scam noun \skæm\
A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
A trick, a ruse; a swindle, a racket. (Oxford English Dictionary)
fraude, burla (PT) • escroquerie (FR) • chanchullo, estafa (ES) • truffa (IT) • Betrug (DE) • zwendel (NL) • svindel (SE)


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Last update: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 13:17 MDT

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Name/emails used by scammerMaximilian Schmitt / /
CV stolen fromAndrea Christina Kaluzny (USA)
Name/emails used by scammerAby Lau /
CV stolen fromVeronica Mehno (USA) and other sources
Name/emails used by scammerTawum Vallery / /
CV stolen fromTawum Atanga Vallery (Japan)
Name/emails used by scammerAhmed Othman / /
CV stolen fromRafed Khashan (USA)
Name/emails used by scammerKhalil Gabr / /
CV stolen fromHassan Loutfy (Lebanon)
Name/emails used by scammerJack Selkov / /
CV stolen fromVladimir Kukharenko (Ukraine)
Name/emails used by scammerJanin Nobuyuki / Janin Yamahiko /
CV stolen fromAiko Kaya (Turkey)
Name/emails used by scammerSofia Engberg /
CV stolen fromAnnelie Hansson (Sweden) / Scam by "Abu-Assad"
Name Used by Scammer
Fake or just stolen
Scammer's email
Scammer may use other email addresses
Victims: Scammer's CV / Data stolen from
Ex.: (DE) or (UK) is the country Internet ID (TLD)
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A. Fa. / Adama89.myemail@gmail.comEmail used by "Freelaner Mont"
Aadhunik Murariaadhunikmurari@gmail.comKamal Gupta (IN)
Aaron Carlaaron.translation1@gmail.comKaren Riggio (FR) ASA "Carl Aaron"
Abd Elmouiz Arafatabdelmouiz-arafat@hotmail.comFake CV: cut & paste from other CVs
Abdallah A El-Sheikhabdallah@goldenear4translation.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikhabdallah_ahmed83@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdallah Elsheikhabdallah.elsheikh83@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 20
Abdel-Hady Hamid Aliinfo@localize-group.comNote 62 / CV stolen from Tamer A. Mekhimar (EG)
Abdullah (Mr.)ag@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abdullah (Mr.)abdghtrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abdullah Khalilmr.abdtrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37
Abed«I am an independent project manager» = a scammer
Abed Raheemproc@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abed Rantisi / Mhmd Rantisimail@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer ?olive.branch@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Abeer Alrabeaabeer@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Abeer Alrabearare.translator@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Abeer Hams (Hamss)abeertranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)eng.abeers@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Hams (Hamss)nordic@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Jpanese (Hams)japanese@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Hams (Hamss)spanish.lingo@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humsabeer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humsagency@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Humssupport@muchdo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer THEFT Note 6
Abeer Majed / Ahmed Hamidabeermajed7@gmail.comASA "Reda Awadallah" Note 6
Abeer Majedolivebranh73@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Olive Brahn ???
Abeer Mostafalanguagemet68@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Abeer Nafez Al Hams / Hamstransprof19@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 MuchDo
Abeer Saleh / Eng. Abeer Salehnordic.lang.muchdo@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Alias for "Abeer Hams"
Abel Herbert (FR) ASA "Sam Woythaler"
Abella Agerabella.ager@gmail.comLaure Meunier (FR)
Abella Madelabella.m.trans@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Jeena Babin"
Abidulsalam A. Abed Tabasiaaatwat@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "dd"
Abril Santoabriltrans225@gmail.comBrenda L. Galván (US)
Abu THEFT Note 6
Aby Lauabylau1980@gmail.comVeronica Mehno (US) &OS
Adam Rofeldhuriet.french@gmail.comFrancis Huriet (FR)
Adam Wahladamwahl35@gmail.comManfred Wahl (BE) ASA "Manfred Whal"
Adam Zoltanadam.zoltan60@gmail.comUlrik Nielsen (DK)
Adamo Costaadamocosta1@gmail.comAntonio Siclari (IT)
Adele Armisteadad.armistead@outlook.comPierre M Beguin (UK)
Adele Audiadele.a. Stefania Williams (UK)
Adelina Tertiusadelinatrans12@gmail.comChrista Polkinhorn (US)
Adeline Adam Arnoldadeline.trans@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM) ASA "Arnold Talla"
Adelio Mercieradeliomercier@gmail.comLuisa Mercier (IT)
Adolf Sninadolf.s.trans@gmail.comRupert Johann Kindermann (DE)
Adolfo Matamataa121@gmail.comConsuelo del Carmen Ruz (US)
Adolfo Ruiza.ruiz.trans@gmail.comAdolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA "David Tony"
Adrian Prestonadrianl.preston@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Adriana Aaronadrianatrans93@gmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) See the scam proof
Adriana Alferdo Agataadrianaalferdoagata@gmail.comFake CV copied from a Chinese website...
Adriana Pardoadrianapardo77@gmail.comCatalina Ann Saraceno (AR)
Adriano Jonesadriano.jones98@yahoo.comEmanuele Di Maula (IT)
Adrion Wangadrionwang@hotmail.comASA "Yuri Maro" Note 52
Afnan Alkedratranslationsecretsg@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Afnan Alkedraapplication@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Agatha Coltenagatha.colten@gmail.comNote 18
Agnese Midossiagnese.trans@gmail.comMaria Grazia Midossi (IT)
Ahd Bobo / Ahd Ramiahdbobo@gmail.comAnother "Project Manager"...
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdohahlam.lengo@gmail.comAhlam Abu-Nada (QA)
Ahlam Abu Nada / Hala Mamdohlanguagemet12@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahlam from "Arcadia Languages" Note 51
Ahlam Zamliahlamzamli@gmail.comAsks for "CV and cover letter"... Note 51
Ahmad Aboelkhaireinfo@linguistsite.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Ahmad Aboelkhairelinguistsitespanish@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Ahmad Barakabaraka@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Jodaahmadjoda02@hotmail.comScam by"Ahmed Hussein"
Ahmad Kafinaa.kafinah@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmed.m@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmed.m@gentle.translations.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafaahmad.gentle.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmad (Ahmed) THEFT Note 6
Ahmad Translationahmad.trans.projects@gmail.comNote 0
Ahmed Eideenahmed@safety-translation.comCV THEFT Note 37
Ahmed Eideenpm.ahmed8@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Safety Translation
Ahmed ? / Eideen ?ahmed2014@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Abdul Mageedahmed.abdulmageed@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Al Mughariamughari@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Ahmed Eidahmedtrans14@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Husseinahmedhussein@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Ahmed Ismaelahmed.ismael354@gmail.comBrigitte Hilgner (AT) &OS
Ahmed Ismaellanguagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Kamela.kamel@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Mahmoudremarkable.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / Alias "Jean" / See "Sean"
Ahmed Mahmoudhigh.quality.translation2006@gmail.comCV THEFT
Ahmed Naser Zurubahmed.zurub@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Omarahmed@gentle-translations.comScammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Omarinfo@gentle-translations.comScammer boss at Gentle Translations Note 15
Ahmed Othmanahmed.oothman80@gmail.comRafed Khashan (US)
Ahmed Qandeelmrahmadqandeel@gmail.comScammmed by LanguageMet Note 6
Ahmed Salehahmedsaleh672@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmed Saleem THEFT Note 45 LanguageMet
Ahmed Younislanguagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ahmet Abdullayevabdullayevahmet.turkish@gmail.comMustafa Er (TR)
Ahmet Sedatahmet.sedat1990@gmail.comAhmet Sedat Ustun (TR)
AHTD Translation / Hebaah_translation_dream@yahoo.comFake PM from GoldenEar4Translation Note 20
Aida Praviz / Parvizaida.parviz17@gmail.comAida Parviz Samadli (BA) Note 15
Aimee Aurelieaimeesworld2000@gmail.comPatrick Michel Choupo Youmbi (CM)
Hakan Alamhakanalam@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Aki Nakamitsuakinakamitsu@gmail.comIwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) Author: Yan Chuan Bao
Akiko Kondoakikokondo3@gmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP) &OS
Akiko Kondoperfect.translation89@gmail.comThe perfect scammer's email address...
Al Ousseynou Ndiayeousse.ndiaye@hotmail.comAl Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN) ASA Ousse Ndiaye
Ala' Abu Shaqraalaa.shaqra1@hotmail.comWilliam Taylor (US) / Alan Gardiner (UK) Note 6
Ala' Abu Shaqraalaaabushaqra@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Alaa Daviedalaa@arcadialanguages.comScammer from "Arcadia Languages" Note 51
Alaa Firwanaalaa.firwana.2012@gmail.comScammer using the CV from Ariane Taplin
Alaah Firwanatranslationsecretsbb@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alaa (Kamal) Othmanalaa.english.arabic@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Alaa Thabet / Thabitalaathabet51@gmail.comScammer posing as translator Note 6
Alaa Thabetalaa.thabet@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Alaa Thabetalaa.thabet23@outlook.saCV THEFT Note 6
Alan Frostalan.translator.frost@gmail.comAlan Frost (DK) See notice from the real Alan
Alan Kroghalan.krogh@gmail.comYetta Jensen Bogarde (DK)
Alba Felix / Felix Albaalbatrans30@gmail.comAdriana Latrónico (AR) Note 42
Albano Basurtoalbanobasurto@gmail.comIain Baxter (UK)
Albertászló Füvesi (HU)
Albert Hamnenalberthamnen@hotmail.comTobias Ernst (DE) &OS
Alberta Ghonalberta.trans@gmail.comTranslator from the US / ASA "Sabra Gholam"
Alberto Vieroalbrto.milano@gmail.comElisabetta de Stradis dell'Delmo (IT)
Alberto Rodregasalberto.rodregas@live.comLyahovich Vitaly Alexandrovich (BY)
Alberto Silvasilvaport1975@gmail.comSheila Maria de Azevedo Amaral (BR) &OS
Alberto Verdonealbertoverdone1@gmail.comEnrico Zoffoli (IT)
Albrain Diagnealbraindiagne@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" The scam
Aldo Emilaldo.emil1@yahoo.comIngo Dierkschnieder (UK)
Alecu Camillealecu.camille@yahoo.comPierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Nicolas Amable"
Alena Perjoalenaperjo5@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Alessa Adamoalessa.a.trans@gmail.comBeatrice Corica (IT) ASA "Natalia Toti"
Alesandro Miccolialesandro234@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Alessandro Seren Rosso (IT)
Alessia Bidonealessiabidone@windowslive.comBarbara Bernardi (IT) Fake CV on ProZ
Aletta Morrisalettamorris1@gmail.comCorporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisarabic@gotranslang.comCorporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisenglish2arabic4aletta@gmail.comCorporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Aletta Morrisinfo@gotranslang.comCorporate impersonation Note 57 Gotranslang Co
Álex Adarvealexadave.spanish@gmail.comAngélica Portales (MX)
Alex Angeloalex@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Alex Daviddavidalex600@gmail.comAndrea Gottfried-Evans (US)
Alex Hinokuchialex.hinokuchi77@gmail.comLyahovich Alexandrovich (BY) & Alex B Hinokuchi (US)
Alex Jenniferalex2french@gmail.comMarité Flores Tiravanti (AR)
Alex Koletsaskoletsas.alex65@gmail.comWerner Kienberger (AT)
Alex Michelalex.m.trans@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) ASA "Ashu Tabi Ewang"
Alex Richardalex.richardtranslator@gmail.comKaren Tucker (US)
Alex Zubkofftrad.zubkoff@gmail.comEvgen Kokh-Kokhanenko (UA)
Alexander Ackermanalexander.b.ackerman@gmail.comSusanne Schmid (DE)
Alexander Bekkelunddarkbreed777@gmail.comNote 67
Alexander V. Gorbunovalexander.gorbunov@windowslive.comPavel V. Kozlov (RU)
Alexander Yurievichalexander.yurie67@gmail.comAlexander Tasinovich Delaver (RU)
Alexander (Lexander) Zakharovlexander.zakharov1@gmail.comAlexander V. Zakharov (RU)
Alexandra Albertwordsbreath6@gmail.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Alexandra Frederik"
Alexandra Altuchkovalexandra2ru@gmail.comMariya Korshunova (RU) &OS
Alexandra Cochrane Ralphalexandracochraneralph@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Fabio Sacha"
Alexandra Frederikalexandra.frederik@outlook.comJan André de la Porte (DK) ASA "Alexandra Albert"
Alexandra Rosenrosen4983@gmail.comSandra Bogumil (DE) & Véronique Houle (CA)
Alexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA "John Romy"
Alexey Suspitsynalexey.suspitsyn1@gmail.comAlexey Suspitsyn (RU)
Alexis Chabanolalexis.chabanol2@outlook.saAlexis Chabanol (FR) ASA "Lura Brayan"
Alexis Forestieralexisfrench405@gmail.comDenis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA Jane Rouiai
Alexis Nollealexisnolle24@gmail.comUsha Anna Tirouvanziam (FR)
Alexo Roland / Alexalexo.roland@gmail.comSofia Gutkin (AU) &OS
Alfonso Vegaalfonsov127@gmail.comReyes Álvarez-Linera Paredes (ES)
Alfred Carstenalfred.carsten@gmail.comLast saved by "Mahdi"
Alham Abdulrahmanalhamabdulrahman@gmail.comNote 18
Alham Abdulrahmanomaralbluwe@gmail.comNote 18
Ali Alia.s.d.ff20@hotmail.comPossibly associated with LanguageMet Note 6
Ali ID created by scammers
Alian Drollaliandroll5@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 11th IMPERSONATION
Alicata Sebastianosebastianoalicata37@gmail.comSebastiano Alicata (IT) ("Author": "dd")
Alina Bernieralina.bernier@outlook.comMélanie J. Bernier (CA)
Alisa Fernándezalisawins@gmail.comRicardo Falcó (Spain) &OS
Alisa Mateoalisatrans89@gmail.comMarisa Cardon (AR)
Alita Deboraalita.debora2013@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Madina Kemen"
Alma Calvilliealmacalvillie3@gmail.comDorthe Cullen (IE) & Fu Xinkuan (CN) &OS
Alma Trejoalma.trejo225@gmail.comCarmen Cuervo-Arango (ES)
Alvaro Inchaustialvaro.inchausti@outlook.comÁlvaro Inchausti Firpi (BR)
Alvaro Muleroalvaromulero1@gmail.comConsuelo Carmen Ruz (US) ASA "Diana Cifuentes"
Alvaro Nevesalvaroneves4@gmail.comDébora Meira (BR) & Claudia D’Arolla (BR)
Amada Alfaroamada72000@gmail.comCintia Biesheuvel (AR)
Amado Joséamado.jose34@gmail.comOsvaldo Montaño Lanza Vargas (BO)
Amadou Lamine Badjiamadou.french@gmail.comAmadou Lamine Badji (SN)
Amal Ism ?amal.ism87@gmail.comUnidentified scammer MORE INFO WELCOME
Amalia Moiaamalia.moia.tran@hotmail.comAmalia Just Moia (ES)
Amanda ?linguistico.amanda@gmail.comScammer impersonating PM from Linguistico (AU)
Amanda Charassamandacharass@gmail.comJean-Luc Dumont (FR) &OS
Amanda Fearnleyamandacharass@gmail.comBruce D. Popp, Ph.D. (US) &OS
Amanda from Thailand. Claims to live in Canada...
Amanda Jamesamanda4translations1@gmail.comCatherine Johnstone (FR)
Amanda"Portuguese" translator w/ a Saudi Arabia email?
Amanda Zhao / Zhao Amandazhaoamanda007@gmail.comHui Zhen Zhao (FR) ASA "Christina Zhao"
Amazing Translationinfo@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Amelia Floresamilia2translate@gmail.comDigna Muñoz Tapia (CL) & Emiliano Mastrolía (AR)
Amelia Fredrickseninfo@legotranslations.comCV THEFT Note 18 IP: (Jordan)
Amelie CV created by Great Translate Note 55
Amena A. Abuamraamena@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amena Abo Amraamena.abo.amra@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Amena Abo Amrastrongchallenger2012@gmail.comD theft / CV hijacking Note 6 LanguageMet
Amena Amralanguagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amian Dimoamiandimo@outlook.comUlla K. Lundquist (IT)
Amit Hindujaamit.hinduja@hotmail.comAmit Hinduja (IN)
Amit Lingo / Amit Chenamit.lingo@outlook.comShivani Gupta (IN) ASA "Shivani Gupta"
Amjad Abu Helalamjadabuhelal@hotmail.comAisha Maniar (UK) / Email copy from "Tom Kold"
Amna ?languagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amna ? / Lucie Translatorproject2@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Amy Danamydan98@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Albrain Diagne"
Amy Greenamy.g.french.1@gmail.comMarie-Therese Ellis­House (US)
Ana Amanteaamantea.trans@gmail.comCecilia Amantea (AR)
Ana Antonio Guidelli Sanchezana.sanchez71@hotmail.comMarco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Boschana.spanish2@gmail.comCarolina González (AR)
Ana Carvajaltranslator.carvajal@gmail.comAna Carvajal (ES)
Ana Escaleira (BR)
Ana Gomies / Gomesana.gomes.dacosta@hotmail.comAna Shuster da Costa (PT) ASA Maria (Shuster)
Ana Loncaranaloncar99@gmail.comAna Loncar (HR) ASA "David Valentove"
Ana Lopesanafran2000@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers ASA "Ana Roda"
Ana Lucia Amaralanalucia_brazil@gmail.comAna Lucia Amaral (US)
Ana Merry Costaanamerry1@gmail.comAna Beatriz Fernandes (BR)
Ana Pearsonanapearson1@yahoo.comAna Pearson (US)
Ana Radnicanaradnic1@hotmail.comDunja Seljakovic (HR) & Ana-Marija Duranec (HR)
Ana Ribeiroana.trans2012@gmail.comLaís Dalsoquio (BR)
Ana Rodaanafran2000@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers ASA "Ana Lopes"
Ana Roselindana.roselind@gmail.comKathi Stock (US)
Ana S. Pearsonanapearson1@yahoo.comAna S. Pearson (US) ASA "Sofia Tomas"
Ana Sanchezana.sanchez8521@gmail.comMarco António Guidelli Gonçalves (BR)
Ana Sloboda Zirojevicana.sloboda@yahoo.comAna Sloboda Zirojevic (RS)
Ana Sofiaana.sofia4444@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA "Ana Sofia Saldanha"
Ana Sofia Saldanhaanasaldanha1983@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA "Ana Sofia" Scam by TS
Analía Antonioanalia.antonio@outlook.saMonica K. Lopez (US)
Anas Foadanasfoad@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Anas Foadgentletranslation69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Anastasiya Ovsyannikovaannaovsy1@gmail.comOlga Mazhar (US)
Andre Emilioandretrans92@gmail.comLuis Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Luis Ferrand"
Andre Lourisandre.louris@gmail.comTilia Van Olmen (ES)
Andrea Albanandrea.alban2@gmail.comDr. Gudrun Dauner (US)
Andrea Staude Müllerandrea.muller20@gmail.comChristian Rhein (UK)
Andrea Walterandreawalte1r@gmail.comDr. med. Anne Schulz (DE)
Andrea Weberandrea2weber@hotmail.comDiarmuid Kennan (DK) &OS
Andrea Zieglerziegler020@gmail.comMaria Sol Bernabé (ES) Scam by Gentle Translations
Andreas Reinacherandreasreinacher1970@gmail.comSteffen Schulze (DE)
Andreea Irimiairimia.trans1@gmail.comIrimia Andreea-Daniela (RO)
Andres Diazandres.e.diaz@hotmail.comAndrew David Frankland (ES)
Andres Chorny / Chorny Andresandres.chorny3@gmail.comAndrés D. Chorny (AR)
Andrew Brandtandrewbrandt4@gmail.comYana Nikitina (RU)
Andrew Hudsonandrew.h.german@gmail.comDr. Andrew Hudson (US)
Andrew (Anderw) Hyugjooandrew.hyug435@gmail.comAndrew Wang (CN) ASA "Ivan Ruchirani"
Andrew P. Alixandrew.p.alix@gmail.comAndrew P. Alix (US) Mail from IP (Palestine)
Andrew Wrightandreww018@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" The scam
Andrey Strigachevais.nord@gmail.comAndrey J. Strigachev (RU)
Andy Urbanandy.urban35@outlook.saGhost CV creatd scammers
Aneta Wittwewittwea@gmail.comSvetlana Zhuk (UA)
Anne Seineanneseine69@gmail.comAnna Maria Biezen (AU)
Anees El Hamssanees@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "a"
Anees El Hamsslanguagemet72@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Author: "a"
Aneeta Hernandezaneeta.sp.trans@gmail.comAna Belén Almada (AR)
Angel Fujiwaraangelfujiwara@hotmail.comSender listed at
Angel Nairnangelnairn@gmail.comASA "Daniela González" ASA "Koç Alexandra"
Angela Andersonangela.anderson267@yahoo.comElisabetta Sillian (IE)
Angela"Author": Catarina
Angela Golla / Galloangela.gallo1983@gmail.comAlberto Coppola (IT) &OS
Angela Lotzangela.lotz@hotmail.comAngela Lotz (DE)
Angelika Menzangelika.menz@gmail.comAndreas Njammasch (DE)
Angelo Monti / Monti Angeloangelo.monti243@yahoo.comTristan Edward John Redmayne (UK)
Angy Swanangy.swan90@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / IP:, Palestine
Ani Ustyananiustyan3@gmail.comAlzbeta Malkovska (CZ) & Anna Nurkowska (IE)
Anita Worthyworthyanita@gmail.comFake ID created by Gentle Translations
Ann Ambjornanna.trans1984@gmail.comHelena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Anna ?translate@wordminds.comA network of deception and lies! Note 73
Anna Agnesaanna.trans1984@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca"
Anna Agnesaservicestranslation8@gmail.comAlso a PayPal ID (also used by "Laila Sagar")
Anna Ashinganna.ashing@hotmail.comRoger Arvidsson (SE)
Anna Buttoneannbuttone@gmail.comCarmen Nicoleta Popescu (RO)
Anna Fernandesannafern4@gmail.comCharlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA "Becourt Rocoff"
Anna Marcolinanna-marcolin@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Anna Noguerannanoguer1@hotmail.comAnna Padrès Noguer (ES)
Anna Nunezmulti.languagespm@gmail.comFake PM f/ Multi Languages Corp Note 53 Note 54
Anna Omarkannaomark@gmail.comFake address, fake phone, fake everything...
Anna Zapatero Villarazvillar@hotmail.esAna Zapatero Villar (ES)
Anne Carole Chantalannestories@gmail.comMathilde Renou (FR)
Anne Chantalannestories@gmail.comAddress stolen from Chantal Sebag Rocoff (FR)
Anne Daviesanniy.davee1@gmail.comAnne Davies (UK)
Anne Gegaanne.gega@gmail.comAndrea Winzer (US)
Anne Rowe-Peyrétoutanne.rowe4traslation@gmail.comAnne Rowe-Peyrétout (FR)
Anne Watsonannew0874@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG)
Annemieke Blondeelannemieke.a.l.blondeel@gmail.comAnnemieke Lommaert-Blondeel (UK)
Annette Milroy / Annitteannmilroy.ling@gmail.comAnnette Milroy (US) See note from the real Annette
Antara Karvade / Karavadeantarakaravade@gmail.comAntara Karvade (IN)
Anthony Herbetanthonyfrench43@gmail.comGeorges Ferné (FR) ASA "Tony Hell"
Anthony John Kehoeanthony1kehoe@hotmail.comAnthony John Kehoe (JP)
Anton Antipinantonantipin@hotmail.comDmytro Cherepanov (UA)
Anton Gerhardantontrans476@gmail.comBeate A. Mohr (US)
Anton Müllerantonmullerr@gmail.comJudith Maria Müller (DE) &OS
Antonietta Di Di Gianni (IT) ASA "Sandra Loris Angelo"
Antonio Tomás Lessa do Amaral (BR)
Antonio Davinci / Alvarezdelcanoanto@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Antonio de Castroantoniodecastro99@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Antonio Siclariantonio.siclari@hotmail.comAntonio Siclari (IT)
Antti Lukkarinanttilukkarin@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Aogara Owikawaaogara.owikawa@outlook.saIwakawa Yasuhisa (JP) ASA "Aki Nakamitsu"
Apollinaire Nkouapollinaire.nkou@hotmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA "Charle Bella Mengue"
April Ebruaprilebru1@yahoo.comApril Ebru Çetinkaya (AU)
Arabic NGarabic.14ng@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 59
Aram Shagoyanaramshagoyan@hotmail.comAram Shagoyan (UA)
Arcadia Languagesarcadia.translation@gmail.comFake company Note 51
Ariane Taplinarianetaplin.german@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammer Alaa Firwana
Arianna Viglinoarianna.viglino@hotmail.comArianna Viglino (BE)
Armando Carmoarmandocarmo00@gmail.comClaudionor Mazotti (BR)
Armin Mandamandaarmin@hotmail.comJulia Negreeva (UA) &OS Note 27
Arne Gerbenarne.gerben@hotmail.comMario Hendriks (NL) ASA "Lars Bargen"
Arnold Conradac4410768@gmail.comMatthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Conradarnoldtrans569@gmail.comMatthew Carlton (US) Note 66
Arnold Talla / Talla Arnoldahtalla.arnoldah10@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM) ASA "Adeline Adam Arnold"
Arnoudstijloffensief@gmail.comGhost "Stijloffensief Translation"
Arnoud Alting van Geusauarnoud.altingvangeusau@gmail.comArnoud Alting van Geusau (NL)
Aron Luisarontrans3@gmail.comRamani Palle (IN)
Arthur Bergarthurbergfreelance@yahoo.comEmilie Moulettes (SE)
Arthur Ienbharthurienbh@hotmail.comChristian Merlot (AU)
Arvind Ramanarvindraman4@hotmail.comArvind Raman (SG)
Arwa Shabanarwasshaban@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Arzu Aydnarzu.aydn365@yahoo.comZeycan Sarihacioglu (UK)
Arzu Cevikalparzu_kalp54@outlook.comArzu Çevikalp (TR)
Asef Alhanafi / Al-hanafilanguagemet54@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Asef Hanatmustafa1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 59
Asef Nasserlanguagemet54@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ash Omataashomata3@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Yuko Shima"
Ashley Matt Vinayduttjpanesetranslator@gmail.comAuthor / Last saved: "Abdallah Ahmed"
Ashu Tabi Ewangsupertabiwang@gmail.comEban Akom Emmanuel Bissong (CM)
Aslanbek Nurseitovnurseitov.zhetpisbayevich@hotmail.comAslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
Asli Yildizasliyildiz100@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Asma Banuasmabanu87@hotmail.comSowmya Kulkarni (IN)
Asma'a Hamedasoomkh@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Asmaa / Asma'a Hamedlanguagemet77@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hasmik Arakelyanhasmik.arakelyan@hotmail.comHasmik Arakelyan (AM)
Aso M. Salahsalah.m.aso2@gmail.comAso Mohamed Salah (IQ)
Astrid Walterastridwm82@gmail.comAstrid Walter Medina (MX)
Athanasia Manitaraathanasiamanitara@hotmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR)
Atli Norbergatli.norberg1@gmail.comHelge Hodneland (TH)
Avelino Taveirostaveirosbrazilian@yahoo.comAvelino Taveiros (BR)
Avi (Avraham) Pazavi.avraham3@gmail.comAvi (Avraham) Paz (US)
Aviram Shamiraviram.shamir@hotmail.comAviram Gang (DE)
Avril Aiona / Ionadr.avril.aiona@gmail.comScammer referrenced by Project HoneyPot
Axel Barry / Battryaxel.trans8@gmail.comLucie Bovyn (US) ASA "Lucie Bovyn"
Aya Abu Asakerasaker.aya@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Gentle Translations
Ayaka Fukami (JP) ASA "Yuki Fukami"
Ayse (Ipek) Bilenaysebilen1@hotmail.comAyse Ipek Bilen (US)
Aysun Demiraysun.lingo@hotmail.comAysun Demir (UK) Note 24
Azul Elisa Benitoazul.e.benito0@gmail.comAzul Elisa Benito (AR) See the scam
Azza Farag ElMersawyazza.translation@gmail.comAzza Farag ElMersawy (EG) By "Hanne Youseph"
B.d Wadhwa / Ashoutosh Mirtab.d.wadhwa.7@gmail.comAshutosh Mitra (IN)
B. Khialshuikh@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
B. Khayatb.khyat@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
B. Khayatibtranslationsecrets@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 See: "Hema Basel"
Baassou Holmebaassou.holme@hotmail.comValeska Holme (US)
Baassou Omarbaassou_omar@outlook.comOmar Baassou (DZ)
Bacria Ancabacria.anca231@yahoo.comAnca Bacria (TR)
Bailey Kai-Langbaileytrans99@gmail.comZhen Zheng (CN)
Balcon Regisreg.translation@gmail.comRégis Balcon (FR) & Igor V. Savenkov (RU) &OS
Bamby Salvobambytrans502@gmail.comSara Maghini (UK)
Ban Yunjiabanyunjia06@gmail.comBan Yunjia (UK)
Barbara (Barbaro) Marinomarinodq@gmail.comDr. Barbara Marino (IT) ASA "Marino ?" Gentle Transl
Baron Flexbarontrans3110@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) ASA "Shing Yatsen"
Basel Alnahalbasel.nahal@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 35 LanguageMet
Basel Nahalbasel.nahal@gmail.comNationality: Palestinian. Mother tongue: Japanese!!!
Basma Basheertranslationworld68@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Beate Nevadbeatenevad@hotmail.comBeate Mohr (US)
Beatrice Chenchen.beatrice@hotmail.comLast saved by "Dreams"
Beatrice Coricabeatrice.corica1@hotmail.comBeatrice Corica (IT) ASA "Alessa Adamo"
Beatrice Haasebeatrice.haase@outlook.comBéatrice Haase (US)
Beatrice Souliebeatrice.soulie@hotmail.comBéatrice Soulié (FR)
Beatriz Edit Cirerabeatriz.cirera@yahoo.comBeatriz Edit Cirera (AR)
Becourt Rocoffbecourt.french@gmail.comCharlotte C. de Vries (FR) ASA "Anna Fernandes"
Begona Huertasbegona.huertass@outlook.saDigna Muñoz Tapia (Chile)
Belinda Danielbelindadanny35@yahoo.comScammer from "Dubai"
Belinda Yubelindayu02@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Bella Sviderskabella.sviderska67@yahoo.comMaxim Baranov (RU)
Bengt (de) Paulisbengt.paulis@outlook.saBengt de Paulis (FI)
Benita Carbonebenitacarbone@yahoo.comClaudia Alejandra Palmier (AR)
Benjamin Kingstonpm2@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Benti Holmbentiholm@gmail.comBirgitte England Bergum (NO)
Bernand Honorebernandhonore@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) ASA "Jean Berrée"
Bernard Ilwnsebernard.ilwnse@hotmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernard Wagnerabsulute.language@gmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernard Wagnerbernard.l.wagner@gmail.comBernard Llense-Wagner (FR)
Bernarda Venturaventurabernarda@gmail.comArcelino Rodrigues Monteiro (PT)
Bettina Selzerbetyselz@gmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Martina Smart"
Bianca Cyrillebianca.cyrille@yahoo.comWould you use an English "translator" w/ this CV?
Bianca Ferreira Coggiolabianca.coggiola@hotmail.comBianca Ferreira Coggiola (BR)
Bigtransworkinfo@bigtranswork.comCV THEFT Note 76
Bill Lili.bill.trance@hotmail.comBill Li (CN)
Bisan Abu Hmaid (Humaid)"Author": "dd"
Björn Dahlbornbjorndahlborn70@gmail.comBjörn Dahlborn (SE) CV scammed w/ photo.
Blasé Blasejewicz (JP)
Blue Krotovablue.krotova@gmail.comMartin Brüggemeier (DE)
Bogdan Mitrofanbogdan.mitrofan@hotmail.comBogdan Silviu Mitrofan (RO)
Brett Jouvenaarbrett.jouvenaar1@hotmail.comBrett Jouvenaar (ES)
Brice Gakoue / Gakoue Bricebrice.gakoue.tra@gmail.comBrice Gakoue (IN)
Brice Johnsonbrice.johnson45@gmail.comAloysius Enang Ajang (CM)
Brigitte Hellmuthbrigitte.hellmuth@hotmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA "Martina S. Hellmuth"
Brigitte Noppenbergerbrigittenoppenberger@gmail.comSabine Berge (DE) Note 12
Britt Ellibritt.elli@hotmail.comBritt Elli (NO)
Brook Vardanyanmickyliland.condomin98@yahoo.comBrook Beyene Tesfatsion (ET)
Bruno Neivab.neiva@yahoo.comBruno Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) ASA "Ricardo Bruno"
Bryan Lammensbryantranslation20@gmail.comHazem El-Zatma (PS) Note 4
Cai Hongjiecaihongjie0429@hotmail.comCV is a copy of employment job descriptions...
Camellia Gorecamelliagore@gmail.comAnna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA "Camillia Gore"
Camilla Bonnetca.bonnet70@gmail.comCamilla Aasheim (NO)
Camillia Gorecamilliagore@gmail.comAnna Paola Bosi (IT) ASA "Camellia Gore"
Capelle Matthewmatthewcapelleah@yahoo.comMatthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Carina Anlgertanlgertcarina@gmail.comCarola Wallén (FI)
Carl Aaronaaron.translation1@gmail.comKaren Riggio (FR) ASA "Aaron Carl"
Carl Galiciancarlgalician@hotmail.comElisabete Frade (UK) ASA "Cristian Candid"
Carl Svencontact@diamondtranslation.comNote 60
Carla Alexandra Inácio Lopes (PT)
Carla Carloscarla_carlos23@outlook.saCristiane Cornes (AU)
Carla Garciacarla.translaton@gmail.comTatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA "Cristina Greene"
Carla Jackelinecarla.jackeline30@gmail.comCarla Jackeline Modesto e Silva (BR)
Carla Mariosalphabest.translations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 32
Carla Massacarlamassa8@gmail.comNadia Mari-van Keulen (IT)
Carlene Wirobskicarlenetech@gmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) Note 16 See her invoice!
Carlla ?languagemet39@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Carlos (Manuel) Valdezcarlos.manuel.valdez@hotmail.comCarlos Manuel L. Valdez (DO) ASA "Daniela Álvaro"
Carlos Bettycarlosbetty6@gmail.comErich Heer (US) ASA "David Dallas"
Carlos Gomezeng2spanish@gmail.comVicente Victorica (MX)
Carlos Gustavocarlos.gust43@gmail.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Carlos Laviscarlos.lavis0@gmail.comArtur Jorge Pereira Martins (PT)
Carmelo Murracarmelomurra@gmail.comDr. Stefano Asperti (IT) & Stefano Papaleo (IT)
Carmen Brötzcarmenbrotz@gmail.comNote 4
Carmen Lianliancarmen@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers. Also PayPal ID.
Carmen Ponthieux (FR)
Carola Hallcarolahall2@gmail.comGabriele Beckmann (FR) & Gisela Vigy (FR)
Carole Harringtoncarole.harriington@gmail.comElshan Abdullayev (AZ) ASA "Elshan Aleynikova"
Carolin Nanzcarolin.nanz@hotmail.comCarolin Nanz (DE)
Carolina Cintialina.ar79@gmail.comASA "Jeanne Verbeke"
Caroline Cheng / Cheng Carolinecheng.caroline1@gmail.comEdward L. Crosby III (US)
Caroline Martinezcarolineprofession@gmail.comGhost ID. CV onlin on in
Caroline Santoscaroline.r.santos@hotmail.comCaroline Reis Vieira Santos (BR)
Caroline Wackercarolinw7@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Catherine Charlescc2translate@gmail.comSorina Ioana Trif (RO)
Catherine Debacqcatherine.debacq@outlook.comAlexis Doussin (UK)
Cathleen Smithcatysmith1@gmail.comLuciano Silva (BR), Olga Evkucheva (RU) &OS
Cathy Rossellacathy.rossella@gmail.comMartin Ledoux (CA)
Cebastien Tankoanocebastien.tankoano@yahoo.comCebastien Tankoano (TW)
Cecile Lavistranslate2fre@gmail.comCecile Lavis (BE)
Cecile Lecontececileleconte2000@gmail.comDorothée Leconte (FR) & Leon Kamga (CM)
Cecile Mallorycecile.mallory@yahoo.comPatti Maselli (FR)
Cecile Mosscecilemoss123@gmail.comChantal Sebag Rocoff (FR) &OS
Cecilia P. Saracenotrans.cecilia@gmail.comCatalina Ann Saraceno (AR)
Cedras Veiracedras.veira@gmail.comInês Cidrães Vieira (PT)
Celine Elliot Nicolas / Nicolasaceline.freelancer@gmail.comHubert Delorme (FR) & Emmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Chafyn Fergusonchafyn.ferguson@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Chakib Roularoula.chakib@yahoo.comChakib Roula (DZ) BANNED FROM ProZ
Charle Bellacharle.bella@outlook.saFake ID created by Mohammed Almassri Note 9
Charle Bellacvinybela@yahoo.frFake ID created by Mohammed Almassri Note 9
Charle Vincent Bella Menguecharlebella.trans@gmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) Note 9
Charles Azzopardicazzopardi92@gmail.comNote 2
Charles Declancharles.ger2003@gmail.comASA ghost Nicole Schmid (Schmidt) (online)
Charles Goudecharles.goudi@yahoo.comCharles Miikelange Goude (GH)
Charles James Davischarles.james.13davis@gmail.comCharles Davis (ES) See the bust
Charles Yimatayimata.enno@gmail.comThierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM)
Charlot Morascharlot.moras@gmail.comAlain Mouchel-Vallon (FR)
Charlotte Lecontea2zlanguage@gmail.comViollet Benjamin (FR) &OS
Charlotte Noguercharlotte.noguer@gmail.comEmmanuelle Fulkerson (US)
Chen Bobchen.bob79@yahoo.comHuizhang Jia (CN) See the proof
Chen Huizhangchen.huizhang12@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (China)
Cheng Yang / Yang Chengyang77cheng@gmail.comAuthor: "Francis" / Last saved by "Dreams" / "nmc"
Chira Morotochira.moroto@gmail.comChira Morot (IT)
Chivan Shinshinhao0777@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers Note 27
Choi Woochoi-woo@hotmail.comDelirious CV... 5 different email addresses
Chris Barigumchris.b.german@hotmail.comFake ID created by MuchDo Note 6
Chrisina Real / Christinachristina.real@hotmail.comCecilia Real Rodríguez (ES)
Christian Eisenacchristian.eisenac@gmail.comChristian A. Eisenach (DE)
Christian Holmanchristianh.spanish@gmail.comPaz Cabo (UK) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Christian Reichelaastarlang@gmail.comGhost CV available online
Christian Robitaillechristian.robit23@outlook.saChristian Robitaille (CA)
Christiane Kunthchristiane.k1984@gmail.comChristiane Kunth (CR)
Christiane Leroyleroylanguage@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA "Julien Leroy"
Christina Ho / Chris Hochristina1ho@yahoo.comChristina Ho (Danping He) (CN)
Christina Zhaochristina.translation@gmail.comHui Zhen Zhao (FR)
Christine Anonellachristineanonella@gmail.comTranslator from the US / ASA "Sabra Gholam"
Christine Hoffmannchristine4german@gmail.comMichelle Weston (FR)
Christine Nicholsonchristine.v.nicholson@hotmail.comChristine Nicholson (AU)
Christine Nicholsonfreelancer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 See "Ioleta Fathi"
Christine Nicholsontoptranslate2013@gmail.comID Moneybookers / See "Mandareen Canter"
Christine Schön Woodchristine.wood@hotmail.comChristine Schön Wood (US)
Christopher Jasonchristopher.jason25@gmail.comAbdelkader Kadiallah (MA)
Christopher Kretschmerchristopher2germa@hotmail.comChristopher Meyer-Kretschmer (DE)
Chrystel Nicolaschrystelnicolas3@gmail.comCharlotte Blot (FR) & Antoine Szücs (FR) &OS
Chun Li / Chun Luchun87909@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) ASA "Shing Yatsen"
Cicero Teotonioherlanio.fernandes4@gmail.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (BR)
Cindy Singhsinghcindy393@gmail.comNative "Dutch" created by scammers
Cinthia Pancinthiapan5@gmail.comWillemien Rijsdijk (NL) &OS 2000th SCAMMER
Ciprian Ardeleanuciprian.ardeleanu77@gmail.comRobert Daraban (RO)
Claire Haroonclaire.haroon0@gmail.comArash Nahandian Fard (IR)
Claire Loicclaire.loic@yahoo.comIris Van Brabant (ES)
Clara Jamesclara.linguist@gmail.comYuki Okada (JP) ASA "Emi Suzuki" & "Manjiri Joglekar"
Clarence Hanselmanchtranslationworld@msn.comLures translators into a "profitable" book translation
Claudia Agustina Montarryclaudia.montarry@gmail.comMaria Belén Carneiro Caneiro (ES) &OS
Claudia Bögel Klugeclaudia.b.kluge1@gmail.comClaudia Boegel (ES)
Claudia Lebrunclaudia.lebrun1@gmail.comPavel Nikonorkin (RU) &OS
Claudia Manuelo / Manuelaclaudia.manuelo@gmail.comSara Pisano (IT)
Claudia Palmier / Palmirpalmier.claudia@hotmail.comClaudia Alejandra Palmier (AR) ASA "Benita Carbone"
Claudio Ricciclaudio.ricci.tra@hotmail.comClaudio Ricci (IT)
Clive McCombeclivemccombe8@gmail.comClive McCombe (IT)
Clothilde Courtoisclothilde.courtoiis.tra@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Eric Begone"
Clotilde Zellerclotilde.translation3@gmail.comClotilde Zeller (FR)
Clytze Xiangclytze.xiang@hotmail.comClytze Xiang (CN) ASA "Leze Xang Li"
Colette Crossfieldcolettecrossfield@gmail.comJanice Crossfield (UK)
Colin Thomscolin.11thoms@gmail.comSérgio Almeida (BR)
Cong Huangcong.huang@windowslive.comXianyang Tan (CN)
Corea Antonio Filippocorea.antonio@hotmail.comAntonio Filippo Corea (IT)
Costantino Chloechloe4french@gmail.comMarion Joly (FR) Note 4 Fake LinkedIn profile
Cristian Candidcristian.can.trans@gmail.comElisabete Frade (UK) ASA "Carl Galician"
Cristiana Maggiolinicristiana.maggiolini@hotmail.comCristiana Maggiolini (IT)
Cristina Girinocristina.girino@gmail.comMauro Lucio Cristuib-Grizzi (IT)
Cristina Greenecristinagreene1@gmail.comTatiana Wiedemann (BR) ASA "Carla Garcia"
Cristina Maria Pordeus Marinho (US)
Cristina Raccacrestina.racca@yahoo.comCristina Racca (UK) "Author": Walaa
Cristina Recasenscristinarecasenss710@gmail.comFrancisca Bittner Godoy (CL) ASA "Francis. Bittner"
Crystal Samplescrystalsamplese@gmail.comCrystal Samples Note 2 / See the scam proof
Curtis Mazotticurtis.mazotti@outlook.saPaulo Roberto de Souza (BR)
Dalal ?languagemet69@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Email used by 2 other scammers
Dalal ?dalalservices@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Dalal Nada / Imaddalal.nada@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Dala Nadalanguagemet71@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dala Nadalanguagemet74@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dale Odalldaletrans78@gmail.comDr. Rudy F. Kutz (US)
Damian Jacekdamian_jacek@outlook.comDamian Jacek Pydys (PL)
Damien Larosedlarose26@gmail.comCénia Vien (HN) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Dan Ioandan.ioan5677@gmail.comDan Ioan Mica (RO)
Dan Joneslovingdjones12@gmail.comNote 29
Dana Lungudana.lungu456@yahoo.comNicoleta Lungu (RO)
Daney Punedaneypune@gmail.comNykhita Torres M. (Sweden)
Danhila Dandanhiladan4@gmail.comCV contains the name of a "Margreet Martel"
Dani Marlidanitrans947@gmail.comGuy Costa Demke (BR)
Danial Walshdaniel4translation@hotmail.comA Portuguese named "Danial"? Really?
Daniel Berlingdanielberling1@gmail.comCarla Quinci (IT)
Daniel Craigscandinaviannet@hotmail.comScammer behind the ghost Scandinavian Network
Daniel E. Olesen / Olesemdaniel.olesen11@gmail.comDaniel Olesen (DK) Photo kept on CV
Daniel Joachim Owona Konoowona.kono@gmail.comDaniel Joachim Owona Kono (CM)
Daniel Klaassendanielkl.s.2013@gmail.comDaniel Klaassen (CA)
Daniel Liordaniel.lior@hotmail.comAmir Gavriely (CA) & other sources
Daniel Marsoldmarsol774@gmail.comCV created by scammers
Daniel Rabeldaniel.ra@outlook.saBenjamín Alberto Flores (SV)
Daniel Riffauddanielriffaud@hotmail.comLaureana Pavon Caelles (UY)
Daniel Mariscatranslators861@gmail.comCorporate impersonation Note 54
Daniel Yangdaniyang3@gmail.comWilliam He (China) ASA Xian Rame
Daniela Álvarodanielaalvaro001@gmail.comCarlos Manuel Lugo Valdez (DO)
Daniela Cifuentesbestdaniela@gmail.comDaniela Alejandra Cifuentes (AR)
Daniela Gonzálezdaniela.gonz.2000@gmail.comMariana Hauber (AR)
Danijela Milenkovicdanijela.milenkovic3@yahoo.comDanijela Milenkovic (RS)
Daniele Francescofrancescodaniele80@gmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT)
Daniele Guiduccidaniele.guiducci2@hotmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT)
Danielle Abreudanielleabreu123@gmail.comMirella Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA "Natasha Bongetta"
Danny L. Pearsalldanny.pearsall22@gmail.comSeamus Mullarkey (US)
Dany Marcozdany.marcoz@gmail.comRosalind Howarth (UK)
Danya Salamadanyasalama@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Languagemet
Danya Salamapm-r@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dario Efisiodario.efisio@gmail.comAlberto Coppola (IT)
Dario Ignaciodarioignacio1@hotmail.comFian Ignacio (KE) CV available on line (probably fake)
Darshan Dadlani99rockingwings@gmail.comNote 39
Dat La / Dat G. Ladat.la9042@gmail.comNguyen Ngoc Son (VN)
Dave Calderheaddave.calderhead@windowslive.comAnn Detelder (BE)
David Christiandavid.christian@outlook.saDavid Christian (JP)
David Dallasdaviddallas908@gmail.comErich Heer (USA) ASA "Carlos Betty"
David Higbeedavid.higbee@gmx.comDavid Higbee (US)
David Langdavidlang75@hotmail.frImpersonator of PM from Rosetta Translation
David Nawrockdavidnaw10@gmail.comNote 41
David Paulodavid101paulo@hotmail.comPaulo Mendes da Luz (PT)
David Tonydavid.tony.translator@gmail.comAdolfo Ruiz (AR) ASA "Adolfo Ruiz"
David Valentove (Valento) Lesardavidvalento@gmail.comAna Loncar (HR)
Deane Kynerddeane.kynerd@gmail.comHelena Ellinor Sjostedt-Ware (US)
Deborah Christen / Deboahdeborah11chres@gmail.comDeborah Christen (DE)
Deboric Galihdeboric.trans@gmail.comFabrizio Bianchini (CA)
Deboric Tesca / Debora Tascadeborictesca@hotmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Anna Agnesa"
Dener Limadener.lima14@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Denis Urbandenisurban24@gmail.comCort Rosebro (US)
Denisa Vackov / Vackovádenisavackov@hotmail.comDenisa Vackova (UK)
Desiree J. J.arletteef@gmail.comLahcène Aissani (DZ)
Details Personalpersonal.details@outlook.comGENERIC EMAIL USED BY SCAMMERS
Dhaka Abu Alemdhaka.abualem@gmail.comRoy Chaudhuri (IN)
Dhurvi Bhattadhruvi.bhatta@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammmers
Diana Carrascodianacarrasco43@gmail.comPaz Cabo (UK)
Diana Cifuentescifuentesd87@gmail.comConsuelo del Carmen Ruz (US) ASA "Adolfo Mata"
Diane Ginis-Milligandigitaaltranslatins@gmail.comDiane Ginis-Milligan (GR)
Dias Endiandias.endian@gmail.comJane Lamb-Ruiz (US) CV also scammed here
Didier Begondidier.b@outlook.saPierre Le Duff (DE)
Diego Adriandiego.adrian.dg@outlook.saSamuel Andres Schloeter (VE)
Diego Alansonhoudychrist@gmail.comChrisitine Houdy (FR)
Di Vinci Solutionsinfo@divincisolutions.comNote 39
Dmitriy Kovalykkovalyk.dmitriy@hotmail.comDmitriy Kovalyk (UA)
Doan Duy Tung (VN)
Doha Galitrust.paysoff@gmail.comAlias for "Mamdouh Hassan"
Dolia Casko / Coskodolia.casko@gmail.comDália da Costa Barbeiro (PT)
Dolores Campanelladolorescampanella@gmail.comDiego Cruz, MD (US) &OS
Dolores Corbodolores.spanish.123@gmail.comDolores R. Guiñazú (AR)
Domenic Antolikdomenicantolik3@gmail.comTeresa Roseng (DE) &OS
Domenica Nieddudomenica_ita@hotmail.comDomenica Nieddu (US)
Don Hartigdonhartig@hotmail.comDon Hartig (CN)
Dong Dong / Dongdong Tengdongd565@yahoo.comClaudio Ricci (IT)
Dona Timanidona.timani@hotmail.comDona Timani (QA)
Donaldo Chigaojapanese.donaldo@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Yuko Shima"
Donatella Molinaridonatella.molinari@hotmail.comDonatella Molinari (PT) Scam by MuchDo
Doaa Azzatdoaa.azzat@outlook.saGhost CV / Author: 10301 / Last saved: nmc
Doaa Mohammed / Aljmaldoaa@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Dorcas Amoahdorcas.amoah@hotmail.comDorcas Dwamenaa Amoah (GH)
Dorotee Pre / Dorothée Prépr.dorothe@yahoo.frAdriana Adarve (US) & Catherine Carter (FR) More info
Dorothee Davidcontactdorothee@gmail.comIdriss Semaoune (FR)
Dorothée Elyseedth.elysee@gmail.comStéphane Lacombe (FR) &OS
Dua Ibrahim Abusablabilingualartist@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 20
Dunny Carrióndunny.carrion1@gmail.comDunia Carrión (CL) & Claudia Isonio (AR)
Duobing Chenchen1chinese@hotmail.comDuobing Chen (CN)
Dyana Valeravaleradyana@gmail.comHazrina Abu Seman (MY)
Ebelyn Formichellaebefreelancer@gmail.comSalvatore Galvano (IT) &OS Note 4
Echo Liecholi1571@gmail.comEcho Wu (CN) / Belorussian scammer
Edda Fabiano Brunoeddaservices.trans@gmail.comLetizia Sonia Cantarela (IT)
Edel Walderedel.wach1them@gmail.comNatacha Dambinoff (FR)
Editta Gaioedittatrans@gmail.comVittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA "Muscatello Vittoria"
Eduardo Costatrans2portuguese@gmail.comEduardo José Costa (PT) ASA "Karen Angelo"
Edvan Cardosoedvan.cardoso@hotmail.comEdvan Cardoso (BR)
Edward Mahanaedwardmahana@gmail.comNote 64
Edward Vincent Pauledwardpaul12@hotmail.comFake everything: name, email...
Eeman S. Ghalyenarprof@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eeman Salah Muhammad Ghalienarprof@gmail.comEeman Salah Muhammad Ghali (EG)
Egil Mjeldeegilmjelde@hotmail.comBjørnar Magnussen (NO) & Jonathan Zylberstein (SE)
Egor Sergesegor.serges@gmail.comSergey Nikolayevich Glushchenko (RU)
Egor Sergezegor.sergez@gmail.comSergey Nikolayevich Glushchenko (RU)
Ehab Younisarabic.english.trans@gmail.comAuthor: "Hassan Ghais"
Eid Ibrahim Abd Alla Ibrahimeidibrahim1@yahoo.comEid Ibraheem Abdullah Ibraheem (EG)
Eileen Brophyqtranslator1@gmail.comEileen Brophy (ES)
Elaine Ghislaineelaineghislaine@gmail.comGaston Walmas (FR) Note 4 ASA "Maria Remy"
Elaine Mituelaine.mitu33@gmail.comElaine D. Mitu (JP)
Eleonora Mazzottaeleonoramazzotta@hotmail.comEleonora Mazzotta (IT)
Elena Borisovelenaborisov6@gmail.comLiubov Kovalenko (MT) Scam by Gentle Translations
Elena Ganevaelenaganeva3@gmail.comDesislava Doncheva (BG), Mazen Alswar (US) &OS
Elena Gordinelenagordinz@gmail.comOlga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Elena I. Pravdinaely.pravdina@gmail.comSergey V. Vazhnenko (UA)
Elena Kramarelena-kramar@hotmail.comSvetlana Beloshapkina (US)
Elena Pagliaroelenapagliaro44@gmail.comDakota A McCarty (partial copy)
Elfi Griseldaelfi.griselda2@gmail.comAgnes Vukovich (AT)
Elham Abu Jarad / Elham Jaradelham_abujarad@hotmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Elhoda Lang & Computer Centrelanguagesinstitution@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eliana Grilleliana.grill@hotmail.comEliana Grill (AR)
Eliaz Fidel / Fideeliaz.fidel1@gmail.comJustin Taylor (US)
Elina Tormaelina.torma15@gmail.comTuulia Tipa (DE)
Elitsa Asenovafrench.elista@gmail.comElitsa Asenova (BG)
Elisabete Dropose Hugueneaabctrans@gmail.comAna Sofia Saldanha (PT) ASA "Ana Sofia"
Elizabeth Danteselizabeth.dantes14@gmail.comElizabeth Dantes (US)
Elizabeth Maquetmaquetelizabeth@gmail.comElizabeth Maquet (FR) & Alina Barrow (FR)
Ella Liangellaliang122@yahoo.comLin Yuling (CN)
Elle Dastonelle1591@gmail.comFake ID used by a scammer Note 25
Ellen Nielsenellennielsen8@gmail.comPer Bjørnar Riise (NO) & Maureen Tanang (ID)
Elsa Ramosreneeramose@gmail.comElsa Renée Ramos (AR)
Elshan Aleynikovaelshan.translator@gmail.comElshan Abdullayev (AZ) See the scammer's invoice
Emad (Imad) Al-Mugharyimad@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Emad Aleimad@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Emadeu Emmanuelemdeu.translator@gmail.comEmadeu Guy Emmanuel (CM)
Eman Yoseflanguagemet46@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Eman THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Emanuele Tidonaemanueletidona77@gmail.comEmanuele Tidona (IT)
Emanuela Pacificoema.italian@gmail.comPaola Andreotti (IT)
Emene Christine Kwateemene.kwate@hotmail.comEmènè Christine Marlyse (CM)
Emi Suzukisuzuki.emi6@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA "Manjiri J"
Emile ?b@trgim.comCV THEFT Note 6
Émile Bernardemilebernard12@gmail.comAlexandre Saviano (FR) ASA "Martin(e) Isaac"
Emilia Debsonemilia.debson@gmail.comEwa Kostarczyk (PO)
Emilie Couprieemilie.couprie@gmail.comEmilie Couprie (FR)
Emilie Olssonemilieolsson1@hotmail.comCatrine Modig (SE)
Emilie Pipenemiliepipen@gmail.comCénia Vien (HN) &OS
Emily Elsenemy.elsen@gmail.comTheresa Figueira Bernardes (PT) &OS
Emily Huangemilytrans73@gmail.comMinran Pu (CA)
Emily Whiteemily-white0@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammer "besan-it"
Emily impersonating PM from Linguistico (AU)
Emily Whiteemily.white653@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammer "besan-it"
Emma John / Bulgarianemma4bulgarian@gmail.comMihail M Mateev (BG)
Emmie Arianeemmie.ariane12@gmail.comKaren Monique Henry (JM)
Enas ?ladyinas2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Enas Henas.h@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Endre Gabor / Karczagendre.gabor@outlook.comEndre Gábor Karczag (HU)
Engy Mezenengy.mezen@gmail.comNote 22 CV also sent by Gentle Translations
Eric Begone / eBegoneric.begone@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Clothilde Courtois"
Eric Dawsontransdawson@gmail.comPaulo Beijinho (PT)
Eric Luther Martinericmartin642@gmail.comMartin Luther King Mapack (CM)
Erica Alves / Erica Postiço ???alveserica14@gmail.comIrina Murg (RU) See info online
Erik Brinkhofdutch.fulltime.translator@gmail.comErik Brinkhof (TH)
Erik Gärdekranstranslation.work99@gmail.comErik Gärdekrans (SE) Scammer: "Riham Salama"
Erika Golubevaerika.golubeva@hotmail.comNadezhda Golubeva (RU) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Erika Legotinerika.legotin@gmail.comYulia Stepanchuk (ES)
Erin Littlefielderin4littlefield@gmail.comErin Littlefield (CO)
Ernst Heinzernst.h@hotmail.comNotorious scammer Note 70
Errki Zynski / Ericki Zynskierrkizynski@hotmail.comErkki Pekkinen (FI) &OS
Eser Perkinseser.perkins.tra@gmail.comEser Perkins (TR) See her note on ProZ
Eser Razieser.razi@outlook.saHandan Ceyhan (TR)
Esra Yilmaz Arikanesra.yilmaz.arikan@hotmail.comSeval Yilmaz Kosar (TR)
Esther Johnsitalian-translations@live.comLast saved by "Manal"
Esther Sananesesther.sananes@hotmail.comEsther Sananes (IT) Scam by LanguageMet
Eugen Dovin / Eugen Pigeoneugen1979@ymail.comNote 19
Eugene Hemlonseugenehemlons@gmail.comMarina Sedova (RU) / Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)
Eugen Hulubeugen.hulub@yahoo.comNote 19
Eugene Samsonnov / Samsonoveugene4russian@gmail.comEugene Samsonov (RU) Note 21
Eva Shaweva.shaw76@gmail.comEvely Antov (EE)
Eva Wouters / Eva Gorrisseneva.wouters2@gmail.comWillemien Rijsdijk (NL) & Henk Jansen (AU) See Eva...
Evelyn Lievelyn.li003@gmail.comEvelyn Xu (CN)
Evelyn Al-Dakhlallah (AE) Posing as translator...
Evelyn Saltevelynsalt4@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Evelyn Saltevelynsalt@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Evelyn Saltlinguamagic1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Evren Ayevren@link-translations.comABUSIVE CV HIJACKING
Ewa Murawskaewa.murawska@hotmail.comEwa Murawska (UK)
Ex Translations.excellenttranslation2012@gmail.comEmail used by scammers / Used by "James Dietrich"
Experts Of Translationexperts.of.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Fabian Grünfabian.trans.1111@gmail.comGeoffrey Williams (UK)
Fabiana Yampolskyfabiana.yampolsky@hotmail.comFabiana Yampolsky (AR)
Fabien Iglesiasfabien.iglesias0@gmail.comIan Cairncross (UK)
Fabio Marcofabiomarco.trans@yahoo.comCicero Herlanio Fernandes Teotonio (IT)
Fabio Marinoeng.italian@gmail.comRoberta Bassi (IT) Note 15
Fabio Marinoeng.italian@gmail.comEnrico Roveri (IT)
Fabio Mercierfabio.mercier12@gmail.comValentina Viganò (IT)
Fabio Pernafabioperna12@hotmail.comFabio Perna (BE)
Fabio Sachafabio.trans.189@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandra Byron"
Fabrizio Bianchinibianchini244@gmail.comFabrizio Bianchini (IT) CV scammed w/ photo
Fadi al Akhras / Al-Akhrassafetranslate1986@gmail.comScammer behind "Nik Wang" & "Malissa Zhang"
Fadi Mohammed (Mohd)fadi.mohd90@gmail.comFake PM from Arcadia Translations Note 51
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleemfady@hm4translation.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadi (Fady) Z. Saleemfadi.supervision@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Fadwa Najyfadwa.najy35@gmail.comReham Abdallah Tawfeek Fyala (EG)
Fank Hortfanko.hort@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) See this page ASA "Gisella Sakurai"
Fank Olahfanktrans@gmail.comMinran Pu (CA) "Author": Al-Qema
Farida Vyachkilevafarida.vyachkileva20@gmail.comFarida Vyachkileva (RU)
Faten Shokiarfaten.shokiar3@gmail.comFake CV sent by "Hedaia Abu Shaqra" Note 58
Fatima R Kantikafatimatoport@hotmail.comMárcia Teixeira (UK)
Fatma Jarad / Fatma Abu Jaradfatmajarad@hotmail.comCV done w/ copy & paste Note 52
Fatma Rantisifatima_m2009@msn.comCV THEFT Note 58
Fatma Slumfatma.slum@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Fausto Mescolinifausto.translator@gmail.comFausto Mescolini (UK)
Fedaa (Fidaa) Rossproject1@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Fedaa Rosstranslator.translation292@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Federica Fabbrifederica.fabbr@gmail.comFederica Fabbri (IT)
Feleb Georgefl.george70@gmail.comAlexandre Mota Batista (PT) ASA "John Romy"
Felipe (Gabriel) Eliasfelipegabrielelias3@gmail.comFelipe Gabriel de Mello Elias (BR)
Ferdi Dierickxferdidierickx@gmail.comCV stolen from a non-translator!!! Note 65
Ferna Adofernatrans68@gmail.comJoão Pedro Malveiro Casacão (PT)
Fernando Fabregafernando.fabrega3@gmail.comFernando Fabrega Rodriguez (PA)
Fidaa Abuounf.oun@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT
Filip Kostyafiliptrans464@gmail.comSergey Kalashnik (UA)
Filomena Teresofilomenatereso1@hotmail.comFilomena Tereso (UK)
Flemming Bogardeflemming.bogarde@gmail.comBente Kastbjerg (FR)
Floriana Andrefloriana.andre@hotmail.comCécile Frenette (CA)
Florin Rudinflorin.rudin11@gmail.comOana Precup (RO)
Fiorina (Fiorine) Marinofiorina.marino@gmail.comFlorent Baudy (CZ) & Laurent Chevrette (CA)
Flora Ktofiakflora.ktofiak@gmail.comAndrea Pate-Cazal (US)
Flora Maritflora.marit@gmail.comMarité Flores Travanti (AR)
Flora Mastrogiacomofloramastrog@gmail.comFlora Mastrogiacomo (IT)
Florence Marsolflorencemarsol@hotmail.comMihaela-Mirela Sinca (RO)
Florencia Hernándezh.florencia96@gmail.comFlorencia Agotegaray (AR)
Fouad Al Omary / El Omarefouad.alomary00@gmail.comFouad Al-Omare (EG)
Francesco Danielefrancescodaniele80@gmail.comDaniel Guiducci (IT) Scam by
Francisca Bittnerfranciscabittner80@gmail.comFrancisca Bittner Godoy (CL) Scam by Gentle Transl.
Francois Morizotfrancois.morizot@yahoo.comFrancois Morizot (UK)
Franck Gilles /"Author": Claudine Note 1
Franco Martinezfranco.t.martinez@gmail.comNoemí Victoria Contartese (AR)
Frank"Author": Ivo Lang (Ivo Anton Maria Lang, UK)
Frank Luetkebohmertluetkebohmert.frank@gmail.comFrank Luetkebohmert (TH)
Frank Ojimafrankgerman110@gmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA) ASA "Lena Neyse"
Fred Chen (CN)
Freelaner Mont ??? THEFT Note 6 See also "A. Fa."
Frédéric Mercierfrederic.en2fr@gmail.comJuan Bilbao (ES) & Anna Agostini (banned from ProZ)
Frida Theurifrida.theuri@gmail.comAnna Johnson (UK)
Fu Xinkuanxinkuan.fu7@gmail.comFu Xinkuan (CN)
Fumito Ichikawa (USA) &OS
Gabo Weidmann (DE) ASA "Heltay Mariko"
Gabriel Ernesto Arévalo Luna (CA)
Gabriel Naftaligabrieltrans53@gmail.comChristine Parant-Rochard (CA)
Gabriela Pinagabi.translator@gmail.comAntonella Carla Lusardi (AR) &OS
Gabriele Broszatgabriele.broszat@hotmail.comGabriele Broszat (DE)
Gabriele Broszattranslation.work99@gmail.comScam by "Riham Salama"
Gabriele Laskegabriele.laske@hotmail.comGabriele Laske (US) & Coro Larramendi (ES)
Gael Yaylegaeltrans852@gmail.comJacqueline Kaminski (US)
Gaelle Andrew Louchartperfectfrench99@gmail.comCarol M. (GR)
Gaetano Elbagaetano.elba@gmail.comYegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA)
Gagandeep Kaurfreelancer.gagan@gmail.comJacqueline Chevardiere (US) / UN certified???
Gaio Nardogaio.trans11@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca"
Galit Avivlanguagepower1@gmail.comAlso a PayPal ID created by scammers
Galit Aviv (US)
Galit Avivrussian.hebrew.translator@gmail.comJulie Aviv (US)
Galit Aviv (US)
Gan Chenggan.cheng.gc@outlook.saYang Xiaobin (CN)
Gate Scottakinscott055@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 ASA "Scott Gate"
Gavin W. Houghamphd.hisayo.gavin.jap@gmail.comChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Gema Pedreda Lópezg.pedreda@yahoo.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Madina Kemen"
Geneviève Ghennegenevieve.g101@hotmail.comGeneviève Ghenne (BE)
Genia Robergeniarober@gmail.comJewgenia Rukober (DE)
Georg (George) Ayalageorgeyala8@gmail.comPossibly associated with Note 4
Georg Woodmangeorgwoodman@hotmail.comGeorg Woodman (TW)
George Bramleygeorgebram39@gmail.comGeorge Bramley (UK)
George Jeangeorgejean64@gmail.comEl Mehdi Amaziane (FR)
George Pachecotranslator2spanish@gmail.comCarlos Melero Pujadas (IN) & George Moffett (PE)
George Reissg.reiss.german@gmail.comRekha Valluri (IN) & Rosalind Buck (FR)
Georges Ferne / Ferne Georgesfernegeorges@hotmail.comGeorges Ferné (FR)
Gerald Sapintranslations.service@yahoo.comNote 19 See also "Verbum Translations Service"
Gerard Dupingerard.dupin@ymail.comNote 19 / Click to see his fake CV
Gertrudes Mendoncagertrudes.m101@hotmail.comMaria Gertrudes Mendonça (PT)
Ghassan Al-Nassayefghassan.translator@gmail.comGhassan AL Nassyef (SY)
Ghassan Sheikheleedghassan@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ghassan Sheikheleedtranslationsecretsj@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Gheed A. El-Hissygheed@goldenear4translation.comCV THEFT Note 20
Gheed Elhissygheedelhissy@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 20
Ghona Harzetghona.harzet@gmail.comChristina Costes (FR) & Petrus Inghels (NL)
Gia Liligia7705@gmail.comBin Li (US) ATA Certified (EN-CH) ASA "Nik Wang"
Giacomo Bellomaregiacomo.bellomare@hotmail.comGiacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Gianluca Cocorullogianluca.cocorullo@hotmail.comGianluca Cocorullo (IT) Scam by
Gianna Tarquinigiannatarquini600@gmail.comGianna Tarquini (IT)
Gilbert Lingilbert.lin.lang@hotmail.comGilbert Lin (CN)
Gilbert"Author": dd
Gilda (Gina) Eliagilda.trans55@gmail.comAna Escaleira (BR) ASA "Ana Christina" The scam
Gim Gavrlingimgavrlin@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 8th impersonation!!!
Gina Costagina.profession@gmail.comCristina Lo Bianco (IT) & Federico Moncini (IT)
Gina Meschisgina.italiantranslation@gmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Tiziana Meschis"
Giovanna Noceeng-noce@hotmail.comGiovanna Noce (IT)
Giovanni Pizzatigiovanni.pizzati.lang99@gmail.comGiovanni Pizzati (IT) ASA "Oscar Moro"
Gisella Sakuraigisellasakurai74@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) ASA "Fank Hort"
Global Speechglobal.speech.company2@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 45
Global Translation Servicesinfo@24gts.comCV THEFT Note 59
Gloria Fiorantinogloria.fiorantino@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Glory Korea Translation 13
Glyn Evansknochundred.translations@gmail.comGlyn Evans UK)
Gomes Brancogomestrans12@gmail.comRachel Kopit Cunha (BR)
Gomzi ?languagesconnecting@gmail.comAnuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Goran Hassangoran.hassan555@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Graziana Ferruccio Romanograziana.romano.trans@gmail.comLetizia Sonia Cantarella (IT)
Great Translationi.b.translationproject1@gmail.comImpersonation of Canadian company / See here
Great Translationinfo@greattranslate.netScamming factory based in Palestine Note 55
Greta Olinreplyme@zmedia.bizGhost ID created by Ukrainian scammers
GT Translationgt.translation.2013@gmail.comUnidentified scammer Note 0
Guan Hao (Oliver)guan.hao@hotmail.comGuan Hao (Oliver) (CN)
Guler Erdomezguler_erdonmez@yahoo.comGulen Minareci (TR) / Last saved by: GG
Guliana Polettigulianapoletti@gmail.comLuisa Pacifico (IT)
Gust Soangust.soanish@hotmail.comGustavo Villalobos (VE) View the scam
Gustavo Villalobosgustavo.translation@hotmail.comGustavo Villalobos (VE) ASA "Gust Soan"
Gustavo Vazquezgustavo.vazqueez@hotmail.comGustavo Vazquez-Lozano (MX)
Gwenn Terry / Terry Gwenngwenn.terry.lang@gmail.comTerry Gwenn (US)
Gwendoline Solentegwendoline.solente@hotmail.comGwendoline Soleau (FR)
H. Joseph / Hannee Josefoscartranslation@gmail.comNote 33
Hakon Vinjehakon.vinje1970@gmail.comHakon Vinje (US)
Hala Ismailhala@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hala Ismailproject@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haley Gafarhaley.gafar@gmail.comTaraneh Tabrizian Kashani (ID)
Hamlet Jackhamlettrans@gmail.comAnuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Hamza Abderlazeq / Ahmed7amzaoy@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hamza Foadhamzafoad2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hamza Mohammedhamza@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hamza Mohammedhamza@translationsenses.comCV THEFT Note 52
Han Kipyohankipyo2012@gmail.comKipyo Aleaxander Han (US)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salimhana-abusalim@hotmail.comChristian Fournier (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Hana AbuSalim / Hana Abu Salimhana.abusalim1@gmail.comGayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS ASA "Jennifer M. Allen"
Hanna Abelhannaabel2@gmail.comNicole Stoeber (DE) ASA "Nicol Gurak"
Hanna Kallevighannakallevig@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Hanaa (Hannee?) Kudaihhanaa@turjoman.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Hanaa Kudaihhenoo_love@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa Kudaihtranslation.payments1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hanaa D. S. Kudaihhqudaih@hm4translation.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 26
Hanaa Sahin / Solimanhanaa.trans@gmail.comNilgun Sari (TR)
Hanna Novak / Kovalevnovahanna48@gmail.comHanna Palynskaya (UK)
Hannah Francishannah.perfect.trans@gmail.comCatherine Johnstone (FR) & Arnaud Bachelier (FR)
Hannah Nguyenhhannahnguyena@gmail.comNguyen Duy Tung (VN)
Hanne Yousephhjoseph@oscartranslation.comCV THEFT Note 38
Haneen ?languagemet58@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen Said / Saiddtranslation.services28@gmail.comFake ID created by Haneen Yousef Note 6
Haneen Yousefhaneentranslation@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / "dd" & "Dreams"
Haneen Yousefpm-h@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen Yousef / Hannee Yousephtr.haneen@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Haneen (Ahmed) Yousefhaneentranslation@gmail.comMohamed Abdel-Moneim Rehan (EG) See more
Hani El-Magharyhanitranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Hani Megharyhani_meghary@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Hani Mohammedlang2@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hani Mohammedlanguagemet6@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hani Mohammedhani@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hann Kudaih / Hanaa Kudaihhenoo_love@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hanks Martins / Hanks Blakehanksmartins@gmail.comNote 43
Harak Kim (KR)
Harumi Kondo Rudolphkondorudolph@yahoo.comHarumi Kondo Rudolph (US)
Harumi Sophia Uemuraharumi111sophia@hotmail.comHarumi Sophia Uemura (US) / "Author": abubasel
Hasm Avetisyan / Avetishasm.avet123@yahoo.comHasmik Arakelyan (AM) ASA "Hasmik Arakelyan"
Hasmik Arakelyanhasmik.freelancer@gmail.comHasmik Arakelyan (AM)
Hassan El-Najjarhassanelnajjar@windowslive.comNote 26
Hayato Kimatahayatokimata@hotmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Hazem A. Wahab El Zatmahazemtranslation20@gmail.comHazem A. Wahab El Zatma (PS)
He Qianhe.qian.trans21@hotmail.comHe Qian (CN)
Heather Batchelorheather.batchelor@hotmail.comHeather Batchelor (ZA)
Hebalanguagemet45@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba (Adel / Ana ?)translationsecretsf@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Heba Khalid Mohamedheba.khalid66@yahoo.comGhost CV created by scammers
Heba Rafatheba.rafat@outlook.saGhost CV created by scammers
Heba Yousef / Heba Yusifheba-yousef@hotmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Hector Orlinhectortrans509@gmail.comPablo Dezubiria (CO) Note 61 See the fake CV
Hedaia Abu Shaqrahedaia@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Hedaia Abu Shaqrahedaia.abushaqra@gmail.comSends a CV from "Faten A. Shokiar" Note 58
Hedaia Abu Shaqrahedaiatareq@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Heichele Palamides Gannon (DE) &OS
Helany Helany Roshelany.ros@gmail.comYegor Yurievich Budnikov (UA) Note 26
Heleina Ramosheliena.ramos@hotmail.comHelena Ramos (PT) "Heleina / Heliena"???
Helen Genevierhelengenevier@rocketmail.comHelen Genevier (FR)
Helen Marsémarsehelen@gmail.comViolaine Courbon (FR)
Helen O. Ménagehelen.menage@gmail.comAbel Herbet (FR) 5th IMPERSONATION
Helen Pollexhelenpollex@gmail.comDmytro V. Rachek (UA) &OS
Helen Zhaohelen.zhao74@outlook.comIrene Zhao (CN)
Helena Batista / Marchãohelena4translation@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) 4th IMPERSONATION
Helena Ramosheleinaa.ramos@gmail.comHelena Ramos (PT)
Helga Kuglerhelga.kuglar@yahoo.comHelga Kugler (DE)
Hellen Holemshellenholems@gmail.comThomas Matzeit (DE)
Help You Translations scamming joint Note 63
Heltay Mariko / Marikamariko4german@hotmail.comEmily Weidmann (DE) See an invoice ASA "Gabo"
Hema Baselibtranslationsecrets@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Hend Abo Zohrihendabozohri@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Henk Haanhenk.haan@outlook.saNatasja Hagemeier (NL) A female w/ a male name!
Henrique Antoni / Antoniazzihenrique.anton43@gmail.comJosé Côrte-Real Santos (PT)
Henry Arnold / Henrryhenry1arnold@hotmail.comSabine Zucchi (DE)
Henry Beauperinhenrybeauperin@gmail.comKnown "translator" scammer
Herich Gunawanherich.translations@gmail.comNote 30
Hideo Kowatahideo.true@hotmail.comHideo Kowata (JP)
Hilary Smithhilary.smith@qualityservice.comImpersonator of PM from transperfect (NY)
Hiriko Rikkihiriko.rikki@hotmail.comGhost ID created by MuchDo / Last saved: NMC
Hiroshi Hotokohiroshi4japan@hotmail.comNobuo Kawamura (JP)
Hiroshi Kanamurakanamurahiroshi1@yahoo.comHiroshi Kanamura (JP)
Hiroshi Komunahiroshikomuna@gmail.comAnthony John Kehoe (JP) ASA "Anthony Kehoe"
Hiroshi Tolmanhiroshi.tolman@gmail.comSoonthon Lupkitaro, PhD (TH)
Hiroshi Yaledhiroshi-yaled@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Hiroyuki Hokarihiroyuki.hokari.japan@gmail.comAndrew Lausberg (AU)
Hisayo Gavinphd.hisayo.gavin.jap@gmail.comChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Hisayo Shikakuraphd.hisayo.gavin.jap@gmail.comChicagoPhDs (profile on ProZ
Hitoko Hombuhitoko.hombu@yahoo.comHitoko Hombu (UK)
Hoang Mai Hoahoang.hoia@yahoo.comHoang Thi Mai Hoa (VN)
Honest"We are translation company" Really?
Horst Lange / Horst R. Langhorst.lange4translation@gmail.comHorst Richard Lange (TH)
Hosa Khashareefatrans1990@gmail.comEmail also used by "Patrick Nani Michel"
Hosam Almadhounnoorseen2011@live.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 10
Hosam Almadhounweranstranslation@gmail.comNote 10
Hosam Mohammedhosam.moh.trans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Translations
Hsiangling Liu / Selenaliu.hsiangling.trans@hotmail.comHsiangling Liu (TW)
Huang Soehuang.translation@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Hugh Averahugh.avera.trans@gmail.comHugh Avera (President of Spanglish Unlimited, Inc.)
Huizhang Jiahuizhang1966@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (China) 9th IMPERSONATION
Huizhen Cuihuizhen.cui@hotmail.comCarmen Cui (ES) CV scammed w/ photo
Hwy Translation Companybeijinghyw@126.comNote 48
Hyung Chan Chan Ko (KR)
Hyung Chan Ko / Chan Kohyung.chanko99@gmail.comJungho Jo (KR)
Ibrahim ?ibrahim@arcadialanguages.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 51
Ibrahim ID Note 18 aka Omar Salah Ibrahim
Ibrahim CV created by LanguageMet
Ibrahim Ibrahimlanguagemet60@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / See the scam
Ibrahim Rekab (DZ) Last saved: "Ibrahim"
Ibrahim Qeshtaibrahim.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ibrahim Qeshtaibrahim@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Ibrahim Qeshtatasks.supervision@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 15 Gentle Translations
Ibrahim Rekab (DZ)
Ida Charlotteidacharlotte0@hotmail.comIda Charlotte Rømcke (NO)
Ida Coppolaida.coppola1@gmail.comIda Coppola (IT)
Igor Ermolaevigor.ermolaev@hotmail.comIgor Ermolaev (RU)
Igor Kellyigorkelly@hotmail.comMichael Moskowitz (US) &OS
Ihab Abdelhafizihab.abdelhafiz@gmail.comIhab A. Abdelhafiz (EG)
Iker"Iker Alvis"? Really? ASA "Danial Walsh"
Iliona Qejvanajiliona.qejvanaj@hotmail.comIliona Qejvanaj (GR)
Imad (Ali) Almagharyinfo@trgim.comA sister company to Translation Secrets Note 6
Imad (Ali) Almagharyitisnumberone@yahoo.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Ali El-Mgharywalaa0599@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Almagharyinfo@ttranslationsecrets.comNotice the double "t" in the domain name?
Imad Mghariinfo@translationsecrets.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Imad Mgharitranslationsecrets@yahoo.comNote 6 / 10 / 21
Imad Mgharyweranstranslation@gmail.comNote 6 / 10 / 21 LanguageMet
Iman (Eman) Ata / Emanataemanata1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / 10 / 21
Imane Dahmaniimane.dahmaniy@gmail.comImane Dahmani (ES)
Imme Haageimme4trans@gmail.comImme Haage (DE)
Imra Horelyimrahorely@gmail.comOscar Olsson (SE)
Ina Wilmsina.wilms.lingo@hotmail.comIna Wilms (DE)
Ines Vieiraines1vieira@hotmail.comInês Cidraes Vieira (PT)
Inna Alyninnaalyn@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA) & Helen Gerdova (UA)
Inna Somersinna.somers@hotmail.comInna Somers (PL) "Author": Yusuf.
Ioleta Fathifreelancer.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Iren Onishkoirenonishko@hotmail.comDejan Skrebic (BA)
Irene Blatza (GR) Read the scamming story
Irene Elmerotirene.elmerot@hotmail.comIrene Elmerot (SE)
Irene Huntirene.hunt.e2@gmail.comSamuel Henry Hunt (DE)
Irene Levi Myllyshebrew.freelancer@gmail.comIrene Nosrati (US) & Oded Tal (CA)
Irene Pasqualiirene62000@gmail.comElisabetta de Stradis Dell’Elmo (IT)
Iryana Eggeriryanaegger2@gmail.comLill Catinka Maxen (DK) &OS
Irmgard Peterekirmgardpeterek@hotmail.comIrmgard Maria Peterek (DE)
Irmgard Peterekirmgard.peterek2@gmail.comHelge Mayer (SA)
Irmia Daniella / Andreea Irimiadaniela.daniela@outlook.saIrimia Andreea-Daniela (RO)
Isaac Lealisaac11pradel@hotmail.comIsaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isaac Lieallieal.issac30@gmail.comIsaac Pradel Leal (ES)
Isabel Bensondoyen00066@ymail.comWorld-renowned scammer
Isabel Freitasisabel.portuguese@hotmail.comIsabel Maria Freitas (PT)
Isabel Riosisabelspanish01@gmail.comScam from Translation Secrets Note 6
Isabelle Ferreiroeng2ger@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Isabelle Savianoisabellesaviano@gmail.comIsabelle Bouchery (CL) &OS
Isabelle Simonisabellesimon20@gmail.comMichelle Weston (FR) See the scam
Isis Drinsdaleisndrins@aim.comImpersonator of PM from Kwintessential
Islam Abed Dahleezbestlanguages9@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezislam.dahleez@hotmail.comEinass Hamed Mohamed Kandil (EG) &OS
Islam Abed Dahleezdahleez.islam@outlook.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezislamfreelancer9@gmail.comAlaa Zeineldine (US)
Islam Abed Dahleezlanguagemet47@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Abed Dahleezpm-d@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Dahleezsupport@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Islam Jabaryengislamata@gmail.comPossibly associated with Note 4
Ismail"Click Translation Agency"? Really?
Iustina / Justine Margineaniustina.marginean11@gmail.comIustina Marginean (RO)
Ivan Marko / Ivan Marcoivan.marco80@gmail.comBiljana Tesic (RS)
Ivan Papic / Papuicivan.papuic@hotmail.comIvan Papic (RS)
Ivan Ruchiraniivan.ruchirani@hotmail.comAndrew Wang (CN) "Ivan" is a female!!!
Ivan Rukoberivanorukoer@gmail.comIgor V. Savenkov (RU) ASA "Yelena Pestereva"
Ivan Rukoberdivan.rukoberd@gmail.comIgor V. Savenkov (RU) 7th IMPERSONATION
Ivana Giulianiivana.giuliani0@gmail.comIvana Giuliani (IT)
Ivana Policivanapolic7@gmail.comDijana Evans (HR) (same address)
Ivana Wagnerivana.wagner09@gmail.comMichael Herrmann (DE) / Scam Made in China
Ivar Roosivar.roos214@outlook.saAivo Roos (ES)
Jack Hamelton / Hamiltonbilingualtranslation2012@gmail.comScammer with a ghost translation company...
Jack Marlosjackfrenchservices@gmail.comSonia Izrar (UK) Scam by Experts Of Linguists Note 6
Jack Maue Leranjack.maue@gmail.comGeneviève Karlsson (FR)
Jack Selkovjack.selkov@hotmail.comVladimir Kukharenko (UA)
Jack Zhangjack303zhang@hotmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK)
Jadwiga Gerajadwiga.gera@gmail.comAlicja Machala (PO) & Agnieszka Arendarska (PO)
Jam Kennyjamkenny43@gmail.comMarju Galitsos (Finland)
James Coria / Coria Jamesjamescoria@hotmail.comIlde Grimaldi (IT) &OS ASA "Michael Silvistri"
James Dietrichjdierich7@gmail.comChristian Feldermann (ES)
James Kenjames.ken_lang@yahoo.comJean-Luc Lejoly (US)
Jamshed Alamjamshed.alam3@yahoo.comJamshed Alam (PK)
Jan Doneyjandoney81@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 10th IMPERSONATION
Jan Kaliser / Kaisler / Kaeslerjan.kaliser.y@gmail.comJan Kaisler (DE)
Jana Benhamjana.benham2@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Jane Killyjanekilly00@gmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Jane Rouiaijane.rouiai@gmail.comDenis Hay (FR) & Emilie Pestiaux (FR) ASA "Alexis Fo"
Jane Smithjanefhongsmith@hotmail.comNote 34
Jane Syllajanesylla8@gmail.comChristian Landais (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Jane Versatilejaneleversatile@hotmail.comHoi Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA "Janet Li"
Janet Yan Li (Janet Li) (CN) ASA "Jane Versatile"
Janice Dongjanicedong2@gmail.comMerlin Foujio (CM), Helena Pires (PT) &OS
Janice Gessajanice.gessa@gmail.comAnne-Marie Pepin (CA)
Janin Nobuyuki / Yamahikojanin.nobuyuki@outlook.comAiko Kaya (TR)
Janna Kleinkleinjanna@gmail.comMarion Melvin (DE) & Rosanna Cimino (IT)
Jansen De Jong / Dejong Jansendejongjansen@gmail.comMarijke Singer (UK)
Jasenka Jaskicjaskicjasenka@gmail.comJasenka Jaskic (FR)
Jasi Jamillanguagemet14@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Jasmin Richardjasmin.lingo@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 45
Jasmin Richardlanguage.power0@gmail.comGhost created by known scammers Note 45
Jasmin Sanjranijasmin.sanjrani@hotmail.comJasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Serganyjasmin.sergany@gmx.usJasmin Sanjrani (ES) Note 45
Jasmin Zeipertjzeipert@gmail.comAnett Pfeiffer (DE)
Jasmine Adamzfriend.of.translation@gmail.comUses fake "Beatriz Cirera" ID as a ghost Note 3
Jasmine Welly (fake name?)pm_n@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Facebook profile
Jason Kenyonjason.kenyon.english@gmail.comNicholas Ferreira (CA)
Jassica Leejassicalee2@hotmail.comLinda Chen (TW) & Fabienne Ledran (IL)
Javier Matajavier.mata@windowslive.comJesús Marín (UK)
Javier Vandenbrouckejavier.vandenbroucke@gmail.comDaniela Viljoen (BO)
Jay Kwakjay.kwak.242@hotmail.comJay Kwak (KR)
Jean Berréejean.berree@gmail.comEban Bissong (CM) Note 4 ASA "Bernand Honore"
Jean Charllyjean.translation88@gmail.comJean-Charles Pirlet (UK)
Jean Louis / Louijean.zamboulouis@gmail.comJean-Louis Zambou Jiomeneck (CM)
Jean Martinjean99790@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 55 "Great Translate"
Jean Martinjeanmarrtin2@gmail.comSégolène-Armelle-Marie Neilson (UK)
Jean Simjean.sim.work22@gmail.comJean Sim (CA) 9 DIFFERENT EMAILS USED SO FAR!
Jean Vitaljeanvital.trans@gmail.comJean-Claude Aciman (FR)
Jeanne Schmicklerschmicklerj@gmail.comYevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Jeanne Verbekespanish5555@gmail.comCV copied from various sources
Jeena Babinjeenababin.translator@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE)
Jeff Kambale Mathejeff.k.mathe1@gmail.comJeff K. Mathe, MD (SZ) Note 8 ASA "Patrick Michel"
Jeff Luizjeff.luiz.po@gmail.comMaria Isabel Castilho Labisa (PT)
Jeffrey Delangedelange.freelancer@gmail.comJeffrey L. DeLange (US)
Jen Kennyjenkenny212@gmail.comEsther Sananes (IT) &OS
Jenni Gilbertjennigilbert64@gmail.comFiona Névoa (PT)
Jennie Thornejennie.thorne0@hotmail.comMaria Bertilsson (FR) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Jennifer Colesgermanenglishtrans@gmail.comLaura Ball (UK)
Jennifer M. Allenjennifer4trans@gmail.comGayle H. Wallimann (FR) &OS
Jennifer Mahana / Sabrina Mzhe_nuan@yahoo.deGhost ID created by scammers
Jennifer Nicolejennifer.nicole.258@gmail.comJennifer Nicole Hottarek (DE)
Jenny Shwangachinesehelp@gmail.comGhost If created by scammers. CV available online.
Jeremy Hasseltjeremy.hasselt.68@gmail.comJulian Wagstaff (UK)
Jerry Schomburg / Schoomburgjerryschomburg@hotmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE) ASA "Carlene Wirobski"
Jessica Creakjessi.creak@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE) & Volkmar Hirantner (TR)
Jessica Falakyjessica.5falaky@gmail.comViolaine Meziere (FR) ASA "Rose-Marie Saviano"
Jessica Mahanaje.mahana@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE) ASA "Jessica Creak"
Jessica O'Sullivanjessicsullivan@gmail.comGabriele Westphal (DE)
Jessica Stormjessica.storm@netcourrier.comScammer impersonates PM from Migal Translations
Jiang (Jiango) Leejiango.lee@gmail.comAlbert Jiang (CN)
Jiang Xia / Jim Xiajiang.xia.translator@hotmail.comJiang Xia (CN)
Jianting He / Tinachinese.trans.jianting@gmail.comTina Lee / Jianting He (Tina) (CN)
Jim Chen / Chen Jimjim.en2ch@gmail.comDuobing Chen (CN) ASA "Duobing Chen"
Jim Crocker (Female!!!)crockerjim5@gmail.comNice CV: English <>Frensh!!! Note 4
Jim Lili.dajin@hotmail.comJim Li (CN)
Jimmie Choojimmichina@gmail.comJimmie Choo (CN)
Jin Shinjin.shinkorean@gmail.comJihyun Shin (US)
Jin Yu / Jin Yujianqing Jeongjin.yujianqing@gmail.comJane Yu / Jane Yujianqing (CA)
Joana Oliveirajoana.translator@gmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Teresa Lopes"
Joana Telljoana.tell.lang@gmail.comCarla Silva (BR)
Joao Correiajoao.correia2@yahoo.comJoão Carlos Alves Correia (PT)
Joao Cruizjoao.cruiz@hotmail.comScamming by Gentle Translations
Joao Pedro Bourbonjoaopedro.bourbon@outlook.comJoão Pedro Bourbon (PT)
João Trovãojoao.trovao.lang@hotmail.comJoão Marcelo Adler Trovão (BR)
Jobs Facetransjobs.ftrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 50
Joe Antonantonjeo@gmail.comYevgeniya Marmer (DE)
Joeingakam Trans / Joel Ngakamjoeingakam.trans@hotmail.comJoel Ndesil Deumi Ngakam (CM)
Joel Mezonajoel.mezona@gmail.comSamanta Libenson (AR)
Joel Ngakamjoel.ngakam@hotmail.comJoel Ndesil Deumi Ngakam (CM)
Johann du Toittranslation.johaan@gmail.comJohann du Toit & Boreum An (UK)
Johanna Lonnforsjohanna.lonnfors21@gmail.comJohanna Lönnfors (FI)
John ?charlesu92@gmail.comFake ID created by Charles Azzopardi?
John Adam / John Adamjjohnadamj120@gmail.comMarie-Christine Périé (FR) Scam by Elmouiz Arafat
John Alexanderjohn_alexa45@outlook.comDaria Krutova (RU)
John Bloomenj.bloomen@ymail.comScammer-owner of Note 19
John Githinji / Johnn Githjohnn.gith1@gmail.comJohn Maina Githinji (KE)
John Mikejohn.mike@outlook.saTodor Todorov (Bulgaria) &OS
John Romybatista.french.portuguese@gmail.comAlexandre Mota Batista (PT)
John Smuckerjohnsmucker67@gmail.comAnja-Christina Möller (ES)
John Troopsjohn.troops@gmail.comFake photo on Elance, LinkedIn, VerbalizeIt Note 69
Jolie Dodierjolie.dodier@gmail.comAlexandra Bullock (US)
Jolie Samjoliesam2@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers. Also a PayPal ID.
Jomana Dayel / Al Dayeljomanadayel@gmail.comBayan Abughaida (US)
Jon Sewelljowelltrans@gmail.comHeidi Kjelsvik (NO) See the scam
Jorge Hectorjorge1hector@gmail.comSandra Dowling (AR) & Héctor Jorge Aires (AR)
Jorge Ricardo Hernandezhernandez.portuguese@gmail.comDOC Contents: Arabic word
Jorge Trovaoo ? / Jorge Trovaojorgetrovaoo06@gmail.comDavidson Gregorio Oliveira de Fatima (BR)
Jose Barriot.josebarrio@gmail.comSusan Linda Horn (US) & Rafa Lombardino (US)
Jose Barrosbarrosjose883@gmail.comPaula D’Arolla Pedrosa (BR)
Jose Carlos / Jose Workjose.work87@gmail.comJosé Carlos Gomes Ribeiro (BR)
Jose Nevesjose2portuguese@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT)
Jose S. Da Silvajose.s.da.silva@outlook.comFernando Domeniconi (US)
José Work / Carlosjosework12@gmail.comJosé Carlos Gomes Ribeiro (BR) Last sav "Abu Khaled"
Joseph Romlienjosephromlien@gmail.comChang Yee Chien (MY)
Joseph Simplicejoseph.simplice@yahoo.comFlorent Lassale (FR)
Joseph Sprackjosephsprack@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES) ASA "Manolo Saul"
Josiane Briseboisjosianefrench@gmail.comDiane Carole Dessiji (CM) ASA "Rose-Marie Saviano"
Jospeh Ardesana / Ardisanaardisana.jospeh30@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES) ASA "Manolo Saul"
Jossep Alsurjossepalsur@live.comMindaugas Putelis (LT)
Joun Saidojoun.saido@hotmail.comPeter Kahl (UK)
Juan Chovncookie@hotmail.esASA "Vania Klotz"
Juan Pablo Chalupjjuan.chalup@hotmail.comCarlos Javier Bartaburu Vignolo (BR)
Juan Pablo Chalupjjuan.chalup.20@gmail.comJuan Pablo Chalup (AR)
Juan Rodrigoah / Rodrigojuan.rodrigoah@yahoo.comVeronika Karacova (CN)
Juan Salanovajuan.salanova@outlook.comJuan Salanova (ES)
Juan Tanj.tan4translation@gmail.comYucheng Zhang (CN)
Juanjo Martin Borrastikalediciones@hotmail.comFake ID, impersonating Tikal Ediciones Note 29
Judy 34
Julia"Author": Abo Khaled
Julia Gulljulia.gull.lingo@hotmail.comContents: Arabic word
Julia Hejulia_he0@hotmail.comTerry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Julia"Author": besan / See "her" invoice
Julia Lysenkolysenkojulia57@gmail.comAziz Bashirov (UZ) & Iuliia Vasylieva (UK)
Julia Ranctrans.en.chinese@gmail.comYearn Fan (CN)
Julian Leroyleroylanguage@gmail.comIvolaniaina Andriatsilavina (MG) ASA "Christiane L."
Juliana Ferreirajulianafreelance4@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Licinia Araujo"
Julie Baronjulie.baron156@yahoo.comJulie Beauce (CA) ASA "Stephanie Metzage"
Julie Franckjuliefranck24@gmail.comChristian Georges (FR) & Yoko Shinobu (JP)
Julie Phanjulie-phan1@hotmail.comManuel Aresta (ES) &OS
Julie Pouzetjulie.ppouzet75@gmail.comSapna Melwani (ID) ASA "Sapna Melwani"
Juliet Derdosjuliet.derdos@gmail.comVéronique Derdos (FR) ASA "Nina Kamaga"
Juliet Nandyjulietnandy@hotmail.comStephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Júlio Cesar Gonçalvesjulio2goncalves@gmail.comJúlio César Gonçalves (BR)
Jun Chui Yujun.chui@yahoo.comJaycelyn Tan (MY) & Adrion Teng (CN)
Jun Li / Dave Li (US)
Junhui Lhujunhui.lhu@hotmail.comJames Liu (CA)
Junyn Liu (CA)
Kalden Edardkaldentrans@gmail.comRam Pratap Singh (IN)
Kalinka Petkovakali.petkova@outlook.comKalinka Petkova (BG)
Kamal Ebrahim / Abdelhafizkamaldahi1@gmail.comTranslator impersonator
Kamel Abu Salamasashheart27@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Kamel Oscarkameloscar247@gmail.comMagdalena Lutek (PO) & Magdalena Hajduk (UK)
Kamran Nadeemindustranslation.kamran@gmail.comKamran Nadeem (US)
Kana Pestana / Kana Kanakanapestana@gmail.comKana Tsumoto (JP) &OS Portuguese mother tongue?
Kaori Kawakamikaori.lang@hotmail.comKaori Kawakami (BR) ASA "Yusuke Narusawa"
Kaori Kawakamitranslation.work99@gmail.comScam by "Riham Salama"
Kaori Myattkaorisusa@gmail.comKaori Myatt (FR) See what happened.
Kaori Myatt Susatranslationbetter@gmail.comKaori Myatt (FR)
Kapko Dmitrykapkodmitry2rutrans@gmail.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Karan Bhat (IN)
Kare Rigokare.rigo@gmail.comKaren Riggio (FR)
Karen Angelokarentrans7@gmail.comEduardo José Costa (PT) ASA "Eduardo Costa"
Karen Coastakarncoasta.translator@gmail.comJosé Ignacio Coelho Mendes Neto (BR)
Karen Pinheirokarenpinheiro2000@gmail.comCristina Río López (ES)
Karin Pareliuskarinparelius@gmail.comKetil Mario Budal (NO) / Anne C Parelius (CA)
Karla Noemikarla.hernandez4@hotmail.comKarla Noemi Hernandez (GT)
Karol Siwieckarolsiwiec7@gmail.comKarol Stanislaw Siwiec (PO)
Karolina Komorowskakarolina.sosnowiec@hotmail.comKarolina Komorowska (PL)
Kassandra Elizéekassandraelizee@hotmail.comMichael Ray Fitzgerald (US) &OS
Kate Heximerkate.heximer@hotmail.comKate Heximer (CA)
Katerina Onopriienkokaterina.onopriienko@hotmail.comKaterina Onopriienko (UA)
Kath(a)rine Lopes / Lópezlkathyl8@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT)
Katherine Lorraine Ortañezkatherine.lorraine@hotmail.comKatherine Lorraine M. Ortañez (PH)
Katia Moshkinkatia.mosh@gmail.comYuliya Palval (UA)
Kathrin Caigerkathrin.caiger@hotmail.comKathrin Caiger (UK)
Kathrin Caigerkathrin.caeger1@gmail.comKathrin Caiger (UK) Scam by "Riham Salama"
Kathy Jaxtonkathy.jaxton@gmail.comGhost ID created by Omar Salah Ibrahim Note 18
Katie Topliskatie.toplis@gmail.comPascale Dahan (US)
Katja Bieraukatjabierau@hotmail.comKatja Bierau (IT)
Katja Diedrichkatja.translator2009@gmail.comKatja Diedrich (FR)
Katsu Fujimotokatsufujimotofreelancer@gmail.comMiwa Kojima (CA)
Kazem Sagarkazem@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Kazuo Ohashikazuoohashi16@gmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) ASA "Masahiro Suzuki"
Kenneth Choibeskyc@yahoo.comJason Kim (KR) &OS
Kenneth Shimizukenneth1.shimizu@gmail.comKenneth J. Shimizu (AU)
Kenta Hiranokentahirano@hotmail.comHeichele Wolfgang (DE) &OS
Kerby Rinkerby.rin@gmail.comEve Shih (TW)
Kerstin Mangelsdorfprofessionaltranslator.german@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE), Thomas Irwin (US) &OS
Kevin Hukevinhu002@hotmail.comTerry Thatcher Waltz (US) &OS
Kevin Stewartkevin.stewart@outlook.saPaulo Roberto de Souza (BR)
Khaled ?khaled@safety-translation.comCV THEFT Note 37
Khaled ?khaledtrans1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37
Khaled"My Gift; Extra Tongue" REALLY?
Khaled Mahamoudhall.of.fame159@gmail.comAlias for Khaled Mohammed
Khaled Mohammedkhaled.mahmoud@outlook.saScammer behind several impersonations
Khaled Samhdana / Samhadanakhaled.translation@gmail.comNote 15
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalilkhalil.kh31@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Khalil El-Khatib / Khateeb Khalilkhlo90@gmail.comMorano El-Kholy (EG) See "al_khtib"
Khalil Gabrkhalil.gabr@hotmail.comHassan Loutfy (LB)
Khalil Khatiblanguagemet32@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Khan Jeethink.hired.webmaster@gmail.comOwns / uses several fake translator's CVs Note 4
Khosy Masingakhosy.masinga546@gmail.comCarmen Barrero (ES)
Khrist Nayakkhrist.nayak@outlook.comKhrist Das Nayak (IN)
Kiaei Takagikiaei.takagi@gmail.comAkiko Sasanuma Howard (NZ)
Kyle Lukekyle1luke@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 9th IMPERSONATION
Kim Derdoskim.derdos30@gmail.comAwodibo Sunday (NG)
Kim Keratikim.kerati@gmail.comChalermpol Punjatep (TH)
Kim Yangkychinese74@gmail.comZhijun Jiang (CN)
Kim Ki Kim (KR) / Shui Guo Lv (CN)
Kipyo (Aleaxander) Hanhankipyo@hotmail.comKipyo Alexander Han (US)
Kirsi Jalkanen / Kirsi Rintakirsijalkanen1@gmail.comKirsi Rinta (FI)
Kiyoko Kamandakiyokokamanda1@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Klaus Florianoklaus.floriano@gmail.comTobias Ernst (DE) ASA "Tobias Ernst"
Koç Alexandrakocalexandra@hotmail.comAlexandra Koç (FR) ASA "Angel Nairn"
Kong Huan Ninghuan.ning2013@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Li Shu Qinghua"
Konstantinos A. Kazamiaskonstantinos.kazamias@hotmail.comKonstantinos A. Kazamias (GR)
Kristin Urbankristinurban2@gmail.comCarola Giese (DE) &OS
Kristina Selinkristina-selin@hotmail.comHeikki Nylund (FI)
Krwhi Tepayoalkrwhi.tepayoal@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers. Also PayPal ID.
Krys Williamskrys.wiilliams@gmail.comKrys Williams (UK)
Ksenia Aleynikovakseniakova12@gmail.comGalina Fazio (US) &OS Scam by Gentle Translations
Ksenija Kitaevakseniya.kitaieva@hotmail.comKsenija Kitaeva (UA)
La Fingnbettertransworld@gmail.comScam by "dd" Fake profile on ProZ
Laila (Leila) Mohamed / Rosroslaila.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohamedlaila@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammedlanguagemet27@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammedlr@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Laila Mohammedsupport@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Laila Sagarlailatrans8@gmail.comRosana Kost (IT) ASA "Tizia Kest"
Laminebad Jilaminebadji9@hotmail.comAmadou Lamine Badji (SN)
Lana S. Carackenlanatranslations8@gmail.comMichael Herrmann (DE)
LanguageMetjobs1@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
LanguageMetoutloudseal@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Language Powerinfo@wabd4translation.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Language Powerlanguage.power0@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Language Powerlanguagepower1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45 Also PayPal
Languages Mediators Companypm.langs.mediators@gmail.comA scam factory. Use other emails. Note 14
Lara Barnettlara.barnet.2@gmail.comLara Barnett (UK) Scam by Great Translate Note 58
Lara Henslara.hens@gmail.comLydia Hawkins (FR)
Lara Perrottlaraperrott@gmail.comJorge Daniel Nolli (AR)
Lars Bargenlars.bargen@gmail.comMario Hendriks (NL) ASA "Arne Gerben"
Latinka Pavlovalatinka.pavlova@hotmail.comLatinka Pavlova Popova (BG)
Laura Briseboislauratranslation@gmail.comKévin Lestang (FR) &OS
Laura Caradonatranslate.lcm@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Laura Garciatrans2spanish@gmail.comDaniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Laura Georgetalaura.georgeta@hotmail.comGeorgeta Laura Sabau (RO) CV scammed w/ photo
Laura Gonzalezenglishspanish6@gmail.comLaura Bouchard (AR)
Laura Mouchelauramouche679@gmail.comArnaud Pate-Cazal (US)
Laura Sanchezlaura.sanchez.trans1@gmail.comLaura López Sánchez (ES)
Laura Sarricalaura.sarrica2013@gmail.comLaura Sarrica (IT)
Laura Simonlau.translator@gmail.comPhilippe Valentino (FR)
Laura Whitelaurawhite.translator@gmail.comGwynneth George (ZW)
Laure ?laure.trans@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Lea Agbolea.agbo@gmail.comLea Agbo (FR)
Leandro Sousasousa.translator@gmail.comLeandro Sousa (UK)
Lee Daikilee.daiki3@gmail.comSarah Henshaw (US)
Lee Fuxianglee-fuxiang@hotmail.comLiu Fuxiang (CN) & delirious modifications
Lee Yeeleeyee47@gmail.comLee Soong Yee (MY), including photo!
Lee Zhangleezang.china@gmail.comIvy Leung (UK)
Leila Mohamedleila.monitor@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Leire Amuateguileireamuategui@hotmail.comLeire Berasaluce Amuategui (ES)
Lena Neyselenatrans58@hotmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA)
Lena Tolerlena.toler@yahoo.comGörel Bylund (SE)
Leo Manuel Arnoldleotrans45@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Leo Nestorleotrans06@gmail.comEdvan Cardoso (BR) "Author": S4meR
Leon Bernardleonlang2000@gmail.comSilvina Beatriz Oddino (AR) &OS
Leon Fremontleon.translator@gmail.comFlorence Metzger (FR)
Leonard Seltertrans.apply@gmail.comGhost ID used by scammer "Wael Yousef" Note 15
Leonor Palmerleonor.pal@outlook.comDaniel Carr De Muzio (BR)
Leticia Felicianolfeliciano768@gmail.comUnidentified scammer MORE INFO WELCOME
Leze Xang Lileze.xang@gmail.comClytze Xiang (CN) ASA "Clytze Xiang"
Li Dajin / Jim Lili.dajin@hotmail.comJim Li (CN)
Li Jinsongli.jinsong.tra@gmail.comJinsong Li (Ross Lee) (CN)
Li Shu Qinghuali.trans20@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN)
Li Shu Yi / Li Yili.yi.trans@gmail.comLi Shu Yi (SG)
Lia Santoliasanto17@gmail.comSilvia Gentili (AR) ASA "Maria Garrido"
Lian Harrylian.harry_translator@hotmail.comPaula Helena Louise Molewijk (NL)
Lian Minhaolianminhao@outlook.comPeter Field (UK)
Liang Chengliang.chinese.translator@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Liang Ziming"
Liang Zimingliang.ziming@hotmail.comZiming Liang (CN) ASA "Li Shu Qinghua"
Libby Ben-Naftali / Libby Naftalilibby.naftali1@gmail.comLibby Ben-Naftali (IL)
Licinia Araujoliciniaaraujo5@hotmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Juliana Ferreira"
Licinia Oliveiralicinia.translation@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Juliana Ferreira"
Lien Hanhlien.hanh@outlook.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Lilian Hoefmanlilianhoefman1@gmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) & Shin Hyun Kyung (KR)
Lilian Silvalil4portuguese@gmail.comMaria Regina Martines (PT)
Liliana Calistrol.calistro1967@gmail.comFlavia Tafner (BR)
Liliana Cavanaughliliana.cavanaugh@gmail.comLiliana Muelier (AR)
Liliana Emanuel Alvaresliliana.alv.trans@gmail.comIsabel Maria Loução (PT)
Lille Parkerlille.parker4@gmail.comBjørnar Magnussen (NO) & Jonathan Zylberstein (SE)
Lille Parkerspeed.translation10@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Lillia Germoniklillia.germonik@gmail.comMalgorzata Marzena Wiklacz (PL)
Lillian Calistrol.calistro1967@yahoo.comFlávia dos Santos (BR)
Lily Symannlilysymann@gmail.comNote 4 Scam by Gentle Translations
Liming Palsliming.palls.trans@gmail.comLiming Pals (US)
Lina Abo Hmaidlina-abuhmaid@hotmail.comAbdelmonem Samir (EG)
Lina Ryad (Lina Reyad)linareyad@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Lina Tristanolinatristano@gmail.comCecile Lavis (BE) & Florence Louis (FR)
Linda Elialinda@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Linda Joelssonjoelssonlinda5@gmail.comLinda Joelsson (SE)
Linda Khanlindakhan04@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) ASA "Amy Dan" "Albrain D."
Linda Lessner / Lessenerlinda.lessner2000@gmail.comAngelika Lessner (DE) See the scammer's invoice
Linda Matronlindamatron@gmail.comSandra Bendig-Walbe (DE)
Linda Victorialinda.victorina@gmail.comLinda Victoria Young (FR)
Lipan Reberto / Roberto Lipaniroberto.lipani@hotmail.comRoberto Lipani (IT)
Liu Fuxiangfuxiangliu6@gmail.comLiu Fuxiang (CN) ASA "Lee Fuxiang"
Liu Hsianglinghsiangling.liu66@gmail.comHsiangling Liu (TW)
Liu Yong Fuliu.translations@gmail.comGhost ID created by Herich Gunawan Note 30
Liya Chernyshevaliya.chernysheva@hotmail.comLiya Chernysheva (US)
Loai Abu Drazloai.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Lola Abdaasheqaa5@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Lolittiainfo@wabd4translation.comSee "Jasmin Richard" Note 45
Lolittialanguage.power0@gmail.comSee "Jasmin Richard" Note 45
Long Sangtianlong.sangtian@yahoo.comLong Sangtian (CN)
Lora Brennenstuhllora598@gmail.comSilvia Noppenberger (DE)
Lora Kumar / Komarolora.komaro@gmail.comOrianne Gogo (FR)
Lora (2000) Sedrolora2000.translate@gmail.comCaterina Pezzuti (IT)
Loredana Alfonsoloredanaalfonso@hotmail.comSvetlana Potton (US)
Loredana Stefanelliloredana.stefanelli1@yahoo.comLoredana Stefanelli (IT)
Lorena Lorenzolorena.lorenzo_tra@yahoo.comLorena Abuín Lorenzo (ES)
Lorenzo Tomonilortomoni@yahoo.comChrista Holzmann (IT)
Lose Kenylosekeny1@gmail.comStephanie Michaela Schnabel (DE) &OS
Louis Gerrardlouis.gerrardxxl@gmail.comScammer impersonating a translation buyer
Louise Mailfaitlouisemailfait@gmail.comASA "Emilie M. Pipen" & "Nadine Cobb" Note 6 GT
Lu(o)ai Samir Mahm. Abu Drazloai.draz1@hotmail.comLast saved by: "Dreams"
Lubna (Ahmed / Khaled ?)translationsecretsf@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Lucia Alceelucia.alcee@gmail.comMauro Cristuib-Grizzi (IT) &OS
Luciana Araújoluciana.araujo.lang@hotmail.comSara Araújo (Portugal)
Luciano Ketkiluciano.ketki@gmail.comOlga Zagorodniaia (UA)
Lucie Bovynlucie.translator@hotmail.comLucie Bovyn (US) / Last saved: "Hirsham" (Arabic)
Lucie Maruniakovaluciemaruniakova@hotmail.comLucie Maruniakova (CZ)
Lucja Biellucja.biel5@hotmail.comLucja Biel (PL)
Ludovico Akom Bellomareludovico.trans@gmail.comGiacomo Ludovico Bellomare (IT)
Luis Ferrandluis.f.ferrand@hotmail.comLuís Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Andre Emilio"
Luisa Rotunnoluisarotunno9@gmail.comEmanuela Rotunno (Italy)
Luisa Sliderluisaslider@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) See also this...
Luiz Carvalholuiz.carv80@gmail.comMarcos Silva (BR)
Lura Brayanlura.brayan@gmail.comAlexis Chabanol (FR) ASA "Alexis Chabanol"
Luu Hien Mienluu.h.mien@gmail.comMien Hien Luu (VN)
Luuly Luvoungluuly.luvuong@yahoo.comGhost CV created by scammers
Lux Translatelux.ranslate@gmail.comHey, scammer, you forgot the "t"...
Lydia De Jorgelydiadejorge@hotmail.comLydia De Jorge (Founder Translation Ink, US)
M. Melendezm.melendez.lang@gmail.comSalvador Moran (El Salvador)
Maaria Salaberhtmaariatrans0@gmail.comChristiane Schmieger (DE)
Mac Sabinomacsabino98@gmail.comAbel Sanama (CM)
Macario Sabasmacariotrans7@gmail.comMaurice Benedid (CA)
Machuca Inostrozamachucainostroza@hotmail.comZaida Machuca Inostroza (CL)
Macit Tabormacittrans@gmail.comIlona Atzli (CA)
Mack Cadenmacktrans339@gmail.comMarjolaine Hellouin (FR)
Madeleine Ilottmadeleineilott@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Madhat Eissalanguagemet35@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Madina Kemenmadinatrans6@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Madrin Aldamadrinalda@live.comAna Juarez Riesgo (ES) &OS
Maeva Worstermaeva.trans@gmail.comKrystle Worster (CA)
Magdalena Jeffreymagdalena1jeffrey@gmail.comHendrikus Jansen (AU) &OS
Magdalena Kulawikmagdalena-kulawik@hotmail.comMagdalena Kulawik (PO)
Magdalena Zielinskamagdalena.lingo@hotmail.comMagdalena Zielinska (UK)
Maha Issamaha.issa88@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Maha (Mohammed) Issamaha.mohammed_issa@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Maha Mohammed Issamaha.moha24@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Last saved: "Dreams"
Maha Issamaha@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mahmoud Kullabmjk87@live.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Mahmoud Mohammedmahmoud.mohammed@outlook.saGhost ID created by LanguageMet Note 6
Maia Taziomaiatrans774@gmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Tizia Kest"
Maike Hovmanmaikehovman1@gmail.comJames Liu (US) &OS
Mais scamming joint Note 63
Maise Isai / Mai Seisaiseisai.mai@hotmail.comContents: Arabic word (DREAMS)
Majdalani Manalmanal.majdalani2@gmail.comManal Majdalani (LB)
Makoto Matsuomakoto.matsuo@hotmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) ASA "Masahiro Suzuki"
Malena Rocíomalena.rocio1@yahoo.comStella Gimenez Norfleet (US)
Malik Imranmaliktrans33@gmail.comAnuj Panda (IN) Note 27
Malin Johnssonmalin.johnsson01@hotmail.comMalin Johnsson (SE)
Malissa Zhang / Maliss-Zhangmalissatrans77@gmail.comDongdong Zhang (CN) Scam by Fadi al Akhras
Mamadou Boussom.bousso@hotmail.comMamadou Djibril Bousso (IT)
Mamdouh"Mother Tongue International" REALLY?
Manako Okadaokada4translation@gmail.comKeijiroh Yama-Guchi (US)
Manal Abu Jaradprofreelancer4@yahoo.comGhost CV created by scammers Note 6 / LanguageMet
Manal Majdalanimanal.majdalani1@outlook.saIrina Shtogrina (UA) &OS
Manami Atangamanami.atanga@gmail.comYukari Gotoh (JP)
Manda Santomandatrans017@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) ASA "Sena Marco Lopez"
Mandareen Cantertoptranslate2013@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mandon Andrémandondre@gmail.comWorld-renowned scammer
Maneeshi Balimaneeshi.bali@outlook.saManeeshi Bali (IN)
Manfred Wahlmanfredwahl6@hotmail.comManfred Wahl (BE)
Manjiri Joglekarmanjiri.joglekar852@gmail.comYuki Okada (CA) & Jun Hokari (US) ASA "Emi Suzuki"
Manjiri Uemurauemura.manjiri@gmail.comHarumi Sophia Uemura (US)
Mano Natalmano.natal93@gmail.comJorge Pelegrina Rodríguez (ES)
Manolo Saulmanolosaul123@gmail.comPierre-Joseph Ardisana (ES)
Manon Fillatremanonfillatre@gmail.comEmmanuel Goldberg (BE) Note 4
Manuela Farina / Manula Farinafarinam9@gmail.comManuela Farina (US)
Manuela Gallina / Gallina Manuelagallinamanuela@hotmail.comManuela Gallina (DE) CV stolen w/ real photo
Manuela Giuliana Xillovichmanuelaxillovich1983@gmail.comManuela Giuliana Xillovich (IT)
Manula (Manuela) Farinamanula.farina@hotmail.comManuela Farina (US)
Mara Daganmara.dagon.tran@gmail.comMaría Fernández-Palacios de Porras (ES)
Mara Fernedezmarafernedez@hotmail.comMaría Fernández-Palacios de Porras (ES)
Mara Greenemaragreen5@gmail.comWang Jinhang (CN)
Marc Brunetmarc.translation@hotmail.comMarc Brunet (AU)
Marc Mossmarcmoss3@gmail.comGorgui Thiokane (SN)
Marcel Félixmarceltrans1@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR) ASA "Susan Murray"
Marcel Van Der Mulenmarcel.van67@gmail.comJuno Bos (NL), Laurent Slowack (US) &OS
Marcia Nevestranslate2port@gmail.comMárcia Tavares Teixeira (UK)
Marcin Janczylomarcin.janczylo36@yahoo.comLucia Bisconti (IT) &OS
Marcin Jan / Marcin Janczylomarcin.jan33@gmail.comMarcin Pisula (PO) & Anna Dranikow (UK)
Marco Peixotomarco.peixoto81@gmail.comKimberlee Thorne (US)
Marco Santosmarcosantos767@gmail.comJussara Simões (BR)
Marcos Mishamarcos.mishaa3@gmail.comCatarina Martinho Lobato (PT) & Carlos Félix (PT)
Marcus Tangmarcus.taing@hotmail.comYing Zhu (US) &OS
Marcus Wisconeng.ger.trans@gmail.comCasey Dovale (NL) ASA "Robert Wiscon" Note 69
Marei"Franck Gilles" (another scammer w/ a fake CV)
Mari Heltonmari.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mari Gogulanovamari.gogulanova@hotmail.comMari Gogulanova-Pavlova (BG)
Mari Rasmussenmarirasmussen@hotmail.comMarie Rasmussen (DK) & Igor Savenkov (RU)
Maria ?info@multilanguages.meCorporate impersonation Note 54
Maria ?maria@multilanguages.meCorporate impersonation Note 54
Maria ?translators861@gmail.comCorporate impersonation Note 54
Maria A. Mayormaria.a.mayor@hotmail.comMaria A. Mayor Civit (ES)
Maria Adamproject.chinese@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Maria Alexsandremaria.alex251@gmail.comJoão Vasconcelos (PT)
Maria Andresma.andrees@gmail.comAshima Goel (IN)
Maria Antilonmariaantilon@gmail.comRoberto Alberdi (Spain)
Maria Asenovamary44755@gmail.comVéronique Stone (UK)
Maria Asenovamasenova66@gmail.comVéronique Stone (UK)
Maria Carolinomaria25carolino@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Maria Charlottemaria_charlotte@hotmail.comHelena Marchão Pires (PT) &OS
Maria Cristina Nottecristina.notte69@gmail.comMaria Cristina Notte (IT)
Maria (Oliveira) Correiamaria.portuguese@gmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Joana Oliveira"
Maria Cruzmariatrans88@gmail.comCarmen Mesones Arce (ES)
Maria DeSousamaria.sousa5@yahoo.comMaria DeSousa (US) / CV hikacked by "Fatima Slum"
Maria Figueiramaria.d.figueira@hotmail.comMaria Figueira (PT)
Maria Garridogarridomaria887@gmail.comSilvia Gentili (AR) ASA "Lia Santo"
Maria Grazia Fumagallimaria.fumagalli1@yahoo.comMaria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Maria Guillermina Mercaumercau.guillermina@outlook.comMaria Guillermina Mercau (AR)
Maria Iglesia Ramosmaria.iglesia.ramos@gmail.comMaría Iglesia Ramos (ES) Note 47
Maria José José Valverde Haeussler (GT)
Maria Louismariatrans401@gmail.comKaren Sexton (UK)
Maria Medeiro Mayanmariammayan@hotmail.comMaría Mediero Mayán (ES)
Maria Mirona Iulia Palasmaria.iuliapalas@hotmail.comMaria Mirona Palas (RO)
Maria Monizmariamoniz60@gmail.comJoanna Avelar Estanislau de Assis (FR)
Maria Mouremaria.moure2@gmail.comJulio Oya Steinbrüggen (UK)
Maria Pasimaria.pasi45@outlook.saRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Anna Agnesa"
Maria Poumpurimariapoumpuri@hotmail.comClaudia Corriero (IT)
Maria Ramon / Maria Romanmaria.roman04translation@gmail.comRemy Arce (US) / Last saved: "Ahmed2012"
Maria Remymaria.remy79@gmail.comGaston Walmas (FR) ASA "Elaine Ghislaine"
Maria Rozmariayolandaroz@hotmail.comYolanda Alvarez de la Roz (UK)
Maria Shuster Gomesmaria111gomes@hotmail.comAna Shuster da Costa (PT)
Mariam Alastalmariam.astal@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mariam Attarshlang.end@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / PayPal ID
Mariam Brownmariambrown2012@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Marian Rozan / Roznanmarian.rozan@gmail.comFake ID created by Gentle Translations
Mariana Carmomariana.e.carmo@gmail.comMariana Torres Carmo (PT)
Mariana Ceratomariana123cerato@gmail.comAna Silva (PT) Note 7
Mariana Fábio Vivtoremariana.v.trans@gmail.comInes Cunha Jorge (PT)
Mariana Ribeiromarianaribeiro@live.comScam by "dd" Fake profile on ProZ
Marianna Albanese / Marrianamarrianaalbense@gmail.comMarianna Chiuchiolo (IT)
Marianne Cassonmariannecasson@yahoo.comMarianne Casson (US)
Marianne Pastymarianne.pasty@hotmail.comMarianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE) Story here
Mariano Catonimarianocatoni@hotmail.comMariano Catoni (ES)
Marie Klotzfr.linguist.1@gmail.comVania Klotz (ES) ASA "Juan Cho"
Marie Moukomok.mariana@gmail.comMarie Mouko (CM)
Marina Addismarina.addis@outlook.saCristiana Karon Letteri (IT) ASA "Poonia Kennan"
Marina Altanmarina.altan@gmail.comAdriana Sayol (ES)
Marina Biancomarinab.italian@gmail.comMarina Rasulo (IT) & Cristina Lo Bianco (IT)
Marina Biondani / Biondinabiondanimarina@hotmail.comMarina da Cunha Biondani (BR)
Marina Coriamarina.coria@outlook.saGhost ID created by scammers Note 57
Marina Drollmarinadroll@hotmail.comCV sent belongs to a "Raul Raymond"
Marina Gasconmarinagascon0@gmail.comHector Martins Ferraz (BR)
Marina Manca / Mancemarinamanca@hotmail.comBruno Luca Paolo (IT)
Marina THEFT based in Kyrgyzstan
Marina Nosovamarinosov@gmail.comIgor Blinov (RU)
Marina Panopouloumpanopoulou82@gmail.comMarina Panopoulou (GR)
Marina Sagamarinatrans7@gmail.comMarina Saga (NL)
Marina Teimarinatei.2002@gmail.comMarina Tei (MY)
Marino ?marinodq@gmail.comMonica Marino (UK) ASA "Barbara Marino"
Mario Avinomario.m.av.777@gmail.comCarlos H. Moreno (CO) See the fake CV
Mario Cardosocmario519@gmail.comLéonie Lalancette (CA)
Mario Greenwaymariogreenway00@gmail.comDiarmuid Løkke Kennan (IE) & Marion Greenway (UK)
Mario Hendersonmarianohenderson@gmail.comCecile Lavis (FR) &OS
Mario Stenhousemario.stenhouse@gmail.comAna Sales (PT)
Marion Kirat / Mariionmariion.kirat.tra1@gmail.comMarion Kirat (FR)
Marion Victoricamarionv2000@gmail.comMartine Ducrocq-Constantinou (FR)
Marisa / Mauricio Fuertesag.gmca@gmail.comAgencia GMCA (FAKE COMPANY)
Marisa Schaurichmarisa.f.schaurich@hotmail.comMarisa Fialho Schaurich (BR)
Marjorie Gouzeemarjorie.gouzee@hotmail.comMarjorie Gouzée (BE)
Mark Florintrans.supervision1@gmail.comXavier Omilanowski (KR) / See the scam
Mark Johnsoninfo@basictrans.comAlias for scammer "Pino Alonso" Note 45
Mark Neosgroupsmark@gmail.comBruno Ricardo S. Neiva (ES) Note 46
Mark Pennmark.japanese.translation@gmail.comRichard A. Smith (CA)
Mark Sangmarksang123@gmail.comDong Zhang (CN)
Marketing Waymarketingway2@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Marlene Doellinger Curtismarlene.curits@gmail.comMarlene Doellinger Curtis (US)
Marlene Moraismarlene.portuguese@hotmail.comMarlene Sofia Dias Morais (PT)
Marlene Paulemarlenepaule1@gmail.comFrédéric Rémy (FR) &OS Note 4
Marlo(s) Homanmarlos.homan@gmail.comASA "Rosana Kost"
Marlos Strovermarlosstrover@hotmail.comMartin Strübing (DE)
Marta Blinovmartablinov@gmail.comDmytro Cherepanov (UA) & Mikhail Slinkin (RU)
Marta Marullomarta.trans@hotmail.comMarta Marullo (UK)
Marta Marullomarta4bp@gmail.comNote 4
Marta Pinhomarta.cda.pinho@gmail.comMarta Cláudia de Almeida Pinho (PT)
Martha Anjelomartha20002000@gmail.comCristina Racca (IT) & Alban Shpata (AL)
Martha Fernandezjaquelina.trans@gmail.comJaquelina Misiura Sánchez (UY) Nice email!!!
Martin Hemmingsmartin.translation@gmail.comMartin Hemmings (UK)
Martin(e) Isaacm4translation84@gmail.comAlexandre Saviano (FR) ASA "Émile Bernard" GT
Martin Bissellbissellmartin73@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR) ASA "Juliana Ferreira"
Martin Kellerkellermartin22@gmail.comFrauke H. Rininsland-Bruno, Ph.D. (US)
Martin Konigmartin.konig4@gmail.comMartin König (CZ)
Martin Reichelreichelmartin87@gmail.comKarin Flückiger (NL) Note 4
Martin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Martina Hellmuthmartinatrans.75@gmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES)
Martina Smartmartinasmart90@gmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Bettina Selzer"
Martina Waltermartina.walter0@hotmail.comNaomi Hanlon (IE) ASA "Richard Walter"
Martine Yeslermartine.yesler@hotmail.comMartine Yesler (US)
Marvin Sterlingmarvinsterling5@gmail.comMarvin C. Sterling, PhD (US)
Marwan Louzmarwan@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Marwan Louz / Klara Kaisermarwanlouz.2012@gmail.comMartina Rathgens (MA) ASA "Lena Neyse"
Mary Jad14ng.german@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 59
Mary Marym.mary.m.2013@gmail.comMaryia Miller (US)
Mary Joksch (AT)
Maryia Anishchankavamaryia.anishchankava@gmail.comMaryia Anishchankava / Maria Sometti (IT)
Marzenka Kriijciriklolleeta@gmail.comMarzenka Krejcirik (LU)
Marzenka Kriijcirikmarzenka.kriijcirik@gmail.comMarzenka Krejcirik (LU)
Masahiro Ishiimasahiro.ishii@hotmail.comMasahiro Ishii (JP)
Masahiro Suzukimasahiro.translator@gmail.comMakoto Matsuo (JP) See fake G+ profile
Masato Nozakijapanesetranslation1@gmail.comNobuo Kameyama / Masato's fake TC profile
Massimiliano Sgaimassimilianosgai@hotmail.comMassimiliano Sgai (JP)
Mateusís Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Andre Emilio"
Mathieu Blancmathieubrussels77@gmail.comFake ID used by Charles Azzopardi Note 2
Mattew Bates / Batesninfo@cristaltrans.comRogue translation agency Note 60
Matthew Orrtranspmorr@gmail.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Matthew Capelle / Capelleahmatthewcapelleah@yahoo.comMatthew Ryan Capelle (US)
Mauro Maglionemauro.maglione.lang@gmail.comMauro Maglione (TN)
Maxim Komarovmaxim.komarov@outlook.saMarina Sichinava (GE)
Maximilian Schmittmaximilian.schmitt@outlook.saAndrea Christina Kaluzny (US)
Maximo Munozmaximo_translator@hotmail.comMáximo Wilhelm Muñoz (GT)
Maya Mashn / Mashamayamashn@gmail.comMichael Khvastukhin (UA)
Maya Possemaya4translations@gmail.comDavid John Cahill (ES) & Rebecca Hendry (UK)
Meenal Menzmeenal.menz111t@gmail.comASA "Meenal Vyas" (fake profile on TC) Note 49
Meenal Vyasmeenalvyas26@gmail.comImpersonator or a real "Dhivya Ravi) (IN) Note 49
Meenu Ahuja / Meena Ranimeenuahuja13@gmail.comTilak Raj (IN)
Mei Xi-Wangmeitrans90@gmail.comEileen Huang (Huang, Xin) (AU)
Melike Uzunmelike.uzun1989@gmail.comMelike Uzun (TR)
Melissa Cepedatranslator.melissa@gmail.comMelissa Ramirez Cepeda (MX)
Melyanne Onanamelyanne73@gmail.comMireille Wafeng Kountchou (CM) & Monika Robert (FR)
Mercau Maria Guillerminamercau.guillermina@outlook.comMaria Guillermina Mercau (AR)
Mervi Ollusmervi.ollus@gmail.comBirgitta Huippula (DE)
Mhmed / Mohammed Alkurdalkurd09@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / Translation Secrets
Miada Transmiada@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Mich Engelmich.engel@outlook.comDavida Kemp (IL)
Michael Beckerbecker3e4@gmail.comMichael Becker (DE)
Michael Blekhmanmichael.blekh@gmail.comMichael Blekhman (CA)
Michael Budalcreativetranslation2@gmail.comKetil Mario Budal (NO) ASA "Karin Parelius"
Michael Engelmich.engel.tran1@gmail.comDavida (Davy) Kemp (IL)
Michael Fleischer (UK)
Michael Herrmanmichael.herrman2@gmail.comMichael Herrman (DE)
Michael Khvastukhinmichael.khvastukhin@hotmail.comMichael Khvastukhin (UA)
Michael Mirandatranslation.dector@gmail.comMichael D. Powers (USA) ASA "Ramira Gimenez"
Michael Robeert / Robertmichaelrobeert@hotmail.comMichael Robert Chirichigno (ES)
Michael Russellseditword@marvinsjay.comScammer impersonating a translation buyer
Michael Silvistrimichaelsilvistri@hotmail.comIlde Grimaldi (Italy) ASA "James Coria"
Michal / Michael Wooffmichale.wooff@btinternet.comScammer reported here
Michael"Michael Wooff" (UK) FAKE CV
Michaela Sommermichaela.sommer63@yahoo.comMichaela Sommer (DE)
Michaela Vikenmichaelaviken@gmail.comMichaela Viken (SE)
Michiko Myattmichikomyatt@hotmail.comAkiko Momose (HK)
Michiyo Oosterwjikmichiyogermany@hotmail.comMichiyo Oosterwjik (JP)
Miguel Fuentemiguelfuente84@gmail.comJuan Salanova Arnal (ES) & João Vasconcelos (PT)
Miho Tmiho4t4@gmail.comGhost ID createdd by scammers
Mika Sagermika.expert19@gmail.comTanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA "Tanguy Przybylski"
Mika Tanegashimamikatanegashima51@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) Note 11 ASA "Yuko Shima"
Mikhail Abramkinmikhailabramkin.lang@gmail.comMikhail Abramkin (RU)
Mikhail Khazinmikhail.khazin@hotmail.comMikhail Khazin (RU) &OS
Mina Javensminajavens@gmail.comValentina Borisova Rasheva-Javens (BG)
Ming Zhaoming.zhao.lingo@hotmail.comMing Zhao (CN)
Minh Hoa Hiephoahiepminh@gmail.comTho Dinh (VN)
Minh Hoanghoang.m315@gmail.comHoang Tu Minh (VN)
Mini Gargmini.garg.tra@gmail.comMini Garg (IN)
Mireille Cardosomireillecardose@gmail.comChloe Costantino (FR) Scam by Gentle Translations
Mireille Lavoiemireillefrench@hotmail.comMireille Lavoie (CA)
Mirna Salgueiromirna.salgueiro@gmail.comHeloísa Benetton Costa (BR)
Mithat Akalinmithat.akalin@hotmail.comMithat Akalin (TR)
Mitsuyo Morikawamitsuyo.morikawa.88@hotmail.comMitsuyo Morikawa (NZ)
Miyuki Inouem-i-inoue@hotmail.comMiyuki Inoue (AR)
Mo'amar Fathimoamar.fathi@gmail.comA. Omar Osman (BE)
Mohamed Tayehmohamed.kt@hotmail.comEllen Nielsen (SE)
Mohamed Tayehsmart4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Also PayPal ID / Also
Mohammad A. Hluchanmohammad.trans@hotmail.comMohammad Hluchan (US)
Mohammad AlKhaireng.moha104@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Mohammad Al Kurdalkurd@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Mohammed Alkurdalkurd87@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammad Yousefmohd.yousef@outlook.comGhost ID. DOC properties: besan & El-Agha, Riyad
Mohammed A. Eissaproject@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed A. Eissamodh.eissa@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed Abushabanmohammed.bildp@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 68
Mohammed Eissamohd.aa@outlook.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Mohammed Eissamohd.aa.eissa@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Mohammed Ahmed Alimali2translalte@gmail.comMohammed Ali Sheikh (EG)
Mohammed Almassri / Al Masrimohmd.masri@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 36 Also a PayPal ID
Mohammed Almassri / Al Masrimohalmassria@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassrimohammedalmassritrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassriproject@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Almassritranslators.success@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 36
Mohammed Nafezmohammed.nafez@gmail.comaka Abeer Hamss or Abeer Hums from MuchDo
Mohammed Rantisim.rantisi@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mohammed Rantisim_rantisi@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Mohammed Rantisirantisi.m.t@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Moira Bernardb.moira3@gmail.comBrian James Mitchell (FR) &OS
Mona Redmaynemona.redmayne85@yahoo.comEleanora Fanuele (IT)
Monica ?monika_trans_perfect@yahoo.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Monica Fancyfancyrussian23@gmail.comOlga Dakhina (RU)
Monica Gomoescumonica.gomoescu48@yahoo.comMonica Cruceru (RO)
Monica Grassimon4spanish@gmail.comAlexandra Poszler (AR)
Monica Henrymonica.linguist@gmail.comHenry He (CN)
Monica Noprimonicanopri@gmail.comHusni Munir (ID) See the scammer's invoice
Monica Pereiramoontranslation@gmail.comRoberto Faria Cavalcanti (BR) Note 13 More info here
Monica Meza (CA) Also a PayPal ID
Monica Vegamonicavega4321@gmail.comOscar Meza (CA)
Monica Cordeiromonica.cordeiro2@yahoo.comMónica S. Cordeiro (PT)
Monica Salvomonica2salvo@gmail.comValter Ebagezio (IT)
Monika Angelesmonika19992000@gmail.comLora Brennenstuhl (partial copy)
Monika Frade (UK) ASA "Carl Galician"
Monika Nowickamonika_nowicka@hotmail.comMonika Nowicka (UK)
Monika Robertmonika.robert.tra@gmail.comMonika Robert (FR)
Monika Robertfrench.monika@gmail.comMonika Robert (FR) Yes, again.
Monika Sandremoon.sandre81@gmail.comBrigitte Hellmuth (ES) ASA "Martina S. Hellmuth"
Monique Engelhartmoniqueengelhart@hotmail.comMonique Engelhart (US)
Moon Art Translatemoontranslation@gmail.comCristina Pereira (PT) Note 13
Mousa Mowaffaqmousa_mowa34@outlook.saAuthor "BLUE", Last saved by: nmc
Muchdo Transl / Abeer Salehmuchdo.translation16@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Muhammad El-Rantisimhmdtranslations@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mukesh Lalmukesh.lal@hotmail.comMukesh Kumar (IN)
Muna Ibrahim Aljazzarmunaaljazzar@gmail.comScam by LanguageMet Note 6
Murad Zedanlanguagemet53@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Murad Ziadarabic@14ng.comCV THEFT Note 59
Murad Ibrahim Zedanmurad.zedan.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Murat (Murad) Zedanlanguagemet21@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Muscatello Vittoriamuscatello.vittoria@hotmail.comVittoria Muscatello (IT) ASA "Editta Gaio"
Mustafa Attarlanguagemet41@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Mustafa Attarmustafa.lingo22@gmail.comHassan Hussein Aly Zekry (EG)
Myriam Garro / Anaana.garro.999@gmail.comMyriam Garro (AR)
Nada ?nada@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Nadau Manianadaumania@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Nadia Diaz Aldereteinfo@linguistsite.comNadia Diaz Alderete (AR) See fake CV online / Note 6
Nadia Iglesia Ramostraedit@hotmail.comNadia Iglesia Ramos (FR) Note 47
Nadia Lawrencenadialawrence2@gmail.comReine Djuidje Kouam (CM) Fake address in France
Nadia Morettinadia.m.y6@gmail.comDaniela Zambrini (IT)
Nadia Muhsinsappernadia@gmail.comBan Al Hamami (US)
Nadine Cobbcobbnadine@gmail.comCénia Vien (HN) &OS
Naeema Joneedyinfo@alocalize.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Naeema Joneedynaoma101@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Naeema Joneedynjtrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 38 Translation Team
Nael Khadernael.khader@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 68 "yaah0 suite" on G+
Nahit Karataslinahit.karatasli@hotmail.comNahit Karatasli (TR)
Najwa Farhattranslateintoarabic@gmail.comGhost ID created by LanguageMet Note 6
Nancie Ledui.b.translationproject@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Ledu / Leducnancieleduc1970@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA)
Nancie Leduct.nancieleduc70@gmail.comNancie Leduc (CA) See the scam
Nancy Dentonnancydenton69@gmail.comGerhard Herzet (DE) & Claude LeFrapper (US)
Nancy Grimesnancy.grimes1011@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Nancy scamming joint Note 63 SITE CLOSED
Nany Albertnanyalbert1@gmail.comSebastian Eklund (SE) &OS
Narendra Somabhai Patelnarendra.somabhai@gmail.comNarendra Somabhai Patel (IN)
Narin Saerusnarintrans@gmail.comAndreas Luck (TH)
Nata Racheknata.rachek@gmail.comCV copied from, at least, 2 translators
Natalí Felcaronatali.m.felcaro@hotmail.comNatalí Melisa Felcaro (AR)
Natalia Aleynikovaaleynikova@hotmail.comNatalia Aleynikova (RU)
Natalia Gubarevn75.gubarev@gmail.comMaria Mansurova-Bunlon (FR)
Natalia M. Racheknata.rachek@gmail.comCV copied from, at least, 2 translators
Natalia Sandronataliatrans141@gmail.comCatia Pinca-Smith (UK)
Natalia Toti / Coricanataliatoti89@gmail.comBeatrice Corica (IT)
Natalia Vasilyevanataliavas1979@gmail.comKavita Gupta (US)
Natalie Michniaknataliemichniak@hotmail.comManfred Elian (DE)
Natalie by "Riham Salama"
Nataliya Serginataliya.sergi@gmail.comAndrei Vybornov (RU) Note 4
Nataly Yuzhakovanataly.yuzhakova@yahoo.comNataly Yuzhakova (UA)
Natasha Bongettanatashbongetta@gmail.comMirella de Oliveira Cerci (BR) ASA "Danielle Abreu"
Natasha D'Aurianatasharaisa@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Nathan Vymysleckynathan.vymyslecky@hotmail.comNathan Vymyslicky (DE)
Natome Monranatomemonra@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Nazilya Gamovanazilya.russian@gmail.comJelena Radnic (US) &OS
Neidi de Carvalhodetails3personal@gmail.comNeidi Cristina Isnard Carvalho (MZ)
Nehal Mahmoudlanguagemet38@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Nehal Mahmoudnehal.mahmoud@hotmail.comHilary Leyton-Coffey (UK) / LanguageMet
Nevala Kristiananevalakristiana@gmail.comSami Seppälä (UK) & Maria Bertilsson (FR) &OS
Nicholas Constantinounicholas_constantinou@hotmail.comNicholas Constantinou (GR)
Nick Michaelnickmichael0@hotmail.comMother language: Italian???
Nicol Gurakn.gurak4@gmail.comNicole Stoeber (DE) ASA "Hanna Abel"
Nicola Devlinnicoladevlin2@hotmail.comNicola Devlin (UK)
Nicola Marathenicolamarathe2@gmail.comLaura Ball (UK) ASA "Jennifer Coles"
Nicola Smithnicolasmith2003@gmail.comAnca Mitchell (FR)
Nicolas Amablenicolastrans15@gmail.comPierre Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Alecu Camille"
Nicolas"Author": Christina / Fake address
Nicolas Terrynicolas20002000@gmail.comDorothée Leconte (FR) &OS
Nicole Joenicolefrtrans@gmail.comApollinaire Nkou (CM) ASA "Charle Mengue"
Nicole Morisettenicole.morisette@gmail.comAlexa Dubreuil-Storer (UK)
Nicole Neolzernicoleneolzer@gmail.comMatyas Gyongyosi (HU) & Ciarán Rooney (IE)
Nicole Schmidt / Schmidnicole.translation@googlemail.comGhost created by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Nihad Ahmed / Ahmadlanguagemet71@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Nihad Ahmed / Ahmadnihad.ahmed_lang@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Nihal ?nihal@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Nik Wangniktrans429@gmail.comBin Li (US) ATA Certified (EN-CH) ASA "Gia Li"
Niki Gouzeenikigouzee@gmail.comStephanie Engola (CM)
Nikolas Alexilexikkona@gmail.comCirculates the fake CV from "Hellen Holems"
Nikolay A. Saykonikolay.sayko@hotmail.comNikolay Sayko (UA)
Nina Kamaganinakamaga@gmail.comVéronique Derdos (FR) ASA "Juliet Derdos"
Nina Kaminskikaminskinina1@gmail.comNatalia Baryshnikova (RU) & Yelena Pestereva (RU)
Nirmin Mashnirminmash@yahoo.comFake ID created by Translation Secrets Note 6
Nguyen Huyennguyen.thihuyen@hotmail.comNguyen Thi Huyen (VN)
Nguyen Thoanguyenthoa.vietnamese@gmail.comThoa Thi Nguyen (VN)
Nobuo Toriyama (JP)
Noelia Gonzaleznoelia.b.gonzalez@hotmail.comNoelia Barrionuevo Gonzalez (ES)
Noha Saiud / Saidnoha.saied@hotmail.comNoha Hariri (LB)
Norman Buhagiarnorman.buheagiar@gmail.comNorman Charles Buhagiar (MT)
Nsreen Deebnsreen.d.q@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Nur Cholis / Cholis Nurcholisnur23@hotmail.comNur Cholis (ID)
Nur Karayilannur.karayilan147@yahoo.comNurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nurhayat Koklu'snurhayat.koklu0@gmail.comNurhayat Köklü (TR)
Nuri Buraknuri.aksiray@windowslive.comNuri Burak Aksiray (TR)
Nurseitov Zhetpisbayevichnurseitov.zhetpisbayevich@hotmail.comAslanbek Nurseitov (KZ)
O Seong (Eric) Kwonseong.kwon@outlook.comO Seong (Eric) Kwon (KR)
Oceanne Oliviaoceanneolivia12@gmail.comAnne Cathrine Parelius (CA)
Odimegwu Davidodimegwu.david@gmail.comDavid Odimegwu (NG)
Oki Gilbertoki.gilbert950@gmail.comKazuya Suzuki (JP)
Ola ?languagemet33@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ola Dawoodola.daw90@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Ola Dawoodpm3@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6 / LanguageMet
Ola Fathis Fohsen / Ola Shehatto (EG)
Ola Kariola.kari@outlook.comMonica Barosen (NO)
Olever Carterolever.carter@gmail.comFake "ASAP Translations" Palestinian CV scam
Olga Dakhinaolga.dakhina.lang@hotmail.comOlga Dakhina (RU)
Olga Jiczmy / Jeczmykolga.jeczmyk@hotmail.comOlga Jeczmyk Nowak (IT)
Olga Jing / Oljaolja.jing@gmail.comRodro Oloa (CM)
Olga Linoolgatrans770@gmail.comGabriele Greggersen (BR)
Olin Kerryolintrans462@gmail.comJames Liu (CA)
Oliver Martinoliver.martin@outlook.saClive Prestt (UK)
Olivia Lonzooliviatrans03@gmail.comAddress: a Hotel in Alicante, Spain???
Olja (Olga) Jing Mariolja.jing@gmail.comRodro Oloa (CM)
Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawiinfo@petra-trans.comCV THEFT Note 18
Omar Issa / Omar Issaomar@safety-translation.comCV THEFT Note 37
Omar Issaomarissatrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Amazing Trans
Omer Mohammedomar.mohammed1@outlook.comCV THEFT Note 6
Omer Mohammedomer@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Oriana Simionatooriana.simionato@hotmail.comOriana Simionato (IT)
Osa Kariosatrans01@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Osama Fathi Eissaosama.f-eissa@hotmail.comOsama Fathi Eissa (EG)
Oscar Alegreoscar.alegre66@gmail.comÓscar D. Alegre (US)
Oscar Benedidoscarbenedid@hotmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Oscar Morooscar.moro45@gmail.comGiovanni Pizzati (IT) ASA "Giovanni Pizzati"
Oscar Rodríguez / Alegreoscar_domingo23@outlook.comOscar Domingo Alegre Rodríguez (ES)
Oscar Romagnoneromagnoneoscar@gmail.comContents: Arabic word
Osman Arslanosmanars2011@gmail.comUnidentified scammer MORE INFO NEEDED
Ousse Ndiayeousse.ndiaye7@gmail.comAl Ousseynou Ndiaye (SN)
Owona Kono Daniel Joachimowonakono@hotmail.comDaniel Owona Kono (CM)
Øystein Monsenoystein.monsen@hotmail.comØystein Monsen (UK)
Pablo Guillermopablo.d.guillermo22@gmail.comPablo Guillermo Jiménez Domínguez (MX)
Pablo Maaizamaaizatrans12@gmail.comRamakrishna Venkatasamy (MU)
Palma Juhaszpalma.juhasz98@gmail.comRobert Daraban (RO)
Palo Alnso / Alonsopalo.alnso@gmail.comPablo Alonso (UK)
Paola Basso / Paula Bassotranslation.paula.2@gmail.comPaola Basso (IT)
Panos Farandtranslator365@gmail.comKristine Harket (NO)
Pascal Rintäpascal.rinta@gmail.comMinna Bäckman (FI) ASA "Pekka Tony"
Pasco Lopezpascotrans1972@gmail.comNica Paixão (PT) Nice Portuguese name: Pasco!!!
Pasqual Robledanorobledano.pasqual@gmail.comJulio Oya Steinbrüggen (UK) & Laura Valvidia (UK)
Pasquale Capopasqual1capo@gmail.comPasquale Capo (CA)
Pasquale Chericipasquale.cherici@gmail.comGiovanni Danielli (IT)
Patrecia Reedpatrecia.reed@yahoo.comPatricia Reed (BR)
Patreck Lemaylemay.patreck@gmail.comThierry Boudjekeu (UA)
Patricia (Patty) Fahsenpatty.fahsen@yahoo.comPatricia Fahsen (GT)
Patricia Loaizapatricialoaiza1@yahoo.comPatricia Loaiza (MX)
Patricia Patricia / Patricia Fierropatricia2patricia@hotmail.comPatricia Fierro (EC)
Patricia Pradospatricia45prados@hotmail.comPatricia Prados Merchán (ES)
Patrick Carvalhocarvalhopatrickah12@gmail.comPatrick Reis de Carvalho (BR) ASA "Sonia Furtado"
Patrick Gerardpatrickgerard4@gmail.comGerard Dupin FAKE CV Note 19
Patrick Nani Michelpatrickmich67@gmail.comJeff Kamb. Mathe (SZ) Note 8 ASA "Jeff K. Mathe"
Patrizia Cipollapcipolla101@hotmail.comPatrizia Cipolla (IT)
Patty Fahsenpatty.fahsen12@gmail.comNorma Avendik Bailey (AR)
Paul Jackypaulfrench2000@gmail.comClothilde Courtois (UK) ASA "Clothilde Courtois"
Paul Jabaloyaspaul.jabaloyas@gmail.comLaura Valdivia (UK)
Paul"Author": Mohammad Z. Qudaih
Paul Yuanpaul.yuan.lang@hotmail.comPaul Yuan (US)
Paula Gearypaula-geary@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Paula Kiehelapaula.kiehela@gmail.comFake ID created by scammers
Paula Suilapaulasuila1@hotmail.comOscar Olsson (SE) & Ulla Lundquist (SE)
Paulina Pokrywapaulina.pokrywa@gmail.comEmilia Niedzwiecka (PO)
Paulina Wasilkopaulina.wasilko@diamondtranslation.comImpersonation of a PM from
Pauline Francispaulinefrancis2@gmail.comThéodore Dassé (CM)
Pham Kuzinpham.kuzin@gmail.comOlga Evkucheva (US)
Moneybookerstoptranslate2013@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPal24hour.translator.available@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the scammer's email by scammers
PayPalarabiclangservices@gmail.comUsed by scammers / Translation Secrets
PayPaldawchocho2009@gmail.comUsed by scammer "Thiha Aung" Note 0
PayPalextranservices@gmail.comUsed by scammer "Madrin Alda"
PayPalfinancial.actions@hotmail.comUsed by scammers See the proof
PayPalfundsp2@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPalghhissy@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPalh5r9c8@yahoo.comUsed by scammers
PayPalhambaka5@gmail.comUsed by scammers / Gentle Translations
PayPalhenoo_love@hotmail.comUsed by scammers / Gentle Translations
PayPaljoliesam2@gmail.comUsed by scammers
PayPalkrs_babu@hotmail.comUsed by scammers
PayPalkrwhi.tepayoal@gmail.comUsed by scammer "Mohammad Yousef"
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PayPalmarshallucy48@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPalmjk87@live.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPalmohmd.masri@gmail.comUsed by scammer "Khaled" (Safety Translations) by scammer "Irene Elmerot"
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PayPalreconstituire@yahoo.comUsed by scammers
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PayPaltam96nic_24@hotmail.comUsed by scammers
PayPaltrans.payable@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice
PayPaltranslation.funds.p@live.comUsed by scammers
PayPaltranslation.payable@gmail.comUsed by scammers / Translation Secrets Proof
PayPaltranslation.payments1@gmail.comUsed by scammers See the invoice / See the proof by scammers
PayPalwalaa0599@gmail.comUsed by LanguageMet / Translation Secrets
Pearl Leotranspearlleo@gmail.comScammer impersonating PM from TransPerfect
Pedro Garciapedro.garcia.lang@hotmail.comPedro Benítez García (IE)
Pedro Solano Moleropedro.molero2@yahoo.comPedro Solano Molero (ES)
Pekka Tonypekka.translate@gmail.comMinna Bäckman (FI) & Anu K. Saarinen (FI)
Peng Wang / Wengm.pengweng@gmail.comPeng Wang (UK)
Pérsio Burkinskipersio.burkinski@hotmail.comPérsio Burkinski (BR)
Peter Stewart / Stewart Peterpolish.peter.stewart@gmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (CA)
Peter Wibbelingwibbelingp@gmail.comEdward Whiteside (UK) &OS
Petra Yildizpetratranslation4@gmail.comJana Alice Belke (ES)
Petter Anderssonpetter.andersson@windowslive.comRajanikanth Godishala (IN)
Phil Johnesphiljohnes@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Philip Keohphilipkeoh@yahoo.comIoanna Daskalopoulou (GR)
Philippe Pé"Author": Dreams And, who is this Pétain?
Pier Paolo Casertapier.paolo.translator@gmail.comPier Paolo Caserta (IT)
Pierre Djoumessipierredjoumessi1@hotmail.comPierre Simplice Ngogeo Djoumessi (CM)
Pierre-Joseph López Ardisanajospeh.ardisana@hotmail.comPierre-Joseph López Ardisana (ES)
Pino Alonsopino.alonso000@gmail.comGiorgina Cerutti (UY) Note 45
Pinto Famanopinto4french@gmail.comRichard Hedger (CH)
Piotr Frásfras.piotr2013@gmail.comPiotr Frás (PL)
Plam Manchoplamtrans78@gmail.comRoss Lee (Jinsong Li) (CN)
Polina Ndongmopolina.french@gmail.comMathilde Renou (FR) / Alexandre Saviano (IT)
Poonia Kennan / Kannanpoonia.kannan@gmail.comCristiana Karon Letteri (IT) ASA "Marina Addis"
Pounthiex Mathildiemathildie.freelancer23@gmail.comMathilde Pounthieux (FR)
Powerful THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Powerful Translationsinfo@powerfultrans.comCV THEFT Note 6 Note 45
Prema Alexanderprema.alexander@yahoo.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU)
Proficient Translation Servicespts5company@gmail.comAnother scam by LanguageMet Note 74
Przybylski Tanguyprzybylskitanguy1@gmail.comTanguy Przybylski (JP) ASA "Mika Sager"
Pinyin Yuanpinyin.yuan276@yahoo.comSimtech Zhang (CN)
Qi Mingqi.ming@outlook.comFang Sheng (CA)
Quick Translationquick4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
QunSinan Evcan / Sinan Evcanqunsinan2@gmail.comHasan Filik (TR) & Sonia Soltani (CA)
Rachel Folemrachel.trans11@gmail.comAbdelkader Sellal (DZ)
Rafael Graurafael.grau@outlook.saToni Romero Valera (ES)
Rafael Gustavorafael.gust@live.comJorge Arrigo (AR)
Rafael Segoviarafaelsegovia123@gmail.comRafael Segovia (MX)
Raje Markraje.mark.63@gmail.comIn a Chinese site, Raje's CV belongs to a "Ms. Liu"...
Ramadan Ahmedramadan1ahmed@hotmail.comRamadan Ahmed Birima Kurdali (ZA) Note 5
Ramanie Palleramani.palle@hotmail.comRamani Palle (IN) ASA "Aron Luis"
Rami El Madhoonworldtranslation1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Rami Mohammed Jumarami.juma@outlook.saAuthor: "yousef3" / Last saved: "nmc"
Ramira Gimenezramiragimenez@gmail.comMichael D. Powers (USA) ASA "Michael Miranda"
Ramraj Bairwaramraj.bairwa@hotmail.comRamraj Bairwa (IN)
Rana Adtrans.payable@gmail.comPayPal ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Rana Ahmedrana.ahmed387@gmail.comGhost ID created by LanguageMet
Rana THEFT Note 6
Rana Esam (Issam)"Author": dd
Randa Samirranda.samir2@yahoo.comRanda Samir El Nomeir (EG)
Randi Malbergrandi.malberg@outlook.comChristian Amaya Vecht (BO)
Rania A.Y. Al-Sabbaghraniasabbagh78@yahoo.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbaghrania.ar102@gmail.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rania Al-Sabbaghrania-eng-ar@hotmail.comAuthor: Gheith Al-Kayyali / Translation Secrets
Rasha ?rasha@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rasha Khalidrasha.khalid91@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Raul Raymondraul4translation@hotmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR) ASA "Marina Droll"
Raul Waldmanraul4translation1@gmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Rauno Blondelraunoblondel@hotmail.comRauno Myrwad (SE) &OS
Reaam Jamilreaam@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rebecca Adamrebecca0adam0@gmail.comAn obvious "Russian" name...
Rebecca Geissbauer (FAKE NAME)
Reda Awadallahreda11awadallah@gmail.comEven the Skype ID on CV is fake...
Reda Radwanreda@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Reaam Jamillanguagemet61@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Reem Jamaalreemrahaf2012@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reem Yousefreem@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Reham Abdallahreham.abdallah10@gmail.comReham Abdallah Fyala (EG)
Reham (Jasper / Ghali)rere1232005@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 4 Note 15 Trans Secrets
Reham Abu Ghalireham@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Reham Abu Ghalispeed4translation@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghalireham.ghali@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 4) Note 15 Trans Secrets
Reham Abu Ghali / Rere Ghalireham.ghali@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Reham Elzomararehamelzomara@gmail.comNádia Diaz Alderete (AR)
Reham Mohammed Elzomarareham.elzomara.lang@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Reham Hussien Alirehamhussienali@hotmail.comReham Hussien Ibraheem Mohamed Ali (EG)
Reham Japer / Reham Abu Ghalirere4translation@gmail.com2nd copy of fake "translator" Reham A. Ghali
Reham Kedra / Reham Alkedrarehamkedra@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Reham Salama / Rihamproa@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Reham Yosefreem@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rehana Jafferjaffer_rehana@yahoo.comRehana Jaffer (CA)
Reine Bourdotrbourdot@gmail.comThéodore Dassé (CM) & Sally-Ann Hopwood (FR)
Reine Djuidje Kouamdreine60@gmail.comReine Djuidje Kouam (CM)
Rena Leechin.trans.alex@gmail.comCV with 6 lines, full of typos...
Renan Yesilbasrenan@languagesmediators.mygbiz.comAssociated w/ Languages Mediators Note 14
Reta Samproject1@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Reta Samtranslator.translation292@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rex Wongrex.trans90@gmail.comDonna Liang (UK)
Ricardo Brunoricardotrans67@gmail.comBruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Ricardo Cruzricardo.cruz@outlook.saRicardo Cruz (PT)
Ricardo Oliveirapb.ricardo1@gmail.comLuís Ferreira (UK)
Ricardo Rivasricardotrans3@gmail.comRicardo A. Rivas (VE)
Ricardo Sliemricpower2@gmail.comJean-Luc Dumont (FR)
Richard Le Anh Tuanrichared.tuan@yahoo.comNguyen Dinh Kien (VN)
Richard Marmermarmerrichard@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Richard Hanlon (IE) ASA "Marina Walter"
Rick Taylorglobal-finance-solutions@gmx.comNote 43
Rickard Langnesundrickard.langnesund@hotmail.comRickard Langnesund (Sweden)
Riggio Wagnerriggiowagner@hotmail.comNatacha Dambinoff (FR)
Riham (Salama) Mustafarihamrr3@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Rafatlanguagemet8@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafatpm-r@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafatproc@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 4 Note 15
Riham Rafatriham@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafatriham4translationprojects@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Rafattranslation.work35@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Salama / Rehamdanyasalama@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama / Rehamriham.projects@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama / Rehamriham.salama33@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Riham Salama / Rehamsalama@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Riham Salama / Rehamtranslation.work99@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Rikarda Sedovarikarda.sedova@gmail.comMarina Sedova (RU) / Victor I. Sidelnikov (RU)"Contents" tag: Arabic word
Rita Kremerrita.kremer@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Ritha (de) Vriesdritha12@gmail.comCharlotte Connan de Vries (FR)
Ritha Mathilderitha.translator@gmail.comDiane Carole Dessiji (CM)
Robert Avainfo@translation-company.usScammer posing as PM / U.S. Translation Company
Robert Fernando / Trejorobert.fernando.lang@gmail.comPatricia Fahsen (GT)
Robert Frogostrobert.frogost@yahoo.comAddress: "Atlanta Medical Center, Georgia" ???
Robert Morrisonrobert.morrison.lang3@gmail.comRobert Morrison (US)
Robert Nilsson / Nilssonahrobertnilssona@yahoo.comRobert Nilsson (SE)
Robert Qostaspanish.keinart@gmail.comAlejandro Aguado Marín (ES)
Robert Sapinrobert.sapin@ymail.comNote 19
Robert Wisconrobertwiscon@gmail.comCasey Dovale (NL) ASA "Marcus Wiscon" Note 69
Roberta Carbonecarbone.roberta@hotmail.comRoberta Carbone (IT)
Roberta Shokayshokay.trans@gmail.comClaudete Sulzbacher (BR)
Roberto Lipani / Rebertoroberto.lipani@hotmail.comRoberto Lipani (IT)
Roberto Powersrobertopowers@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Robin Tjustrobin4swedishtrans@gmail.comLisa Olsson (SE) / "Author": Abdallah Ahmed
Rodna Pardorodna.pardo.swedish@gmail.comAradai Pardo Martínez (FR)
Roger Lengorogerlangservices@gmail.comKnown translator impersonator
Rogier Isaacisaacger1999@gmail.comSame fake CV used by ghost "Lily Symann"
Roman Brenanromanbrenan1@gmail.comMichael Moskowitz (US) ASA "Igor Kelly"
Romm C. Provicromm.provic@hotmail.comIgor Savenkov (RU) ASA "Balcon Regis" et al.
Rona Yaprona.yap@outlook.saYulia Fitri Utami (ID)
Ronald Johnsronald.johns.tran@gmail.comOliver Walter (UK)
Ronat Neillronatneill1@gmail.comRónat O'Neill (US)
Rony Hubertspanish.hubert@gmail.comRaúl Carlos Waldman (AR)
Rosa Costar.costa.o2o2o2@gmail.comLorenza Lanini (IT)
Rosana Kostrosana.kost@gmail.comASA "Marlo(s) Homan"
Rosanna Ciminorosanna1cimino@gmail.comRosanna Cimino (IT) ASA "Deboric Tesca"
Rose-Marie Savianorose.translation1@gmail.comViolaine Meziere (FR) &OS ASA "Josiane Brisebois"
Rose Oudinrose.oudin@gmail.comStephanie Engola (CM)
Ross Costarossfrench2000@gmail.comJean-Paul Viguié (FR)
Rossella Mianirmiani2000@gmail.comGianluigi Miani (IT)
Rosy Bertrandrosybertrans@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 6th impersonation!
Roubeena Jeetah / Jeetroubeena.jeetah@yahoo.comRoubeena Devi Jeetah (MU)
Rubin Paulo / Robinrubin.paulo@hotmail.comPaulo Alexandre Padinha (US)
Rupesh"Author": AboMahmoud
Russin Mercierrussin.mercier1@gmail.comMonica Marino (UK) Note 17
Sabin Labansabintrans@gmail.comThierry Yimata Tchoupou (CM) ASA "Charles Yimata"
Sabina Oliversabinaoliver@hotmail.comLúcia Leitão (PT) & Cristina Heraud-Van Tol (PE)
Sabina Waszeksabinawaszek@hotmail.comSabina Waszek-Cole (PO)
Sabine Bouladonsabine.bre6@outlook.comSabine Bouladon (AU)
Sabine ID created by Ernst Heinz Note 70
Sabra from the US / ASA "Christine Anonella"
Sabrina Abramsabrinatrans640@gmail.comIlaria Gigli (IT)
Sabrina Eliasabrinatrans4@gmail.comMaria Madalena Vicente Barroso (UK)
Sacha Tanasesacha.tanase@gmail.comJean-Paul Ngue (CM)
Sadullah Saadsaad.professional@gmail.comSadullah Saad (IN)
Safa Ahmadsafaahmad.2007@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Safety Translationinfo@safety-translation.comCV THEFT Note 37
Safety Translationnidaltrans@gmail.comScammer claiming to be from Safety Trans Note 37
Saher Al Shaerjobs@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Sahar Al-Shaers.shaer@gentle-translations.comCV THEFT Note 15
Salah Jazzarsalahjazzar1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Salah Khafajas.khafaja@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Salem ?same2002il@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Salih Qady / Saleh ElQadisalih@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Salvina Madelsalvinatrans@gmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Abella Madel"
Sam ?t.sam2004@gmail.comPossibly associated with Note 4
Sam Oliviansamolivian@gmail.comNote 37
Sam Woythalersamwoythaler@gmail.comAbel Herbert (FR) "Author": EL-Fajer
Samah ?languagemet39@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Samah Abd Elfatah / ID created by scammers
Samah Abdelfattah / Abidulfattahsamahabdelfattah@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Samah Ahmedsamah.ahmed.1959@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Samah Al-Qrenawi / Samah Qrs.a.m.a.h.s.2013@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samah Qrsamah.s.qr@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Translation Secrets
Samantha Fernando Villarsam4trans@gmail.comClaudia Alejandra Isonio (AR)
Samar Abedsamarabed@24translate.netCV THEFT Note 52
Samar El. Said Mohamedsamar.mohamid@yahoo.comLast saved: "Dreams"
Sameer ?mohammedatef@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Sameh Elnokalysameh_elnokaly@aol.comSameh Mohamed Elnokaly (EG)
Samer Alisamer@safety-translations.comCV THEFT Note 37
Samer Ghalisamer@amazingtrans.comCV THEFT Note 37
Samer Ghalisamertrans86@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 37 Safety Translations
Samir Sachdevasachdeva.samir@yahoo.comSamir Sachdeva (IN)
Samudra R."Author": "alsayra" / Last saved by: "Dreams"
Samudra R. Jayasenasmartlanguage22@gmail.comLast saved by: "Besan"
Samuel Fradesamuelfrade2000@gmail.comSamuel Frade (PT)
Samuel Maiclesamueltrans263@gmail.comDavid Acuña (CL)
Samy ?languagemet42@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Samy Naser / Samy Nsertranslationjobs151@gmail.comScammer. Also uses fake
Sander Wilkenswilkens.sander.tra@gmail.comSander Wilkens (DE)
Sandra Angelosandra4service@gmail.comAntonietta Di Gianni (IT) ASA "Antonietta Di Gianni"
Sandra Berkleysandraberkley@hotmail.comSandra Berkley (US)
Sandra (John) Johnsonsandra9johnson@yahoo.comKathleen E. Shelly (US) "Contents" tag: Arabic word
Sandra Byron (Dr.)sandra.byron34@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandro Sebastian"
Sandra Geissbauersandra3443@gmail.comMaría Cecilia Calónico (AR)
Sandra Tonzsandra.tonz@gmail.comTania Marques-Cardoso (BR) ASA "Sara Penito"
Sandrine Cordeirocordeiro.sandrine001@gmail.comSara Rute Travassos (PT)
Sandrine Parentesandrine.p005@gmail.comJean-Gabriel Piette (CA)
Sandro Nelsonsandrotrans927@gmail.comBruno Ricardo Soares Neiva (ES)
Sandro Sebastiansa.sebastian70@gmail.comDr. Martin Strübing (DE) ASA "Sandra Byron"
Sandy Benutsandybenut@hotmail.comLinda Lindström (Sweden) &OS
Sandy Stephenssandystephens30@gmail.comNaresh Gunasekaran (IN) Note 4 Scam by GT
Santiago Agureykinsantiago.agureykin@gmail.comNina Ravnholdt Enemark (UK)
Sapino (Spino) Marcelosapinotrans@gmail.comFlávio Vieira de Carvalho Britto (BR)
Sapna Melwanimelwanisapna62@gmail.comSapna Melwani (ID) ASA "Julie Pouzet"
Sara (Sarah) Afifitraduire.sara@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sara Barks / Barksara.bark.99@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sara Brownsarabrown249@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES) / Sara Brown (AR)
Sara Lucassaratrans9@gmail.comInês Cidraes Vieira ASA "Cedras Veira"
Sara Macchiavellisara.macchavilli@yahoo.comSarah Ines Macchiavelli (IT)
Sara Maghinibambytrans502@gmail.comSara Maghini (UK) ASA "Bamby Salvo"
Sara Penito (Pento)sara.penito@gmail.comASA "Sandra Tonz"
Sara Tomson / Thomsonsara.thomson88@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Sarah Becksarah.beck6@live.comKornelia Corrigan (US)
Sarah Bewleysarah22bewley@gmail.comSarah Bewley (UK)
Sarah Erezsarah@langs-mediators.comLinked to Languages Mediators Company Note 14
Sarah Hoskinshoskins.trans@gmail.comDawn Anne White (UK)
Sarah Priessarah.pries@hotmail.comDaniele Guiducci (IT) ASA "Daniele Guiducci"
Sarah Smithssar1918@gmail.comStefan Belger, Alice Wolf (DLS) Note 31
Sarai Pahlasarai.pahla@gmail.comSarai Pahla (DE) Scam by LanguageMet / Abeer Hams
Sardy Sridharantranslation@vokian.comNote 56
Saskia Konosaskiakono@gmail.comAlexander Schleber (BE) 7th impersonation!
Saskia Seegersaskia.translation@hotmail.comSaskia Seeger (DE)
Satsuki Tadokorosatsuki.tadokoro9@gmail.comTomoyuki Kono (UK)
Sch Tinsch.tin123@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE) & Maria Grazia Fumagalli (US)
Scott Gatelovingscott12@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Same ID as "Gate Scott"
Scott Gatemoniscottni@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Same ID as "Gate Scott"
Scott Nourscottnour@hotmail.comAbel Herbert (FR) ASA "Sam Woythaler"
Sean ?remarkable.translation@gmail.comCV THEFT / See "Ahmed Mahmoud"
Sean Stephansean.stephan.translation@gmail.comSebastian Witte (DE) & Birgit Rudolf (AT)
Sebastian Malufsebastian.maluf@gmail.comNote 71
Sebastian Wittesebastian.translator@hotmail.comSebastian Witte (DE) ASA "Sean Stephan"
Sedat Shpatasedat.shpata@gmail.comSedat Limani (RS) &OS
Seema Goyalseema.goyal345@gmail.comMeenal Vyas (IN)
Seema Kumarseema.kumar044@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) & Hirendra Chatterjee (IN)
Seisai Maimaiseisai1@gmail.comXianyang Tan (CN) &OS
Sellal Abdelkadersellalabdelkader@hotmail.comAbdelkader Sellal (DZ) ASA "Rachel Thiokane Folem"
Sena (Sana) Marco Lopezsanamarcolopez@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Sena Marco Lopezsena.marco.trans@gmail.comGema Pedreda López (ES)
Senol"Contents" tag: Arabic word
Seo Youngseo.young1875@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Seong Kwonseong.kwon83@gmail.comO Seong (Eric) Kwon (KR)
Serena Holmesserena.holmes@outlook.saOlga Miller (US)
Sergey Kalashnikkalashniksergey8@gmail.comSerge Kalashnik (UA)
Sergey Vazhnenkosergeyvvazhnenko@hotmail.comSergey V. Vazhnenko (UA)
Sergio Dolcimascolosergio.dolcimascolo1@gmail.comSergio Dolcimascolo (IT)
Shao Weishaotrans@gmail.comJun Zhang (CN)
Sharleen Leesharleen-lee-86@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers to use as reference
Shaymus Translationshaymustranslation@gmail.comNote 58
Sherwin Yisherwin.yi@hotmail.comSherwin Yi (USA)
Sherwin Wangsherwin.lingo@gmail.comChizuru Kaye (US)
Shi-Chi Linshi.lin_translator@yahoo.comShi-Chi Lin (UK)
Shikha Batuk Raikundaliaraikundalia.shikha12@hotmail.comShikha Batuk Raikundalia (PT)
Shilpa Sandrine / Shiilpasandrine.shilpa@hotmail.comShilpa Mathur (IN)
Shing Yatsen / Yat-Senshingyat60@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN) 9th IMPERSONATION
Shiona Oldhamwr.linguistics.trans@gmail.comNote 28
Shivani Guptashivani.lingo@hotmail.comShivani Gupta (IN) ASA "Amit Lingo Amit Chen"
Shorouq Shshorouq1988@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Shtogrina Irina / Irina Shtogrinairina.translator1@gmail.comIrina Shtogrina (RU)
Silke Stimmingsilke.stimming@hotmail.comSilke Stimming (CO)
Silvana Plusssilvanapluss9@gmail.comSilvana Plüss (US)
Silvia Ciprianisilvia.cipriani3@yahoo.comSilvia Cipriani (IT)
Silvia Dynesilviatrans7@gmail.comLicinia Dias de Oliveira (BR)
Silvia Gentilisilvia.gintili@hotmail.comCV created by scammers
Silvia Martinezsilvia4translation@gmail.comSilvia Mascaró Martínez (ES)
Silvina Escobarandresimmon39@gmail.comSusanna R. Miles (US) Note 39
Silvina Grenhosilvinagrenho2@gmail.comMarcos Silva (BR)
Simon Baynessimon.baynes@yahoo.comSimon Baynes (MX)
Simon Dassesimondasse123@gmail.comFélicien Musirikare (RW)
Simon Mettsimonmettg@gmail.comMichael Brandl (TW)
Simon Rasmussensimon.rasmussen56@yahoo.comSimon Baynes (MX)
Simon Suhan Awanchiri (Dr.)ssaawanchirri@gmail.comFélicien Musirikare (RW) ASA "Simon Dasse"
Simona Pastysimonapasty@gmail.comMarianne Pasty-Abdul Wahid (DE) Story here
Simple Translationinfo@simpletranslation.comA monumental corporate impersonation Note 72
Sinan Evcansinannevcan@gmail.comHasan Filik (TR)
Soad Salehsoad.saleh@hotmail.comSoad Mahmoud Saleh (EG)
Soares Paulo Filipesoarues.felipe@hotmail.comPaulo Filipe Martins Soares (PT)
Sophia A. Fischersophiaafischer@gmail.comVera Wilson (DE) &OS
Sofia Eklundsofia.eklund1@yahoo.comHelen Young (UK)
Sofia Engbergsofiaengberge@gmail.comAnnelie Hansson (SE)
Sofia Kostoulakostoulasofia@yahoo.comSofia Kostoula (UK) FAKE profile in TRADUguide
Sofia Martinsms7578@gmail.comCenia Vien (HN) &OS
Sofia Tiansophia.trans70@gmail.comXiuli Zhang (UK)
Sofia Tomassofia.tomas@outlook.saAna S. Pearson (US) ASA "Ana S. Pearson"
Sofiana Clarcksofitrans42@gmail.comArnold Talla Naoussi (CM)
Solfrid Ellingsensolfrid.ellingsen1974@gmail.comTonje Amland (UK)
Soma Vedidr.soma.vedi@gmail.comSonja Vilei (DE)
Somya Translators / Ajoy Singhsomyatranslation@yahoo.comImpersonators of Somya Translators Pvt. Ltd.
Song Chenschen.trans@gmail.comBelinda Zhou Xiaoping (CN) &OS
Sonia ?soniaeurologos@gmail.comFake PM from "Eurologos Toronto"
Sonia Alfredo Recardo (Dr.)recardosonia@gmail.comSpam / Scam sent from IP
Sonia Furtadofurtado.s4pt@gmail.comPatrick Reis de Carvalho (BR) ASA "Patrick Carvalho"
Sonia Portalessonia.portales1@gmail.comSonia Portalès (UK)
Sonja Pietschsonjap2008@gmail.comNote 4
Sonya Gennadisonyagennadi@gmail.comDennis Diomin (RU)
Sophia Irinasophia.irina8@gmail.comChristiane Jost (BR)
Sophia Pehasophiapeha7@gmail.comErich Heer (US)
Sophie Melwani / Sophiasophie.melwani@gmail.comThomas Pinon (FR)
Soraya Alvarezsoraya.alvarez.lang@hotmail.comSoraya Rial Álvarez (ES)
Sozy Salman / Salmiansozy.salmian@yahoo.comAbdallah Ali (UK) Scam by LanguageMet Note 6
Sozy Salman / Salmianworld.translation14@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Spanish MuchDospanish.lingo@muchdo.comID created by scammer Abeer Hams/Hums Note 4
Speech scam by Arcadia Translations Note 75
Speed Transspeed4translation@gmail.comID created by "Reham" from
Stanislav Korobovstanislav-korobov@hotmail.comStanislav Korobov (UA)
Stefan Jacobsjacob2000@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Stefan Lovatolovatostefan@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers. Also PayPal ID.
Stefania Marinonistefania.m.translation@hotmail.comStefania Marinoni (IT)
Steffen Pollexsteffen.pollex@yahoo.comSteffen Pollex (DE) See the scammer's invoice
Stéphanie Lauriacfr.en.translator@gmail.comStéphanie Lauriac (UK)
Stephanie Metzage / Metzagerdn.translation67@gmail.comJulie Beauce (CA)
Stephanie Moltersteph.molter@gmail.comMary-Ann Marque (FR) & Pierre Souris (FR)
Stephanie Mortonstephanietranslation@gmail.comLydia Hawkins (FR) ASA "Lara Hens"
Stephanie Ndewestephaniendewe@hotmail.comSidonie Thalmas-Djoman (CH)
Stephen Alexisstephenalexis1@hotmail.comCarola Schomburg (DE), Ingo Dierkschnieder (UK) &OS
Steven Huddlestonhuddlestoon.steven@gmail.comSteven Huddleston (MX)
Stone Fletcherkingkongmusic@yahoo.comTranslator impersonator
Sun Song / Song Zhenghua (CN)
Sungbae Parksungbae.park@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Sura Ralphsura.ralph@gmail.comBenjamin Adam Kohn (BR)
Susan Leggettsusanleggett8@gmail.comSerena Foschi (ES)
Susan Murraysusanfr7@gmail.comChloe Costantino (France)
Susan Nobuo Nakashimasusannakashima1@gmail.comKumi Ichikawa (US) & Hiroko Saito (JP)
Susan Sabahsusan.sabah.farsi@gmail.comMahmoud Akbari (MY)
Susan Yangyangsusan2010@hotmail.comSusan Yang (CN)
Susana Fernandez de Mellosusanamellom@gmail.comGhost / fake CV copied from here Note 4
Susana Vanessa Gonçalvessusana4portugal@hotmail.comSusana Vanessa Gonçalves (PT)
Susanna Castalsusanna.castal@hotmail.comSusanna Castaldini (NL)
Susanne Kristian B.join@mindbehind.infoNote 41
Susanne Walter (TH)
Suzan Jamalsuzanjamal27@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Suzan Sylvasuzansylva@gmail.comMario Larose (US) Note 16
Suzana Milansuzan.milan@gmail.comJacques F. Ampolini (US)
Suzanne Millssuzanne.mills33@gmail.comOskar Vedel (DK)
Svetla Nenchevasvetla.translator@hotmail.comSvetla Nencheva Nencheva (BG) See stolen diploma
Svetlana Bukinasvetlana.bukina.lang4@gmail.comSvetlana Bukina (LT)
Sylvia J. Andradeandrade.sylvia1@yahoo.comSylvia J. Andrade (US)
Sylvie Baillots.baillot@yahoo.comSylvie Baillot (FR)
Tadeos Abadian / Tadeos Worktadeos.work34@gmail.comTadeos Abadian (AM)
Taehun Kimtaehun_new.r7@outlook.comTaehun Kim (KR)
Tahani Hassantahani.hussien@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Tahreer Salem / Tahreer Qutatytahreer-qutaty@hotmail.comShilir Habib (CA) &OS
Taichi Yamatotaichi.yamato1@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Tailored Translation / Pierretailored.translation@yahoo.comPierre N. Djoumessi (CM) ASA "Nicolas Amable"
Takanori Sakamototakanorisakamoto1@yahoo.comGhost CV created by scammers
Takumi Hayatotakumihayato69@gmail.comStéphane Aubry (FR)
Tamara García Morán / Antolíneztamariu_bcn@hotmail.esTamara García (ES)
Tamara Nicoletam96nic_24@hotmail.comLures translators into a "profitable" book translation
Tania Sbrissa (AU)
Tanya Headleytanyaheadley1@hotmail.comCV created by scammers
Tanya Tsankovatanya.tsankova56@yahoo.comSvetla Nencheva (BG)
Tao Wei-Shantaotrans01@gmail.comChien-chen Juan (Bruno) (TW)
Taran Kinetran.kine.translator@gmail.comBen Raymond Lode (US)
Tarik Faqirtarik.faqir@hotmail.comTarik Faqir (FR)
Tatsu Braun (DE)
Tawum Vallerytawumvallery490@gmail.comTawum Atanga Vallery (JP)
Teodorescu G. Danielateodorescu.daniela1@yahoo.comDaniela Teodorescu (RO)
Teresa Ibertibertteresa@hotmail.comTeresa Ibert (DE)
Teresa Leal / Teresa Gabrielateriesa.gabriela@hotmail.comTeresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Teresa Lopes"
Teresa Lopes Leal (PT) ASA "Joana Oliveira"
Teresa Maragoto Juanteresajuan5@gmail.comMercedes Guijarro-Crouch (US)
Teresita García Ruy Sanchezteresitasanchez12@yahoo.comTeresita García Ruy Sanchez (MX)
Theodore Goumasgoumas.theodore@hotmail.comCV created by scammers
Therese Palmkvisttherese.palmkvist@outlook.comTherese Palmkvist (SE)
Thierry Darlisglobaltranslation4all@gmail.comThierry Darlis (US) ASA "Manuela Farina"
Thierry E. Darlisthierry.darlis@hotmail.comThierry Darlis (US)
Thiha Aungarrow09@gmail.comScammer from Myanmar Note 0
Timothy Seguratimothy437@gmail.comDaniela Cifuentes (AR) ASA "Alvaro Mulero"
Thomas Boltonthomas.bolton96@yahoo.comMaria Carmela Del Prete (IT)
Thomas Dieterthomasdieter21@gmail.comStephanie M. Schnabel (DE) &OS
Thomas Keresturithomas.keresturi0@gmail.comThomas Keresturi (SE)
Thomas Boltonthomas.bolton96@yahoo.comMaria Carmela Del Prete (IT)
Tian Guoguo / Guoguo Tiantian.guoguo@hotmail.comGuoguo Tian (UK)
TimeLife Translationstimelife.translations@gmail.comFake Ghost ID created by scammers
Tina Harrison / Pareliustina1harrison.lang@gmail.comAnne C. Parelius (CA) ASA "Karin Parelius"
Tina Heikkilatinaheikkila@gmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU) & Jaakko Heikkilä (FI)
Tina Müllertinamuller1976@gmail.comOther aliases: Nadine Heber & Simon Bates
Tina Prevostprevost.tina@yahoo.comTina A. Kover (UK) &OS Note 40
Tina Stewartstewart_tina@ymail.comJeff Steffin (US) &OS Note 40
Tiny Losetinylose58@gmail.comErich Heer (US) CV COPIED VERBATIM
Tipa Sergio Tipa (DE)
Tizia Kesttiziakest@gmail.comTiziana Cester (IT)
Tiziana Meschistizeana.meschis1@gmail.comTiziana Meschis (IT) ASA "Gina Meschis"
Tobias Ernsttobias.ernst.trans@gmail.comTobias Ernst (DE) ASA "Klaus Floriano"
Tom Galatom.gala@outlook.comEugen Grathwohl (PH)
Tom Hamssarcadiaconnect@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 51
Tom Skoldtomskold1@yahoo.comSusanne (Diarmud) Løkke Kennan (DK)
Tomas Ananefficient.translators@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Tomas Brandttomas.brandt@outlook.saNicklas Bengtsson (MX) 1500th SCAMMER
Tomas Gilatomasgila@hotmail.comTomasz Mojsiuk (Canada) &OS
Tomas Skoldtomasgskold@hotmail.comCarola Giese (DE)
Tomasz Tluczkiewicztomasz.zkiewicz1@gmail.comTomasz Tluczkiewicz (PL)
Tomi Luntialatomi.luntiala@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers. Last saved by: "nnnn"
Tomoko Nakata / Nakata Tomokotomokonakata1@gmail.comAthanasia Manitara (GR) &OS
Tomoko Saffietomokosaffie@hotmail.comTomoko Saffie (US)
Tony Halltony.hall.lang40@gmail.comValeria Sereda (DE) ASA "Valeria Sereda"
Tony Helltony.hell@windowslive.comGeorges Ferné (FR) ASA "Anthony Herbet"
Translation Communityinfo@translationcommunity.coFAKE COMPANY Note 78
Translation Secretsaccount@translationsecrets.comCV THEFT Note 6
Translation Secretstrans.payable@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranslation.funds.p@live.comGhost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranslation.payments1@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretstranstwo@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers Note 6 Note 16
Translation Secretswerans@moya.liquidweb.comSMTP for most of their email Note 6
Translation Sensestranslation.senses1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
Translation Starstar.translation99@gmail.comGhost ID. Used by "Luu Hien Mien"
Translators Success Grouptranslators.success@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 36
Translators THEFT Note 38
Translators Teamtranslation101team@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 38
Tristan Silviotristantrans01@gmail.comLuis Ferrand d'Almeida (PT) ASA "Luis Ferrand"
Truong Nhungtn.vitna@gmail.comMy Tong (US)
Tse Chi Chiutsechihenry@hotmail.comLast saved by "MTC"
Uliana Filonulianafilon@hotmail.comUliana Filon (UA)
Unlimited Translation Servicesunl.translationservices@gmail.comFake company based in Gaza Note 77
Vadim Khazinkhazin1969@gmail.comVadim Khazin (US) ASA "Vyacheslav Alexandrov"
Vladimir Lebedevavladimirlebedeva@gmail.comPavel V. Kozlov (RU)
Vlentina (Valentina) Andreevavlentinaandreeva@hotmail.comValentina Andreeva (RU)
Valentina Colombivalentina.colom33@gmail.comValentina Colombi (UK)
Valentina Fratuvalentina.fratu@outlook.comValentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentina Gilbertvalentinagillbert@hotmail.comLast saved by: "besan"
Valentina-Elena Fratuvalentina.fratu@outlook.comValentina-Elena Fratu (RO)
Valentini Mellasvalentin.mellas@gmail.comValentini Kalfadopoulou Mellas (US)
Valeria Andrea Negrettevaleria.negrette@hotmail.comValeria Andrea Negrette (ES)
Valeria Seredavaleria.sereda2@yahoo.comValeria Sereda (DE) ASA "Tony Hall"
Valerina Galih (Dr.)valerinagalih@hotmail.comValérie Galichon (DE) ASA "Jeena Babin"
Vanesa Albertvanealbert@hotmail.comOlga Socha (UK)
Vanessa Desiderio de Freitasport.eng.trans@gmail.comVanessa Desiderio de Freitas (BR)
Vania Campanellavaniacampanella1@hotmail.comVania Fernando Campanella (AR)
Vania Klotzvncookie@hotmail.esVania Klotz (ES) ASA "Juan Cho"
Vanni Manettovannitrans2@gmail.comClaudia Paci (IT) IP listed by Honey Pot
Vasco Olivira / Oliveiravasco.t8ss@gmail.comVasco Rafael Rodrigues Oliveira (PT)
Venessa Bardotvenessa_88@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers to use as reference
Vera Kaharverakahar1@gmail.comHelmy Ismail Sani (ID) Note 52
Vera Manfredvmanfred64@gmail.comPetra Ledolter (DE)
Vera Medinaverabandeiramedina@hotmail.comVera Bandeira Medina (BR)
Verbum Translation Agencytranslations.service@yahoo.comGhost agency Note 19 See also "Gerald Sapin"
Verónica Ortega Álvarezveronica.o.alvar@hotmail.comVerónica Ortega Álvarez (VE)
Veselina Nevilkoveselina.nevilko354@yahoo.comVeselina Ganeva (IN)
Vibha Wahivibhawahi22@hotmail.comVibha Wahi (IN)
Victoria Alice Marrvictoriaalicemarr@hotmail.comLives in a stud farm in Italy!!!
Victoria Antonvictoriaanton70@gmail.comPetra Leible (US) &OS
Victoria Estrellavictoriaestrella2003@gmail.comKaren Riggio (Fr) 4th IMPERSONATION
Vidya Marathe (Dr.)marathe.freelancer@gmail.comVidya G. Marathe (IN)
Viktor Abrarovviktor.abrarov32@yahoo.comMikhail Abramkin (RU)
Viktor Vico / Viktor Payukviktor.payuk@hotmail.comViktor B. Payuk (US)
Viktoria Perssonviktoriapersson75@gmail.comGhost CV created by scammers
Vincent Zhouvincent.zhou.translation2@gmail.comVincent Zhou (CN)
Virginia chenjuan123 ???new.translator2020@hotmail.comJuan Chen (CN) Note 59
Viselina Ganeva / Veselinaviselina.ganeva99@gmail.comVeselina Ganeva (IN)
Vítor Viseuvitor1978viseu@gmail.comVítor Cortes Viseu (PT)
Vlad Welsonwelson.vlad@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 18
Vladimir Filipenkovladimir.filipenko@hotmail.comVladimir Filipenko (RU)
Vladimir Manakvladimir.manak@hotmail.comVladimir Manak (RU) / Last saved by "nmc"
Vladimir Pintevvladimir.pintev@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Vladka Kocheshkovavladka_koch17@outlook.comVladka Kocheshkova (BG)
Vladys Golovatyvladys.usa.e.g@hotmail.comVladys V. Golovaty (UA)
Vlentina Andreevavlentinaandreeva@hotmail.comElena Deberdeeva (PH)
Volodymyr Dmytrovychvolodymyr.dmytrovych@hotmail.comVolodymyr Klevanskyi (UA)
Vyacheslav Alexandrovvyacheslav.alexandrov.999@gmail.comVadim Khazin (US) ASA "Vadim Khazin"
Wael Yousefarabiclangservices@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wael Youseftrans.apply@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wael Yousefwaelyousef83@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 Gentle Translations
Wafaa Mohammedwafaa.mohammed@windowslive.comCV THEFT Note 51
Wala Mahmoud / Walaa Russwala.mahoud@hotmail.comReal name "Mahmoud Fakhri Abu Russians" (PS)
Walaa Mahmoudproject3@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Walaa Mahmoudtranslation.project.14@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Walaa Mahmoudwala.mahoud@gmail.comSolafa Deabella (PS) See fake CV
Walaa Russwalaa.abualroos@gmail.comSolafa Deabella (PS)
Walid Issaetranslationgroup@hotmail.comCV THEFTNote 6
Walid Issaghhissy@gmail.comCV THEFTNote 6 Also PayPal ID
Wallace Thatcherwallacethatcher2@gmail.comE Lichun (CN)
Walter Walter Joseph Herzberg (US)
Walter Urbietaoscar.estal@hotmail.comWalter Urbieta Blanc (PY)
Wang Frendwang.frend@yahoo.comFrend Wang (CN)
Wang Jinhangwang.jiinhang@gmail.comJinhang Wang (CN)
Wang Langlengwang4@gmail.comEdward Seah (SG)
Wang Zhaowang.zhao1@hotmail.comHu Huimin (CN)
Waseem J. Magharilanguagemet26@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Waseem Magharitrs.projects@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Wasseem Maghariwasseem.maghari@hotmail.comSimone Fahim Manhary (EG) / Note 6 LanguageMet
Weihong Liuweihong.liu27@gmail.comWeihong Liu (CN)
Weiping Louweipinglou7@gmail.comBin Li (USA) ASA "Gia Li" & "Nik Wang"
Wei-Yi Leewei.lee_translator@hotmail.comWei-Yi (Jack) Lee (US)
Weiyi Jacklee / Wei-Yi Jack Leejack.lee_tra@yahoo.comChing-Ching, Lee (Estelle) (TW)
Wendy Davieswendy2.davies@gmail.comJacqueline Jones (UK), Karen Marston (UK) &OS
Wenzel Smirnovwenzel.smirnov09@gmail.comWenzel Nadezhda Evgenyevna (RU)
Wieland Haselbauerwieland.haselbauer@hotmail.comWieland Haselbauer (DE) ASA "Bettina Selzer"
Wieland Hubrichhubrich.wieland@gmail.comMartin Schefski (DE) &OS
Wioletta Wonswiolettawons43@gmail.comWiktoria Stankiewicz-Wladimirow (PO)
Wonderful Translationh.wonderful.translation@gmail.comUnidentified scammers' email address
Wonderman trai.b.translationproject1@gmail.comASA "Nancie Leduc" / "Great Translation"
Woorld Transworldtranslation1@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 52
WordsVoice / Words Voicegerman@wordsvoice.comScam by Note 76
Xchun Luxchunlu@gmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Xian Ramexianrame@gmail.comWilliam He (CN) ASA "Daniel Yang"
Xiao Ruanxiao.ruan.z9x@gmail.comBin Li (US) VIEW FORGED ATA CERTIFICATE
Xiaowei Qiu (UK)
Xinkuan Leixinkuan.lei@gmail.comLei Tang (CN)
Xiumin Yifanxiumin.yifan@gmail.comJacken Zheng (CN) &OS
Xu Xuxuxu.projects@gmail.comXu Xu (Rachel) (UK)
Xuly Jiangojiang.xuly@gmail.comDonna Liang (UK) &OS
Yagmur Yalç Yalçinkaya (TR)
Yakuti Aukamayaukama@gmail.comYuki Aukama (JP)
Yan Leui / Yan Liuyan.leu@hotmail.comYasuhisa Iwakawa (JP)
Yang"Author": Francis; "Contents" tag: Arabic word
Yang Leeyang.changlee@gmail.comZiming Liang (CN)
Yang Linyang.lin1x2@gmail.comFred Chen (CN)
Yang Xiayan-gxia@hotmail.comEvgueni Terekhin (RU), Jinhang Wang (CN) &OS
Yang Xiaobinyang.xiaobin.chinese@hotmail.comYang Xiaobin (CN)
Yasser Abu Harbag.ftrans@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 50
Yasser Adnanlanguagemet79@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Yasser Adnanyasser@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Yasser Shaat / Yasser Adnancreativetranslation2@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Ye Maoye.mao@yahoo.comYe Mao (Lintu Mao) (CA)
Yelena Belinovyelenabelinov@hotmail.comIgor Savenkov (RU) &OS
Yelena Pesterevayelena.pestereva@yahoo.comYelena Pestereva (RU) ASA "Ivan Rukober"
Yellen 34
Yi Ching Meiyichingmei@gmail.comLi-Hua Lin (UK) &OS
Ying Leeying4chinese@gmail.comYing Xu (CN) & Zhang Jun (CN)
Yoen Huynyoenhuyn@hotmail.comJae-Hoon Roh (US) &OS
Yogota Bhosaleyogita.bhosale@hotmail.comYogita Bhosale (IN)
Yoko Ottleyyokoottley3@gmail.comDave Ottley (JP) & Evgueni Terekhin (RU)
Yomico (Yumiko) Okuyamayomicookuyama@gmail.comTeddy Okuyama (US)
York"Author": Dreams
Younis Hishikeyounis.hishiki@hotmail.comNobuo Kameyama (JP) &OS
Yousef Alhajyousefinfo@werans.comCV THEFT Note 6 LanguageMet
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nserlanguagemet52@gmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Yousif Omer / Yosuf O. Nserpm-y@languagemet.comCV THEFT Note 6
Yousif Yousifcaption2011@hotmail.comCV THEFT Note 6
Youssef Al Alaouiyoussef.atranslation@gmail.comYoussef Horma Babana (MR) / Also a job poster
Yuji Kataokakataokayuji08@gmail.comTatsuya Christopher Ogawa (JP)
Yuki Fukamiyuki.fukami79@gmail.comYuki Fukami (JP)
Yuko Ishiiyukoishii1@gmail.comNoriko Aoki (JP) & Noriko Kenna (IE)
Yuko Shimashima4translation@gmail.comMika Tanegashima (US) ASA "Donald Chigao"
Yuling (Lily) Linlin.yuling@outlook.saYuling Lin (CN)
Yuly Penk / Penkoyuly.penk@gmail.comIryna Dragan (UA)
Yumi Kyeong Parkyumi.park@outlook.comSeryun Kim (KR)
Yumi Younyumiyoun17@hotmail.comYumi Youn (KR)
Yumico Okuyamayomicookuyama@gmail.comMitsuyoshi Takeyama (JP) & Geary Lv (CN)
Yuri Maroyurimaro1@hotmail.comLast saved by: "Aljazeera Co" Note 52
Yurika Okumurayurika.okumura2@yahoo.comYurika Okumura (JP)
Yuriy Zhurahovskiyyuriy.zhurah23@yahoo.comYuriy Zhurahovskiy (UA)
Yusuke Narusawayusukenarusawa@hotmail.comKaori Kawakami (BR)
Yutaka Yasujiyutaka.yasuji@hotmail.comGhost ID created by scammers
Yvonne Ehrlichmannyvonneehrlichmann@gmail.comGhost CV. Address: Insolvency firm???
Zafar Hasanovzafar.hasanov1@gmail.comZafar Hasanov (UZ)
Zaida Inostrozamachucainostroza3@gmail.comZaida Machuca Inostroza (CL)
Zakaria Mohammed Zorobzakarea.zourob@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6
Zakaria Zorobg.pedreda@yahoo.comCV THEFT Note 6 ASA "Gema Pedreda"
Zeynep Askerzeynep.asker@windowslive.comIrem Temel (TR) Scam by LanguageMet
Zhang Ivydr.zhang.ivy@gmail.comDr. Weiping Tang (CN)
Zhang Kai Jun (Zhang Kale)zhang.k.jun@hotmail.comKyle Zhang (CN)
Zhang Lanyunlanyun.chinese@gmail.comZhang Lanyun (CN)
Zhang Lee"Author": Bernice Tsui
Zhang Qizhang1qi@hotmail.comQi Zhang (CN)
Zhang Rexzhang.rex10@gmail.comHuizhang Jia (CN)
Zhang Yanyan2chinese@gmail.comJun Zhang (CN)
Zhipung (Zhipeng) Guozhipungguo79@gmail.comNote 22
Zhou Xiaopingzhou.xiaoping.lingo@hotmail.comZhou Xiaoping (Belinda) (CN)
Zohar Chabaudchabaud.zohar@gmail.comZohar Chabaud (FR)
Name Used by Scammer
Fake or just stolen
Scammer's email
Scammer may use other email addresses
Victims: Scammer's CV / Data stolen from
Ex.: (PT) or (UK) is the country Internet ID (TLD)

NOTE 0 We list on this Note any scammers not yet fully identified, but whose information should be made public.

Ahmad Translation / / phone: +9720599632749.
Hamdy Helaly, alias for Hamdy Abd Al-Karim Mansour Muhammed / / / "Legalese Translation" (another "translation" company on a Gmail address...).
Amjad Abu Shammalah / (CLOSED).
GT Translation / / Scammer handling jobs for Van De Loo Associates (BANNED FROM PROZ).
Hale Alqaddi / +9720599686491.
Mohammed Almassri / TranslateMee (scammer calls it is "next translation agency"). Probably, he is the same Imad (Ahmed) Almassri from a fantasy agency "Super Translation World" or Eng. Mohammed Almassri, or Mohammed Al Masri from another ghost called "Translators Success Group", or "Mohammed Almassri" from Translation Secrets.
Wael / gaza translators / they claim to be based in Egypt (but with the IP:, Gaza, Palestine).
Thiha Aung / Chocho Aung / Sonny Aung / Mr LEO translation service / / / (PayPal) / Phone: +95931581679 / Skype: kingthiha24

NOTE 1 Scammer "Franck Gilles" posts his fake CV at Franck was a "Hostess (!!!) at the castle of Nogent-le-Rotrou". Author of original document: Claudine. The same CV has also been scammed as "Karcsi Ling" (5, allée des Iles Marquises, 32100 Pessac, France).

NOTE 2 Scammer Charles Azzopardi (quite a common name in Malta) publishes a LinkedIn profile from the UK and a ProZ profile from Malta, and, in both profiles, scammer uses the photo of Luke Macfarlane, a Canadian actor and musician.

Other known aliases: Adam / Adam Matthews / Adam de Pascal / Azzbroker / Crystal Sample / Frank Dacourt / John Brown / John Sutton / Paul Jones / Stephe(a)n Jones (and counting...)

Operates behind these façades: AZZ Translations Language Services, aka Translation Agency Europe (on Elance, they are located in Malta, and on LinkedIn, they are located in London, UK...) and Tecco Translations (now closed); also uses Mathieu Blanc as ghost identity for his scam. Copy used in AZZ Translations website has been plagiarized from TRAVOD International, Toptranslation GmbH, and other sources. On this profile, Mathieu's address and phone number belong to The Bedford Hotel & Congress Centre (meanwhile, address has been removed, and, on 16JUL2013, the profile itself has been removed).

Also uses these email addresses:

This scammer is also on Twitter:
@AZZTranslations (on 22DEC2012, Charles announced the "hiring" of his ghost, Adam Matthews)

On one of his Elance profiles, Charles Azzopardi also uses the photo of Canadian artist Luke Macfarlane...
When confronted with this, scammer claimed that he had to protect himself from ID theft...

Scammer's phone number (Vodafone Malta): +35699465492

NOTE 3 There's a "Jasmine adamz" profile on Proz. She's associated with Palestinian scam factory

NOTE 4 Fake profile(s) published by Pakistani Khan Jee. ALL CVs posted on his blog are FAKE! FOR WHAT PURPOSE? He keeps these email accounts: /, a Skype profile: lalakhanjee (clothing business!!!), a phone: +923218006702, an alias: Wazir Khan (or is this his real name?), and a Twitter account: @thinkhired1. His address is at: HNo.10-9/3427-H, Arbab Ghulam Ali Road Killi, Deba Quetta Balochistan PAKISTAN-87300. Some of these fake CVs are also used by the Palestinian scamming ring Note 6. His response: «i created this blog for real jobseekers to post resumes, now how i can authenticate the reality of the resume? I am talking you with a very soft mouth, and you cannot understand this tongue so i think i will have to use my tight tongue.»

NOTE 5 Scammer copied the real CV verbatim, and even included a fake photo on it.

NOTE 6 Individual associated with a wide Palestinian scamming network:

Al-Huda Center for Language. EXISTING LANGUAGE SCHOOL SERVING AS A FAÇADE FOR THIS SCAMMING RING. According to reputable sources from operators gone rogue, they have no official corporate licence). / LanguageMet / LanguageMet Company / Language Met.Com. / LanguageMet Translations / Language Met Company for Translation and Transcription Services. Uses/uses this fake address: 930 Woodland Dr, Glenview, IL 60025
Translation Secrets ( See one the profiles they send to trick clients. All copy and images have been stolen from real companies.
Translation Success Group (no website, just a façade name) (see Note 79)
Super Translation World (fantasy name used by Imad (Ahmed) Almassri.
Purity Translations / No website, they operate just an email address:
Quick Translation. Just another façade! The email was also used by ghost "Roman Brenan".
All Languages / Experts Of Linguists Agency / Expert of Translations, Stephani ??? (no website, just a façade, Skype: Ch.Trans (in Haifa, Israel???) (The Werans SMTP server -- -- is used for most mail sent out by Translation Secrets)
(and about other 6 domains). (created by a Rana Awaad / (domain created by LanguageMet / Robert Morison on 02NOV2013, phone is, of course, fake: +7.78451241). No website. Used for mailings.
Shaymus Translation Services / (See Note 58).

Phone number listed on the website (+972598855968, mobile number, Jawwal network, Palestine) is the same listed on emails from Translation Secrets and yet another "translation company" named Trgim.LTD ( or Huda Education Center (Elhoda Centre), as the contact for a Mr. Imad Almaghary / (SEE OTHER ALIASES BELOW), who is also the registrant for the website. This phone number is also used by the scamming factory "Translation Secrets".

In some forums, the email is associated to the "Huda Translation Center in Saudi Arabia". And, yes, Imad is also associated with the infamous (said to operate from Cairo, Egypt). He operates another mobile number: +972599851211). LanguageMet also uses this Skype number: (661) 748-0240. See also Note 79.

Imad Almaghary is THE FOUNDER OF LANGUAGEMET. Member no. 10293 of the Arab Professional Translators Society. In an article called "Translation Problems Amongst Arab Translators", Imad wrote some meaningless and profound crap as «Translation problems amongst Arab translators may above all and more than anything else widen, enlarge, expand and enhance not only mankind knowledge but also awareness that can potentially trigger a wide range of factual points on this topic»!!! Or this piece of total nonsense, mumbo-jumbo from On 2010, Imad was looking for shoes "less than 2 Dollars for pair of Shoe"...

Imad Almaghary uses several aliases, or variations of his name: Ahmed Al Mughari, Emad Ale, Emad Al-Mughary, Imad Ali Almaghary, Imad Ali El-Mghary, Imad Almaghary, Imad Al-Mughary, Imad El-Mughari, Imad Mghari.

On the "About us" page on (same phone number as's, +972598855968), they claim that «We are not worried about money because anyway it comes»... Some correspondence from is signed under the name of Hanaa Kudaih (same name as a PM from another fishy Palestinian website: said to be based in Abu Dhabi, in which the pages "Language Quality Services" and "Our Translators" have been shamelessly copied from the Moravia Worldwide website. Turjoman phone (+971508140543) and Skype ID ( are, of course, from Gaza, Palestine. They operate a GTalk account from . The Skype address given on resolves to someone based on Rafah, Gaza. Not surprisingly, a Wael Yousef (associated with Gentle Translations Group) also sends mail from

MuchDo (Abeer Hams, Abeer Hums, phone: +972599855162) tries to lure clients with representations like this or like this!

Look also for these "names":

Abdalrahim Al Rantisi, aka Eng. Rantisi: Facebook profile. Associated with Translation Secrets. Brother of "Mhmd (Mohamed) Rantisi"
Abed Raheem: phone +970592124547 / Skype:
Abeer Hams, aka Abeer Hamss, Abeer Hums. Associated with MuchDo Company.
Abeer Saleh (appears to be an alias for Abeer Hams / Hamss / Hums. Phone: +970599774132 / Skype ID: abeersalleh19 / Twitter: @3abeers. Uses these aliases: Abeer Hamss (Facebook), abeer ss (LinkedIn). Mainly associated with Muchdo.
Abeer Majed, aka Ahmed Hamid (Al-Huda Center for Language) / Abeer Majed / phone: 0597243974 (NO OPERATOR CODE)
Abidulsalam Abidullah Abed Tabasi / / Mobile: +972559626710 / Skype ID: aaatwat / address: Omar Ben Al-Khatab St. Rafah. Gaza Strip. Palestine. / Same CV reported to belong to a "Wael".
Abu Mohammed (name appears in Doc Properties in scammed CVs)
Afnan Alkedra. Associated with Translation Secrets.
Ahmad (Ahmed) Mustafa, aka "Stephani of Experts of Linguists": /
Ahmed Abo Khaled.
Ahmed Bassam. Associated with LanguageMet.
Ahmed Issa (LanguageMet). LinkedIn profile.
Ahmed (Ismael) Younis (The Ghost) / Skype: ahmed.younis23 / Phone: +970598196358 / LanguageMet. Facebook profile.
Ahmed Kamal (Translation Secrets): Phone: +972598148476, Skype: ahmed.kamel5263.
Ahmed Mahmoud / Mahmoud Ahmed (in LinkedIn, he is "JONIOR at Al-Huda Center for Language").
Ahmed Naser Zurub / Associated with Translation Secrets / phone: +972598148476.
Alaa Firwana, aka Firwana Alaa in G+ profile. Associated with Translation Secrets. LinkedIn profile.
Alaa Othman. Associated with Translation Secrets. LInkedIn profile.
Amena A. Abuamra, aka Amena Abo Amra, Amena Amra, Amna. Scammer from LanguageMet / phone: +970599011675, Gtalk: languagemet21
Amna ? alias: Lucie Translator / / Skype: gamony3000 (resolves to a fake "Golden Translation", Italy)
Anees El Hamss, Author: "a", Company: "islam", Last saved: "a", +972599411382 (same phone as Wasseem (J.) Maghari). She is responsible for scamming the CV from Mien Hien Luu (Vietnam).
Asma'a Hamed (Languagemet): Facebook profile.
Aya Abu Asaker / / Gentle Translations.
Basel Nahal (Alnahal) / phone +972599498987.
Basma Basheer. Associated with LanguageMet.
Dalal Nada. Poses as a translator and as a PM from LanguageMet. On TRADUguide, she claims to speak Arabic and live in China!
Doaa Mohammed, alias Dooa Aljmal / / Skype: doaa.aljmal (located in Israel!!!)
Doaa Saleh. Associated with Translation Secrets.
Dua Ibrahim Abusabla, aka Dua Abusala, Dua Ibrahim: scammer from Turjoman, phone: +972599952984, Skype accounts:, Two Words Trans Dua (dua_ghad). Also uses email: .
Eeman.S .Ghaly (on a LinkedIn profile, is a senior translator for Werans (website owned by Imad Almaghary).
Emy Mohemmed.
Eng. Mohammed Almassri, or Mohammed Al Masri ("Project manager of freelance jobs"), Translators Success Group, / Skype accounts: mohmasri1 / a2zlanguage / mohammedalmassritrans (fake location: USA).
Evelyn Salt (FAKE NAME), a ghost ID created by LanguageMet. On "her" G+ profile / "she" uses the photo of Turkish actress Beren Saat. This scammer also uses the alias Ram San / .
Fatma Rantisi (see Note 58).
Fatma Slum. Wears two hats: LanguageMet and Translation Secrets.
Ghassan Sheikheleed / phone: +972599423089 / Skype: ghassan.trans (in Israel, of course...).
Hala Al-qaddi.
Hala Ismail (ZoomInfo profile now deleted, 21FEB2014)
Hamza Abderlazeq, aka Hamza Ahmed, Hamza Foad, Hamzafoad20 / phone: +972598082806 / Skype: Hamzafoad -- A very active scammer is stealing translators CVs. Hamza writes crap like this: «I am currently looking for translators on a freelance basis. and I read your profile and I admire of it and like to work with me.»
Hanaa Kudaih. Wears several hats: LanguageMet, Translation Secrets, and Purity Translations.
Haneen (Ahmed) Yousef, aka Haneen Said.
Haneen Said / Saidd (alias for Haneen Yousef), phone: +970599175721, Skype: project.maneger1 (location: first in the USA, then in Palestine, now in Japan!!!). Claims to belong to a ghost "World Wide Translation Services".
Hani El-Maghary, aka Hane Meghary / / phone: +972595823465
Hani Mohammed (LanguageMet): phone +972598841959 / Skype (claiming they are located in Cairo, Egypt; on their profile (copied from "Abu-Ghazaleh International Translation", a company based in Jordan), their address is a "Central Building" in Gaza...).
Heba Adel (uses two hats: LanguageMet and Translation Secrets).
Heba Qudaih: Translation Secrets / Scammers' payment recipient / See invoice / See payment instructions:
PayPal IDs used: / /
Account Holder's Name: Heba Deeb Salman Qudaih
Account No.: 1057904
Bank Name: Bank of Palestine P.L.C
Bank Address: Khanyounis – Gaza – Palestine
Branch name: KHANYOUNIS
Country: Palestine?
IBAN NO. ( EUR currency): PS48PALS045210579040333000000 (VALID IBAN NUMBER)
My business address: Abasan, Al Ehsan street.
Hosam Almadhoun, aka Noorseen Almadhoun / / phone: +972599691767. Owner of domain See also Note 10 below.
Husam Hasanein. Associated with LanguageMet.
Iman Salah.
Islam Abeed Dahleez, aka Islam Dahleez: translator impersonator and scammer from LanguageMet: / / / phones: +970595880689 (phone used in Language Met website for Imad Ali) +972598855968 / Skype: iabedsalam1 (calls himself a "Professional Development Planner!!!).
Jonathan Bisan.
Jennifer Tom, aka Jennifertomas (FAKE NAME). Associated with LanguageMet.
Khafaja Raeda / Raeda Khafaja / "Khafajalinguist Raeda translator, EN teacher at Al-Huda Center for Language"
Kamel Abu Salama / Partner of Imad Almaghary, and "manager" of the Gaza branch of LanguageMet (apparently closed in the end of 2012, or early 2013). Kamel is also associated with MuchDo and a scammers' banker.
Khalil Khateeb. Associated with LanguageMet. LinkedIn profile.
Khaleel Lateefa (Translation Secrets). In his LinkedIn profile, his translation agency is in the USA...
Laila Mohammed: / / / +972598855968
Lene Menz (a Mr. with a female name(!), based in Dubai in Translation Directory...), associated with "Purity Translations".
Lina Ryad, aka Lina Reyad: scammers always have trouble writing their own names...
Lubna (Ahmed / Khaled ?). Associated with Translation Secrets. Says they're located in Israel...
Maha Issa, aka Mohammad Eissa, Madhat Eissa, Maha Mohammed Issa, MohdEissa / Phone +970595653699 / Skype: mohd.aa.eissa / "MEissa" in documents. Associated with LanguageMet.
Manal Abu Jarad / Manal A. Jarad / Manal Jamal / Manal Jemmy / / / / Skype: manal9781 (resolves to "Manal Jamal") / CV shows Author/Last saved: besan-it.
Mansour (Eng). Associated with Translation Secrets.
Mhmd (Mohamed) Rantisi, aka Mohammed Rafet Rantisi. Address: 5 bahar Street, Rafah, Gaza / Mobile: +972598835059. On his Facebook profile, he's associated with a "Targem Center for International Translation". Brother of "Abdalrahim Al Rantisi".
Mohammed Almassri. Associated with Translation Secrets.
Mohamed Ashour.
Mohammed Mahmoud / Mahmoud Mohammed / Mahmud IS A GHOST CREATED BY LANGUAGEMET. So far, he is a "Bachelor of Commerce" or an "architec" (with 21 major projects done in 4 years!!!).
Murad (Murat) Zedan. Associated with LanguageMet.
Mustafa Attar / / +972598779579
Omar (Khamis Omar Abu) Hammad. Associated with Translation Secrets.
Omer Mohammed / / Mobile: +972592637231
Rana Awaad / (associated with, domain created by LanguageMet on 02NOV2013)
Reaam Jamil. Associated with LanguageMet. Probably an alias of Reem Jamaal (Gentle Translations).
Reda Radwan. Associated with Translation Secrets. LinkedIn profile.
Reham Elzomara (Rehan Mohammed Elzomara). Phone: +970597061030.
Riham Rafat, aka Riham Rafaat, Reham Rafat (real name appears to be Reham Raafat Mostafa). Skype: project.manager88 / phone: +972599565616. Associated with LanguageMet and Translation Secrets.
Riham Salama, aka Riham Mustafa. Associated with LanguageMet. Skype address (project.manager88) resolves to Riham Rafat. In a recent CV circulated by this scammer, she says: «I consider translation to be a hobby rather than a job and I take pride in my work.» This sentence has been stolen from the Net... Of course: her real job is stealing translators' CVs. Riham Salama is another alias of Salah Abed (Translation Secrets).
Samah Al-Qrenawi (Translation Secrets) / phone: +972597255447.
Samah Oo. Associated with Translation Secrets.
Sara Afifi, aka Sarrah Al-Afifi. Associated with LanguageMet. In her LInkedIn profile, she lives in New York, NY (USA)...
Shareef (on his Skype profile, Eng.shareef2006, he lives in Los Angeles, USA...).
Sozy Salman (Salmian), Salman Female (G+) / /Skype: translation.world10 (translation company).
Wael Yousef (short for Wael Yousef Shehata Abdullah). Associated with Gentle Translations. In his TC profile, he lives "somewhere" in Cairo, has a "somewhat" phone number: 0114460994 and translates 153 subjects from Acting to Zoology! His website ( shows more info! In his LinkedIn profile, he lives in Gaza!
Wael Younis.
Walaa Mahmoud aka Walaa Russ / Walaa M.F. Abualroo / Phone +972599620836). Associated with LanguageMet.
Wasseem (J.) Maghari (phone +972599411382) / Facebook profile. Same phone as Anees El Hamss.
Yasser Adnan / phone: +972597072083 / Skype: Yasser Shaat (nur.yasser1). Associated with LanguageMet.
Yousif Omer, aka Yosuf O. Nser / /

The following are the names and email addresses used by these scammers when asked to provide references for the ghosts they create with stolen CVs:

Imad Almaghary / (notice the "tt"?)
Naeema Joneedy /
Yousef Alhajyousef /
Ahmad Aboelkhaire /

These scammers frequently hide Palestine as their location: in this post, they hijacked an IP address ( from Italy, and Sara(h) Afifi (LanguageMet) is from New York, from Palestine or from Israel (but with an IP from Palestine).

See what LanguageMet does to hijack CVs and hide their identity and location.

See also Notes 21, 36, and 42 below.

NOTE 7 On his/her email, this moron calls herself "Maraina", "Mariana" and "Maiana"...

NOTE 8 Stupid scammer: Copied the CV of an Doctor and sends emails offering to do medical translation!

NOTE 9 Scammer has a ProZ profile: karlosbel71 /

NOTE 10 Registrant of On this website, contents of page "Clients" have been copied verbatim from the page "Testimonials" from Or, is it vice-versa? One of the "satisfied" customers is called "John Doe"... His email appears also on registration record of another website (, this time under another name: Hus Madhun (Haifa, Israel, phone +97259857718: fake number, Jawwal network, Palestine, 1 digit is missing).

NOTE 11 A clear case of impersonation after a successful CV theft: scammer's CV is exactly like the real translator's CV (except, of course, for the scammer's email and the erased translator's website URL), and it was sent with a scan from a real Translators Certification Diploma (no. 5532) issued by the Japan Translation Federation!

NOTE 12 Large chunks of Sabine Berge's CV appear embedded on a CV from a "Lora Brennenstuhl" posted (as of April 19, 2013) (with no email address) on an Indian website.

NOTE 13 This Korean female scammer (Moon?) stole Portuguese translator Cristina Pereira's CV and photo and posts both as "Manager" of their company. Of course, the "Manager" has no name... This is the work "Monica" provides.

NOTE 14 A scam factory operating under the name Languages Mediators Inc / Langs Mediators Inc (their website was registered in Egypt, although the scammers claim they are based in Istanbul, Turkey. Download their presentation PDF and see some email addresses they use (among others). WEBSITE IS NOW CLOSED (07JAN2014).

NOTE 15 Scammer associated with Gentle Translations Group (, another scam factory based in Palestine.

Domains and redirect to
Mail is now being sent from (website is empty, 24AUG2013).
Mail sent for this server comes from IP

Look for mails sent by:
Ahmed Al Mughari, one of the scammers more exposed on social networks: he keeps a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, a Google+ profile, and a Goodreads profile, all with the same picture (very rare among these scammers). However, on his scamming emails, the Skype address given "crouch.j.crouch" resolves to nothing...
Ahmed Omar (CEO and Founder) /
He is also associated with "Al-Huda Center for Languages", the umbrella organization for the LanguageMet/Translation Secrets/MuchDo/Gentle Translations scamming ring.
Fabio Marino (fake identity created by this gang.
Flora Ktofiak (Fake ID created by this gang).
Golden Eagle (!)
Ibrahim Qeshta (phone: +972599422973 / Skype: ibrahim.trans (2 profiles, one in Palestine and one in Togo (!!!) / ibrahimq1987 (Cairo, Palestine???) / ibrahim.qeshta). Also related to Arcadia Languages (see Note 51) the email address of a ghost called "Alaa Davied" / resolves to
Khaled (Khaled Samhadana or Samhadana)
Leonard Selter (Recruitment Manager) (some messages are signed by Wael AND Leonard). Ghost ID used by Wael M. Yousef.
Nara Jones (REALLY?) / IP:
Sahar Al-Shaer / /
Wael M. Yousef (CEO) / - Wael Yousef also sends mails from
Nara posts job offers stating she is from Israel: message shows her IP ( / Beit Hanina, Palestinian Territory).
Ibrahim does the same trick: his IP ( places him in Ramallah (Palestine).
Phone numbers associated with Gentle Translations:
+972592581826 (also used by ghost "Nara Jones" in Translators Café profile, meanwhile closed)

NOTE 16 When asked about professional references, this is what these fake translators responded... PayPal ID used by this scammer (probably common to others): on her invoice...

NOTE 17 Scammer stole the CV from Monica Marino (UK) and the address from Rosanna Cimino (IT)

NOTE 18 Scammer Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi is a ghost with many faces based in Jordan. See also Note 69.

Alias used:
Agatha Colten
Agatha Wear (IP address:, Jordan)
Alham Abdulrahman, aka Elham Shohda Nemer Abdulrahman / / phone: +96278874745 BANNED FROM PROZ
Amanda Archer
Ibrahim Alblewi
Ibrahim Blewi
Jhone Welson
Kathy Alston
Kathy Jack
Kathy Jaxton /
Kathy Meler
Laura Aiden, aka Jessica Wear
Mary Allison
Mary Calvin
Omar Albluwe
Vlad Welson / Welson Vlad
Yellen Byrne

Owner of (NOW CLOSED), which has been made with copy stolen from other websites. In some portals, he claims to be from Australia. He was also the owner of (NOW CLOSED).

Ibrahim Alblewi Twitter / Omar Albluwe Twitter / Omar Albluwe Twopcharts / Omar Albluwe Facebook

This gang has been banned from ProZ. Scammer keeps a ProZ profile under the name "Juliatransq". Phone number +962785466983 (mobile, Umniah network) is the same used by "Omar" for and for

Uses numerous email addresses: (PayPal ID)

"Agatha Colten" bank details: Arab Bank (Zarka, Jordan) / Beneficiary Name: Elham Shohda Nemer Abdulrahman (name also used on their invoices) / Account number: 01213497712500).
Deep forensic analysis indicate that Omar is also associated with another large-scale scamming operation. See Note 69.

NOTE 19 Meet one of the most ridiculous scammers around. This Romanian national, hiding behind a not-Romanian name John Bloomen, is the owner of Militaris Translation Agency (, now inactive (15JUN2013).

Translators profiles posted on his website are fake, e.g.: "Franz Schummer" stole the face of author Tristan Kink, "Giulio Lanco" is actor Mario Lopez, and the Arab "translator" is, in fact, an American music teacher... He was looking for clients (promising to pay 20 USD for each).

Other aliases used:
Eugen Hulub
Eugen Pigeon
Gerard Dupin / (see his fake CV. This clown claims to be a member of a fantasy "French Translators Association (FTA)" and to live in 35 Rue Eugene Carriere 74127, Paris, France.
Gerald Sapin
Michael Jackson, "manager of the (ghost) translation agency VERBUM", not to be confused with an agency with the same name located in Novi Sad, Serbia
Robert Sapin

His real name appears to be Eugen Predescu. He tells us, in his own words "I was born in 1957, in Eastern Romania, in the village Valea-Oanei, district Vaslui, province Moldavia, not far of the river Prut". In this profile, this lunatic says that "Vaslui" is in Illinois, USA... He lives in Romania, but claims to live in France (Paris), Paris, Texas (USA), and in London (UK).

A self-proclaimed author of crap like "From Ptahhotep until Garcia Marquez" (using either "John Bloomen" or "Eugen Hulub" as the "author"), and "Swedish bitters is a traditional herbal tonic", and the author of "Parapsychology Today" and "Nicolae Ceausescu - the last dictator of Europe". There is only one platform where these books can be found, and, guess what, the copyright for all of them is "Public Domain" or simply don't exist! He keeps a Twitter profile as @pajbloomen (compare with this Eugen Hulub and this other Twitter profile, in which the address and phone number belong to the Chisum Independent School District, in Paris, Texas...) and a Facebook profile (photos have been removed, of course).

On some platforms, he used the alias "besteugen" and "eugeneu". On a Freelancer profile, this clown says he is from Vaslui, Romania, that he was born in Paris, Texas, that his native language is French, and that he also speaks Italian (a "French regional language"). On his Elance profile, he claims that «I worked two years in Holland and I spoke English daily»...

NOTE 20 Another scam factory based in Palestine, a spin-off from LanguageMet / Translation Secrets.

Websites: GoldenEar / The Golden Ear for Translation Services / / phones: +972599628616 / +972082851595. WEBSITE CLOSED ON 28DEC2013

Goldenear also operates under the name of "Quality Makers Team for Training & Translation" (name on Facebook). Their email is - but their website is . Phone: +97082822270. On GoldenEar Facebook, Gheed writes: «Quality Makers Team - Q.M.T. Place where I represent "Golden Ear for Translation"». In some platforms, they claimed to be based in Saudi Arabia. Lookout for IP

Names and aliases:
Abdallah A El-Sheikh, aka, Abdallah Ahmed Elsheikh, Abdallah Ahmed Ali, Abdallah El Sheikh, @abdotranslator) / mobile: +201095037626 / Skype: abdallah.translator. He keeps a ProZ profile and a TC profile.
Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed Ali El Sayed El Sheikh
Abdallah Ahmed El Sheikh
Abdallah Ali
Abdallah Elsheikh / Abdullah Elsheikh
Abdullah Ali
Ahmed Ali
Dua Ibrahim Abusabla, aka Dua Abusala, Dua Ibrahim: scammer also associated with Turjoman, phone: +972599952984, Skype accounts:, Two Words Trans Dua (dua_ghad). Also uses email: - In their postings, they often claim to be based in Saudia Arabia (their IP is blocked/blacklisted by various reputable sources).
Gheed Abdelaziz Elhessi (female)
Gheed Al-Hessi
Gheed A. El-Hissy
Gheed Elhissy
Gheed A.Elhi
Mr. Abdullah
Miss. Gheed
Salma Adel

Email addresses: /

Most CVs stolen by these scammers are saved by "dd" (Word Document > File > Properties > Statistics).

On their profile on, GoldenEar claims to be members of Norsk Oversetterforening (Norwegian Association of Literary Translators): besides the wrong URL given, what's the most logical membership for a Palestinian outfit? Literary Translation in Norway, of course... Gheed circulates a CV in which she writes such profound crap like this: «When I come about to translate a text, I think of it as a lovely villa which need to be decorated with a high ingenuity. I adore such work because I believe in my abilities of giving and creativeness and because I've been translating for a long time. Frankly speaking, I think Translation is my favorite for what I can provide and what I can gain in return. I have been waiting for such connection and chance to be close from new people of different origins, new mentalities and to let them get benefit of my creativity. Most of people told me that I have a special sense of criticizing, analyzing, and pensiveness; I used to be excellent in that since I was at the faculty of Arts. This Novel (she wrote a novel!!!) is going to be signed and delivered next week in a great party.»

NOTE 21 Scam is operated by Imad Ali El-Mghary or Fatima Manla, associated with Translation Secrets / Languagemet.

They also use these emails for the scamming of Eugene Samsonov: (Reham A. Ghali / Rere Ghali / Ghali Reham)

They use a PayPal account: For financial matters, they use bank accounts at "The Housing Bank For Trade & Finance" (Jordan) or at the "Palestine Islamic Bank" (PS):

Account holder: Kamel M M Salama (see this report
Acount no.: 834 4052547
Bank name: Palestine Islamic Bank
Bank adress: Gaza, Palestine

NOTE 22 " Zhipung Guo, aka Bob or Zhipeng Guo. Scammer's name is Zhu Wei and holds a bank account at the "China Merchants Bank". When asked: "Dear person called Zhipung, Bob, Zhu Wei have you stolen Zhipeng Guo identity?", the answer was, to say the least, very informative: "He is my partner, he died last year".

NOTE 23 This scammer's CV shows his address as "n°107 rue de la jaladeporte 109, 34090 Montpellier, France". That's odd: The same address appears on the CVs from fake translators Isabelle Saviano and Marie Klotz.

NOTE 24 The scammers also use these email addresses: / / and (PayPal).

NOTE 25 On two messages forwarded to us, this ghost wrote: «I have worked with [some emails] and they have paid me befor and I have done another project and they promise to pay me next week as we agreed when I did the project. Can you tell me more about this matter as your list worry me and I am not sure where did you collect these emails from.»

After being told that this list doesn't pertain to "bad or non-payers", the ghost insisted (letting his mask down): «I still dont understand your message about they are not bad or non-payment persons. Why did you cllect them and how did you get them and I AM STILL DOUBT THAT YOUR INFORMATION ARE FAKE ALSO.»

Both messages were originated from IP, a known spam harvester recognized by the Project Honey Pot.

NOTE 26 Owner of HM For Translation ( Phone: +970598678625, from Gaza.

Wording on this website belongs to the website owned by Gentle Translations Group. Of course, on the contact page, Assan asks for your CV!

Recently, another Palestinian scamming operator enters the scene: HM4Translation Services.
They operate a almost empty website (, with, of course, no names, and no address, but (again) with the same wording found at the Gentle Translations Group. Info about the owner of this domain/website is null.

Recently, emails are being sent out by this "company" under the name of a Fadi Z. Saleem (in previous emails, only "Fadi" was given; phone +972592118895), with an email already known to be associated with the Languagemet/Translation Secrets ring.

Another email from these scammers recently emerged: Hanaa D. S. Qudaih / / phone: +972592118895

Look also for a scammer named "Helany Helany Ros" /

HM4Translation Services appears to be a spin-off of those gangs or just another brand created to distract people from their already-burnt names: Languagemet/Translation Secrets.

"Fadi" is also a frequent name shown on stolen CVs.

NOTE 27 WHO'S WHO? A significant, peculiar part of this scammed CV is reproduced, VERBATIM, in other translator CVs belonging to a Mr. Gomzi (IN), with the "Author" being "Gautam Sim", to a Mr. Anuj Panda (from Anuj Linagual Services, India), to a Mr. Ajit Panda (IN), from a Neha Chhabra (IN), to a Mr. Peter Field (UK), to a Mr. David Sornberger (CA), to a Chivan Shin (China), to a Armin Manda (FR)...

NOTE 28 Scammer is a scam factory based in China impersonating the real Shiona Oldham, Business Development at Wolfestone Translation Ltd (UK).

NOTE 29 Scammer uses the name Juanjo Martin Borras or Paloma to lure translators with offers to translate books. Scam email is sent from IP, a known spam harvester and comment spammer based in Spain, as reported by the reputable Project Honey Pot. Suspicious activity by this scammer has been going on for almost 6 years...

NOTE 30 Herich Gunawan (Liu) is a very funny scammer. He is based in Indonesia and operates behind various scamming façades:

Mothertongue Translations
Herich Gunawan (Gladden)
All these IDs have been banned from

On he is a Lithuanian to English Translator or a English to Norwegian Translator.
(As of 02SEP2013, both pages have been removed)

On Translators Café, he works with Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), and Simplified Chinese.

He owns two active websites:

and he is active in other portals (mainly in Far East region):

Emails from (at least): (PayPal ID) (Liu Yong Fu)

His mobile number is +6281267491675, his Skype address is herich.gunawan and he tweets from @Herichg.

On his CV, he makes some ridiculous claims: «I have 5 (five) close friends (professional native speakers of American English, British English, and Australian English) to check and correct my English translation.» and (are you ready?) «My house is near several book stores as well as libraries in which I can easily get the required references for free of charge.» NOTE: On his website,, he lures translators into registering their data and send him their CVs...

Sweet revenge: Herich claims that a John Stefanus Chandra, who keeps two fake profiles on (Greek to Indonesian) and (English to Khmer/Cambodian), and another one on (English-Indonesian) was his "worker" and stole his idea for a website: (inactive).

On recent insulting emails addressed to us, this scammer stated (excerpts):
«I pay translators, and thus I am not scammer as you said.» – This list is NOT about non-payers! It's about impersonators!
«You have to pay for that soon in hell. I believe in God. You will get what you deserve soon.» – We can't wait!

NOTE 31 Interesting AND FREQUENT type of scamming: "Sarah Smith" CV (with 5 different fonts and typos like "Summery OF Qualifications") bears the street address of Stefan Belger (US), the Education details were copied verbatim from Trevor R. Chichester (US), and the "Author" of "her" CV is Alice Wolfe (

NOTE 32 Scammer also uses the aliases Eng. Isabella Swares, EngIsabella (ID in several translator jobs platforms), and EngIsabella Swares. Claims to be associated with a (non-existent) "Alpha Translation Company, USA". On several emails sent to translators, Carla Marios presents herself as "Project Manager of Languagemet".

NOTE 33 Oscar Translation Services (OTS). The typical Palestinian scammer: "H. Joseph" is a ghost name created by "hani abu se3daj" (???), owner of website (IP and other two websites (both inactive): and

Address given for domain registration is "Wheda st. Gaza, Gaza 1221, PS" and mobile used is +972599614356.
On the website, their real location (Palestine) is carefully ommited (Spain, China and Egypt), and the phone listed is +970599614356. On emails, she uses the ghost name "World Wide Translation Services"...

When challenged about her true identity, she responded: "My name is Hani Youseph, it different in my passport to be Hani a.Y."

"Their" German address and phone +49 (1525) 3908050 belongs to "Claudia Gumbert". When warned about this, Caudia stated: «Thanks a lot for your E-mail and your warning. I have nothing to do with this company and I am very surprised and shocked.»
"Their" Spanish phone number (+34937652733) belongs to a Mrs. Niki (Nicky) Fabregat.
"Their Mexican phone number (+527771029404) belongs to a "Patricia Novelo"

On, they are based in Andorra (!).
On Translation Directory, "Hannee Joseph" is based on a PO Box in Andorra and in Egypt and has an Egyptian phone number.
On, scammer uses the name "Hannee Josef" and lives in France (!).
On Facebook (, of course, there is no names, and no location...
On Facebook ( they mention a domain ( which does not exist, and no reference is made to oscar translation. Of course, no names or contacts are given.
On LinkedIn, Oscar Translations have their "headquarters in Spain - Andorra".
On LinkedIn, "Haneen Yousef" claims to work for a ghost called "hanenko for translation" !!!
On Translator Directory, "Haneen Yousef" lives in Cairo, Egypt!!!
On TranslatorsTown, "Haneen Yousef" lives in Israel!!!
On jobs postings in Translation Directory, Hannee claims to be from Spain, but the IP places her in Alexandria, Egypt.
On a PDF flyer (bearing the name of author "Petra Schofield" from Schofield&Partner and made by copy and paste from this company and other websites), these scammers write: «Oscar Translation s management group is located at the headquarters in Spain - Andorra, while the companies in each country are headed by a Country Manager.» They keep two Twitter profiles: @OscarTranslatio and @oscartrans.

Aliases used: Hannee Josef, Hanne, Hannee, Hani, Hani a.Y, Ahmed Assar, Michelle Zhang. Most probably, it is another ghost ID for "Haneen Yousef", a scammer associated with "LanguageMet" and "Translation Secrets" (See Note 6). The scammer tells you how the scamming of your CV will be done: «After you send your Resume you have to fill small form (i.e., the "authorization" for the scammers to "market" your CV), in order to add your complete information to our database, so we might possible be able to establish a cooperation».

NOTE 34 Fake IDs used by a scammer claiming to work from a non-existent "New Living Translation". These ghosts give an address in Northhamptonshire (UK), which belongs to the real agency "The Living Word Language Services Ltd". All genuine email from this company comes from addresses with

NOTE 35 A resourceful scammer: Works for LanguageMet. Keeps two fakes "CV" on Translation Directory, in which (1) under the name of Dav Moly (resident in Haifa. Israel claims to translate English-Japanese and (2) under his "real" name is a "Palestinian" with Japanese as "mother language". On both profiles, the phone number is the same: +972599498987 and the Skype address given on both (bmn101193) resolves to a "Yurika" in Hyogo, Japan. In short, a pack of lies...

NOTE 36 Another extension of the Translation Secrets scamming ring. They keep a profile on under the name " (Dubai, Dubayy)". They also use a misspelled email address: . They are actually located in Gaza, Palestine. On other sites, this email is associated with the infamous Mohammed Almassri.
On Translation Directory, this scammer is fuly identified as:
Eng. Mohammed Almassri
Project manager of freelance jobs (???)
Translators Success group
Skype: mohammedalmassritrans
Here is his "new" scamming "plan":
I have a new work plan and would like to see if you are interested. I can do marketing for your CV which means: sending your CV to many translation companies, and we share profit for this, the plan is as follows:
1. I will create a new email account for you.
2. I will modify your email in your CV as the new email account.
3. I will do marketing for your modified CV on the new email that I sent to you with the password.
4. You shouldn't change the password of this email.
5. You shall reply all messages that come on the new email account
6. When they ask about the rate/word, you shall tell them that, your rate for translation is 0.07 USD/word or at least 0.06 USD/word and for proofreading is 0.03 USD/word or at least 0.02 USD/word.
7. Then you take your percentage of 50% for translation and 50% for proofreading, and the rest is for me, fine?
8. For invoicing: I will give you an email address that connected to my PayPal account.
9. I will do marketing for you daily or as you like.
10. Payment sent to you monthly, fine?

Other names and IDs used:
Translators Success Company / Translators Success Group
205 NGI, Dubai, UAE (unverifiable)
Phone: +971529707407

NOTE 37 Another Palestinian scamming ring hiding its true identity: Owner of domain/website, Amazing Trans, Amazing Translation is Abd Ali. Address in website is given as "P.O.B. 187 Jerusalem, Israel" (i.e., the Office of the Prime-Minister of Israel), but his own address is Gaza, Palestine. IP:

These scammers also operate under the name "PM Translator" (, claiming to be «The perfect mediator between the Translator and translation agencies». Skype ID: pmtranslation (said to be located in Israel...)

Another website belonging to this ring is "Safey Trans" (Safety Translation):
The domain/website was created only on 06 NOV 2013 by a Gaza outfit (mohammed AbuYassin, palestine for information technology). As usual, there are no names, no phone, and no address on the website and all social networks links point to a Facebook page (gaza331) belonging to Mohammed Yassin, from Gaza, Palestine. Messages sent to "Khaled" at are replied by Omar Issa /
And, of course, on their website they ask translators to send them their "CV and cover letter"...

Domain is now CLOSED (16JAN2014).
Domain is now CLOSED (29MAR2014)

Scammers operate phone number +970599625862 / maxpaying (Gtalk) and several email addresses: (Ag Trans) (Miada Trans)

Known "identities":
Abd Ali
Ahmed Eideen / / / on LinkedIn, he is from the USA!!!
Alex Angelo
Benjamin Kingston
Fadi Omar. On his G+ profile, he works at "Amizing trans".
Hosam Mohammed / is the scammer behind the fake CVs from: "Eric Luther Martin", "Liliana Emanuel Alvares"
Khaled (most probably is "Khaled Samhadana or Samhadana", a known scammer associated with Gentle Translation). See Note 15.
Mayada / Miada
Mohammed Yassin
Mostafa, "Project Manager @Bayan-tech" !!! Email sent from / impersonation of "Bayan-Tech", an Egyptian company.
Omar / / mails sent to this address are answered by Omar Issa /
Omar Issa (probably, an alias of "Mohammed Yassin")
Salil Jamwal (name appears on documents handled by Safety Translation)
Samer / Samer Ali. Another identity from Samer Ghali from Amazing Trans. On LinkedIn, he is from Israel!!!
Sam Olivian (name used on ProZ profile
Mediator Trans is another scamming joint by these Palestinian scammers. They operate a Google website: (NOW DISABLED, 16APR2014). Their address is "Middle East - Israel" (anything, but Palestine!!!), and they have no phone (of course). Mr. Abdullah Khalil / Mr AbdTrans (G+ profile) / . Most probably, this scammer is the same as "Mr. Abdullah" from Amazing Translations.

NOTE 38 Translation Team / Translators Team is another Palestinian scamming operation created by the people behind Translation Secrets: "manger" (i.e., "manager") is a Ahmad Mustafa. In their website, they claim to be located in "Nakla Elmotie, Hilopolis, Cairo" (of course, with no number...). Funny: they should have written "Nakhla El Motei St., Heliopolis, Cairo"

The Egyptian phone listed on their site (+20117525007) is a mobile number belonging to a "Naeema Joneedy" (Naomi Jone / / Naeema Joneedy / Skype: nayoma13. Recently, Naomi contacted us to claim that she had been scammed, and that she didn't know why her phone number is listed here! Why, indeed?

Naeema Joneedy also sends mail from (another brand associated with this scamming ring).

On one "profile" sent in DOC format (largely copied from a translation company profile based in the Dominican Republic, Christian Translation), scammer claims to live in a Jewish settlement (!!!) at the West Bank (Alfei Menashe, ZIP code given is fake). On another "profile" (PDF), the address given (48 King George St. / P.O.B 92 / Jerusalem 91000 / Palestine) belongs to, no less, to the World Zionist Organization (!!!), and On another profile (PDF), these clowns moved to a new address belonging to a company called "Amerigo Global": 904 Garland St, Little Rock, AR 7720, USA (last digit deleted)

These scammers operates this phone number +9720595118785 and use these email addresses: (in some websites, scammers says he's based in Egypt (email address used by Ahmad Mustafa in some websites
Skype: (located in Israel)

NOTE 39 Scamming façade operated by Darshan Kumar Dadlani, a referenced non-payer and user of hijacked CVs. Operates the domain (Di Vinci Solutions Translation Agency), IP

Address T 29/441 S.k colony warshia Vadodara Gujarat 390006
Phones: +919540417232 / +919737615008
Tax Pan no: APKPD2244N / Passport no: K5861208, issued 25OCT2012.

Bank details:
Darshan Dadlani / State Bank of India / Warshia Branch, Vadodara Gujarat
Account no: 30439478703 / NFSC Code SBIN0009161 / Code: SBININBB660

Known aliases:
Andre Simmon /
Akash Kumar / Mr. Akash /
Daksh Daksh Translation /
D translation /
Darshan Dadlani /
Dev Kumar /
Manpreet Soni / /
Mr. Gibbs /
Ms. Akansha
Patel Translations

NOTE 40 The checking of "Tina Prevost" CV revealed some interesting results: a scamming ring put together by a Romanian outfit (deactivated), that hijacks translators CVs. They own a PayPal account: . "Tina Stewart" keeps fake profiles at Translators Cafe and Translation Directory, and "Tina Prevost" address belongs to the Alhambra Hospital Pharmacy (California, US).

NOTE 41 A new scammer around: she (?) keeps a profile on TranslatorsCafé.com with no information (it says only "Turkey") and hides behind two websites: and (cross directing to each other, and with, of course, private registration data). Both sites were created on June 8, 2013 and both are EMPTY. She keeps posting "job offers" under the title «We are looking for linguists in all language pairs and specializations for projects».

NOTE 42 Stupid scammer! He/she didn't even bother deleting the legitimate name, address and emails from the original CV...
On a second scamming, he stole the CV from Eduardo Aníbal Bravo Placoná (Spain).

NOTE 43 False identities used by a scammer who lures translators into working on various projects to get them into an "advanced payment scam". Look also for these fake names: Isaac Hunter, Sandra Evans, Robert Donald, Jack Brown, Jane Spencer, and Dr. Dean Murray.


NOTE 45 New spin-off from the now-burned Palestinian scammers. Jasmine Adamz, aka Jasmine Welly, from Languagemet is now Jasmin Richard, Jasmin Sergany, or Jasmin Sanjrani (direct impersonation of this translator).

They operate a website: (created on 20DEC2012, no visible registration data, and as of 17JUL2013, most of the website is empty). WEBSITE IS NOW CLOSED (31MAR2014). Their phone number is in Qatar (UAE): +9745963214. Of course, no physical address is provided, but their website operates out of Gaza, Palestine.

Other names and emails to look for:

Ahmed I. Alnahhal / Ahmed Al Nahhal / Ahmed Al-Nahhal. Scammer behing the scamming of "Isabelle Simon".
Ahmed Saleem Alqrinawi / Ahmed Alqrinawi / Ahmed Al-Qrinawi. In 2007, this Palestinian male studied "Accounting" at the College of Business and Economics (Qatar University). His bank account at the Qatar Islamic Bank (Doha) / Acc. No. 1094149 / Swift Code: QISBQAQAXXX is used by scammers to receive payments from their clients-victims. He's still active posting translation jobs from Qatar (?) using "Global Speech" as a trade (scamming) name. This scammer is behind the scamming of "Azul Benito".

Language Power, aka Power Language, Legal Translation Company /
Skype ID: Language.Power (location: Qatar!!!) (PayPal ID)

They also appear to be subcontractors for EQHO Communications Ltd (, a company from Thailand managed by Kamonrat Leelaruji.
Powerful Translations: a new scamming factory.
Domain has been registred by a known scammer: Abd Ali / also related to "Amazing Translations (see Note 37). The registration data is hilarious:

Registrant Name: Powerful Trans
Registrant Organization: Powerful Trans
Registrant Street: Gz str (???)
Registrant City: Gz (???)
Registrant State/Province: NA
Registrant Postal Code: 00972 (FAKE POSTAL CODE)
Registrant Country: IL
Registrant Email:

In this website, these clowns claim to "have 20 years of experience" (the website copyright is from 2014 !!!) and to "work from offices in London, New York, Munich, Melbourne and Istanbul", but, of course, no addresses or phone numbers are provided. No wonder: the copy of the "About Us" page has been copied from the website of "Language Connect". The "Translation Services" page has been copied from the website of "Quick Lingo Translation Services". They also copied texts from "ABC Translation Services" and "Diamond Translations", and tell visitors to visit their page "Translation Services Canada"... Now, they're in Canada, too? In their emails, they claim to be located in the USA, in this odd address: "Huntsville, AL 35813, USA, 19 Interpro Road, Madison, AL 35758, USA", and, of course no phone number is ever provided!

Kazem Sagar (calls himself "Country Manager and Business Development Director - USA")
Linda Elia (also calls herself "Country Manager and Business Development Director - USA")
Soze Rakan
GOOD NEWS: On February 4, 2014, PowerfulTrans aka Amazing Translations, Kazem Sagar, and Abd Ali were blacklisted by
ANOTHER SPINOFF FROM THESE SCAMMERS: Basic Trans Co., aka "BasicTrans (DBA Total Documentation Services, Inc.)" (wording from their website) /
Phones (mobile): +972597912008 / +970597912008 / Skype: basictrans / Gtalk: basictrans1
They keep a profile on TranslatorsCafé:

Copy of this website was plagiarized mainly from a US company: LanguageTran ( and Trusted Translations. Some of the plagiarized copy is also present in the website of Powerful Translations (another scamming joint). These scammers claim to be located in "23 Shderot Yerushalayim, 68021 Tel Aviv – Yafo, Israel" (ie., they work in the premises of the The Israel Philatelic Service!!!). Being an "Israeli" company, they claim: «BasicTrans is an A+ Translation Agency as independently rated by the Better Business Bureau». Really? Of course, the link resolves to the listing of LanguageTran (Texas, USA).

IDs associated with this scamming joint:
James Miller (FAKE NAME) / IP (Palestine): see job post
Mark Johnson (FAKE NAME), aka Mark SoeJohnson Translators Café
Pino Alonso (FAKE NAME) /

WARNING! To hide their location, these scammers use anonymizing routers (Tor): on this job post, the IP ( gives away their practice!

NOTE 46 Chinese scammer using the alias "Mark Neos" or "Eric Mo". His CV available here has been copied from several sources, including Portuguese translator "Bruno Neiva" based in the UK. This clown, without claiming to know a word of Portuguese, includes in "his" CV the translation of Portuguese literature... His phone number -- +86 13724202442 -- has ben stolen from a Chinese LED company,  Sincemark Technology Co Ltd (website not available). On this LinkedIn profile, he claims to be named "Eric Mo", the "Manager at Neosmark Languages Co., Ltd" and identifies himself with a nice picture showing his back (!!!); on his Facebook profile he was a female (and now he has no sex!)...

NOTE 47 Scam put together by a "Nigel J Clifford", said to reside in Bangkok (Thailand), Hong Kong and the UK. "Nigel" keeps profiles in under the name of Tech_Scientific, and Nigel Clifford and on Translator Café (a "master" in translation subjects from A to Z....

Over the years, he has listed all these phones and emails on numerous CVs and websites:

+6328360941 (home)
+639176083709 (primary mobile)
+639215370652 (secondary mobile)
+66869999088 (mobile)
+66894715210 (mobile)
+6676304393 (home)
+6676612814 ext. 427 (home)
+4487013906051 (e-fax), +17862075172 (e-fax)

Now comes the interesting part: Nigel is sending out CVs under the name of real translators María Iglesia Ramos (born May 20, 1967) and Nadia Iglesia Ramos (born 30 May 1968) with both living at the same address in Madrid (Avenida Constitución 15, Cobeña, Madrid, Spain) and both having the same landline phone number +34-916-208-529; this number is also listed as Nadia's fax. One of the emails from "María Iglesias" / is listed on Nigel's CV for one of his references, a ghost called "Maria Bekkouche". Both CVs (María and Nadia) have been authored or last saved by, you guessed it, "Nigel J Clifford"...

NOTE 48 Under the cover of a respectable company, this Chinese translation company website ( reveals some interesting facts: CVs shown as belonging to "their" translators have been hijacked from real translators, and most of them are already exposed on this Directory:

Abril Santo
Anna Fernandes
Carlene Wirobski
Josiane Brisebois
Sandra Loris Angelo
Simon Dasse.

NOTE 49 "Meenal Menz" is a ghost created by the scammers. Apparently, his CV has been copied from a "Meenal Yvas", who keeps a profile in Translation Directory: a resident in India, translating from German to English. BUT, on the one-page CV, the "Work Experience" has been copied verbatim from the LinkedIn profile of Dhivya Ravi, a Business Analyst at Dell.

NOTE 50 Another scamming ring disguised as translation agency. Mails sent to translators read "This email helps you, O translator on the marketing company for more than 20 thousand companies and to join us send your resume to this e-mail". In their blog, one can read gems like "We are a translators have experience and high efficiency and work a valuable field of translation and we will face new translation" or "We all have professional linguistic education with degrees", or "Arabic <> Germen". Look for names like:

Mr. Abdullah ("Project Manager and This Site") /
Mr. Rafat
Yasser Abu Harb /

NOTE 51 Enter another scammer: Ahlam Zamli / / / phone (Palestine, Jawwal): +972597734466 / Skype: ahlam.zamli. Recently, this scammer is sending emails with the usual infamous request «Please send me your CV and cover letter». When requested to provide information about her affiliation he responded: «I am project manager at Arcadia Language Company and it a new company. so I am not a member at ProZ yet. can visit us at :». Of course, as usual, no address and no phone numbers are provided by the "company".

Recently, "Ahlam" told a translator to live in "al dahlea street , Rafah, Gaza, Israel" (!!! and, of course, never with a door number), and that she «acts as mediator between language companies...».

An analysis of the website (, NO FINAL "S") revealed some interesting facts: Registrant is a "Alfonso Guzman Dominguez". The given address is Pfingstweidstr. 2, Frankfurt am Main, 60316. The phone is +49.15224181265 (a Vodafone mobile number) and the email address is:
But, both the name and the email address above show no Internet footprint.

On TranslatorsCafé, scammers claim: "Welcome To Arcadia Languages for Translation is a full-service translation agency located in Netherlands". The address given is "Sarphatistraat 614 1018 AV Amsterdam, Netherlands". This address belongs to "The LanguageLab Translations", a legitimate Dutch company (SEE ALSO NOTE 75). With all the bombing pouring over them, they moved the pages of the website to another directory (/translation/), and now they are located in The Netherlands (yes, they claim to work from the same address of The LanguageLab Translations.... Their phone (on emails) links you to a black hole: 009090-256-200-361. Language Lab is aware of this gross scam... After being exposed, these scammers no longer (08MAR2014) claim to be based in the Netherlands, and now list their address in Gaza, Palestine! They've also been BANNED from Translators Café!

Domain (, WITH FINAL "S") belongs to a "Arcadia Languages And Development" (located in Rafah, Gaza, Palestine). The address (translated) is "Garage Rafah - oposite the Government clinic - Building Shuwaikh - first floor"
Their website copy has been copied from "Paspartu Multilingual Translation Services" (Greece), "Multi-Languages" (UAE) and other sources...

Scammers confuse their contacts with the name of the "company", indistinctively using "Arcadia Language company", "arcadia language", "Arcadia for Translation", "Arcadia Languages for Translation", and "arcadia translations"... And, of course, they try to lure translations into signing an infamous "permission sheet", where, no official name, no address, no contacts, no phone are included (sent from a Gmail address...)

Other names associated with this scam:
Ahlam Zamli
Alaa Davied (fake name). Alaa Davied's email, resolves to . Most probably, Ibrahim Qeshta, a known scammer from Language Met, Translation Secrets, Gentle Translations.
Donald Leo (posting jobs on TC)
Fadi Mohammed, aka Fadi Mohd, reported by
Tom Hamss
Wafaa Mohammed

NOTE 52 Another scamming factory has emerged: 24Translate Limited ( Based in Palestine (of course), it's just another spin-off from the scamming ring LanguageMet/Translation Secrets. Domain has been registred on 19SEP2013 by a known scammer: Mohammed Alkurd and the contact person is a Hamza Mohammed. The address given is: 7th. floor, Burj Farra, Jalal Street, Khanyounis, Palestine. NOTE: Until recently, the domain belonged to a Swiss company with a very similar name.

THESE SCAMMERS USE THE INFAMOUS "AUTHORIZATION AND AGREEMENT". / Translation Senses are BANNED FROM ProZ. Their profile in contained copy copied from other translation companies and where they claim to be members of "Zurich University of Applied Sciences - Institute of Translation and Interpreting (IUED)" (!!!). Known names and emails:

Abeer Alrabea / (IP: Gaza, Palestine) /
Anas Foad / / email is sent from address
Fatma Jarad, aka Fatma Abu Jarad.
Hamza Mohammed (Project Manager) /
Hamza Haje
Lille Parker (FAKE NAME) / / When challenged, provided / as references and as "her" PayPal address (also used by "Monica Nopri")
Mohammed Alkurd / / (used for Translation Secrets).
Reham A. Ghali (Reham Abu Ghali): / ("Speed trans" on G+ profile). This scammer is also associated with Translation Secrets: / Manal Jemmy (G+ profile) / Scammer behind "Xiao Ruan". (also used by Manal Jarad, Besan)
Rere Mhmed.

Hamza is the scammer of CVs under the names (at least): Yuri Maro, Nick Michael, Michael Silvistri.
CVs scammed by these criminals show "Last saved by: Aljazeera Co".
Because their names keep being burnt, these scammers have recently created yet another domain/website: (Translation Senses Translation Agency). They claim to be located in Egypt (but, of course, no verifiable address is given). Names and emails associated with this scam:

Ahmad Joda (GHOST CREATED BY AHMED HUSSEIN) / Address: Adalar, Istanbul, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS) / Skype: ahmedjoda6 / Mobile: +908530390349
Ahmed Hussein /
Anas Foad /
Hamza Mohammed / / Skype: hamza.mohammad12
Hend Abo Zohri (profile on, created on 09DEC2013)
Manal Abu Jarad / / / / / / Skype accounts: Professional-1st (Translation Senses) and manal9781
Mohammad Al Kurd (Alkurd) / (see above) (also used for Translation Secrets).
Mohammad M. M. Zaky Ismail / / Phone: +201278098623
Rami El Madhoon /

"Their" ProZ profile belongs to a Mohammad M. M. Zaky Ismail /
Their affiliation to 24Translate leads to a user banned from Proz... And in their Facebook profile (full of childish quotes and stupid stuff like "Freelancing is quick money"), they say they're located in Rafah, Palestine...

Vera Kahar (a ghost ID created by these scammers) giving as "her" reference!

NOTE 53 Scammer "Anna Nunez" poses as a "special project manager" and lures translators to accept jobs, thinking they are dealing with a project manager from a respectful Canadian company from Toronto: Multi Languages Corporation. Revealing fact: Anna's PO (an impressive exercise of cutting and pasting impersonation was made by scammer “Hani Maghary”, aka Hani Meghary (see Directory) and Hani Al Maghary from none other than LanguageMet. On another instance, "Anna" abusingly used 2 POs from a Dutch company, again impersonating a PM from same Canadian company. Of course, the translator, from Finland, has not been paid. On 26OCT2013, after being exposed, this scammer has disabled "her" trade email address: - Most surely associated, under the name "Maria" of See next Note 54.

NOTE 54 A large-scale corporate impersonation put together by Egyptian/Palestinian scammers calling themselves "Multilanguages" («provider of localization and translation services headquartered in Egypt»):

Their website ( shows (30OCT2013):
1. The logotype stolen from "Multi-Languages Corporation" (Toronto, Canada).
2. A page banner stolen from "Competent Translation" (Germany).
3. A fake address in Park Avenue, New York City, belonging to "Strategic Exchanges".
4. A fake phone number belonging to "TransPerfect" (i.e., same address as "Strategic Exchanges", but on a different floor).
The domain IS NOW CLOSED

Domain registration was done under the name "Manuel Eisenbock" (FAKE NAME) /
About "Astro-Translation" see this ProZ report... Phone given for registration +1.6889288566 DOES NOT EXIST in Canada! and the address (with mismatching postal code) belongs to a restaurant in Vienna, Austria!

Other domains owned by this crook: (INACTIVE) (CLOSED) / Ahmed El-Masry / (EXPIRED) (CLOSED) NOTE: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A LEGITIMATE (EXPIRED) / Translation Pro / Adham / (EXPIRED)

Names and emails associated with this scam:
Adham Ahmed, aka Ahmed El-Masry / /
Ahmed Mehany / /
Maria ? / ("Daniel Translator" on G+ profile, alias for Daniel Marisca ?)

Report received from a translator (09JAN2014): «On 27 December I got a message from I was asked to translate an urgent technical text (instructions). The volume was 2800 words. I translated it and delivered on 29 Dec. No reply. On Jan 2, upon my insistence, "Maria" thanked for the delivery, no details for the invoice. I sent the invoice to, it was returned. Browsing the Internet I found you and Note 54. Of course I have not got any money.» We also have another report from a translator in Sweden (28MAR2014): «I have lost EUR 400.»

NOTE 55 Now, it's confirmed: this is an outfit based in Gaza, Palestine engaging in misrepresentation and scamming translators and translation companies:

1. Domain has been registered on 05 October 2013 and was mainly empty (but with"Referances" and "Langouages") some days ago. On 31OCT2013, website content has been removed and shows only a banner "COMING SOON".
2. Registration data shows no real owners. Website owners claim that company is based on Turkey (Izmir), but no physical address or phone is provided.
3. Emails sent from originate in Gaza, Palestine (IP:
4. Emails circulated show no name and no signature, and when asked for company details, communications was cut short. To hide their operation, they requested a project to be delivered "20st, Canada time".
5. A translator reports: «Great Translation contacted me, but the PM refuses to identify himself or herself»
6. After repeated requestes, scammer wrote
This is our address,
address: Cobano lu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 Konak / Azmir / Turkey
My name is : hono boss.
No we do not have special phone, and we will do it near soon.
About ProZ We are in the process of establishing the account.
In other words, this scammer "works" in a bank branch of Türkiye Is Bankasi:
Çobanoglu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 KONAK / IZMIR

The same bank address appears on the details (verbatim) of the bank account used by these scammers:
I A . I . Bank Branch (???)
Code : 3408 KONAK / IZMIR Bank Branch
Address : Cobanoilu Zekibey Cad.
No: 2 35260 Konak / Izmir
Account Holder’s Name : MOHAMMED S.A. ABUSHAWISH
Account Number : 3408 3479550
IBAN : TR20 0006 4000 0023 4083 4795 50 (VALID IBAN)
The bank account owner, MOHAMMED S.A. ABUSHAWISH, seems to be a Palestinian student of Chemical Engineering at the Ege University, Izmir, Turkey.

Email addresses associated with "GREAT Translate", aka "Great-translate" and "GT CO for translation services": (Jean Martin). Calls himself "Director of translation projects" in emails in which the wording has been copied verbatim from the website of Orange Translations!

NOTE 56 A European company puts an ad for a Swedish > English translator on ProZ and gets a message from an Indian company – Vokian Localisation – saying they had just the right person. When asked for his/her CV (without name/contact details), Sardy sends a falsified CV stolen from a translator residing in Portugal (which doesn't even work from/into Swedish). The company keeps a profile in

NOTE 57 Scammer "Aletta Morris" (a fake name) hides behind a scamming "company", Gotranslang Co and operates a website – – which is nothing more than a pack of lies:

1. Domain was registered on 18 May 2013 by a "Patricia Alex" / "548 naser street, Cairo" / Phone (Egypt Mobile): +201285489742.
2. Address given on the website – 82 rue Danton, 020263 Le Kremlin Bicetre, Paris is fake: door numbering ends in 50/51.
3. Phone number given on the website – +33(0)433651893 – is fake (a landline located in Southeast France...). A Parisian landline phone number would start by +33(0)1.
4. Social channels shown on the website are very interesting: Twitter account (alettaMorris) has been suspended and Facebook profile (aletta.morris) is empty.

Emails associated with this scam: (shown in email signature) (in G+ profile "Aletta Morris") (email used for domain registration)

When asked for the company VAT number, "Aletta" gave FR31338382534, which belongs to "Jecy Traductions SARL", located in Nice, France... When asked for references, scammer "Marina Coria" / replied: «This is one of my references for Aletta Morris.»

Aletta provides a PayPal ID for payment: - a known email belonging to Imad Ali El-Mghary, aka Imad Almaghary) a known scammer from LanguageMet and Translation Secrets.

About payment, this scammer (claiming to reside in Paris, France) pulls the old "friend in Palestine" trick:

«I prefer Paypal, since Paypal is not available we can agree upon bank transfer but I have some problems in my account and the bank I deal with would cut much money from any transaction that is sent to me. If you agree to send money to a third party it would be appreciated much. I have a friend in Palestine who is an accountant and a translator in the same time. I called him and he agrees to help. i worked many times in this way and it is safe. (Later, "she" said: I called my colleague and he accepted to help me, now you can send me the money via MoneyGram or via Western Union to the same person in Palestine, there is no problem to do that.)»

Account holder: Kamel M M Salama (KNOWN SCAMMER. USES (see this report
Acount no. 834 4052547
Bank name: Palestine Islamic Bank
Bank adress: Gaza, Palestine
IBAN: PS05PIBC083440525470043100000 (FAKE IBAN)

Kamel Mahmoud Mohamed Salama aka Kamel Abu Salama
St, 173 Othman ben Afan, Rafah, Gaza, Palestine.
Mobile: +972595933250

NOTE 58 Another scamming outfit from Palestine: Shaymus Translation Services / (domain created on 20AUG2013). Not surprisingly, these scammers try to hide their identy/location in Turkey:

36440, Izmir, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS)
Phone: +90-507-631-9951 (FAKE AREA CODE)
Fax: 206-350-0499
Translators Applications:
General Inquiries:

So, who's behind this scam? Fatma Rantisi (Translators Café profile, aka Fatima Mulla (Rantisi.
Address: MIEHALESI 6212 SOK, MENEMEN, Izmir, 8824, Turkey / Phone: +905076319951
She also gives another unverifiable addres: Rafah sea off Jama Ali bin Abi Talib (i.e., Gaza, Palestine).
Interesting fact: Fatma's profile on Translator's Café doesn't mention her company in Turkey...
Fatma is married to a known scammer – Mohammed Rantisi – associated with the infamous "Translation Secrets".

Other names associated with this scamming outfit:
Faten A. Shokiar
Hedaia Abu Shaqra. In her Facebook profile, she uses a fake photo, and she is from Palestine, Texas!!! In VerbalizeIt, she is from the Unitd States!!!

NOTE 59 Another scamming outfit from Palestine: Global Translation Services / / GTS Translations / Global Translation Services / Info 24GTS (domain created on 26MAY2013). Not surprisingly, these scammers try (once again) to hide their identity/location in Turkey.

Address: Uskudar, Istanbul, Turkey (FAKE ADDRESS, NO STREET ADDRESS)
Names associated with this scam: Thomas Tolay (FAKE NAME. NO INTERNET PRESENCE IN TRANSLATION)

Their PDF brochure is just a modified VERBATIM copy of a brochure from "Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Translation Distribution and Publishing" (Egypt). The author is a "qalkassem" (known name in scammed CVs). The VERY SAME brochure (also by "qalkassem") is also circulated under the name of LANGUAGEMET (the mother of all Palestinian scammers).

Phone on the website: NO PHONE(OF COURSE) / Phones (on emails) Phone: +90-312-419 9559 / mobile: +90-535-694 5881 (Turkcell) / Skype: info24gts

Emails associated with this scam:

This "company" was given as a "reference" by scammer "Virginia chenjuan123", who circulates a CV stolen from Chinese translator "Juan Chen". The scammed CV bears the hallmarks of Translation Secrets: Author: noon / Last saved by: Dreams.

The domain/website registration data shows some interesting (expected information):
Registrant Name: patrich mundo (FAKE NAME)
Registrant Organization: (NONE, OF COURSE)
Registrant Street: 714 rose street (FAKE ADDRESS)
Registrant City: nablus
Registrant State/Province: Nablus
Registrant Postal Code: 00972
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories (WHERE ELSE?)
Registrant Phone: 595941840 (AMBIGUOUS NUMBER: NO COUNTRY CODE)
Recently, another website with the same registration data has emerged: Arabic NG / 14 NG Co / 14ng Ltd. / 14 NG group for Linguistic Solutions, 14 NG Company for Linguistic solutions LTD. OF COURSE, NO names, NO address and NO phone numbers are provided. Most of the website copy has been plagiarized from Oxford Translation Ltd (UK), and Cosmic Global Limited (India). The index page's title is "Trust-Translation" (!). And, while claiming to have 19 years of experience (!!!) and being "registered under ISO 9001:2008" (!!!), they write gems like this: How dpes that happent? / Portugues / We accpet

Skype: ng14.trans

Names associated with this scamming joint:
Mary Jad (GHOST ID) / /
Murad Ziad. Most surely, he is "Murad Zedan" aka "Murad Ibrahim Zedan" a known scammer from Language Met (Note 6)

NOTE 60 Enter another rogue translation company: CristalTrans ( Registration data is protected.

In their website, "CristalTrans is an EU-based agency" located in this FAKE address in the UK:


1. Mattew Bates (or Matthew Bates, or Mattew Batesn, he seems to have problems getting his name right!), CEO, probably a fake name, is located in Argentina IP: See this scammer in action...
2. Domain / website has been registered on 02 JAN 2014.
3. No phone number shown on the website...
4. Copy in has been copied VERBATIM from: Giultin Translations (Italy), Diamond Translation (USA) (BANNED FROM PROZ), Alexa Translations (USA) and other sources.
Diamond Translation / (BANNED FROM PROZ) is a spin-off from CristalTrans. They claim to be based in the US: 1974 Gandy Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 (FAKE ADDRESS AND, OF COURSE, NO PHONE NUMBERS...). Another detail: their website logo (a US company!!!) has a filename in Spanish!!!

Carl Sven /
Paulina Wasilko /

NOTE 61 Scammer Hector Orlin (a fake name) circulates a CV stolen from Pablo Dezubiria (Colombia.

1. When asked about more contacts, like a phone, he gives a Palestinian mobile number (Jawall network): +972599904731.
"Because I'm on a visit to the Holy Land", he said...

2. Asked about the payment method, he uses the old "friend's bank account" trick, "because I'm on travel":

Address: Kurtangle Street 50
Mytilini town-island Lesbos PC5792 (FAKE ADDRESS)
Account holder name: Kurt Angle (REALLY? THE WRESTLER, OR THE STREET NAME?)
Account type : Savings
IBAN: GR0767427090005709022158013 (FAKE IBAN)
(account nbr, if needed): 5709-022158-013

NOTE 62 Abdel-Hady Hamid Ali. Abdel seems to have a problem writing his own name:
Abdelhady Hamid (profile on ProZ)
Abdelhady Hamid (profile on Translators Café), where he claims being associated with (website not active)
AbdelHady Hamid (profile on Facebook)
Abdel Hady Hamid (profile on Translation Directory)
Abdel Hady Hamid (profile on LinkedIn), where he claims being associated with a "NewTranslation"

Tel: +238721650 (Cabo Verde!!!) / Mobile: +201110563087 (Egypt) / Skpe: localizegroup /

12 Al Nasr Mosque st
Al-Mansouria, Giza
Cairo 12962, Egypt

Most of the copy on this website has been taken from
Abdel's CV is an almost exact copy of Egyptian translator Tamer A. Mekhimar's CV.
«This is the first time I see the CV of this Egyptian translator» said the scammer.

NOTE 63 Another large-scale Palestinian scamming ring:

Transhome Company / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 29 DEC 2013)

Best Translation Services (Lang-BTS) / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 18 NOV 2013) / / G-talk: langbtservices / Skype: lang-bts / Mobile: + 44 20 3239 66 (FAKE NUMBER)

Help You Translations Co. / (domain registered in Gaza, yafasoft, on 18 NOV 2013)

These fake "companies" all share the same fake address and phone number:
146-154 St. John Street (146 on St. John Street is an autonomous address/building)
City of London EC1V 4PY (???)
Tell: + 44 20 3239 66 (???)

Names (fake) associated with this scamming:
Mais Bradford / Transhome
Nancy Whitman / Lang-BTS

Copy used in these websites has been copied from websites belonging to (China), PoliLingua (USA) and other sources.

NOTE 64 "Edward Mahana" introduces himself like this: "I’m a highly accomplished translator located in the United States".

He keeps a website (created on 31DEC2013, no registration data available) and a profile on (where he claims to have credentials for German to English translation by Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes; AATI Directory doesn't show any member with this name). On this ProZ report, "Edward" is reported to steal sample translations from other translators and posting them as his own on his profile! ProZ profile has been deleted (11FEB2014). Look also for the alias "xxxedward mahan".

Contacts (in email signature block):
162 lourmel street, Bridgeport,
CT 06706 United States (FAKE ZIP CODE)
Tel: (203) 212-8874 (landline)

On a older CV, his contacts were:
8386 Royal Oak Dr, Savannah, GA, United States
Tel: (912) 524-7932

Click to see this revealing image about "Edward"...

NOTE 65 Ferdi Dierickx / / is another ghost created by scammers. CV was stolen from someone in LinkedIn, not even related to translation! Now for the best part:

1. Scammers took the name of a Belgian cyclist, born 1962, for their fake translator!
2. Then, they moved this guy to Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he has to live in a non-existing street!!!
3. Seems life was very hard at this place, so he started working as a translator at the age of 17. At the age of 19, he was "Project Assistent in Finance", then he worked in IT, all of a sudden became a paralegal, then a freelance translator, but he is also a "professional Environmental Planner". Not bad, for a guy of 32 years of age...

Thank you, F.B. (Germany) for this great forensic analysis!

NOTE 66 "Arnold Conrad" is a low-profile scammer, i.e., doesn't emerge very frequently. So far, he's known to use 2 email addresses: and . For someone claiming to live in USA, the use of Gmail addresses professionally is the first red flag one should be aware of!

The address shown on his fake CV is, of course, fake:
739 Choctaw Trail
37405 Chattanooga (United States of America)

Reliable online sources indicate that this address belongs to a Mr. Darryl Lamont Carlton. On his CV, he claims to have worked for a company called "German to English Global Translations, LLC" with the same address as his own! Funny! This record shows the company located in Indiana, USA! This scammer also keeps a profile on "Outsource Translation".

NOTE 67 Alexander Bekkelund, aka Edward Alexander. Uses these emails:

Claims to be the founder of Knall & Fall Translations, Norway (fantasy name, no website). Also associated with a "blog company" (no physical address) LanguageSolvers Linguistics Services, with these people:

Alexander Bekkelund / / Skype: maggador / Phone: +543548482462 (phone number in Argentina)

Second Director
Ronny Nielsen / E-mail: / Skype: caribella6 / Phone: +18099888698 (phone number in Dominican Republic)
DBA Caribella Translations

Alexander's profile on TranslatorsCafé was removed on 03 JAN 2012. On TranslatorsCafé, Edward Alexander claims to live in Norway: Klaus Eggesvei 47, Kolbotn, Oppland 1410, Norway, but lists this phone number from Argentina: +5492983434356. Edward signs his message on "Background" as "Alexander Bekkelund". Alexander was banned from ProZ and Edward was banned from PayPal (under the name "JSP Ltd."

NOTE 68 Bridges Institute for Languages and Development is a new scamming factory from Palestine, operating on the same old scamming principle: luring translators into signing a "Authorization and Agreement" to "market" their CVs. Under this delirious and legally insane "agreement", scammers will "edit, moderate, and amend the CV provided to match the job needs" (!!!), and translators have NO right to know what modifications scammers make to their CV and NO right to cancel the agreement!!!

See also a post on ProZ about this scam.

On 24FEB2014, they circulated an email with the usual scamming trick: «I have been checking the most popular translation concerned websites and I have passed through your CV which looked astonishing. I would like to express our interest in Bridges Institute for Languages and Development (BILD) to have you among our professional team of translators. We are a fresh company working with freelancers all over the world and we are creating a team of professionals to match market requirements.» Of course, once exposed, scammers quickly repudiate every association with their own scam with the most hilarious excuses, in a ridiculous attempt to pass the buck and blame everyone but themselves.

Their website copy is plagiarized from various sources: Wikipedia, Cultural Spanish Communication, Advanced Language Translation Inc., and others. After being publicly exposed, most of their website pages are now empty (26FEB2014).

Website: (domain created on 27JAN2014). They keep a profile on ProZ: (registration on JAN2014). They claim to be members of an association called "International Christian Universit" (the link resolves to the website of an "International Christian University" in Japan!!!). Their profile on TranslatorsCafé has been deleted (25FEB2014).

Address: 4th floor, Al-Karmel Building, Al-Shefa'a Street, Gaza, Palestine.
Phones (Palestine Jawwal network): +972599015126 / +970599015126

People associated with this scamming operation (info available from page "Company > About Our Team" has now been removed from their website, 26FEB2014):

Mohammed Abushaban (Abu Shaban) (associated with Language Met) / / /
Ahmed Dokhan: /
Heba Dawoud: /
Ismail Aboaita, aka Ismail Abo Aitah (G+): /
Momen Ashour / Mo'men Ashour: /
Shahinaz Alassouli: /
Other emails: /
The following names are not listed on their website (page "About Our Team" now deleted), but are clearly shown here.
Amjad Badah.
Mohammed Abughali: / / Twitter: @m7_abughali (now closed, 26FEB2014).
Nael Khader: / . In G+ he is "Head of Bridges Institute for Languages and Development".
On March 1, 2014, following other messages strongly denying any association with BILD (of course!), Mohammed Abughali wrote to us a very explicit message about the inner works of BILD (with whom he is not related!!!). The closing paragraph is quite interesting: «Please, remove NOTE 68, and we promise that we will never do anything hurts translators, never scam any CV, and change the website.» Read our FAQ, namely paragraphs 02 and 47.

NOTE 69 Robert Wiscon (a fake name) circulates a CV stolen from Casey Dovale (The Netherlands). The document author is a “Mr.Omar”, aka Mohammad Omar, aka Omar Salah Ibrahim Al-Balawi from and (see Note 18). The address given is in Turkey: Büyükdere Caddesi No: 163 Zincirlikuyu Sisli 34394 Istanbul (i.e., he lives in a bank agency from the aktif bank, but the phone is from The Netherlands (+31). Skype ID: robertwiscon (declared location: United States). On his ProZ profile (, he claims to be associated with BonaVerba and to be based in USA or in Turkey ( On his G+ Profile, "Robert" writes in Arabic! Need we say more?

Recently, “Robert” became "Marcus Wiscon", still using the same stolen CV. His address is now in an impossible location in Germany: “8665 Sudley Road, Suite 305/ Manassas, 42551 Velbert, (Germany)”. Funny: he lives at the UPS Store of Manassas (8665 Sudley Rd, Manassas, VA 20110, USA).
BonaVerba* (, now inactive) was located at a non-existent address in Turkey: “67 Sevegei Sk, Istanbul”.

Originally, the project managers were:
Helena Wisman /
Caroline Wilsonn /

Messages from Caroline Wilsonn were originated from IP, i.e., Damascus, Syria.
On some platforms, they give this toll-free number in the US: +1 (866) 501-4068

* Not to be confused with Bona Verba, a company based in Finland (
After unfavourable comments posted online, BonaVerba became LonaVerbas ( Most of website copy is plagiarized from “Lingo Compass” (Australia). They also use this URL:

Bona Verba and Lona Verbas keep a profile on ProZ:

The declared address is in Turkey: "Dolapdere Cad. No.310 Pinar Apt. Kat.5 Pangalti Sisli".
On TranslatorsCafe, the phone number is +1 (818) 432-3939 (California, USA), and no email is provided!

People associated with this operation (all these PMs never show themselves in Skype or Google talk):
Gulser Baran / /
Caroline Wilsonn / /
Sonia Erkan / / / /
Caroline Wilsonn / is also associated with another scamming joint, said to be based in Beirut, Lebanon or the UK: LingoEcho ( is now closed) and the "company" has been banned from ProZ.

Names associated with this outfit:
Steven Lauderhil (Lebanon - Turkey) / / /
43 Hamra St, Beirut P.O. 34626 (FAKE ADDRESS)
1 Beachcroft Way, Courtauld Road, London N19 3HR
Phone: +1 (866) 935-8855 (toll-free number in the US)
Credible and documented reports sent to us, make it safe to state that Robert Wiscon, aka Marcus Wilson, aka John Troops are the same person as Caroline Wilsonn (or vice-versa) sharing Sonia Erkan's email address and that they use their fake IDs as baits to fish for projects. It is also safe to state that all the people above are also associated with a "Professional Translators Team" / / (not active) / Prott. In their ProZ profile (, they claim to be based in the USA (no address, of course) and their preferred currency is Euros! These scammers claim to be members of 51 (!!!) translation organizations. Not bad for a "company" with less than 3 employees!!!

NOTE 70 A wide and long scamming operation (at least since 2009) led by a Gyanendra Kumar, aka Gyan KJ, aka Gian, aka GK Jha, aka Ernst Heinz. Ernst Heinz / / phone: +498978298208 / Gerhardstrasse 9, 81543 Munich, Germany

He is based in India, but he also claims to be located in Frankfurt, Germany. Maybe he commutes...
Company: Ziel Softtech Pvt. Ltd. / Postal Address: Indranagar ???
Phone(s): +91809880719686 / Reliance Phone(s): 32417108 / Mobile: +9934129686

Emails used: / /
Skype: sonu_imp
Screen names: gkumar02 / GK Jha / Gyan Sonu

He keeps a group profile in ProZ: best_freelancers (under the alias Gian, Gyan)
On TRADUguide, the group is called T-Cube Translation (under the alias Gian, Gyan)
He also kept a profile on Aquarius: GK International (under the alias Ernst Heinz) (BANNED)

Later on 2009, Ernst moved to a very high-end, but, hélas, undefined, location in London:
Q-trans Limited / 86-B, Covent Garden / London WC2N 4LL (FAKE ADDRESS) / VAT No. : 68 VI 14861/07 (FAKE, OF COURSE)

He also operates these websites: / /

On this website, we learn more about this scammer: He runs a company in India, a web design/hosting service, which he probably also uses to run various websites such as, (OFFLINE)). One of his latest incarnations is in the former company, using the name Kelvin Marks.

Uses these ghosts to fish for jobs:
Nicole Schmidt, aka Schmid / / Bauhausstrasse 26 67069 Ludwigshafen, Germany
On her CV "Nicole" gives the same phone number as...Gyanendra, aka Heinz: +498978298208
Sabine Pearl /
Daniel Craig /

NOTE 71 A scammer with many faces: is he Sebastian Maluf or Sebastian Mikaelsson? On "his" PDF CV, Sebastian lives in Poland, he is "Italian-Argentinian", and has Portuguese as "mother tongue"! In a Polish school, he is studying "Swedish and English philology, specialization: translation and literature"! And, out of the blue, he claims to be the "Official Translator of the Brazilian Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery"! On, Sebastian lives in São Paulo, Brazil and took a "Curso de legendagem e tradução (UCLA - Los Angeles, California)". This course is absent from his PDF CV! On Translation Directory, Maluf becomes "Mikaelsson", "English-Spanish translator", and identifies himself with a photo of Finnish singer Ville Valo...

Both Maluf and Mikaelsson live in the same address and have the same phone numbers:
Ul. Okulickiego 2 M. 8, 05-101 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland / Phone: +48 22 7759823 / Mobile: +48 507052142

NOTE 72 Simple Translation / is but a monumental bogus company. However, they appear to be a legitimate registered Australia company: Simple Translation Pty Ltd. (ACN: 167 176 427, New South Wales). Ironically, in a press release (17FEB2014) announcing the going live of their website, these scammers claim that «Simple Translation follows its own values to the core.» VALUES?

Registrant Name: Lukas Dvorsky (on Facebook, he now lives in Sydney, Australia).
Registrant Organization: Lukas Dvorsky
Registrant Street: Unit 4 Klumparova 606
Registrant City: Hradec Kralove
Registrant State/Province: Czech
Registrant Postal Code: 50002
Registrant Country: CZ
Registrant Phone: +42.777884944
Registrant Email: (on his G+ profile, with this email, Lukas is called "Oliver Williams"). And, of course, the ghost "Oliver" is associated with "Simple Translations".

The address shown on their website -- 5820 Oberlin Drive, Suite 202, San Diego, CA 92121, USA -- belongs to a legitimate company:
Odyssey Computing, Inc. ( Even the phone is the same... They keep these social network accounts: Twitter: @TranslateSimply / LinkedIn (located in Sydney, Australia) / Facebook (located in San Diego, USA) / ZoomInfo (located in San Diego, USA). Another address found online is: 406 Antonie Ctre, Sydney, Australia.

Odyssey Computing confirmed the fraud: «That’s pretty amazing. No. we are not associated with them».

Emails used: / /

On job posts on Translation Directory, messages are sent from an IP ( from the Philippines, under the names Kath Laude and Kate Wright. On her LinkedIn profile, Kathe claims to be associated with a "Lukasgroup, Inc."

NOTE 73 Another fake company luring translator into accepting their jobs: Wordminds Limited, aka Wordminds Translations / Wordminds / Or is it just another façade for the infamous Travod International?

In a recent contact, a “Anna” (no other name) sent a message from the IP, located in MOLDOVA (more below…). Contact was made through an anonymizer website! When looking up "Wordminds Limited" at the House of Companies, we find that “Wordminds Limited” has been incorporated on 19MAR2004, and DISSOLVED ON 21OCT2008. The scammers took the name of a dead company, “Wordminds Limited”, and made up a website with it with no UK registration number, with an address (Windsor Avenue, Wimbledon, SW19 London UK) showing no number and with an incomplete postal code, and with a map showing them located them in the Strand, and not in Wimbledon (actually, South Wimbledon). Also weird: this "UK company" pays in Euros and requests jobs to be delivered in CET hours… On TRADUguide, they're located in the Brith Virgin Islands!!!

Their phone number (+44 2081232852) belongs to an accounting firm: Thames View Ltd. The IP for “Wordminds Limited” is the same as for “Travod International”. Travod does claim to have an office in Moldova (besides New York, London and Hong Kong...), but the reading of this piece can prove very educational about the deceptive tactics of this Moldovian company… On this post on Translation Directory, Travod also claims to be based in the USA, but their IP gives them away: (Chisinau, Moldova). Matthew Smith (probably, a fantasy name), the owner of Travod wrote (see Posts) wrote: «Good news! TRAVOD Int. is now an ATA-certified language services professional!!» THAT’S A LIE! ATA doesn’t certify companies! And, even Mathew’s foto is, in fact, an Internet photo found here and here. So, who is "Matthew Smith"? They keep several profiles on ProZ: TRAVOD - TRAVOD (USA), Travod / Travod International and TRAVOD freelance team. In their Skype: wordminds.translate they are located NOWHERE!

NOTE 74 Another ghost company from LanguageMet: Proficient Translation Services / . Website was registered in Gaza by Imad Almaghary (LANGUAGEMET). Scammers claim to be based in London, United Kingdom (but, of course, no address is given). Mobile: +44 864 0756580 (FAKE NUMBER) / Skype: (Location: Gaza, Palestine)

Website copy and image are, of course, stolen from other websites, namely and Silk Road Translation (Russia).

Names and emails associated with this scam:
Sarah John / / / Skype:

NOTE 75 Another ghost company, a spin-off created by Arcadia Translations: Speech Global / (without "m").

Website is a copy of a musician's website, Bill Smith (including audio tracks, with links leading to a black hole...), with a fake address (it belongs to the legitimate company "Language Labs" in The Netherlands), and, of course, no names, and no phones. In a word: the usual scammer's bullshit. On their emails, they claim to be based in "Sarphatistraat 614 1018 AV Amsterdam, Netherlands" (see Note 51). On the website, the location map is for Scottsdale, Arizona, USA...

Names and emails associated with this scam:
Patty Kaur /
Karen Rowe /
Samanta Rowe / (is there a Rowe family?)
Patty ? /

NOTE 76 Another ghost company created by LanguageMet and Translation Secrets: German Wordsvoice / Wordsvoice / / Website copy has been plagiarized from "Ocean Translations" (Argentina) / No phone, of course.

Registration data: MARIO selwa ROSSI (FAKE NAME) / / This email has been used by scammers to circulate a CV stolen from Sun Song (Song Zhenghua) from China under the name of "Sun Song"

Names and emails associated with this scam:
The same MARIO selwa ROSSI (FAKE NAME) is also the registrant of another FAKE company set up by the LanguageMet gang: / Bigtranswork Translation Services. The domain has been registered on 04FEB2014 and the website copy has been plagiarized from

The address given "24761 Still Pond Rd, Still Pond, MD 26637, USA" IS FAKE (there is a "24761 Still Pond Rd" in Texas, USA!!!)
Of course, no phone number is provided... Skype: (FAKE ACCOUNT)

Names and emails associated with this scam:
Daniel Brandt (FAKE NAME) / /
Angela Watson (FAKE NAME) /
Eric Lee(FAKE NAME) / Chinese Bigtranswork / / resolves to

NOTE 77 One more fake company based in Gaza: Unlimited Translation Services / UNL Translations / ULTDTrans / Unltranslation.
Domain was created on 09NOV2013 and it is owned by a "Ahmed Y. Lafi" (Gaza) / / +970599563934.

On their website -- (NOW CLOSED, 07APR2014) -- they claim: «Unlimited Translation Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified translation company based in Portland, Oregon, USA». The address is, OF COURSE, missing... The copy on their ProZ profile has been plagiarized (as usual) from other companies: for instance, the "Industries" page of their website is a verbatim copy from the website of "Andes Translations" (San Jose, CA, USA). Also on their ProZ profile, they claim to be certified to «ASTM F2089-01, ASTM F2575, EN 15038, ISO 9001, Notary Approved, SAE J2450, SDL Certified» (REALLY?). This information is absent from their website!

Names and emails associated with this scam:
Abraham Kehl (FAKE NAME) /
Ibrahim Khatib / phone: +972599407341 / Skype: i_Kh91 / On LinkedIn, he is based in the UK!!!

NOTE 78 Translation Community / Translation Community Co. (!!!) / Translation Co / is another FAKE translation company set up by unidentified scammers. Domain registration data is protected against any whois searches. And, why would a company purportedly based in Portugal register a domain in COLOMBIA?

Website copy has been mainly plagiarized from Zelenka Translations and Tradu24 Limited and shows some hilarious typos, like “Quta Request” and “Propsas”.

Address given on website (in Lisbon, Portugal) is FAKE:
Rua Sinais de Fogo, Lt. 9.12004-H, Parque das Nações 1990-605 LISBOA

Phone numbers given are also FAKE:
Mobile: 01914972344 (???)
Telephone: 218942135 (NOT EXISTENT)

FAKE names and emails associated with this scam:
Andrea / emails from
Monica Afonso /
Rita Rosa /

NOTE 79 Linguist Site / Linguist Site Translation Agency / is another fake acompany put together by the Imad Almaghary gang: LanguageMet, Translation Secrets, MuchDo, etc. Domain was been registered on NOV2014, and after being closed for quite some time, it has emerged again (APR2014). Registration data is as follows:

Registrant Name: imad almaghary
Registrant Organization:
Registrant Street: Gaza
Registrant City: Gaza
Registrant State/Province: Rafah
Registrant Postal Code: 00000
Registrant Country: Palestinian Territories
Registrant Phone: 972599851211
Registrant Email:

Imad Almaghary also uses these names/aliases: Ahmed Al Mughari, Emad Ale, Emad Al-Mughary, Imad Ali Almaghary, Imad Ali El-Mghary, Imad Almaghary, Imad Al-Mughary, Imad El-Mughari, Imad Mghari.

Website copy has been plagiarized mainly from and (just like the website from and other translation companies. Scammers claim that their address is in Japan: Minato, Tokyo, JAPAN !!!

Names and emails associated with this scamming factory:
Ahmad Aboelkhaire / /
Akaia Suzuki / / Skype: Suzuki Akaia (resolves to projects24ls ) / Twitter: @akaiaw
Imad Almaghary /
Nadia Diaz Alderete / (impersonation of Argentinian translator w/ same name)

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