scam noun \skæm\Your IP is:
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket (Oxford English Dictionary)
arnaque (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • fraude, burla (PT) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)
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&OS& Other Sources (cut-and-paste CV)
GICSGhost / Fake ID Created by Scammers
10 Freelancers Group / Team10freelancers10@gmail.comScammers from Oscar Translation Note 52
7translationsproject.mana8er@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 89
A. Fa. / Adama89.myemail@gmail.comEmail address used by "Freelaner Mont" Note 0
Aadhunik Murariaadhunikmurari@gmail.comKamal Gupta (IN)
Aaron Carl / Carl Aaronaaron.translation1@gmail.comKaren Riggio (FR)
Abd Elmouiz Arafatabdelmouiz-arafat@hotmail.comGICS
Abdallah A El-Sheikhabdallah@goldenear4translation.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikhabdallah_ahmed83@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Elsheikhabdallah.elsheikh83@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdel-Hady Hamid Aliinfo@localize-group.comNote 62 / CV stolen from Tamer A. Mekhimar (EG)
Abdullah (Mr.)ag@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abdullah (Mr.)abdghtrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abdullah Khalilmr.abdtrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abed Rafattheprecisemeaning@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer
Abed Raheem / Riham Rafatproc@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abed Rantisi / Mhmd Rantisimail@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer ?olive.branch@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Abeer Alrabeaabeer@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Abeer Alrabearare.translator@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Abeer Hams (Hamss)abeertranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)eng.abeers@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)nordic@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Japanese (Hams)japanese@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hams (Hamss)spanish.lingo@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humsabeer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humsagency@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humssupport@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer THEFT Note 6
Abeer Majed / Ahmed Hamidabeermajed7@gmail.comASA "Reda Awadallah" Note 6
Abeer Majedolivebranh73@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Olive Brahn ???
Abeer Mostafalanguagemet68@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Nafezagency@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Nafez Al Hams / Hamstransprof19@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Saleh / Eng. Abeer Salehnordic.lang.muchdo@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Alias for "Abeer Hams"
Abel Benitobenitoabel99@gmail.comCarmen Barrero (ES)
Abel Herbert (FR) ASA "Sam Woythaler"
Abele Alfredoabele.alfredo@yahoo.comPaulo Villac Filho (IT)
Abella Agerabella.ager.22@gmail.comLaure Meunier Guerin (FR)
Abella Madelabella.m.trans@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Jeena Babin"
Abella Madelhosamtrans2@gmail.comUses same email from "Hosam Khalifa"
Abidulsalam Tabasiaaatwat@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "dd"
Abigail Alanabigailalan76@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS ASA "Asso Tomson"
Ability Servicesmerriam_7722@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: besan / See the scam report
Abir Amosab.amos.111@gmail.comMariana Lantzet (UK) & Abir Amos (IL)
Abram Brzezinskiabram.brzezinski34@yahoo.comAlla (Amirova) Krinitskaya (RU)
Abran Benitoabran.beniito@gmail.comAna Laura Salinas (AR)
Abril Santoabriltrans225@gmail.comBrenda L. Galván (US)
Abu THEFT Note 6
Aby Lauabylau1980@gmail.comVeronica Mehno (US) &OS
Accent on Languageshr-aol@accentonlg.comCORPORATE IMPERSONATION Note 116
Accurate Translation / Janaccuratetranslation0@gmail.comTypical scammer's email address
Achi Myllysachi.myllys@gmail.comDoron Greenspan (IL)
Achim Austerlitz / Achimaachim.austerlitz.1ac@gmail.comMichael Brandl aka Joey Shao (TW)
Adam Abeladam.abel.abel4a@gmail.comGICS
Adam Gelgeradam.gelger.3@gmail.comAdam Murza-Murzicz (PL) Scam by: DCC
Adam Maksadammaks@hotmail.comGICS
Adam Pachnikadam.pachnik73@gmail.comJarczyk Adam (PL)
Adam Rofeldhuriet.french@gmail.comFrancis Huriet (FR)
Adam Unema (US) ASA "Ronald Augustin"
Adam Saariadam-saari12@hotmail.comGICS
Adam Sterringasterringa.adam@hotmail.comDennis Seine (US)
Adam Wahladamwahl35@gmail.comManfred Wahl (BE) ASA "Manfred Whal"
Adam Zakkaradamzakkar.lang99@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer
Adam Zoltanadam.zoltan@windowslive.comUlrik Nielsen (DK) ASA "Marianne Drijver"
Adamo Costaadamocosta1@gmail.comAntonio Siclari (IT)
Adan Garzaadan@globallingo.coFAKE COMPANY Note 121
Adel Shaker / Adel Transadel.trans190@gmail.comMustafa Mohamed Fadhel (AE)
Adele Alphonseadelealphonse@gmail.comStéphanie Soudais (FR)
Adele Armisteadad.armistead@outlook.comPierre Beguin (UK) ASA "Michael Armistead" ???
Adele Audiadele.a. Stefania Williams (UK)
Adele Bakadelegbak@gmail.comPernille Busborg (GR)
Adele Georgeadele2george@gmail.comMonica Barosen (NO) & Peggy Butterworth (UK)
Adele Seransadeles201@gmail.comGICS Scam by "Marwan Louz"
Adelina Tertiusadelinatrans12@gmail.comChrista Polkinhorn (US)
Adeline Adam Arnoldadeline.trans@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM) ASA "Arnold Talla"
Adeline Allemanadeline.alleman.al4@gmail.comMaurice Benedid (CA) ASA "Alaine Ballige"
Adelino Garanadelinogaran3@gmail.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK) ASA "Aldo Emil"
Adelio Mercieradeliomercier@gmail.comLuisa Mercier (IT)
Adelise Alezaeadelise.alezee@gmail.comPieter Unema (US)
Adelle Arthuradelle.arthur.tra@gmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR) See invoice / Note 0
Adham Ashqartranslationshop24@gmail.comNote 0
Adina Lionteadina.lionte@wordminds.comA network of deception & lies! Note 73
Adina Smerekaadina.smereka1@gmail.comAna Escaleira (BR) ASA "Ana Christina" & "Gilda Elia"
Adolf Albin / Adlof Albinadolfalbino@gmail.comMaria Nerdrum-Harrison (UK) & Else Irene Cruse (NO)
Adolf Albin / Adlof Albindanielredferno@gmail.comDaniel??? ASA "Daniel Redfern"
Adolf Algertranslator.translator.t@gmail.comSumit Singh (ID) & Zaida Machuca Inostroza (CL)
Adolf Sninadolf.s.trans@gmail.comRupert Johann Kindermann (DE)
Adolfo Matamataa121@gmail.comConsuelo del Carmen Ruz (US)
Adolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA "David Tony"
Adolpho Silvatranslationword3@gmail.comAdolpho J Silva (BR)
Adrian Brozekadrianbrozek20@gmail.comMalgorzata Pietsch (PL) & Dawid Tabak (PL)
Adrian Preston / LPrestonadrianl.preston@hotmail.comGICS Scam by: "JZ2000"
Adriana Aaronadrianatrans93@gmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) See the scam proof
Adriana Alferdo Agataadrianaalferdoagata@gmail.comFake CV copied from a fishy Chinese website...
Adriana Pardoadrianapardo77@gmail.comCatalina Ann Saraceno (AR) Scam by: PaLeStInIaN
Adriana Robertsadrianaroberts12@gmail.comAngela Arnone (IT)
Adriana Van Toladriana.vantol@gmail.comJohn Willemsen (BE) & Laura Morwood (NL) Note 0
Adriano Di Maula (IT) Scammed CV w/ real photo
Adriano Pejkovicadriano_pejkovic@hotmail.comAljosa Marinkovic (HR) &OS
Adriano Pezzoliadrianopezzoli.1@gmail.comNina Scutelnic (MD)
Adriano Porroadrianoo.porrooo@gmail.comDavide Benini (IT)
Adrie Bosadrie2.bos2@gmail.comSandra Dedeyne (UK)
Adrien Chevalieradrien.chevalier.t@gmail.comMériadec Perrin (FR) CV copied verbatim
Adrion Wangadrionwang@hotmail.comASA "Yuri Maro" Note 52
Afizah Thalhanafizah.thalhan@hotmail.comNor Afizah Thalhan (MY) CV scam w/ diploma scans
Afnan Aliafnanali993@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedraafnanalkedra@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedratranslationsecretsg@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedraapplication@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedratranslate.ur.project@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Agah Zoroagah.zoro@outlook.saKara Abdolmaleki (CA) & Stanislaw Czech (UK)
Agatha Coltenagatha.colten@gmail.comNote 18
Agelis Gherghelagelis.gherghel@gmail.comIoannis Lachanis (UK)
Agim Eraagimera529@gmail.comMonika Coulson (US)
Agnes Kooijmanagneskooijman79@gmail.comMuhamed Durmic (BA) & Nicole Eustace (PT)
Agnese Midossiagnese.trans@gmail.comMaria Grazia Midossi (IT)
Ahd Bobo / Ahd Ramiahdbobo@gmail.comAnother "Project Manager"...
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdohahlam.lengo@gmail.comAhlam Abu-Nada (QA)
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdohlanguagemet12@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahlam from "Arcadia Languages" Note 51
Ahmad Aboelkhaireinfo@linguistsite.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet / Also Note 79
Ahmad Aboelkhairelinguistsitespanish@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Ahmad Aligogozxc4@gmail.comMustafa Fadhe (AE)
Ahmad Barakabaraka@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Barakafreeahmad12@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Jodaahmadjoda02@hotmail.comGICS Scam by Ahmed Hussein or Manal
Ahmad Kafinaa.kafinah@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmed.m@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmed.m@gentle.translations.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmad.gentle.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Translationahmad.trans.projects@gmail.comNote 0
Ahmaed Amjad Ebrahim (SA) / aka "Amjad Ahmed Imam"
Ahmed ? / Eideen ?ahmed2014@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Abdul Mageedahmed.abdulmageed@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Adnanahmedadnan944@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Ahmed Al Mughariamughari@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Ahmed Aliahmed.ali.lingo@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81 / See the scam
Ahmed Eidahmedtrans14@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Eideenahmed@safety-translation.comCV THEFT Note 37
Ahmed Eideenpm.ahmed8@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Safety Translations
Ahmed Farisahmed.faris@windowslive.comMohammed Fahim (LK)
Ahmed Hmdanahmedhmdan2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 0
Ahmed Hmdanlanguagemet29@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Husseinahmedhussein@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Ahmed Ibrahimahmedibrahimonline@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Ahmed Ismaelahmed.ismael354@gmail.comBrigitte Hilgner (AT) &OS
Ahmed Ismaellanguagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Kamela.kamel@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Magedhigh.quality.translation2006@gmail.comThe typical scammer: High Quality Translation !!!
Ahmed Mahmoudremarkable.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Alias "Jean" / See "Sean" See the scam
Ahmed Mahmoudhigh.quality.translation2006@gmail.comCV THEFT / Note 6
Ahmed Mohammedahmed.mohammed.lang@hotmail.comMaii Saleh (EG) Scam by Languagemet
Ahmed Nadaalkingcr83@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Silver-Pens Note 87
Ahmed Nasertranslator401@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 98
Ahmed Naser Zurubahmed.zurub@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Omarahmed@gentle-translations.comScammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Omareng.ahmed.translation@gmail.comScammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Omarinfo@gentle-translations.comScammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Othmanahmed.othman34@outlook.comRafed Khashan (US)
Ahmed Qandeelmrahmadqandeel@gmail.comScam by Languagemet Note 6
Ahmed Salehahmedsaleh672@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Saleem THEFT Note 45 Languagemet
Ahmed Younislanguagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmet Abdullayevabdullayevahmet.turkish@gmail.comMustafa Er (TR) CV scammed w/ victim's photo
Ahmet Sedatahmet.sedat1990@gmail.comAhmet Sedat Ustun (TR)
AHTD Translation / Hebaah_translation_dream@yahoo.comFake PM from GoldenEar4Translation Note 20
Aida Praviz / Aida Parvizaida.parviz17@gmail.comAida Parviz Samadli (BA) Note 15
Aiko Akiyama / Akiyama Aikoaiko.ak44@gmail.comReiko Arakawa (IT) & Ryo Saeba (US) ASA "Yuki Miwa"
Aiko Shiaikoshi@hotmail.comGICS «I have no phone. It was stolen»
Ailne Barendailne.translation@gmail.comAndrea Kowalenko (ES) & Alexandra Gannon (UK)
Ailne Barendailnebarend65@gmail.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK) ASA "Adelino Garan"
Aimee Aurelieaimeesworld2000@gmail.comPatrick Michel Choupo Youmbi (CM)
Aimi Aoiaimi.aoi33@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) ASA "Akio Oikawa"
Aimi Kimuraaimi.translator1@gmail.comYasuji Nojima (JP)
Aisha Nishaaisha-nisha@hotmail.comGICS See the amazing CV
Ajmad Ahmed / Amjad Ahmedamj.ahmd@gmail.comAnas Ebrahim (SA)
Akai Chou / Akia Chouakai.chou@outlook.comGICS
Akane Goroakane.goro@gmail.comEvgeny Elshov (RU) &OS
Aki Nakamitsuakinakamitsu@gmail.comIwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) Author: Yan Chuan Bao
Akihiko Hitatchi / Akihiko Hirokiakihiko.hitatchi@gmail.comAnant Padmanabh Vipat (IN)
Akiko Howardhoward.akiko@gmail.comAkiko Sasanuma Howard (NZ)
Akiko Kondoakikokondo@hotmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP) &OS
Akiko Kondoperfect.translation89@gmail.comThe perfect scammer's email address...
Akina Fujiakinafuji.0@gmail.comOlivier De Vriese (BE)
Akino Suzukiakinosuzuki01@hotmail.comNobuaki Izumi (US) & Mikako Miyahara (JP)
Akio Oikawaakiooikawa29@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) ASA "Aimi Aoi"
Akira Ihaya (US)
Al Ousseynou Ndiayeousse.ndiaye@hotmail.comAl Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN) ASA "Ousse Ndiaye"
Ala' Abu Shaqraalaa.shaqra1@hotmail.comWilliam Taylor (US) / Alan Gardiner (UK) Note 6
Ala' Abu Shaqraalaaabushaqra@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Alaa Daviedalaa@arcadialanguages.comScammer from "Arcadia Languages" Note 51
Alaa Elkhateebalaa-n@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Alaa Firwanaalaa.firwana.2012@gmail.comScammer using the CV from Ariane Taplin
Alaa Helmyalaahelmy970@gmail.comMohammed Elsayed Mostafa (EG)
Alaa Hunt / Pro Projects ?pro.projects2013@gmail.comSamuel Henry Hunt (DE) Scam by Amani / Note 0
Alaa Mahmoudalaa@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Alaa Mahmoudalaa.mahmoud1@hotmail.comScammer posing as translator
Alaa Nabilalaa.n.pro2@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Alaa (Kamal) Othmanalaa.english.arabic@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alaa Ramzyalaa.ramzy.9@gmail.comSaleh Ahmad Ali Za'arir (JO)
Alaa Thabet / Thabitalaa.thabet23@outlook.saScammer posing as translator Note 6
Alaa Thabetalaa.thabet@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Alaah Firwanatranslationsecretsbb@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alain Florea / Alain Feildelalain.floreaa@gmail.comGuy Touitou (FR)
Alain Hohnston / Alain Johnstonalain.johnstonfrench1@gmail.comAbel Herbet (FR) 4th IMPERSONATION
Alain Johnstonalain.johnston1@gmail.comPierre Djoumessi (CM) Scam by Translation Secrets
Alain Kostovaalain.kostova@gmail.comJohn Roche (BE) Scam by Note 52
Alain Toccoalain.tocco1@gmail.comPhilippe Drevet (IN)
Alaine Balligealaineballige@gmail.comMaurice Benedid (CA) ASA "Macario Sabas"
Alan Albanalanalban00@gmail.comJean-Luc Dumont (FR) & Christian Fournier (FR)
Alan Frostalan.translator.frost@gmail.comAlan Frost (DK) See the scam here / And here
Alan Kroghalan.krogh@gmail.comYetta Jensen Bogarde (DK)
Alan Leealanlee02007@gmail.comIrene Zhao (CN) ASA "Helen Zhao"
Alba Felix / Felix Albaalbatrans30@gmail.comAdriana Latrónico (AR) Note 42
Albano Basurtoalbanobasurto@gmail.comIain Baxter (UK) ASA "Gary Walsh"
Albert Andoralbert.andor@outlook.saLászló Füvesi (HU)
Albert Kroom / Noord Hollandalbert2kroom@gmail.comAnjo Sterringa (ES) & Robert Phillip Schlarb (AT)
Albert Hamnenalberthamnen@hotmail.comTobias Ernst (DE) &OS
Albert Seligalbert_selig@aim.comMaxi Schwarz-Bastami (CA) Note 19
Albert Vigierlanguageservice.albert@gmail.comASA "Franck Gilles" (ALSO FAKE) Note 1
Alberta Ghonalberta.trans@gmail.comTranslator from the US / ASA "Sabra Gholam"
Alberto Perezalberto.perez.trans@gmail.comThiago Alessander Mascagni Assumpção (BR)
Alberto Rodregasalberto.rodregas@live.comLyahovich Vitaly Alexandrovich (BY)
Alberto Silvaat.alb.silva@gmail.comSheila Maria de Azevedo Amaral (BR) &OS
Alberto Verdonealberto.verd.2@gmail.comEnrico Zoffoli (IT)
Alberto Vieroalbrto.milano@gmail.comElisabetta de Stradis dell'Delmo (IT)
Albrain Diagnealbraindiagne@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" The scam
Aldin Axelssonaldinaxelsson1@gmail.comRolf Oward (SE) See scam
Aldo Emilaldo.emil1@yahoo.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK)
Alecandeovich Lyahovichlyahovich.alexandrovich@hotmail.comLyahovich Vitaly Alexandrovich (BY)
Alecu Camillealecu.camille@yahoo.comPierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Nicolas Amable"
Alegre Diams / Alegre Dimasalegre.dimas.tra@gmail.comEdgar Rual Potter (PT) ASA "Dina Lessa"
Alena Perjo / Alenal Perjoalenaperjo03@gmail.comGICS
Alessa Adamoalessa.a.trans@gmail.comBeatrice Corica (IT) ASA "Natalia Toti"
Alesandro Miccolialesandro234@gmail.comGICS
Alessandro Seren Rosso (IT)
Alessia Bidonealessiabidone@windowslive.comBarbara Bernardi (IT) Fake CV on ProZ
Aletta Morrisaletta4translationprojects@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisalettamorris1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisarabic@gotranslang.comCV THEFT Note 57
Aletta Morrisenglish2arabic4aletta@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisinfo@gotranslang.comCV THEFT Note 57
Álex Adarvealexspanish6@gmail.comAngélica Portales (MX)
Alex Angeloalex@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Alex Cattinalex.cattin@outlook.saValerie Galichon (DE) & Nathalie Reis (UK)
Alex Cordonecordone.translation@gmail.comGICS Used as PayPal ID for "Maria Garrido"
Alex Daviddavidalex600@gmail.comAndrea Gottfried-Evans (US)
Alex Edmonalexx4french@gmail.comJean Providence Nzabonimpa (RW)
Alex Hinokuchialex.hinokuchi4jp@gmail.comLyahovich Alexandrovich (BY) & Alex B Hinokuchi (US)
Alex Jenniferalex2french@gmail.comMarité Flores Tiravanti (AR)
Alex Koletsaskoletsas.alex65@gmail.comWerner Kienberger (AT) Note 0
Alex Michelalex.m.trans@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) ASA "Ashu Tabi Ewang"
Alex Nielsenagnielsen99@gmail.comGICS
Alex Richardalex.richardtranslator@gmail.comKaren Tucker (US)
Alex Mayoute (FR) & Thierry Yimata (CM)
Alex Wangalexjwang0@gmail.comAlex J. Wang (US) Scam by "Ammar"
Alex Zubkofftrad.zubkoff@gmail.comEvgen Kokh-Kokhanenko (UA)
Alexa Metzger / Alexa Metzgerralexa.metzgerr@gmail.comRasha Ali Hassan (EG) & Heike Behl (DE)
Alexander Ackermanalexander.b.ackerman@gmail.comSusanne Schmid (DE) See the fake invoice
Alexander Ackermana89.myemail@gmail.com2nd address used by scammers after first contact
Alexander Bekkelunddarkbreed777@gmail.comNote 67
Alexander Danielsondanielsona73@gmail.comTherese Borge-Andersen (NO)
Alexander Gorbunovalexander.gorbunov@windowslive.comPavel V. Kozlov (RU)
Alexander Yurievichalexander.yurievich@hotmail.comAlexander Tasinovich Delaver (RU)
Alexander (Lexander) Zakharovlexander.zakharov1@gmail.comAlexander V. Zakharov (RU)
Alexandra Albertwordsbreath6@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Alexandra Frederik"
Alexandra Altuchkovalexandra2ru@gmail.comMariya Korshunova (RU) &OS
Alexandra Barsantranslate@wordminds.comA network of deception & lies! Note 73
Alexandra Cochrane Ralphalexandracochraneralph@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Fabio Sacha"
Alexandra Fredrek / Frederikalexandrafredrik88@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Alexandra Albert"
Alexandra Rosenrosen4983@gmail.comSandra Bogumil (DE) & Véronique Houle (CA)
Alexandra Westphalalexandra.westphal1975@yahoo.comGisela W. Murdter (UK) & Kristin Gerdes (UK)
Alexandre Augustinalexandreaugustin@outlook.saChristian Fournier (FR) & Bertrand Besancon (US)
Alexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA "John Romy"
Alexandre Caldeiraalexandre.caldeira.11@gmail.comPeter David Freckleton (AU)
Alexandrovich Lyahovichlyahovich.alexandrovich77@gmail.comLyahovich Vitaly Alexandrovich (BY)
Alexey Suspitsynalexey.suspitsyn1@gmail.comAlexey Suspitsyn (RU)
Alexey Weliamalexeyweliam121@gmail.comMarika Landmann (DE)
Alexia Bassialexiabassi8@gmail.comRoberta Bassi (IT)
Alexis Brainealexis.translation@gmail.comGICS Note 33
Alexis Chabanolalexis.chabanol2@outlook.comAlexis Davis Chabanol (FR) ASA "Lura Brayan" Invoice
Alexis Forestieralexisfrench405@gmail.comDenis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA Jane Rouiai
Alexis Nollealexisnolle24@gmail.comUsha Anna Tirouvanziam (FR)
Alexo Roland / Alex Rolandalexo.roland@gmail.comSofia Gutkin (AU) &OS
Alfie Jonasalfie0jones@hotmail.comRajagopalan Sampatkumar (CH) & W. Wiechowski (PL)
Alfonso Vegaalfonso.vega@windowslive.comPietro Valletti (ES) & Javier Jiménez Solanas (ES)
Alfred Algernonalfredtranse1@gmail.comChristine Cramay (Italy)
Alfreed Artzalfreedartz1@gmail.comGICS
Alfred Carstenalfred.carsten@gmail.comScam by (Last saved by): Mahdi
Alham Abdulrahmanalhamabdulrahman@gmail.comNote 18
Alham Abdulrahmanomaralbluwe@gmail.comNote 18
Ali Al-Malhaniali.malhani.1111@gmail.comAli Ahmed Mohsen Al-Malhani (YE) Scam w/ docs
Ali Alia.s.d.ff20@hotmail.comPossibly associated w/ Languagemet Note 6
Ali Hamidhamid.arabic@gmail.comFatima Abdel Sater (QA) Note 62
Ali Kumarak3212243@gmail.comNiloofar Maghsood (IR) & Mahdi Esmaeilian (IR)
Ali Omar / Omer Alialiomer1326@gmail.comMohammed Fathelbab Amin (EG)
Ali Sayedali.sayed.work1@gmail.comGICS
Ali Yousefaliyousefeb@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 0 Puretrans
Ali Note 6
Ali Posing as translator
Alian Angevinealian.angevine222@gmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR) ASA "Chloe Rafael Dumont"
Alian Drollaliandroll5@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 11th IMPERSONATION
Alicata Sebastianosebastianoalicata37@gmail.comSebastiano Alicata (IT) Scam by (Author): dd
Alice Camillaalice.camilla1@gmail.comAlice Girotto (IT) Scam by Akram Afifi
Alice Cottagealicecottage6@gmail.comBirthe Ømark (DK), Helena Pires (PT), Evgueni T. (RU)
Alice Haxenalicehaxen@gmail.comFrederik Holmgaard (DK) NOT a translator!
Alice Mortenalice0morten022@gmail.comRandi Stenstrop (DK)
Alice THEFT Note 63
Alice Serafimalicesertrn@gmail.comTânia Marques Cardoso (BR)
Alice Solberg / Alice Solergalicesolberg00@gmail.comGICS Scam by: JZ2000
Alice Sorensenalice.2sorensen@gmail.comGICS
Alicia Peiroalicia4peiro097@gmail.comElena Favero (IT) &OS
Alien Aaseaase005sd@gmail.comGICS
Alina Bernier / Bernier Alinaalinabernier2@gmail.comMélanie J. Bernier (CA)
Alina Bundyalinabundy64@gmail.comSabina Waszek-Cole (PL) ASA "Sabina Waszek"
Alina Mamenkomamenkotrans@gmail.comAlina Baganova (RU)
Aline Mataaline60mata@outlook.comGICS Address: bank branch in Lisbon, Portugal
Aline Simonaline.simon.trans@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 12th IMPERSONATION
Alis Kristofferalis.kristoffer11@gmail.comMonica Barosen (NO) Scam by: Abu Fadi
Alisa Bobevaalisa.bobeva14@gmail.comDilyana Ilieva (BG)
Alisa Fernándezalisawins@gmail.comRicardo Falcó (ES) &OS
Alisa Mateoalisatrans89@gmail.comMarisa Cardon (AR)
Alise Ilyaalise92ilya@outlook.comGICS CV: 192 756 140 words translated!!!
Alison Kernsalisonkerns315@gmail.comAnne Schulz (DE) & Carola Giese (DE) ASA "Camilla J"
Alison Yongalison.yong100@gmail.comChristine Wong (NZ)
Alita Deboraalita.debora2013@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Madina Kemen"
Alix Acordalix.acord@gmail.comAnthony Dominique Teixeira (JP)
Aliz ?aliz@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
All Translators of the Worldinfo@alltranslatorsoftheworld.comMoney-sucking scheme Note 111
Allain Arashallainarash@gmail.comEl Mehdi Amaziane (ES) & Katherine McMahon (FR)
Allen Lunbeijingparam3@hotmail.comJing Li (CN) Referenced by Project HoneyPot
Allen Yeeallen.y753@gmail.comGinger Rou-Zhong Wang (US)
Alma Calvilliealmacalvillie22@gmail.comDorthe Cullen (IE) & Fu Xinkuan (CN) &OS
Alma Trejoalma.trejo225@gmail.comCarmen Cuervo-Arango (ES)
Alon Elkinalon.alkin@gmail.comAlon Elkin (IL)
Alonso Lopesalonso.lopes@outlook.comDebora Chobanian (UK)
Aloysius Ajangaloysiusajang@gmail.comAloysius Enang Ajang (CM)
Alvaro Inchaustialvaro.inchausti@outlook.comÁlvaro Inchausti Firpi (BR)
Alvaro Muleroalvaromulero1@gmail.comConsuelo Carmen Ruz (US) ASA "Diana Cifuentes"
Alvaro Nevesalvaro.nevesalvaroneves@outlook.saDébora Meira (BR) & Claudia D’Arolla (BR)
Amable Nicolas Djoumessinicolastrans15@gmail.comPierre Simplice Djoumessi (CM) Note 37
Amada Alfaroamada72000@gmail.comCintia Biesheuvel (AR)
Amado Joseamado.jose1@yahoo.comOsvaldo Montaño Lanza Vargas (BO)
Amadou Lamine Badjiamadou.french@gmail.comAmadou Lamine Badji (SN)
Amal Duhairamaldh199@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Amal Ismamal.ism87@gmail.comUnidentified scammer MORE INFO WELCOME
Amalia Moiaamalia.moia.tran@hotmail.comAmalia Just Moia (ES)
Amanai Tsuchiyaamanai.trans@gmail.comYukata Matsumoto (JP)
Amanda ?linguistico.amanda@gmail.comImpersonation of PM from Linguistico (AU)
Amanda Charassamandacharass@gmail.comJean-Luc Dumont (FR) &OS Uses "Amanda French"
Amanda Fearnleyamandacharass@gmail.comAmanda Fearnley (UK) & Bruce D. Popp (US) &OS
Amanda Harrisoncareers@qandaresearch.comFAKE company Note 109
Amanda from Thailand. Claims to live in Canada...
Amanda Jamesamanda4translations1@gmail.comCatherine Johnstone (FR)
Amanda Solomonamandasolomon@outlook.saIrene Valente (PT) Saudi Arabia email?
Amanda Viggoamanda.viggo5@gmail.comGICS
Amanda Zhao / Zhao Zhen Zhao (FR) ASA "Christina Zhao"
Amani Kamalshiningtranslation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Amany Jomaaamany.jomaa@gmail.comAbdulKarim Janjelo (LB) Note 0
Amazing Translationinfo@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Ameer Nassimameernassim@gmail.comSee the scam / Note 108
Amelia Charlesamelia-charles@hotmail.comMichele Esposito (IT) &OS ASA "Sylvie Ricciardi"
Amelia Dariuszamelidariusz86@gmail.comMaciej Andrzejczak (PL) See the scam report
Amelia Floresamilia2translate@gmail.comDigna Muñoz Tapia (CL) & Emiliano Mastrolía (AR)
Amelia Fredrickseninfo@legotranslations.comCV THEFT Note 18 IP: (Jordan)
Amelie Ayonamelieayon@hotmail.comMarianne Hannele Ranua (CA) &OS
Amelie Great Translate Note 55
Amena A. Abuamraamena@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amena Abo Amraamena.abo.amra@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Amena Abo Amrastrongchallenger2012@gmail.comD theft / CV hijacking Note 6 Languagemet
Amena Amralanguagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amer Salahlatin@14ng.comCV THEFT Note 59
Amian Dimoamiandimo@outlook.comUlla K. Lundquist (IT)
Amina Khaasvalieva2005@hotmail.comKaspars Melkis (UK) Note 0
Amit Hindujaamit.hinduja@hotmail.comAmit Hinduja (IN)
Amit Chenamit.chen.lang@gmail.comYogita Bhosale (IN)
Amit Lingo / Amit Chenamit.lingo@outlook.comShivani Gupta (IN) ASA "Shivani Gupta"
Amjad Abu Helalamjadabuhelal@hotmail.comAisha Maniar (UK) / Email copy from "Tom Kold"
Amna ?languagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amna Amra / Lucie Translatorproject2@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amr Ezzelddenamr.ezzeldden25@gmail.comAmr Ezz-eldden Mohammed (EG)
Amy Anderssonamyandersson1@outlook.comSends a CV from "Maria Bylund" !!!
Amy Anderssonamy0andersson60@gmail.comGICS
Amy Bolatkaleamy0bolatkale@gmail.comGICS
Amy Danamydan98@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Albrain Diagne"
Amy Greenamy.g.french.1@gmail.comMarie-Therese Ellis­House (US)
Amy Stefaniaamy.stefania@outlook.comAnamaria Kasza (RO)
Amy Williamsamywilliams.trad@gmail.comGisela Vigy (FR)
Amy Wimanamy.wiman1@hotmail.comKristina Staude (DE)
Ana Amanteaamantea.trans@gmail.comCecilia Amantea (AR)
Ana Antonio Guidelli Sanchezana.sanchez71@hotmail.comMarco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Anwarana0anwar0@gmail.comBirthe Ømark (DK) &OS
Anna Ashinganna.ashing0@gmail.comRoger Arvidsson (SE)
Ana Batistabatistaana14@gmail.comAna Escaleira (BR) ASA "Ana Christina" & "Gilda Elia"
Ana Boschana.spanish2@gmail.comCarolina González (AR)
Ana Brayanabray80@gmail.comAna Beatriz Barros Costa Fernandes (BR)
Ana Carvajaltranslator.carvajal@gmail.comAna Carvajal (ES)
Ana Christina / Christina Escaleira (BR)
Ana Dossantos / Ebaniana22dossantos@gmail.comTheresa Bernardes (PT)
Ana Flaviaana.flavia.portuguese@hotmail.comAna Flavia Souza Santos (BR)
Ana Flaviaportuguesetranslation07@gmail.comThe perfect scammer's email...
Ana Gomies / Gomesana.gomes.dacosta@hotmail.comAna Shuster da Costa (PT) ASA Maria (Shuster)
Ana Hernández / Ana Chaconanatrans03@gmail.comAna Isabel Chacon (ES)
Ana Loncaranaloncar25@gmail.comAna Loncar (HR) ASA "David Valentove"
Ana Lopesanafran2000@gmail.comGICS ASA "Ana Roda"
Ana Lucia Amaralanalucia_brazil@gmail.comAna Lucia Amaral (US)
Ana Marinhoana.marinho.lang@gmail.comLuis Batista (BR)
Ana Merry Costaanamerry1@gmail.comAna Beatriz Fernandes (BR)
Ana Nunesana.nunes974@gmail.comGilmar Fernandes (US)
Anna Oliveira Pereirarebeca@ottranslation.comFAKE COMPANY / Note 102 / Rebeca?
Ana Pandaana.panda133@gmail.comGICS "I am from Danish" Really?
Ana Pearsonana.pearson0@gmail.comAna Pearson (US)
Ana Radnicanaradnic1@hotmail.comDunja Seljakovic (HR) & Ana-Marija Duranec (HR)
Ana Ribeiroana.trans2012@gmail.comLaís Dalsoquio (BR)
Ana Riescoana.info22@gmail.comAna Juárez Riesco (ES)
Ana Rodaanafran2000@gmail.comGICS ASA "Ana Lopes"
Ana Roselindana.roselind@gmail.comKathi Stock (US)
Ana S. Pearsonanapearson1@yahoo.comAna S. Pearson (US) ASA "Sofia Tomas"
Ana Sanchezana.sanchez8521@gmail.comMarco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Santossantos4translation@gmail.comAna Silva (PT) & Cristina Estanislau (PT)
Ana Slobodaana.sloboda@outlook.comAna Sloboda Zirojevic (RS)
Ana Sofiaana.sofia4444@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA "Ana Sofia Saldanha"
Ana Tarchitzkyana.tarchitzky74@gmail.comAna Tarchitzky (AR) Scam by: rafat
Ana Virgyviirgy.ana.lang@gmail.comDan Ioan Mica (RO) Uses
Anabel Toroanabel0toro1@gmail.comHelmy Ismail Sani (ID) ASA "Putra Yuda"
Anabela Cruz / Anabella Garro (AR) & Ana Gomes da Costa (PT)
Anabella Goddardanabella.goddard1@hotmail.comGICS Note 0
Analia Antonio / Analía Antonioanalia.antonio.1@gmail.comMonica Lopez (US)
Anas Foadanasfoad@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Anas Foadgentletranslation69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Anastasiya Ovsyannikovaannaovsy22@gmail.comOlga Mazhar (US)
Anca Renouanca.renou00@gmail.comHélène Portefaix (UK) Scam by Ali Zaher
Andor Helgeandorhelge911@gmail.comMario Budal (IL) ASA "Karin Parelius"
Andre Colombianandre.colombian@gmail.comChristiane Bourgault (US)
Andre Cooneyandre.cooney@hotmail.comBa Babacar (SN)
Andre Emilioandretrans92@gmail.comLuis Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Luis Ferrand"
Andre Lourisandre.louris@gmail.comTilia Van Olmen (ES)
Andrea Albanandrea.alban2@gmail.comDr. Gudrun Dauner (US)
Andrea Artemioandrea0arte@gmail.comCristina Veiga (ES) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU)
Andrea Cardosocardoso.andrea33@gmail.comFlorbela Marques (PT) Also uses "Cardoso Andrea"
Andrea Harisonandreaharison43@gmail.comMaria Nerdrum-Harrison (UK) & Peter Field (UK)
Andrea Hoffinandrea.hoffin01@gmail.comMette Warloff (NO) ASA "Kristine Runde"
Andreia Írisandreiairis@outlook.comJorge Waquim (FR)
Andrea Nayandrea_nay1@hotmail.comCarola Giese (DE)
Andrea Sobaniaandreasobania6@gmail.comOve Johnsson (SE)
Andrea Staude Müllerandrea.muller20@gmail.comChristian Rhein (UK)
Andrea Velazquezandrea1fumero@hotmail.comAndrea Velázquez Fumero (ES)
Andrea Walterandreawalter017@gmail.comDr. med. Anne Schulz (DE)
Andrea Weberandrea2weber@hotmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) &OS
Andrea Zieglerziegler020@gmail.comMaria Sol Bernabé (ES) Scam by Gentle Translations
Andreas Axelandreas45axel@gmail.comLill Catinka Maxen (DK) ASA "Iryana Egger"
Andreas Reinacherandreasreinacher1970@gmail.comSteffen Schulze (DE) See the scam ASA "Ula Kohl"
Andreas Smithandre.asmi.thpr@gmail.comTammys J. Lopez (SE)
Andreea Irimia / Irmia Transirmiatrans@gmail.comAndreea-Daniela Irimia (RO)
Andrei Carp / Andrew Carpandrew@wordminds.comA network of deception & lies! Note 73
Andreia Irisandreia.ris.a0@gmail.comJorge Waquim (FR) &OS
Andres Diazandres.e.diaz@hotmail.comAndrew David Frankland (ES)
Andres Chorny / Chorny Andresandres.chorny3@gmail.comAndrés D. Chorny (AR)
Andrew Bogatovaandrew.bogatova1@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) 8th IMPERSONATION
Andrew Brandtandrew.brandt000@outlook.comYana Nikitina (RU)
Andrew Hudsonandrew.h.german@gmail.comDr. Andrew Hudson (US)
Andrew (Anderw) Hyugjooandrew.hyug435@gmail.comAndrew Wang (CN) ASA "Ivan Ruchirani"
Andrew Alixandrew.p@outlook.saAndrew P. Alix (US) Mail from IP (Palestine)
Andrew Alix / Work Monitormywork.monitor@gmail.comWhat is a "monitor" address?
Andrew Terryardrewjap@gmail.comGICS
Andrew Wilsonandrew-wilson0@hotmail.comDitto de Souza (BJ)
Andrew Wrightandreww018@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" The scam
Andrey Strigachevais.nord@gmail.comAndrey J. Strigachev (RU)
Andrey Tomaraandrey.tomara1@gmail.comEduard Tsoy (RU)
Andy Urbanandy.urban35@outlook.saGICS
Aneta Wittweaneta.wittwe@hotmail.comSvetlana Zhuk (UA)
Anhia MJ ???anhiamj12@hotmail.comToralf Mjelde (US) ASA "Toralf Mjelde"
Ani Ustyananiustyan6@gmail.comDavid Hatak (CZ)
Anees El Hamssanees@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "a"
Anees El Hamsslanguagemet72@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "a"
Aneeta Hernandezaneeta.sp.trans@gmail.comAna Belén Almada (AR)
Angel Fujiwaraangelfujiwara0@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Angel Nairnangelnairn@gmail.comASA "Daniela González" ASA "Koç Alexandra"
Angela Adelefaadelef@gmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Bettina Selzer"
Angela Andersonangela.anderson267@yahoo.comElisabetta Sillian (IE) ASA "Thomas Lawrence"
Angela"Author": Catarina
Angela Golla / Angela Galloangela.gallo1983@gmail.comAlberto Coppola (IT) &OS
Angela Lotzangela.lotz25@gmail.comAngela Lotz (DE)
Angela Petersenangelaphpetersen@gmail.comChristian Andersen (DK) & Lone Myltoft (DK)
Angelika Menzangelika.menz@gmail.comAndreas Njammasch (DE)
Angelo Monti / Monti Angeloangelo.monti.trans@gmail.comTristan Redmayne (UK)
Angy Swanangy.swan90@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / IP:, Palestine
Ani Ustyananiustyan3@gmail.comAlzbeta Malkovska (CZ) & Anna Nurkowska (IE)
Anie Slideranie_slider@hotmail.comGICS Note 0
Anika Fikseanika.fikse@gmail.comGICS Note 18 / Note 69
Anita Gustavoanita@words-cloud.comFAKE COMPANY Note 97 / See the scam
Anita Nelsonanita.nelson.99@gmail.comLise Lotte Leavitt (US)
Hanin Abed / Hanin Abd / Haneenhanin@pc4it.comFAKE COMPANY Note 88
Anita Worthyworthyanita@gmail.comFake ID created by Gentle Translations
Anja Vedsoeanjavedsoe@gmail.comGICS
Ann Ambjornann.ambjorn2015@gmail.comHelena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Ann Bogersworks.ann.bogers@gmail.comMarien van den Eijnden (The NL)
Ann Den / Ann van Denann-vanden@hotmail.comElizabeth Ann Medina (CL) Also uses: Ann VanDen
Anna ? / Veronika ?translate@wordminds.comA network of deception & lies! Note 73
Anna Agnesaanna.trans1984@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca" See scam
Anna Agnesaservicestranslation8@gmail.comAlso a PayPal ID (also used by "Laila Sagar")
Anna Ashingannaashing0@gmail.comRoger Arvidsson (SE)
Anna Babkin / Axana Babkinaxanababkin2@gmail.comElena Gatsenko (UA) Also uses "Sarah Adam"
Anna Behrmannannabehrmann.ann@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS
Anna Bettoannabetto300@gmail.comGICS
Anna Buttoneannabuttone2@gmail.comCarmen Nicoleta Popescu (RO)
Anna Campbellanna0campbell@gmail.comNils Vanbellingen (BE)
Anna Engberg / Annaa Engbergannaa.engberg3@hotmail.comNicklas Bengtsson (SE)
Anna Fernandesannafern4@gmail.comCharlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA "Becourt Rocoff"
Anna Gilesanna.giles.g15@gmail.comSylvie Gadness (US)
Anna Heikkila / Kilaanna Keikheikkilaanna077@gmail.comKristina Juvonen (FI)
Anna Ivanovannaivanov9@gmail.comKatya Filatova (RU)
Anna Ivanovaannai6268@gmail.comAnna-Märta Vlugt (SE)
Anna Jacob / Anna Jocab ???annajocab2@hotmail.comGICS
Anna Jelkingannajelking9@gmail.comCatrine Modig (SE) ASA "Emilie Olsson"
Anna Lenkutisorcatranslation@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 84
Anna Maieranna977maier@gmail.comCorinna Schramm (DE)
Anna Marcolinanna-marcolin@hotmail.comThomas Johansson (PE) &OS
Anna Noguerannanoguer1@hotmail.comAnna Padrès Noguer (ES)
Anna Nunezmultilanguages2@gmail.comFake PM f/ Multi Languages Corp Note 53 Note 54
Anna Omarkannaomark@gmail.comFake address, fake phone, fake everything...
Anna Sam Tayloranna.sam.trans@gmail.comClaudia Alejandra Isonio (AR) Note 0
Anna Wolfanna_wolf1@outlook.comEdmund Shang (CN) & Jun Yang (CN) & Lu Zou (AU)
Anna Zapatero Villarazvillar@hotmail.esAna Zapatero Villar (ES)
Annabella Danialannabella.danial@gmail.comGlenda Nielsen (DK) &OS
Anne Carole Chantalannestories@gmail.comMathilde Renou (FR)
Anne Chantalannestories@gmail.comAddress stolen from Chantal Sebag Rocoff (FR)
Anne Davies / Annie Davisannie.french73@gmail.comAnne Davies (UK)
Anne Doetschmanusa.telematic@yahoo.comFAKE COMPANY Note 103
Anne Franck / Anne Frankanne-franck1@hotmail.comMonika Englund (DE) &OS ASA"Sarah Hansson"
Anne Gegaanne.gega@hotmail.comAndrea Winzer (US) / Scam by "Alaa Thabet"
Anne Jansenannejansen1959@gmail.comAnne Maria Silder (NL)
Anne Peteranne0.peter0@gmail.comGICS
Anne Rowe-Peyrétoutanne.rowe4traslation@gmail.comAnne Rowe-Peyrétout (FR)
Anne Segersannesegers.a@gmail.comThomas Johansson (PE) Used by "Bertil Ella"
Anne Seineanneseine69@gmail.comAnna Maria Biezen (AU)
Anne Tomasannetomas0554@gmail.comShilir Habib (CA) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU)
Anne Watsonannew0874@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG)
Annemieke Blondeelannemieke.blondeel.1@gmail.comAnnemieke Lommaert-Blondeel (UK)
Annette Milroy / Annitte Milroyannette.milroy@hotmail.comAnnette Milroy (US) See note from the real Annette
Annette Wolfrathannettewolfrath@gmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR)
Annika Falkannika.falk01@gmail.comASA "Linda Robin" Scam by Afnan Alkedra / Note 0
Antara Karvade / Karavadeantarakaravade@gmail.comAntara Karvade (IN)
Anthony Herbetanthonyfrench43@gmail.comGeorges Ferné (FR) ASA "Tony Hell"
Anthony Kehoe / Tony Kehoeanthony2kehoe@gmail.comAnthony John Kehoe (JP) ASA "Michiko Watanabe"
Antje Cooperanti.coop0@gmail.comYevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Antoinette Dijkstraantoinette0dijkstra@gmail.comAdriana Veronica Roces (AR)
Anton Adamantonadam22@gmail.comGICS
Anton Antipinantonantipin@hotmail.comDmytro Cherepanov (UA)
Anton Kennedy (FR)
Anton Baeranton.baer24@gmail.comAnton Baer (SK)
Anton Bowmananton.bowman89@gmail.comGICS Scam by Languagemet
Anton Chrisanton.chris11@gmail.comScammer from Note 81
Anton Geigeranton.geiger22@gmail.comPeggy Butterworth (UK)
Anton Gerhardantontrans476@gmail.comBeate A. Mohr (US)
Anton Kasper / Kasper Antonanton.kasper3@gmail.comEndre Gábor Karczag (HU)
Anton Kislovanton.kislov1@gmail.comUS-based translator
Anton Kristoffdr.anton.kristoff@gmail.comCallum Walker (UK)
Anton Müllerantonmullerr@gmail.comJudith Maria Müller (DE) &OS
Antonello Giovanniantonello.freelance@gmail.comLucia Perandini (IT)
Antonietta Di Di Gianni (IT) ASA "Sandra Loris Angelo"
Antonio Tomás Lessa do Amaral (BR)
Antonio Berryantonio.berry22@gmail.comPiero Enrico Pallavicini (UK) & Luca Mazzocco (IT)
Antonio Cochranantonio.cochran@outlook.saJuan Salanova Arnal (ES)
Antonio de Castroantoniodecastro99@gmail.comGICS
Antonio de Pedreda López (ES) 10th IMPERSONATION
Antonio Oliveiraantoniotrans4@gmail.comEmail address used by "Feldy Lima"
Antonio Siclariantonio.siclari@hotmail.comAntonio Siclari (IT)
Antti Lukkarinanttilukkarin@hotmail.comGICS Note 0 / See the scam/invoice
Aogara Owikawaaogara.owikawa@outlook.saIwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) ASA "Aki Nakamitsu"
Apollinaire Nkouapollinaire.nkou@hotmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA "Charle Bella Mengue"
April Ebruaprilebru7@gmail.comApril Ebru Çetinkaya (AU)
Arabic NGarabic.14ng@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 59
Aram Shagoyanaramshagoyan@hotmail.comAram Shagoyan (UA)
Arcadia Languagesarcadia.translation@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 51
Ariana Miniussiarina.miniussi@gmail.comCarla Quinci (IT)
Ariane Taplinarianetaplin.german@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammer Alaa Firwana
Arianna Viglinoarrianaviglino20@gmail.comArianna Viglino (BE)
Arjen Kroesarjen.kroes@hotmail.comJan-Willem Burgers (NL) Scam by: "nmc"
Arlena Robertsarlena.roberts@gmail.comAoife Brennan (UK)
Armando Aureliusaureliusarmando@gmail.comMaria Garcia-Hierro (ES)
Armando Carmoarmandocarmo00@gmail.comClaudionor Mazotti (BR) ASA "Carla Costa"
Armin Mandamandaarmin@hotmail.comJulia Negreeva (UA) &OS Note 27
Armorel Worbyarmorel.worby@hotmail.comAlison Riddell (FR) & Alison Schwitzgebel (DE)
Arne Gerbenarne.gerben@hotmail.comMario Hendriks (NL) ASA "Lars Bargen"
Arnold Conradac4410768@gmail.comMatthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Conradarnoldtrans569@gmail.comMatthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Matta / Arnold Mataarnold.fre@gmail.comSégolène-Armelle-Marie Neilson (UK) &OS Note 114
Arnold Talla / Talla Arnoldahtalla.arnoldah10@gmail.comArnold Naoussi (CM) ASA "Adeline Adam Arnold"
Arnoudstijloffensief@gmail.comGhost "Stijloffensief Translation"
Arnoud Alting van Geusauarnoud.altingvangeusau@gmail.comArnoud Alting van Geusau (NL)
Arnulf Benjaminarnulf.benjamin111@gmail.comGICS Same street addres as "Jasmin Siegfried"
Aron Luisarontrans3@gmail.comRamani Palle (IN)
Arron Abelarronabel602@gmail.comJosé Fernando Calderón (ES)
Arthur Bergarthurbergfreelance@yahoo.comEmilie Moulettes (SE) See the scam Also a PayPal ID
Arthur Bergarthurbergfreelance@gmail.comPayPal ID used by "Alexander Ackerman"
Arthur Ienbharthurienbh@hotmail.comChristian Merlot (AU)
Arvid Roliarvidroli55@gmail.comTerja Katariina Nousiainen (FI)
Arvind Ramanarvindraman4@hotmail.comArvind Raman (SG)
Arwa Shabanarwasshaban@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Arzu Aydnarzu.aydn.lang@gmail.comZeycan Sarihacioglu (UK)
Arzu Cevikalp / Arzu Evikaparzu.ikalp33@gmail.comArzu Çevikalp (TR)
Asa Pachnerasapachner@gmail.comAnna Hermerén (SE)
Asef Alhanafi / Asef Al-hanafilanguagemet54@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Asef Hanatmustafa1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 59
Asef Nasserlanguagemet54@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Asetradius Mondragon !!!asetradiusmondragon@gmail.comMario de Echevarria (ES)
Ash Omataashomata@hotmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Donaldo Chigao" Note 0
Ashar Abdeen / Asher Ashrafashar3.ashraf@gmail.comGICS
Ashley Vinaydutttranslator2jpanese@gmail.comScam by "Abdallah Ahmed" (Egypt)
Ashu Tabi Ewangsupertabiwang@gmail.comEban Akom Emmanuel Bissong (CM)
Aslanbek Nurseitovnurseitov.zhetpisbayevich@hotmail.comAslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
Asli Yildizasliyildiz02@hotmail.comGICS
Asma Banu / Banu Translatorsasmabanu87@hotmail.comSowmya Kulkarni (IN) Note 0
Asma Noamanasmanoaman9@gmail.comGICS
Asma'a Hamedasoomkh@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Asmaa / Asma'a Hamedlanguagemet77@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Asmaa M / Asmaa Muinasmaa@btdic.comCV THEFT Note 81 /
Asmaa Tabasitranslationorbit.project9@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / FAKE COMPANY: Translation Orbit
Aso Salah / Aso M. Salahsalah.m.aso2@gmail.comAso Mohamed Salah (IQ)
Asso Tomsonassotomson5@gmail.comMeeli Kuura (EE) & Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Astrid Walterastridwm82@gmail.comAstrid Walter Medina (MX)
Athanasia Manitaraathanasiamanitara@hotmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR)
Atli Norberg / Alti Translationalti.translation@gmail.comHelge Hodneland (TH)
Aurora Blushi / Aurora Morettiquicktranslate@yahoo.grIleana Mattison (US) / Greek scammer Note 0
Aurora Smithsupport@besttranslationservices.comA network of lies and deception Note 106
Avelino Taveirostaveirosbrazilian@yahoo.comAvelino Taveiros (BR)
Avi (Avraham) Pazavi.avraham3@gmail.comAvi (Avraham) Paz (US)
Aviram Shamiraviram.shamir@hotmail.comAviram Gang (DE)
Avril Aiona / Avril Ionadr.avril.aiona@gmail.comScammer referenced by Project HoneyPot
Avril Mimeault (CA)
Axel Barry / Battryaxel.trans8@gmail.comLucie Bovyn (US) ASA "Lucie Bovyn"
Aya Abu Asakerasaker.aya@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Gentle Translations / Note 51
Aya Fariedaya.faried.s@gmail.comHassan Aly Zekry (EG) Note 0
Aya Galal / galalaya4galalaya8@gmail.comGICS Scam by: besan & Dreams
Aya Mubarakaya@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Aya Ouraouraaya5@gmail.comAya Oura (UK) ASA "Kana Wahi"
Aya Rymbergaya.rymberg@gmail.comAya Deutsch (IL)
Aya / Languagemet
Ayaka Fukami (JP) ASA "Yuki Fukami"
Ayat Ibrahimayat.ibrahim92@hotmail.comGICS
Ayat Nadapts.pm6@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 74
Ayden Gurleraydengurler11@gmail.comGICS
Aydin Namvar / Aydin Kohanaydinnamvar@gmail.comNeda Namvar Kohan (IR) &OS
Aymeric Matheossianaymeric.matheossian@gmail.comNote 100
Aynur Tajibaevaaynur.tajibaeva@gmail.comAynur Tadjibaeva (UZ) Scam by Abdallah Ahmed
Ayse (Ipek) Bilenaysebilen1@hotmail.comAyse Ipek Bilen (US)
Aysha Heibaysha.work3@gmail.comAysha Heib (IL)
Aysun Demir / Adem Akyuzfreelancer.aysun@gmail.comAysun Demir (UK) Note 24
Azul Benitoazul.e.benito0@gmail.comAzul Elisa Benito (AR) See scam ) ASA "Lucila Pando"
Azza Farag ElMersawyazza.translation@gmail.comAzza Farag ElMersawy (EG) Scam by "Hanne Youseph"
Azza Sahmoudazzasaha@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / FAKE COMPANY: Translation Orbit
Azzurra Bisognimengdie@hotmail.comItalian scammer Note 92
B.d Wadhwa / Ashoutosh Mirtab.d.wadhwa.7@gmail.comAshutosh Mitra (IN)
B. Khialshuikh@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
B. Khayat / Basel Khayatb.khyat@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
B. Khayat / Basel Khayatibtranslationsecrets@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 See: "Hema Basel"
Baassou Holmebaassou.holme@hotmail.comValeska Holme (US)
Baassou Omarbaassou_omar@outlook.comOmar Baassou (DZ)
Bacria Ancabacria.anca@hotmail.comAnca Bacria (TR)
Badr Marwan Shaweeshbadr_shaweesh@hotmail.comPeter Field (UK)
Bahaa Hamssbahaa.m.h@hotmail.comBehind "Alexander Danielson" & "Christina Schmidt"
Bailey Kai-Langbaileytrans99@gmail.comZhen Zheng (CN)
Balcon Regisreg.translation@gmail.comRégis Balcon (FR) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU) &OS
Baldo Alezaealezae.baldo@gmail.comRichard McDorman (US)
Bamby Salvobambytrans502@gmail.comSara Maghini (UK)
Ban Yunjiabanyunjia06@gmail.comBan Yunjia (UK)
Bana Sharmabana0sharma4@gmail.comFarah Abidi (US)
Bara Othman / Baraa Othmanbaraa@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Barack Andrewbarackandrew11@gmail.comDavid Coulombe (CA)
Barbara Jamesbarbara-james@outlook.comMonica Ginesi (DE) & Ivo Lang (UK) ASA "Katja Urban"
Barbara (Barbaro) Marinomarinodq@gmail.comDr. Barbara Marino (IT) ASA "Marino ?" Gentle Transl
Baron Flexbarontrans3110@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) ASA "Shing Yatsen"
Basel Ashourbasselasshour@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / FAKE COMPANY: Translation Orbit
Basel Alnahal / Basel M Nahalbasel.nahal@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 35 Languagemet
Basma Alkordtranslationcustomerservice@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 88
Basma Basheerbasma@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Basma Basheertranslationworld68@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Bastian Wallinb.h.wallin@hotmail.comMonika von Kurzynski / Dynamic Words (DE) See scam
Battosz Bodakbattoszbodak@gmail.comWitold Wiechowski (PL)
Beate Nevadbeatenevad@hotmail.comBeate Mohr (US)
Beate Remshardbeate.remshardd@gmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA "Martina Hellmuth"
Beatrice Chenchen.beatrice@hotmail.comLast saved by "Dreams"
Beatrice Coricabeatrice.corica@outlook.saBeatrice Corica (IT) ASA "Alessa Adamo"
Beatrice Ginesibeatrice1ginesi011@gmail.comMonica Ginesi (DE)
Beatrice Haasebeatrice.haase.german@gmail.comBéatrice Haase-Dubuis (US) ASA "Cecilea Evans"
Beatrice Souliebeatrice.soulie@hotmail.comBéatrice Soulié (FR)
Beatriz Edit Cirerabeatriz.cirera@yahoo.comBeatriz Edit Cirera (AR)
Becourt Rocoffbecourt.french@gmail.comCharlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA "Anna Fernandes"
Begona Huertasbegona.huertass@outlook.saDigna Muñoz Tapia (CL)
beIN Translationbeintranslation25@gmail.comScamming joint from Languagemet Note 81
Belin Cansubelin.cansu2@gmail.comGICS
Belinda Allienbelinda_allien@hotmail.comASA "Nevala Kristiana"
Belinda Danielbelindadanny35@yahoo.comScammer from "Dubai"
Belinda Yubelinda_yu1@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS ASA "Helena Batista"
Bella Kali / Bella Kalbella-kali1@hotmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) &OS ASA "Berna Aziz"
Bella Sviderska / Bella Baranov (RU)
Bengt Paulisbengt.paulis@outlook.saBengt de Paulis (FI) ASA "Josefin Wahlgren"
Benita Carbonebenitac.arbone@hotmail.comClaudia Alejandra Palmier (AR)
Benjamin Kingstonpm2@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Benti Holmbentiholm@gmail.comBirgitte England Bergum (NO)
Bento Cabralmr.bentocabral@gmail.comHugo Ferreira Simões (PT)
Berdine Thomasberdinethomas.tra@gmail.comTaillet-Nascimento (FR) & Fazool Shipkolye (CA)
Berna Azizberna-aziz2@hotmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) ASA "Bella Kali"
Bernand Honorebernandhonore@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) ASA "Jean Berrée"
Bernard Ilwnsebernard.ilwnse@hotmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernard Wagnerabsulute.language@gmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR) Typical scammer's email
Bernard Wagnerbernard.l.wagner@gmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernarda Venturaventurabernarda@gmail.comArcelino Rodrigues Monteiro (PT)
Bert Albertbert.trans7@gmail.comAndreas Luck (TH)
Bertil Ellabertil.ella.trans@gmail.comChristian Schoenberg (US) Note 0
Bertrand Ginibertrandgini@gmail.comNicola Nobili (IT)
Bertrand Marsol / Bertard Marsolbertrand.marsol1@gmail.comGideon Zangue Folem (CM) Also "Bertnard Marsol"
Best Translation24bestonlinework@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Bettina Kratzerbettina_kratzer@hotmail.comElvina Kulinicenko (DE)
Bettina Selzerbettina.german@gmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Martina Smart"
Bianca Coggiolabianca.coggiola.1@gmail.comBianca Ferreira Coggiola (BR)
Bianca Cyrillebianca.cyrille@yahoo.comWould you use an English "translator" w/ this CV?
Bigtransworkinfo@bigtranswork.comCV THEFT Note 76
Bill Lili.bill.trance@hotmail.comBill Li (CN)
Binbin Qiangbinbin.qiang1@gmail.comBernadette Duncan (DE) & Willemien Rijsdijk (NL)
Binbin Zhangbinbinzhang22@gmail.comKevin Yang (US) &OS
Bing Mambing.m444@gmail.comHelen Hu (CN)
Bing Thomasthomas.transs2@gmail.comWilliam Chen (CN)
Birgit Collinsbirgit_collins@hotmail.comAstrid Hall (DE)
Birgit Eliotbirgiteliot@hotmail.comHans Preisendanz (MX) & Johanna von der Vring (ES)
Birgitte Patersonbirgittepaterson@hotmail.comLevan Namoradze (GE)
Birthe Stephensbirthestephens@hotmail.comElizabeth Stephens (UK)
Birthe"Sandra Falk" ???
Bisan Abu Hmaid (Humaid)"Author": "dd"
Bjorn Dahlbornbjorndahlborn70@gmail.comBjörn Dahlborn (SE) CV scammed w/ photo.
Bjorn Vlugtbjorn.vlugt@gmail.comBjörn Gustav Wahlström (HK) &OS Note 0
Blasé Blasejewicz (JP)
Blue Krotovablue.krotova@gmail.comMartin Brüggemeier (DE)
Bob Fitzroyibobfitzroyi@gmail.comSee FAKE CV / Note 0
Bodil Adesonbodil_adeson@hotmail.comHermod Nilsen (DK) ASA "Karla Madsen"
Bogdan Mitrofanbogdan.mitrofan@hotmail.comBogdan Silviu Mitrofan (RO)
Bohai Dingbohaiding3b@gmail.comThoa Nguyen (VN) & Peter Field (UK) 4,000th SCAMMER
Bonar Emilia / Emilia Bonaremilia.bonar@hotmail.comWitold Wiechowski (PL) Note 115
Boris Fieldboris.field@hotmail.comIgor Vesler (US)
Boshra Fathyboshra.fathy@hotmail.comGICS
Boshra"I am Project manager" = scammer Note 0
Brett Jouvenaarbrettjouvenaar100@gmail.comBrett Jouvenaar (ES)
Brice Gakoue / Brice Gakouegakuetrans@gmail.comGakoue Brice Elysee (CI) Also uses "Gakoue Elysee"
Brice Johnsonbrice.johnson45@gmail.comAloysius Enang Ajang (CM)
Bridge Translation Agencybridgetranslation@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 90
Brigitte Hellmuthbrigitte.hellmuth@hotmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA "Martina S. Hellmuth"
Brigitte Noppenbergerbrigittenoppenberger@gmail.comSabine Berge (DE) Note 12
Brigitte Sylvainbrigittesylvain1@gmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA) &OS
Britt Ellibritt.elli@hotmail.comBritt Elli (NO) ASA "Nina Olsen"
Brook Vardanyanmickyliland.condomin98@yahoo.comBrook Beyene Tesfatsion (ET)
Bruce Fulton (UK)
Bruno Neiva / Neiva Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) ASA "Ricardo Bruno"
Bryan Frostbryanfrost.03@gmail.comGICS CV author: "Chris"
Bryan Lammensbryantranslation20@gmail.comScam by Hazem El-Zatma Note 0
BTDic THEFT Note 81
Cai Hongjiecaihongjie0429@hotmail.comCV is a copy of employment job descriptions...
Camellia Gorecamelliagore@gmail.comAnna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA "Camillia Gore"
Camilla Bonnetcamillabonnet06@gmail.comCamilla Aasheim (NO)
Camilla Jenkinscamilla0jenkins@gmail.comAnne Schulz (DE) & Carola Giese (DE) See fake CV
Camilla Jensenn / Camilla Jensencamilla.jensenn01@hotmail.comMette Warloff (NO)
Camilla Larscamillalars09@gmail.comLars Johannessen (ES)
Camillia Gorecamilliagore@gmail.comAnna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA "Camellia Gore"
Candela Cacerescandela.caceres44@gmail.comMyriam Garro (AR) ASA "Anabela Cruz" Note 97
Capelle Matthew / Capelleahmatthewcapelleah@outlook.saMatthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Carina Anlgert / Anglertcarina.anglert@windowslive.comCarola Wallén (FI)
Carina Bang Hansencarina.hansen77@hotmail.comJulien Mulas (FR) & Maureen Tanang (ID)
Carl Adlercarl.adler.tra@gmail.comManfred Reddig (AR)
Carl Galiciancarlgalician@hotmail.comElisabete Frade (UK) ASA "Cristian Candid"
Carl Glebacarl62gleba@gmail.comVladimir Romanov (UA) Note 0 / See photo
Carl Svencontact@diamondtranslation.comFAKE COMPANY Note 60
Carla Alexandra / Carla Alexcarla.alex.port11@gmail.comCarla Alexandra Inácio Lopes (PT)
Carla Carlos / Carla Carlacarla.carlos980@gmail.comRosanna Freitas (PT) & Cristiane Cornes (AU)
Carla Cavacarla48cava@outlook.comGICS
Carla Costacarla.costa41@outlook.comClaudionor Mazotti (BR) ASA "Armando Carmo"
Carla Garciacarla.translaton@gmail.comTatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA "Cristina Greene"
Carla PM from US company Note 0 / Basel Nahal
Carla Jackelinecarla.jackeline30@gmail.comCarla Jackeline Modesto e Silva (BR)
Carla Károlykaroly.carla.tran@gmail.comCinnamon Nolan (ES)
Carla Lopescarla.lopes.lang@hotmail.comLilian Costa Magalhaes (BR)
Carla Mariosalphabest.translations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 32
Carla Massacarlamassa8@gmail.comNadia Mari-van Keulen (IT)
Carla Ormanormancarla2@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) 8th SCAMMING OF THIS CV
Carlene Wirobskicarlenetech@gmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) Note 16 See her invoice!
Carlito Troncitroncicarlito@gmail.comPhilippe Tronci (CL) No Skype, because > Note 0
Carlla ?languagemet39@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Carlo Wilson / Carol Wilsoncarol.wilson71@hotmail.comPierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) Scam by: "awadallah"
Carlos Bellemocarlos.bellemo@gmail.comHector López (AR) & Hugo F. Carrer (AR)
Carlos Bettycarlosbetty12@gmail.comErich Heer (US) ASA "David Dallas"
Carlos Gomezeng2spanish@gmail.comVicente Victorica (MX)
Carlos Gustavocarlos.gustavo.trans@gmail.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Carlos Laviscarlos.lavis@gmail.comArtur Jorge Pereira Martins (PT)
Carlos Piamontecarlos.piamonte1@gmail.comRafael Calvo Fernández (ES)
Carlos Valdezcarlos.manuel.valdez@hotmail.comCarlos Manuel L. Valdez (DO) ASA "Daniela Álvaro"
Carme Edwards Coopercarme0cooper@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Carmelo Murracarmelomurra@gmail.comDr. Stefano Asperti (IT) & Stefano Papaleo (IT)
Carmen Brotzcarmenbrotz@gmail.comNote 4
Carmen Lianliancarmen@gmail.comGICS / Also PayPal ID
Carmen Ponthieux (FR) Note 0 / See the invoice
Carmen Pottercarmen-potter@hotmail.comFlavia Luz (NL)
Carmen Rochi (Carmen Roche)carmen.rochi@hotmail.comJohn J. McDonnell (UK) ASA "Mary Howard"
Carmen Vesseurcarmen.vesseur@hotmail.comPeter Kissik (DE) & Thomas Menz (DE)
Caro Sasscaro_sass@outlook.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK) &OS
Caro Sendelbachcarosendelbach2@gmail.comAmlaku Bikss Eshetie (ET) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU)
Carola Hallcarolahall2@gmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR) & Gisela Vigy (FR)
Carole Cristophecharolec@gmail.comVéronique Stone (UK)
Carole Harringtoncarole.harriington@gmail.comElshan Abdullayev (AZ) ASA "Elshan Aleynikova"
Carolien Brandcarolienbrand4@gmail.comEva Tadell (US) &OS
Carolin Nanzcarolin.nanz1@gmail.comCarolin Nanz (DE) See the scam
Carolina Cintialina.ar79@gmail.comASA "Jeanne Verbeke"
Caroline Angecaroline.a.2.w.2@gmail.comMurielle Mimeault (CA) Scam Made in China
Caroline Cheng / Cheng Carolinecheng.caroline01@gmail.comEdward L. Crosby III (US)
Caroline Martin / Martinecarolinema35@gmail.comGICS Scam by (Author): Ibrahim
Caroline Martinezcarolineprofession@gmail.comGICS CV online on in
Caroline Santoscaroline.r.santos@hotmail.comCaroline Reis Vieira Santos (BR)
Caroline Wackercarolinw7@gmail.comGICS
Catarina Almeidacatarina9almeida@gmail.comAna Catarina Lopes (PT) & João Mata (PT) See scam
Catarina Siqueiracatarina.0siqueira@gmail.comJohnny Petersen (DK) &OS
Caterina Pezzuticaterina.pizzuti12@gmail.comCaterina Pezzuti (IT)
Catherine Charlescc2translate@gmail.comSorina Ioana Trif (RO) & Emeline Jamoul (BE) &OS
Catherine Coxcatherine_cox1@hotmail.comMaria Sole Manganiello (IT) & Benedetta Mannella (US)
Catherine Debacqcatherine.debacq@outlook.comAlexis Doussin (UK) See FAKE CV
Catherine Jennycatherinejenny35@gmail.comAndrew Graham Bell (AU) ASA "Peter Omark"
Catherine Mariecatherine0marie@gmail.comSégolène Neilson (UK) & Hélène Alexis (FR)
Cathleen Smithcatysmith1@gmail.comLuciano Silva (BR), Olga Evkucheva (RU) &OS
Cathrine Jonanssonjonanssoncathrine@hotmail.comRauno Myrwad (SE)
Cathy Rossellacathy.rossella@gmail.comMartin Ledoux (CA) & Isabelle Struk-Thibert (CA)
Catina Anncatina.language@gmail.comPatrícia Cristina Araújo Albino (PT)
Cato Luciacato.lucia.trans@gmail.comCiprian Patrascu, MD (RO)
Catrine Karlssoncatrinekarlsson091@gmail.comGICS
Catrine Olssoncatrine2olsson07@gmail.comGICS
Cebastien Tankoanocebastien.tankoano@yahoo.comCebastien Tankoano (CN)
Cecile Bouchoncecile.bouchon@outlook.saCécile Bouchon (FR)
Cecilie Elvomocecilie-elvomo@hotmail.comMaria Nerdrum-Harrison (UK)
Cecile Lavistranslate2fre@gmail.comCecile Lavis (BE)
Cecile Lecontececileleconte2000@gmail.comDorothée Leconte (FR) & Leon Kamga (CM)
Cecile Mallorycecile.mallory@yahoo.comPatti Maselli (FR)
Cecile Mosscecilemoss123@gmail.comChantal Sebag Rocoff (FR) &OS
Cecilea Evanscecilea.evans01@gmail.comBeatrice Aline Hase (ALSO A FAKE CV ON TC)
Cecilia Mastruzzo / Mastruzzoocecilia.mastruzzoo2@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Cecilia Saracenotrans.cecilia@gmail.comCatalina Ann Saraceno (AR)
Cecilie Elvomocecilie-elvomo@hotmail.comGICS
Cedras Veiracedras2veiras@gmail.comInês Cidrães Vieira (PT)
Celine Elliot Nicolas / Nicolasaceline.freelancer@gmail.comHubert Delorme (FR) & Emmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Celine Klotzceline.klotz1@gmail.comMarjorie Gouzée (BE) ASA "Marjorie Gouzee"
Ceren Soyakceren.soyak@hotmail.comScam by "Elham Jamal" Note 0
Chafyn Fergusonchafyn.ferguson@gmail.comGICS
Chakib Roularoula.chakib@yahoo.comBANNED FROM ProZ
Chan Edwinchan.edwin@outlook.comGICS
Chan-Juan Chunch.j.chun.ch2@gmail.comLihua Jiang-Qin (US)
Chan Junhochanjunho33@gmail.comChan Hee Park (KR) & J. André Vanasse (CA)
Chandrasekaran Rangarajr.chandrasekaran@outlook.comChandrasekaran Rangaraj (IN)
Chang Jung / Chang Yungchangyang816@gmail.comMichael C. Kim (KR) ASA "Chang Yang"
Chang Soisoi.chang48@gmail.comLiu Fuxiang (CN) ASA "Lee Fuxiang"
Chang Wongchang.wong@outlook.comRandyzou (CN)
Chanta Kroon / Chantal de Kroonchantalkroon63@gmail.comRogier van Vlissingen (US)
Chao Chunchao.chun.chinese@gmail.comLihua Jiang-Qin (US)
Chara Amun / Chara Amumcharaamun@hotmail.comGICS
Charaçois Pierre Begon (FR) & Yoko Shinobu (JP)
Charle Bellacvinybela@yahoo.frScam by "Mohammed Almassri" Note 9
Charle Vincent Bella Menguecharlebella.trans@gmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) Note 9
Charles Angeloangelocharles644@gmail.comWeiping Tang (CN) ASA "Yunpeng He"
Charles Azzopardicazzopardi92@gmail.comNote 2
Charles d'Enno Yimatayimata.enno@gmail.comThierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM) ASA "Alex Sone"
Charles Declancharles.ger2003@gmail.comASA ghost "Nicole Schmid" (Schmidt) (online)
Charles Goudecharles.goudi@yahoo.comCharles Miikelange Goude (GH)
Charles James Davischarles.james.12davis@hotmail.comCharles Davis (ES) See the bust
Charles Olesen (DK)
Charles Kwonkwonc885@gmail.comYoung-ha (Charles) Kwon (KR) ASA "Tae Lian"
Charles Miike / Charles created by scammer Basel Nahal
Charles Paultranslators@basictrans.comCV THEFT Note 45
Charles Yimata / Yimata Charlesyimata.enno@gmail.comThierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM)
Charline Radellecharline.radelle@gmail.comDavid Coulombe (CA)
Charline Vuilletcharlinevuillet@gmail.comGICS Note 0
Charlot Morascharlot.moras@gmail.comAlain Mouchel-Vallon (FR)
Charlotte Goebelcharlottegoebel3@gmail.comNadja de Oliveira (DK) & Malene Buch Jepsen (DK)
Charlotte Lecontea2zlanguage@gmail.comViollet Benjamin (FR) &OS
Charlotte Noguercharlotte.noguer@gmail.comEmmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Chen Bobchen.bob1@hotmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) See the proof
Chen Huizhangchen.huizhang12@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Cheng Yang / Yang Chengyang77cheng@gmail.comAuthor: "Francis" Scam by: Dreams / nmc
Chie Kleinchie0klein11@gmail.comMitsuyoshi Takeyama (JP)
Chioy Hondahondachioy@gmail.comGICS See FAKE CV Scam by: "Ihsan Salman" Note 6
Chira Morotochira.moroto@gmail.comAnnalisa Pesce (IT) See the scam
Chivan Shinshinhao0777@gmail.comGICS Note 27
Chloe Rafael Dumontchloedu2@hotmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR) ASA "Alian Angevine"
Choi Woo / Cho Woochoiwoo62@gmail.comDelirious CV... 7 different email addresses
Choig Young / Young Choigchoig.young.lang@hotmail.comHan Yeon Il (KR)
Chrestina Real / Christina Realchristina.real.21@gmail.comCecilia Real Rodríguez (ES)
Chris Barigumchris.b.german@hotmail.comFake ID created by MuchDo Note 6
Chris Germanagency@muchdo.comFake ID created by MuchDo Note 6
Chrisina Real / Christina Realchristina.real8@gmail.comCecilia Real Rodríguez (ES)
Christian Eisenacchristian.eisenac@gmail.comChristian A. Eisenach (DE)
Christian Holmanchristianh.spanish@gmail.comPaz Cabo (UK) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Christian Landaischristian.landais.24@gmail.comChristian Landais (FR) ASA "Jane Sylla"
Christian Larssonchristian-larsson@hotmail.comChristine Nicholson (AU) ASA "Christine Nicholson"
Christian Reichelaastarlang@gmail.comGhost CV available online
Christian Robitaillechristian.robit23@outlook.saChristian Robitaille (CA)
Christian Rumseyrumsey.christian@gmail.comKari Korkatti (FI)
Christiane Kunthchristiane.k1984@gmail.comChristiane Kunth (CR)
Christiane Leroyleroylanguage@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA "Julien Leroy"
Christina Beckmannchristina-beckmann@hotmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR) & Niels Stephan (DE)
Christina Clarkchristina_clark1@hotmail.comTamara Joram (FR) & Gayle Wallimann (US) See FAKE
Christina Colbackcolback.christina3@gmail.comCatherine Johnstone (FR) &OS Note 0
Christina Florencelinguisticsolution99@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 39
Christina Ho / Chris Hochristina1ho@yahoo.comChristina Ho (Danping He) (CN)
Christina Schmidtchristinaschmidt1975@gmail.comGICS Scam by "Bahaa Hamss", Gaza
Christina Zhaochristina.translation@gmail.comHui Zhen Zhao (FR)
Christine Anonellachristineanonella@gmail.comUS Translator / ASA "Sabra Gholam"
Christine Hoffmannchristine4german@gmail.comMichelle Weston (FR)
Christine Nicholsonchristine.nicholson1@hotmail.comChristine Nicholson (AU)
Christine Nicholsonfreelancer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 See "Ioleta Fathi"
Christine Nicholsontoptranslate2013@gmail.comID Moneybookers / See "Mandareen Canter"
Christine Schön Wood (US)
Christopher Jason / Work Jasonchristopher.jason.trans@gmail.comAbdelkader Kadiallah (MA)
Christopher Kretschmerchristopher2germa@hotmail.comChristopher Meyer-Kretschmer (DE)
Chrystel Nicolaschrystelchrystel@hotmail.comCharlotte Blot (FR) & Antoine Szücs (FR) &OS Note 0
Chun Li / Chun Luchun87909@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) ASA "Shing Yatsen"
Cicero Fernandesfreelancer.cicero@gmail.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (BR)
Cicero Teotoniocicero.h.teotonio@hotmail.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (BR)
Cindy Singhsinghcindy393@gmail.comNative "Dutch" created by scammers
Cinefil Ohashicinefil0ohashi11@gmail.comHéctor Jorge Aires (AR) &OS
Cinthia Pancinthiapan1@hotmail.comWillemien Rijsdijk (NL) &OS 2000th SCAMMER
Ciprian Ardeleanuciprian.ardeleanu77@gmail.comRobert Daraban (RO)
Claire Haroonclaire.haroon0@gmail.comArash Nahandian Fard (IR)
Claire Loicclaire.loic@yahoo.comIris Van Brabant (ES)
Clara Jamesclara.linguist@gmail.comYuki Okada (JP) ASA "Emi Suzuki" & "Manjiri Joglekar"
Clark Youngclark.young90@gmail.comTsang Kai Jun (CN)
Claudia Agustina Montarryclaudia.montarry@gmail.comMaria Belén Carneiro Caneiro (ES) &OS
Claudia Antonioclaudia.antonio.spanish@gmail.comMercedes Guijarro-Crouch (US)
Claudia Frenetteclaudia.frenette1@gmail.comJulien Mulas (FR) &OS
Claudia Gonzalezclaudia.gonzalez@outlook.saMirta E. De Seta (AR)
Claudia Iotcovclaudiaiotcov2@gmail.comSabau Georgeta-Laura (RO)
Claudia Klugeclaudia.b.kluge1@gmail.comClaudia Bögel Kluge (ES)
Claudia Laferrièrelaferriereclaudia@gmail.comGayle Wallimann (FR)
Claudia Lebrunclaudia0lebrun13@gmail.comPavel Nikonorkin (RU) &OS
Claudia Maydornclaudiamaydorn@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) &OS
Claudia Manuelo / Manuelaclaudia.manualo@gmail.comSara Pisano (IT) & Giovanni Danielli (IT) Manualo?
Claudia Palmier / Claudia Palmirclaudia.palmir@gmail.comClaudia Alejandra Palmier (AR) ASA "Benita Carbone"
Claudia Tullytullyclaudia@gmail.comKate Major (ES)
Claudio Ricci / Ricciiclaudioriccii202@gmail.comClaudio Ricci (IT)
Claudio Riccii / Ricci Catarinozziclaudio.riccii.tra@gmail.comClaudio Ricci (IT) & Francesco Catarinozzi (IT)
Clelia Rossaclelia.rossa85@gmail.comGICS
Clive McCombeclive.ita1@gmail.comClive McCombe (IT) See the scam report
Clothilde Courtoisclothilde.courtoiis.tra@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Eric Begone"
Clotilde Zellerclotilde.zeller.1@gmail.comClotilde Zeller (FR)
Clytze Xiangclytze.xiang@hotmail.comClytze Xiang (CN) ASA "Leze Xang Li"
Coen Bruinmrcoenbruin@gmail.comCoen Bruin (NL)
Colette Crossfieldcolettecrossfield@gmail.comJanice Crossfield (UK)
Colin Thomscolin.11thoms@gmail.comSérgio Almeida (BR)
Company of Heroesc0mpanyofheroes@outlook.comNote 0
Cong Huangcong.huang@windowslive.comXianyang Tan (CN)
Corea Antoniocorea.antonio@hotmail.comAntonio Filippo Corea (IT)
Corinne Sentenaccorinne.sentenacc@gmail.comAlexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA "Alexandre Batista"
Cornelia Wolfcorneliawolf17@gmail.comPierre Simplice Djoumessi (CM) &OS
Costantino Chloechloe4french@gmail.comMarion Joly (FR) Note 4 Fake LinkedIn profile
Cristian Candidcristian.can.trans@gmail.comElisabete Frade (UK) ASA "Carl Galician"
Cristiana Maggiolinicristiana.maggiolini@hotmail.comCristiana Maggiolini (IT)
Cristinia Chevarria / Cristinacristiniachevarria1@gmail.comCristina Lezana (ES)
Cristina Girinocristina.girino@gmail.comMauro Lucio Cristuib-Grizzi (IT)
Cristina Greenecristinagreene1@gmail.comTatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA "Carla Garcia"
Cristina Heraud-Van Tolcristina0heraud@gmail.comCristina Heraud-Van Tol (CL)
Cristina Marinhocristina.marinho.work1@gmail.comCristina Maria Pordeus Marinho (US)
Cristina Morenocristina_moreno0@outlook.comMaria F. Ordonez (ES) & Maria Manuel Barros (PT)
Cristina Racca / Racca Cristinacrestina.racca@outlook.saCristina Racca (UK) "Author": Walaa
Cristina Recasenscristinarecasenss710@gmail.comFrancisca Bittner Godoy (CL) ASA "Francis. Bittner"
Crystal Samplescrystalsamplese@gmail.comCrystal Samples Note 2 / See the scam proof
Curtis Mazotticurtis.mazotti@outlook.saPaulo Roberto de Souza (BR)
Cynthia Coancynthia0coan@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) & Ciarán Rooney (IE)
D AlJamal / Doaa Aljmald.aljmal@pts5.comCV THEFT Note 74
Dalal ?dalalservices@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Dalal ?languagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Email used by 2 other scammers
Dalal ?pm@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dalal Nada / Dalal Imaddalal.nada.work10@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Dala Nadalanguagemet71@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dala Nadalanguagemet74@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dale Odalldaletrans78@gmail.comDr. Rudy F. Kutz (US)
Dalia Translation / Dalia«Independent project manager» = scammer Note 0
Damian Jacekdamian_jacek@outlook.comDamian Jacek Pydys (PL)
Damian Stan / Damian Cdamian@wordminds.comScamming network! Note 73 3000th SCAMMER!
Damien Larosedlarose26@gmail.comCénia Vien (HN) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Dan Ioandan.ioan5677@gmail.comDan Ioan Mica (RO)
Dan Joneslovingdjones12@gmail.comNote 29
Dan Morsedan.morse.tran@hotmail.comMatthew Schlecht (US) Scam by: "besan"
Dana Alaadana2013alaa@gmail.comLoay Al-Dakhlallah (AE) & Marwa Helmi (US) Note 0
Dana Lungudana.lungu.trans@gmail.comNicoleta Lungu (RO)
Daneil Pintodaneilpinto1@gmail.comNeilton Luiz Jr (BR) Daneil? Scam by: "awadallah"
Danela Bellamydanela.trans@gmail.comEmmanuelle Fulkerson (US) ASA "Celine Elliot Nicolas"
Daney Punedaneypune@gmail.comNykhita Torres M. (SE)
Danhila Dan / Danhi Ladandanhiladan25@gmail.comCV contains the name of a "Margreet Martel"
Dani Marlidanitrans947@gmail.comGuy Costa Demke (BR)
Danial Grou / Danieal Gruodanialgrou2@gmail.comEmilio Francisco Gironda (PE)
Danial Walshdaniel4translation@hotmail.comA Portuguese named "Danial"? Really?
Danica Casimirdanica.casimir.tra@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA) & Helen Gerdova (UA)
Daniel Berlingdanielberling1@gmail.comCarla Quinci (IT)
Daniel Brandtpm@bigtranswork.comCV THEFT Note 76
Daniel Chan / Dan Chandan.chan671@gmail.comDaniel Chan (HK)
Daniel Craig / Daniel Greigscandinaviannet@hotmail.comScammer behind the ghost Scandinavian Network
Daniel E. Olesen / Daniel Olesemdaniel.olesen11@gmail.comDaniel Olesen (DK) Photo kept on CV
Daniel Hofmandaniel.hofman33@gmail.comGICS Scam by: "JZ2000"
Daniel Jacobdaniel0jacob09@gmail.comAlain Mouchel-Vallon (FR)
Daniel Joachim Owona Konoowona.kono@gmail.comDaniel Joachim Owona Kono (CM)
Daniel Jorgedaniel.j.lopez.tran@gmail.comMar Anton Rodriguez (ES) & Elisa Aznar (ES)
Daniel Karlsondanie.karlson@gmail.comThomas Johansson (PE) ASA "Anna Marcolin"
Daniel Klaassendanielkla914@gmail.comDaniel Klaassen (CA)
Daniel Liordaniellior8@gmail.comAmir Gavriely (CA) &OS
Daniel Mariscatranslators861@gmail.comCorporate impersonation Note 54
Daniel Marsoldmarsol774@gmail.comCV created by scammers
Daniel Mohammaddnlmhd1993@gmail.comAuthor of Twitter libel campaign Note 118
Daniel Rabeldaniel.ra@outlook.saBenjamín Alberto Flores (SV)
Daniel Rasmonsendaniel.rasmonsen@outlook.comAndrew P. Alix (US) ASA "Andrew P. Alix" Note 0
Daniel Redferndanielredfernd@gmail.comDaniel Lundberg (SE) & Tomas Hutters (DK)
Daniel Riffauddaniel.riffaud35@gmail.comLaureana Pavon Caelles (UY)
Daniel Stormstormdaniel8@hotmail.comLorna O'Donoghue (IE)
Daniel Yangdaniyang3@gmail.comWilliam He (CN) ASA "Xian Rame"
Daniela Álvarodanielaalvaro001@gmail.comCarlos Manuel Lugo Valdez (DO)
Daniela Cifuentesbestdaniela@gmail.comDaniela Alejandra Cifuentes (AR)
Daniela Francistydaniela.francisty11@gmail.comLydia Francisty (UK)
Daniela Gonzálezdaniela.gonz.2000@gmail.comMariana Hauber (AR)
Daniela Melomelospanish@gmail.comVictor Lujan (US) & Ioana-Laura Bida (RO) Note 4
Daniela Poszler (AR) Note 0
Daniele Francescofrancescodaniele80@gmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT)
Daniele Guiduccidaniele.guiducci2@hotmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT) See the scam
Daniele Sergiodaniele.sergio@hotmail.comAmalia Cassano (IT)
Danielle Abreudanielleabreu123@gmail.comMirella Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA "Natasha Bongetta"
Danijela Milenkovic / Milenkocicdanijela.milenkovic4trans@gmail.comDanijela Milenkovic (RS)
Danila Paolodanila.paolo@outlook.comGiovanna Tomaro (UK)
Danylo Tolletdanylo.tollet@gmail.comAimé Ngidjol Mbeh (CM)
Danny L. Pearsalldanny.pearsall22@gmail.comSeamus Mullarkey (US)
Dany Marcozdany.marcoz@gmail.comRosalind Howarth (UK)
Danya Salamadanyasalama@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Danya Salama / Riham Rafatpm-r@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Daria Burridariaburri2@hotmail.comCathrine Dam Petersen (ES) ASA "Malene Helgesen"
Dario Efisiodario.efisio@gmail.comAlberto Coppola (IT)
Dario Ignaciodarioignacio1@hotmail.comFian Ignacio (KE) CV available online (probably fake)
Dario Putelisdarioputelis@gmail.comChiara Di Bisceglie (IT)
Dario Quintavalleda.quintavalle@gmail.comDario Quintavalle (IT)
Darshan Dadlani99rockingwings@gmail.comNote 39
Dasom Chungdasomchung0@hotmail.comAliaa Elgarawany (EG) &OS
Dat La / Dat G. Ladat_la@windowslive.comNguyen Ngoc Son (VN)
Dave Calderheaddave.calderhead@windowslive.comDave Calderhead (NL) & Ann Detelder (BE)
Dave Nevedave.neve.trans@gmail.comDave Neve (FR)
Davetta Smithlivingword00@gmail.comUnidentified scammer / More info welcome
David Ben Salamdavid.b.salam@gmail.comNaty Schwartz (IL) Note 0 / Silvana Pluss
David Chendavid.chen.lang@hotmail.comRentao Zhao (CN)
David Christiandavid.christian@outlook.saDavid Christian (JP) Scam by: "besan" & "nmc"
David Dallasdaviddallas908@gmail.comErich Heer (US) ASA "Carlos Betty"
David Francoisdavid.francois85@hotmail.comMyra Lyle (AU)
David Herrydavidherry2@gmail.comDavid Howard (UK)
David Higbeedavid.higbee@gmx.comDavid Higbee (US)
David Kandula / Anusha Kandulaproficienttranslations@gmail.comVasundhara Kandula (IN) Used by "David Miller"
David Langdavidlang75@hotmail.frImpersonator of PM from Rosetta Translation
David Li / Liudavidliu131024@gmail.comGood apparel from China? Note 82
David Lintondavid.linton.lang@gmail.comDaniel Olesen (DK) Scam by Languagemet
David Maslodavidmaslopa@gmail.comGICS PayPal ID used by "Arnold Matta" Note 0
David Millermanualtranslations@gmail.comSharon S. L. Toh (SG) & Vasundhara Kandula (IN)
David Nawrockdavidnaw10@gmail.comNote 41
David Mao (Ye Mao) (CA)
David Paulodavid101paulo@hotmail.comPaulo Mendes da Luz (PT)
David Tailordavid.fre72@gmail.comKassandra Elizee (US)
David Taylordeutschenglischdeutsch@gmail.comGICS Lives in a circus!!! Note 0
David Tonydavid.tony.translator@gmail.comAdolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA "Adolfo Ruiz"
David Valentove (Valento) Lesardavidvalento@gmail.comAna Loncar (HR)
David Vicdavid.vic2012@gmail.comPeter Field (UK) Scam by: "Ysameen"
David Wittedavid.witte@outlook.saGisela Greenlee (US) & Friedheim Fockenberg (DE)
Davide Giovannadavide.giovanna5@gmail.comDavide Latocca (IT) Scam by Roza Yasn / Wordsvoice
Davis Karia / Kira Davisdaviskira0@gmail.comAnn-Cecilie Davis (NO) & Kerstin Gallant (US)
Dawn Belldawnbell258@gmail.comIan Giles (UK) &OS
Deane Kynerddeane.kynerd@gmail.comHelena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Deborah Christen / Deboahdeborah11chres@gmail.comDeborah Christen (DE)
Deborah Nicolasdeborah.nicolas1@hotmail.comLinda Bjelland (UK) & Diane Oatley (NO)
Deboric Galihdeboric.trans@gmail.comFabrizio Bianchini (CA)
Deboric Tesca / Debora Tascadeborictesca@hotmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Anna Agnesa"
Deema Peterdeemapeter45@gmail.comMaciej Andrzejczak (PL) ASA "Rita Maciej"
Delia Figarodeliafigaro@gmail.comPierre Louis Porcheron (UK) Scam by: figtsu
Dener Limadener.lima1@yahoo.comGICS
Denis Urbandenisurban24@gmail.comCort Rosebro (US)
Denisa Vackov / Denisa Vackovádenisa0vackov@gmail.comDenisa Vackova (UK)
Desiree J. J.arletteef@gmail.comLahcène Aissani (DZ)
Details Personalpersonal.details@outlook.comGENERIC EMAIL USED BY SCAMMERS
Deven Sachdevadeven.sachdeva24@gmail.comDeven Sachdeva (IN)
Dhaka Abu Alemdhaka.abualem@gmail.comRoy Chaudhuri (IN) & Ziaur Rahman (BD)
Dhurvi Bhatta / Dhurvi Bhatiadhruvi.bhatta.4@gmail.comGICS
Diachi Takedadiachi.takeda@gmail.comDia Sotto Alibo (PH)
Diana Abramovdiana4translation@gmail.comInna Borymova (RU) Scam by: Bisan
Diana Browndiana14.brown@gmail.comDiana Romanian (RO) & Ioan Ciurdaru (RO)
Diana Carrascodianacarrasco43@gmail.comPaz Cabo (UK)
Diana Cifuentescifuentesd87@gmail.comConsuelo del Carmen Ruz (US) ASA "Adolfo Mata"
Diana Hovhovtranslation@gmail.comUnidentified scammer More info here
Diana Tilmeondtiml.translator@gmail.comDaria Hussels (UK) & Alexandra Gannon (UK)
Diane Ginis-Milligandigitaaltranslatins@gmail.comDiane Ginis-Milligan (GR)
Diarmuid Kennandiarmuid.kennan@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) ASA "Andrea Weber"
Dias Endiandias.endian@gmail.comJane Lamb-Ruiz (US)
Didier Begondidier.b@outlook.saPierre Le Duff (DE) / Scam by "Dalal Nada"
Diego Adriandiego.adrian.dg@outlook.saSamuel Andres Schloeter (VE)
Diego Alansonhoudychrist@gmail.comChrisitine Houdy (FR)
Diego Ivandiego0ivan@outlook.comRolf Kern (CH) & Giuseppe Bellone (IT)
Dieudonne Toukamdieudonne.toukam1@gmail.comDieudonné Toukam (CM)
Diippis Kasdiipis.kas@gmail.comShinwoong Choi (KR)
Dina Abdo / Dina M. Abdodina0abdo@gmail.comGICS
Dina Lessadina4pt@gmail.comEdgar Rual Potter (PT) & Paul William Dixon (BR)
Dina Mohammeddina@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Dina Mohammeddinamohmd7@gmail.comScammer posing as translator Scam by: "Dreams"
Diogo Mendesdioggo.menddes@gmail.comGiulia Bossaglia (PT)
Distinctive"We are located in London, UK" / Note 0
Ditty Zege / Ditta Zegedittyzege@gmail.comAlemyu Zegeye (ET)
Di Vinci Solutionsinfo@divincisolutions.comNote 39
Djoko Widigdodjoko.trans2@gmail.comCV sent belongs to "Jun Park"
Dmitriy Kovalyk / Kovalyk Dmitriykovalyk.dmitriy@hotmail.comDmitriy Kovalyk (UA) CV scammed w/ real photo
Dmytro Ravhek / Rachekdmyrac@gmail.comDmytro Rachek (UA) ASA "Helen Pollex"
Doaa Aljmaldoaa.aljmal@gmail.comAla Munif Abusharif (JO) ASA "Mohammed Kamel"
Doaa Azzatdoaa.azzat@outlook.saGICS / Author: 10301 / Last saved: nmc
Doaa Bassamdoaabassam2015@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) ASA "Erik Gärdekrans" Note 0
Doaa Ekremdoaa.ekrem@gmail.comGICS scam by Languagemet Note 6
Doaa Khamisdoaa@btdic.comCV THEFT Note 81 /
Doaa Khamise / Doaa Khamisdoaa7269@gmail.comMuhammad Essam (EG) Scam by Languagemet Note 6
Doaa Mohammeddoaa.mohammed989@gmail.comAla Munif Abusharif (JO) Scammer posing as translator
Doaa Mohammed / Doaa Aljmald.aljmal@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Doaa Mohammed / Doaa Aljmaldoaa@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Doaa Mohammed / Doaa Aljmallanguagemet37@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Doaa Salehdoaa.project@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Doaa Salehdoaa.saleh.541@gmail.comGICS scam by Translation Secrets
Doaa Salehdoua@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Doaa Salehpts.pm2@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 74
Doaa Salehwhite_flying_angel@yahoo.comFAKE COMPANY Note 74
Doaa Yousefdoaayousef6@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer
Doan Tudoan.tu@outlook.saNguyen Duy Tung (VN)
Doha Galitrust.paysoff@gmail.comaka "Mamdouh Hassan" & "Mamdouh Gali" Note 6
Doha Khaleeldoha@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Doha Sayedd_dohasayed@hotmail.comScammer posing as translator Note 0
Dolia Casko / Dolia Coskodolia.casko@gmail.comDália da Costa Barbeiro (PT)
Dolores Campanellaspanishmylang@gmail.comDiego Cruz, MD (US) &OS Scam by: "besan-it"
Dolores Corbodolores.spanish.123@gmail.comDolores R. Guiñazú (AR)
NAME REMOVEDdomenicantolik10@gmail.comTeresa Roseng (DE) &OS Note 0
Dominic Antolkdominicantolk5@gmail.comTeresa Roseng (DE)
Domenica Nieddudomenica_ita@hotmail.comDomenica Nieddu (US)
Dominik Alberdominikalber0@gmail.comDominik Alber (US)
Don Hartigdonhartig@hotmail.comDon Hartig (CN)
Dong Dong / Dongdong Tengjanicejanice2@hotmail.comClaudio Ricci (IT)
Dongdong Zhangdongdongz301@gmail.comDongdong Zhang (CN)
Dona Timanidona.timani@hotmail.comDona Timani (QA)
Donaldo Chigaojapanese.donaldo@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Yuko Shima"
Donatella Molinaridonatella.molinari@hotmail.comDonatella Molinari (PT) Scam by MuchDo
Donny Wangdonny-wang@hotmail.comDonny Wang (CN)
Dora Nagydora.nagy2@hotmail.comPalma Marton (HU) & Antoinette Verburg (NL)
Dorcas Amoahdorcasamoah688@gmail.comDorcas Dwamenaa Amoah (GH)
Dorit Yossefdorit.trans.yossef@gmail.comInes Moldavsky (IL) & Alexander Mikishev, PhD (IL)
Dorotee Pre / Dorothée Prépr.dorothe@yahoo.frAdriana Adarve (US) & Catherine Carter (FR) More info
Dorothee Davidcontactdorothee@gmail.comIdriss Semaoune (FR)
Dorothée Elyseedth.elysee@gmail.comStéphane Lacombe (FR) &OS
Du Shi Kangdushikang1@gmail.comDu Shi Kang (Feng Mei) (CN)
Dua Ibrahim Abusablabilingualartist@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 20
Dunny Carrióndunny.carrion1@gmail.comDunia Carrión (CL) & Claudia Isonio (AR)
Duobing Chendoubing.chen78@gmail.comDuobing Chen (CN)
Duracz Andreasduraczandreas@gmail.comGICS
Dyana Valeravaleradyana@gmail.comHazrina Abu Seman (MY)
Ebelyn Formichellaebefreelancer@gmail.comSalvatore Galvano (IT) &OS Note 4
Ebru Taylanebru1taylan1@hotmail.comKim Widt Nielsen (UK) &OS
Echo Liecholi1571@gmail.comEcho Wu (CN) / Belorussian scammer
Edda Fabiano Brunoeddaservices.trans@gmail.comLetizia Sonia Cantarela (IT)
Edel Walderedel.wach2them@gmail.comNatacha Dambinoff (FR)
Editta Gaioedittatrans@gmail.comVittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA "Muscatello Vittoria"
Eduard Corradi (DE) Scam by Marwan Louz (Gaza)
Eduardo Costatrans2portuguese@gmail.comEduardo José Costa (PT) ASA "Karen Angelo"
Edvan Cardosoedvan.cardoso@hotmail.comEdvan Cardoso (BR)
Edyata Szwarcedyata-szwarc@hotmail.comIlona Koperek (PL) & Peter Nicholson (PL) &OS
Edward Grahamedward.graham.lang@gmail.comScammer from Note 81
Edward Mahanaedwardmahana@gmail.comNote 64 / See the scam
Edward Romelledward.romell@gmail.comLisa Mann (ES)
Edward Serranoedward.serrano1@gmail.comRuben Mendez Suarez (ES)
Edward Vincent Pauledwardpaul12@hotmail.comFake everything: name, email...
Eeman S. Ghalyenarprof@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eeman Salah Muhammad Ghalienarprof@gmail.comEeman Salah Muhammad Ghali (EG)
Egil Mjeldeegilmjelde@hotmail.comBjørnar Magnussen (NO) & Jonathan Zylberstein (SE)
Egor Sergesegor.serges@gmail.comSergey Nikolayevich Glushchenko (RU)
Egor Sergezegor.sergez@gmail.comSergey Nikolayevich Glushchenko (RU)
Ehab Younisarabic.english.trans@gmail.comScam by (Author): "Hassan Ghais"
Eid Ibrahim Abd Alla Ibrahimeidibrahim1@yahoo.comEid Ibraheem Abdullah Ibraheem (EG)
Eileen Brophyqtranslator1@gmail.comEileen Brophy (ES)
Ekaterina Suvorovaekaterinasuvorovaru80@gmail.comEkaterina Suvorova (RU)
Elaine Ghislaineelaineghislaine@gmail.comGaston Walmas (FR) Note 4 ASA "Maria Remy"
Elaine Mituelaine.mitu33@gmail.comElaine D. Mitu (JP)
Eleonora Mazzottaeleonora.mazzotta.e5@gmail.comEleonora Mazzotta (IT) ASA "Elena Mazzotta" Note 0
Elena ?perfect.translation2014@gmail.comThe perfect scammers' email address
Elena Borisovelenaborisov6@gmail.comLiubov Kovalenko (MT) Scam by Gentle Translations
Elana Flowelanaflow2@hotmail.comAnh Hoang (VN) ASA "Mai Do"
Elena Ganevaelenaganeva@hotmail.comDesislava Doncheva (BG), Mazen Alswar (US) &OS
Elena Gordinelenagordinz@gmail.comOlga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Elena Gross / Elena Blankelenablankjg@hotmail.comGICS Note 0
Elena I. Pravdinaely.pravdina@gmail.comSergey V. Vazhnenko (UA)
Elena Koinovaelena.koinova.lang@gmail.comElena Koinova (BG) ASA "Elnena Sobeh"
Elena Kramar / Elena Kramaelena.kramar17@gmail.comSvetlana Beloshapkina (US) Also uses "Liliane Elson"
Elena Khazin (US) ASA "Vadim Khazin"
Elena Lieve / Lieve Elenaelenalieve@gmail.comGICS Email copy is the same from "Lara Larsson"
Elena Mazzottaelenamazzotta67@gmail.comEleonora Mazzotta (IT) & Michela Renna (IT) Note 0
Elena Pagliaroelenapagliaro44@gmail.comDakota McCarty (US) &OS
Elena Petrelena-petr@hotmail.comGICS Scam by "Rowida"
Elena Tomaraelena.tomara11@gmail.comAndrey V. Miachikov (UA)
Elene Jameselene0james32@gmail.comYury Arinenko (RU)
Eleonora Mazzottaeleonora.mazzotta20@gmail.comEleonora Mazzotta (IT)
Elfi Griseldaelfi.griselda@outlook.comAgnes Vukovich (AT)
Elham Abu Jarad / Elham Jaradelham.jarad09@gmail.comGiuseppe Bellone (IT) &OS Note 0
Elham Jamalworldtalents1@gmail.comScammer behind "Ceren Soyak" Note 0
Elhoda Lang & Computer Centrelanguagesinstitution@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eliana Grilleliana.grill@hotmail.comEliana Grill (AR)
Elias Astridelias.ast11@gmail.comHelena Sjostedt-Ware (US) & Kari Korkatti (FI)
Eliaz Fidel / Fideeliaz.fidel1@gmail.comJustin Taylor (US)
Elidia Merrill / Elidia Deric Merrillelidia.merrill11@gmail.comMaria Alexandra Fernandes (PT)
Elif Yildiselif.yildis101@gmail.comÖzlem Isik (TR)
Elina Hanssonelinahansson2@hotmail.comEgil Presttun (NO) & Toralf Mjelde (US)
Elina Sergioelinasergio@yahoo.comHesham Madany (EG) & Esa Turkulainen (FI)
Elina Tormaelina.torma15@gmail.comTuulia Tipa (DE) ASA "Paula Moisio"
Elina Ylenelina.ylen01@gmail.comGICS
Elisa Pazos (ES)
Elisabete Dropose Hugueneaabctrans@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA "Ana Sofia"
Elisabeth Pragerelisabeth.prager11@gmail.comElisabeth Claudia Prager (DE) Note 0 / Marie Jourdan
Elisabeth Richardelisabeth-richard1@hotmail.comWilliam Gray (NO) &OS Scam by 24translate
Elisabeth Rudolfssonelisabethrudolfsson@hotmail.comRoger Arvidsson (SE)
Elisabeth Thomaselisabeth.thomas.trans@hotmail.comNgnighessie Azeyeh (CM) Note 0
Elissa De Lucaelissa.luca@gmail.comPaola Andreotti (IT) ASA "Emanuela Pacifico"
Elitsa Asenovafrench.elista@gmail.comElitsa Asenova (BG)
Elizabeth ?aelisabeth82@gmail.comElisabeth Andersen (SE)
Elizabeth Danteselizabeth.dantes@hotmail.comElizabeth Dantes (US)
Elizabeth Frielelizabeth.friel1@hotmail.comRajagopalan Sampatkumar (CH) & Elisabeth Andersen
Elizabeth Maquetmaquetelizabeth@gmail.comElizabeth Maquet (FR) & Alina Barrow (FR)
Ella Liangellaliang122@yahoo.comLin Yuling (CN)
Elle Dastonelle1591@gmail.comGICS Note 25
Ellen Ionellenion@hotmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR) ASA "Christina Beckmann"
Ellen Nielsenellen0nielsen2@gmail.comPer Bjørnar Riise (NO) & Maureen Tanang (ID)
Ellen Oftedalellenoftedal19@gmail.comGICS
Ellen Robertellenrobert001@gmail.comJoerg G. Schmidt (DE) & Connie Menzel (DE) &OS
Ellie Danfxtranslations79@gmail.comGhost from "FX translations" Note 0
Elnena Sobehelenakoinova1@gmail.comElena Koinova (BG)
Elsa Avrahamelsa.avaraham.tra@gmail.comPedro Benítez García (ES)
Elsa Larselsa-lars@hotmail.comGICS
Elsa Ramoselsa.ramos@outlook.comElsa Renée Ramos (AR)
Elsa Theoelsa0theo@gmail.comRainer Pawellek (DE)
Elshan Aleynikovaaleynikovaelshan@gmail.comElshan Abdullayev (AZ) See the scammer's invoice
Emad Al-Mughary / Imadimad@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Emad Aleimad@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Emad Almghariemad@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Emadeu Emmanuelemdeu.translator@gmail.comEmadeu Guy Emmanuel (CM)
Eman Asaker / Wedian Fayezeman@pc4it.comFAKE COMPANY Note 88
Eman Mahmoudemanmahmoud2trans@gmail.comYosra Montasser (EG) Note 0
Eman Tabasy / Eman Amin Tabonlinetranslation24@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Eman Yoseflanguagemet46@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eman THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Emanuele Focarelliemanuele.focarelli@gmail.comEmanuele Focarelli (IT)
Emanuele Tidonaemanueletidona77@gmail.comEmanuele Tidona (IT)
Emanuela Pacificoema.italian@gmail.comPaola Andreotti (IT) ASA "Elissa De Luca"
Emene Christine Kwateemene.kwate@hotmail.comEmènè Christine Marlyse (CM)
Emi Furutaemi.t.furuta@gmail.comKumi Ichikawa (US) &OS See the scam
Emi Renemi0ren@hotmail.comKatja Bierau (IT)
Emi Suzukisuzuki.emi6@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA "Manjiri J"
Emi Takaiemi-takai@outlook.comThida Oo (MM)
Emile ?b@trgim.comCV THEFT Note 6
Emile (Dr.) ?"Reference" for "Maria Dodd" Note 0
Émile Bernardemilebernard12@gmail.comAlexandre Saviano (FR) ASA "Martin(e) Isaac"
Emilia Debsonemilia@outlook.saEwa Kostarczyk (PL) & Thomas Pietrzyk (PL)
Emilie Couprie / Couprie Emiliepower.lingo1@gmail.comEmilie Couprie (FR) Note 0 / Power Lingo
Emilie Olssonemilieolsson1@hotmail.comCatrine Modig (SE) ASA "Maria Joensuu"
Emilie Pipenemiliepipen@gmail.comCénia Vien (HN) &OS
Emily Elsenemy.elsen@gmail.comTheresa Figueira Bernardes (PT) &OS See the scam
Emily Huangemilytrans73@gmail.comMinran Pu (CA)
Emily Lepageemilylepage0@gmail.comSally-Ann Hopwood (FR)
Emily Phillipsemilyphillips.apex@gmail.comImpersonator of PM from US company Note 108
Emily Whiteemily-white0@hotmail.comGICS Scam by "besan-it" Note 0
Emily PM from Linguistico (AU)
Emma Carré / Pure Translationsemma@emma4french.comFAKE TRANSLATOR W/ WEBSITE Note 104
Emma John / Bulgarianemma4bulgarian@gmail.comMihail M Mateev (BG)
Emmanuel Bastinemmanuelbastin61@gmail.comLea Agbo (FR) ASA "Lea Agbo"
Emmie Arianeemmie.ariane12@gmail.comKaren Monique Henry (JM) ASA "Vinnette Carson"
Emmy Udoemmy_udo@hotmail.comGICS Same fake CV used by "Helen Reborn"
Emori Midei / Midei Emorimidei.emori.197@gmail.comKayo Okamoto (AU) Scam by "Ali Zaher"
Emy Abu Asakeremy.freelancer@gmail.comNote 6 / Walid Issa
Enas ?ladyinas2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Enas Abdelsattar / Abd El-Sattarenas.abdelsattar@gmail.comNehal Khalaf Ali Ahmed (EG) Note 0
Enas Henas.h@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Endre Gabor / Endre Karczagendre.gabor.lang@gmail.comEndre Gábor Karczag (HU) Scam by "Nehal Mahmoud"
Engy Mezenengy.mezen@gmail.comNote 22 CV also scammed by Gentle Translations
Eri Ojimaeri.ojima@hotmail.comEri Ojima (JP)
Eric Begone / Eric eBegoneric.begone@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Clothilde Courtois"
Eric Dawsontransdawson@gmail.comPaulo Beijinho (PT)
Eric Gerlindeericgerlinde@gmail.comAlison Riddell (FR)
Eric Luther Martin / Eric Martinericmartin642@gmail.comMartin Luther King Mapack (CM)
Eric Moustoneric.mouston@gmail.comMihaela Mirela Sinca (RO)
Erica Alves / Erica Postiço ???alveserica14@gmail.comIrina Murg (RU) See info online
Erica Savaerica.sava107@gmail.comNikki Meyer (FR)
Erik Brinkhofdutch.fulltime.translator@gmail.comErik Brinkhof (TH)
Erik Gärdekransgardekrans.swedish@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) Scam by "Riham Salama"
Erika Golubevaerika.golubeva@hotmail.comNadezhda Golubeva (RU) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Erika Kirichenkoerikakirichenko85@gmail.comAndrey V. Miachikov (UA)
Erika Legotinerika.legotin@gmail.comYulia Stepanchuk (ES)
Erika Rungeerika.runge1@gmail.comGICS
Erika Wangerikawang988@gmail.comEva-Marie Adams (US)
Erin Blatzerinblatz55@gmail.comJohn Claude Bozell (ES)
Erin Littlefielderin.littlefield.trans@gmail.comErin Littlefield (CO) Scam by "Nehal Mahmoud"
Erisu Farrellerisu_farrel@hotmail.comLuciano Silva (BR) & Nathalie Verbeken (BE)
Erkan / Smart Monitorsmartmonitor22@gmail.comScammer from Note 81
Erkan Baranerkan.baran.language@gmail.comScammer from Note 81
Ernst Heinzernst.h@hotmail.comNotorious scammer Note 70
Errki Zynski / Ericki Zynskierrkizynski@hotmail.comErkki Pekkinen (FI) &OS
Eser Perkinseser.perkins.tra@gmail.comEser Perkins (TR) See her note on ProZ
Eser Raziburakrazii.translat@gmail.comHandan Ceyhan (TR)
Esra Yilmaz Arikan / Esra Arikanesra.yilmaz.arikan@hotmail.comSeval Yilmaz Kosar (TR)
Esther Johnsitalian-translations@live.comLast saved by "Manal"
Esther Sananesesther.sananes@hotmail.comEsther Sananes (IT) Scam by Languagemet
Etrans Hiepetranshiep8@gmail.comTien Anh Le (VN)
Eugen Dovin / Eugen Pigeoneugen1979@ymail.comNote 19
Eugene Hemlonseugenemhemlons@hotmail.comMarina Sedova (RU) & Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)
Eugen Hulubeugen.hulub@aim.comNote 19
Eugene Samsonnov / Samsonoveugene4russian@gmail.comEugene Samsonov (RU) Note 21
Eva Benesovaeva-benesova@hotmail.comZuzana Benesova (CZ) Also
Eva Birgitta / Eva Bitta / Eva Bitteevaa.trans2@gmail.comEva Birgitta Tornebohm-Roche (US) Note 0
Eva Filipevafilip4@gmail.comAtanas Dakov (BG)
Eva Lid Wennberg / LidWennbergevalidwennberg@hotmail.comGICS
Eva Rino Kvameva.kvam@hotmail.comArve Rino Kristiansen (BR)
Eva Shaweva.shaw76@gmail.comEvely Antov (EE)
Eva Von Alveseva.alves700@gmail.comLena Molander (UK) & Anne Robertsson (SE)
Eva Wouters / Eva Gorrisseneva.wouters2@gmail.comWillemien Rijsdijk (NL) & Henk Jansen (AU) See Eva...
Evak Nielsenevak_nielsen@hotmail.comDanielle Zorzin (BR)
Evana Watsonevana.watson.ew@gmail.comEmanuele Focarelli (IT) ASA "Emanuele Focarelli"
Evelyn Lievelyn-li1@hotmail.comEvelyn Xu (CN)
Evelyn 39
Evelyn Al-Dakhlallah (CA) See scam 1 / See scam 2
Evelyn Saltevelynsalt4@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Evelyn Saltevelynsalt@btdic.comCV THEFT Note 81 /
Evelyn Saltevelynsalt@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Evelyn Saltlinguamagic1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Evelyn Transevelyn443trans@gmail.comEmail address used by "George Bramley"
Evren Ayevren@link-translations.comABUSIVE CV HIJACKING
Evren Ozcanevren.ozcan.eo@gmail.comGunisigi Zan (TR)
Ewa Madsen / Ewa Mdsenewa0madsen9@hotmail.comCathrine Dam Petersen (ES) ASA "Daria Burri"
Ewa Murawskaewa.murawska@hotmail.comEwa Murawska (UK)
Ex Translations.excellenttranslation2012@gmail.comEmail used by scammers / Used by "James Dietrich"
Excellent Translation COMPANY Note 84
Exceptional Translation Teamexceptionateam3@gmail.comScammers Note 0 aka "Exceptiona Team"
Expert Translatorexperttranslator10@gmail.comEmail address used by "Doha Khaleel" Note 52
Experts Of Translationexperts.of.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Note 110
Fabian Grunfabian.trans.g@gmail.comGeoffrey Williams (UK)
Fabiana Yampol / Yampolskyfabiana.yampolsky@hotmail.comFabiana Elizabeth Yampolsky (AR)
Fabien Iglesias / / Fabien Iglesifabien.iglesias0@gmail.comIan Cairncross (UK)
Fabio Caldasfmc.communication1@gmail.comFábio Monteiro Caldas (ID) Note 0
Fabio Marcofabiomarco.trans@yahoo.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Fabio Marinoeng.italian@gmail.comRoberta Bassi (IT) Note 15
Fabio Marinoeng.italian@gmail.comEnrico Roveri (IT)
Fabio Mercierfabio.mercier@hotmail.comValentina Viganò (IT)
Fabio Catarino (PT)
Fabio Pernafabio.perna01@gmail.comFabio Perna (BE) See the invoice / Note 0
Fabio Sachafabio.trans.189@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandra Byron"
Fabrizio Bianchinibianchini244@gmail.comFabrizio Bianchini (IT) CV scammed w/ photo
Fadi al Akhras / Al-Akhrassafetranslate1986@gmail.comScammer for "Nik Wang" & "Malissa Zhang" Note 37
Fadi Mohammed (Mohd)fadi.mohd90@gmail.comFake PM from Arcadia Translations Note 51
Fadi Omar / Fadi Umarsupertranslator1@gmail.comTypical scammers' email Note 37
Fadi Saeedfadi.saeed.lang@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81 / See the scam
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleemfady@hm4translation.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleemfadi.supervision@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadwa Najyfadwa.translation2@gmail.comReham Abdallah Tawfeek Fyala (EG)
Falcon COMPANY Note 72
Fank Hortfanko.hort@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) See this page ASA "Gisella Sakurai"
Fank Olahfanktrans@gmail.comMinran Pu (CA) CV "Author": Al-Qema
Farah Glisonfarah.glison@hotmail.comEvi Datur Rofiah (IN)
Farah Jonesjusttranslation@hotmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 0
Farida Vyachkilevafaridavyachkileva@outlook.comFarida Vyachkileva (RU)
Faten Houranifaten@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Faten Hourani / Faten Sameerfatensameer3@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 74
Faten Sharafyfatenfares01@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Faten Shokiarfaten_shokiar@hotmail.comFake CV sent by "Hedaia Abu Shaqra" Note 58
Fatima Kantikafatimatkantika999@gmail.comMárcia Teixeira (UK)
Fatima Nassiffatima.nassif00@gmail.comRanda Samir El Nomeir (EG) ASA "Randi Samir"
Fatma Jarad / Fatma Abu Jaradfatmajarad72@gmail.comCV done w/ copy & paste Note 52
Fatma Merwan / Fatima Merwanfatma.merwan5@gmail.comGICS Scam by: hossam
Fatma Merwanfatma@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Fatma Rantisifatima_m2009@msn.comCV THEFT Note 58
Fatma Salahfatma.arabictranslator@gmail.comNehal Khalaf (EG) Scam by: Abdallah Ahmed (Egypt)
Fatma Slumfatma.slum@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Fausto Mescolinifausto.translator@gmail.comFausto Mescolini (UK) CV scammed w/ real photo
Fawzi Issafawzyeisa@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 0
Feda Qrenawi / Feda' Qrenawifeda.qrenawi88@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 0
Fedaa Ross / Fidaa Rossproject1@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Fedaa Rosstranslator.translation292@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Federica Cochrancochran.federiica@gmail.comSerena Foschi (ES) ASA "Susan Leggett"
Federica Fabbrifederica_fabbri3@outlook.comFederica Fabbri (IT)
Feldy Limafeldylima@gmail.comClaudionor Mazotti (BR) ASA "Armando Carmo"
Feleb Georgefl.george70@gmail.comAlexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA "John Romy"
Felipe Eliasfelipegabrielelias5@gmail.comFelipe Gabriel de Mello Elias (BR)
Ferdi Dierickxferdidierickx@gmail.comCV stolen from a non-translator!!! Note 65
Ferna Adofernatrans68@gmail.comJoão Pedro Malveiro Casacão (PT)
Fernanda Abreufernanda0.0abreu@gmail.comFernanda Abreu (BR)
Fernando Fabregafernando.g.fabrega@gmail.comFernando Fabrega Rodriguez (PA)
Fernando Delgado / Frenandofrnandotrans@gmail.comMarina Duarte (ES)
Fidaa Abuounf.oun@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Filip Kostyafiliptrans464@gmail.comSergey Kalashnik (UA)
Filomena Teresofilomenatereso1@hotmail.comFilomena Tereso (UK)
Fiona Martorelli / Fiona Wastlerfiona.martorelli2@gmail.comGICS CV sent from !!!
Flemming Bogardeflemming.bogarde@gmail.comBente Kastbjerg (FR)
Florian Brandtflorian.brandt.m@gmail.comLucius A. Passani (US)
Floriana Andrefloriana.andre@hotmail.comCécile Frenette (CA) Note 0
Florin Rudin / Flurin Rudinflurin.rudin.translation@gmail.comOana Precup (RO)
Fiorina Marino / Fiorine Marinofiorina.marino@gmail.comFlorent Baudy (CZ) & Laurent Chevrette (CA)
Flora Ktofiakflora.ktofiak@gmail.comAndrea Pate-Cazal (US)
Flora Maritflora.marit@gmail.comMarité Flores Travanti (AR) Note 0
Flora Mastrogiacomoflora.mastrog11@gmail.comFlorangela Mastrogiacomo (IT)
Florence Bouilleflorence.bouille2@gmail.comJulien Mulas (FR) & Manish Vadehra (IN)
Florence Marsolflorence0marsol@gmail.comMihaela-Mirela Sinca (RO)
Florencia Hernandezh.florencia96@gmail.comFlorencia Agotegaray (AR)
Floriana Romanofloriana.translate@gmail.comPaola Andreotti (IT) & Marina Rasulo (IT)
Fly With Transinfo@fw-trans.comFAKE COMPANY Note 115
Forde Novikovanovikovaforde@gmail.comGICS
Foreign Language Servicesinfo@flstranslationS.comCorporate impersonation. See the scam / Note 85
Fouad Al Omary / El Omarefouad.alomary00@gmail.comFouad Al-Omare (EG)
Franca Baresifrancabaresi0@gmail.comGICS
Francesco Danielefrancescodaniele80@gmail.comDaniel Guiducci (IT)
Francis Cravidaofrancis00cravidao@hotmail.comMonica Merrill (PT)
Francis Olevskyfrancis.olevsky1@gmail.comLouis Gama Kumatoh (CM)
Francisca Bittnerfranciscabittner80@gmail.comFrancisca Bittner Godoy (CL) Scam by Gentle Transl.
Francois Morizotfrancois.morizot@yahoo.comFrancois Morizot (UK)
Franck Gilles / Franck Gilesfranck.trans@gmail.comScam by (Author): Claudine / Note 1
Franco Martinezfranco.t.martinez@gmail.comNoemí Victoria Contartese (AR)
Franco Mitidierofranco.mitidiero@gmail.comLaurence Bourel-Laurent (FR) See FAKE CV
Frank Anthony / Frank Anthonantonmaria.lang2@gmail.comIvo Lang (UK)
Frank Brotzfrank.brotz.11@gmail.comNote 4
Frank Ciminofrank1cimino@gmail.comOlesia Panchenko (UA) & Jenny Sage (UK)
Frank Hartmannfrank.59.hartmann@gmail.comChiara Di Bisceglie (IT)
Frank Luetkebohmertfrank.luetkebohmert@outlook.saFrank Luetkebohmert (TH)
Frank Ojimafrankgerman110@gmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA) ASA "Lena Neyse"
Frans Linnafranslinna2@gmail.comIgor Savenkov (RU) & Sylvia Kouveli (GR)
Franz Schulerfranz.schuler.lingo@hotmail.comFranz Xaver Schuler (IT)
Fred Chen (CN)
Fred Ibone / Fred Ibonfredibon.chinese.freelancer@gmail.comAndrew Wang (CN)
Freelaner Mont ??? THEFT Note 0 See also "A. Fa."
Frederic Mercierfrederic.en2fr@gmail.comJuan Bilbao (ES) & Anna Agostini (banned from ProZ)
Frederick HammondFrederick HammondFrederick Hammond (UK) Scam by Armah Hammond
Frederik Flebusfrederik.flebus.lingo@gmail.comGreta Crauwels (BE)
French Groupe / Achilie Costafrenchjob@linguistsite.comCV THEFT Note 79
Frey Neitzelfreyneitzel@gmail.comAndy Anders (DE)
Frida Theurifrida.theuri@gmail.comAnna Johnson (UK)
Frieda Mbabazi / Freida ?freidaswahili@gmail.comFrieda Mbabazi (RW) Note 126
Fu Xinkuanxinkuan.fu7@gmail.comFu Xinkuan (CN)
Fuji Perryfuji.trans2@gmail.comSophanny Nut (KH)
Fumito Ichikawa (US) &OS
Gabo Weidmann (DE) ASA "Heltay Mariko"
Gabrialla Vazharovagabriellavazharova@gmail.comSevdalina Vazharova (BG)
Gabriel Ernesto Arévalo Luna (CA)
Gabriel Naftaligabrieltrans53@gmail.comChristine Parant-Rochard (CA)
Gabriela Pinagabi.translator@gmail.comAntonella Carla Lusardi (AR) &OS
Gabriella Cumbogabriella.cumbo.trans@gmail.comCaterina Pezzuti (IT)
Gabriele Broszatbroszat.gabriele@gmail.comGabriele Broszat (DE)
Gabriele Broszattranslation.work99@gmail.comScam by "Riham Salama"
Gabriele Laskegabriele.laske@hotmail.comGabriele Laske (US) & Coro Larramendi (ES)
Gabrielle Buffardgabriellebuffard@yahoo.comLaurence Bourel-Laurent (FR) See the scam / Note 0
Gael Yaylegaeltrans852@gmail.comJacqueline Kaminski (US)
Gaelle Andrew Louchartperfectfrench99@gmail.comCarol M. (GR)
Gaetano Elbagaetano.elba@gmail.comYegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA)
Gagandeep Kaurfreelancer.gagan@gmail.comJacqueline Chevardiere (US) / UN certified???
Gaio Nardogaio.trans12@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca"
Galit Avivlanguagepower1@gmail.comAlso a PayPal ID created by scammers
Galit Aviv (US)
Galit Aviv / Galit "Julie" Avivrussian.hebrew.translator@gmail.comJulie Aviv (US)
Galit Aviv (US)
Gan Chenggan.cheng.gc@outlook.saYang Xiaobin (CN)
Gary Walshgarywalshtranslations@gmail.comIain Baxter (UK) Note 124
Gate Scottakinscott055@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 ASA "Scott Gate"
Gaurav Sharmagaurav.sharma@outlook.saGaurav Sharma (IN)
Gavin W. Houghamphd.hisayo.gavin.jap@gmail.comChicagoPhDs Profile on ProZ
Gema Pedreda Lópezg.pedreda@yahoo.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Madina Kemen"
Gene Kimgene.kim4translation@gmail.comGICS
Geneviève Ghennegenevieve.g101@hotmail.comGeneviève Gillet-Ghenne (BE) Scam Notice
Genia Robergeniarober@gmail.comJewgenia Rukober (DE)
Georg (George) Ayalageorgeyala8@gmail.comPossibly associated w/ Note 4
Georg Woodmangeorgwoodman@hotmail.comGeorg Woodman (TW)
George Bramley / Evelyn Transgeorgebram339@gmail.comGeorge Bramley (UK) / Scam by "Ram San"
George Ferneahgeorgesferneah30@gmail.comGeorges Ferné (FR)
George Hoedlgeorge.hoedl@gmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR) Scam by: Hala
George Jeangeorgejean27@gmail.comEl Mehdi Amaziane (FR)
George Pachecotranslator2spanish@gmail.comCarlos Melero Pujadas (IN) & George Moffett (PE)
George Reissg.reiss.german@gmail.comRekha Valluri (IN) & Rosalind Buck (FR)
Georges Ferne / Ferneahgeorgesferneah30@gmail.comGeorges Ferné (FR)
Gerald Sapintranslations.service@yahoo.comNote 19 See also "Verbum Translations Service"
Gerard Dupingerard.dupin@ymail.comNote 19 / Click to see his fake CV
Gerhard Schoengerhardschoen.j@gmail.comGerhard W. Schoen (US) Scam by: Gentle Translations
Gertrude Moffomo.gertude.german@gmail.comGertrude Eléonore Moffo (CM)
Gertrude Moffoword.perfect.translation0@gmail.comThe typical scammers' email address
Gertrudes Mendoncagertrudes.m101@hotmail.comMaria Gertrudes Mendonça (PT)
Ghaluh Putrighaluhputri58@gmail.comGhaluh Putri Hapsari (ID)
Ghassan Al-Nassayefghassan.translator@gmail.comGhassan AL Nassyef (SY)
Ghassan Sheikheleedghassan@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ghassan Sheikheleedtranslationsecretsj@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Gheed A. El-Hissygheed@goldenear4translation.comCV THEFT Note 20
Gheed Elhissygheedelhissy@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 20
Ghona Harzetghona.translation2@gmail.comChristina Costes (FR) & Petrus Inghels (NL)
Gi Leegi.translator.2@gmail.comChan Hee Park (KR) & Jungsoo Lee (KR)
Gia Liligia7705@gmail.comBin Li (CN) ASA "Nik Wang"
Giacomo Bellomaregiacomo.bellomare@hotmail.comGiacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Gianluca Cocorullogianlucacocorullo57@gmail.comGianluca Cocorullo (IT) Scam by
Gianna Tarquinigiannatarquini600@gmail.comGianna Tarquini (IT)
Gilbert Cremergilbert.cremer1@gmail.comWillem Wunderink (NL)
Gilbert Lingilbert.lin.lang@hotmail.comGilbert Lin (CN)
Gilbert"Author": dd
Gilda Elia (Gina)gilda.trans55@gmail.comAna Escaleira (BR) ASA "Ana Christina" The scam
Gillian Foxgillianfox97@gmail.comMichaela Moosbrugger (AT) Note 0
Gillian Waltergillian-walter1@hotmail.comGillian Scheibelein (DE) & Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Gilmar Estanislaugilmar.estanislau@outlook.comFlavio Quintela (US)
Gim Gavrlingimgavrlin@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 8th impersonation!!!
Gina Costagina.profession@gmail.comCristina Lo Bianco (IT) & Federico Moncini (IT)
Gina Meschisgina.meschis@hotmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Tiziana Meschis"
Giovanna Baggiogiovanna.baggio@aim.comTina Kover (US) &OS CV last saved by "Ion" Note 19
Giovanna Noceeng-noce@hotmail.comGiovanna Noce (IT)
Giovanni Pizzatigiovanni.pizzat@hotmail.comGiovanni Pizzati (IT) ASA "Oscar Moro"
Gisela Hollberggiselahollberg@gmail.comGICS
Gisella Sakuraigisellasakurai74@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) ASA "Fank Hort"
Giulia Albertinigoulia.albertini@gmail.comGiulia Albertini (IT)
Giulia Guardiolagiulia.guard23@outlook.comPaola Tosato (IT) & Maryia Miller (US)
Global Speechglobal.speech.company2@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 75 / See the scam
Global Translationinfo@globtranslation.comCV THEFT Note 80
Global Translation Servicesinfo@24gts.comCV THEFT Note 59
Globallingo / Global Ling Coinfo@globallingo.coFAKE COMPANY Note 121
Gloria Fiorantinogloria.fiorantino@gmail.comGloria Fiorani (IT)
Glory Korea Translation 13
Glyn Evansknochundred.translations@gmail.comGlyn Evans UK)
Gomes Brancogomestrans12@gmail.comRachel Kopit Cunha (BR)
Gomze Tucsontranslation.gomze1@gmail.comCV stolen from a UK art painter!!! Note 0
Gomzi ?languagesconnecting@gmail.comAnuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Goran Hassangoranhassan16@gmail.comGICS
Gordon Osullivanjobs@gordontranslations.comFAKE COMPANY Note 86
Goumas Theodoregoumas.theodore@hotmail.comMartin Angermeier (DE) (NOT A TRANSLATOR)
Graham Scottgraham0scott0@gmail.comAngela Caldwell (AU) & Rasha Ali Hassan (EG)
Graziana Ferruccio Romanograziana.romano.trans@gmail.comLetizia Sonia Cantarella (IT)
Great Translationi.b.translationproject1@gmail.comImpersonation of Canadian company / See here
Great Translationinfo@greattranslate.netScamming factory based in Palestine Note 55
Greg Jaffeserveforassist@gmail.comScammer, phisher & impersonator Note 0
Greta Olingreta-olin@hotmail.comGICS
Greta Olinreplyme@zmedia.bizGICS Scam by Ukrainian scammers
Griet Stengergriet.stenger2@hotmail.comHans Jan Sypkens (NL) & Peter Beck (SE)
GT Translationgt.translation.2013@gmail.comUnidentified scammer Note 0
Guan Haoguan.hao@hotmail.comGuan Hao (Oliver) (CN)
Gudrun Stockgudrun.stock21@gmail.comGICS
Gulay Bayramgulay00bay@gmail.comSutarto Mohammad (ID)
Gulay Gungergulay.gunger1@gmail.comKatja Bierau (IT) &OS ASA "Katja Bierau"
Guler Erdomezguler_erdonmez@yahoo.comGulen Minareci (TR) Scam by: GG
Guliana Polettigulianapoletti@gmail.comLuisa Pacifico (IT)
Gulser Barangulserbaran@ptteam.usWIDESCALE SCAMMER Note 69
Gust Soangust.soanish@hotmail.comGustavo Villalobos (VE) View the scam
Gustavo Villalobosgustavo.translation@hotmail.comGustavo Villalobos (VE) ASA "Gust Soan"
Gustavo Vazquezgustavo.sp.projects@gmail.comGustavo Vazquez-Lozano (MX)
Gwenn Terry / Terry Gwenngwenn.terry.lang01@gmail.comTerry Gwenn (US)
Gwendoline Solentegwendoline.solente@hotmail.comGwendoline Soleau (FR)
H. Joseph / Hannee Josefoscartranslation@gmail.comNote 33
Hadeel Naserhde.naser@gmail.comGICS
Hajjaj Yussuf / Yussuf Adelyussuf.freelance@gmail.comGICS Scam by: besan / Dreams / Note 0
Hakan Alamhakanalam@gmail.comGICS ASA "Maria Ruiz" Scam by: "ALOSAMA"
Hakon Vinjehakon.vinje1970@gmail.comHakon Vinje (US)
Hala Alihla.ali968@gmail.comScam by: Author: Hyanady / Last saved: SiMo
Hala Ismailhala@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hala Ismailproject@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Helen Pedersenhelen-pedersen@outlook.comKaren-Margrethe Bruce (DK) & Anna Kovalchuk (UA)
Haley Gafarhaley.gafar@gmail.comTaraneh Tabrizian Kashani (ID) Note 6
Hamada Mohammadhamada.mohammad2011@gmail.comIndependent PM = Scammer Note 110
Hamada / Note 110
Hamlet Jackhamlettrans@gmail.comAnuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Hamza Abderlazeq / Ahmed7amzaoy@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hamza Foadhamzafoad2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hamza Mohammedhamza@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hamza Mohammedhamza@translationsenses.comCV THEFT Note 52
Han Kipyohankipyo2012@gmail.comKipyo Aleaxander Han (US)
Hana Goro / Hana Haksever (TR)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salimhana-abusalim@hotmail.comChristian Fournier (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salimhana.abusalim1@gmail.comGayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS ASA "Jennifer M. Allen"
Hanna Abelhannaabel3@gmail.comNicole Stoeber (DE) ASA "Nicol Gurak"
Hanna Eaganhannaeagan10@gmail.comNils Vanbellingen (CH) & Shannon Källåker (US)
Hanaa Hussienhanaa.hussien@outlook.comGICS Scam by Translation Secrets
Hanna Kallevighannakallevig@gmail.comGICS
Hanna Kovalev / Hanna Sweetynovahanna48@gmail.comHanna Palynskaya (UK)
Hanaa Kudaih / Hannee Kudaihhanaa@turjoman.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Hanaa Ku / Hanaa Kudaihhanaa_ku@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa Kudaihhenoo_love@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa Kudaihtranslation.payments1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Also PayPal ID
Hanaa D. S. Kudaihhqudaih@hm4translation.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Hanna Novak / Kovalevnovahanna48@gmail.comHanna Palynskaya (UK)
Hanaa Sahin / Solimanhanaa.trans@gmail.comNilgun Sari (TR)
Hanaa Shammalalanguagemet73@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Email address used by "Salih Qady"
Hanna Sorensenhanna-sorensen@hotmail.comMaureen Tanang (ID) &OS
Hanna Sorensenhanna.sorensen0@gmail.comGICS
Hannah Francishannah.perfect.trans@gmail.comCatherine Johnstone (FR) & Arnaud Bachelier (FR) Note1
Hannah Nguyenhannah0nguyenn1@gmail.comNguyen Duy Tung (VN)
Hanne Youseph / Hani A.Y.hjoseph@oscartranslation.comCV THEFT Note 33
Haneen ?languagemet58@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen ?hd@pts5.comCV THEFT Note 74
Haneen Said / Haneen Saiddtranslation.services28@gmail.comFake ID created by Haneen Yousef Note 6
Haneen Salamasmart.translator7@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Haneen Yousefhaneentranslation@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / "dd" & "Dreams"
Haneen Yousefpm-h@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen Yousef / Hannee Yousephtr.haneen@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen (Ahmed) Yousefhaneentranslation@gmail.comMohamed Abdel-Moneim Rehan (EG) See more
Hanners Vogethannes2000vog@gmail.comIngo Dierkschnieder (DE) 7th IMPERSONATION
Hannes Vogethannes33voget@gmail.comIngo Dierkschnieder (DE) 6th IMPERSONATION
Hani El-Magharyhanitranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Hani Megharyhani_meghary@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet
Hani Mohammedlang2@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hani Mohammedlanguagemet6@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hani Mohammedhani@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hann Kudaih / Hanaa Kudaihhenoo_love@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hank Potthank.pott1@gmail.comBernd Runge (DE) ASA "Janet Gastaldi"
Hanks Martins / Hanks Blakehanksmartins@gmail.comNote 43
Hans Rainer Biermannhrbiermann@gmail.comThe face of a monumental scam Note 99
Hao Xiangxiang.trans@gmail.comBin Li (CN) ASA "Gia Li" See fake CV
Harak Kim (KR)
Harald Brannerharaldbranner@gmail.comAnna Hermerén (SE) Note 0
Harlan Kogaharlankoga@hotmail.comTakuma Nakamura (JP) & Robert Daniels (US)
Harold Lemelcurriculumtranslator@gmail.comHarold Lemel (US)
Harumi Kondo Rudolphkondorudolph@yahoo.comHarumi Kondo Rudolph (US)
Harumi Uemuraharumi.trans@yahoo.comHarumi Sophia Uemura (US) Scam by " abubasel"
Haruna Adachi / Haruna Ahharunaha69@gmail.comYutaka Matsumoto (JP)
Hasan Kamalhasan.kamal.2086@gmail.comGICS Scam by Languagemet
Hasan Kamalhasan.k@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Hasm Avetisyan / Avetishasm.avet123@outlook.comHasmik Arakelyan (AM) ASA "Hasmik Arakelyan"
Hasmik Arakelyanhasmik.freelancer@gmail.comHasmik Arakelyan (AM)
Hasmik Khatchikianhasmik.khatchikian@gmail.comHasmik Khatchikian (US)
Hassan El-Najjarhassanelnajjar@windowslive.comNote 26
Hayato Kimatahayatokimata@hotmail.comGICS Scam made in Gaza
Hazel Getino / Hazal Gatinohazel_getino1@hotmail.comJohanna von der Vring (DE) & Maria Isabel Pazos (DE)
Hazem El-Zatmahazemtranslation20@gmail.comNote 0
He Qianhe.qian.trans21@hotmail.comHe Qian (CN)
Heather Batchelorheather.batchelor@hotmail.comHeather Batchelor (ZA)
Heather Olandprojects.heather4@gmail.comHeather Oland (US) See the scam
Heba (Adel / Ana ?)translationsecretsf@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba Deebheba@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba Khalid Mohamedheba.khalid66@yahoo.comGICS
Heba Qudaih / Heba«I am translation project manager» = a scammer
Heba Rafatheba.rafat50@gmail.comScammer posing as translator
Heba Rafatpts.pm9@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 76
Heba Rafat / Heba Farhatlanguagemet45@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba Rafat / Heba Farhatpm-hf@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba Riyadheba.riyad@pts5.comCV THEFT Note 74
Heba Yousef / Heba Yusifhebayousef254@gmail.comGICS Scam by 24translate Note 52
Hector Orlinhectortrans509@gmail.comPablo Dezubiria (CO) Note 61 See the fake CV
Hedaia Abu Shaqrahedaia@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hedaia Abu Shaqrahedaiaabushaqra212@gmail.comSends a CV from "Faten A. Shokiar" Note 58
Hedaia Tareqhedaiatareq@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hedie Tihastehedietihaste2@gmail.comMeeli Kuura (EE) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Heichele Palamides Gannon (DE) &OS
Helany Helany Roshelany.ros@gmail.comYegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA) Note 26
Heleina Ramosheliena.ramos@hotmail.comHelena Ramos (PT) "Heleina / Heliena"???
Helen Brownelenawbrownou@gmail.comGICS
Helen Elsonhelen.elson@hotmail.comStephen Rifkind (IL)
Helen Genevierhelengenevier@rocketmail.comHelen Genevier (FR)
Helen Herbst / Helen Herbstshelenherbts@hotmail.comMihail Mateev (BG)
Helen Jensenhelen0jensen2@gmail.comBehrouz Alijanzadehmaliji (IR)
Helen Madsenhelen.madsen2@hotmail.comHelen Højmark Cukijati (DK)
Helen Marsémarsehelen@gmail.comViolaine Courbon (FR)
Helen Moorehelen_moore2@outlook.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) 9th IMPERSONATION
Helen O. Ménagehelen.menage@gmail.comAbel Herbet (FR) 5th IMPERSONATION
Helen Pollexhelenpollex@gmail.comDmytro V. Rachek (UA) &OS ASA "Dmytro Ravhek"
Helen Rebornhelen-reborn@hotmail.comGICS Same fake CV used by "Emmy Udo"
Helen Wall / Helen Lindwallhelena.lindwall@hotmail.comGICS Uses "Helena Thomas Lindwall" on CV
Helen Wanghelenwang9@hotmail.comAnna Haxen (DK) &OS Note 75
Helen Zhaoh.zhao106@gmail.comIrene Zhao (CN)
Helena Batista / Helena Marchãobatista.i.helena.trans@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) 4th IMPERSONATION
Helena Grahnhelena.grahn@outlook.comHelena Grahn (UK) ASA "Rebecca Kapborg"
Helena Mourahelena1moura@hotmail.comGICS
Helena Pipenhelenapipen@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR) ASA "Susan Murray"
Helena Ramosheleinaa.ramos@gmail.comHelena Ramos (PT)
Helena Smithhelena.smith@outlook.saKatarina Andersson (SE)
Helene Lavessonhelenelavesson@gmail.comRenée Gustafsson (SE) & Therese Nilsson (SE)
Helene Tyapinovahelene.tyapiinoova@gmail.comIryna Reformator (UA)
Helga Kuglerhelga.kuglar@yahoo.comHelga Kugler (DE)
Hellen Holemshellenholems@gmail.comThomas Matzeit (DE)
Help You Translations scamming joint Note 63
Heltay Mariko / Marikamariko4german@hotmail.comEmily Weidmann (DE) See an invoice ASA "Gabo"
Hema Baselibtranslationsecrets@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hend Abo Zohrihendabozohri@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Henk Haanhenk.haan@outlook.saNatasja Hagemeier (NL) A "female" w/ a male name!
Henri Saarihenrisaari@hotmail.comGICS
Henrique AntonJosé Côrte-Real Santos (PT) Note 0
Henry Arnold / Henrryhenry1arnold@hotmail.comSabine Zucchi (DE)
Henry Beauperinhenrybeauperin@gmail.comGICS
Henry Yokawhenryyokaw@hotmail.comSilke Matzke (DE) &OS
Herich Gunawanherich.translations@gmail.comNote 30
Hiba Samihibasami@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hiba Tawfiqhiba.tawfiq89@gmail.comHiba Tawfiq (EG)
Hideo Kowata / Hideo Truehideo.true.trans@gmail.comHideo Kowata (JP)
Hikari Izumihikariizumi@hotmail.comNobuaki Izumi (US) ASA "Hisa Okada"
Hilary Smithhilary.smith@qualityservice.comImpersonator of PM from transperfect (NY)
Hind Al Sheikhwhite_flying_angel@yahoo.comGICS Scam by "Doaa Saleh" Note 0
Hind Yazeedhind.yazeed@hotmail.comHind Yazeed (EG)
Hipyan Pakpahanhipyanpakpahan@hotmail.comJulien Mulas (FR)
Hirayama ?hirayama078@gmail.comHirose Nhung (VN) / CV Author: "Ash Omata"
Hiriko Rikkihiriko.rikki@hotmail.comGICS Scam by MuchDo / Last saved: nmc
Hiroko Zhanghiroko-zhang@hotmail.comGICS
Hiroshi Hom / Hiroshi Homonohiroshi007hom@gmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Hiroshi Hotokohiroshi4japan@hotmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Hiroshi Kanamurakanamurahiroshi1@yahoo.comHiroshi Kanamura (JP)
Hiroshi Komunahiroshikomuna@hotmail.comAnthony John Kehoe (JP) ASA "Anthony Kehoe"
Hiroshi Mahiruhiroshi.mahiru21@gmail.comGICS Address on CV: Kodaira Police Station (Japan)!!!
Hiroshi Pleweshiroshiplewes@gmail.comMasae N. Stevens (US) &OS Note 0
Hiroshi Tolmanhiroshi.tolman011@gmail.comSoonthon Lupkitaro, PhD (TH)
Hiroshi Yaledhiroshi2yaled1@gmail.comGICS
Hiroyuki Hokarihiroyuki.hokari.japan@gmail.comAndrew Lausberg (AU)
Hisa Okadahisa_okada@hotmail.comNobuaki Izumi (US) ASA "Hikari Izumi"
Hisayo Gavin / Hisayo Shikakuraphd.hisayo.gavin.jap@gmail.comChicagoPhDs Profile on ProZ & Yoko Tsuchiya (JP)
Hitoko Hombuhitoko.hombu.lang@gmail.comHitoko Hombu (UK)
Hla ?hla3@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hla Godalanguagemet96@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hoang Mai Hoa / Hoang Hoiahoang.hoia78@outlook.comHoang Thi Mai Hoa (VN)
Honest"We are translation company" Really?
Horst Lange / Horst R. Langhorst.lange4translation@gmail.comHorst Richard Lange (TH)
Hosa Khashareefatrans1990@gmail.comEmail address used by "Patrick Nani Michel"
Hossam Ahmed / Hos Ahmedhos.ahmed.egy@gmail.comGhizlane Bougrini (EG)
Hosam Almadhounnoorseen2011@live.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 10
Hosam Almadhounweranstranslation@gmail.comNote 10
Hosam Khalifa / Hosam Kalifahossam.trans90@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Translations
Hosam Khalifa / Kalifahosamtrans2@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Translations
Hosam Mohammedhosam.moh.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Translations
Hossam Ahmedhossam.ahmed.lang@hotmail.comMina Rida (IT)
Hsiangling Liu / Selenahsiangling7700@gmail.comHsiangling Liu (TW)
Huan Yang (CN)
Huang Gaodr.huang.gao@gmail.comTrevor Breakspear (CN)
Huang Soehuang.translation@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Huertas Begona / Begona Huertasbegona.huertass@gmail.comDigna Muñoz (CL)
Hugh Averahugh.avera.trans@gmail.comHugh Avera (President of Spanglish Unlimited, Inc.)
Hui Hui (UK)
Huizhang Jiajia.huizhang@hotmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) 9th IMPERSONATION
Huizhen Cuihuizhen.cui@hotmail.comCarmen Cui (ES) CV scammed w/ photo
Hunka Aagiihunka.aagii2@gmail.comChogsom Baltandorj (MN)
Husam Isleemhusam@wordsvoice.comCV THEFT Note 76
Husejinovic Anahusejinovic.ana@hotmail.comEmina Husejinovic (BA)
Huy Nguyenshevadrew@gmail.comMihaela Petrican (RO) Note 0
Hwy Translation Companybeijinghyw@126.comNote 48
Hyeon-ju Hanhyeon.ju.1978@gmail.comGICS Scam by Haya Darwish / Gaza
Hyun Chenhyunchen39@gmail.comTaeyoung Hwang (KR)
Hyung Chanko / Chanko Hyunghyung.chanko.hc@gmail.comHyung Chan Ko (KR) & Jungho Jo (KR)
Ian Wangianwang041@gmail.comIan Wang (CN)
iapwe.orginfo@iapwe.orgOne more munumental scam Note 112
Ibrahim ?ibrahim@arcadialanguages.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 51
Ibrahim ID Note 18 aka Omar Salah Ibrahim
Ibrahim scammer posing as translator
Ibrahim Ibrahimlanguagemet60@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / See the scam
Ibrahim Katib / Ibrahim Khatibinfo@beintrans.comCV THEFT Note 77
Ibrahim Khalilinfo@ultdtrans.comCV THEFT Note 77
Ibrahim Rekab (DZ) Last saved: "Ibrahim"
Ibrahim Qeshtaibrahim.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ibrahim Qeshtaibrahim@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Ibrahim Qeshtatasks.supervision@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ibrahim Yousefibr.yousef123@gmail.comAbdelkader Rekab (DZ)
Ibrahim Zkaria / Ibrahim Zakibrahim.zak.lang@gmail.comGICS scam by Translation Secrets Note 0
Ibtesam Zakiibtesam.zaki1@gmail.comGICS
Ida Charlotteidacharlotte0@hotmail.comIda Charlotte Rømcke (NO)
Ida Coppolaida.coppola1@gmail.comIda Coppola (IT)
Ida Padronida-padron1@hotmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Igor Diuenigor.diuen.french2@gmail.comAbel Herbet (FR) ASA "Abel Herbet" & "Sam Woythaler"
Igor Ermolaevigor.ermolaev00@gmail.comIgor Ermolaev (RU)
Igor Kellyigorkelly@hotmail.comMichael Moskowitz (US) &OS
Igor Onishkoonishko.lgor@hotmail.comJack Doughty (UK) Note 75
Ihab Abdelhafizihab.abdelhafiz@gmail.comIhab A. Abdelhafiz (US)
Ihsan Salman / Ihsan Senjerihsan.senjer@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Iker Alvisikeralvis@hotmail.comReally? ASA "Danial Walsh" Scam made in Gaza
Iliona Qejvanaj / Iliona Detailsiliona.qejvanaj.lang@gmail.comIliona Qejvanaj (GR)
Mr. Imad ?prob@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Imad (Ali) Almagharyinfo@trgim.comSister company to Translation Secrets Note 6
Imad (Ali) Almagharyitisnumberone@yahoo.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Imad Ali El-Mgharywalaa0599@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Imad Almagharyinfo@ttranslationsecrets.comNotice the double "t" in the domain name?
Imad Almagharymaghary@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Imad Almagharyprod@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imad Almagharythisishisemailone@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imad Almaghary / Imad Mgharyweranstranslationa@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Imad Kabajaengspaara@gmail.comGICS scam Imad Almaghary Note 0
Imad Mghariinfo@translationsecrets.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Imad Mgharitranslationsecrets@yahoo.comNote 6 / 10 / 21
Imad Mgharyweranstranslation@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 Languagemet
Iman (Eman) Ata / Emanataemanata1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imana Patrans.imana@gmail.comIsabelle Bouchery (CL) ASA "Isabelle Saviano"
Imane Dahmani / Dahmaniyimane.dahmaniy@hotmail.comImane Dahmani (MA)
Imme Haageimme.haage@hotmail.comImme Haage (DE)
Imra Horelyhorelyimra@gmail.comOscar Olsson (SE)
Ina Wilmsina.wilms.lingo@hotmail.comIna Wilms (DE)
Ines Vieiravieiraines56@gmail.comInês Cidraes Vieira (PT)
Ines Vieirainesvieira700@gmail.comSent the CV from ""Ivanka Vasileva" !!!
Inga Sarguinga-sargu21@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Inge Dijkstrainge.dijkstra1955@gmail.comInge Dijkstra (NL) Note 0
Ingo Dierkingo.trans2@gmail.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK) ASA "Aldo Emil" Note 0
Ingrid Jornsrud / Ingrid Thorbjørnsrud (IE) Scam by "NADER"
Inna Alyninnaalyn@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA) & Helen Gerdova (UA)
Inna Somersinna.somers@hotmail.comInna Somers (PL) Scam by: Yusuf / Dreams
International Languageinternational_language@yahoo.comFAKE COMPANY Note 0
International Wordsinternationalwords01@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Languagemet gang
Ioleta Fathifreelancer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
IPC4ITarwa.ipc4t@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 0
Iren Onishkoirenonishko9@gmail.comDejan Skrebic (BA)
Irene Atuk / Irene Atiukirene.ir786@gmail.comIrene Hembarska (UA)
Irene Blatza (GR) Read the scamming story
Irene Elmerotirene.elmerot@hotmail.comIrene Elmerot (SE)
Irene Huntirene.hunt.e2@gmail.comSamuel Henry Hunt (DE)
Irene Janssonirenejansson3@gmail.comKarin Oldenstam (SE)
Irene Levi Myllysirenelevi6@gmail.comIrene Nosrati (US) & Oded Tal (CA)
Irene Pasqualiirene62000@gmail.comElisabetta de Stradis Dell’Elmo (IT)
Irene Shellyireneshelly@hotmail.comGICS ASA "Antti Lukkarin"
Irina Kuzminskayairenehanim@outlook.comIrina Kuzminskaya (US)
Irina Shtogrina / Shtogrina Irinairina.shtogrina.1982@outlook.comIrina Shtogrina (UA) ASA "Manal Majdalani"
Irma Horelyhorelyimra@gmail.comOscar Olsson (SE) & Carl-Henrik Hammarlund (SE)
Irmgard Peterek / Maria Irmgardirmgard.maria2@gmail.comIrmgard Maria Peterek (DE)
Irmgard Peterekirmgardpeterek@hotmail.comHelge Mayer (SA)
Irmia Daniella / Andreea Irimiadaniela.daniela@outlook.saIrimia Andreea-Daniela (RO)
Irvine Closterkoren.american.couple@gmail.comTaehoon and Tanya Kim (US)
Iryana Eggeriryanaegger@hotmail.comLill Catinka Maxen (DK) & Ana-Marija Duranec (HR)
Iryna Natalyairynanatalya@hotmail.comYulia Reyn (RU)
Isaac Lealisaac11pradel@hotmail.comIsaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isaac Lieallieal.issac30@gmail.comIsaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isabel Bensondoyen00066@ymail.comWorld-renowned scammer
Isabel Freitas / Fritesisabel.portuguese@hotmail.comIsabel Maria Freitas (PT)
Isabel Riosisabelspanish01@gmail.comScam by Translation Secrets Note 6
Isabelle De Rasillyisab12trs@gmail.comMàrika De Rasilly (FR) & Anthony Teixeira (FR)
Isabella Lombardinoisabellalombardino@hotmail.comJae Min (CA) & Muhammad Raouf (EG) &OS
Isabelle Ferreiroeng2ger@gmail.comGICS
Isabelle Savianoisabellesaviano@gmail.comIsabelle Bouchery (CL) &OS ASA "Imana Pa"
Isabelle Simonisabellesimon20@gmail.comMichelle Weston (FR) See the scam / Note 0
Isadora Oliveiraoisadora68@gmail.comNuno Oliveira (PT) Note 4
Isis Drinsdaleisndrins@aim.comImpersonator of PM from Kwintessential
Iskhakova Osinaiskhakova.osina@gmail.comAnna Sosnovskaya (US) Scam by a "Abu Khalid"
Islam Abed Dahleezbestlanguages9@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezislam.dahleez@hotmail.comEinass Hamed Mohamed Kandil (EG) &OS
Islam Abed Dahleezdahleez.islam@outlook.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezislamfreelancer9@gmail.comAlaa Zeineldine (US)
Islam Abed Dahleezlanguagemet47@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezpm-d@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Dahleezsupport@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Jabaryengislamata@gmail.comPossibly associated w/ Note 4
Ismail"Click Translation Agency"? Really?
Israa Suliman / Esraa Mesraa@pts5.comAnother scam by Languagemet Note 74
Iustina / Justine Margineaniustina.marginean11@gmail.comIustina Marginean (RO)
Iva Rajiciva10rajic@outlook.comGICS
Ivan Buric / Ivan Buriivan.buric2@hotmail.comGICS
Ivan Dimikivandimik08@gmail.comAleksandar Dimitriev (MK) Scam by Abu Al-Fahad
Ivan Druloviciv.drulovic@gmail.comAna Levak (HR)
Ivan Jorgeivanjorgei33@gmail.comJean Martin (UK) Note 119
Ivan Liivan.li22m@gmail.comUNKNOWN SCAMMER Note 0 / Note 18 / Note 69
Ivan Liprojecttranslation@yahoo.comUNKNOWN SCAMMER Note 0 / Note 18 / Note 69
Ivan Marko / Ivan Marcoim1257300@gmail.comBiljana Tesic (RS)
Ivan Nikonornikonor.ivan@gmail.comMark Berelekhis (US)Scam by Hala M
Ivan Papic / Ivan Papuicivan.papic.ip@gmail.comIvan Papic (RS)
Ivan Ruchiraniivan.ruchirani@hotmail.comAndrew Wang (CN) "Ivan" is a female!!!
Ivan Rukoberivanorukoer@gmail.comIgor V. Savenkov (RU) ASA "Yelena Pestereva"
Ivan Rukoberdivan.rukoberd@gmail.comIgor V. Savenkov (RU) 7th IMPERSONATION
Ivan Chen (CN)
Ivan Yuivan.yu.trans@gmail.comWilliam He (CN) ASA "Daniel Yang"
Ivana Giulianiivana.giuliani0@gmail.comIvana Giuliani (IT)
Ivana Policivanapolic@hotmail.comDijana Evans (HR) (same address) See the FAKE ID
Ivana Wagnerivana.wagner09@gmail.comMichael Herrmann (DE) / Scam Made in China
Ivanka Vasilevavasileva.petkova@hotmail.comIvanka Petkova Vasileva (BG)
Ivannia Salasivannia.desalas@gmail.comGICS
Ivar Roosivar.roos214@outlook.saAivo Roos (ES)
Ivona Dutaivona_duta@outlook.comOana Duta (RO)
Jack Hamilton / Hameltonbilingualtranslation2012@gmail.comScammer with a ghost translation company... / Note 0
Jack Ja / Trans Com / Trans Jacktrans.com1982@gmail.comArab scammer! Skype: trans.77 (Location: Turkey!!!)
Jack Marlosjackfrenchservices@gmail.comSonia Izrar (UK) Scam by Experts Of Linguists Note 6
Jack Maue Leranjack.maue@gmail.comGeneviève Karlsson (FR) & Daniel Owona Kono (CM)
Jack Mojsiukpolish.linguistsite@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 79
Jack Selkov / Jack Solvekjack.selkove0@gmail.comVladimir Kukharenko (UA)
Jack Zhangjack303zhang@hotmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK)
Jackey Wujackey.wu8@gmail.comJack Shen (CN)
Jadwiga Gerajadwiga.gera@gmail.comAlicja Machala (PL) & Agnieszka Arendarska (PL)
Jak Palejakpale70@gmail.comGICS
Jam Kennyjamkenny43@gmail.comGICS
James Coria / Coria Jamesjamescoria@hotmail.comIlde Grimaldi (IT) &OS ASA "Michael Silvistri"
James Dietrichjdierich7@gmail.comChristian Feldermann (ES)
James Lejoly (US)
James Thortonjames.thorton@cristaltrans.comFAKE "translation agency" Note 60
James Wandajames.wanda@hotmail.comGeorge Karanja (KE) Scam by "nmc" / Languagemet
Jamshed Alamjamshed.alam3@yahoo.comJamshed Alam (PK)
Jan Chanjan0chan6@gmail.comJi Mingle (CN)
Jan Done / Jan Doneyjandoney81@hotmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 10th IMPERSONATION
Jan Holmesjan.holmes@outlook.saBogdan Kadziola (PT)
Jean Himoshan / Jana Hamfredjean3italy@gmail.comGICS Scam by "rrr" Note 0
Jan Kaliser / Kaisler / Kaeslerjan.kaliser.y@gmail.comJan Kaisler (DE)
Jana Benhamjana.benham@hotmail.comJana Windwehr (DE) &OS
Jana Hamfred / Jana Amjanaham3g@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) ASA "Andrea Weber"
Jana Kolevjana-kolev2@hotmail.comCarlos Félix (PT) & Raquel Martínez (ES)
Jane Killyjanekilly@hotmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Jane Rouiaijane.rouiai@gmail.comDenis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA "Alexis Fo"
Jane Smithjanefhongsmith@hotmail.comNote 34
Jane Syllajanesylla8@gmail.comChristian Landais (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Jane Versatilejaneleversatile@hotmail.comHoi Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA "Janet Li"
Janet Gastaldijanetgastaldi1@gmail.comRunge Bernd (DE) & Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Janet Li / Janet Liang Lijanetliang.china@gmail.comHoi Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA "Jane Versatile"
Janet Zein / Zein Agencyjanet-zein@lycos.comTranslation agency based in Portugal?
Janice Dongjanicejanice2@hotmail.comMerlin Foujio (CM), Helena Pires (PT) &OS
Janice Gessajanice.gessa@gmail.comAnne-Marie Pepin (CA) Note 0
Janin Nobuyuki / Yamahikojanin.nobuyuki@outlook.comAiko Kaya (JP)
Janna Kleinkleinjanna@gmail.comMarion Melvin (DE) & Linda Herrmann (UK) Note 0
Jansen De Jong / Dejong Jansendejongjansen@gmail.comMarijke Singer (UK)
Jasenka Jaskicjaskicjasenka@gmail.comJasenka Jaskic (FR)
Jasi Jamillanguagemet14@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Jasmin Friezjasminfriez@gmail.comDorthe Cullen (IE) & Dakota McCarty (US)
Jasmin Richardjasmin.lingo@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 45
Jasmin Richardlanguage.power0@gmail.comGICS Note 45
Jasmin Russprojects.coordinator.service@gmail.comTypical scammer's email address Note 0
Jasmin Sanjranijasmin.translation@gmail.comJasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Serganyjasmin.sergany@gmx.usJasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Siegfriedsiegjasmin@gmail.comRobert Grundler (PH) See "Arnulf Benjamin"
Jasmin Zeipertjzeipert@gmail.comAnett Pfeiffer (DE)
Jasmine Adamzfriend.of.translation@gmail.comUses fake "Beatriz Cirera" ID as a ghost Note 3
Jasmine Welly (fake name?)pm_n@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Facebook profile
Jason Kenyonjason.kenyon.english@gmail.comNicholas Ferreira (CA)
Jassica Leejassicalee2@hotmail.comLinda Chen (TW) & Fabienne Ledran (IL)
Jatin Coopercjatine@gmail.comElsa Renée Ramos (AR)
Javier Matajaviermatatrn@gmail.comJesús Marín (UK) ASA "Ricardo Tromanet"
Javier Vandenbrouckejavier.vandenbroucke@gmail.comDaniela Viljoen (BO)
Javin Simon / Simon Javinjavinsimon@gmail.comUbaydulla Akhmedov (UZ)
Jay Guohuanjayg60793@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Jay Kwakjay.kwak.242@hotmail.comJay Kwak (KR)
Jean Albertjean.alber01@hotmail.comSabrina Gabriel (CA) &OS
Jean Berréejean.berree@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) Note 4 ASA "Bernand Honore"
Jean Boltonjeanbolton72@gmail.comAngela Arnone (IT)
Jean Cantini / Cantini Jeanjeancantini897@gmail.comChristian Fournier (FR) & Jean-Luc Dumont (FR)
Jean Charlesjeancharles010@gmail.comJean-Charles Pirlet (UK)
Jean Charllyjean.translation88@gmail.comJean-Charles Pirlet (UK)
Jean Chongjean.chong27@gmail.comDaniel Yoon (KR)
Jean Louis / Louijean.zamboulouis@gmail.comJean-Louis Zambou Jiomeneck (CM)
Jean Martinjean99790@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 55 "Great Translate"
Jean Martinjeanmarrtin2@gmail.comSégolène-Armelle-Marie Neilson (UK)
Jean Mitchelljean.linguist@gmail.comEstelle Demontrond-Box (AU) Note 0
Jean Moore / Jeam Moorejean7moore@gmail.comCharlotte Moore (UK) See the stupid scam
Jean Oliver / Olive (Female ???)jean321oliver@gmail.comMàrika de Rasilly (FR) ASA "Natalie Schmitz"
Jean Vitaljeanvital.trans@gmail.comJean-Claude Aciman (FR)
Jeanne Schmicklerschmicklerj@gmail.comYevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Jeanne Sosanjeannesosan@hotmail.comGICS
Jeanne Ulrichjeanne.ulrich21@gmail.comTolo Louis Gwiango (CM)
Jeanne Verbekespanish5555@gmail.comGICS
Jeanette Sorensenjeansorens@gmail.comGICS
Jeena Babinjeenababin.translator@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE)
Jeff Luizluizjeff.rans@gmail.comMaria Isabel Castilho Labisa (PT)
Jeff Mathejeff.k.mathe@hotmail.comJeff K. Mathe, MD (SZ) Note 8 ASA "Patrick Michel"
Jeffrey L. DeLange (US)
Jehan Bardoujehanbardou@gmail.comWilliam Stein (UK)
Jelard Stahenquicktranslation.2014@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 0
Jelena Spasicjelena.spasic1977@gmail.comNeda Bozic (RS)
Jen Kennyjenkenny212@gmail.comEsther Sananes (IT) &OS
Jenna Greengreen.jenna@outlook.comScammer / Outsourcer
Jenni Gilbertjennigilbert64@gmail.comFiona Névoa (PT)
Jennie Thornejennie.thorne22@gmail.comMaria Bertilsson (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Jennifer Brownjennifer_brown0@hotmail.comGICS BANNED FROM PROZ
Jennifer Byersjennferpt1@gmail.comJennifer Byers (BR), Mary McCusker (US) &OS
Jennifer Colesgermanenglishtrans@gmail.comLaura Ball (UK)
Jennifer M. Allenjennifer4trans@gmail.comGayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS
Jennifer Mahana / Sabrina Mzhe_nuan@yahoo.deGICS
Jennifer Nicolejennifernicolehottarek@outlook.saJennifer Nicole Hottarek (DE)
Jennifer Stewartjenniferjstewart147@gmail.comChristina J. Wooden (US)
Jenny Gilmanjenny-gilman@hotmail.comMatt Stewart (UK)
Jenny Martinjenny.martin017@gmail.comKarin Isbell (US) & Sybille Brückner (DE)
Jenny Shwangachinesehelp@gmail.comGICS FAKE CV available online
Jérémie L. Fonnedxj.fonnedx1@gmail.comChristopher J. Kennedy (FR) Fonnedx !!! See scam
Jeremy Hasseltjeremy.hasselt.68@gmail.comJulian Wagstaff (UK)
Jeremy Hudsonhjeremy630@gmail.comMichaela Tappel (CA) & Michele Gile (CA)
Jermy Devlin / Jermy Rjermydevlin1@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) Scam by: Afnan Alkedra
Jerry Schomburg / Schoomburgjerryschomburg@hotmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) ASA "Carlene Wirobski"
Jerry Yaojerryyao900@gmail.comTimothy Durgin (US)
Jessica Creakcreakjessica@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE) & Volkmar Hirantner (TR)
Jessica Davisjessica_davis2@hotmail.comPeggy Butterworth (UK) & Kitty Donath-Brussaard (NL)
Jessica Falakyjessica.falaky.12@windowslive.comViolaine Meziere (FR) ASA "Rose-Marie Saviano"
Jessica Feeneyjessica_feeney@hotmail.comElizabeth Hassett (DE)
Jessica Mahanaje.mahana@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE) ASA "Jessica Creak"
Jessica O'Sullivanjessicsullivan@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE)
Jessica Silvaportuguese4trans@gmail.comEliane do Rio-Branco (BR)
Jessica Stormjessica.storm@netcourrier.comImpersonates PM from Migal Translations
Jessica Thorelljessicathorell2@gmail.comJoakim Braun (SE) See the FAKE CV
Jia Tangjia-tang@hotmail.comYueyin Sun (US)
Jiachang Lili.saffron@gmail.comJiachang Li (CN)
Jian Leejianlee2015@gmail.comBin Li (US) ASA "Gia Li" 7th IMPERSONATION
Jiang Hojiang.ho@outlook.comJiawei Wu (UK)
Jiang (Jiango) Lee / Jiango Leejiango.lee@gmail.comAlbert Jiang (CN) Scam by: Hamada Prince
Jiang Xia / Jim Xiajiang.xia.translator@hotmail.comJiang Xia (CN)
Jianting He / Tinachinese.trans.jianting@gmail.comTina Lee / Jianting He (Tina) (CN)
Jihad Hassanmail.powertranslations@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81
Jim Chen / Chen Jimcjim968@gmail.comDuobing Chen (CN) ASA "Duobing Chen"
Jim Crocker (Female!!!)crockerjim5@gmail.comNice CV: English <>Frensh!!! Note 4
Jim Davoutjim.davout.trans@gmail.comFAKE COMPANY Note 81 / See the scam
Jim Li / Jim Lieli.dajin@hotmail.comJim Li (CN)
Jimmie Choojimmichina@gmail.comJimmie Choo (CN)
Jin Shinjin.shin44@gmail.comJihyun Shin (US)
Jin Yu / Jin Yujianqing Jeongjin.yujianqing@gmail.comJane Yu / Jane Yujianqing (CA)
Jing 33 / Scam by Oscar Translation
Jinsook Kimjinsook-kim@hotmail.comJinsook Kim (KR)
Jitka Tvrdajitkatvrda16@gmail.comJitka Tvrdá (CZ)
Joan Hansenjoanhansen068@gmail.comTonje Engvold (NO)
Joan Hansenjoan.hansen1@hotmail.comCV attached: "Oscar Benedid" ???
Joana Oliveirajoana.translator@gmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Teresa Lopes"
Joana Telljoana.tell.lang@gmail.comCarla Silva (BR)
Joanna Kimjoanna1kim@gmail.comSonie Sung (KR) & J. André Vanasse (CA)
Joanna Muotojoanna.muoto354@yahoo.comAdriana Sayol (ES) Scam by Translation Secrets
Joanna Raczkajoanna0raczka0@gmail.comPeter Nicholson (PL) & Anna Davies (FR)
Joao Bourbonjoaopedro.bourbon@outlook.comJoão Pedro Bourbon Moreira (PT)
Joao Bourbonjoaopedro.bourbon@outlook.comJoão Pedro Bourbon Moreira (PT)
Joao Bourbonchristine.monitor.christine@gmail.comChristine ???
Joao Correiajoao.correia.lang@hotmail.comJoão Carlos Alves Correia (PT)
Joao Cruizjoao.cruiz@hotmail.comScamming by Gentle Translations
Joao Trovaojoao.trovao.lang@hotmail.comJoão Marcelo Adler Trovão (BR)
Jobs Facetransjobs.ftrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 50
Joe Antonantonjeo@gmail.comYevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Joeingakam Trans / Joel Ngakamjoel.ngakam@hotmail.comJoel Ndesil Deumi Ngakam (CM)
Joel Mezonajoel.mezona@gmail.comSamanta Libenson (AR)
Joel Ngakamfrenchprojects76@gmail.comThe typical scammer's email address
Joel Ngakamperfect.work1980@gmail.comThe typical scammer's email address
Joerg Rheinjoerg.g.rhein@gmail.comGICS / CV author: Zakaria
Johann du Toittranslation.johaan@gmail.comJohann du Toit & Boreum An (UK)
Johanna Lonnforsjohanna.lonnfors@outlook.saJohanna Lönnfors (FI)
Johanna Moorejohannamoore435@gmail.comUrsula Blömken de Dentesano (AR)
Johanna Mooreajohanna.moore@outlook.comUrsula Blömken de Dentesano (AR)
Johanna Witte (Johan Nawitte)johanna3witte@gmail.comSebastian Witte (DE) & Kristina Staude (DE)
John ?charlesu92@gmail.comFake ID created by Charles Azzopardi?
John Adamadamj6901@translina.comFake PM from fake company Note 117
John Adam / John Adamjjohnadamj120@gmail.comMarie-Christine Périé (FR) Scam by Elmouiz Arafat
John Alexanderjohn_alexa45@outlook.comDaria Krutova (RU)
John Bloomenj.bloomen@ymail.comScammer-owner of Note 19
John Githinji / Johnn Githjohn.githinji.lang@hotmail.comJohn Maina Githinji (KE)
John Kh / John Khahinjohn.kh2@hotmail.comGICS ASA "Linda Robin"
John Martinjohn.martin-work@hotmail.comPaul David Machin (UK)
John Mikejohnmike.trans@gmail.comTodor Todorov (Bulgaria) &OS Scam by besan/nmc
John Romybatista.french.portuguese@gmail.comAlexandre Mota Batista (PT)
John Simienjohn.m.simien@hotmail.comJohn Simien (US)
John Smuckersmuckersm@gmail.comAnja-Christina Möller (ES) Author: Alwaleed center
John Troopsjohn.troops@gmail.comFake photo on Elance, LinkedIn, VerbalizeIt Note 69
Johny Rosstranslationfirst1@gmail.comGICS
Joicy Simonjo4traduction@gmail.comOrianne Gogo (FR) &OS
Jonathan Lefebvrejonathanlefebvre1@hotmail.comMarie Anselme (FR)
Jolene Marcusjolene4tr@gmail.comGayle H. Wallimann (FR) ASA "Jennifer M. Allen"
Joli Boultonjoliboulton33@gmail.comGICS
Jolie Dodierjolie.dodier@gmail.comAlexandra Bullock (US)
Jolie Samjoliesam2@gmail.comGICS / Also PayPal ID for "Ola Kari" See the invoice
Jomana Dayel / Al Dayeljomanadayel@gmail.comBayan Abughaida (US)
Jon Reiseljonreisel@gmail.comMonica Barosen (NO) ASA "Ola Kari"
Jon Sewelljowelltrans@gmail.comHeidi Kjelsvik (NO) See the scam
Joni Daarjonidaar@gmail.comRiikka Hase (DE) &OS
Jorge Domeniconnijorge.domeniconi@outlook.comJosé Mário Silva Neves (PT)
Jorge Hectorjorge1hector@gmail.comSandra Dowling (AR) & Héctor Jorge Aires (AR)
Jorge Oliveira Almeidajorge.almeida.lang@hotmail.comVictor O. Tolentino (DE)
Jorge Ricardo Hernandezhernandez.portuguese@gmail.comGICS
Jorge Trovaoo ? / Jorge Trovaojorge.trovao23@outlook.saDavidson Gregorio Oliveira de Fatima (BR)
Jose Barriojbarrio422@gmail.comSusan Linda Horn (US) & Rafa Lombardino (US)
Jose Barrosjb664113@gmail.comPaula D’Arolla Pedrosa (BR)
Jose Carlos / Jose Workwork4ever77@gmail.comJosé Carlos Gomes Ribeiro (BR)
Jose Nevesjose2portuguese@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT)
Jose Pachecojose.h.pacheco@hotmail.comJosé Héctor Nolasco Pacheco (SV)
Jose Silva / Jose da Silvajose.s.da.silva@outlook.comFernando Domeniconi (US)
Jose Work / Carlosjosework12@gmail.comJosé C. Gomes Ribeiro (BR) Scam by: "Abu Khaled"
Josefin Wahlgrenjosefin.wahlgren0@gmail.comBengt de Paulis (FI) ASA "Bengt Paulis"
Josemi Hamansaludo66@hotmail.frMoroccon scammer Note 0
Joseph Edmonedmonjfr@gmail.comJean Providence Nzabonimpa (RW)
Joseph Romlienjosephromlien@gmail.comChang Yee Chien (MY)
Joseph Simplicejoseph.simplice3@gmail.comFlorent Lassale (FR)
Joseph Sprackjosephsprack@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES) ASA "Manolo Saul"
Josiane Briseboisjosianefrench@gmail.comDiane Carole Dessiji (CM) ASA "Rose-Marie Saviano"
Jospeh Ardesana / Ardisanaardisana.jospeh30@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES) ASA "Manolo Saul"
Jossep Alsurjossepalsur@live.comMindaugas Putelis (LT)
Joun Saidojoun.saido@hotmail.comPeter Kahl (UK)
Juan Chalupjjuan.chalup.90@gmail.comJavier Bartaburu (BR)
Juan Chovncookie@hotmail.esASA "Vania Klotz"
Juan Marcellinjuan.marcellin11@gmail.comAaron Palomino (ES)
Juan Pablo Chalupjjuan.chalup@hotmail.comCarlos Javier Bartaburu Vignolo (BR)
Juan Pablo Chalupjjuan.chalup.20@gmail.comJuan Pablo Chalup (AR)
Juan Rodrigoah / Rodrigojuan.rodrigoah@yahoo.comVeronika Karacova (CN)
Juan Salanovajuansalanovatrn@gmail.comJuan Salanova (ES)
Juan Tanj.tan4translation@gmail.comYucheng Zhang (CN)
Juan Tengjuanteng.lingo@gmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK)
Juanjo Martin Borrastikalediciones@hotmail.comFake ID, impersonating Tikal Ediciones Note 29
Judy 34
Judy Chenjudy.chen.tra@gmail.comGICS Scam by: besan / nmc
Juhana Myllysmyllys.juhana@hotmail.comDesmond O'Rourke (US) Scam by: besan
Julia Antonio da Silvajuliaantonio053@gmail.comEmiliana da Silva Querido (DE) See the scam
Julia Antonio da Silvastandard.translator2@gmail.comThe typical scammer's emails address
Julia"Author": Abo Khaled
Julia Corbojulia.corbo.jc.1@gmail.comJosé Manuel Lozano Martín (ES)
Julia Gulljulia.gull.lingo@hotmail.comContents: Arabic word
Julia Hejulia_he0@hotmail.comTerry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Julia Holmehjulia.rj@gmail.comNuno de Abreu e Oliveira (PT)
Julia"Author": besan / See "her" invoice
Julia Luisaoj.luisao78@gmail.comGICS Scam made in Bulgaria / IP: Note 0
Julia Lysenkojulialysenko@outlook.comAziz Bashirov (UZ) & Iuliia Vasylieva (UK)
Julia Neolzerjulia2neolzer@gmail.comTony Kehoe (JP) Scam by (Author): "abo dalal"
Julia Ranctrans.en.chinese@gmail.comYearn Fan (CN)
Julia Redfieldjulia.redfield@aim.comScam by "Eugen Hulub" Note 19
Julia Starlingjuliastarling78@hotmail.comGert Hirschfeld (DE)
Julia Stevenjulia-steven@hotmail.comChristian Tabakoff (DE) &OS See the fake CV
Julia Vernerdunny.carrion1@gmail.comGICS ASA "Dunny Carrión"
Julia Walkerjuliawalker581@gmail.comKarla Sehnal (DE)
Julia Yangjulia-y.22@hotmail.comJeehye Woo (US)
Julia Ziegerziegerjulia@gmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA) ASA "Lena Neyse"
Julian Leroyleroylanguage@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA "Christiane L."
Julian Pinerjulia.pin1@hotmail.comDijedon Imeri (UK) See FAKE CV
Juliana Ferreirajulianafreelance4@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Licinia Araujo"
Juliana Schwartzjulianasch.iw@gmail.comYaara Di Segni (IL)
Julianne Sveigdalenjulianne0sveigdalen@hotmail.comJulianne Sveigdalen (NO)
Julie Baronjulie.baron156@yahoo.comJulie Beauce (CA) ASA "Stephanie Metzage"
Julie Caronjuliecaron48@gmail.comLaure Meunier Guerin (FR)
Julie Franckjuliefranck24@gmail.comChristian Georges (FR) & Yoko Shinobu (JP)
Julie Moronijuliemoroni0@gmail.comTilmann Kleinau (DE) & Teresa Roseng (VE)
Julie Phanjulie-phan1@hotmail.comManuel Aresta (ES) &OS
Julie Pouzetjulie.ppouzet75@gmail.comSapna Melwani (ID) ASA "Sapna Melwani"
Julie Rafallijulie.freelancer70@gmail.comAzambou Laurent Roger (CM)
Juliet Derdosjuliet.derdos@gmail.comVéronique Derdos (FR) ASA "Nina Kamaga"
Juliet Morrisjuliet.morris@outlook.comKimberly Wastler (IT) & Sara Romelli (IT)
Juliet Nandyjulietnandy@hotmail.comStephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Juliette Bieljuliette@globalspeech.coFAKE COMPANY Note 75
Júlio Cesar Gonçalvesjulio2goncalves@gmail.comJúlio César Gonçalves (BR)
Jun Chui Yujun.chui@yahoo.comJaycelyn Tan (MY) & Adrion Teng (CN)
Jun Li / Dave Li (US)
Jun Parkpark.trans2@gmail.comGICS
Jun Yangjun.yangz6876@gmail.comHu Huimin (CN)
Junhui Changjunhui0chang60@gmail.comHyung Chan Ko (KR) & Michelle Hamilton (US)
Junhui Lhujunhui.lhu@hotmail.comJames Liu (CA)
Junhui Parkjunhui0park@gmail.comJunhui Park (US) Scam by: "amar agha"
Junhui Roestjunhuiroest@gmail.comMariette van Heteren (TR) & Frits van Ens (NL)
Junko Griggsjunkogriggs@gmail.comNoriko Aoki (JP)
Junyn Liu (CA) & Jerry Lu (CN)
Jussi Rourke / Jussi O'Rourkejussirourke14@gmail.comScam by Note 52
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