikh (EG)
Mohammed Alasmaralasmarmoha@gmail.comGICS
Mohammed Almassri / Al Masrimohmd.masri@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Note 36 Also a PayPal ID
Mohammed Almassri / Al Masrimohalmassria@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassrimohammedalmassritrans@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassriproject@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassritranslators.success@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Alrantisimo.alrantesy@gmail.comPosing as translator aka "Mohammed Rantisi"
Mohammed El Gebalymohammed2trans@gmail.comAli Yusuf (EG)
Mohammed THEFT / Note 76
Mohammed Fathimohammedtrans@bigtranswork.comCV THEFT / Note 76
Mohammed Gamal Mohammedil_fuhrer1950@yahoo.comNote 0
Mohammed Husseinmoh.hussein0123@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Mohammed Kamelmohammed.ka985@gmail.comAla Munif Abusharif (JO) ASA "Doaa Aljmal"
Mohammed Lafi / Moh Lafimoh0lafi@gmail.comMohammed Omar Lafi (DE)
Mohammed Mahmoudkar.m@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohammed Nafezmohammed.nafez@gmail.comaka Abeer Hamss / Abeer Hums / MuchDo Note 5
Mohammed Qudaihinfo@transula.comFAKE COMPANY Note 0 Eman Hassan
Mohammed Rantisim.rantisi@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohammed Rantisim_rantisi@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammed Rantisirantisi.m.t@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammed Samhanmohammed.s.translation@gmail.comGICS aka
Mohammed Sherazmohammed.translator548@gmail.comShikeb Shirazi (PK) Note 0 / Adrina Benito
Mohammed Yousefjobs@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6 aka "Mohammad Yousef"
Mohd Nafez / Mohammedpm1@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mohesn Hasani / Mohsen Hoseinimhasanitrans@gmail.comGICS
Mohsen Khodadadim.khodadadi94@gmail.comNote 143
Moira Bernardb.moira3@gmail.comBrian James Mitchell (FR) &OS
Mona Darajivisiontranslation11@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 0
Mona Redmaynemona.redmayne85@yahoo.comEleanora Fanuele (IT)
Mona Sahermona@powertranslations.netCV THEFT / Note 81-5
Mona Salama / Mona Scam by (CV author): abu ahmad
Mondo Translationsmondotranslations@gmail.comNote 83
Moneer Jamalmonjamal77@gmail.comGICS Scam by: Dreams & nmc
Monica ?monika_trans_perfect@yahoo.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Monica Afonsomonica.afonso85@gmail.comPM from FAKE company Note 78
Monica Boydmonica.boyd2014@hotmail.comVincent Lemma (IT) & Silvestro de Falco (IT) &OS
Monica Cordeiromonica.cordeiro357@gmail.comMónica S. Cordeiro (PT)
Monica Fancyfancyrussian23@gmail.comOlga Dakhina (RU)
Monica Gomoescumonica.gomoescu.11@gmail.comMonica Cruceru (RO)
Monica Grassimon4spanish@gmail.comAlexandra Poszler (AR)
Monica Henry / Monica Cordeiromonica.linguist@gmail.comHenry He (CN) ASA "Zhang Juan"
Monica Noprimonicanopri@gmail.comHusni Munir (ID) See the scammer's invoice
Monica Oberthmonica-oberth@hotmail.comSarah Swift (DE) & Rifka McNair-Wilson (DE) Note 0
Monica Pereiramoontranslation@gmail.comRoberto Faria Cavalcanti (BR) Note 13 / More info here
Monica Rossimonica.rossi.trans@gmail.comEmanuela Benedetti (IT)
Monica Salvomonica2salvo@gmail.comValter Ebagezio (IT) Real phone on scammed CV
Monica Soldatimonicasoldate@gmail.comÁngela Muñoz Mateos (ES)
Monica Meza (CA) Also a PayPal ID
Monica Vegamonicavega4321@gmail.comOscar Meza (CA)
Monica Wang / Monica Wang (CN)
Monica Wolf / Monica Simon Wolfmonicasim999@hotmail.comDietger Houben (BE) &OS / Also: Monika Simon Worlf
Monika Angelesmonika19992000@gmail.comLora Brennenstuhl (partial copy)
Monika Frade (UK) ASA "Carl Galician"
Monika Nowicka / Nowickaamonika_nowicka@hotmail.comMonika Nowicka (UK)
Monika Robertmonika.robert.tra2@gmail.comMonika Robert (FR)
Monika Sandremoon.sandre81@gmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA "Martina S. Hellmuth"
Monika Schmidtmonikasc09@gmail.comMonika Schmidt (DE)
Monique Engelhartmoniqueengelhart@hotmail.comMonique Engelhart (US)
Moon Art Translatemoontranslation@gmail.comCristina Pereira (PT) Note 13
Mooyae Choibeskyc@daum.netJason Kim (KR) Note 0
Morten Aleksandersenmorteen.aleksandersen@gmail.comIngrid Thorbjørnsrud (IE) Scam by NADER
Morten Bergvallmorten.bergvall@gmail.comMorten Bergvall (NO) CV copied verbatim
Mosa Salamamosa@bigtranswork.comCV THEFT / Note 76
Mounir ElBoughdadimounirelboughdadi@gmail.comMounir El Boughdadi (MA)
Mousa Alimousa.ali.voice@gmail.comOmar Arabi Hassan Saeed (SA)
Mousa Mowaffaqmousa_mowa34@outlook.saAuthor "BLUE", Last saved by: nmc
Mrwan Ghalimrwanghali@gmail.comGICS
Muchdo Transl / Abeer Salehmuchdo.translation16@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 5
Muhamed Hema / Mohamed Himamuhamed.hima2006@gmail.comAhmed Hamid Hassan (EG)
Muhammad El-Rantisimhmdtranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mukesh Lal / Kumar Mukeshmukesh.lal@hotmail.comMukesh Kumar (IN)
Muna Ibrahim Aljazzarmunaaljazzar@gmail.comScam by Languagemet Note 6
Muntaha Mustafamuntaha@words-cloud.comFAKE COMPANY Note 97 / See the scam
Muntaha Mustafamuntahamustafa156@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102 / Scammer 4500th
Murad Zedan / Murad Ibrahemlanguagemet53@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Murad Ziadarabic.14ng@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 59
Murad Ibrahim Zedanmurad.zedan.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Murat Ozalpmurat.ozalpm1@gmail.comOmer Dasbilek (TR)
Murat Zedan / Murad Zedanlanguagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Murielle Hipolitomuriellehipolito35@gmail.comMurielle Mimeault (CA)
Muscatello Vittoriamuscatello.vittoria@hotmail.comVittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA "Editta Gaio"
Mustafa Attarlanguagemet41@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mustafa Attarmm@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Mustafa Attarmustafa.attar@hotmail.comHassan Hussein Aly Zekry (EG)
Mwananchi Kyalomwananchi.kyalo@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) & Peter Linton (UK)
My Just Dreammyjustdream@live.comScammers' email Note 0
Myriam Garro / Ana Garroana.garro.999@gmail.comMyriam Garro (AR) See the scam
Myriam Lafagemyriamlafagefr@gmail.comNote 0 / Look for "Ivan Li"
Myriame Warner Vieyramyriam_warner@outlook.comMyriam Warner-Vieyra (SN)
Naa Leenaalee130@gmail.comDa (Dwyane) Wang (CN)
Nada Farranadafarra01@gmail.comaka Nada Nasser CV THEFT / Note 52
Nada Nasserrelatedtranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Nada Nassernada@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Nadau Manianadaumania@gmail.comGICS
Nader Nasser / Nadr Nassnadr.nass1@gmail.comAbdelmounim Larhrib (MA) ASA "Maha Ibraheem"
Nadezhda Kornilovnadezhdakornilov1@gmail.comLeila Usmanova (RU)
Nadezhda Smirnovnadezhda.s.smirnov@gmail.comWenzel Nadezhda Evgenyevna (RU)
Nadia Diaz Aldereteinfo@linguistsite.comNadia Diaz Alderete (AR) See fake CV online / Note 6
Nadia Iglesia Ramostraedit@hotmail.comNadia Iglesia Ramos (FR) Note 47
Nadia Lawrencenadialawrence2@gmail.comReine Djuidje Kouam (CM) Fake address in France
Nadia Morettinadia.morett.translator@gmail.comDaniela Zambrini (IT)
Nadia Muhsinsappernadia@gmail.comBan Al Hamami (US)
Nadine Cobbcobbnadine@gmail.comCenia Vien (MX) &OS
Nadine Wongnadine0wong2@gmail.comC.M. Rawal (IN) & Helena Pires (PT) &OS
Naeema Joneedyinfo@alocalize.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Naeema Joneedynaoma101@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Naeema Joneedynjtrans7@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 38 Translation Team
Nael Khadernael.khader@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 68 "yaah0 suite" on G+
Nahed ?supertranslation81@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Nahit Karataslinahit.karatasli@hotmail.comNahit Karatasli (TR)
Naija Mahmoud / Najia Mahmoudjob2@ottranslation.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102
Naim Hamdardnaimhamdard@gmail.comGICS aka "Mohammad Naim"
Naima Benhnia / Naima Haniinfolinkingbridge@gmail.comMoroccan scammer Note 119
Najia Mahmoudjobs2@ottranslation.comCV THEFT / Note 102
Najwa Farhattranslateintoarabic@gmail.comGICS Scam by Languagemet Note 6
Najya Aboeloostranslation.dream11@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Nakamura Yokoyokonakamura21@gmail.comGICS aka "Yoko Nakamura"
Nancie Ledui.b.translationproject@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Ledu / Leducnancieleduc1970@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Leduct.nancieleduc70@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA) See the scam
Nancy Dentonnancydenton8@gmail.comGerhard Herzet (DE) & Claude LeFrapper (US)
Nancy Grimesnancy.grimes1011@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Nancy Mangelnancymangel1971@gmail.comNoureddine Amar (DZ)
Nancy scamming joint Note 63 SITE CLOSED
Nani Nastenkonaninastenko@outlook.comRoman Shalko (UA)
Nany Albertnanyalbert99@gmail.comSebastian Eklund (SE) &OS ASA "Susan Kafoe"
Naoki Emorinaokiemori2@gmail.comGICS ASA "Kenta Hirano"
Naoki Wolternaoki_wolter@outlook.comIwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) ASA "Aki Nakamitsu"
Naoko Ihorinaokoihori07@gmail.comTamiko Ihori (JP) Skype: naokoihori321 (FAKE)
Naomi Flaschenbergnaomi.flaschenberg.4@gmail.comIrena Nutenko (IL) & Ruti Inbal-Flashenberg (IL)
Nara Endonaraendo0@outlook.comGICS
Nardina Alonginardina.alongi@yahoo.deNOTORIOUS NON-PAYER Note 101
Nareen Alnahal / Nareen Nahalnareennahal@gmail.comGICS Note 7
Nareen Alnahal / Nareen Nahalonlinetranslationcoodination@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 7 / FAKE COMPANY: Translation Orbit
Narendra Somabhainarendra.somabhai@gmail.comNarendra Somabhai Patel (IN)
Narin Saerusnarintrans@gmail.comAndreas Luck (TH)
Naseem ?naseem@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Naser Alimelisacantes@gmx.comGICS Note 6
Nesreen Kitaz / Mohammed Sami Kitaz (SA)
Nata Ramero / Words Natawordsnata@gmail.comAmarilis Nathaly Ramos (DO)
Natali Felcaronatali.m.felcaro@hotmail.comNatalí Melisa Felcaro (AR)
Natalia Acostanatalia--acosta@hotmail.comJordi Garcia Carafi (ES) & Carmen Mesones Arce (ES)
Natalia Adriannaa.adrian@gmail.comSandra Cancio Diaz (ES)
Natalia Aleynikovanatalia.aleynikova@hotmail.comNatalia Aleynikova (RU)
Natalia Borodkinaa / Borodkinanatalia.borodkinaa@gmail.comEkaterina Dudin (RU)
Natalia Gubarevn75.gubarev@gmail.comMaria Mansurova-Bunlon (FR)
Natalia M. Racheknata.rachek@gmail.comGICS
Natalia Narinsnatalianarins@hotmail.comEkaterina (Kate) A. Humphrey (USA)
Natalia Rachek / Rachiknata.rachek@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA) &OS
Natalia Sandronataliatrans141@gmail.comCatia Pinca-Smith (UK)
Natalia Borymova (RU) & Natalia Aleynikova (RU)
Natalia Toti / Coricanataliatoti89@gmail.comBeatrice Corica (IT)
Natalia Vasilyevanataliavas1979@gmail.comKavita Gupta (US)
Natalie Kirillnatalie.kirill@windowslive.comGICS
Natalie Michniaknataliemichniak@hotmail.comManfred Elian (DE)
Natalie Mrouganataliemrouga2@hotmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA) ASA "Peter Stewart"
Natalie by "Riham Salama"
Natalie Samuelnataliesamuel403@gmail.comGICS
Natalie Schmitz / de Schmitznatalie.schmitz.nsch8@gmail.comMàrika de Rasilly (FR) ASA "Jean Oliver"
Natalie Twissnatalietwiss80@gmail.comGreg Twiss (DE)
Nataliya Serginataliya.sergi@gmail.comAndrei Vybornov (RU) Note 4
Nataly Yuzhakovayuzhakova.nataly@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Natalya Golannatalya.golan1@gmail.comYaron Ever Hadani (IT)
Natasha Bongettabongetta.pro1@gmail.comMirella de Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA "Danielle Abreu"
Natasha Gurdonatasha.gurdo2@gmail.comTeresa Roseng (VE) &OS
Nathalie Bernardtrans.nathaliebernard@gmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA "Apollinaire Nkou"
Nathalie Braslernathalie.brasler@hotmail.comGICS ASA "Dasom Chung"
Nathalie Grillenathaliegrille2@hotmail.comGICS "I am a French" !!!
Nathalie Rossinathalierossi60@gmail.comGaetano Silvestri Campagnano (IT)
Nathan Angelonathan.trans.123@gmail.comHisayo Gavin (FAKE CV AVAILABLE ONLINE)
Nathan Vymysleckynathan.translation.55@gmail.comNathan Vymyslicky (DE) Scam by "Abu Hamed" Note 0
Nathasitha Wichienkuerwichienkuer.nathasitha3@gmail.comSoonthon Lupkitaro (TH) ASA "Hiroshi Tolman"
Natome Monranatomemonra@gmail.comGICS
Nattasuda Mantrakulnattasuda.mantrakul@outlook.comNattasuda Anusonadisai (TH
Nazar Nikitanazar.nikita@gmail.comOleg Rudavin (UA) CV photo from Igor Kalinin (UA)
Nazilya Gamovanazilya.russian@gmail.comJelena Radnic (US) &OS
Nebal Ibrahimnebal.ibrahim7@gmail.comGICS Scam by Translation Secrets / Languagemet
Nebal Ibrahimnebal.project.manager.6@gmail.comPosing as "translation project manager" Note 6
Nedaa Sameh / Nedaa Almasrinedaasameh@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Need Translation ?need.tran1@gmail.comTypical scammer's email! Used by "Charline Radell"
Neftali Vazquesinvalideimail.cyracom@gmail.comFalse PM
Neidi de Cristina Isnard Carvalho (MZ)
Nehal Mahmoudlanguagemet38@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Nehal Mahmoudnehal.mahmoud.lang@gmail.comHilary Leyton-Coffey (UK) Scam by Languagemet
Nehal Mahmoudnihal.translations1@gmail.comAmer Nabil Fawzi Hamdan (JO)
Nesrin Parannesrin-paran.11@hotmail.comBasak Balkan (BE)
Nevala Kristiananevalakristiana@hotmail.comSami Seppälä (UK) & Maria Bertilsson (FR) &OS
Neveen Netoneveen.neto@hotmail.comGICS "Translation more than 520000 books"
Neville Harrisnevilleharris83@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY: Sand Translations Note 0
Nica Morottinica.morotti00@gmail.comElisabete Frade (UK) ASA "Carl Galician"
Nicholas Constantinounicholas_constantinou@gmail.comNicholas Constantinou (GR)
Nicholas Kamerlinnicholas.kamerlin@gmail.comLuca Colangelo (IT)
Nick Bindonnick.binon.nb@gmail.comKaterina Paraskevas (US)
Nick Ivanovanick.iv44@gmail.comElena Arsentieva (SK)
Nick Michaelnickmichael0@hotmail.comGICS
Nicol Guraknicolgurak@gmail.comNicole Stoeber (DE) ASA "Hanna Abel"
Nicola Devlinnicoladevlin2@hotmail.comNicola Devlin (UK)
Nicola Marathenicolamarathe2@gmail.comLaura Ball (UK) ASA "Jennifer Coles"
Nicola Martinnicolamartinfrench@gmail.comAnne Marie Ngo Ndiki (CM) & Barbara Grüner (FR)
Nicola Smithnicolasmith2003@gmail.comAnca Mitchell (FR)
Nicolas Amablenicolastrans15@gmail.comPierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Alecu Camille"
Nicolas Helgesenhelgesen.nicolas@gmail.comDiarmuid Kennan (IE) & Christian Schoenberg (US)
Nicolas Kmiecnicolastrans01@gmail.comNicolas Kmiec (FR) Note 37
Nicolas Morleynicolas.en2fr@gmail.comGICS / Author: "Christina" / Fake address
Nicolas Terrynicolas20002000@gmail.comDorothée Leconte (FR) &OS
Nicole Andersennicole-andersen@hotmail.comLisa Hersild (DK) See FAKE CV
Nicole Grossernicole.grosser2@gmail.comChristina Stuettgen-Williams (DE)
Nicole Joe / Nicole Alex Joenicolefrtrans@gmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA "Charle Mengue"
Nicole Limonardlimonard.nicole.trans@gmail.comPeter Inghels (NL) & Michael Beijer (UK)
Nicole Martinsânia Cardoso (BR)
Nicole Morisettenicole.morisette@gmail.comAlexa Dubreuil-Storer (UK)
Nicole Neolzernicole.nicole0@hotmail.comMatyas Gyongyosi (HU) & Ciarán Rooney (IE)
Nicole Rouse / Nicole Rouseenicolerousee94@gmail.comNicole Rouse (US)
Nicole Runge / Nicole Rungeenicole5rungee5@gmail.comPatrick de Carvalho (BR) &OS
Nicole Schmidt / Nicole Schmidnicole.translation@googlemail.comGhost created by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Nicole Urbannicole.urbann@hotmail.comHeike Zaun-Goshen (IL)
Nicole Walternicolewalter220@gmail.comDr. med. Anne Schulz (DE) ASA "Andrea Walter"
Nihad Ahmadpm@pts5.comCV THEFT / Note 74
Nihad Ahmadprof.trans@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT / Note 76
Nihad Ahmadproject.manager@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Nihad Ahmedtranslator.manager@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Nihad Ahmednihad.ahmed_lang@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Nihad Ahmed / Ahmadlanguagemet71@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Nihad Ahmed / Ahmadnihad.ahmed_lang@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Nihal / Nihal Mahmoudnihal@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Nihal Yousefnehal0work@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 76 Wordsvoice
Nihat Goksennihatgoksen13@gmail.comNur Isikli (TR) & Ahmet Bahadir Ahiska (TR)
Niina Lindblom / Niinalin Dblomniinalindblom52@gmail.comGICS Scam made in Gaza
Nik Wangniktrans429@gmail.comBin Li (CN) ATA Certified (EN-CH) ASA "Gia Li" Note 0
Niki Gouzeenikigouzee@gmail.comStephanie Engola (CM)
Nikki Stensmannikki0stensman@gmail.comGICS / Author: "JZ2000"
Niklas Königniklas.konig122@gmail.comStephen Sadie (DE) LAST SCAMMER OF 2015
Nikolas Alexilexikkona@gmail.comCirculates the fake CV from "Hellen Holems"
Nikolay Guerbeknikolay.guerbek@hotmail.comMikhail A. Slinkin (RU)
Nikolay Saykonikolay.sayko.lang0@gmail.comNikolay Sayko (UA)
Nilofar Zare / Nilofar Zareenilofar.zaree@gmail.comMahdieh Kandoei (IR) & Mitra Mousavi (IR)
Nils Andersson (US)
Nils Olinnilsolin2@gmail.comThomas Johansson (PE)
Nils Wilson / Nil Wilsonnils.wilson.nw@gmail.comLars Jenner (US) / NOT A TRANSLATOR
Nina Aldal / Aldal Ninaaldalnina@hotmail.comMagne Fjeld (NO) &OS
Nina Broströmninabrostrom00@gmail.comGICS
Nina Elinninaelin13@gmail.comGICS
Nina Kamaganinakamaga@gmail.comVéronique Derdos (FR) ASA "Juliet Derdos"
Nina Kaminskikaminskinina1@gmail.comNatalia Baryshnikova (RU) & Yelena Pestereva (RU)
Nina Karlsonninakarlson00@gmail.comAnna Lie (UK) &OS
Nina Kirannina-kiran2@hotmail.comGICS / Nice "Portuguese" name!
Nina Martinninatranslator31@gmail.comMariana Lima (BR)
Nina Olsenninaolsen075@gmail.comBritt Elli (NO) ASA "Britt Elli"
Nirmin Mashnirminmash@yahoo.comScam by Translation Secrets Note 6
Nguyen Huyen / Huyen Nguyennguyen.huyen.translation@gmail.comNguyen Thi Huyen (VN)
Nguyen Thoanguyenthoa.vietnamese@gmail.comThoa Thi Nguyen (VN)
Nobuo Toriyama (JP)
Noelia Gonzaleznoelia.gonzalez.spanish@gmail.comNoelia Barrionuevo Gonzalez (ES)
Noer Astutinoerastuti1@gmail.comGICS
Noha Saiud / Saidnoha.saied@hotmail.comNoha Hariri (LB)
Nora Leonnora-leon@hotmail.comMaria Rosaria Ranaldo (IT)
Nóra Martonnora.marton080@gmail.comGICS
Noriko Yamamotonoriko.translator1@gmail.comYuki Fukami (JP)
Norman Buhagiarnorman.buheagiar@gmail.comNorman Charles Buhagiar (MT)
Nortane Jacknortane.77@gmail.comKaspars Melkis (UK) ASA "Amina Khaas"
Nsreen Deebnsreen.d.q@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Nthasitha Wongchantanthasitha.wong.tra@gmail.comNathasitha Wongchanta (TH)
Nunez Caballero Firoznunez2caballero@gmail.comFatima Nunez Caballero (ES)
Nur Cholis / Cholis Nurcholisnur23@hotmail.comNur Cholis (ID) ASA "Dudy Tsani"
Nur Karayilannur.karayilan@hotmail.comNurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nurettin Jamgocyanjamgocyan.nure.2@gmail.comAtil Kayhan (TR)
Nurhayat Koklu'snurhayat.koklu0@gmail.comNurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nuri Buraknuri.aksiray@gmail.comNuri Burak Aksiray (TR)
Nurseitov Zhetpisbayevichnurseitov.zhetpisbayevich@hotmail.comAslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
Nyoko Takaranyoko.takara2@hotmail.comCorinne McKay (US) &OS
O Seong (Eric) Kwonseong.kwon@outlook.comO Seong (Eric) Kwon (KR)
Oana Pateoanapate2@gmail.comGICS
Oceanne Oliviaoceanneolivia12@gmail.comAnne Cathrine Parelius (CA)
Odette Alexisodette12alexis@gmail.comGICS
Odimegwu Davidodimegwu.david@gmail.comDavid Odimegwu (NG)
Ogbeide Atalor / complete "Nigerian" scammer / Note 93
Oki Gilbertoki.gilbert955@gmail.comKazuya Suzuki (JP) Scam by: "Dreams"
Ola ?languagemet33@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Ola Dawoodola.daw90@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Ola Dawoodpm3@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Languagemet
Ola«I am an independent project manager» = a scammer
Ola Fathis Fohsen / Ola Shehatto (EG)
Ola Kariola.kari@outlook.comMonica Barosen (NO) See the scam / See the invoice
Oleg Betrovolegbetrov08@gmail.comGICS
Oleg Nissenoleg.nis123@gmail.comNicola Nobili (IT)
Olever Carterolever.carter@gmail.comFake "ASAP Translations" Palestinian CV scam
Olga Asareinfo@viasay.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81-2
Olga Dakhinaolga.dakhina.lang@hotmail.comOlga Dakhina (RU)
Olga Jiczmy / Jeczmykolga.jeczmyk@hotmail.comOlga Jeczmyk Nowak (IT)
Olga Jing / Oljaolja.jing@gmail.comRodro Oloa (CM)
Olga Linoolgatrans770@gmail.comGabriele Greggersen (BR)
Olga Oliveiraolga4trans@gmail.comGICS
Olga Pismanolga.pisman@outlook.comVladimir Pochinov (RU) & Mikhail Slinkin (RU)
Olga Shcheglovolga.shcheglov10@gmail.comVanda Voytkevych (RU) ASA "Maria Aleax"
Olga Stederolga-steder@hotmail.comJohnny Petersen (DK) &OS
Olga Tofanolgatofan.greek@gmail.comMarios Ioannou (GR)
Olga Tsitrinolga_tsitrin@hotmail.comOlga Tsitrin (IL), a non-translator!
Oliara"Partner" of "Shimaa Aly / Shaima Aly" Note 94
Olin Kerryolintrans462@gmail.comJames Liu (CA)
Oliveira Vascooliveiravasco02@gmail.comVasco Oliveira (PT)
Oliver Martinolivermartin350@gmail.comClive Prestt (UK)
Oliver Nolanoliver.nolan@workmail.comCORPORATE IMPERSONATION Note 60 / See the scam
Oliver Pfunerpfuner.oliver@gmail.comOliver Pfuner (DE)
Oliver Watson / oliverwatsontranoliverwatsontran@gmail.comRussell Goodall (JP)
Olivia Dautovaolivia.dautova12@hotmail.comEkaterina Tarasova (CA) & Daria Atamas (RU)
Olivia Lonzooliviatrans03@gmail.comAddress: a Hotel in Alicante, Spain???
Olivia Panseraoliva.pan.pr2@gmail.comXenia Wong (PA)
Olja / Olga Jing Mariolga3mari@gmail.comRodro Oloa (CM)
Omar Eniemomareniem@gmail.comaka Khalil Khatib Note 6
Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawiinfo@petra-trans.comCV THEFT / Note 18
Omar Issaomar@safety-translation.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Omar Issaomarissatrans@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 37 Amazing Trans
Omar Naser / Omar Kamel Naseromar.naser4@gmail.comGICS Scam by EngYosuf
Omer Mohammedomar.mohammed1@outlook.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Omer Mohammedomer@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Omnia Elgebaly / Omnia El-gebalyomnia.gebaly@gmail.comGICS Scam by Riham Salama
Ongbetak Ndeweongbetak.ndewe@hotmail.comStéphanie Ongbetak Ndewe (CM)
Onuer Duganonuer.dugan.turkish01@gmail.comAylin Pazoglu (TR)
Onur Akinonur.akin@outlook.comGICS
Orca Translation COMPANY Note 84
Oriana Simionatooriana.simionato@hotmail.comOriana Simionato (IT)
Osa Kariosatrans01@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Osama Fathi Eissaosama.f-eissa@hotmail.comOsama Fathi Eissa (EG)
Osamu Nakayamaosamunaka02@gmail.comAlex Wang (US) & Kenji Yabe (JP)
Oscar Alegreoscar_domingo23@outlook.comÓscar D. Alegre (US)
Oscar Benedid / Oscar Bendidoscarbenedid@hotmail.comGICS
Oscar Herbetoscarherbet1@gmail.comAnne-Marie Pepin (CA) & Diane Carole Dessiji (CM)
Oscar Morooscar.moro45@gmail.comGiovanni Pizzati (IT) ASA "Giovanni Pizzati"
Oscar Rodríguez / Oscar Domingooscardomingo737@yahoo.comOscar Domingo Alegre Rodríguez (ES)
Oscar Romagnoneoscar.romagnone6@gmail.comOscar Romagnone (IT)
Osman Arslanosmanars2011@gmail.comUnidentified scammer MORE INFO NEEDED
Ousse Ndiayeousse.ndiaye7@gmail.comAl Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN)
Owona Kono Daniel Joachimowonakono@hotmail.comDaniel Owona Kono (CM)
Oziel Ogluooziel.ogluo@gmail.comNote 0 / See "Ibrahim Zak" Aroma for Translation
Ozlem Cagli (TR)
Øystein Monsen / Oysteiinoystein.monsen@hotmail.comØystein Monsen (UK)
Øyvind Kvamoyvind.kvam1982@hotmail.comMagnus Ølmheim (IT)
Pablo Caballeropablo.caballero.106@gmail.comJuan Salanova Arnal (ES) ASA "Miguel Fuente"
Pablo Cordobapablo.cordoba@aim.comScam by "Eugen Hulub" Note 19
Pablo Guillermopablo.d.guillermo23@gmail.comPablo Guillermo Jiménez Domínguez (MX)
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Pak Yun / Pakmyongp.yun910@hotmail.comJonghyon Lee (KR) & Dang Hoang (VN)
Palma Juhasz / Palma Juhazpalma.juhasz@outlook.saRobert Daraban (RO)
Palmira Napolitanipalmira.napolitani33@gmail.comEmail subject: "Secrets Translator English & Italian" !!!
Palo Alnsopalo4alnso@gmail.comJC Lopez (UK) "Palo Alnso"? Really?
Paola Andreottipaolatrans44@gmail.comPaola Andreotti (IT) ASA "Elissa De Luca"
Paola Basso / Paula Bassotranslation.paula.2@gmail.comPaola Basso (IT)
Paola Hernandezpaolahernndez09@gmail.comSylvia Schlacher (AT)
Paolo Ballettopaoloballetto@hotmail.comGICS "I am a native speaker of Italy"
Paolo Regadrpaoloregaa@gmail.comPaolo Rega (IT) Scam by "Ivan Jorge" / Note 119
Paolo Rizzutipaolo.rizzuti.trans@gmail.comGiovanni Natoli (IT)
Panos Farandtranslator365@gmail.comKristine Harket (NO)
Park Minghanminghanpark@gmail.comAlias for a known scammer Note 82
Pascal Rintä / Pascal Rintapascal.rinta@gmail.comMinna Bäckman (FI) ASA "Pekka Tony"
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Pasquale Capopasqual1capo@gmail.comPasquale Capo (CA)
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Patrecia Reedpatrecia.reed.2@gmail.comPatricia Reed (BR)
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Patricia Daehlerpatricia.daehler70@gmail.comPatricia Daehler (US)
Patricia (Patty) Fahsenpatty.fahsen@yahoo.comPatricia Fahsen (GT)
Patricia Loaizapatricia.loaiza@windowslive.comPatricia Loaiza (MX)
Patricia Novelopatricia.novelo@professional-freelancer.comPatricia Novelo de Sánchez-Garay (MX)
Patricia Patricia / Patricia Fierropatricia6patricia4@gmail.comPatricia Fierro (EC)
Patricia Pradospatricia45prados@hotmail.comPatricia Prados Merchán (ES)
Patricia Tesipatricia.tesi.f@gmail.comAnne Kilpi (FI) & Anna Mäkiranta (FI)
Patricia Walterpatricia-walter@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Patrick Carvalhocarvalhopatrickah150@gmail.comPatrick Reis de Carvalho (BR) ASA "Sonia Furtado"
Patrick Davidpatrick109david@gmail.comDavid Siller (US)
Patrick Gerardpatrickgerard4@gmail.comGerard Dupin FAKE CV Note 19
Patrick Lau / Patricklaupatricklau.trans@gmail.comPatrick Lau (Liu Yuan)
Patrick Michel / Nani Michelpatrickmich67@gmail.comJeff Kamb. Mathe (SZ) Note 8 ASA "Jeff K. Mathe"
Patrizia Cipollapcipolla101@hotmail.comPatrizia Cipolla (IT)
Patryk Mazurpatryk.mazur2@hotmail.comMonika Uzar (PL)
Patty Fahsen / Patricia Fahsenpatty.fahsen@hotmail.comNorma Avendik Bailey (AR)
Patty Kaurglobal.speech.trans@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY: Global Speech / Note 75
Patty Mertonpmerton.translator@gmail.comMary Murata (UK) Scam by: Eng.Salah
Paul Xuan Thanh (VN)
Paul Jackypaulfrench2000@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Clothilde Courtois"
Paul Jabaloyaspaul.jabaloyas@gmail.comLaura Valdivia (UK)
Paul Kaller / Paul Källerpaul.kaller@hotmail.comTilmann Kleinau (DE)
Paul Kentpaul.kent.trans@gmail.comSherwin Yi (US)
Paul"Author": Mohammad Z. Qudaih Note 0 / Eman Hassan
Paul Yuanpaul.yuan.lang@hotmail.comPaul Yuan (US)
Paula Abdolfrench_english@outlook.comPaula Anastasiade (RO)
Paula Cunninghampaula.v.cunningham@gmail.comP.J. Vonk-Cunningham (NL) Scam by: Orca Note 84
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Paula Kennanpaula0kennan@outlook.comGICS
Paula Kiehelapaula.kiehela@gmail.comGICS
Paula Tipa (DE) & Markku Mäki (FI)ASA "Elina Torma"
Paula Suilapaulasuila1@hotmail.comOscar Olsson (SE) & Ulla K. Lundquist (IT)
Paula Walter / Paula Walternpaula0walter2@gmail.comJohn J. McDonnell (UK)
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Paulina Wasilkopaulina.wasilko@diamondtranslation.comCorporate impersonation Note 60
Paulina Youngpaulina-young@hotmail.comGICS
Pauline Francispaulinefrancis2@gmail.comThéodore Dassé (CM) ASA "Victor Thomeret"
Paulo Smithpaulosmith9@hotmail.comErika Casali (IT) & Susanna Castaldini (IT) &OS
Pavel Hansovapavel.hansova25@gmail.comGICS
Pawel Gromekpawel.gr888@gmail.comPawel Gromek (PL)
Pham Kuzinpham.kuzin@gmail.comOlga Evkucheva (US)
Pham Tan Tai / Pham Lang !!! Phan Anh Tu (VN) Note 0 / Reliable Translator
Moneybookerstoptranslate2013@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
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Pearl Leotranspearlleo@gmail.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Pedro Garciapedro.garcia.lang@hotmail.comPedro Benítez García (IE)
Pedro Pereira / Pedro Rappedropro38@gmail.comKathryn J. Litherland (US) ASA "Phil Greenfield"
Pedro Solano Moleropedro.molero@outlook.comPedro Solano Molero (ES)
Pekka Tonypekka.translate@gmail.comMinna Bäckman (FI) & Anu K. Saarinen (FI)
Peng Wang / Peng Wengm.pengweng@gmail.comPeng Wang (UK) Note 0 aka "Wang Peng"
Penn Achupennachu0@gmail.comPenn Kenneth Achu (ZA)
Penny Pengpenny.chinese1@gmail.comJiawen Peng (CN)
Per Vikanpervikan9@gmail.comPer Riise (NO) ASA "Ellen Nielse"
Percy Gastel / Percy Van Gastelpercy.gastel12@hotmail.comGICS
Persio Burkinskipersio.burkinski11@gmail.comPérsio Burkinski (BR)
Petar Govepetargove.g@gmail.comFranz Xaver Schuler (IT)
Petar Yanevpetar.yanev.12@gmail.comPetar Yanev (BG)
Peter Arevalopeter.language78@gmail.comDavid Lubeiro (BR)
Peter Blahowetz / Pete Balkdjhidddnnn@gmail.comOr Pete Birk? Note 0
Peter Chenpeter.chen090@gmail.comFang Sheng (CA) ASA "Qi Ming" See scam
Peter Folestedpeterfolested@gmail.comAmanda Parr (BE)
Peter Hendersonpeterhenderso0on@gmail.comDon Hartig (CN) ASA "Don Hartig"
Peter Jain / Pete Jainpet.jain7@gmail.comAlvin Schenker (NL) & John Roche (BE) Note 0
Peter Jansenpeter.jansen.trans@gmail.comJan Rossel (BO)
Peter Jurkovicpeter.jurkovic.88@gmail.comVladimír Vanek (SK)
Peter Muotopeter.muoto@gmail.comClinton C. Muoto, MD (PL)
Peter Omarkpeter-omark2@hotmail.comAndrew Graham Bell (AU) ASA "Catherine Jenny"
Peter Stewart / Stewart Peterpolish.peter.stewart@gmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Peter Wibbelingwibbelingp@gmail.comEdward Whiteside (UK) &OS
Peterek Irmgardirmgard.mariapeterk@gmail.comIrmgard Maria Peterek (DE) ASA "Irmgard Maria"
Petra Fredriksonpetra.fredrikson1@gmail.comBirgitta Swärm (SE)
Petra Klinkovápetrali128@gmail.comGabriela Cirjaková (SK)
Petra Tanskipetra.tanski@gmail.comPetra Tank (UK) & Alexandra Wiltsie (US)
Petra Yildizpetratranslation4@gmail.comJana Alice Belke (ES)
Petter Anderssonpetter.andersson@windowslive.comRajanikanth Godishala (IN)
Pham Tân Tàipham.tantaai@gmail.comBui Phan Anh Tu (VN)
Pham Kuzinpham.kuzin@gmail.comOlga Evkucheva (US)
Phan Taiphan.tai@hotmail.comLinh Nguyen (VN)
Phil Greenfieldphil.greenfield@hotmail.comKathryn l. Litherland (US) ASA "Pedro Pereira"
Phil Johnesphiljohnes@hotmail.comAnett Heierdahl Nordby (CY) ASA "Sarah Bersen"
Philip Keohphilip.keoh@hotmail.comIoanna Daskalopoulou (GR)
Philippe Genauxphilippe.genauxx@gmail.comOlivier A. Dubois (FR)
Philippe Pétainphilippe101petain@hotmail.comScam by: "Dreams" / And, who is this Pétain?
Phillip Chungphchung4trans@gmail.comYu-kyoung Kim (CA) Scam by: abdallah.ahmed
Phung Truongphung.t807@gmail.comPhung D. Truong (US)
Pia Jensenpia0jensen0@gmail.comChristian Andersen (DK)
Pia Lilingpialiling2@gmail.comBjørnar Magnussen (NO) "I am Egil Mjelde"
Pia Niskapia-niska@outlook.comAnders Köhler (ES) & Mats Wiman (SE)
Pier Paolo Casertapier.paolo.translator@gmail.comPier Paolo Caserta (IT)
Pierre Djoumessipierredjoumessi1@hotmail.comPierre Simplice Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM)
Pierre-Joseph López Ardisanajospeh.ardisana@hotmail.comPierre-Joseph López Ardisana (ES)
Pimor Atespimor.ates@gmail.comPinar Celik Ates (TR)
Pino Alonsopino.alonso000@gmail.comGiorgina Cerutti (UY) Note 45
Pinto Famanopinto4french@gmail.comRichard Hedger (CH)
Pinyin Yuanpinyin.yuan@hotmail.comZhang Guangli (CN)
Pinyin Yuanpinyin.yuan276@yahoo.comSimtech Zhang (CN)
Piotr Deanpiotrdean5@gmail.comNote 0 "Trans Creator"
Piotr Frás / Piotr Frasfras.piotr2013@gmail.comPiotr Frás (PL)
Piotr Marciniakpiotr-marciniak1@outlook.comIlona Koperek (PL) & Peter Nicholson (PL)
Plam Manchoplamtrans78@gmail.comRoss Lee (Jinsong Li) (CN) & Ruby Zhou (AU)
Polina Ndongmopolina.french@gmail.comMathilde Renou (NL) / Alexandre Saviano (IT)
Polycarp Nibaniba.polycarp@gmail.comPolycarp Ambe-Niba (KH)
Pooja Chettrinepalesetranslator@gmail.comGhost created by Ansh Intertrade Note 126
Poonia Kennan / Poonia Kannanpoonia.kannan@gmail.comCristiana Karon Letteri (IT) ASA "Marina Addis"
Poornima Dawdapoornima2dawda@gmail.comQudsia Shafaq Lone (CA) &OS
Poornima Iyengariyengar102@gmail.comPoornima Ramaswamy Iyengar (IN) Note 0
Pounthiex Mathildiemathildie.translator25@gmail.comMathilde Pounthieux (FR) Note 0
Power Lingopower.lingo1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 0
Power COMPANY Note 81-5
Powerful Translation THEFT / Note 6 Note 45
Powerful Translationsinfo@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Note 45
Prema Alexanderprema.alexander@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU)
Prince Somuahprincesomuah6@gmail.comPrince Somuah (SN)
Prince Translationprince.translation@gmail.comUnidentified scammer ASA "Klaus Floriano"
Priyanka Bhattpriyankabhatt133@gmail.comC. M. Rawal (IN) &OS
Pro Transfast.trans111@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 95
Proficient Translation Servicespts5company@gmail.comAnother scam by Languagemet Note 74
Przybylski Tanguypprzybylskitanguy72@gmail.comTanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA "Mika Sager"
Purity Translationpurity.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 8
Putra Yudatranslationdream2@gmail.comHelmy Ismail Sani (ID) Note 0 ASA "Anabel Toro"
Qi Ming / Qi Ming Shengqi.ming890@gmail.comFang Sheng (CA) ASA "Peter Chen"
Quick Translationquick4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Qun Sinan Evcan / Sinan Evcanqunsinan22@gmail.comHasan Filik (TR) & Sonia Soltani (CA) Note 0
R KHfast.trans2@gmail.comUnidentified scammer Note 0
Rachael Mcmahonrachaelmcmah@gmail.comValeska Nygren (US)
Rachel Colemanrachel.coleman@consultant.comCORPORATE IMPERSONATION Note 60 / See the scam
Rachel Danielrachedaniel2@hotmail.comGICS "My name is Anna Jacob" !!!
Rachel Folemrachel.trans11@gmail.comAbdelkader Sellal (DZ)
Rachel Mangerproject.manager@beintrans.comCV THEFT / Note 81
Rafael Castanorafael.castano11@gmail.comFrancisco González Fernández (ES)
Rafael Castror.rafaelcastro0@gmail.comAngela Patricia Pedraza (US)
Rafael Garciadr.rafael.w.garcia@gmail.comEric W. Vogt (US)
Rafael Graurafael.grau@outlook.saToni Romero Valera (ES)
Rafael Gustavorafael.gust@live.comJorge Arrigo (AR)
Rafael Renanrafael.renan1980@gmail.comCaroline Ngono (CM)
Rafael Segoviarafael.segovia@outlook.saRafael Segovia (MX)
Raita Kopankinaraitakopankina1@outlook.comGICS
Rain Wang / Rain Fa Wangmrs.wang24.24@gmail.comZhiBing Sun (CN) & Hongli Lu (DE) & Lu Zou (AU)
Rajab Bakirrajabbakir11@gmail.comBulent Taylan (TR) Scam by: ABUMADA (Gaza)
Rajak Fukamirajakfukami@hotmail.comTatsuya Ogawa (JP)
Rajanikanth Godishalarajanikanth.godishala@hotmail.comRajanikanth Godishala (IN)
Raje Markraje.mark.63@gmail.comIn a Chinese site, Raje's CV belongs to a "Ms. Liu"...
Rakan Esinrakan516esin@hotmail.comYusuf Yavuzkan (TR)
Ramadan Ahmedramadan1ahmed@hotmail.comRamadan Ahmed Birima Kurdali (ZA) Note 5
Ramanie Palleramani.palle@hotmail.comRamani Palle (IN) ASA "Aron Luis"
Ramey Wozniakramey.wozniak@gmail.comTed Wozniak (US) Scam by: "Eng.Dream"
Rami El Madhoonworldtranslation1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Rami Mohammed Jumarami.juma@outlook.saAuthor: "yousef3" / Last saved: "nmc"
Ramin Baldoramin.baldi66@gmail.comNicola Nobili (IT)
Ramira Gimenezramiragimenez@gmail.comMichael D. Powers (US) ASA "Michael Miranda"
Ramraj Bairwaramraj.bairwa@hotmail.comRamraj Bairwa (IN)
Rana Adtrans.payable@gmail.comPayPal ID created by scammers Note 6 / Note 16
Rana Ahmedrana57953@gmail.comGICS Languagemet
Rana Awaadranaawwad200013@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Rana Esam (Issam) Awwadranaawwad2000@gmail.comCV "Author": dd Note 0
Randa Samirranda.samir@windowslive.comRanda Samir El Nomeir (EG) ASA "Fatima Nassif"
Randi Laimarandi.laima@hotmail.comRandi Kristensen (DK) & Sara Sousa Soares (PT)
Randi Malbergrandi.malberg@outlook.comChristian Amaya Vecht (BO)
Raneen Bar-ad / Raneen Barraneenbar8@gmail.comYaron Ever Hadani (IT) 2500th SCAMMER EXPOSED
Ranganathan Nagarajan (IN)
Rania A.Y. Al-Sabbaghraniasabbagh78@yahoo.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbaghrania.ar102@gmail.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbaghrania-eng-ar@hotmail.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbaghraniaar74@gmail.comAuthor: abubasel / Last saved: MrXXrM
Rania Alirania.ali686@gmail.comRana Chehab (LB)
Rania Sami / Rania Haddadrania.sami1@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Rashrash@perfect-translation.orgFAKE COMPANY / Note 138
Rasha ?rasha@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Rasha Ahmed / Rasha Ibrahimdtptrans7@gmail.comGICS aka "Rasha Sayed"
Rasha Jamalrashajamal@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Rasha Khalidrasha.khalid@outlook.saGICS
Rasmia ?rasmia@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Raul Raymondraul4translation@hotmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR) ASA "Marina Droll"
Raul Santiagoraul.santiago110@gmail.comSantiago López (CO) Scam by: Abu Fadi
Raul Vidalraul.vidal.lang@gmail.comCarme Folch (ES)
Raul Waldman / Waldman Raulraultranslation26@gmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Rauno Blondelraunoblondel63@gmail.comRauno Myrwad (SE) &OS
Reaam Jamilreaam@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Rebecca Adamrebecca-adam@hotmail.comAn obvious "Russian" name...
Rebecca Brayrebeccatrans61@gmail.comChristian Merlot (AU)
Rebecca Carterrebeccacarter540@gmail.comKathryn J. Litherland (US) ASA "Pedro Pereira"
Rebecca Kapborgrebecca.kapborg@yahoo.comHelena Grahn (UK)
Rebecca Geissbauer (FAKE NAME)
Reda Awadallahreda11awadallah@gmail.comEven the Skype ID on CV is fake...
Reda Radwanreda@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Reaam Jamillanguagemet61@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Reem Jamaalreemrahaf2012@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reem Nadareem.n.trans3@gmail.comGICS Scam by: abeed / awadallah
Reem«I am a project manager» = a scammer Note 0
Reem Yousefreem@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Rehab Fyala / Rehab Abdullahrehabfyala@hotmail.comGICS
Rehab Gamil / Rehab Ganilalkhansaa1425@yahoo.comNote 0
Reham Abdallahreham.abdallah83@gmail.comReham Abdallah Fyala (EG) Scam by: abo_elez
Reham A. Ghali / Abu Ghalirere1232005@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 4 Note 15 Trans Secrets
Reham Abu Ghaliquicktranslation.2014@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 0: Jelard Stahen
Reham Abu Ghalireham@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Reham Abu Ghali / Speed Transspeed4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghalireham.ghali@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 4 Note 15 Translation Secrets
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghalireham.ghali@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 4 Note 15
Reham Ahmedreham.trans83@gmail.comMorano El-Kholy (EG) & Nabil Abdel Ahad Baky (EG)
Reham Elzomararehamelzomara@gmail.comNádia Diaz Alderete (AR)
Reham Harbgotranslang.swedish@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 57
Reham Harbinfo@gotranslang.comCV THEFT / Note 57
Reham Harbportuguese.gotranslang@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 57
Reham Hussien Alirehamhussienali@hotmail.comReham Hussien Ibraheem Mohamed Ali (EG)
Reham Japer / Reham Abu Ghalirere4translation@gmail.com2nd copy of fake "translator" Reham A. Ghali
Reham Kedra / Reham Alkedrarehamkedra@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reham Mohammed Elzomarareham.elzomara.lang@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Reham Salama / Riham Salamaproa@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 4 / Note 15
Reham Yosefreem@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Rehana Jafferjaffer_rehana@yahoo.comRehana Jaffer (CA)
Reiko Okada / Riko Okadarikookada22@gmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR) &OS
Reine Bourdotrbourdot@gmail.comThéodore Dassé (CM) & Sally-Ann Hopwood (FR)
Reine Djuidje Kouamdreine60@gmail.comReine Djuidje Kouam (CM)
Reliable Translator !!!reliable.translator23@gmail.comUnidentified scammer Note 0
Reliable Wordsreliablewords1@gmail.comID created by CV THEFT / Note 52
Remi Hendryremihendry9@gmail.comMichael D. Powers (US) Scam from India
Rena Leechin.trans.alex@gmail.comCV with 6 lines, full of typos...
Renan Batistarenan.on.time@gmail.comJefferson Cândido Nunes (BR)
Renan Yesilbasrenan@languagesmediators.mygbiz.comAssociated w/ Languages Mediators Note 14
Renata Adrianorenataadriano0@gmail.comCedric Randolph (IT) Keeps a profile on LinkedIn
Renata Fake CV copied from
Renate Abszolon-Ruemmlerrenateabszolon@gmail.comRenate Abszolon-Rümmler (US)
Renate Walterrenate.walter1@hotmail.comGICS
Renda>Deirdre Brophy (IE)
Renou Mathildemathilde.french@gmail.comMathilde Renou (NL)
Reta Samproject1@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Reta Samtranslator.translation292@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Reut ?reut.lichitranslations@gmail.comImpersonation of PM from genuine company
Rex Wongrex.trans90@gmail.comDonna Liang (UK)
Reza Khasanireza.khasani@hotmail.comIr. Fathurrachman (ID)
Riahi Laroussituntrans@gmail.comChicken Feet? Translations? Note 0
Ricardo Brunoricardotrans67@gmail.comBruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Ricardo Cruzricardo.cruz@outlook.saRicardo Cruz (PT)
Ricardo Fukanoricardo.fukano@gmail.comMarina Saga (NL) & Andrew Lausberg (AU)
Ricardo Oliveirapb.ricardo1@gmail.comLuís Ferreira (UK)
Ricardo Rivasricardotrans3@gmail.comRicardo A. Rivas (VE)
Ricardo Sliemricsliem@gmail.comJean-Luc Dumont (FR)
Ricardo Tromanetricardo.tromanet@gmail.comJesús Marín (ES) & Alfonso Navarro (ES) ASA "Javier Mata"
Richard Bramricbram@gmail.comHelene Olsen Richards (US)
Richard Cheungrcheung693@gmail.comRichard Cheung (HK)
Richard Green (UK)
Richard Lackeyrichardlackey789@gmail.comFake company TRANSLINA Note 117
Richard Le Anh Tuan / Richaredrichared.tuan@outlook.comLe Anh Tuan (Richard) (SG) & Nguyen Dinh Kien (VN)
Richard Marmermarmerrichard@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Richard Walter / Richard Hanlon (IE) ASA "Martina Walter" Note 0
Richared Tuanrichared.tuan@outlook.comLe Anh Tuan (Richard) (SG) & Nguyen Dinh Kien (VN)
Rick Taylorglobal-finance-solutions@gmx.comNote 43
Rickard Langnesundrickard.trans@gmail.comRickard Langnesund (SE) Uses "Rickard Translations"
Ricki Bothrickiboth@gmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) ASA "Katja Bierau"
Ricky Middletonmail.ricky.middleton@gmail.comGICS
Riggio Wagnerriggio.wagner11@gmail.comNatacha Dambinoff (FR)
Riham (Salama) Mustafarihamrr3@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Riham Rafatlanguagemet8@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Riham Rafat = Riham Salama
Riham Rafatriham@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Riham Rafatriham4translationprojects@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Riham Rafattranslationsecrets4u@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Riham Rafattranslation.work35@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Riham Salama / Reham Salamadanyasalama@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Riham Salama / Reham Salamariham.projects@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Riham Salama / Reham Salamariham.salama4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet / Posing as translator
Riham Salama / Reham Salamariham.salama33@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Riham Salama / Reham Salamasalama@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Riham Salama / Reham Salamashlang.end@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 PayPal ID
Riham Salama / Reham Salamatranslation.work99@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Also from gotranslang Note 57
Riitta Nielsenriitta.nielsen1@hotmail.comGICS ASA "Lena Whitty" Note 52
Rikarda Sedovarikarda.sedova@gmail.comMarina Sedova (RU) / Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)
Riki Choirikichoi2@gmail.comGICS
Rikke Vedsoerikkevedsoe55@gmail.comNicole Andersen (DK) &OS
Rina Bakbakrinabakbak@hotmail.comGICS
Ripsime Peters / Ripisme Mnatsakanyan (AM)
Risa Yasuumirisa.yassumi@hotmail.comHiro Yasuumi (US)
Rita Kremer / Rita Kremerita.kremer@hotmail.comGICS "University of Italian Degree, Milano" !!!
Rita Maciejritamaciej2015@gmail.comMaciej Andrzejczak (PL) ASA "Deema Peter"
Rita Vialirita1.viali1@gmail.comGiovanni Menna (IT) & Adriano Bonetto (IT)
Rita Wajsbergritawajsberg@gmail.comCathie Wajsberg (IL)
Ritha Emerentiarithaemerentia@gmail.comChenwie Edwin (CM) &OS Scam by: "Gheed"
Ritha Mathilderitha.translator@gmail.comDiane Carole Dessiji (CM)
Ritha Rosharitha1rosha@gmail.comElisabete Mota (DE)
Ritha Vries / Ritha de Vriesdritha12@gmail.comCharlotte Connan de Vries (FR)
Rivana Ana / Rivana Paladerivana.palade@gmail.comMarcela Farcasiu (RO)
Roba Samerroba@btdic.comCV THEFT / Note 81-3
Robert Avainfo@translation-company.usScammer posing as PM / U.S. Translation Company
Robert Bushellrobbushell.translations@gmail.comNote 124
Robert Desai / Dsairobert.dessai981@gmail.comSuraj Joshi (CA)
Robert Esquivelrobert.r.esquivel@gmail.comRobert R. Esquivel (MX)
Robert Fernando / Robert Trejorobert.fernando.lang@hotmail.comPatricia Fahsen (GT)
Robert Foltynrobert.foltyn.24@gmail.comRobert Foltyn (PL)
Robert Frogostrobert.frogost@yahoo.comGhost created by scammer "Eugen Hulub" Note 19
Robert Johann Grundlerrobertgrundler50@gmail.comRobert Johann Grundler (DE) Note 0
Robert Joaquinrobert.pro10001@gmail.comJoel Mbarga (CM)
Robert Kokuoa / Robert J Kokuoajohnsonr203@gmail.comGICS Active at TM-Town as robertj601 Note 0
Robert COMPANY Note 38 Translation Team
Robert Morrisonrobert.morrison.lan8@gmail.comRobert Morrison (US)
Robert Nilsson / Nilssonahrobertnilssona@yahoo.comRobert Nilsson (SE)
Robert Qostaspanish.keinart@gmail.comAlejandro Aguado Marín (ES)
Robert Sapinrobert.sapin@ymail.comNote 19
Robert Toccorobert.tocco@hotmail.comPierre Djoumessi (CM) Note 0 (see Fadi Omar)
Robert Walkerrobertkwalker0@gmail.comRobert K. Walker (BR)
Robert Wisconrobertwiscon@gmail.comCasey Dovale (NL) ASA "Marcus Wiscon" Note 69
Roberta Carbonecarbone.roberta.lang10@gmail.comRoberta Carbone (IT)
Roberta Shokayshokay.trans@gmail.comClaudete Sulzbacher (BR)
Roberto Ambrosioroberto.aambrosio.r@gmail.comRoberto Ambrosio (DE)
Roberto Lipani / Rebertoroberto.lipani@hotmail.comRoberto Lipani (IT)
Roberto Powersrobertopowers@hotmail.comGICS An absolutely delirious CV...
Robin Holmrobin0holm261@gmail.comGICS
Robin Tjustrobin4swedishtrans@gmail.comLisa Olsson (SE) Scamy by: Abdallah Ahmed
Rodna Pardorodna.pardo.swedish@gmail.comAradai Pardo Martínez (FR)
Roger Kellykellyroger143@gmail.comRoger Kelly (SE)
Roger Lengorogerlangservices@gmail.comScam by Fadi Omar (Amazing Translation) Note 37
Rogier Isaacisaacger1999@gmail.comGICS ASA "Lily Symann"
Rola Oqlo / Rola O. Oqlorola.oqlo123@gmail.comNora Armani (US) Name on CV: "Rola A. Oqlo"
Roland Pinto / Roland Diego Pintoês Vieira & Elisabete Frade & Ana Shuster (PT)
Roland Vegatrans.langues1990@gmail.comFlávia Martins dos Santos (BR)
Roman Brenanromanbrenan0@gmail.comMichael Moskowitz (US) ASA "Igor Kelly"
Roman Evkuchevaroman.evkucheva@gmail.comTatyana Nikitina (RU) & Marina Anderson (CA)
Romm Provic / Romm C. Provicromm.provico0@gmail.comIgor Savenkov (RU) ASA "Balcon Regis" et al.
Romans Vatersromans.vaters@gmail.comRomans Vaters (PL)
Ron Henryronhenry4work@puritytrans.comCV THEFT / Note 8
Ron Samsonovsamsonove1988@gmail.comEugene Samsonov (BY)
Rona Yap / Ro Yapronayap9@gmail.comYulia Fitri Utami (ID)
Ronald Unema (US) ASA "Adam Ronald"
Ronald Johnsdr.ronald.johns@gmail.comOliver Walter (UK)
Ronald Miguel / Roland Miguelfr.ronald6@gmail.comEmilia Porter (FI) & Hourayra Jebrane (FR)
Ronat Neillronat23neill02@gmail.comRónat O'Neill (US)
Ronda Birdbirdr009@gmail.comGICS
Ronen Eliavronen.eliav.r@gmail.comRonen Eliav (IL) Scam by "Basel Nahal"
Ronen PM from A2Z Global (US) See the scam
Ronen Kasharprof.translator12@gmail.comScam by "Basel Nahal"
Rony Hubertspanish.hubert@gmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Ronny Keyn / Keyn Ronnyronny.keyn@outlook.comErik Matson (NO) & Harald Roald (CA)
Roqaya Halbi / Roqya Halabitranslationactive@gmail.comScammer from "Arcadia Languages" Note 51
Rosa Costar.costa.o2o2o2@gmail.comLorenza Lanini (IT)
Rosa Maria / Rosamaria Vitoriarosa.m.vitoria1@gmail.comRosamaria C. Vitoria (US)
Rosa Royorosaspanish574@gmail.comAída Margot Pacheco (VE)
Rosan James / Rosan Jansonrosan-janson@hotmail.comFlemming Winther (DK) / Email signed "Kristin" !!!
Rosana Kostrosana.kost@gmail.comASA "Marlo(s) Homan"
Rosana Shafikovrosana2shafikov@gmail.comOlga Pobortseva (RU) Note 110
Rosanna Ciminorosanna4cimino11@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca"
Rosanna Nitti / Rosan Nirosanna.nit701@gmail.comMaria Assunta Castriota (IT)
Rosanna Shirleyshirrosa269@gmail.comClaudio Ricci (IT) ASA "Claudio Ricci" Scam by "koko"
Rose Beillsrose_beills1@hotmail.comHuw Watkins (UK)
Rose Debackrose.deback@gmail.comZoé Deback (FR) See fake CV
Rose-Marie Savianorose.translation1@gmail.comViolaine Meziere (FR) &OS ASA "Josiane Brisebois"
Rose Oudinrose.oudin@gmail.comStephanie Engola (CM)
Rose Petersson / Petersonrose.petersson10@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Rosie Huntrosie-hunt@hotmail.comGICS
Rosmeilan Arifinrosmeilan.arifin@gmail.comPálma Márton (HU) & Julien Mulas (FR)
Ross Viguié (FR)
Rossella Mianirmiani2000@gmail.comGianluigi Miani (IT)
Rosy Bertrandrosybertrand66@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) See invoice / Note 0
Rosy Gouderosy.goude@gmail.comCécile Pério (FR) & Ajith Kumar (LK)
Rosy Hamirosyhami2@outlook.comGICS CV adddress: Radisson Hotel Helsinki
Rosy Salzanorosy.salzano@outlook.comRosy Kaissar Dagher (SA)
Roubeena Jeetah / Jeetroubeena.jeetah@yahoo.comRoubeena Devi Jeetah (MU)
Roxana Riccoroxanaricco@outlook.comGICS
Roxanne Ribeirortatranslations@gmail.comScam by Sidra Baksh Note 0
Roza Hassanroza.hassan9@gmail.comGICS Scam by the Languagemet gang
Roza Hassanroza.accurate.translation1@gmail.comScammer posing as PM Note 76
Roza Yasnroza@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT / Note 76 Rosa Yasn = Roza Hassan
Rubin Paulo / Robin Paulorubinpaulo2@gmail.comPaulo Alexandre Padinha (US)
Rudena Rukitarudenarukita@gmail.comSee the scam / Note 133
Rui Sousa / Alberto Ruialberto.rui110@gmail.comRui Sousa (PT)
Rupesh Kumarrupesh00japanese@hotmail.comScam by (Author): AboMahmoud
Russell COMPANY Banned from ProZ
Russin Mercierrussin.mercier1@gmail.comMonica Marino (UK) Note 17
Ryan Kaliser / Riyna Aliciaryan.kaliser@gmail.comReyna Figueroa (MX) See scammer's invoice
Sabin Labansabintrans@gmail.comThierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM) ASA "Charles Yimata"
Sabina Oliversabinaoliver5@gmail.comLúcia Leitão (PT) & Cristina Heraud-Van Tol (PE)
Sabina Waszeksabinawaszek@hotmail.comSabina Waszek-Cole (PL) See the scam
Sabine Bouladon / Sabin Frenchsabin.french@gmail.comSabine Bouladon (AU)
Sabine Grivoissabinegrivoiss02@gmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR)
Sabine Lang See scamsabine.lang80@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) & Renate Radziwill-Rall (FR)
Sabine Scam by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Sabine Williamssabinewilliams.trans@gmail.comSabine Hogg (UK) / Marianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE)
Sabra Translator / ASA "Christine Anonella"
Sabreen Faleetsabreen@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Sabrina Abramsabrinatrans640@gmail.comIlaria Gigli (IT)
Sabrina Eliasabrinatrans4@gmail.comMaria Madalena Vicente Barroso (UK)
Sabrina Formichellasabrinaformich@gmail.comGICS
Sabrina Leonesabrinaleone0@gmail.comSabrina Leone (IT)
Sabry Rajanisabryrajani@hotmail.comSaghir Ahmed (PK) Also a scammer Note 103
Sacha Tanasesacha.tanase@gmail.comJean-Paul Ngue (CM)
Sada Levisada.levi22@hotmail.comAlic Dubravka (RS)
Sadullah Saadsadullah.saad7@gmail.comSadullah Saad (IN)
Saemie Hong / Saemi Hongsaemie.hong2@hotmail.comEgmont Schröder (DE) & Horst Richard Lange (DE) &OS
Safa ?safa3@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Safa Ahmadsafaahmad.2007@gmail.comGICS
Safety Translationinfo@safety-translation.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Safety Translationnidaltrans@gmail.comScammer from Safety Trans Note 37
Saher Al Shaerjobs@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT / Note 15
Sahar Al-Shaers.shaer@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT / Note 15
Sahin Yosersahin.yoser@gmail.comYusuf Sahin (TR)
Saïd Lemonniersaid.lemonnier@gmail.comUsed for payments to scammers Note 0
Salah A. Translationtranslationsecrets25@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Salah Ibrahimsalahtranslator@gmail.comGICS
Salah Jazzarsalahjazzar1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Salah Khafajas.khafaja@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Salah Khafajaskh1115@hotmail.comAlso works as freelance scammer See scam
Saleh Elqadysalehelqady86@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 51 / Arcadia Languages
Saleh Orouq / Saleh M. Orouqsalehorooq@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 7 / Translation Orbit
Salem ?same2002il@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Salih Qady / Saleh ElQadisalih@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Sally Harrysally.harry.00@gmail.comAnton Altgard (CN)
Sally Vercauterensally.vercauteren2@gmail.comRoland Bouchat (UK)
Salma Wilsonsalmawilson221@gmail.comGICS
Salvina Madelsalvinatrans@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Abella Madel"
Sam A ?t.sam2004@gmail.comPossibly associated w/ Note 4
Sam Andreasamandrea11@hotmail.comAnna Wiman (SE)
Sam Khamousamkhamou7@gmail.comRafed Khashan (US)
Sam Oliviansamolivian@gmail.comNote 37
Sam Smithtranslation765@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Sam Woythalersamwoythaler@gmail.comAbel Herbert (FR) Scam by: "EL-Fajer"
Samah ?languagemet39@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Samah Abd Elfatah /
Samah Abdelfattah / Abidulfattahsamahabdelfattah@hotmail.comGICS
Samah Ahmedsamah.ahmed.1959@gmail.comGICS
Samah Al-Qrenawi / Samah Qrs.a.m.a.h.s.2013@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samah Qrsamah.s.qr@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samanta Rowesamanta@globalspeech.coCV THEFT / Note 57
Samantha Fernando Villarsam4trans@gmail.comClaudia Alejandra Isonio (AR)
Samantha Jaysamantha.jay2000@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR)
Samantha Ramsitranslation.translators@gmail.comPM from "candletranslation" !!! Note 0
Samar Abedsamarabed@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Samar Mohamid / Samar El.Saidsamar.mohamid13@gmail.comAbir Mohammed Ramadan (EG) Note 0
Sameer ? / Mohammed Atefmohammedatef@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Sameh Elnokalys.elnokally@gmail.comSameh Mohamed Elnokaly (EG)
Sameh Alitrans_loc@yahoo.comNote 0
Samer Alisamer@safety-translations.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Samer Ghalisamer@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT / Note 37
Samer Ghalisamertrans86@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 37 / Beware of scammers, he says
Sami Adamenglisharabic555@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Sami Wajdisami.wajditrans@gmail.comStephen Franke (US)
Samir Sachdevasamir_sachdeva@outlook.saSamir Sachdeva (IN)
Samudra R. Jayasenasamudra.jayasena.lang@gmail.comGICS Note 0 / Smart Language
Samuel Atkinsonsamuelatkinsong@gmail.comPhyllis Egan (IE) Scam by: Ibrahim
Samuel Fradesamuelfrade2000@gmail.comSamuel Frade (PT)
Samuel Lee / Lee Samuelleesamuel971@gmail.comXiaohui Lu (CN)
Samuel Maiclesamueltrans263@gmail.comDavid Acuña (CL)
Samy ?languagemet42@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Samy Higazysamy.higazy@outlook.comFouad Hassaan Gazar (EG) Scam by "Ibrahim Katib"
Samy Naser / Samy Nsertranslationjobs151@gmail.comScammer. aka
Sana Jalalhsana88alaa@gmail.comGICS Note 0 / Dana Alaa
Sana'a Ahmedwords.trans.breeath@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Words Breath Ltd Note 82
Sander Morelletsander.morellet@gmail.comDamian Wordenweber (UK) Note 110
Sander Wilkenswilkens.trans.projects@gmail.comSander Wilkens (DE) aka "Wilken Sanders"
Sandra Angelosandra4service@gmail.comAntonietta Di Gianni (IT) ASA "Antonietta Di Gianni"
Sandra Antoniomultilingua.2010@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 95
Sandra Berkleysandraberkley@hotmail.comSandra Berkley (US)
Sandra (John) Johnsonsandra9johnson@yahoo.comKathleen E. Shelly (US) "Contents" tag: Arabic word
Sandra Byron (Dr.)sandra.byron34@gmail.comMartin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandro Sebastian"
Sandra Dedeynesandra_dedeyne@hotmail.comSandra Dedeyne (UK)
Sandra Eggersprojects.sandra@gmail.comSandra Lind Petersen (DK)
Sandra Falksandra-falk@outlook.comAnders Brolin (SE)
Sandra Geissbauersandra3443@gmail.comMaría Cecilia Calónico (AR)
Sandra Geneviersandra11genevier@hotmail.comGICS
Sandra Holmansandra-holman@hotmail.comAnna Haxen (DK) & Sara Rasmussen (DK)
Sandra Kovacsandra.kovac1@hotmail.comMuhamed Durmic (BA) &OS
Sandra Lopezmultilanguages2@gmail.comFake PM f/ Multi Languages Corp Note 53 Note 54
Sandra Soltanisandra0soltani303@gmail.comSonia Soltani (TR)
Sandra Tonzsandra.tonz@gmail.comTania Marques-Cardoso (BR) ASA "Sara Penito"
Sandra Welgetranslationworld4@gmail.comSacha Wiedenmann (DE) (address)
Sandra Wingsandra_w78@hotmail.comAndrew Howitt (NL)
Sandrine Alexissandrine0alexis21@gmail.comGICS
Sandrine Cordeirocordeiro.sandrine001@gmail.comSara Rute Travassos (PT)
Sandrine Parentesandrine.p005@gmail.comJean-Gabriel Piette (CA)
Sandro Nelsonsandrotrans92@gmail.comBruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Sandro Sebastiansa.sebastian70@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandra Byron"
Sandy Benutsandybenut@hotmail.comLinda Lindström (SE) &OS
Sandy Kizasandykiza@gmail.comConstantinos Loucaides (GR)
Sandy Cabo (UK)
Sandy Smithsandy0smith09@gmail.comLouise Therkildsen (DE) &OS
Sandy Stephenssandystephens30@gmail.comNaresh Gunasekaran (IN) Note 4 Scam by GT
Sang Parkersangtrans832@gmail.comDuan Huiqing (CN)
Santiago Agureykinsantiago.agureykin@gmail.comNina Ravnholdt Enemark (UK)
Sapino (Spino) Marcelosapinotrans@gmail.comFlávio Vieira de Carvalho Britto (BR)
Sapna Melwanisapna.melwanii@hotmail.comSapna Melwani (ID) ASA "Julie Pouzet"
Sara (Sarah) Afifitraduire.sara@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Sara Aydemirtranslation.work4all@gmail.comAnother 24/7 "PM" with a Google mail...
Sara Hannapcitservices8@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 88
Sara Barks / Sara Barksara.bark.99@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Sara Brownsarabrown249@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) / Sara Brown (AR)
Sara Drollsara.droll@hotmail.comCasey Michelle Faust (US)
Sara Duchsara1.duch1@gmail.comCatherine Laporte (ES) 3500th SCAMMER EXPOSED
Sara Earons / Sara Armonsara.earons@gmail.comGICS Scam made in Egypt / Bulgaria
Sara Lucassaratrans9@gmail.comInês Cidraes Vieira ASA "Cedras Veira"
Sara Macchiavellisara.macchavilli@yahoo.comSarah Ines Macchiavelli (IT)
Sara Maghinibambytrans502@gmail.comSara Maghini (UK) ASA "Bamby Salvo"
Sara Nardonesara.nardone@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: awadallah (Gaza)
Sara copied from another FAKE CV "HazarJ"
Sara Ovesaraove9@gmail.comGICS «Diploma in Translation Fellow Academy in NY»?
Sara Penito / Sara Pentosara.penito@gmail.comEloisa Aquino (CA) ASA "Sandra Tonz"
Sara Tomson / Sara Thomsonsara.thomson88@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Sarah Adamsara.adamproject@gmail.comElena Gatsenko (UA) ASA "Anna Babkin"
Sarah Ahmadsarah@viasay.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81-2
Sarah Becksarah.beck6@live.comKornelia Corrigan (US) & Thorsten Keller (DE) See scam
Sarah Bellsarahbell846@gmail.comGICS ASA "Camilla Ricardo" & "Maria David"
Sarah Bersen / Sarah Barsensarah.bersen07@gmail.comAnett Heierdahl Nordby (CY) ASA "Phil Johnes" N. 0
Sarah Bewleysarah22bewley@gmail.comSarah Bewley (UK)
Sarah Downingsarah.downing01@gmail.comJanet Klain Raztiu (FR)
Sarah Erezsarah@langs-mediators.comLinked to Languages Mediators Company Note 14
Sara Fatihitranslationscope@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 38 Translation Scope
Sarah Ferreria / Sarah FerreiraSarah.fer.translator@gmail.comJosé Raeiro (PT)
Sarah Freimannsarah.freimann.1@gmail.comJenni Lukac (ES) Note 0 / "Melissa Barbosa"
Sarah Gandersarah-gander@outlook.comGICS "B.A. from Gothenburg, Spain" ???
Sarah Hanssonsarah-hansson2@hotmail.comMonika Englund (DE) &OS ASA"Anne Franck"
Sarah Hoskinshoskins.trans@gmail.comDawn Anne White (UK)
Sarah Janesarah.jane.italy@gmail.comFrancesca Trevisan (ES)
Sarah Kostoulasarah.kostoulaa@gmail.comVanessa Kuberkiewicz (UK) Scam by "Nihad Ahmad"
Sarah Priessarah.trans.projects@gmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT) ASA "Daniele Guiducci"
Sarah Smithssar1918@gmail.comStefan Belger (US) & Trevor Chichester (US) Note 31
Sarah Sobhi / Sarah Sohbienglish2arabictranslation@gmail.comNote 0
Sarai Pahlasarai.pahla@gmail.comSarai Pahla (DE) Scam by Languagemet / Abeer Hams
Sardy Sridharantranslation@vokian.comNote 56
Sarita Robertsarita_robert8@hotmail.comIsa Lydman (FI) &OS
Sarune Griniutesarunegriniute1@hotmail.comSarune Kleivaite (ES)
Sasithorn Turnersasithorn.turner4@gmail.comThanavadee Srisawathsak (TH)
Saskia Konosaskiakono@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 7th impersonation!
Saskia Seegersaskia.translation@hotmail.comSaskia Seeger (DE)
Satomi Serasatomisera00@gmail.comGICS
Satsuki Tadokorosatsuki.tadokoro9@gmail.comTomoyuki Kono (UK)
Scandinavian Networkscandinaviannet@hotmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 141
Sch Tinsch.tin123@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Scot Abelscot2abel@gmail.comAndrey Masalov (UA) See fake CV
Scott Gatelovingscott12@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Same ID as "Gate Scott"
Scott Gatemoniscottni@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Same ID as "Gate Scott"
Scott Nourscottnour42@gmail.comAbel Herbert (FR) ASA "Sam Woythaler"
Sean ?remarkable.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / / See "Ahmed Mahmoud"
Sean Rothsean-roth@hotmail.comSeema Sharma (IN) & Connie Menzel (DE)
Sean Stephansean.stephan.translation@gmail.comSebastian Witte (DE) & Birgit Rudolf (AT)
Sebastien Brotzsebastien-brotz@gmail.comEmail used by "Kevin Carre"
Sebastian Malufsebastian.maluf@gmail.comNote 71
Sebastian Torressebastiantorres0@outlook.comGICS Chinese<>English<>Swedish ???
Sebastian Wittesebastian.translator@hotmail.comSebastian Witte (DE) ASA "Sean Stephan"
Sedat Shpata / Sedat Shepatasedatshpata28@gmail.comSedat Limani (RS) &OS ASA "Silke Joerg"
Seema Goyalseema.goyal345@gmail.comMeenal Vyas (IN)
Seema Kumarseema.kumar011@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) & Hirendra Chatterjee (IN)
Seiichi Sasakiseiichi.sasaki.n@gmail.comYoshiro Shibasaki (UK)
Seisai Mai / Mais Eisaimaiseisai01@gmail.comXianyang Tan (CN) &OS
Selin Turhanselin-turhan1982@hotmail.comAtil Kayhan (TR)
Sellal Abdelkadersellalabdelkader@hotmail.comAbdelkader Sellal (DZ) ASA "Rachel Thiokane Folem"
Selma Armanselma.arman_turkey@hotmail.comGICS
Selma Scholtenselma1.scholten@gmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) ASA "Ricki Both"
Semra Ulufersemraulufer@hotmail.comScammer behind "Yasutomo Kaze" Note 0
Sen Omer / Omer Senomer.sen@outlook.comHalil Ibrahim Tutuncuoglu (TR)
Sena (Sana) Marco Lopezsanamarcolopez@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Sena Marco Lopezsena.marco.trans@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Senol Acar / Acar"Contents" tag: Arabic word
Seo Youngseo.young1@hotmail.comGICS
Seong Kwonseong.k69@gmail.comO Seong (Eric) Kwon (KR)
Seow Peilingseowpeilingverified@gmail.comPei Ling Haussecker (DE) Note 0
Serena Ramiere (AU)
Serena Holmesserena.holmes@outlook.saOlga Miller (US)
Sergey Kalashnikkalashniksergey8@gmail.comSerge Kalashnik (UA) See the scam report
Sergey Vazhnenkosergeyvvazhnenko@hotmail.comSergey V. Vazhnenko (UA)
Sergio Dolcimascolosergio.dolcimascolo@outlook.saSergio Dolcimascolo (IT)
Sergio Pedrosa (ES)
Serkan Tukeltranslator.serkan@gmail.comMurat Tukel (US)
Seung Hwan Yang (KR) Note 89
Seva Dushkovaseva2dushkova@hotmail.comVera Koussitasseva (BG) & Gabriela Ardeleanu (RO)
Shahed Khateeb / Shahd Khatibshahedalkhateeb5@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Shanna Marleysmarley1971@gmail.comSheila Maria de Azevedo Amaral (BR)
Shao Weishaotrans@gmail.comJun Zhang (CN)
Sharleen Leesharleen-lee-86@hotmail.comGICS used as reference for other fake IDs
Shaymus Translationshaymustranslation@gmail.comNote 58
Shera Arnonesheraarnone9@gmail.comMaria Sole Manganiello (IT)
Sherwin Yisherwin.yi@hotmail.comSherwin Yi (US)
Sherwin Wangsherwin.lingo@gmail.comChizuru Kaye (US)
Shi Lin / Shi-Chi Linshi.lin45400@gmail.comShi-Chi Lin (UK)
Shiho Fujiwara / Shihoshiho Fushihoshiho.fu1@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) 13th impersonation &OS
Shiho Kumagaishiho_kumagai@hotmail.comClaudionor Mazotti (BR) ASA "Armando Carmo"
Shiho Okadashiho_okada0@hotmail.comGICS aka "Shiho Nobuo Okada"
Shiho Uemurashiho.uemura1@gmail.comMaureen Tanang (ID)
Shikha Batuk Raikundaliaraikundalia.shikha12@hotmail.comShikha Batuk Raikundalia (PT)
Shilpa Sandrine / Shiilpasandrine.shilpa@hotmail.comShilpa Mathur (IN)
Shimaa Aly / Shaima Alyshimali2001@yahoo.comEgyptian scammer Note 94
Shimpei Shimizushimpei.shimizu@hotmail.comShimpei Shimizu (CA)
Shin Simshin0sim55@gmail.comGICS "I am Kim Jo" !!!
Shing Yatsen / Yat-Senshingyat60@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) 9th IMPERSONATION
Shining Translation !!!shiningtranslation@gmail.comUsed for "Lara Larsson" Note 0
Shiona Oldhamwr.linguistics.trans@gmail.comNote 28
Shivani Guptashivani.lingo@hotmail.comShivani Gupta (IN) ASA "Amit Lingo Amit Chen"
Shizuka Matsunagashizuka.matsunaga@gmail.comTatsuya Konishi (JP) Scam from Vietnam
Shorouq Shshorouq1988@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations
Shozo Kyutokushozo.kyutoku.92@gmail.comKyutoku Shozo (JP) CV scammed w/ real photo
Siam Ahmad / Siam Ahmedsiam.ahmad.sa19@gmail.comSiam Abdel Mohsen (AE) / aka "Seiam Ahmad"
Sila Yilmazsilayilmaz001@gmail.comGulay Baran (TR) & Hasan Taskiran (CA)
Silje Haugersiljehauger15@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Silke Limani (RS) &OS ASA "Sedat Shpata"
Silke Stimmingspanishsilke.stimming@gmail.comSilke Stimming (CO) Scam by: Yousif (Gaza)
Silvana Pluss / Silvana Plussilvanaa.pluss@gmail.comSilvana Plüss (US) Note 0
Silver-Penstrans3@silver-pens.comFAKE COMPANY Note 87
Silvia Scholter (TR) Scam by: nmc (Gaza)
Silvia Akatyl / Silvia Akatysilviaakatyl44@gmail.comLisa Scholter (TR) Scam by: nmc (Gaza)
Silvia Ciprian / Silvia Ciprianisilviacipriani01@hotmail.comSilvia Cipriani (IT) Scam by Translation Secrets
Silvia Dynesilviatrans7@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR)
Silvia Gentilisilvia.gintili@hotmail.comMarcela Lazzari (AR) & Silvia Gentili (AR)
Silvia Loncarsilvia-loncar@hotmail.comGICS Scam by "Amani"
Silvia Martinezsilvia4translation@gmail.comSilvia Mascaró Martínez (ES)
Silvia Studnickisilviatrans044@gmail.comSilvia Hanine-Studnicki (US)
Silvina Escobarandresimmon39@gmail.comSusanna R. Miles (US) Note 39
Silvina Grenhosilvinagrenho@hotmail.comMarcos Silva (BR)
Silvio Picininisilvio-picinini@outlook.comSilvio Picinini (US)
Silviu Florinsilviuflorin4@gmail.comSilviu-Florin Adascalitei (RO)
Simeon Pekansimeon.pekan@gmail.comMuhamad Nizar (ID)
Simi COMPANY Note 103
Simon Baynessimon.baynes.lang@gmail.comSimon Baynes (MX)
Simon Dassesimondasse123@gmail.comFélicien Musirikare (RW)
Simon Huber / Simon J. Hubersimon.huber151@gmail.comGudrun Dauner (US)
Simon Idansimonprojects7@gmail.comKai Zimmermann (DE) & Muhammad Ali (PK)
Simon Mettsimonmettg@gmail.comMichael Brandl (TW) & Carola Schomburg (DE)
Simon Rasmussensimon.rasmussen66@gmail.comSimon Baynes (MX)
Simon Suhan Awanchiri (Dr.)ssaawanchirri@gmail.comFélicien Musirikare (RW) ASA "Simon Dasse"
Simona-Ancuta Baltagsimona.b@wordminds.comA network of deception & lies! Note 73
Simona De Armin / DeArminsimonadearmin@hotmail.comGICS
Simona Pastysimonapasty@gmail.comMarianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE) Story here
Simone Accorsosimoneaccorso2@gmail.comGaetano Campagnano (IT)
Sinan Evcansinannevcan@gmail.comHasan Filik (TR)
Siri Lidsiri313lid@gmail.comAndrea Cuceu (RO) Scam by: NeHaL
Siri Tremolssiri.swedish@gmail.comSiri Jansson Tremols (SE)
Skrillquick2translation@gmail.comPayment email used by "Anabella Goddard" Note 0
Slava Rokoslava.roko@outlook.comGICS
Smantha Trogusmantha.trogu@hotmail.comMatilde Miraglia (IT) & Teresa Filizzola (UK) &OS
Smart Languagesmartlanguage22@gmail.comTypical scammers' email address Note 0
Smith Taylortaylor.m.g87@gmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Bettina Selzer"
Snow Translationsnowwhitetranslation@gmail.comImpersonator of PM from McFelder Translations
Soad Salehsoad.saleh@hotmail.comSoad Mahmoud Saleh (EG)
Soeren Larsensoerenlarsen17@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK)
Soares Paulo Filipesoarues.felipe@hotmail.comPaulo Filipe Martins Soares (PT)
Sophia A. Fischersophiaafischer@gmail.comVera Wilson (DE) &OS
Sofia Eklundsofia.eklund1@yahoo.comHelen Young (UK)
Sofia Engbergsofiatranslator1@gmail.comAnnelie Hansson (SE)
Sofia Gearysofia.geery0@gmail.comMalene Buch Jepsen (DK)
Sofia Henningsofia0henning@gmail.comJohanna von der Vring (ES) & Maria Isabel Pazos (DE)
Sofia Källström (SE) &OS
Sofia Kostoulakostoulasofia@yahoo.comSofia Kostoula (UK) FAKE profile in TRADUguide
Sofia Larssonsofia.larsson.000@gmail.comMaria Jönsson (SE) See FAKE CV
Sofia Madsen / Madsen Sofiasofia-madsen@hotmail.comKristina Staude (DE) ASA "Amy Wiman" / "Kristin Kely"
Sofia Martinsms7578@gmail.comCenia Vien (MX) &OS
Sofia Martinezsofiamartinez.sp@gmail.comRosaMaria C. Vitoria (US)
Sofia Östbergsofia.ostberg4@gmail.comGICS
Sofia Saltana / Sofia Soltanasofia.saltana@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT)
Sofia Segarsofiasegar1@outlook.comMia Sorgenfrei (FR) & Eva Ellehammer (UK)
Sofia Tiansophia.trans70@gmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK) ASA "Jack Zhang"
Sofia Tomassofia.tomas12@gmail.comAna S. Pearson (US) ASA "Ana S. Pearson"
Sofia Zikrisofia.zikri@hotmail.comKhrysa Cellycha Utomo (ID)
Sofiana Clarcksofitrans42@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Soha Faris / Soha Hisham Farissohahisham_faris@hotmail.comHeba Amar (EG)
Soha Ismail Hamedsoha.ism@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Soha Osama / Soha Sammoursohsohsam@gmail.comGICS
Soher Juber / Suhersuher.juber@gmail.comScammer from Gentle Translations Note 15
Solfrid Ellingsensolfrid.ellingsen1974@gmail.comTonje Amland (UK)
Soma Vedidr.soma.vedi@gmail.comSonja Vilei (DE)
Somya Translators / Ajoy Singhsomyatranslation@yahoo.comNote 103
Song Chenschen.trans@gmail.comBelinda Zhou Xiaoping (CN) &OS
Sonia ?soniaeurologos@gmail.comFake PM from "Eurologos Toronto"
Sonia Alfredo Recardo (Dr.)recardosonia@gmail.comSpam / Scam sent from IP
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Sonia Maggimaggi.work2007@gmail.comGICS ASA "Jessica Maggi"
Sonia Martasoniamarta89@gmail.comSandra Berkley (US)
Sonia Naves / Sonia Nevessonianaves85@gmail.comTodd B. Field (US)
Sonia Portalessonia.portales1@gmail.comSonia Portalès (UK)
Sonia Robertsoniarobert80@gmail.comMickael Mezen (FR) Scam by Hossam Khalifa
Sonie Godfreysonie.godfrey1@hotmail.comWoojin “Sam” Lee (US) & Maureen Tanang (ID)
Sonja Pietschsonja33@gmx.comFanny Gutjahr (DE)
Sonya Gennadisonyagennadi@gmail.comDennis Diomin (RU)
Sonya Simonsimon4trans@gmail.comMartine Bescond (FR) &OS
Sophia Doneysophiadoney0@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 13th IMPERSONATION
Sophia Irinasophia.irina8@gmail.comChristiane Jost (BR)
Sophia Neilson Sophia J. Neilsonsophia.n.trans@gmail.comKathryn Litherland (US)
Sophia Pehasophiapeha7@hotmail.comErich Heer (US)
Sophia Tiansophia.trans70@gmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK) ASA "Jack Zhang"
Sophie Hamonsophie.hamon@outlook.comBéatrice Vincenti (US) &OS
Sophie Melwanisophie.melwani@gmail.comThomas Pinon (FR) aka "Sophia Melwani"
Sophie Mulassophie4french@gmail.comSiddhartha Peyron (FR)
Sophie Mullersophie0muller1@gmail.comCarola Giese (DE)
Sophie Pascosophie.pasco@hotmail.comMary-Ann Marque (FR) ASA "Stephanie Molter"
Sophie Victoriasophie4trans@gmail.comVeronique Derdos (FR)
Soraya Alvarezsoraya.alvarez.lang@hotmail.comSoraya Rial Álvarez (ES)
Soren Hansensoren_hansen20@hotmail.comLuciano Silva (BR) &OS
Soren Labeetsoren-labeet1@outlook.comGICS Scam by: Khaled Khaled
Soumia Hussinsoumiahussin@gmail.comSouheir Carty (MK)
Sozy Salman / Salmiansozy.salmian@yahoo.comAbdallah Ali (UK) Scam by Languagemet Note 6
Sozy Salman / Salmianworld.translation14@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Spanish MuchDospanish.lingo@muchdo.comCV THEFT / Note 5
Speech Global / Global by Arcadia Translations Note 75
Stacey Atkinsteam@diamondtranslation.comScamming translation agency Note 60
Stan Listanli78@gmail.comFred Chen (CN)
Stanislav Korobovstanislav-korobov@hotmail.comStanislav Korobov (UA)
Stanislav Mikhailovstanislav.mikhailov.h@gmail.comCallum Walker (UK)
Stas Timchenkoinfo@lingorate.comBoss in LingoRate Note 132
Steen Albert Ryan / Steen Ryansteenryan15@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Alexandra Albert"
Steen Froststeenfrost289@gmail.comDana Simicková (DK)
Stefan Bunkerstefan.bunker12@gmail.comAntoinette-M. Sixt Ruth (US) & Angela Thiem (CA)
Stefan Jacobsjacob2000@gmail.comGICS Scam by Heba Qudaih (Languagemet)
Stefan Kurekstefankurek.trans@gmail.comAnna Wilkosz (PL)
Stefan Lovatolovatostefan@gmail.comGICS / Also PayPal ID
Stefani Walterstefaniwalter0@hotmail.comAnke Formann (DE) ASA "Ingrid Muller"
Stefania Marinoni / Marianostefania.m.translation@hotmail.comStefania Marinoni (IT)
Steffen Adamsteffenadam.trans@gmail.comGICS
Steffen Duerrsteffen.duerr75@gmail.comNiels Stephan (DE)
Steffen Garbergarber.steffen0@gmail.comGICS
Steffen Pollexsteffen.pollex@yahoo.comSteffen Pollex (DE) Scammer's invoice / See scam
Stella Aiellostella--aiello@hotmail.comGICS ASA "Andrew Bogatova"
Stela Mahuika / Stela R. Mahuikastela.ustranslation@gmail.comMichael Powers (US) ASA "Maria DeSousa" See scam
Stephanie Lauriacfr.en.translator@gmail.comStéphanie Lauriac (UK)
Stephanie Metzgers.metzager03@gmail.comJulie Beauce (CA)
Stephanie Metzager / Metzagers.metzager01@gmail.comJulie Beauce (CA) & Gustavo Villalobos (VE)
Stephanie Moltersteph.molter@gmail.comMary-Ann Marque (FR) & Pierre Souris (FR)
Stephanie Moltermarketingpt3@gmail.comTypical scammers' email address
Stephanie Mortonstephanietranslation@gmail.comLydia Hawkins (FR) ASA "Lara Hens"
Stephanie Ndewestephaniendewe@hotmail.comSidonie Thalmas-Djoman (CH)
Stéphanie Soudaisstephaniesoudais83@gmail.comAnne Brulin (FR) Note 0
Stephen Alexisstephenalexis91@gmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) & Ingo Dierkschnieder (UK)
Steve L Jonessteveljones001@gmail.comGICS Scam made in Pakistan
Steve Salomonstevesalomon057@gmail.comValerie Galichon (DE) & Anne-Marie Pepin (CA) Note 27
Steven Huddlestonhuddlestoon.steven@gmail.comSteven Huddleston (MX)
Steven Luostevenluo876@gmail.comHåvard Olerud Eriksen (DK) &OS
Steven Oikawasteven.oikawa0@gmail.comYasuhisa Iwakawa (JP)
Stock David / David Stockstockdavid99@gmail.comNicole Schnell (US) (Deceased) & Eckhard Böhle (DE)
Su Yu Chi / EZ Taiwanesesuyuichibiblio@gmail.comYa-Wen Hsieh (TW)
Suan Ryusuanr69@gmail.comMichelle Hamilton (US)
Sue Dermessue-dermes@hotmail.comGregorio Melean (US) &OS
Sugeng Triwahyonotriwahyonodrsugeng@gmail.comAndri Pramono (DE) Scam by walaa mahmoud (Gaza)
Suki Katosuki.kato@hotmail.comReiko Arakawa (IT) ASA "Aiko Akiyama"
Sun Song / Song Zhenghua (CN)
Sung-min Handr.sungmin.han@gmail.comTae-Jung Park (KR)
Sungbae Parksungbae3park@gmail.comGICS
Sungmo Leesungmo.lee80@gmail.comGong Ryul Oh (KR)
Sunjung Bark / Sun Jung Barksunjung80@outlook.comGICS
Sunnie Sonsunnieson@hotmail.comFrits Van Ens (NL) & Marco Mesquita (PT) &OS
Sunny Johnstonsunny.9.john@gmail.comYongJia (Sunny) Johnston (US)
Sura Ralphsura.ralph@gmail.comBenjamin Adam Kohn (BR)
Susan Balins.balin4fr@gmail.comSusan Gastaldi (FR)
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Susan Murraysusanfr7@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR) ASA "Marcel Felix"
Susan Nobuo Nakashimasusannakashima1@gmail.comKumi Ichikawa (US) & Hiroko Saito (JP)
Susan Sabahsusan.sabah.farsi@gmail.comMahmoud Akbari (MY)
Susan Wangsusan0wang67@gmail.comJiang Yu (AU)
Susan Yang / Yang Susanyangsusan2010@hotmail.comSusan Yang (CN)
Susana Fernandez de Mellosusanamellom@gmail.comGhost / fake CV copied from here Note 4
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Susana Vanessasusana4portugal@hotmail.comSusana Vanessa Gonçalves (PT)
Susanna Castalsusanna.castal@hotmail.comSusanna Castaldini (NL)
Susanna Gerard / Gerarddsusanna-gerard@hotmail.comMaximilian Heeger (DE) & Isaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Susanne Hansonsusannehanson42@gmail.comJens Kaestel (AU)
Susanne Kristian B.join@mindbehind.infoNote 41
Susanne Mayersusannemayer00@gmail.comGICS
Susanne Scherersusannescherer66@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 15th IMPERSONATION
Susanne Walter (TH)
Suwen Zhang / Suwenoz Hangsuwenoz@outlook.comGICS
Suzan Grahamsuzan.graham@hotmail.comGICS
Suzan Jamalsuzanjamal27@gmail.comASA "Teresa Maragoto Juan"
Suzan Sylva / Suzan R. Sylvasuzansylva@gmail.comMario Larose (US) Note 16
Suzana Milan / Suzan Milansuzan2millano@gmail.comJacques Ampolini (US) & Valérie Catanzaro (FR) Info
Suzana Simoneddaservices.trans@gmail.comCV copied here / Email from "Edda Fabiano Bruno"
Suzanne Lichtle / Lichtlélanguage.suzanne11@gmail.comPhool Kumar (FR)
Suzanne Marcolinsuzanne0marcolin6@gmail.comGICS See the fake CV
Suzanne Millssuzanne.mills34@outlook.comOskar Vedel (DK)
Suzuki made in Bangladesh / CV Author: Likhon Saha
Svetla Nenchevasvetla.translator@hotmail.comSvetla Nencheva Nencheva (BG) See stolen diploma
Svetlana Balzitovatranslatorsveta@gmail.comScam by Ansh Intertrade Pvt. Ltd (India) Note 126
Svetlana Bukinasvetlana.bukina.lang4@gmail.comSvetlana Bukina (LT)
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Svetlana Paynepayne.svetlana@gmail.comSvetlana Payne (UK)
Swetlana Merlino (DE)
Sydney Deoumsydneyfrenchenglish@gmail.comPaula Anastasiade (RO)
Sylvia Andradesylvia.andrade@outlook.comSylvia J. Andrade (US)
Sylvia Bourelsylviabourel.13@gmail.comMarie-Pierre Lessard (DK)
Sylvie Baillots.baillot@yahoo.comSylvie Baillot (FR)
Sylvie Renon / Sylvie Rennonsylvie-renon@hotmail.comVerawaty Pakpahan (SG) &OS
Sylvie Ricciardisylviericciardi@gmail.comGICS ASA "Amelia Charles"
Tadeos Abadian / Tadeos Workfreelancer887work@gmail.comTadeos Abadian (AM)
Tae Liantaelian@outlook.comYoung Ha Kwon (KR) ASA "Charles Kwon" Note 0
Taehun Kimtaehun_new.r7@outlook.comTaehun Kim (KR)
Tahani Hassantahani.hussien@hotmail.comGICS
Tahani Trs / Tahani Hassanlanguagemet95@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Tahani Trs / Tahani Hassantahani83@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Tahany Alqutatytahany.trans@gmail.comGICS aka "Tahany Abd AlRahman"
Tahir Toktoktahir1973@gmail.comMustafa Karabiber (TR) &OS
Tahreer Salem / Tahreer Qutatytahreer-qutaty@hotmail.comShilir Habib (CA) &OS Note 0
Taichi Yamatotaichi-yamato@outlook.comTaichi Yamato (JP) ID produced by the scammer
Tailored Translation / Pierretailored.translation@yahoo.comPierre N. Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Nicolas Amable"
Takanori Sakamototakanorisakamoto1@yahoo.comGICS
Takeshi Fujimototakeshi.fujimoto.001@gmail.comMichie Shino (ES) & Rafel Soriano (ES)
Takumi Hayatotakumihayato69@gmail.comStéphane Aubry (FR)
Talented Translatortalentedtranslator4@gmail.comTypical scammers' email address / Used by "Rasmia"
Talla Arnoldahtalla.arnoldah40@gmail.comGICS aka "Talla Naoussi Arnold"
Talla Naoussiattnaoussi@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Tamar Amittamar.amit24@gmail.comTamar Amit (IL)
Tamara García Morán / Antolíneztamariu_bcn@hotmail.esTamara García (ES)
Tamara Nicoletam96nic_24@hotmail.comLures translators into a "profitable" book translation
Tamara Samtamarasam42@yahoo.comFAKE COMPANY See scam / Note 110
Tania Anderssontaniaandersson2@gmail.comGICS
Tania Ollitaniaolli2@hotmail.comGICS
Tania Sbrissa (ES)
Tantrina Lopeztantrina.lopez@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Tanya Headly / Tanya Headleytanya.headly44@gmail.comGICS Sends CV from Tanya Tsankova!!!
Tanya Tsankovatanya.tsankova567@gmail.comSvetla Nencheva (BG)
Tao Wei-Shantaotrans01@gmail.comChien-chen Juan (Bruno) (TW)
Taran Kinetrankine.norwegian00@gmail.comBen Raymond Lode (US)
Taran Volckhausentaranvolckhausen@gmail.comCarlos Díaz Acosta (VE)
Taras Goncharovtaras.goncharov@hotmail.comYuriy Novikov (UA)
Tarik Faqirtarik.faqir@hotmail.comTarik Faqir (FR)
Tasneem Kamalpm.tasneem1@gmail.comAnother independent PM = scammer Note 0
Tasneem Kamaltasneem@ottranslation.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102
Tatsu Braun (DE)
Tatiana Moraisportuguesetrans73@gmail.comEdna Osorio (BR)
Tatyana Osykatatyana4ru@gmail.comTatyana Osyka (UA) & Iliona Qejvanaj (GR)
Tawum Vallerytawum.a.vallery@hotmail.comTawum Atanga Vallery (JP)
Taylor Kirktaylor4trans@gmail.comIrina Murg (AT) ASA "Erica Alves / Erica Postiço"
Team Workteamw839@gmail.comUsed by "Rachael Mcmahon"
Telma Olavotelmaolavo33@gmail.comGICS "Translation 400,800 Medical reports" !!!
Teodorescu G. Danielateodorescudaniela66@gmail.comDaniela Teodorescu (RO)
Teres Chaouchar (SN) Scam by: "moh" (Gaza)
Teresa Bezrukovateresa.bezrukovaa@gmail.comMihaela Mirela Sinca (RO)
Teresa Fernandoteresafernando23@yahoo.comMercedes Guijarro-Crouch (US) ASA "Teresa Juan"
Teresa Gleimteresa_gleim12@hotmail.comLine Marie Furuheim (UK) &OS See scam / Note 52
Teresa Grieccoteresagriecco10@gmail.comMaureen Tanang (ID) &OS ASA "Ellen Nielsen"
Teresa Ibertibertteresa@hotmail.comTeresa Ibert (DE)
Teresa Joryteresa.jory@hotmail.comStephen Sadie (DE)
Teresa Leal / Teresa Gabrielateriesa.gabriela@hotmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Teresa Lopes" Note 0
Teresa Lopesteresa.lopes.tra@hotmail.comMaria Teresa Lopes (PT) ASA "Joana Oliveira"
Teresa Maragoto Juanteresajuan5@gmail.comMercedes Crouch (US) ASA "Teresa Fernando"
Teresita Sanchezteresita.sanchez@outlook.saTeresita Sanchez (MX) Scam "Ahmed Hmdan" Note 0
Tetyana Dytynatetyana.dytyna@gmail.comTetyana Dytyna (UA)
The best translator !!!pro.translationprojects@gmail.comTypical scammer's email address Note 0
Theodhora Blushitzenh81dora@gmail.comGreek scammer Note 0
Theodore Goumasgoumas.theodore@hotmail.comGICS
Therese Palmkvist / Plmkvisttheresplmkvistlang.22@gmail.comTherese Palmkvist (SE) & Douglas Charles d'Enno (UK)
Thierry Darlisglobaltranslation4all@gmail.comThierry Darlis (US) ASA "Manuela Farina"
Thierry Darlis / Thirry Dalristhierrydalris4@gmail.comThierry Darlis (US)
Thiha Aungarrow09@gmail.comScammer from Myanmar Note 0
Thomas Belzenglishgerman62@gmail.comDietmar Thomas Belz (PH) Note 0
Thomas Boltonthomas.bolton.lang@gmail.comMaria Carmela Del Prete (IT) Note 0 / Smart Language
Thomas Dieterthomasdieter21@gmail.comStephanie M. Schnabel (DE) &OS
Thomas Godberthomasgodber69@gmail.comThomas Godber (UK)
Thomas Hansen / Hansendkthomashansen@outlook.comGICS Uses "Thomas Beckmann Hansen"
Thomas Hoffmannthomashoffmann972@gmail.comLucius A. Passani (US)
Thomas Irwinthhirwin79@gmail.comThomas Irwin (US) ASA "Kerstin Mangelsdorf"
Thomas Kellythomas.kelly.ft@gmail.comPaolo Sebastiani (IT) Scam by: "BESAN" (Gaza)
Thomas Kennanthomaskennan@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Steen Ryan"
Thomas Keresturithomas0projects@gmail.comThomas Keresturi (SE)
Thomas Sillian (IE) ASA "Angela Anderson"
Thomas Lettnerthomastrans88@gmail.comLars Blöhdorn (DE)
Thomas Rita / Rita Thomasthomasrita222@gmail.comGICS
Tia Josef / Tia Josiftia.josef1976@hotmail.comPeggy Butterworth (UK) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU)
Tiago Fonsecatiago.fonseca.e@gmail.comHilton F Santos (BR)
Tian Barastian.baras@gmail.comTerry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Tian Guoguo / Guoguo Tiantian.guoguo@hotmail.comGuoguo Tian (UK)
Tim Oftebro / Oftebrtimbrentoftebro@gmail.comTim Brent Oftebro (CA)
TimeLife Translationstimelife.translations@gmail.comGICS
Timothy Millertimot.mill@gmail.comTimothy Miller (JP)
Timothy Seguratimothy437@gmail.comDaniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Tina Chomantinachoman1@gmail.comDavid Koppel (DK)
Tina de Groottina.degroot@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: "Anne Franck"
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Tina Smrdelj (SI)
Tina Fukatakitina.fukataki1999@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: "besan"
Tina Harrison / Parelius / Tina Ha.tina.harrison.lang@outlook.comAnne C. Parelius (CA) ASA "Karin Parelius"
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Tina Helentinahelen886@gmail.comIrja A. Frank (US)
Tina Monzo / Tina Monzómonzotina14@gmail.comEdith Grandiccelli de Talamo (AR)
Tina Müllertinamuller1976@gmail.comOther aliases: Nadine Heber & Simon Bates
Tina Prevostprevost.tina@yahoo.comTina A. Kover (UK) &OS Note 40
Tina Rosietinarosie.1254@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 81-4
Tina Ruusunentina.ruusunen@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Tina Salotina_salo@hotmail.comHeinrich Pesch (FI) & Ronja Addams-Moring (FI)
Tina Stewartstewart_tina@ymail.comJeff Steffin (US) &OS Note 40
Tina Vightina-vigh@hotmail.comKjeld Hansen (DK) & Tina Helboe Olsen (DK) Note 0
Tina Zayantina.zayan.24@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS ASA "Asso Tomson"
Tiny Losetinylose58@gmail.comErich Heer (US) CV COPIED VERBATIM
Tipa Mikko / Tipa Sergio Mikkotipa.mikko@gmail.comTuulia Tipa (DE)
Tizia Kesttiziakest@hotmail.comTiziana Cester (IT)
Tiziana Meschistizeana.meschis1@gmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Gina Meschis"
Tobias Ernst (DE) ASA "Klaus Floriano"
Tobias Soerensentobiassoerensen70@gmail.comAlexandra Soerensen (DE) / CV "author": asiacons
Tobisawa Harukatobisawaha@gmail.comGICS
Tom Debontom.debon@hotmail.comJoël Ebode (CM)
Tom Galatom.gala@outlook.comEugen Grathwohl (PH)
Tom Hamssarcadiaconnect@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 51
Tom Rocktomrock005@gmail.comWerebesi Tetuh (CM) &OS
Tom Skoldtom.skold1@gmail.comSusanne (Diarmud) Løkke Kennan (DK)
Tom Watsontom.watson.lingo@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81 / See the scam
Tomas Ananefficient.translators@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Tomas Anthonytomasanthonya@gmail.comChristian Landais (FR)
Tomas Brandttomas.brandt500@gmail.comNicklas Bengtsson (MX) 1500th SCAMMER
Tomas Gilatomasgila8@gmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA) &OS
Tomas Moristomas.moris18@gmail.comRaimondas Lipinskas (LT)
Tomas Skoldtomasgskold@hotmail.comCarola Giese (DE)
Tomasz Mojsiuktomasz.mojsiuk@hotmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA) ASA "Jane Killy"
Tomasz Tluczkiewicztomasz.tluczkiewicz@hotmail.comTomasz Tluczkiewicz (PL)
Tomi Luntialatomi.luntiala@gmail.comGICS Scam by: "nnnn"
Tomoko Komuratomoko.komura1@gmail.comGregory F. Weiner (US)
Tomoko Nakata / Nakata Tomokotomoko-nakata@hotmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR) &OS
Tomoko Saffietomokosaffie@hotmail.comTomoko Saffie (US)
Tomomi Takaitomtakai@hotmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) Scam by: awadallah (Gaza)
Tomoyo Parktomoyopark2@gmail.comVanda Voytkevych (RU) ASA "Maria Aleax"
Tomoyuki Litomrock627@gmail.comNathan Hasegawa-Solbach (US)
Tony Bakop / Tony M Bakoptony.bakop02@gmail.comRita Bakop (CM)
Tony Cambaltony.cambal@gmail.comRobert Frankling (CA)
Tony Halltony.hall.lang40@gmail.comValeria Sereda (DE) ASA "Valeria Sereda"
Tony Helltony.hell@windowslive.comGeorges Ferné (FR) ASA "Anthony Herbet"
Tony Wilsontony.wilson.trans@gmail.comAuthor: Stephen Avae II See more info
Tooka Suzukitok.kasu88@gmail.comMari Suzuki / See ghost "Mari Suzuki"
Toralf Bjordaltoralfbjordal0090@gmail.comAne Bjordal (US)
Toralf Mjeldetoralf.mjelde.24@gmail.comToralf Mjelde (US) ASA "Anhia MJ"
Tori Hectortori-hector1@hotmail.comStefano Papaleo (IT)
Torsten Burda (DE) &OS Note 0
Toyoka Lousitoyokalousi@hotmail.comHans Jan Sypkens (NL) & Takuma Nakamura (JP)
Tracy Anhdichthuatvantin@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 139
Tracy Fengtracy.ch2002@hotmail.comSharon Chen (CN)
Traice Nakamura (JP)
Trans Creatortranscreator.cre1@gmail.comNote 0
Trans4Evertrans4ever0@gmail.comUsed for "Dominik Alber" & "Cristina Heraud-Van Tol"
Trans Monitortrans.monitor6@gmail.comAggregation email used by Note 74
Translate Withoutborderstranslatewithoutborders1@gmail.comTypical scammers email Used by "Michel Brosius"
Translation Communityinfo@translationcommunity.coFAKE COMPANY Note 78 Banned from ProZ
Transharvest Agencyinfo@transharvest.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81-1 / See scam
Translation Experts Teamexperts1team@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 0 See "Ahmad Translation"
Translation 4 evertranslations4ever2050@gmail.comUsed by scammer behind "Jessica Thorell"
Translation Agencyinfoatlanguages@gmail.comUsed by Muchdo Note 5
Translation Besttranslation0best@gmail.comUnidentified scammer INFO WELCOME
Translation Gatetranslationsgate1@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY
Translation THEFT / Note 20
Translation Perfecttranslation.perfect89@gmail.comTypical scammers' email address Note 0
Translation Secretsaccount@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Translation Secretstrans.payable@gmail.comGICS Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranslation.funds.p@live.comGICS Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranslation.payments1@gmail.comGICS Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranstwo@gmail.comGICS Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretswerans@moya.liquidweb.comSMTP for most of their email Note 6
Translation Sensestranslation.senses1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
Translation Servicetranslation.monitor@gmail.comUsed by "Thomas Keresturi"
Translation Servicestranslations.jas@gmail.comUsed by "Carla Jackaline" Note 0 / Basel Nahal
Translation Servicestranslationgig@gmail.comNote 0
Translation"Ronen Eliav" / "Basel Nahal" / "Charles Michel"
Translation Starstar.translation99@gmail.comGICS Email also used by "Luu Hien Mien"
Translation Worktranslation@translation-work.comFAKE COMPANY Note 122
Translators Success Grouptranslators.success@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 36
Translators THEFT / Note 38
Translators Teamtranslation101team@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 38
Trilingo !!!trlingo2@gmail.comAdolpho J Silva (BR) ASA "Adolpho Silva"
Trinh Yamanakatrinh.yamanaka@hotmail.comKim Widt Nielsen (UK)
Trjman Translationtranslationprojects1@gmail.comScam by "Nebal Ibrahim" / Languagemet Note 6
Tristan Silviotristantrans01@gmail.comLuis Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Luis Ferrand"
True Wordtrueword14@gmail.comGICS Scammers behind "Tomas Gila"
Trung Dantrung.dan@hotmail.comTran Ngoc Diep (VN)
Trung Le / Trung Van Van Loan (VN)
Truong Nhungtn.vitna@gmail.comMy Tong (US)
Trusted Translationtrustedtranslation0@gmail.comNote 0
Tse Chi Chiutsechihenry@hotmail.comScam by (Last saved): "MTC"
Turtdimurot Kajiwarakajiwaraturtdimurot6@gmail.comTurdimurot Rakhmonov (UZ) Note 0
Tyra Tanang (ID) ASA "Ellen Nielsen"
Ula Kohlul.ko.hl.trans@gmail.comSteffen Schulze (DE) ASA "Andreas Reinacher"
Uliana Filon / Uliana Afilonulianafilon@hotmail.comUlyana Matiyuk (UA)
Ulla Bergstromulla.bergstrom76@hotmail.comMihail Mateev (BG)
Ulla Lundquistulla.k.lundquist@gmail.comUlla K. Lundquist (IT)
Ulla Strandullastrand67@gmail.comGICS
Ultimate Translationinfo@myultimatetranslation.comA network of deception and lies Note 131
United Freelancersunitedtransteam@gmail.comA network of deception and lies Note 130
Universal Translation Servicesrecruitment@universal-translation-services.comMember ATA no. 260038? Note 96 / See footer
Unlimited Translation Servicesunl.translationservices@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 77
Vadim Khazinkhazin1969@gmail.comVadim Khazin (US) ASA "Vyacheslav Alexandrov"
Vadym Torcheniuktorcheniukvadym@gmail.comVadym Torcheniuk (UA)
Vladimir Lebedevavladimirlebedeva@gmail.comPavel V. Kozlov (RU)
Vlentina (Valentina) Andreevavlentinaandreeva@hotmail.comValentina Andreeva (RU)
Valente Gallovalentegallo22@gmail.comGICS
Valentina Cardacivalentina.cardaci14@gmail.comMartin Glazer (NL) & Harry de Meijer (US) &OS
Valentina Colombivalentina_colombi@outlook.comValentina Colombi (UK)
Valentina Fratuvalentina.fratu.lang@gmail.comValentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentina Gilbertvalentinagillbert@hotmail.comScam by: "besan"
Valentina-Elena Fratuvalentina4fratu@gmail.comValentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentini Mellasvalentin.mellas@gmail.comValentini Kalfadopoulou Mellas (US)
Valeria Andrea Negrettevaleria.negrette@hotmail.comValeria Andrea Negrette (ES)
Valeria Seredavaleria.sereda1@gmail.comValeria Sereda (DE) ASA "Tony Hall"
Valerie Galichoneng2fre3@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Abella Madel"
Valerina Galih (Dr.)dr.valerina.galih@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Jeena Babin"
Valerina Galihgr.valerinah@gmail.comCatherine Heinrich (FR)
Valery Novoselovvalery.novoselov12@hotmail.comOleksandra Bakun (UA)
Vanesa Albertvanealbert@hotmail.comOlga Socha (UK)
Vanessa de Freitasport.eng.trans@gmail.comVanessa Desiderio de Freitas (BR)
Vania Campanellavaniacampanella1@hotmail.comVania Campanella (AR)
Vania Klotzvncookie@hotmail.esVania Klotz (ES) ASA "Juan Cho"
Vanni Manettovannitrans2@gmail.comClaudia Paci (IT) IP listed by Honey Pot
Varan Geo / Varan Georgevarantrans.2003@gmail.comBrice Fiquemo (FR) ASA "Franck Gilles" Note 1
Vasco Olivira / Oliveiravasco.t8ss@gmail.comVasco Rafael Rodrigues Oliveira (PT)
Vasileva Petkovaivankavasileva2@gmail.comIvanka Petkova Vasileva (BG)
Venessa Bardotvenessa_88@hotmail.comGICS ID also used as reference for other fake IDs
Vera Edwardsveraedwardsv@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Vera Kaharverakahar@hotmail.comHelmy Ismail Sani (ID) Note 52
Vera Manfredvmanfred64@gmail.comPetra Ledolter (DE)
Vera Medinaverabandeiramedina@hotmail.comVera Bandeira Medina (BR)
Verbum Translation Agencytranslations.service@yahoo.comGhost agency Note 19 See also "Gerald Sapin"
Veronica Alvarveronica.o.alvar2@gmail.comVerónica Ortega Álvarez (VE) Scam by "Dreams"
Veronica Ivkovcicveronicaivkovcic50@gmail.comGICS
Veronika Idaveronika-ida@outlook.comGICS Keeps FAKE profile in LinkedIn
Veselina Nevilkoveselina.nevilko354@yahoo.comVeselina Ganeva (IN) aka "Veselina Bulgarian"
Vibha Wahi (IN) ASA "White Angel"
Vicky Oksanenvickyoksanen@gmail.comGICS
Victor Mitranvictor_mitran@aim.comAnthony Teixeira (JP) Scam by "Eugen Hulub" Note 19
Victor Thomeretthomeretvictor@gmail.comSam Nairn (UK) & Théodore Dassé (CM)
Victor V. / y40049@ya.ruCon artist Note 0
Victoria Alice Marrvictoriaalicemarr9@gmail.comFAKE address: a stud farm in Italy!!!
Victoria Antonvictoriaanton70@gmail.comPetra Leible (US) &OS
Victoria Brackenvictoria-bracken@hotmail.comMelissa McMahon (AU) / CV name: Eva Benesova !!!
Victoria Estrellavictoriaestrella2003@gmail.comKaren Riggio (Fr) 4th IMPERSONATION
Victoria Howervictoriahower@hotmail.comGICS Address on CV (click to view)
Victoria Kurzynskivictoria.kurzynski1@gmail.comVictoria Marklund (SE) & Christine Nicholson (AU)
Victoria Rayarvictoria.raayar@gmail.comAlexis Avedissian (FR) &OS
Vidya Marathe (Dr.)marathe.freelancer@gmail.comVidya G. Marathe (IN)
Viktor Abrarovviktor.abrarov3@gmail.comMikhail Abramkin (RU)
Viktor Vico / Viktor Payukviktor.payuk@hotmail.comViktor B. Payuk (US)
Viktoria Hudyovaviktoria.hudyova@gmail.comGICS
Viktoria Perssonviktoriapersson75@gmail.comGICS
Viktoriya Avilov / Vick Toria !!!viktrans.toria@gmail.comGICS Alao uses
Vincent Cognyvincentadvanced234@gmail.comAlexander Neme (CM)
Vincent Renovincentreno44@gmail.comLea Agbo (FR) & David Henrion (FR) Scam: "Eng. A7md"
Vincent Zhouvincent.zhou.translation2@gmail.comVincent Zhou (CN)
Vinia Gupta / Vinita Guptavinitagupta012@gmail.comRamesh Bhatt (NP) & Helena Marchão Pires (PT)
Vinnette Carsonvinnette.carson@gmail.comKaren Monique Henry (JM) ASA "Emmie Ariane"
Virginia chenjuan123 ???chenjuanvirginia11@gmail.comJuan Chen (CN) Note 59
Viselina Ganeva / Veselinaveselina.ganeva@hotmail.comVeselina Ganeva (IN)
Vita Witoldvitawitold@gmail.comMaria Wasko (PL)
Vítor Viseuvitor1978viseu@gmail.comVítor Cortes Viseu (PT)
Vivian Holmesvivian.holmes@hotmail.comHans Preisendanz (MX) & Johanna von der Vring (ES)
Vlad Welsonwelson.vlad@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 18
Vladimer Harinvladimer.v.harin@gmail.comAndrey Harin (RU) ASA "Carter Turner"
Vladimir Batsonvladimir.batson@gmail.comJarmila Henclova (CZ) & Marketa Demlova (CZ)
Vladimir Filipenkovladimir.filipenko@hotmail.comVladimir Filipenko (RU)
Vladimir Manakvladimir.manak.trans@gmail.comVladimir Manak (RU) Scam by (Last saved by): "nmc"
Vladimir Pintevvladimir.pintev@gmail.comGICS
Vladka Kocheshkovavladka_koch17@outlook.comVladka Kocheshkova (BG)
Vladys Golovatyvladys.usa.e.g@hotmail.comVladys V. Golovaty (UA)
Vladyslav Atavinatavin.vladyslav@gmail.comVladyslav Atavin (FR)
Vlentina Andreevavlentinaandreeva@hotmail.comElena Deberdeeva (PH)
Volodymyr Dmytrovychvolodymyr.dmytrovych@hotmail.comVolodymyr Klevanskyi (UA)
Vyacheslav Alexandrovvyacheslav.alexandrov.999@gmail.comDr. Vadim Khazin (US) ASA "Vadim Khazin"
Wael Yousefarabiclangservices@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations Also PayPal ID
Wael Youseftrans.apply@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wael Yousefwaelyousef83@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wafaa Masriwafaa@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Wafaa Mohammedwafaa.mohammed@windowslive.comCV THEFT / Note 51
Wafaa Yusufwafaa.translator@gmail.comNoha Yusuf (EG)
Wagner Consulting Internationalinfo@wagner-international.comNote 145
Wala Mahmoud / Walaa Russwala.mahoud@hotmail.comReal name "Mahmoud Fakhri Abu Russians" (PS)
Wala Mohammedtranslationprojectscoordinator@gmail.comTypical scammers's email address Note 0
Walaa Ahmedwalaa.business50@gmail.comGICS aka !!!
Walaa Bassamwalaa.bassam.y@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Walaa Mahmoudproject3@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Walaa Mahmoudtranslation.project.14@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Walaa Mahmoudwala.mahoud@gmail.comSolafa Deabella (PS) See fake CV
Walaa Russwalaa.abualroos@gmail.comSolafa Deabella (PS)
Walaa Yousefwalaa.yousef112@gmail.comMohamed Saber (SA) Note 0
Walid Issaeng.walid_issa@hotmail.comAlso PayPal ID used by Roza Yasn
Walid Issaetranslationgroup@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Walid Issaghhissy@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 / Also PayPal ID
Wallace Thatcherwallacethatcher2@gmail.comLichun E (CN) & Terry Thatcher Waltz (US)
Walter Herzberg / Walter Hezbergdr.walterherzberg@yahoo.comWalter Joseph Herzberg (US) & Stephen Sadi (DE)
Walter Urbietaoscar.estal@hotmail.comWalter Urbieta Blanc (PY)
Wang Anilwang.work1985@gmail.comGICS Scam by: Youssef ASA "Chen Wang"
Wang Frendwang.frend@yahoo.comFrend Wang (CN)
Wang Jinhangwang.jiinhang@gmail.comJinhang Wang (CN)
Wang Lang / Lang Wanglengwang4@gmail.comEdward Seah (SG)
Wang Zhaowang.zhao1@hotmail.comHu Huimin (CN)
Waseem J. Magharilanguagemet26@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Waseem Magharitrs.projects@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Wasseem Maghariwasseem.maghari@hotmail.comSimone Fahim Manhary (EG) / Note 6 Languagemet
Watts Wallwatts.work1210@gmail.comChrystel Pattenden (UK)
We Translate, Inc. / Rashid Awaninfo@wetranslateinc.comA network of deception and lies Note 129
Weeghel Harryweeghel.harry@gmail.comGICS Used by "Mari Johansson" & "Luis Cahill"
Weihong Liuweihongliu76@gmail.comWeihong Liu (CN)
Weiping Louweipinglou7@gmail.comBin Li (CN) ASA "Gia Li" & "Nik Wang" Note 0
Wei-Yi Lee / Wei Leewei.lee.chinese@gmail.comWei-Yi (Jack) Lee (US)
Weiyi Jacklee / Wei-Yi Jack Leejack.lee_tra@yahoo.comChing-Ching, Lee (Estelle) (TW)
Wendy Davieswendy2.davies@gmail.comJacqueline Jones (UK), Karen Marston (UK) &OS
Wendy Kernswendykerns33@hotmail.comAnne Schulz (DE), Carola Giese (DE) &OS
Wendy Lucassen (NL) & Edward Vreeburg (NL)
Wenzel Evgenyevnawenzel.evgenyevna.wen@gmail.comNadezhda Kuranina (RU)
Wenzel Smirnovwenzel.smirnov@outlook.comWenzel Nadezhda Evgenyevna (RU)
White Angelvibhawahi22@hotmail.comVibha Wahi (IN) ASA "Vibha Wahi"
Wie Leewei.lee.translator0@gmail.comWei-Yi (Jack) Lee (US)
Wieland Haselbauer / Haselwieland.haselbauer@hotmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Bettina Selzer"
Wieland Hubrichhubrich.wieland@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE) &OS
William ?«Iam project manger» !!!
William Ahlgrenwilliam.ahlgren.wh@gmail.comThomas Johansson (PE)
William Jakkobwilliam.j.p.o.64@gmail.comDmitry Venyavkin (RU)
William Steinwilliamstein19@gmail.comWilliam Stein (US)
Winnie Meziereworkwinnietrans@gmail.comWinnie Ngimor (KE)
Wioletta Wonswiolettawons43@gmail.comWiktoria Stankiewicz-Wladimirow (PL)
Wonderful Translationh.wonderful.translation@gmail.comUnidentified scammers' email address
Wonderman trai.b.translationproject1@gmail.comASA "Nancie Leduc" / "Great Translation"
Word Wide Translationtranslate@wwtranslation.netCV THEFT / Note 98
World Transworldtranslation1@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 52
World Translatorworldtranslator951@gmail.comUsed by "Tae Lian" (Note 0) & "Ivan Jorge (Note 119)
Words Rainbowwords.rainbow@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 75
WordsVoice / Words Voicegerman@wordsvoice.comScam by Note 76
Xchun Luxchunlu@gmail.comGICS
Xian Ramexianrame@gmail.comWilliam He (CN) ASA "Daniel Yang"
Xiao Ruanxiao.ruan.z9x@gmail.comBin Li (CN) VIEW FORGED ATA CERTIFICATE
Xiaofeng Zhu / Zhu Xiaofengzhuxiaofeng02@gmail.comZhu Xiaofeng (CN) Scam by: "Ammar"
Xiaowei Qiu / Xiaowei Quixiaowei.qui.ch1@gmail.comXiaowei Qiu (UK)
Xinkuan Fuxinkuan.fu7@gmail.comSohousa (ID in Translators Café)
Xinkuan Leixinkuan.lei.trans@gmail.comLei Tang (CN)
Xiumin Yifanxiumin.yifan@gmail.comJacken Zheng (CN) &OS
Xu Guosongxuguosong1@gmail.comHsiangling Liu (TW) ASA "Hsiangling Liu"
Xu Xuxuxu.projects@gmail.comXu Xu (Rachel) (UK)
Xu Yingxu.chs.trans@gmail.comYing Cui (CN) & Ying Xiong (CN) Note 47
Xuly Jiangojiang.xuly@gmail.comDonna Liang (UK) &OS
Yagmur Yalç Yalçinkaya (TR)
Yakut Cagliyakut.cagli.tu@gmail.comAida Parviz Samadli (BA)
Yakuti Aukamayaukama@gmail.comYuki Aukama (JP)
Yamada Tarouyamada.tarou@live.comA monumental pack of lies... Note 0
Yaman Kayaliyaman.m.kayali@gmail.comYaman M. Kayali (SY)
Yan Leui / Yan Liuyan.leu@hotmail.comYasuhisa Iwakawa (JP)
Yang Chenyang0chen21@gmail.comLinda Chen (TW) & Fabienne Ledran (IL)
Yang Chengcheng121yang@hotmail.comScam ("Author") by : "Francis"
Yang Leeyang.changlee@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN)
Yang Zhang (UK)
Yang Linyang.lin1x2@gmail.comFred Chen (CN)
Yang Sasithornsasithornyang1111@gmail.comKornpreya Luenam (TH)
Yang Wang / Ya Wangyang.trans12@gmail.comGICS
Yang Wongyang.wong@outlook.saZhang Guangli (CN)
Yang Xia / Yan Gxiayan-gxia@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU), Jinhang Wang (CN) &OS
Yang Xiaobinyang.xiaobin.chinese@hotmail.comYang Xiaobin (CN)
Yanin Nguyenyanin.nguyen@outlook.comWiramon Chantarawankul (TH) & Monsa-Ang Wongpromchai (DE)
Yasemin Pekmenyaseminpekmen12@gmail.comGICS
Yasko Tadayasko.translation@gmail.comYasuhisa (“Yasu”) Hosomatsu (US)
Yasmin Adelyasminadel853@gmail.comYacine Ben Chikha (TN)
Yasser Abu Harbag.ftrans@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 50
Yasser Adnanlanguagemet79@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Scammer behind "Michael Budal"
Yasser Adnanyasser@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Yasser Shaat / Yasser Adnancreativetranslation2@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Yasser Shaat / Yasser Adnantranslation.industry@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 aka "Yassir Shaat"
Yasuko Blockyasukoblock009@gmail.comJunichi Takahashi (JP) &OS
Yasuko Okadayasuko11okada@hotmail.comGICS
Yasutomo Kazeyasutomokaze@hotmail.comYener Uluf (TR) Note 0
Ye Maoye.mao@yahoo.comYe Mao (Lintu Mao) (CA)
Yeal Yeal / Yeal Leonyeal9lean@gmail.comZohar Chabaud (FR) & Gad Kohenov (IL)
Yeavado Nayyakyeavado.n.t@gmail.comYuliya Pylypenko (UA)
Yeeun Suhyeeun_suh1@hotmail.comGICS
Yejun Huhngyejun.huhng@gmail.comMichelle Hamilton (US) See the FAKE CV
Yelda Kahya (TR)
Yelda Susanyelda.susan@gmail.comHelena Grahn (UK)
Yelena Belinovyelenabelinov2@gmail.comIgor Savenkov (RU) & Vladimir Bragilevsky (RU)
Yelena Nopriyelena.nopri@hotmail.comGICS CV author:
Yelena Pesterevayelena.pestereva@yahoo.comYelena Pestereva (RU) ASA "Ivan Rukober"
Yellen 34
Yetta Skipperyettaskipper5@gmail.comUlrik Nielsen (DK) &OS
Yi Ching Meiyichingmei@gmail.comShan Li Mei (CN) & Lihua Lin (TW)
Yim Choiyimchoi7@gmail.comWilliam He (CN)
Yimata Charles d'Ennoyimata.enno@gmail.comaka "Charles d'Enno Yimata"
Ying Leeyingchinese694@gmail.comYing Xu (CN) & Zhang Jun (CN)
Ying Lee / Yi Ching Meiyichingmei@gmail.comLihua Lin (TW)
Ying Shenyingshen1980@gmail.comTing Zhuang (US) Note 0
Yoen Huynyoen.huyn0@gmail.comJae-Hoon Roh (US) &OS
Yogota Bhosaleyogita.bhosale@hotmail.comYogita Bhosale (IN)
Yoji Shimizuyoji.shimizu@hotmail.comYutaka Matsumoto (JP) & Nobuo Kameyama (JP)
Yoko Ottleyyoko-ottley@hotmail.comDave Ottley (JP) & Nobuyuki Ito (JP)
Yoko Tanakayoko0tanaka@gmail.comSusumu Murase (JP) ASA "Hisayo Gavin"
Yomico (Yumiko) Okuyama (US)
Yona Jungyona.kimju@hotmail.comNaciye Gurcem (UK) &OS Note 0
Yong Vangyongvang33@gmail.comSophanny Nut (KH)
Yoon Jeongyoon.jeong.trans@gmail.comTae-Jung Park (KR)
Yoon Kim / Yoon Lim Kimyoon752016@hotmail.comMaureen Tanang (ID) &OS
Yoonie Cho / Yoonie Koyoonieko104@gmail.comGICS CV available online
Yoonie Kimyooniekim77@gmail.comMee Sook Kendall (US) & Chan Hee Park (KR)
Yoosoung Yeonyoosoung.yeon.translation@gmail.comSeong Jeong Hong (KR) Scam by: Dreams
York Tianyork_china@hotmail.comYork Tian (CN)
Yoshiaki Mayumimayumi.457896@gmail.comMayumi Blair (US) ASA "Mayumi Blair"
Yoshida Antikoexperts3team@gmail.comHitoko Hombu (UK)
Yuna Jung / Yona Kimjuyona.kimju@hotmail.comBaris Bakirci (TR)
Younis Hishike / Younis Hishikiyounis.hishiki@hotmail.comNobuo Kameyama (JP) &OS
Youri Ebihara-Ohashiyouriebihara-ohashi@outlook.comAkiko Ebihara-Cleaver (AE)
Yousef AbuNadapro1.transinfo@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Silver-Pens Note 87
Yousef Alhajyousefinfo@werans.comCV THEFT / Note 6 Languagemet
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nserlanguagemet52@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6 See "Yousif Omer"
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nserpm-y@languagemet.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Yousif Yousifcaption2011@hotmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Youssef Al Alaouiyoussef.atranslation@gmail.comYoussef Horma Babana (MR) Also a job poster
Ysun Liu Nowak / Ysunliuysun.liu@hotmail.comKwei K. Chang (US)
Yudi Haffyudi.haff@hotmail.comIndra Kaesar (ID)
Yudi Rozak / Y Rozakyrozak226@gmail.comMarcus Cornel Widodo (ID)
Yuji Kataokakataokayuji08@gmail.comTatsuya Christopher Ogawa (JP)
Yujia Luyujia.lu2@outlook.comGICS
Yukari Kiryu / Kiryu Translationkiryu.translation@gmail.comJunko Bradley (US)
Yukari Satoyukarisato@hotmail.comYukari Nakamura (JP) & Miguel Yasuyuki Hirota (ES)
Yukato Lian (CA)
Yuki Baksan / Bak Yukiyuyukibakak@gmail.comWang Lei (JP)
Yuki Fokamiyfokami@gmail.comYuki Fukami (JP)
Yuki Fukamiyuki.fukami@yahoo.comYuki Fukami (JP)
Yuki Miwayuki.miwa54@gmail.comYasuhisa Hosomatsu (JP) & Reiko Arakawa (IT) Note 0
Yuki Tanakayukitanaka37@gmail.comTommy Konishi (JP)
Yuki Yamanda / Yuki Yamandayuki-yamada1@hotmail.comGICS
Yukiko Kuroharayukikokurohara@hotmail.comBrandon Kurohara (JP)
Yuko Ishiiyukoishii1@hotmail.comNoriko Aoki (JP) & Noriko Kenna (IE)
Yuko Shimashima4translation@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Donald Chigao"
Yuliya Kinashyulkinash@gmail.comYuliya Kinash (UA)
Yuling Lin / Lily Linlin.china83@yahoo.comYuling Lin (CN) Note 0 / Smart Language
Yuly Penk / Yuly Penkoyuly.penk@gmail.comIryna Dragan (UA) & Yuliya Pylypenko (UA) Listed here
Yumi Fajuni / Yumi Yfajifujuyumi@gmail.comStephen D. Robertson (JP)
Yumi Kangyumikang3@gmail.comGICS
Yumi Kyeong Park / Yumi Parkyumi.park@outlook.comSeryun Kim (KR)
Yumi Youn (KR)
Yumico Okuyamayumico.pro1@gmail.comMitsuyoshi Takeyama (JP) & Geary Lv (CN)
Yuna Jung / Yona Kim Jungyona.kimju@hotmail.comBaris Bakirci (TR) &OS
Yunik"Recruiting Agent" for Real Translator Jobs Note 107
Yunpeng Heyunpeng.he@hotmail.comScott Liang (CN) & Weiping Tang (CN)
Yuri Maroyurimaro1@hotmail.comLast saved by: "Aljazeera Co" Note 52
Yurika Okumurayurika.okumura.1@gmail.comYurika Okumura (JP)
Yurika Tra !!!yurika.tra@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 78
Yuriko Minakiyuriko-minaki@hotmail.comGordon Murray (JP), Ben Jones (UK) &OS
Yuriko Wilsonyurikowilson2@gmail.comGICS
Yuriy Zhurahovskiyyuriy.zhurah23@yahoo.comYuriy Zhurahovskiy (UA)
Yusniko Okanoyusnikookano@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) ASA "Aimi Aoi"
Yusuf Nasir / Yosuf O.Nseenasir.yosuf@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 6 Languagemet
Yusuke Narusawa / Yusuke-kunyusukenarusawa@hotmail.comKaori Kawakami (BR)
Yuzun Barakyuzun.barak@gmail.comMelike Uzun (TR)
Yutaka Kaurtranslatoryutaka@gmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Yutaka Yasujiyutaka.yasuji@hotmail.comGICS
Yuto Kojimayuto.kojima.50@gmail.comFred Schumann (US) See fake CV
Yves Jacekyves.jacek@hotmail.comEllis Edwards (US)
Yvonne Ehrlichmannyvonneehrlichmann@gmail.comGICS Address: Insolvency firm???
Yyliya Palvalyuliya.palval@gmail.comYuliya (Julia) Palval (UA)
Zafar Scottzafar.scott.trans@gmail.comZafar M. Hasanov (UZ)
Zafar Hasanovzafar.hasanov1@gmail.comZafar M. Hasanov (UZ)
Zahra Fatima / Ader Languagesaderglobal@gmail.comFatima Zahra Mbacke (CA) Note 128
Zaida Inostrozazaida.inostroza15@gmail.comZaida Machuca Inostroza (CL) Scam by 24translate
Zain Atif / Elite Transelitetrans2017@gmail.comDavid Tracey (CH) Note 0
Zain Atif / Zain Mughalupwork1997@gmail.comAnjo Sterringa (ES) Note 0
Zakaria Mohammed Zorobzakarea.zourob@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Zakaria Zorobg.pedreda@yahoo.comCV THEFT / Note 6 ASA "Gema Pedreda"
Zaki Al-Attar / Zaki Alattarzakialattar@viasay.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81-2 / See scam
Zaki Al-Attarinfo@translationspace.netFAKE COMPANY Note 81-6 / See scam
Zaki Noorarabic.italian@transharvest.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81-1 / See scam
Ze Pekenio / Linda Petronillezepekenio15@gmail.comNgongang Petronille (CM)
Zeen Haidargraham0scott2@outlook.comScammers gone wacko!
Zeen Haidarzeen-haidar5@hotmail.comSharief Eissa (AE) & Hafiz Kheir (UK)
Zeynep Askerzeynep.asker@windowslive.comIrem Temel (TR) Scam by Languagemet
Zhang Ivydr1zhang.ivy@gmail.comDr. Weiping Tang (CN)
Zhang Juanzhang.ju.expert1@gmail.comHenry He (CN) ASA "Monica Henry"
Zhang Kai Jun (Zhang Kale)zhang.k.jun@hotmail.comKyle Zhang (CN)
Zhang Kaijunzkj_xt@sina.comScammer behind "Zhonghui Shen"
Zhang Lanyunlanyun.chinese@gmail.comZhang Lanyun (CN)
Zhang Lee"Author": Bernice Tsui
Zhang Qizhang1qi@hotmail.comQi Zhang (CN)
Zhang Rexzhangrex66@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Zhang Yongtra.zhang.yong@gmail.comBin Li (CN) 8th IMPERSONATION
Zhang Yanyan2chinese@gmail.comJun Zhang (CN)
Zhao Cheng / Zh Chinesezhaotrans500@gmail.comHugh Chan (CN)
Zheng Peterzptranslations1@gmail.comHaihua Zheng / Peter Zheng (CN)
Zhipung (Zhipeng) Guozhipungguo79@gmail.comNote 22
Zhonghui Shenzhonghui.shen.tra@gmail.comZhonghui Shen (CN) CV scammed w/ real photo
Zhongliang Liuzhong.liang.liu@hotmail.comGICS
Zhou Xiaopingzhou.xiaoping.lingo@hotmail.comZhou Xiaoping (Belinda) (CN)
Zina Kaarlozina.kaarlo11@gmail.comRaluca Berger (US) Scam by: Abu Fadi
Zineb Zinozz7025551@gmail.comGICS
Zita Medici / Zita Marqueringzita.medici@gmail.comChiara De Santis (IT) ASA "Marco Felentto" Note 0
Ziyauddin Shibliziyauddinshibli@gmail.comIndian scammer Note 0
Zmira Moshkovitzzmiramoshkovitz@gmail.comMoshe Weiss (IL) & Irad Ben Isaak (IL)
Zoe Translationzoe.translator@hotmail.comEcho Lim (US)
Zoey Zhouzoey_zh@live.comWilliam Wu (CN)
Zohar Chabaudchabaud.zohar@gmail.comZohar Chabaud (FR)
Zohor Mousa / Zohour Mousazohor@24translate.netCV THEFT / Note 52
Zoran Anticzoran.antiic30@gmail.comIvan Stankovic (RS)
Zoran Spasovski / Zoran Spatrezoran.spa9@gmail.comZoran Spasovski (MK)
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ASAAlso Scammed As
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GICSGhost / Fake ID Created by Scammers
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